Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/19 - 2/25 - Cosmic Updates

Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/19 – 2/25

Transformational energy is in the air, and it could affect your week ahead in surprising ways.

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a pick your own card tarot reading, so you can get personalized insights on what’s to come and ride the waves of change with grace and ease. Enjoy!


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Hi, this is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading. I’m excited for you to take a look at the cards for your week ahead.

I’ve had a number of clients who have recently been in somewhat of a stagnant place. But from what I’ve seen so far, and what I’m reading into, it’s looking like it’s going to be a really sort of revolutionary week. So I’m excited for you to take a look at what’s coming up.

You can always grab a private reading with me down below. And I look forward to connecting with you soon. Let’s jump in.

So give yourself just a few moments to take a few breaths. Allow yourself to relax back into your body, letting go of the day or thoughts or worries just for a few moments. You might bring your attention to your heart space. And notice if there’s anything that has been on your mind or that you’d really like to bring some resolution or some clarity to… you might place your attention here for a moment. And then find your breath again and let go. So we’re gonna look at the energies and the week ahead.

Calling out to Mother, Father, God, the Angels, and the Archangels, the deep ones, the rooted ones. We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Please be with us now, bring forward a clear message. And the right kind of supportive energy for those who are listening right now. Alright.

So you’ll be using your intuition to choose between the three different options today, which will subsequently bring you to the right reading. So the first option will be underneath the cube. Second option will be here underneath the double helix. And third option will be underneath the triangle.

So notice which card, which of these different symbols is speaking to you today. Trust your intuition. And once you’ve landed on the one that feels like it’s calling to you the most today, you can fast forward to the right part of the reading if that’s helpful.

First Card – Cube

So we’ll start here with our first option underneath the cube. So for those of you that chose this first option, this will be your reading

All right, let’s take a look here. So first card is going to be the Situation. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. And then underneath the cube we’ve got your Advice card for the week ahead.

So let’s take a look at our Situation card for the coming week. So as you can see, we’ve got our Lovers card. This is a really powerful Major Arcana card. Even just the symbolism itself has a lot of fire to it, energy, creative energy.

I like to think of this as the card of emergence. And emergence is when something new that couldn’t be seen that was developing starts to take form. It’s when a new phenomena presses forward into your life.

So the card that comes before this is The Hierophant which is all about structure, tradition, doing things the well known way.

And so when the Lovers card shows up, it’s actually about your unique flavor, your unique way of moving into life.

Sometimes this kind of emergence happens as a result of meeting somebody that brings something new into your life. So for some of you, this can be a sign that you have met somebody, or that you will meet somebody that is bringing an added alchemical burst into your life.

This could be a lover. This could be a romantic person. This could also be a friend or a business partner. What it means is that there’s the possibility of meeting somebody that is going to ignite something in you.

For others, this can be a sign that there is a choice before you. There is an important choice between doing things the safe way, or the way that you’ve known in the past, how to do things, or listening to your heart, and following the call, the higher calling of your soul.

This could be a really exciting week for some of you. This card is always bringing something that is catalyzing, that can be transformative.

It’s an important week for you to be listening to your heart, listening to the signs that are deep within you, and being willing to be a bit of a radical.

So let’s take a look at why it might be getting in the way, the Obstacle for the week ahead. And I want to be clear, just because it’s called the Obstacle… sometimes this is the necessary friction or tension that we need in order to burst forward.

So our Obstacle card this week is the Nine of Cups. So I sort of like this as an Obstacle card. And I’m not seeing it as being… sometimes the Obstacle card can be read as the card in reverse.

But the way that I’m seeing this is you might actually be feeling somewhat sustained, happy, content in your life in some way. You might notice that our guy here sitting. He’s sitting very squarely, he’s very rooted and grounded. He’s got sort of a smug smile. All the cups are well balanced behind him. So there’s this presentation of things being really well put together.

However, he’s guarding his heart. And the tapestry or the cloth behind him is hiding the table beneath it. So on the surface, you might be feeling very content, like things are really well put together. And when you’ve got something that can feel like a catalyzing element, something that is shaking stuff up. This can be the reason that you go: “Well, I don’t want to. I don’t want to mix things up too much. Because look how well organized and well put together everything is.”

