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What’s Blocking This Connection? | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Does it seem like something is always stopping you from getting closer to the one you love?

Galena The Mystic is here to get to the bottom of the blockages in your love life, so you can overcome them and align with the relationship you desire.

Simply pick the card that speaks most to you to receive your love reading.

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Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s your intuitive tarot reader, Galena the Mystic, and I’m here with a timeless love reading. Today we’re going to do a pick a card reading focusing on what is blocking this connection. So a special romantic connection; maybe it doesn’t have to be romantic, it could be platonic or familial, but we’ll see what’s in the cards, what is blocking your connection, what’s stopping you from being together or stopping you from communicating?

We’re going to go ahead and try to get to the bottom of that today, starting with the card for group number one, which says “Communicate With Spirit” with the number 28. And then we have group number two, “Commit” with the number 22, so twos could be significant. And then for number Three, we have “Retreat And Recharge,” which is the number four. So go ahead and look at these Three cards. You might want to ponder them for a minute. Lemme see if these are in the right order. I believe so. Okay, so group number one, “Communicate With Spirit” group number two, “Commit” and group number Three, “Retreat And Recharge.” Go ahead and choose the one that resonates with you. The timestamps will be in the chapters as well as the description of this video, but we’re going to go ahead and get right into it with group number one, which is “Communicate With Spirit.”


So let’s go ahead and tap in what is blocking this connection. First of all, I just want to say there has been a lot of surrender in this connection. I do think that if this is your group, you are highly tapped into signs and synchronicities. I would say that out of the Three groups, this might be a group that you’re really sensitive to this other person’s energy and you could be feeling like why to the universe? You could be asking why. Okay, let’s see. We have the Wheel of Fortune. So yeah, there’s more surrender energy, surrendering to the chaos of this connection, surrendering to the external forces that have driven you apart. What are the blockages in this connection? I do see the blockages changing. So let’s see what that’s about. We have the Knight of Pentacles reversed, so there has been some stagnation on this person’s end, but I would say on your end as well, let’s see, we have the Page of Wands.

So I’m also getting that this person is maturing still, even if they are an older person, this is someone who has a very youthful spirit and so they could be potentially actually potentially slowing this connection down. Six of Wands reversed- because they are experiencing some self-doubt when it comes to their ability to mature, their ability to move on to a new chapter of their life, their ability to really grow. And I think that’s something about you and something about your connection makes them feel like they would have to embark on a whole new journey. But for some reason, this Page of Wands, it’s not giving me the very beginning of something. It’s almost giving- they would have to start a new journey of being more mature. So it’s almost like you are an ideal that represents this new season of their life in which they thought it wouldn’t come yet.

Something like that, so they tried to delay it. Six of Cups reversed. They also could be quite in denial about the spiritual connection of this relationship. You could definitely have a past life connection here but with The Priestess reversed, they are not- I’m seeing they’re not spiritually tapped into this connection the way you are. So with “Communicate With Spirit” and The Priestess coming out reversed, I can definitely see that you are reading the signs and synchronicities and with the Wheel of Fortune, you have been in this state of trying to surrender and let go. But the blockage here really is that this person is not a spiritual seeker the way that you are. They’re not as tapped in to signs and synchronicities. They are also still very much in a pleasure chasing sort of energy with the Page of Wands. They have a hard time tapping into things that feel innocent, if that makes sense.

You have an innocent energy in this connection. Something about you guys, it’s very pure. Your souls just really connect easily. And I think that that makes this person skeptical that it could make them happy because it’s like they’re used to this “Page of Wands”- chasing things that are maybe really stimulating, shiny or just exciting. They might chase passion over contentment with the Six of Cups reversed. And it’s almost like they just don’t know how they could be successful with you with the Six of Wands reversed, they just don’t know how. So I want to say that those are the main blockages in this connection. Sorry if you see me looking over to the side, my setup’s different today and I am organizing some stuff, but with this it really looks like this person….

