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Since the dawn of time, humans have looked to the sky, and to the world around them, for answers to their most puzzling questions:


Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going next?  


After a while, patterns started to emerge. They noticed them first in the Sun and Moon, revolving around the sky every day. They noticed the weather, and how it changed over seasons. They even saw it in themselves, with similar patterns in people from generation to generation.  


It became clear that we live in a world of cycles, symbols, and patterns. These patterns were passed down in images, stories and numbers. 


And they all point to the same thing: A cosmic rhythm of life that unfolds like clockwork.  


Today, we’ve developed this science to such precision, with our timing and understanding of these patterns just right, that we just sent a rocket to Mars!


So how would we… a species of human beings who only know about the past 5,000 years of our existence… operate any other way?  


And, if we do operate in the same patterns and scientific principles of the Universe, then wouldn’t it be in our best interest to work WITH them and not AGAINST them?  


Ancient Wisdom For A Better Future


Cosmic Updates is founded around a single principle: The Universe Knows Best.  


Here at Cosmic Updates, we seek to decode the clues, mysteries and secrets the Universe puts in front of us every day so we can take the right action and enrich our lives.


We believe all spiritual practices hold power in their own unique way, and explore several avenues for getting answers when you need them most.  


The Cycles Of Astrology


Astrology plays an important role – not just in our personal lives, but in society as a whole. 


If you’ve ever looked at a clock… read a calendar… or even celebrated your birthday, you already have a connection to Astrology. Why? Because the 12 hours in a day and 12 months in a year correspond to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. 


And, guess what? Your “zodiac sign” only represents one planet out of 9 in our solar system – all which have a place in your birth chart, revealing the path of your destiny, and telling the story of your life. 


Our mission is to provide you with the most powerful Astrology resources online so you can see for yourself, just how much easier life can be when you are aligned with the stars.  


The Science Of Numerology


It’s been said by countless great thinkers throughout history: The Universe is built by numbers.  


That’s because numbers are our most basic way of interacting with the world. Mathematics existed long before humans did. We were just lucky enough to recognize the patterns.  


Numerology looks at the cosmos through the same mathematics, and reveals the deeper spiritual purpose behind each number to help you decode your destiny. Not only do you have birth numbers given to you by things like your birthday and legal name… you also encounter numbers every day.  


Together, we’ll explore how to recognize numbers in your daily life and receive the messages they are trying to send so you can make smarter decisions every step of the way.  


The Insights Of Tarot  


What Astrology and Numerology put into words and numbers – the Tarot puts into symbols and images.  


In fact, this ancient collection of sacred images were never originally cards, rather, they were known as “keys” because they unlock different frequencies in your subconscious mind. Legend has it, they were put on cards later to pass down this hidden knowledge right in plain sight.  


When you look at a Tarot card, and contemplate it for just a moment, you receive messages in the form of images in your mind. And of course, you can work with a professional to help interpret these symbols and images for you.  


Tarot is a great way to “check in” with the Universe about your current situation, and even look ahead and see how different circumstances in your life will most likely play out.  


And That’s Just The Beginning…


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We are so excited to join you on your spiritual journey, and cannot thank you enough for checking out our website.  


Stay tuned for great new blog posts and videos from our amazing contributors. And thanks for stopping by!


Your friends,


Angel Adams, Luna Dragonwell, and Jonathan Lionheart

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