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How to Magnetize Your Soulmate | Sirena Moon | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Have you been trying to attract a truly loving soulmate?

Sirena Moon is here with an intuitive message to help you magnetize the love you’ve been dreaming of…

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Hello everyone. In today’s message, I want you to pick one of these three objects that you are most pulled toward in order to receive a message from Spirit about how to magnetize your soulmate to you. 

Okay, so the first object we have is a rose quartz crystal. So feel, if you feel called toward this rose quartz crystal. Now we have an abalone shell. See if this beautiful shell is calling you, or we have a citrine crystal, which of the three do you feel most drawn to? And when you’ve chosen your object, find the place on the video with a message about how to magnetize your soulmate to you. 

So first up, we have our beautiful rose quartz crystal, rose quartz crystal. Okay, so Spirit, what is a message for those who have chosen rose quartz crystal about magnetizing their soulmate to them? Ooh, the Queen of Wands. So, this is all about coming into what you’re passionate about, what your gifts and talents are, and allowing yourself to shine. So, this is stepping into your confidence. Okay? So one way to magnetize your soulmate to you, rose crystal people, is to especially step into your self-expression. 

I’m hearing for many of you, this is a sign to really put yourself out there and that through putting yourself out there through self-expression of your gifts and talents, that is how your soulmate is going to find you. Okay? So, this could be something like if you want to create some paintings and then put them online for sale, that’s how your soulmate finds you. Or if you want to start a YouTube show or put a blog or write or some self-expression that you’ve been kind of hiding, that through that self-expression is how you find your partner, okay? Or how they’re going to find you. 

And then what is one way that the rose quartz crystal people are possibly blocking their soulmate from finding them, that flew out, Page of Cups? Okay. Interesting. It’s like really knowing that your soulmate is really open-hearted, somebody that’s not jaded or mean or cruel in any way, but very kind, very kind of heart and very open with their heart and open with love. So in terms of blocking it to just be sure that you’re not settling or going off course with people that aren’t your soulmate. That are people that have very closed hearts and are not of this really open-hearted energy. 

And so you’re getting off track, they’re kind of wasting your time where it’s like you could really just be on the road toward magnetizing your soulmate to you and your soulmate, those who chose the rose quartz has an extremely open, lighthearted, very just a very kind heart that allows your heart to open. So be sure that you’re not going for people or relationships that are where the energy is more stifled or mean or shut off, but to really understand that your soulmate is very open-hearted, and also to be sure your heart is open, that you’re not making it too serious. 

That’s what I’m feeling for many of you, that you’re not thinking, “Oh my gosh, my soulmate, it’s going to be so dramatic and serious when we meet, and we’re just going to be drama, lots of highs and lows.” It won’t be like that with your soulmate. It’ll feel really easy and relaxed and very lighthearted and kind and just gentle, gentle, peaceful and joyous and very playful. You can turn into kids again together or something like that. That’s what I’m feeling like for you. Okay, and then one last message for the rose quartz about finding, magnetizing, your soulmate. Oh, my goodness, The Sun, joy, joy, joy!

This is so joyous! So, follow your joy, follow your passion, follow your bliss, and again, children lighten up, become childlike, become playful, and you’re going to magnetize your beautiful soulmate with such a kind heart to you. The more playful you can become, the more childlike you can become, where you’re just excited by life. 

All the little things you notice, the little details of life, and you get excited. And for some of you, this could actually mean being around children more in some capacity, or that your soulmate could already have children or that you can have children together. But there’s some big feeling I’m getting around children for you. So, I hope that that helps. 


Okay, now we have a beautiful abalone shell, abalone shell people. Spirit, what message do you have about magnetizing a soulmate? What should they embrace in order to magnetize a soulmate? People that chose the beautiful abalone shell, abalone shell people Ace of Cups. Wow. So, embrace opening your heart. Embrace having an open heart, a clear heart. Do whatever you can to heal the pain of the past. 

To keep your heart circulating and open and to really, for some of you, it’s really important to share your love, to feel like some of you, I’m feeling like might feel like, “Oh, well, I got to play games. I got to hold back. I don’t want to come across as too emotionally available,” but it’s saying, your soulmate is going to want you to be emotionally available. 

So not to chase anyone or be desperate or anything, but to just be in your own heart space where you’re like your heart’s really open. You are radiating love, joy, and all those beautiful feelings of the heart, and that’s going to magnetize your soulmate to you because your soulmate would be like, “Oh my goodness, look at this person with this radiant heart, this beautiful heart that is ready for me to enter it. We’re ready to love each other.”

And what is something that is blocking the abalone shell people from finding their soulmate? Wow, the Nine of Wands. So what’s blocking you potentially is feeling like you have to be really protective of your heart. You have to be hyper aware. You have to be on the lookout, you have to be cautious. So, it’s this kind of fearful energy that you might be exuding because of the past. But remember, you were only brokenhearted in the past because that wasn’t your soulmate. 

That wasn’t your person. So, they were meant to break up with you. It was meant to fall apart. It was meant to not work out and you were also meant to learn things. Just as your soulmate has been going through things and relationships and learning about themselves, because you’re really prepping yourself to be a great partner for this incredible love experience that you’re now drawing into you.