You can’t believe in someone. It’s really hard to believe in someone more than they don’t believe in themselves. And this person, I don’t know that they’re necessarily happy with where they’re at, and they might be pretty stubborn. Actually, we do have the Two of Cups, so this person has a romantic connection with you. They love you, this person loves you, but at the end of the day, love is an action. And with this Knight of Pentacles reverse, it looks like they’re not acting on that love that they have for you. But let’s see, Three of Swords. So they’re actually breaking their own heart because even though you’ve had this deep emotional connection, they are heavily in denial about it. So that’s the big blockage here. And now let’s see if there’s anything that you can do about this situation. Is there anything spirit would like you to do when it comes to this maybe getting this blockage removed or going in a different direction?

What advice do they have for you? I just want to say with the Six of Cups reversed. There is a soulmate connection here, but just because someone’s your soulmate or your twin flame does not mean you have to be together or that you have to hold up your own life while waiting for them. In fact, that’s often the energy that keeps two people separate. So let’s see what advice there is… Two of Coins reversed? So yeah, I think it’s time to stop holding spAce for this person. I think that if this is your group, the Two of Coins is two Pentacles in each hand. So you kind of weigh your options and think, should I wait for this person or should I move on? Well, I don’t want to move on because what if they come back or what if they decide? And it’s like don’t hold yourself up because they don’t necessarily deserve to keep you as an option.

You know what I mean? You’re not an option. And love is a choice with the Knight of Pentacles reversed. It’s a choice that you make every day and this person, with the Three of Swords is not choosing. They haven’t chosen you. I’m not trying to say that they will never choose you, but in the cards it seems like they never have so far. And we have The Lovers. So I think as soon as you stop holding so much spAce for this person, you’re going to come into alignment either with this person or with someone else. And I think Spirit wants you to be open and be free about what’s possible for you to align with. Knight of Wands reversed. I think this person has been in a very silly energy. They could be a player, but I would say likely a lot of you aren’t exclusive with this person or you were exclusive, but they might have broken up with you, or gotten cold feet. The Knight of Wands reversed sometimes does get cold feet.

The World reversed. So there just seems to be a lack of closure here. It seems like you don’t have a fixed answer or a concrete understanding of what this connection is. And it looks like this person has actively avoided solidifying something with you here. The Queen of Cups reversed. Its left you in your feelings and spirit saying, yeah, it’s time to move on and free yourself. You are not an option. You deserve love, you deserve to be chosen and the right person will choose you. Yeah, Five of Swords reversed on the bottom of the deck now. So it is time to walk away and that is the easiest way to remove this blockage in your love life. So let’s go ahead and get some Romance Angel Oracle cards. We have “Heart to Heart Conversations, Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.” So I think it’s time to be honest with this person and kind of tell them, look, I am not happy with the way things are. I’m tired of being in limbo in this connection and I to choose me, whether you choose me or not. And choosing yourself is the best way to manifest getting chosen by everything else that’s meant for you, the correct person, the correct friends, the correct job. When you choose yourself and put yourself first, you’ll align with that which wants to choose you also.

So let’s see what else. We have “A New Love. A new person has stirred your romantic feelings.” So this is what I’m saying, do not get bogged down by a person who’s really playing themselves. If they play themselves, they’ll play you. We also have “Worth Waiting For. Divine timing is at work in your love life.” And then on top of the deck we have “Flirt. Extend your lighthearted energy to others.” You’re going to be very flirty with a new person, it seems a new person who’s worth the wait. And then we have “Chemistry. There’s a strong magnetic connection here.” So it seems like you’re going to have intense chemistry with this person. And even if you have to be single for a little while or you’re in a period where you’re not sure what’s going on, it does seem like it’s going to be so worth the wait and so worth the effort that it takes to leave this other connection in the past. Okay, so those are the messages I have for you. Group number one. Thanks so much. If you would like a personal reading, you can book that by clicking here. I am so excited to do your personal readings. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. Feel free to like this video and subscribe to this channel if you in fact liked it and I’ll see you in the next one.


