Commitment Is On The Horizon | Galena The Mystic | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 12/8 - 12/10 - Cosmic Updates

Commitment Is On The Horizon | Galena The Mystic | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 12/8 – 12/10

Have you been feeling more optimistic about love lately?

Galena the Mystic says your relationships may be changing and perhaps for the better.

She’s here to help you embrace the positive energy in the air, so you can get what your heart desires in your romantic connections.

P.S. Has someone started showing serious interest in you lately? Let Galena know in the comments below.

Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It is Galena the Mystic, your Intuitive Tarot Reader, and I’m back with another Weekend Love Tarot Reading. This time for the weekend of December 8th, I am using today the Dreamkeepers Tarot as well as the Souls Journey, Souls Journey Lessons Oracle Deck. And so I hope you enjoy those. So let’s see. Let’s get into it and see what’s going on. I actually want to switch up our format a little bit today because it’s getting a little monotonous and I’m thinking that we’ll do a You vs. Them, you versus the person on your mind. And I’ll do a few different options. As I know all your situations in a collective reading won’t be exactly identical, but we do share a lot of common threads. So I’ll give you a few options. 

So first option, you are showing up as the Ace of Wands and let’s do them, they’re showing up as the Ten of Pentacles. Okay, so this is one scenario. 

Let’s do one more. You showing up as the Knight of Wands. Okay? And so you can resonate with one of these timelines, two of these timelines or all three of these timelines, don’t feel like you have to choose if it all is resonating. See their energy in scenario number two is showing up as The Emperor. Okay? Wow.

And let’s do one last one. Okay. You showing up as The Empress and the Page of Wands. Wow. So much Wands energy within the collective right now. And let’s see their energy, and I’ll show you the cards up close as I talk about them. Okay, so let’s see their energy for scenario number three is Justice. Okay? Wow. 

And top of the deck energy for all of us is The Sun. I’m actually seeing a lot of hope, new beginnings, believe it or not. I know that the energy, the last few weeks has been kind of mucky, but with this beautiful Sun energy, it seems like we are really illuminating a lot of shadow, which actually chose the shadow of obsidian for our crystal on our crystal grid today as well as the conch shell. So you might want to look into the spiritual meaning behind those. But with The Sun, I feel like we’re really getting rid of a lot of negative energy and just purging it really expunging and releasing toxicity within our connections. And with The Sun, it’s like we’re being highlighted and rejuvenated and being replenished with the energy that we really need. And so there’s this return to vitality is what we are meant to be experiencing in love right now. And if you’re not really feeling that energy, just know that this is coming up for you in the future. Let’s get into our You vs. Them scenarios. 

For the first one, we have the Ace of Wands. So you are showing up as hopeful, open, inspired. You might actually be planning on taking action. So this is definitely the scenario for those of you, if you have been thinking about reaching out to someone, maybe taking matters into your own hands and also if you feel a little bit maybe impulsive, all of the energies are showing up as impulsive on the You side for all three of these scenarios. I mean, Ace of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Wands, these are all excited, spontaneous and adventurous energies. There’s youthfulness as well. These can definitely represent children, especially with The Empress here. And so it seems like 100% for sure that there is some news of a new baby or a new blessing. This could also be a project that you work on together potentially. So some of you could be sharing that and giving birth to that. But, for others of you, there’s definitely a baby because The Empress and The Emperor didn’t show up together, okay? Our pairing right now is the Empress and Justice with the Page of Wands clarifying. Really interesting. 

We actually see The Empress paired up with this Knight of Wands. And so I’m seeing that there’s an imbalance when it comes to commitment here. Someone either you, okay, so if this Knight of Wands is you, you are showing up as less committed, maybe a little bit more flighty, a little bit more sensual as well, you might lead with your sensual or physical energy. You could be a kinesthetic learner as well, that’s just a message for some of you. You could be paired with someone who’s very dedicated and willing to promise you the world and actually this scares you, really, really scares you. And so their energy is showing up as very solid, very committed. This is something that you can observe by observing their behaviors, observing their routines, observing their schedules. You can see that they’re a dedicated and committed person. And so this is some love advice that’s coming through for some of us within our collective that you don’t need to worry so much about if someone’s trustworthy. You need to spend more time observing people so that you can see they’re trustworthy so that you can see that they are people of their word. However, this person could have a harder time expressing their emotions, and that could be something that trips you up occasionally. It’s like they will show up very consistently, but they’re not the type to be mushy and express that they love you. And so that is one scenario. 

