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Time To Shake Things Up | Sirena Moon | Jupiter Conjunct Sun Tarot Reading

Your luck could be changing this week.

On April 11th, Jupiter aligned with the Sun, bringing us the luckiest day of the year… and its energy will be felt throughout the week!

Sirena Moon is here today with a special Jupiter Conjunct Sun tarot reading, so you can make the most of this lucky time. Enjoy!

P.S. Is there someone or something you’ve outgrown in your life? Do you think luck would find you if you tried something new? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!



Hello, beautiful people with Cosmic Updates. My name is Sirena Moon. And it is my absolute honor and pleasure to be back with you today. And today I’m going to talk about a really beautiful astrological event. It’s the Sun-Jupiter conjunction that’s happening April 11 in the sign of Aries. I’m going to do a group Tarot reading based upon any messages we might know around this beautiful event.

So what is the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries all about? Well, the Sun conjunct Jupiter happens once a year. And many astrologers consider it the luckiest day of the year. And it’s happening April 11. And this year, it’s going to be in the sign of Aries.

So, last time it happened in Aries was 12 years ago. So it’s in the sign of Aries. It’s happening at about 21 and a half, about 21-22 degrees of Aries. So if you know your chart, look at where Aries is in your chart, or even 21 degrees of Aries is in your chart. And that will give you a clue to where this kind of blessing or this energy of luck and expansion and joy is going to be really influencing you in your life for the next couple of weeks.

So, yeah, and even if you don’t feel anything in particular special happening for you on April 11, or around it, tap into this energy of possibility. Don’t wait for something to happen. But rather use this energy by making a really big wish, setting a big intention, just getting clear on what it is that your heart is calling you toward.

Spend like a minute in visualization or meditation. Just seeing your desire play out in your mind, feeling it in your heart, as if it were really happening and really coming through, and allowing yourself to tap into that big energy in the sky… possibilities that… because this energy really wants to bless you and really wants to have positive change happen for you in some area.

So, by tapping into that part of your consciousness that is aligned with possibility… the big word for this, I’m feeling, possibility, possibility, possibility… When you align with that feeling inside of “all things are possible”… What you’re dealing with in your life won’t be forever. Change for the better is possible in any situation, even one that seems totally dire, completely unchangeable. There is a way out of it, there is a way that the situation can be blessed. And so just tapping into that realm of bigness… possibilities and grandness and prosperity, abundance and joy, right now, can yield huge results for you. Okay, so aligning with that energy is really, really wonderful right now.

So why is this considered the luckiest day of the year? Well, the sun is all about life, giving life-affirming energy, joy, and just spreading absolute brightness and light wherever it is in your chart, wherever it’s going around, okay.

In your chart, and in your life, touching the certain parts of your life, the sun just sheds a giant light on that area of your chart wherever it’s traveling through.

And it’s going to be joined by Jupiter, which is a planet of bigness and abundance and expansion, okay. The planet Jupiter is the biggest planet in the sky. And Jupiter brings luck, it brings gifts, it brings blessings that bring plenty, sometimes too much. You know, like, I like to think of Jupiter like Santa Claus or something. It’s, like, big and jolly and brings gifts but eats all the cookies, you know, big and sometimes just too, too much, too much bigness.

But, but, but it’s always fun. It’s always great. It’s just bigness. So when these two planets are meeting up, you’re talking, like, big joy, a big light. Like, Jupiter expands everything it touches. It just brings expansion and possibility, okay, and joy and luck. But Jupiter is the planet of luck. So this is very exciting.

And Jupiter.. like I was recently in Greece, and I was staying with this Greek family, which is a really, really cool experience. And when they.. this like man, I think he was a family friend just, like, bust through the door. And he was maybe, like, six foot four, like a huge man and big and his voice was blooming, even just talking normally. He was, like, “Oh, you’re so honest.” His eyes are really bright and the smile was huge. And everyone loves him. Everyone just got so excited when he busted the door and just the absolute joy beaming from this man’s face and the warmth. Even though he was huge, he was so kind and so warming. He came with these desserts and he was laying on the table, and just so loud, he just couldn’t even talk normally he was just so… And all I could think was I feel like I’m witnessing the planet Jupiter as a human being. He’s just like this blocking Jupiter, man. I was like, Gosh, I wonder… Jupiter is like in his first house or something. That is fascinating to me. So that’s kind of, like, the energy of Jupiter… just big, and loud, and absolutely lovable, and loving, and bringer of gifts, and so much joy, and bringer of luck.