In other words, the Obstacle this week could be a sense of comfortability, or a sense of homeostasis that’s in your life right now.

So for some of you, this might be that you’re in a happy relationship, and it feels comfortable where you’re at. And even though you’ve met this person that’s making you question things, you go, you know, “I really am just going to keep it safe.”

For others, this could be more along the lines of a work situation where you already feel like, you know, you already know how to do the thing that you’re doing – What’s the purpose of mixing it up?! – even though deep down, something is reminding you that you have something important to give. And even if it’s scary, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. So this is your obstacle card for the week.

Our Outcome card as we head forward is our Three of Wands. And I like this in terms of the progression of the cards that we’ve seen so far. Because it’s letting me know that it’s quite likely that you’re going to…. it’s quite likely that you’re going to be willing to look at some of the momentum that might be happening as a result of the Lovers card here.

In other words, you might start to do some research on the thing that is speaking to you. You might be willing to look at your life, serious circumstances, or your romantic circumstances, and look at them with a little bit more curiosity, or even a critical lens… is also possible that you are waiting to get some information, whether that’s waiting to hear from somebody, waiting to hear back from a job of some kind.

You’ve started to move things, or you’re going to start to move things, in a particular direction.

And then there’s going to be a bit of a waiting period. The Three of Wands tends to be a sign of positive momentum. So whatever it is that starting to get going, it’s a good thing. There’s good movement that’s happening here. And you should get excited, because this week feels like it’s going to have some, some new energies and some new possibilities.

Let’s take a look at your Advice card. So with everything that’s happening here, what’s the Advice that’s being brought to the table?

So the Four of Swords is great advice. I feel like this could be universal advice, all the time, which is, take the time to check in with yourself. Give yourself the room. You need to listen to your deeper sort of sense and your deeper wisdom. It’s a guard that definitely indicates being in a place of prayer.

For some of you, that means meditation. For others, that’s contemplative prayer. It’s going inward, being still, and listening to the insight and the guidance that’s wanting to come to you from spirit, from your angels, from the different places that you gain wisdom.

So what a powerful week for those of you that chose this first card. A lot of… I love the Lovers card as a… it’s kind of a revolutionary card. It’s a revolution that can happen in somebody’s life. So I look forward to hearing how the week goes.

And you’re always welcome to reach out and say, “Hey.”

So thank you for those of you that chose the first card.

Second Card – Double Helix

Let’s take a look at our next element here. So for those of you that chose the double helix, our second option here, this is going to be the reading for you.

So let me just get tuned in with this group. All right. So for those of you that chose this second card, this is going to be your Situation card, Obstacle, and our Outcome.

And let’s see here, so the Situation for the week ahead. Some of you that have been watching me for a while know that this is one of my favorite cards. It’s one of my favorite cards because it marks a turning point in someone’s life.

Some of the different philosophies out there see our developmental process as being a series of plateaus, followed by sort of quick, transformational moments, followed by somewhat of plateaus.

And so this card, the Eight of Cups, shows up after there’s been a significant plateau of some kind in our life. In other words, we’ve gotten used to a particular pattern of some kind, we’ve been with somebody for a long period of time, or we’ve worked at a particular place for a long period of time, or we’ve been experiencing a certain dynamic in the way that we’re relating to life for a long period of time.

This is the card that shows up when we start to go: “You know what, I’m ready for something new. I’m ready for the next depth of meaning.” It’s the willingness to start to look for new value for something that touches us in a deeper way.

So the mythos behind this is: We’ve got our guy in an area that, at one point, may have been a very fertile valley with greenery and water. And now it’s become a swamp. The water has become stagnant. And so this individual has decided it’s time to go look for something new. And he’s heading up the mountain, and he’s heading up to look for or to gather more wisdom, or to see what’s out there that might bring about some more value or meaning in his life.

So, for some of you, this could be that your job has become stagnant in some way, or you’ve lost your connection with the meaning behind what you do.