We have another scenario here where The Empress and Page of Wands person is paired with a Justice person. And so if you’re this Empress and Page of Wands, you are 100% in a very creative and expressive season of your life. Self-care is more important to you. Nurturing yourself is more important to you. Also, there’s this confidence you’re expressing in yourself with that, people are finding you very, very attractive. So you’re alluring right now in your energy focusing on your creative endeavors. Maybe you’re really into crafting or singing or something like that, but whatever it is, you are feeling inspired and excited and it’s attracting someone who’s very honest, very committed. I’m also heavily picking up on a single mother, single parent energy and wondering if there is a Mr. Right or someone who will accept you and your child. And so the answer is yes, 100%, there are people out there who are willing to accept you as a single parent. Justice is a card of truth and fairness, someone who really wants to create some kind of contract between the two of you, whether it’s an energetic contract or a literal contract. So for some of you, this literally could be weddings, but with this Empress/Page of Wands, you are manifesting this directly to you. And this is someone who you’re going to just really be able to build off of, because the Justice person is going to see you for who you truly are. Even if you’re a very attractive magnetic alluring person, you could have recently been working through some insecurities and that’s why your energy is showing up as more confident. And it’s like if this Justice person has known you for a long time, they are just very observant of you. And when they witness your perceived flaws or they witness you maybe being chaotic, disorganized, or just in your feminine energy following a more intuitive flow that is quite emotional and maybe even I’m hearing sporadic. So some of you could just have a different process. I’m also getting ADHD. So maybe some of you’re neurodivergent this Justice person, even though they might seem really solid in their energy, they have no judgment towards you. That’s the kind of specific message I’m getting. But it’s like this person is actually inspired by your process and they see it as true. They see it as valid. And so trust your Divine flow is something that I’m getting for sure. And don’t feel like you need to change your cycles for anybody else. The way you’re living your life is super valid and also very attractive. 

So now getting into this Ace of Wands, Ten of Pentacles energy, I feel like I didn’t really touch on this other person. So this other person is showing up as a long-term thinker. That could be a little bit of a disconnect you’re having in your love life this weekend is that you are showing up as more spontaneous, open. Maybe some of you just got out of a tough situation or you’re going through a breakup already. And so when it comes to approaching new connections, you have hope and optimism and open-mindedness. But when it comes to the commitment portion, I’m seeing that that’s a struggle for some of you. And this could be because of being hurt in the past. However, I feel like as soon as we detach and focus on ourselves and focus on our creativity with all this Wands and Empress energy, that’s exactly when we start to manifest connections that are more long-term. With this Ten of Pentacles, this is very much energy of planning for the future, planning a family. Some of you are shifting your vibration and manifesting huge turnarounds, 180 degree turnarounds between you and your partner where things were really toxic. And so if that is your case where your relationship has been tumultuous for such a long time, I actually see a lot of potential for healing there. And if you are healing in your connection and you’re seeing this other person become very, very attracted, almost magnetized to you, and just showing up very dedicated. I mean, look at the partners that we’re seeing in the collective right now. Maybe you’re not seeing this in your partner right now, but I just want to say that you focusing on yourself and your Sacral Chakra is really important, is what I’m getting. So you could google Sacral Chakra Healing, and that is the key area in which you’re having this glow-up. It is making other people very dedicated to you. If this is not your partner right now, this is either the energy your partner is stepping into or the energy of a completely new person. For a lot of you, it is a brand new connection is what I’m getting. 

Let’s go ahead and get into some Oracle cards for our advice, for our advice. And I actually want to leave these out for us. I don’t know why I took them away. So here’s some of our partners or situations, and let’s go ahead and get advice for each one starting with the top. If you’re feeling like a little more open-minded, inspired, what advice do we need to know this weekend, okay?

Self-Esteem, “I possess gifts of the soul that benefit me and others.” So 100% working on our self-esteem, our self-confidence. That’s exactly this Empress energy. I’m really getting that for all three of these timelines. 

Friendship, “I understand that a friend is in my life for a reason.” So I also think that some of you could be focusing more on your friendships instead of your partnership. And this could be something that actually drives your partner crazy. It gives you more to talk about, gives you more to be excited about together.