So, it’s important to kind of say, “Okay, I’m going to drop my guard. I’m going to loosen up. I’m going to open my heart. I’m not going to be so restricted in my energy or guarded or always looking out for the bad signs. I’m just going to be lighthearted knowing that my soulmate is on their way to me, and I can just relax, and I’ll know. And if it’s the wrong person, well, I want them to fall away. If it doesn’t work out, that’s a good thing. My soulmate will work out.”

So, it’s just dropping that fearful kind of energy that you might be exuding in order for your soulmate to come in quicker. And then a final card, The High Priestess. Ooh, okay. So, for finding a soulmate, it’s important that you are in touch with your own soul, okay, darling. So, the more that you can go within align to your vision of your partner and really work on yourself and really align your own energy. It’s almost like the minute that you are totally fine with being alone and on your own and you’re a whole person inside, that’s when your soulmate enters because you’re whole, you’re not searching for your soulmate, you’re not missing anything.

And for others of you, I’m feeling like it’s really important to follow intuitive guidance. This is a card all about being really attuned to your intuition and your spiritual guidance. So just follow your intuitive hunches. This could be simple as you’re driving down the street and you’re like, “You know what? I really suddenly feel like going to the grocery store. I just feel like it. I don’t know why I don’t think I particularly need anything, but that just sounds fun.” And then you go, and then that’s where you meet your soulmate. So that type of thing, it’s really, really following that intuitive guidance and that will lead you to your soulmate. Okay? 


Okay. Now we have a beautiful citrine, joyous citrine people, okay, Spirit. And what is a message for how our citrine people can magnetize their soulmate, The Chariot. Wow, I like that. It kind of matches the citrine too. So, this is all about being in your willpower, taking action. So, it’s important that you get out there, that you assert yourself, you put yourself out there to not stay in hiding, but to rather be very action orientated. Okay? So, you’re going to find your soulmate by being out in the world in a big way. 

So, this is just absolutely making yourself visible, putting yourself out there, not hiding away. And for some of you, this could even be that you meet your soulmate by traveling. This is a big card that has to do with travel and adventure. And for others of you, it could be like if you get an opportunity at some point to work in a different area of the city or even a different city, that could be life leading you to meet your soulmate. So this could be about change, embracing change, embracing movement, and embracing adventure.

And that’s really a sign for where you’re going to magnetize and find your soulmate. And then what could potentially be blocking the citrine people from finding their soulmate? Oh, the Five of Cups. Okay, so this is past. This could be past hurt that you’re still not over. So potentially for many of you, you could still not be over a past love. Okay? Someone that you thought was your soulmate, surely you thought it was and it just didn’t work out. 

Or someone for others of you that just really broke your heart or a situation that broke your heart, and it’s really hard to let it go. It’s really hard to move on. I know it’s really hard, but it’s important that you really try and let that go. And know that your soulmate is not going to break your heart like that. It’s going to be much easier. It’s not going to be those experiences that you had with this other person or multiple people. 

And it could just be feeling like you know what you went through so much for some of you with your past relationship that you just don’t even have it in you anymore to give it another relationship, a go. You just feel so done. It is really hard to even go for it or date anymore, anything. So, I understand that. 

But it is important to put yourself back out there, even if you just want to stay inside and feel that sadness in your heart. But it is important because your soulmate is out there and your soulmate wants to find you, and Spirit wants to align you both together. So, it’s important to try and get out there. And this could even be as simple as just doing a group activity. For some of you, if some of you just are not ready yet, you’re just feeling like, gosh, I don’t know. It’s so hard to dress up and try again. Well, this could even be a group sport or a group club or group activity that you do with other people where it feels good. 

You’re doing something as a community, and then that gets you out of your head and out of your sadness and just outdoors. And then that’s where your soulmate can find you and you guys can find each other. So that could be a simple way for you to make sure you’re not blocking your soulmate from coming in as quickly as possible. And then what’s one last card for the citrine? The Empress. That’s beautiful. Wow. So, The Empress, so you’re just going to receive your soulmate. You really will. So, The Empress is all about divine feminine energy.

We all have divine masculine and divine feminine energy within us. And the divine masculine energy within us is kind of like this Chariot card where it’s about asserting yourself, your willpower, making things happen, taking charge, and the divine feminine is just relaxing, kicking back, laying back, and letting things come to you. Magnetizing. We’re talking about magnetizing your soulmate! This is the ultimate card that symbolizes magnetizing your soulmate to you. 

This is about being magnetic toward love, and whether you’re man or woman, it’s the same principle. It’s saying, “You know what? I am worthy of love that is supportive, that is loving, that is gentle, that is kind, that is abundant, and that I really don’t have to force this to happen. I can really align my own energy and my own ability to receive love” and to just say to yourself, “I am a magnet for love. I am magnetic. I am magnetizing my soulmate to me.” 

And just realizing your worthiness for it, and this is such a good sign that you are indeed going to magnetize your soulmate to you. You are definitely magnetic. I mean, you are. So just know that about yourself. You’re a very attractive person, and your soulmate is going to find you very attractive and just extremely lovable, and it’ll work out easily. Okay. All right I hope that helps. 

And if any of you are dealing with questions of finding your soulmate or other questions, you can get a private reading with me. This was a group general reading, but you can get a private reading with me. The link is right below this video. And until we meet again, I am wishing you so many blessings for finding your soulmate and even more. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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