For others, this could be a relationship dynamic that has started to dry up. It’s not really giving you what you’ve wanted.

It’s also possible that you just feel a little bit stale in your life in general, and it’s not one particular thing or the other, but you’re needing something. You’re ready for something to change, and you’re actually gathering the courage to step outside of the comfort zone.

So let’s take a look at our second card, our Obstacle card. And I was just saying in the previous one, Obstacle cards don’t necessarily mean that there’s some specific thing that’s in the way. It just means that it’s where there’s some tension or where there’s the unnecessary tension that can create some of the change.

So this makes plenty of sense to me. We’ve got our Fool card hanging out in the Obstacle position. And as many of you probably know, the Fool card is this place of freshness, newness. And, on one hand, that can be really exciting. The possibilities are endless. Who knows what could happen next? It’s kind of the dreamer. That which is the reason that the fool is stepping off the cliff is that we don’t know. Anything is possible. He could walk right across the gorge with no problem whatsoever.

Now the Fool card also comes with a lot of naivete. And this fresh new place, this sort of unbounded energy can be scary. So in relationship to your first card, the Eight of Cups, part of what might be creating some resistance or some friction is the unknown, is the fear of the unknown, of not being able to tell what would happen if I were to change course, if I were to walk away from this person, if I were to go back to school, if I were to step into a new direction, I don’t know what would happen what what could possibly happen here.

So I tend to be the type of guide that will say, when you come into contact with the unknown, learn how to breathe and be with the unknown. You learn how to say yes to the unknown in small ways, which could mean when you’re sitting in prayer and meditation, breathing and allowing yourself to be in relationship, be intimate, with the unknown.

In all truth, Spirit, God, Creator is unknown. We might have a relationship there. But it’s beyond our comprehension. How can I be intimate with and start to develop a sense of relationship with the unknown? So that’s just a little aside for some of you.

What this means is that the choices that might be on your table, or the reason that you might be deciding to hang out still in the area that might have become stagnant, is that there’s some fear. It’s scary to touch base with something new.

For others, it could be as simple as you’re meeting somebody new this week, or you are coming into contact with a new context that is just new for you, and might bring up a little bit of sense of naivete or not knowing.

So let’s take a look at your Outcome card for the week. So our Outcome card here is our Ace of Wands. And I like this. It feels like it jumps right into perfect alignment with what we’ve seen so far.

The Ace of Wands is that creative spark of energy, the excitement that comes with fresh beginnings. There’s almost sort of a fundamental, young fundamental movement forward energy, this energy of fresh starts. So this creative spark goes hand-in-hand with the Fool card, because there’s such new potential that comes with the Fool card, with the not knowing, that anything feels possible.

You could feel by the end of this week, particularly as you start to flirt with stepping into new territory, new directions… You could start to feel really excited. You could start to feel, like, energized and curious and engaged with life in a way that maybe you haven’t felt in a while, particularly if it’s been, if you’ve been in a little bit of the swampy area. This new energy that’s flooding in could create quite a bit of creative energy for you. So there’s something new that’s happening.

And let’s take a look at what the Advice card is for you with this particular setup that’s in front. Whoo, okay, so this is a pretty strong Advice card. We’ve got our Ten of Swords, which is saying, advice-wise, it’s time to let what’s dead or what’s dying to die. It’s not really worth it to keep hammering at something that has really come to an end.

I mean, this is a bit of what this fella has come to realize. And look, we’ve got, we’ve got two individuals with the red cloaks on. But this guy has come to the realization that something’s come to an end and is heading up the mountain. He’s coming into contact with all this fresh new energy. This is saying: Let what’s done be done.

So you probably know what this is for you. You’ve probably already thought about this, felt into it. It’s likely it’s not something that’s like a mystery to you that I’m revealing right now. It’s more, like, you know, the thing that has been falling apart or disintegrating beneath you. And it’s time to say, “Okay, let’s go with the direction that life is taking us.”

