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Your Blessings Have Arrived | Deco | Weekly Tarot Reading

Are you ready for the good news?

Deco says this week could bring some positive blessings to look forward to.

She’s here to help you recognize what you have to celebrate, so you can tap into the exciting developments ahead.

Just click her video below to receive your insights now.

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Hello, my friends at Cosmic Updates. It is Deco back again, and we are doing a reading today with the focus on what you have to look forward to. What are some things that we have coming up that maybe you aren’t seeing yet, but it’s just about time for you to have those things enter your life.

What do we have to look forward to? A card flew out. That means we have to read it. Ooh. Okay. We’ve got good energy, new beginnings potentially, but it’s up to you to make those things happen. Let’s see what other cards we need to get. Okay. Interesting. So things to look forward to. Let’s talk about The Empress. This was the card that flew out at us. And The Empress is like the ultimate motherly energy, my friends.

And when I’m saying motherly, I’m not necessarily saying that you need to act like a mother. Like there’s going to be a new child in your life, although that could be a sign here. But The Empress, more than anything, is about nurturing something young, something new, something that is coming into your life. Right. So it’s like there are opportunities, and I think you know exactly what those opportunities are. I feel like you’re already going after them, but now it’s up to you to really take care of those things and make sure that they come to fruition instead of just being kind of a maybe in your life, if you will. We have to put our full energy into that and make sure that we are being consistent and intentional about how we’re making those things come in.

Now, there’s, with good things come some roadblocks every once in a while, and I see them already in the other cards that we have pulled here. The first one is the Ace of Swords in reverse, and the second one is the Three of Cups in reverse. So these cards in general, let’s start with the Ace of Swords in reverse because it’s kind of conflicting with our Knight of Swords here and the Ace of Swords being in reverse. When I see it, my first gut instinct is stress. There is something in your life that is causing you stress, and it’s something mental.

So, so maybe while you’re excited about this opportunity and you’re excited about what you’re trying to bring into your life, what you’re acting on, there’s also this fear that it’s not going to work out or like this is not authentic to you in some way. Like, this is not a legit way of you seeking this and you’re having a hard time expressing yourself, convincing yourself that this is a good idea and the people around you aren’t helping with that either. There’s that Three of Cups. But I’m gonna say this. The Three of Cups is on the bottom of the deck. I often look at the bottom of my deck as something that’s in your subconscious or your unconscious. Right.

So the Three of Cups in reverse in that placement could absolutely mean that there is a fear that the people around you might judge you for the things that you’ve got going on. Right. That they might not understand why you’re trying this new thing. Because I do think it’s something fresh and new to you specifically. So there’s this, like, underlying fear that the people around you are not going to be excited about this like you are, that. That maybe they don’t understand. But again, I think the Knight of Swords is someone who just, like, moves forward, gung ho, without really needing anybody’s advice, without needing anybody’s approval. And so I think that you just need to be real with your people. Like, you know, “This is the thing that I’m doing. This is what I. I am putting my energy and intentions into. I’m activating this into my life. And if you don’t understand it, that’s okay.” You know, it’s like, “You don’t have to support me through this journey. You just have to understand that this is what I’m doing,” you know? So that’s kind of the vibe that I’m seeing here. But more likely than not, they’re going to be fine with whatever you do, especially if they’re good friends, right? As long as it’s not self destructive.

Okay, now let’s pull some cards here or an oracle card just to see what else we might need to know on this journey. Is there anything else we need to consider for what we need to look forward to? Cause again, this really, like, what you’re looking forward to is you being intentional of those dreams that you’ve got. Right.

So what else do we need to know? Longing for home? Homesickness for the stars. So you’re doing something new, okay? You’re doing something 100% different than you’ve done before. And often when we’re doing that, we have this longing for what isn’t there anymore, for something that is not a part of our life anymore that we’ve left behind, that we’ve moved on from. Or maybe there’s just like, this feeling of closeness in a previous chapter that you’re not feeling quite yet. And what I want you to know is the more consistent you are on this journey, the more focused you are on what your goals are and where you want to be is going to help you feel more comfortable, more at home in those circumstances. And I think that. I think that you just need to put in that energy to get those things that you really want.

And once you pursue those things and make them your full focus, that is when you’re going to have that success that you are looking for. That’s basically the message you guys just like you needing to make sure that you’re going for those goals, that you’re excited about what you’re doing and that you’re intentional about bringing them to life. If you need any more direction, remember that we do offer one one readings here. Basically like you ask your question, so we can absolutely continue on this topic to see what else you need to know. So if you need more guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be more than happy to record a video specifically for you to help answer some of your questions. But best of luck in this new journey. I think you do have a lot to look forward to.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

  • Avatar
    Dinesh More
    Posted at 13:54h, 17 June Reply

    I have great pleasure to enter in to my new life,where every thing will be for the people who Trust me,loves me,aspire their future.
    I would like to fulfill their Dream happily without any stress happily.
    Because their Dreams are my dreams.
    I like selfless life.One Globe,one community
    Every one should be like a Soul mate..