Okay, so this bouncy, beautiful, big Jupiter is like coming to meet the Sun, somewhere in your chart, and they’re just, like, bouncing off each other and spreading the joy in their life, and giving you some kind of gift, some kind of blessing in some area of your world, some area of your life, okay. That’s exciting.

So, like I said, even if you don’t feel like anything kind of happens for you around the state, you can sort of make it happen by tapping into your own heart’s desires, spending maybe like a minute or so in a visualization or meditation where you’re seeing your heart’s desire as if it were already happening and coming through for you. And tapping into that part of your consciousness that is connected to all things coming through to all possibilities and to expansion, into a feeling of gratitude and luck and joy. And that way, you’ll you’ll align with that energy, which will make things happen in your life and move forward, okay. And especially in the sign of Aries, because the sign of Aries is all about passion and forward movement and enthusiasm.

So this is like a really energized, useful, and exciting placement for the Sun-Jupiter conjunction to happen. So tap into that beautiful energy however you choose to. And that’ll be, that’ll be nice.

So, right now, I’m just gonna do a group tarot reading based on any messages that Spirit would have us know, to give us some information about the Sun conjunct Jupiter that is happening April 11 in the sign of Aries. So I’m just asking you Spirit, tapping into Spirit. What would you have us know for our highest good that the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries? What message can you give to the collective highest good?

Okay, so interesting. Okay, so the first card I got is the King of Cups in reverse. So for many of us, we might be feeling a bit just out of touch with our own hurts, calling our own emotions and might be feeling, like, a bit as if, like, a situation… and for some of us I’m getting that situation has run its course or just feeling like the connection isn’t there anymore. It could be in a job that you have. This could be, like, with another person, but it’s feeling as if the energy of joy and enthusiasm that you used to feel in a certain situation, and it’s sort of gone, it sort of feels a bit lackluster. And you really want to connect with your heart energy, and you really want to feel that joy and that big Jupiter joyous expansion.

But there’s this feeling of, like, this feeling that, for some of us, it’s just the situation is no longer bringing you joy, it’s no longer bringing you satisfaction, and I’m getting it’s because you’ve outgrown it, and you have to really honor that you have outgrown the situation, okay.

And for some of you, it’s just something that used to bring you a lot of joy in the past. It used to bring you that sense of, you know, light and enthusiasm, but it’s just, it’s no longer bringing you joy because there’s no fresh newness to the situation. It’s not fresh, it’s kind of old. I’m getting this sensation of, like, old and sort of stale, and just needs to be a little bit… needs to hit the refresh button in some way.

So, for some of you, it’s, like, for many of us, it’s, like, well, we’re really wanting to welcome something new. And something that just makes you feel alive again, something that makes your heart sing again. That really could, it could be a relationship or a person, or some aspect of what you’re doing for work, you know, just something to make you feel really connected to your heart and your joy again.

And that’s what this energy of the Sun conjunct Jupiter might be able to help you do at this time… to reconnect to whatever it is that brings you joy.

But sometimes it takes doing a little bit of soul searching to really find what that is anymore. Because something that used to bring you joy in the past, it might not work for you anymore. And that’s okay, you have to honor that. Because life’s all about change. And you might have just outgrown a situation, or some relationship you’ve been in. It’s, like, reached its pinnacle. You’ve learned everything that you could learn from each other. And now it’s time to move on, or some situation, or someone is not reciprocal with their love. And it’s just really run its course where you feel… you’re, like, giving and they’re not returning that energy. So it’s just this feeling of kind of, like, the water isn’t moving through the pipe, so to speak, it’s stagnant, that’s the word, I’m feeling, stagnant. Okay, so to look at what’s feeling a bit stagnant, and to honor that it’s stagnant and no longer working for you, okay? For many of you so…

And then for some of you, I’m feeling like there really is, like, this masculine person in your life that is not giving you the reciprocation of love that you’re looking for right now, okay. And that that’s really bothering you at this time. And it’s feeling very frustrating.

