Was There A Mistake? | Weekend Tarot Love Reading | 10/13 - 10/15 - Cosmic Updates

Was There A Mistake? | Weekend Tarot Love Reading | 10/13 – 10/15

Do you ever feel like hiding when you realize you’ve make a mistake?

Galena the Mystic says this weekend could bring up uncomfortable feelings and even guilt around a connection with someone, but if you reflect on past choices with compassion and understanding, you could have a powerful breakthrough.

She’s here to help you embrace gentleness and kindness this weekend, so you can heal your heart and relationships.

P.S. Did you make a mistake with someone recently? Where could you use some resolution in your life right now? Leave a comment below and let Galena know.


Hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. This is your intuitive tarot reader, Galena the Mystic, and I’m back again for another weekend love Tarot reading. And at the time of this upload, it is a New Moon in the sign of Libra. So that’s pretty exciting.

We are starting off with The Magician reversed. So there could be an energy of just self-doubt or doubting that our manifestations coming or doubting that some of the things we’re picking up on in the astral or in the spiritual realms, worried that it’s not translating into our physical reality, doubting some of our personal power or just second guessing if we are on the right track towards our manifestations. Okay, so that’s coming up. And what’s also coming up is a question of if we’re using our resources wisely. So there could just be some redirection reorganizing when it comes to our resources, like our time, our money, our energy, what we value, especially because Libras ruled by Venus and Venus doesn’t only rule love, but also what we value and what we hold close to our hearts.

So something about that is being questioned this weekend. Maybe we’re realizing how much we value someone close to us, or we realize that maybe we haven’t been spending our time or money wisely because there could be something else we want to invest in Judgement reverse, Four of Wands reverse. So yeah, maybe some of you are realizing you haven’t invested enough in your family or that there’s just been a lot of conflict in your family. So things like this harmonious time and this period of celebration and unity and harmony that you’re trying to manifest, it seems like it evades you in some way. And with this Judgement reversed, you could be actually criticizing yourself for not having what you think you should have right now or not existing in as much harmony with others as you feel you should have. There could be just this energy of criticism towards the self right now, however, it does seem like some issues are being revealed to you or being made clear to you in order for you to fix them.

Because whenever we see Judgement, there’s a chance to sort of reconcile something. Nine of Wands reversed. Interesting. We just had a bunch of cards come out. So we have the Ten of Pentacles, the Six of Swords, the Nine of Cups, and the Eight of Pentacles. So this is what I’m saying is there could be this energy of judgment, self-doubt, weariness, a lack of self-trust in general, a lack of trust of others, but what’s coming up is actually a chance for you to work on it and to work on the sustainability and the longevity of your connection. So while you might think you’re not manifesting anything, what you’re actually manifesting is the Ten of Pentacles. And so this is the energy of abundance, which we talked about last week, and it’s important for you to have an abundance mindset, not just when it comes to your finances, but when it comes to love and the people you love.

I’m also getting a message about wholeness and having everything you need, being on the right path, 100% with the Six of Swords, especially if you’ve been making a conscious effort to leave behind old wounds and to leave behind toxic connections and things like that, you’ve made a decision to go after this Nine of Cups, which is your personal satisfaction and happiness. And so with the Eight of Pentacles, you’re being shown what to work on, what to heal. And I feel like that’s what this Judgement card really is about, so that you can actually get to work. I feel like some of you, for example, you could be going to marriage or relationship counseling or family therapy or something like that. Just anything where you’re making a conscious effort to improve your relationships and it’s not about being right is one thing that I want to say.

So maybe some of you’re realizing that you’re wrong in some way and you need to take accountability for that in order to maintain your relationships. You could have had a strong reaction to someone’s boundaries or maybe you’re working on finally expressing your own boundaries. Something I want to say is making mistakes is an important part of relationships. And whether it’s a romantic relationship or a platonic familial relationship, whatever it is, relationships are meant to show you more about yourself and more of your wounded areas. So the closer you become to someone, the more exposed you feel some of your flaws are, and that could lead to a lot of self-doubt and just questioning here. But with the Nine of Cups, this is actually what you want. This is actually what you asked for that’s coming through on top of the deck.

We have the Five of Pentacles on the bottom of the deck with the Nine of Swords. So yeah, there is a lot of worry about what you don’t have or what you’re not seeing right now. And it could be that a relationship has fallen through in order for you to work on yourselves and to heal and to grow, and there could be a chance for reconciliation in the future. And actually this period of separation is going to be what helps you grow as a person so that when you do reconnect, you can have a sustainable relationship. But what it looks like is that you’re worried about what you’re not seeing right now or what is not being made available to you right now. And so there’s a lot of anguish that comes with that and a lot of scarcity wounds being triggered, which I am confident to say it really do stem from far before this relationship. It could stem from your home environment, from your family, it could stem from your very first love or almost feeling tricked if this is what I was manifesting, why are there so many hiccups and so many bumps in it?

But what I want to say is that you’re working on it, you’re working towards it, and with the Six of Swords, there’s a path being cleared for you. Sometimes the path gets cleared through what we experience as a storm is destruction, but with the Six of Swords, it seems like a very peaceful landing. It seems like it’s resulting in what you want and it seems like it’s actually happening so that what you want can last as opposed to you just manifesting things and losing them, manifesting things and losing them. That could be what you feel your pattern is in relationships that you get into a relationship and then it falls through really quickly. And so that’s something that’s being worked on here.

You’re working out through some of the kinks and it could just feel like a lot of criticism from the universe every time you’re humbled, but that’s not the case. What’s actually happening is your wounds are being triggered so that you can keep working through them. And there’s nothing wrong. Triggers aren’t a bad thing. It helps us learn and grow and help us understand more about ourselves.