Okay, let’s get into group number two. So for group number two, we had the number 22 with “Commit.” So the number two could be significant with this commit card, it does seem like you’re very committed to this person. You could be in a commitment with this person, but there could be delays or frustrations here. I mean clearly you’re watching what’s blocking this connection. So something must be blocking it regardless of whatever commitment you have to it. So let’s go ahead and get into the tarot and shuffle and see what is blocking this connection. What is blocking this connection? Okay, Holy Spirit, we have Three of Pentacles. This came out kind of sideways, kind of reversed. So I’m seeing here there’s a little bit of a difficulty with synergy moving forward, getting all your ducks in a row. There could be other outside influences… King of Wands upright though. So there is someone who’s in a confident energy, potentially masculine. We have the Five of Wands reversed. We have the page of Cups reversed. I’m covering her chest because she’s vulnerable. And we also have the Three of Swords. So there was some sort of painful energy in this connection. Five of Wands reversed. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a breakup or had an argument that led to a breakup. And with the Page of Cups, King of Wands, someone does not want to say, sorry, someone’s being stubborn or prideful and does not want to extend this offer. And I think what’s actually happening with this Commit energy is that you both really love each other, but with this Commit card, it’s almost like you’re trying to put on a brave face to one another.

Someone could be, yeah, King of Wands is also a cocky energy. So someone could be showing off on social media, trying to keep their cool, trying to keep their composure. This person’s pretending they aren’t bothered by whatever heartbreak happened here, but with the Three of Coins reversed, if they’re posting like I’m collaborating with this person, I’m working with that person. I’m over here doing this project and that project and everything’s hunky dory. By the way, that’s how you know I’m channeling. I don’t say things like hunky dory in my day-to-day life (laughing). But anyways, with the Three of Pentacles Reverse, it seems like they’re not actually as productive or as busy or as sociable as they seem. Like they could be doing this as a means of creating some sort of jealousy. Because I am going to be honest, it seems like this person feels slighted. It seems like they feel slighted by something. 

Eight of Pentacles. So yeah, they’re focusing on work. They’re focusing on work. And again, her big smile, she’s cheese and hard. Hopefully you can see that it looks like this person wants to project that image of themselves. It’s on the bottom of the deck, the Chariot reverse, but they feel blocked, they feel stuck and they, sorry, my nose is itchy. They could definitely feel a little bit out of balance right now, believe it or not, even if they’re projecting a lot of confidence, they feel really thrown off by what’s occurred here, but I don’t even know if they’re letting themselves feel it. Okay, let’s see what you can do about this. And the 10 of literally is the 10 of Cups. And then on the back of the deck, the moon, my cards got all flipped around the wrong way and the 10 of Cups wanted to be on top of the deck.

So I feel like regardless of what this person is projecting their feelings for you run so deep. And listen, if someone has told you, look, I never want to be with you again, please leave me alone, or something as harsh as that, then please just respect people’s boundaries. If this person wants to be stubborn and prideful and be a baby, you should let them play games with themself. You know what I mean? But 10 of Cups, they want to be with you. Moon, they’re hiding it. They’re hiding it. Just like we can’t always see all of the moon. The moon has phases where it covers parts of itself. This person has a big, big tendency to cover their deeper emotions. Okay, so see if Spirit says you can do anything about this, we have the lovers coming out reversed. Let’s see, is there anything you can do about this?

The 10 of Wands reversed. I’m going to be honest, this is one of those groups where it doesn’t seem like you can do a lot about this because with the 10 of Wands, reversed spirit is saying, let the baggage or the burden go. The Moon. Okay, so The Moon coming out again, what is this spirit? Because there’s some sort of mystery being uncovered here. We have the Ace of Swords. Yeah, something you’re not seeing. Something’s hidden here. What is Hidden Spirit? Can we bring this to light at this time for our group? Number two. Okay, a card fell on the ground. So let me try to pick this up. Okay, Knight of Swords reversed. This person is refusing to communicate. This is a very stubborn person. They’re very in their head about this connection. They’re letting their fears get the best of them and their emotions scare the absolute S-H-I-T out of them.