And, you know, and for some of you, it’s that you’re just… for others of us, you just really wanting to connect to your own hearts, sense of joy, and healing ability and prosperity and bounty, but your heart feels just a bit stagnant and just feels kind of blocked or, like, kind of bored, you know, or disinterested. So it’s all about opening that heart energy and getting that energy really moving again, okay. But we’ll get more into that and what this reading is trying to say.

So the part of this reading where Spirit wants you to let go of is… And this is the Four of Swords, but it’s in reverse. So, okay, so I feel like, I feel like for some of you, it’s like, I really, I really honor, like, this, any kind of pain that you’re going through with somebody that’s not giving you the love that you wanted, or some situation that’s really run its course.

But I think Spirit is really saying, to let go of taking that time out, you know, to let go of the inward reflection, if you, like, you’ve done enough inward reflection, you’ve done enough. For many of you, you’ve done enough reflecting on this. There’s been enough of a waiting period. I’m really hearing the words, it’s time to shake things up, it’s time to shake things up. So for many of you, it’s time to just get it out there again, whether you’ve been, like, dating and the person isn’t reciprocating, or if you’ve been in a situation at work that’s just really run its course or some situation in your life that just goes stagnant, done, you’re ready to change it, and it’s not bringing you joy, that it’s… the flow is not there, it’s run its course, okay. And I’m feeling like it’s time to shake things up to get out of bed, to just get the drapes open and dust the windows, let the sun in and to really, really start moving again, okay.

I’m really sensing for many of you to tap into that Aries energy which is all about forward movement, to really… I’m hearing, to tap into your divine masculine energy, because we all have that part of ourselves. Aries is ruled by Mars and the divine masculine energy. So with with the Sun and Jupiter in Aries, that whether we have any planets in Aries or not we all have the ability to tap into that part of of our chart that is in Aries because we all have areas in our chart… and to tap into that divine masculine energy and our ability to take action, to move forward, to have change happen, and to find and to figure out what makes us feel enthusiastic, and to take steps toward that enthusiasm, okay. Because anything we can do to shake up the energy and to, kind of, you know, get rid of that stagnant energy by allowing new fresh energy in to move forward in any small possible way is going to help us shift this stagnant energy into into one that feels much more life giving, okay.

Right now, with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, okay, what Spirit would have us embrace is the Sun… this is the Sun in reverse, but the Sun is the most joyous card in the deck, and we’re talking about the Sun and Jupiter. So Spirit is saying to embrace the Sun, even if it’s feeling very elusive right now, even if you’re feeling like you just really don’t feel like that beautiful sense of sunshine and rainbows and jolly goodness, you know. Even if you’re not, you know, really feeling that pouring through the sky right now into your body to just trust that in time, the clouds will part and the Sun will reveal itself.

And I’m really feeling like, it’s like the darkest hours just before dawn, the darkest hours just before dawn. So if you’re feeling like the Sun is a bit elusive, to not freak out and think, “Oh, I’m not getting the blessing of the Sun and Jupiter conjunct.” But to trust that it’s going to come in its own way in divine, perfect timing for your highest good, okay.

So, for some of you, the next couple of days, if you’re still feeling like, “Gosh, I just want to, like, nourish my soul right now. And, you know, I’m not really ready to move forward,” that’s really okay, just to do your best to try and shake things up. And to trust that the clouds will part, the sun will be revealed, that clarity will come, a new day will come with the sun that always brings in new day, new possibilities.

So even if you can’t totally see that new possibility, just right now, during the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, don’t have that. Don’t let that freak you out, I’m getting, with the Sun in reverse here, don’t feel like you need immediate evidence of your blessing or the clarity or the healing that you’re asking for the dream in your heart that you’re asking for. Don’t feel, like, “Well, it’s April 11, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is happening. Why isn’t my dream coming true?” You know, don’t go at it that way.