Adversity, I almost said Abundance. Wow, okay, so maybe Abundance is a message for you, but at Adversity, “I accept that challenges are the best way to learn.” Wow, okay. Some of you definitely had some sort of experience where things were really toxic and tumultuous, and yet somehow you rose above it. You took that energy and you broke a certain cycle, especially with Justice here, you broke a certain cycle and it caused someone else to show up differently. So if you’ve had an anxious avoidant attachment dynamic, you stopped participating in that and it became less addictive. And so this other person, in order to stay with you, they had to elevate their energy in some way. So that’s 100% what I’m getting. 

We have Success on top of the deck. I know that there is no greater goal than to love. Some of you are really tapping into the frequency of unconditional love where someone who has really messed you up or effed you over or just not appreciated you in the past. It’s not that you were able to manifest them anyways despite their free will. It’s just a testament the fact that this person’s showing up differently. It’s just a testament to how much you’ve worked on yourself, but I feel like a lot of you’re tapping into this frequency of unconditional love where this person changes their game, but you don’t want them anymore because you recognize that you have so much love in your friendship. You realize that growing your Self-Esteem to rise above this Adversity and see that this person’s behavior is almost like beneath you or it’s not something you want to engage in. I’m hearing “opt out.” So you unsubscribed from this person’s energy. And some people, I’m going to be honest, some people are really in an energy of regret, The World, yeah, because you closed this cycle out, and so it’s causing you to be very successful in other areas. And I think you’re recognizing you have way more options, way more beautiful connections in your life that actually fulfill you and nurture you and satisfy you. And with this Self-Esteem card, you’re growing in your self-love feeling more secure in yourself. 

Let’s end with just a couple Angel Oracle cards. Okay, Reconsider. So yeah, some of you, I’m going to be honest, you’re getting back with this person who has changed, but you can really observe them and see that they’ve changed. You’re not just reentering the same cycle, especially because we saw The World card. 

Ask Your Angels and Wait. Wow, Wait. So yeah, I feel like you’re going to actually see, for some of you, this is the father of your child who’s just showing up different. You’ll see that they’re more committed to their own goals. Don’t expect anybody to keep a promise to you if they cannot keep promises to themselves. But when you start seeing someone commit more to their own convictions and develop their own convictions, that’s something that you can work with. I’m seeing someone’s developing their own convictions. I feel like, especially if this is the father of your children or you’re in a marriage or something like that, this is something to work with. 

You’re Ready. Whoa. We are ready for divine love, divine partnership, high level soul unions. We really are ready. And if you’re trapped in a toxic cycle right now, I want to tell you to keep going. Keep working on your Self-Esteem and keep working through challenges and really ask yourself, how is this challenge in my relationship pushing me to stand up for myself more, pushing me to believe in myself more and pushing me towards maybe more fruitful connections? Believe it or not, that’s going to magnetize the love you truly deserve right to you.

So this is really exciting stuff y’all and I am just very curious. I would love to know what’s going on in your family, especially if this is the father of your children or something like that. I’m sending you so much love and compassion. If you’d like a private reading book that at and like this video, subscribe to our channel on YouTube if you’d like to. I’ll see you in the future. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Heather Leigh Tabor
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    OMG I absolutely love all the readings especially this one it resonates with me on so many levels it’s unbelievable.. Me and the father of my kids were together for 15 years been split for almost 2. He left me for another woman. Done the whole back and fourth thing alot. He hurt and betrayed me so bad. I finally got into another relationship moved on got over him but still thought a lot about him. And after 6 months he reached back out to me and wants to try and work on things but I think I’m already over it. He hurt me to bad I forgiven him but I just don’t ever know if it’s gonna work or if he will ever be able to change.

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    oddly accurate in some aspects

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    Hi Galena. Thank u for the reading. How can I get a private reading with u? I clicked on the link here but it says it is invalid.

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    I feel sad, with my self-esteem on the ground. Focused 100% on my entrepreneurship and starting to fend for myself financially. Thanks for your reading

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    Wow! Galena it’s my Twin Flame journey…… and you said it all🫶🏻🥰

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    your reading was ok it wasn’t great but I’m sure that it made some sense to some people. But I would a private reading for my self .

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