Okay, I just have to say with this Ace of Pentacles, I feel like all you can do right now is focus on your own stability, your own security feeling really solid within, I feel like this person is too pentacle. So you are being told to find balance, to maintain your own security. But I feel that most of you’re going to still continue holding a spAce for this person or being open to them and spirit saying it’s not a bad thing. I actually don’t think it’s the worst thing if you leave a light on for them, so to say, in a metaphorical sense, I think if this person decided to bring their shield down and communicate with you that you’d be open to that. But right now they’re just very much in their head. They have a lot of anxiety and a lot of limiting beliefs.

They also see commitment as a trap. They see commitment as a trap. That’s a very false and outdated ideology, but there’s nothing you can do about that. It’s something to do with how they were raised, how they were trained. This person could also be in the military. That’s only for some of you, that’s a very specific message for someone who needed that extra confirmation. So if it doesn’t apply, let it fly. But they take things very seriously and they don’t see how much fun a committed relationship could be with you and how freeing it could be, how liberating it could actually be. So they’re just a little confused about that and they are breaking their own heart with the Three of Swords. So I would say, do you boo! Ace of Pentacles? Like this could be a new career, a new home, a new body. Some of you might be like exercising or getting work done or just stepping into new energy. Let’s go ahead and get some Romance Angel Oracle cards for you.

We have “Deception. Someone’s wearing a false mask in this relationship.” I’m telling you, someone really wants to come off a certain type of way to you and it’s false. You don’t need to be in your feelings over this. I promise you don’t. Because this person’s just not ready to be authentic with themselves. They also don’t have a good grasp on what truly matters to them. “Religious Factors. Your love life is influenced by your religion or spiritual upbringing.” So you guys have different values a little bit. And this person is not very in touch with their heart space or their spirit. They’re very focused on the way things look in the material. They might just be very surface level in a lot of their connections. And then we have, “You Deserve Love.” You are lovable, you are lovable. And then we have “Soulmate. This is your soulmate.”

And then the bottom of the deck says, “Finances and Career. Financial issues are a factor.” So this person is again, focusing on work, focusing on their money. They could be flexing their money, maybe traveling or something like that. But Chariot reversed and Three of Pentacles reversed. It’s really not all that they’re making it out to be. And with “Soulmate,” I do feel like you were drawn to this person for a special reason. I do think they’ve created a lot of awareness in you, but I think what you’re coming to really realize is that you deserve love in the here and now. You don’t need to wait around for somebody who has honestly just a huge ego. So I really hope this is helpful, these blockages. I’m sorry that there’s nothing much you can do about it except focus on your own solidity. I wish that there was something you could do to fix it, but really everything happens in divine timing and in divine order.

And spirit always knows what’s best for you. So I encourage you to really trust in your own worthiness and with this “You Deserve Love” card to really double down on the fact that you deserve communication and open-heartedness and whatever weird fears that they’re building up in their head, you’re not responsible for that. So with that being said, those are all the messages I have for you. Thank you so much for being here. Feel free to book a private reading by clicking here. Feel free to like this video if you liked it, subscribe to our channel if you’d like to see me again in the future and I’ll see you in the next one.


Okay, let’s get into group number Three. So group number Three, you chose retreat and recharge, which is the card number four. I wouldn’t be surprised if you and this person you’re thinking of are on a break right now or in some sort of no contact situation.