But allow it to be a little bit, like, think of it under the surface of your life as this energy is moving, you know, in the background of your life, and you don’t have to see evidence right away. In fact, if you just be patient and just do your best to sort of move on from the situation or really allow yourself to change the situation, even even if it’s just a thought in your mind of how you’re ready for change in the situation and you’re ready to to put the old… throw out the old to make way for the new, to close one door so another one opens, even with just the inner-shift in you for that ability to say “I really want my heart to feel things again, I want to feel joy again, I really want to feel abundance again, I want to feel really happy again,” you know.

For many of you, even with just that recognition, that spark in your mind and that acknowledgement and that intention for positive change that the Sun… you’re going to be blessed by this beautiful energy, because it’s happening for all of us in some area of our life, okay, so just trust that the Sun is shining, even if right now it’s behind a bunch of clouds in your life, okay, it’s there. You’re still getting that spiritual vitamin D, okay. So, for many of us, I feel like that is the message this week.

And then the outcome… oh my God… was just beautiful. The outcome for all of us with the Sun conjunct Jupiter is the Empress. This is wonderful. The Empress is all about being pregnant with possibilities, right. So even if you don’t see the change or even know what the heck it is that you want to bring you happiness and to get your heart open again, the Empress reminds you that you’re pregnant with that possibility.

So even if you can’t see it yet, even if you don’t have clarity as to where you’re going or what’s coming or what you really want to manifest when you close your eyes and make a wish on this day, you can just tap into, like, just that… you want to manifest the highest possibility for your joy. Even saying that is beautiful and that opens up that realm to you. And it really helps you plant that seed for something to grow and to manifest in the perfect time for you and for your highest good.

So the Empress is a card all about plenty and prosperity. She’s just a queen on her throne of absolute wealth, okay. Well and prosperity and abundance. This is like one of the most abundant cards in the deck. So that’s really exciting.

So, I think the Sun… I’m so happy. The Sun conjunct Jupiter, it’s really reminding you to really tap into that part of you that is pregnant with possibility. What are you going to give birth to in the coming months? And what is being blessed by this Sun conjunct Jupiter? And to really honor that sense of possibility in yourself and that you have the ability to spiritually give birth to anything that you really set your mind to.

And I fully believe when you tap into your heart, and the desire that is truly in your heart, the desires that are truly in your heart, that those desires are meant to be there because they are your soul calling you to them, okay. So you honor your heart’s desires, honor that feeling in your heart, even if your heart’s feeling shut down right now, and not quite connected to your joy to honor that the energy will get moving again.

And let me just ask her if you have any more clarity on that Empress card and on the sense of possibility, and I’m just feeling that, for some of us, you really will receive some kind of, yes, kind of light or blessing, or some kind of, like, a new path opening that, like, we get the answer, like, “Oh, that’s where I’m supposed to move”… as far as, “Supposed to go,” or, “That’s how I’m supposed to,” you know?

See, right now, you know, there’s some kind of clarity that’s gonna happen for many of us… feeling this code. Wow, that’s really cool. So the Six of Wands, so this is all about celebration, something that we succeed in, some achievement that we make, you know, during this Sun conjunct Jupiter.

And, like I said, it’ll last pretty much the… at least the second week of May. So something that we feel, like, “You know what, that was a success,” okay, and we’re joyous and people are proud of us, celebrating with us. Okay, so that’s exciting. Good.

I’m just feeling, for many of us, easy, easy, easy. The things that are really meant to be or they’ll…they should come easily, okay, and just, like, let life be easy. Let life be easy. Let life be easy. That’s what I think many of you have… The message for many of us, like… But let the change be easy, come easily, let… love should be easy. Like, should be easy. So… ease and flow, allowing ease and flow.

And what other messages would you have us know, Spirit? Wow, the Lovers. Okay, so for some of you, yes, this really will be possibly a blessing in your love life. Okay, so that’s exciting. Or, yeah, I feel like clarity for many of you… in terms of love, some kind of clarity can come, some kind of blessing or forward movement in a situation with someone that you are involved with romantically.