So we have The Sun on top of the deck now and the Page of Swords reverse on the bottom of the deck. There could be some sort of coming communication, especially with the Six of Swords here, that helps just shine a light on certain things. And this seems very unexpected to me, honestly right now with the Nine of Swords and Five of Pentacles in your love life, it seems like there’s a lack of clarity about the direction, and it could seem like you’re just questioning what is this leading to or what is the point of all of this, or what is the end game going to be? What is the end result of this going to be? And so it’s messing you up when it comes to your ideas of yourself as a manifestor, and it’s kind of just throwing you off. Sometimes we manifest through the journey, and this isn’t so much about the outcome.

What I can tell you, the outcome looks like a Nine of Cups, Ten of Pentacles situation, which is very good, very long lasting, very satisfying. But the process where you’re doing the work, working on your wounds, working on scarcity mentality, arguing with each other, trying to get on the same page, realizing where you’ve made mistakes, realizing where your partner’s made mistakes, it could make you weary, but instead you should be really proud about the progress you’re making.

The Eight of Pentacles and the Six of Swords. Yes, there’s been some tough realizations, but look at what we’re able to work on now, and that’s what this clarity is coming through with the sun, and it’s making way for more optimism and more harmony and more joy and more celebration, all the things that the sun brings. But right now, it is just hard to see that because it looks like there’s just a lot of discord or a lack of flow in your connections. But I promise you, these bumps in the road are sown necessary for the longevity of your connections.

Okay, let’s go ahead and end with some Oracle cards for you. We have Support Union with Birch. So yeah, this is what I’m saying. It seems like your union is receiving the support it needs right now, but it could also be that you’re seeking outside support for your union. So like I said, family therapy or something like that. But also I feel like in this connection, whatever I’m picking up on, this might not be for everybody, but it seems like both parties, or two parties that I’m picking up on, they both equally are invested in the connection. They both want to work on it just as much as the other. And there have been signs of growth here, but it could have been that there was a lack of clarity of what to work on.

You both wanted to work on the relationship, but it was like, what do we fix? And I feel like this weekend the solutions are making themselves known to you so you can begin implementing that. We have Human: versatility journey. Yeah, and that’s interesting that journey comes up because the Six of Swords can also be indicative of travel. So you could be going on some sort of trip, maybe you and a loved one need to get out of your comfort zone or get out of your routine and maybe go on a trip together.

But with this, I feel like this is also about your spiritual journey and realizing there’s always more to learn and you always are going to have areas to grow in order to make your relationships better. And it’s actually something you should be really grateful for. So instead of cringing or wincing at yourself because one of your mistakes is being highlighted, you should really say thank you to the universe for being humbled. Wow, oh my gosh, we have Rose; Unconditional Love. So yeah, there is love and support accessible to you right now, especially the unconditional love of the divine and your mistakes. Nothing makes you irredeemable and spirit has so much forgiveness for you, so much grace for you. And it seems like you’re having a hard time giving that grace to yourself and giving that grace to partners in your life. Maybe you have just really, really high standards, maybe high, untouchable high, and it’s good to have high standards, but we also want to be realistic when it comes to what we are demanding.

So embracing this energy of unconditional love, I feel like there’s a big message of forgiveness here too. People can change and grow, especially when given unconditional love from other humans, but also from the divine. Okay? So it’s tapping to that energy. I’m also getting this message. This is kind of specific with the message is you already are, if this is your love meter, okay? Because seeing a thermometer or something, if this is your love meter, it’s already filled all the way up, okay? It’s already full. And so everything else, all of your thoughts and ideas of needing more love or needing more attention or not having enough in some way, right? That’s that Five of Pentacles energy and all of that is just part of your neuroses. Those are just thoughts and feelings that you have to battle. But when it comes to love, true unconditional love, you are loved. You are as loved as you possibly can be. So maybe look at some of your thoughts with a compassionately critical eye with this Judgement as well, and ask yourself if I’m already as loved as I can be, what needs to change in order for me to receive that and to be at peace knowing that.

Okay, because searching for more, you could be maybe conflating validation with love, maybe conflating attention with love, but that all exists outside of your love meter. All of these other things you’re seeking and conflating with love. I hope that that makes sense, but you are so loved. Okay?

We have Juniper Berry; Mirrors and Awareness on top of the deck. So yeah, this is wherever the lack you’re feeling is, it is coming from this need for something else. And so I think that that’s being highlighted to you too. Again, say thank you, thank you, thank you. Whenever you’re shown like, Hey, you have this wrong, just really humble yourself and be grateful because the universe is only going to show you things in order to help you so that you can have the relationship and the love you want.

Your expression of love is like your highest purpose, and I truly believe that’s universal. So I hope that this helps you and that it makes sense. I’m sending you so much care and compassion. This New Moon and Libra is a really powerful chance for you to just redirect some of your energy and find more balance when it comes to the way you approach relationships. So just expect more opportunities for harmonizing with others and really lean into that. Be as compassionate and as forgiving as possible right? Now. That doesn’t mean you keep accepting mistreatment over and over again, and that doesn’t even mean that you allow people to have access to you. But when you can forgive yourself and forgive others and say thank you for all the lessons you’re learning, it helps immensely for you to be at peace and your mental peace is the most important. Thank you so much for watching this video. Feel free to book a private reading with me and I’ll see you in the future. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    This was such a great reading Galena. You have given me great insight where I focus on forgiveness, abundance, and gratitude. Thank you.

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    😭, thank you so much for your words

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