So for those of you that chose the second option, this was your reading for the week. I hope this is helpful. Let me know how it resonates. And I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Third Card – Triangle

All right, so for those of you that chose this final card, we’ve got our little ace here. And I’m curious if anybody knows what this one is called. My dear friend made these for me. And it’s… I just call it a triangle. But I think that there’s way more going on here. So let me tune in with those of you that chose this third option.

And this will be the reading for your week ahead. So, first card will be the Situation. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card, we have a bit of a double third card situation going on here.

So let’s take a look at the Situation to begin with. Nothing like a little bit of Devil card to start us off. So this is our Devil card hanging out in the Situation category.

And the Devil card tends to represent a sense of being stuck, feeling manipulated. It can be a sign of addiction. It’s basically the deep, darker parts of ourselves that can be unruly and unwieldy. And that can cause both a place of subjugation, as well as being the dominator or the persecutor. So this is a complicated card. There’s a lot of intense energy that spirals around this particular card.

So for some of you, you might start asking yourself the question, “Am I in a situation…” – whether this is a relationship, a work situation, or otherwise – “…where I feel like I’m being manipulated, dominated, and I feel trapped, I feel like there is no way out of this situation?”

For others, you might start to peer into what is your relationship with some of the substances. This can be everything from media, to drugs, to alcohol… “What is my relationship with my environment? And does it feel healthy? Does it feel like it’s boosting me, building me up? Or is it detracting from my life?”

So there are a lot of directions this particular card could go. I almost want to pull our second one and get a little bit more information to get a feel for what this Devil card is referring to.

So let’s take a look at the Obstacle in relation to this, because whatever it is here could have somebody stuck. You might be feeling really stuck or trapped. There’s there’s a couple of different places.

So let’s take a look at our Obstacle card here. So Obstacle card is our Seven of Wands. Now this almost immediately makes me curious if you have yourself trapped in some way. And that can sometimes be in reference to these chains that are around the two human-ish creatures down there. It’s tended to be seen that the chains are loose enough for them to get away. And so: What is the situation or what might be the context that you’re in right now? Where you are keeping yourself sort of stuck or guarded in, that might not be best for you?

The other side of this is that the Seven of Wands can be a sign that you’re a bit in the obstacle position… could be a sign that you’re a bit worried about getting attacked, or surprised.

In other words, if you decided to start to move away, the Seven of Wands is often a sign that you’re moving in a particular direction that is positive for yourself. You’re gaining momentum.

And then the storyline is that this individual has been surprise attacked by those around him. And so if you’re in a context that you feel trapped in, it’s quite possible that the reason that you feel stuck is you’re worried you’re going to get overly criticized. You’re going to get attacked. You’re going to get belittled. And you’re going… and you don’t feel necessarily strong enough to defend yourself.

So you might be having to deal with somebody this week that really makes you feel small, scared, worried… This could be a partner. This could be a boss. This could be a family member. And you’ve been sort of allowing yourself to be in the muck and the gook of it, because it’s scary. You don’t want to get dismantled by that person.

Now, I’m so curious because we have this double Outcome card. So there’s, there might be a split here in the group that is reading this one, or it could just be clarification. So let’s take a look at what we have here.

Yeah, so my sense is that there’s a split. And so for some of you, the Outcome is in process. In other words, you might not get a full sense of how to move through this situation, until you receive some more information, or the whole of the situation starts to ground itself.

This Eight of Wands can be an indication of very quick changes. It can be a sign that there are messages headed your way. I often think of it as a time where the energy hasn’t fully grounded itself. So it’s up in the air. You’re not sure of exactly what’s going to happen next.

So for some of you, whatever it is that’s felt a little bit intense or stuck, it’s not necessarily going to find its full resolution just yet.

For others, we’re headed towards a situation where there’s going to be a much greater sense of safety. In other words, you could decide to take the challenge to stand up for yourself. And in doing so, you actually start to feel like you’ve carved out a little bit more room for you to feel safe, for you to feel content.

For others, it’s possible that you come to realize that you’re not actually going to get attacked for what it is that you’re wanting and that you need. In other words, you might have an older story or an older experience that’s shading over the context that you’re experiencing now. And when you realize that it’s just… it’s not the full truth of what’s happening, you’re going to feel way more at peace, way more safe.