And for some of you this is a blessing… getting really strongly that the Sun conjunct Jupiter, it’s like, the Sun’s coming in, Jupiter’s coming in there in partnership in the scar. And for so many of you, you are going to come into some kind of really good new partnership with this energy. I’m really feeling that strongly.

For many of you, this could be a business partnership that really increases your prosperity, okay, in some way. It could be, like, a new job or something. Or it could be a wonderful friend that comes in kind of makes your heart feel, you know, happy again. Alright.

So it’s partnership, it’s other, it’s the other person. It’s, like, it’s like you joining forces with someone in some way. It could be romantic for some of you. It might not be romantic at all, but it feels really abundant. And that’s really interesting.

Like I said, because the Sun is partnering with Jupiter… two energies coming together. And I think that’s going to reflect for many of us in our own life. It’s coming together with a like mind, whether that’s romantic or not. And that by coming together with this other person, we double our joy and we feel that sense of success and we feel that sense of this, the Sun, and the joy coming back into our life, okay. You know, the clouds parting and the possibilities there. And that just good feeling. Feeling like we’re connected to nature, into ourselves and to the prosperity energy that Jupiter brings.

And we’re moving through some of this more stagnant stuck energy that we’ve been in, okay. So focus and get… I think the message is really focusing on some kind of blessing in a partnership that’s coming for many of us.

So keep your eye on that in the next couple of weeks and see if there’s some kind of interesting partnership that comes at work or with a friend or it could be for some of us a blessing in a love relationship, which is very exciting.

So that is a beautiful reading. So I am sending you all of my love, and so many blessings at this time for this beautiful Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries time and beyond. Until we meet again, so much love to you.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Jeffrey M Glessner
    Posted at 18:37h, 06 May Reply

    I don’t have any other way I don’t know how to get my true form and my hearts desire? I didn’t out grow it It was something I could never have . It was a great dream. Thank you for your help with the hope. Keep me updated and bless you

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    All is good!

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    Julie Owen
    Posted at 08:32h, 14 April Reply

    Thank you for the Positive Reading to Everyone’s directions toward Life 🙂 I believe this is what you are trying to get across to us it will be here sooner or later ( try to make an effort and / or beware at what we like to do at this time might help too ). In our situations. I have a diagnosed with rare aggressive cancer stage 3 and been disabled ( can’t go back to work temporarily ) . Monday will be doing 5 weeks of radiation treatments, hopefully no chemo, please don’t feel sorry. What I am saying life is Short.. if u read this Go find LIFE find what You yourself LOVE to do, but don’t Forgot
    1 Ark ( One Act of Random kindness ) along the way in your life as you Enjoy your Life too.. Helping One another too. Thank you. I went to bed very sad, woke up crying, till I read this again. I read it half way down last night late, got tried,, saved it for this morning:) Thank you again Julie

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    Posted at 04:55h, 13 April Reply

    I absolutely loved this reading. It really resonated with me in a profound way. Thank you. Sending you a lot of love and blessings. 💖🙏✨️✨️✨️

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    Posted at 03:37h, 13 April Reply

    Very good reading today thank you for the kind words that you’ve spoken through your tarot reading. I noticed the one person that said they were leaving after 16 years because they were unhappy, I feel the same way except mines 32 years as soon as like we can’t even get along anymore let alone talk for 20 minutes without getting into an argument what you said he used to be my best friend but he doesn’t support me or trust me anymore for some reason only because I want to go out and be around people because I just want to be happy I can’t sit at home and do nothing in front of a TV just because he’s happy there anyway this is getting too long my messages for all women don’t hold back you only have one life live it it’s yours!! ✨

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    Posted at 02:09h, 13 April Reply

    I have been torn between walking out of a 16 year long relationship to find peace and joy again on my own and staying because I know when I leave he will be in misery. But I need to leave and I need to do it for ME!!! It’s going to be hard but I have to do it in order to heal.