You could definitely be dreaming of them a lot, dreaming about each other a lot. And then others of you, oh, okay, we have the lovers popping out right away. Let’s go ahead and shuffle a little bit more though. With retreat and recharge, you could be recovering from some sort of argument or blow up you guys had and now you’re trying to find peace, both of you and yeah, with the lovers coming out, that shows me it’s mutual. Both of you’re trying to find pesce about the situation, sleeping on it, recovering, processing, digesting what was said and something here is very mutual. 

We have the Seven of Wands. What is this spirit? Can we get a clarifier for the Seven of Wands? The tower reversed. Okay, so one of the blockages here, yeah, 10 of coins reversed page of Swords on top of the deck. Bottom of the deck is a Three of Swords reversed. So there was heartbreak here. And with the Seven of one, The Tower reversed. Someone is resisting. Maybe both of you could be resisting the powerful changes and the intensity of this connection. There is a lot of love here just straight off the bat. The fact that we started with the lovers, this shows me that there’s a lot of attraction, desire and affection for one another. But someone is definitely resisting the big changes here because there’s a lot of intensity in this connection. So both of you could feel like you just need a break sometimes from how much this relationship causes you to change and reflect In order to make those changes, you bring a lot of things to each other’s awareness and that can be a very uncomfortable experience.

But with the Page of Swords here, I’m seeing that there is communication that could definitely be happening here because with the Three of Swords reversed, this is something where it seems like someone wants to make something, right? What’s under this Page of Swords? The night of coins. So I think one of the things that could have happened is that someone could have said that they don’t think this relationship is sustainable because of the intensity of it. And maybe there was some toxicity. But I think in this time apart, you’ve both realized ways in which you were toxic and ways in which you approach the situation incorrectly. So I think that if you were to try again, your relationship would be a little bit more stable, a little bit more comfortable, and a little bit more grounded. I think that both of you seriously get in your heads about this connection, not only because of the inner awakenings it triggers, but also because of external circumstances with this tower card. Like job changes, friend changes, career changes, just personal development epiphanies.

It’s just a lot on top of dealing with maybe friend drama, family drama with the Seven of Wands, you guys have some ops. I feel like this is one of those connections where you two don’t, with The Lovers, you two don’t have anything against each other. There’s nothing personal here and I’m not getting any toxicity. I don’t think you and this person would ever go out of your ways to hurt or offend one another. I think you love each other and respect each other and admire each other, but you might accidentally offend each other or trigger each other, especially with the Seven of Wands. If other people’s opinions get involved or other people’s drama gets involved, Page of Swords of someone wants to cut through the confusion here and begin communicating at least lightly, at least to again clear the air. Okay, let’s see if there’s anything spirit wants you to do about these blockages here. This person is not prideful or arrogant. Okay, I did kind of get that energy in another reading. You’ll have to find that and see if it resonates with you. But in this reading, I’m not getting pride or arrogance or being stubborn. It genuinely seems like there are so many external circumstances as well as confusion, blocking this connection. It seems like very genuine confusion on this person’s part. 

Okay, so we have The Moon, as I said, confusion… The Moon, the card of illusions and not being able to see clearly and emotions. This person’s not as comfortable navigating their emotional realm, but with you they genuinely want to… 10 of Coins upright this time. So I think that there is a high possibility of you two coming back together. And I do think that when you two do get together, it’s solid. I love how also there’s two cats in the moon card and then in the 10 of Coins there’s a whole family of cubs with their mom. And so you could actually have children with this person or blend families with this person. Now we have The Wheel. So yeah, change is coming in this connection. I actually feel like spirit’s encouraging you as your advice to start dreaming about your long-term and what that’s going to look like with or without this person. And yeah, we have the Seven of Cups, we have the Seven of Cups on top of the deck. So start dreaming about possibilities and options. You’re not limited or stuck because of this person, but I think you have an awareness that it’s nobody’s fault. You and this other person, you’re both coming to terms with what has gone down here and you’re recognizing like, oh, this is not because that other person doesn’t love me or doesn’t want to be together. Actually both of us were kind of innocent in the situation or the mistakes we made were just literally out of ignorance, not seeing the full picture or a misunderstanding. There’s just been a lot of misunderstandings here. But with The Wheel, I think that there’s a big chance here for things to turn around soon.
Let’s see. And we have the Ace of coins. So yeah, I think that some of you’re having a new beginning, Eight of Wands reversed. And if you’re not in contact now, that could be changing soon because Ace of Pentacles is a solid new beginning and it’s often indicative of an offer. So I see for a lot of you an offer from this person coming in. And I would say be receptive. Be receptive to that. Yeah. Okay, let’s get some Romance Angel Oracle cards. Sorry if it got dark in here. The clouds are shifting around. Okay, “Finances And Career. Financial issues are a factor in your love life.” So absolutely money could be a big issue right now. And again, it’s like it doesn’t have anything to do with this person’s feelings for you. It’s just like if they literally don’t have enough money to see you, that could be a big thing here.