So let’s take a look at the Advice card, because this is a bit more of a complicated one-week reading. In other words, there’s more that’s going on here than can be fully expressed in the reading alone. But let’s see what the Advice card is for this week ahead.

The Advice card is the Empress, which means: Please, please, please nurture yourself, take good care of yourself. Be willing to be willing to stay grounded. You might connect with nature a little bit in the week ahead.

It’s also a reminder of the abundance, that there’s more options, there’s more possibilities than you might be realizing right off the bat. And even just that… what is the saying from the Bible? “The magnificence of Heaven is all contained within a mustard seed.” So worst translation, that’s the worst quote ever, but it’s something along those lines. And just realizing that there’s more possibilities than maybe what you’re seeing. Anything at the moment starts to open up that mustard seed of Heaven.

In other words, it starts to create some peace. It starts to create some possibilities that maybe you didn’t notice before.

So please stay grounded this week. Please take good care of yourself, love yourself up. Be nurturing.

All right, so for those of you that chose the third card, this is your reading for the week. Thank you for tuning in with me, and for everybody else, always a pleasure to connect with you. I love hearing from you. And I look forward to connecting again in the near future. Take good care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Posted at 03:51h, 05 March Reply

    I am really sad because I have stopped receiving emails from cosmic updates
    Please put me back on your mailing list
    As I love the tarot readings and astrology updates. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Karen Lynagh
    Posted at 11:38h, 20 February Reply

    When harsh things happen, I hide ‘me’ deep inside (learned to do this as a child). Anyway, my soul mate has been deceased for 19 months, and at 66 years old, I always knew that I would end up single in my later years (that intuition thing). Reading #3 is most appropriate, but all seem to apply to my insights lately. Thank you for confirmation. This butterfly is nearly out of her shell – again 😉

  • Avatar
    Martha Radebe
    Posted at 10:36h, 20 February Reply

    Hello Sir thank you very much I’ve chosen the 3rd card it really meant what I’m going through thank you see you in next week reading God bless you very everyday

  • Avatar
    Posted at 05:13h, 20 February Reply

    Thanks so much I appreciate this week reading. Thanks again

  • Avatar
    Robin Mel Domingue
    Posted at 01:00h, 20 February Reply

    Wow! For the life of me I can’t make sense of how or why all three readings hit home for me. I’ve never been so unsure of myself or what my next step should be. I lost my husband of 15 years 3 years ago. It was a rocky relationship at best. He was a great friend & father but not so great husband. I jumped into another relationship a bit too fast with a much younger man. I do love this man & I know he loves me but I wonder if that is enough. It seems like the cons outnumber the pros making it seem more like fighting a losing battle. I don’t want to wake up one day realizing I’ve wasted another 15 years.

  • Avatar
    Harry Dean Webb
    Posted at 00:25h, 20 February Reply

    Hey I’m Dean Webb as you said which one spoke to me the most it was all three. Everone had a meaning to me . Mine is spiritual. I’m at a stand still in my life. I’m comfortable with it . But I’m ready for the next step or think I am But it like God isn’t ready for me to do what he has planned.
    I’ve always been told to watch for his signs. I’ve opened my heart and mind to him. I’ve opened my dreams to him . I read and look for the message. But I worrie if I look to hard I’ll miss it. It’s I feel like where I was and what I’ve got to do is related. That he allowed me to go where I was for this to come about.
    One part of me says I’m not that inportant . But my heart tells me different or my spirit or just a gut feeling. . But in all your reading had a reaction inside me. But in all the answer eludes me. I know why God is the creator of all things. It will only be revealed to me when he is ready. I’m at peace with it. Just the waiting. But in the end no matter the out come for me. I will be fine . Cause his hand is on me . I’m proud he chose me.
    And has gave me the knowledge to know he will be with me till the end. And then my journey will be with him. Either way here or there. I know longer feel alone . I’m at peace with myself. Because of him.