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    Posted at 23:48h, 12 April Reply

    Serena, thank you for the uplifting and positive reading! God bless you always!

  • Avatar
    Susan Gillespie-Meise
    Posted at 23:13h, 12 April Reply

    This reasonates big time. Time to have someone else enter my life whose going to treat me properly. As soon as a person notices red flags leave as waste of time.

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    Posted at 22:53h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you again for the nice reading. I hope this becomes true. I have not see my friend ..it’s almost 2 months already..only texting🙄

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    Posted at 21:02h, 12 April Reply

    Hi Robbie Rogers here I’m indeed of a class 2 driving role asap is that going to be happening soon

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    Riken Oinam
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    Millions times thanks my dear madam*

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    Thank you for your words. Really, I want yo chance in My life. Is time to shake.

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    Posted at 18:36h, 12 April Reply

    This reading was very, very good. It resonates with me all the way and came at a time I needed to hear it the most. I have been involved with someone for past few years where the energy I am giving is not being reciprocated and I do not feel as happy about it as I use to be. It feels like a circle that leads to no where and no commitment just false promises. I have had enough and I am ready to let go and move on with hopes of being happy again with someone else. Thank you so much!

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    Delhi lutchmee Dass
    Posted at 15:36h, 12 April Reply

    Dear Serina I have been married for 42 years.my husband is an alcoholic and spends most of his life with his friends. I am in a very anxious about where my life is heading.mostly afraid of myself has to whatever happens in the future should I have to leave home.please can you show me the way forward.many thanks.

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
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    I don’t know what to say. Thanks anyways

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    Cinzia Citrigno
    Posted at 13:45h, 12 April Reply

    I resonate with your reading Sirena, feeling stagnant indeed, like there is no emotion in my heart having been disappointed, and understanding I can only let go and close a very long chapter in my life….difficult to think about upcoming blessings…thanks for your reading 🙂

  • Avatar
    Cathy Ann Hill
    Posted at 13:21h, 12 April Reply

    Fabulous reading. Had clarity today. My partner is very negative, does not respect, cherish or truly love or support me. This relationship has run its course years ago and it’s time for me to go forward, heal myself, love myself and continue to follow divine direction. I have been very unhappy for a long time. I had enough. Love and light.

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    Patrick Phillips
    Posted at 12:50h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you to the moon and back! 🌻

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    Dawn B
    Posted at 11:33h, 12 April Reply

    Wonderful reading! After I work through all my stuff, the future is bright. Something to really look forward too. Thank you

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    Posted at 10:23h, 12 April Reply

    Actually, the last card was the empress, if you check the card and not what was written by AI online.

    Love Sirena Moon, yes a bit whacky but what’s wrong with that, it makes you you. Be it. I must say though that the French beret and a swimsuit is a bit of a mismatch in where you are…. on the beach or in the cold? I suspect it is to do with your hair, just wear it naturally and be yourself in your swimsuit.

    Love the reading and the sentiment; the sun partners with Jupiter and for me in my 5th house (sun) with Aries so double luck and energy (boom);. I can feel it in the air.

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    Posted at 09:53h, 12 April Reply

    Dearest Serena.
    Your sensitive comments, beautiful smile and generosity of spirit touched me today and before. I ended a love relationship 2 months ago with an immature man who did not reciprocate my love. I have been told he’s missing me and I feel he will return in my life this year. I will deal with him according to my better judgment if that happens.
    I’m also starting a new job and I’m beginning to loosen up fro an period of introspection and sragnancy like you say.
    Thank you with all my heart for your insight.
    I look forward every week to hearing from you.

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    Valerie A Abbott
    Posted at 09:15h, 12 April Reply

    The last card was The Emperor not the Empress. Rambles on and on with no message. Must be new at this because the readings are terrible Repeats herself over and over.

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      Posted at 10:25h, 12 April Reply

      Check the card in the deck and not what AI wrote, we all know translation is open to errors. Support for beginners or anyone wanting to give love to others. The energy is well recieved.

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      Posted at 00:06h, 13 April Reply

      Wonderful reading

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