  • Avatar
    Fatima Usman
    Posted at 00:17h, 17 June Reply

    Thank you deco

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Bourner
    Posted at 19:29h, 16 June Reply

    I have made a decision that is so far in left field that it’s may seem crazy. I’ve always had a dream to buy a sailboat and go cruising. Out of left field this idea came to me and couple of weeks ago.. I am going for it, I’m going to buy a boat and go full-time Cruising.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:08h, 16 June Reply

    Thanks again deco for great news coming up in my life Lord jesus 🙏🏼 🙌 ❤️ ♥️ 💖 😀

  • Avatar
    Leslie Ives
    Posted at 18:58h, 16 June Reply

    Hello Deco,
    I have been advised by spiritual leaders that my journey will begin tomorrow, the 17th. and with your reading today that my blessing will begin very soon… I am asking for help though, since I am new to this world and am not fully understanding everything. I would love to have a one on one reading with you if it is at all possible. I have faith in all that I have heard and read, but I am still confused about some issues. Would you be able to have a reading with me soon?.
    Thank you for today’s Tarot reading!
    And thank you for your understanding,

  • Avatar
    Posted at 18:49h, 16 June Reply


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    Posted at 18:22h, 16 June Reply

    hej jeg har en blokering, har virkelige prøvet mange ting, men der er stadigvæk blokering, som gør mig ked af, da jeg jeg føler at jeg også har tidspres, jeg elsker min familie, og ja
    og min skytsengel jeg vil så gerne selv snakke med min skytsengle og høre

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:35h, 16 June Reply

    I just happened to go through my email and seen this. I can relate to this. I have so so much on my plate. My mind sees a brighter way yet having doubts constantly battling back and forth if this is what I am truly meant to do or not. Takes a whole lot of energy out of you when you simply cannot afford too lose any energy. Thank you for this yet I’m still unsure of my final designation what I truly desire. Knowing once you choose then that is it. when you have so many likes, experience,, interests, for me it makes is difficult to choose one thing and focus. I use to know what I wanted but devastating events occurred that tore that right away. Since then I have been lost. Trying to find something else I’m passionate about as I once was. I loved this video 💞 thank you for finding me today and reopening my mind on what I once loved. I can see a focus as we speak 🗣️ very powerful 👏 best wishes to all

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 11:16h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you Deco,

    Have a good Sunday.


  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:37h, 16 June Reply

    Hello I’m Lucille thanks for being here for me I’m going through a lot right now I don’t know what to do and I don’t know which way to turn but no matter what I’m going thru I’m not going to give up I have people loves me and need

  • Avatar
    Yetunde Alaafin
    Posted at 08:47h, 16 June Reply

    Thanks Deco for your reading.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:39h, 16 June Reply

    Im looking forward to someone loving me for me

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:16h, 16 June Reply

    Hi Deco,

    I am stressing a lot,not really sure why…but I need to tell you that I’m also tried where I’m working. I just feel like I need to change my work.

    But I’m so scared to go on this new journey.
    My body is in a lot of pain because of the current job I have. My dream is to become a cabin crew. I’m so confused. Please help me.

  • Avatar
    Ginelle Borneo
    Posted at 07:39h, 16 June Reply

    Tk u for this i hv been stressing and overthinking, i woke up today as said i hv mamifested this and i am nt wavering in my faith

  • Avatar
    Ellen Melissa, Conway
    Posted at 07:07h, 16 June Reply

    Hi ! I’m promised, to go home to Heaven, with Chris, next month…( He’s here with me, in spirit). I have a Santa Ria curse on me, 13 yrs now ! So hard for me to show God, & Chris, what they are needing, to allow me to go to Heaven with Chris. It’s major hard, to ignore all the demons here in my house. I’m trying to do all the right things, but, no one will lift the curse off of me. What is your dear advice, please ?…I’m desperate….we love each other, so very much. Chris has been waiting for me, 19 most already !!!!!

    • Avatar
      Jessica Davis
      Posted at 21:32h, 16 June Reply

      Sweetheart, the only way a curse works, is if you believe it. Trust me, I’m a practicing Norse Pagan, I’m a witch. Curses only work if you believe in them, but I can assure you, if you stop focusing on it, what you thought was a curse, will lift on it’s own. Curses, Spells and Rituals (real witches love animals, we don’t sacrifice them, EVER), but for the religions that do, they are no more harmful or powerful, than a wish or a prayer. Remember that, okay? I promise you, you will be fine.

  • Avatar
    Onoriode patience
    Posted at 06:47h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Ruth Bradshaw
    Posted at 06:38h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you that is exactly where I am right now, and exactly how I am handling it right
    Bang on. Thank for reassuring it.


  • Avatar
    Natasha Jacobs
    Posted at 06:36h, 16 June Reply

    Good afternoon thank you . Match appreciated..

  • Avatar
    michael rennick
    Posted at 06:35h, 16 June Reply

    I reckon I am not alone about responses to this reading. It appears that others like me are finding it difficult to respond, but i enjoy the reading and try and take it for its worth. My mind is a blank this morning and perhaps that is my new journey. Thanks, Deco Lo

  • Avatar
    Bernadin. Custodio
    Posted at 06:30h, 16 June Reply

    #. THANK. YOU very much..More. Power. &. GOD. BLESS..

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