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    Posted at 00:25h, 20 February Reply

    Resonates 1 n 2 for me..Thank you so much Jonathan 🙂🙏

  • Avatar
    Adam Michael jaysen
    Posted at 23:43h, 19 February Reply

    I picked the second option and as hard as it it to let go the reading is so spot on that I can’t even begin. I mean everything you said was exactly where I’m at. And it is time to let it go. And honestly this the push I needed. And I do see excitement in the future. Unimaginable opportunity. Now I can grab it and I’ve been doing this readings for the last three months waiting for this very moment and I thank you. Because this is what it’s supposed to be. Everyone keeps making it about money and you’re the only one who didn’t ask for money and you answered my question. Thank you! Honestly you give me hope and if not monetarily I would and will repay your kindness in some kind of a way that will di your deed justice for someone else! I feel relieved and excited now! Finally I can take. The step and I just took my first breathe in years!

  • Avatar
    Al Mantini
    Posted at 21:54h, 19 February Reply

    WOW I was the 2nd card it is right on. Time to Getty up.

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    Cynthia Lou Wagner
    Posted at 21:15h, 19 February Reply

    Hello, Jonathan. You are dealing with a love triangle here. I, female, am the second reading, my ex-husband of 38 years, male, is the first reading, and the third reading is my ex’s current companion, female, for 10 years. You have been doing readings for the 3 of us for awhile now. I still love him and believe that this is a Divine union. Thank you so much for for everything you do. Sending you love and light.

  • Avatar
    Patricia Pagel
    Posted at 18:04h, 19 February Reply

    All three cards resignated with me a new love relationship still holding onto old one etc loved your reading !!!!

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    Posted at 17:13h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Jonathan
    I have chosen the first card and it directly resonated with me. Thanks for this insightful reading. Happy Week ahead.
    Love and light

  • Avatar
    Erica Swanson
    Posted at 15:49h, 19 February Reply

    This is such confirmation for me that my intuition is spot on and confirms that I am open to the universe and the direction that will benefit my life moving forward. Yesterday I tried to talk to my ex about certain behaviors that were not supportive of the friendship he wished to have with me. He would not listen, he started to place blame and hung up on me and called back then hung up on me again. Old behaviors. He has been stagnant in his growth now for some time, I hung onto the friendship as long as I did because I care for him very much and I do truly love him. However it has come to a point where there is no respect or consideration for me whatsoever and I do not deserve that from anyone and will not accept it. I can only do so much, the rest is up to him and I refuse to be taken advantage of, treated as though I don’t matter or treated as though I am not worthy of someone’s time, attention, consideration or love and compassion. So I am moving on finally from the hope that he will turn it around. I have grown past him and now that relationship is only toxic to my continued growth in my life. The advice card was really spot on because I have been holding onto this connection for a year and a half now ad it really is time to just let it go. There is nothing left to resurrect and already there are better new connections that I should allow to come into my life. Next I need to tackle the other problems that have gone by the wayside and focus on my life goals and priorities. I will keep coming back, these readings resonate with me more than any others I have come across and they are to the point and so accurate. It really helps with the fear of the unknown to have such confirmation of where I am headed. Thank you so much for your good work Johnathan, you are truly a blessing to the world and your work is so valuable to so many.

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    Deborah Behrens
    Posted at 15:14h, 19 February Reply

    Wow,,Can relate today…missing tooth for 2weeks now..wont leave house..limited income zero money to shell out Stressed Out Totally Pressed for time Out of town Family visit coming up in march Researched new dental office..30 Reviews were only dental hygienist 3 rootcanal~cap?? thats it..Iam needing Partial denture temp until i rob a bank(kidding) make payment plan..No Price or Est til work done after the fact…they have a pressure 45 min video on Hygienist care selling extra service,say not at this time..they refuse to further do any work Times Up-Next Patient..wow….daughter to help with 1st visit $500 cap to get started….calling to inform her..save your money,thk u..Iam going to local clinic for Free/Donations accepted..for eldery,underprivileged low income folks….once visted before,,very happy&thankful…all the Dr’s Dentist were pro’s..donated their time away from there own business to help unfortunate..daughter will be proud once again of my choice,,knew i was happy with WILDFLOWER CLINIC …No suprises come Monday..STUCK NO MORE-cutting back on PEYOTIE *~* I chose TRIANGLE …star pattern..Python=Math????? artist???? Thank You LionHeart