Or if they don’t have money to move together, move in together or money to take you out. Or if their career is causing them to move somewhere, we have “Worth Waiting For. Divine timing is at work in your love life.” So I think you are definitely holding out for this person and I don’t think spirit is saying you’re wrong, but you don’t have to hold out with your breath held, you know what I mean? You can still live your own life and manifest what it is you want. Let’s get one more. We’ll take the top and bottom please. Spirit. We have “Deception. Someone is wearing a false mask in this relationship.” For some reason I feel like really strongly that this is not about the person that’s on your mind and more so about people surrounding this person or people surrounding you surrounding this connection. There could have been a lot of gossip and lies surrounding this connection.

And I also think this person has a hard time being authentic with other people. I think they can be very authentic with you and that made them realize that everything around them is kind of misaligned. So there’s a lot of changes that are occurring for both of you behind the scenes. Then we have “Passion. Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy.” Look at this is how close you guys want to be together. Bottom of the deck we have “Let go of control issues.” So yeah, you literally can’t control this. It says allow the situation to unfold naturally. So I think that you and this person both could have control issues and this connection is one of the few things you weren’t able to just get together. And I think that both of you find that frustrating. So your advice is to just allow the situation to happen naturally.

A lot is actually being taken care of for you guys while you rest, recover, and digest what’s happening. I think you’re both coming to a lot of epiphanies and realizations about what could be possible in the future and the clouds are kind of clearing up in this connection. So that’s exciting. Those are all the messages I have for you today. Thank you so, so much for being here. I’m sending you so much love. If you’d like more guidance with a personal private reading, you can do that at this link. Feel free to subscribe to this channel and if you liked this video and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Right on with2&3. Thanks so much. Phelena.

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    This person was like a soul spark right after we met creative energy went to a maximum. I started to dive deep into spiritualism and started healing my past and started seeing the real me letting other people see the authentic me.
    I resigned with card number three. I know I have doubts but deep down inside. I know that something is being orchestrated in the background.

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    At first I was attracted to the first card, but I was also very interested in the third card. So I read both. Then, the first half of the first card and the whole third card spoke about us now.
    Especially the third card is a light that brightens my future. I read it over and over again.
    Thank you very much.

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    Thank you Galina, group two really resonated with me.
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    Thank you a lot, Galena! Group 1 here, and it all resonates perfectly. I was just trying to convince myself that 5 years of mixed signals is enough, even if this connection seems so precious and otherworldly. I feel his love, but he still does not act on it … It is not easy to let go of this unfinished business, but I am working on it …

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    Card 1 talking straight to me. …thank you. Your reading also help me read my cards more accurately….so I learn in more than one way. You are generous with your time.

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    Enjoyed this reading card #1

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    Everything you said is so right, It’s impressive. thank you. God bless you

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    Thank you Galena,

    Have a pleasant weekend.

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    Oh wow!!!! Card #2 is a ballet dancer and it’s totally speaks to me already. I was a ballet dancer when I met my Mark.

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