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The Heartbreak Cure | By Jonathan Lionheart

How To Heal Your Heart And Find New Love

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Have you ever experienced a heartbreak that rocked you to your absolute core? 


Whether it was your first love, or someone you thought you’d be with forever, you have likely felt the pain that comes from loving someone, losing someone, or being denied love. 


Sometimes heartbreak doesn’t even come from a romantic situation. You can experience loss and heartbreak from your childhood, friendships, or losing someone close to you. 


Every single person has had a moment when their tender heart was misunderstood, mistreated, or simply not given what it was yearning for. 


You may have experienced a heartbreak so painful that it still bothers you years after it happened. 


Whether you still feel the hurt, or you’ve hidden your pain away so you no longer feel it, heartbreak is affecting your current life in ways you might not expect. 


Besides causing emotional pain, it could be creating social inhibition, or even keeping you from meeting the perfect romantic match. 


Learning to open your heart again and heal your heartbreak is a heroic, beautiful journey. And well worth it!


Healing may seem too big to handle. Or you might believe that nothing can change. But the truth is… it’s not as hard or complicated as you might think. 


By starting on this path, you will not only begin to draw new romance into your life, but you will feel an increase in your vitality and joy for living. 


This course will build the groundwork for healing old emotional patterns. You will learn how to reinvigorate your life and bring love back into your day to day experience. 


You will discover why you continue to hold onto old pain, guard your heart, and why you can’t seem to move on, regardless of how much time has gone by. 


Once you understand the reasons you’re feeling heartbroken, you will be guided step by step through simple practices that will help you let go and move on once and for all. 


We will practice simple and accessible techniques together to help your body open to love once again. 


Not only will these practices help you process the old muck from previous relationships, but you may also find yourself attracting new and exciting people into your life. 


And perhaps more importantly, you will feel emotionally available to welcome the right individuals into your heart. 


Throughout this course, you will find yellow action boxes at the bottom of most sections with recommended contemplations and exercises. As you engage with the questions and material being taught, you will uncover a deeper understanding of yourself and be able to transform. Keep a notebook and something to write with as you make your way through this program.

Right now, take out your notebook and write down what you want more than anything from a romantic relationship. Speak from the perspective of your deepest truth. Write without thinking about it… just let it stream out of you. Don’t stop writing for 5 mins. What do they look like? How do they feel to you? What qualities are absolutely the most attractive to you? Don’t hold back! Let it spill out. 

Now let’s keep going and take a brief look at the overview of the course.

How To Use This Course

This course is designed to take place over the span of a month. Why so long? It takes at least that much time for your body and energy to integrate the practices you will be learning. 


So please do not rush through this. For your own sake, approach each practice and each section as a step towards a powerful new life. 


If you like, you can read through the entire course to start with, and watch all of the videos. But after you have a sense of where we will be headed, please follow the guidelines below. 


Step One


In step one you will learn why you hold onto old pain from the past, and why you could be attracting the wrong people into your life. 


This is an important part of the overall process, so take your time reading through, journaling, and getting acquainted with this information. 


Duration: 1 – 3 days


Step Two


In step two, you will learn how and why your body and your energy hold onto old grief, and the secret to letting go of these old patterns. 


Duration: 1 – 3 days


Step Three


The third step is where you will learn the first set of practices. You have been provided with a video that will walk you through the initial stages of opening up your body for transformation to occur. 


Once you have read and watched the video, please practice the initial video for a whole week, once a day, before beginning the second, more potent practice. 


Duration: 7 days of practice


Step Four


In step four, you will learn the second practice also demonstrated in a video. This is a powerful practice, so taking time to learn the initial practice is very important. 


Be patient with yourself while learning this new practice, and please practice both the first video, and the second, continuously for a total of 2 weeks. 


Duration: 2 weeks


Step Five


In the final step, you will release old pain through a special ritual. You can begin the process of letting go while you are still practicing both videos for the required two weeks, however the ritual itself should take place after you have completed the two weeks of practice. 


Let yourself be immersed in this powerful and sacred work, and you will be very satisfied by the results. 


You’re already well on your way, so let’s get going… 

Entering The Five Steps Of Transformation

Are you ready to let go of what has been holding you back and move forward into a powerful and beautiful new you? 


You are about to start a journey that could transform everything for you. There is great power in the choice you have made to take action and transform yourself. 


You deserve love. You are an absolute miracle. The very fact that you are alive is an incredible thing. 


Don’t forget this as you step forward into the five steps. There may be moments during this practice where you could feel some big emotions, or when fear will jump up and tell you to turn around. 


Don’t listen to the fear, instead, remember where you are headed: to a more empowered, loving, and radiant you. 


I am excited for your adventure ahead. I hope you are as well. 


Take a moment to visualize the result you want from this course. Imagine yourself filled with joy, balance, and ease. What does this new version of yourself look like? How do you feel? Who is around you? 


The next chapter is the beginning of the five steps. In step one, you will gain insight into what happened, and why it’s stuck around for so long. 


My best wishes to you on this sacred endeavor.