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    Rita da piedade de sa
    Posted at 15:03h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Dear Jonathan thank you so much for the reading and video so nice to see you i am happy with the reading is very helpful because i just met same one i hope is will last and we can be happy together for ever i am very insightful thank you again God bless you

    • Avatar
      Jennifer M Matlock
      Posted at 22:05h, 19 February Reply

      Hello,My name is Jennifer Matlock I am a Sagittarius and I was more drawn to the 3 card reading,you were perfect,my husband was the 2 card reading and I am afraid and being lied to and manipulated by his lies and cheating please help me,more if you can Thank you and God Bless, Jennifer Matlock

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    Rita Maskill
    Posted at 14:52h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Jonathan thank you for a beautiful reading I picked the helix (2) your completely right I was married for 40 yrs last 7 yrs he became manipulative controlling,and mentally and physically abusing I left him 2.yrs ago trying to find a life of my own and get the real me back I’m alot better and happier now im in a much better place mentally and physically I’ve been talking to a man for last 2 yrs and irecently met him in person a few months ago but I’m scared of the future and don’t know if I will ever find a love again that I had before and at the moment im scared of the unknown I don’t know where I’m going what I’m supposed to do how I’m going to do it I do feel there’s a better life out there for me but how I find it I don’t know it just feels like I’m blind and can’t see in front of me but your reading has given me some clarity thank you ❤

  • Avatar
    Leanne Lodata
    Posted at 14:39h, 19 February Reply

    Thank you! I chose the 2nd reading and it was dead on, very affirming.❤

  • Avatar
    Barbara Edwards
    Posted at 14:31h, 19 February Reply

    Well I chose the phoenix card and it looks like mine isn’t going to turn out the way I want to get to the man I love has been a ignoring me for four days now and I think he’s trying to separate yourself from me, but he says he has it he says I’m the love of his life and he is happy to have me, but only when I give them money. Other than that he don’t talk to me match

  • Avatar
    Nancy White
    Posted at 14:12h, 19 February Reply

    Yes you were spot on I chose the triangle.

  • Avatar
    Diane Patricia Henson
    Posted at 13:03h, 19 February Reply

    i did not get to pick cards

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 12:55h, 19 February Reply


    Not sure which one would fits me. Eathier the second or the third cards. I’m just not certain.

    On 02/19/2023

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:49h, 19 February Reply

    I believe that’s an organite
    I’m a Capricorn reading is correct I’m stuck in an unloving marriage dating a veteran with ptsd and addicted to alcohol I’m trying to get out of both. The vet has manipulated me for 2 years with financial support and I’m disabled he put me in $30,000 in debt in the first year. He’s using me I know it but he’s threatening to tell my husband which will cost me anything I’d get in a divorce but yet I can’t pay for a divorce. I’m desperate to fix my finances and find a truely wonderful loving man. I need help for sure

    • Avatar
      Posted at 20:27h, 19 February Reply

      Wow I was moved by the way you interpreted the Cards.
      All of them being as they all have meaning for me.

  • Avatar
    Debbie Stephens
    Posted at 12:11h, 19 February Reply

    Wow! My reading (#2/helix) was spot on this week. I have been feeling stuck and my life stagnant— my life “on hold” for the past three years. Recently, though, I’ve finally felt like the hold on my life has been released and I can finally move forward and make changes. A weight has been lifted…. but for whatever reason, I have hesitated to move forward— probably due to the fear of change & the unknown. This week’s reading has let me know that it is time to move on, to let go, and to embrace the change and this new chapter in my life. Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:32h, 19 February Reply

    Thank you Jonathan i choose the second card.. That says. What is done is done. And i think my intuition is also right. I am so much thankful for your acute reading…

  • Avatar
    Brenda Rose
    Posted at 11:09h, 19 February Reply

    Thank you Jonathan ..I am at a huge crossroad and am a little scared. I chose the beautiful triangle that your friend made #3..I will stay grounded and continue my journey and make my decision soon with your guidance it helps me.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:02h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Jonathan loved your reading.r 3rd reading hit me right on.your good reading .your going be very famous soon
    I see that for you very phycic.when people read my card on internet.strange things happened thy see weirdstuff.love evelyn
    Bohan .from Canada


  • Avatar
    Betsy Smith
    Posted at 10:55h, 19 February Reply

    The card with double helix is what I resonated with. Thank you for the insight. I am in the process of developing an online business being a business person for the first ime and getting so close to publishing my event to be a coach/guide to those in need. Thank you Jonathan! <3

  • Avatar
    Susan Potter
    Posted at 10:48h, 19 February Reply

    You hit the nail on head with my pick ,
    Could not have been more accurate
    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:42h, 19 February Reply

    Thankyou Jonathon, I chose the triangle this week, and your reading is bang on.it was a little complicated due to the double card but that is exactly how it feels for me.like there is an extra side which needs to e cleared up.
    Staying grounded and giving myself love sounds just what I need right now.hoping for my messages to reach me soon

  • Avatar
    Ronnie Vincent
    Posted at 10:17h, 19 February Reply

    Jonathan it was good I chose the third card bingo it was all right if being trapped and I am in the process of being getting away from the trapped situation and easing my way out of the woman who is in touch .
    Something’s you got to let go and move on to clear yourself up immediately
    The vice like grip of hers is loosened now

  • Avatar
    Sandra Linden
    Posted at 10:17h, 19 February Reply

    Helix. My married is done but Only on my side ans I have things to do before a divorce so it was the right call. And I have problem to fix in my life to .

  • Avatar
    Aime Sea
    Posted at 10:15h, 19 February Reply

    With my gratitude Jonathan for this shared moment, out of time.
    Each and every Sunday like a little girl, I eagerly await this very special virtual and spiritual meeting, which will guide decisions and good humor for the week ahead.
    A pinch of magic to give flavor to life, brightening our soul in our daily tasks.
    When things in life cannot be changed, only our approach can be, adapting to them as well as possible, with detachment and philosophy, singing… What will be will be!
    Light, Love and Wisdom,

  • Avatar
    Andrea walker
    Posted at 10:05h, 19 February Reply

    Chose card number two – it was right on with what’s happening in my life now and with someone I started seeing .
    You are very insightful !

  • Avatar
    Lisa Johnson
    Posted at 09:57h, 19 February Reply

    I picked the double Helix and yes 💯I truly resonated with your reading today Jonathan , I need to fully let go of the past somethings never change for fear of embracing the new , I will embrace it this time as I need and deserve a break, I feel so confused and even this angry energy is weighing heavy on my heart and Gut feeling, I hate it , I want Change and hopefully this will before the better , this time

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:54h, 19 February Reply

    THE HELIX EXPRESSES MY SITUATION ! Living with my EX-Wife, because on financial issues with dividing up the Assets. I have been MORE THAN GENEROUS in this and she is in fact not treating the situation with Respect, nor cares about ME. I AM DONE AND OVER IT >> the Bonds are Severed, and I can’t wait to be OUTTA HERE. I should have this resolved within a week or 2. Moving ON > > > to New Pastures.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:47h, 19 February Reply

    Hi Jonathan, I found it difficult to choose a card. When you used the stones, It seems that I always choose the same stone.

  • Avatar
    Debra May Coonrad
    Posted at 09:43h, 19 February Reply

    I chose the second option and OMG! I was in conversation with a DM and we talked about a new position that I am really excited about. So, this choice sang out to me….now I feel I just need to remain patient, but I am hopeful by weeks end now, thank you Jonathan

  • Avatar
    kate Stamps
    Posted at 07:32h, 19 February Reply

    absolutely bang on as usual, I have very strong intuition about which reading will apply to me and they always do and the information and advice is always profound and helpful! Thank you!

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