A Blessing In Disguise | Weekend Love Reading | 2/25-2/27 - Cosmic Updates

A Blessing In Disguise | Weekend Love Reading | 2/25-2/27

Hi Friends,

Does it ever feel like the Universe isn’t listening to you?

It can be so frustrating to set intentions, try your best, and ask for guidance in your love life, only to be left feeling empty-handed and broken-hearted.

Well, your reading this weekend is a reminder that you’re not doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and you’re not meant to suffer either.

Right now, the Universe is responding to your prayers.

Your cards today carry a strong message of hope and might just offer a solution that could make all the difference for you.

The next few days will be powerful, and could bring up some strong emotions.

But you’ll also find beautiful opportunities to move past an obstacle that has been holding you back in love and relationships. 

So let’s dive in and discover the transformational insights waiting for you… 

Card #1: Ace Of Cups | Let Your Feelings Flow

How are you feeling right now?

Has a recent difficult situation in your relationship left you feeling emotionally depleted?

Your first card, the Ace of Cups, represents love at it’s source. Think of it like the headwaters of a life-giving spring, from which your intuition and feelings flow. 

With this card showing up in the reversed position, it’s possible that you’re feeling drained, either from overextending yourself emotionally, or bottling up emotions that need to come out.

Have you been feeling defensive, hurt, or like you’ve run out of energy to give?

Is there someone you’ve been giving affection, consideration, and attention to who isn’t giving enough back to you? 

This could be someone who is currently in your life, or a past lover whose absence still lingers painfully in your heart.

One way or another, the Ace of Cups is bringing a clear message to shift your focus onto yourself and express what needs to be released so you can truly open your heart to love.

It can be scary to share your true feelings with someone, especially if you’re not sure how they’ll react, or if they’ll even be supportive.

However, no one can love you authentically if you don’t risk expressing what’s really in your heart to them – both the positive and the negative. 

So take some time to tune into your feelings, and loosen the cork on any buried emotions.

This could mean writing freely about how you feel in a journal, talking with a trusted friend or counselor, or having a serious heart-to-heart with your partner.

The Ace of Cups reversed also implies that a fear of being hurt could be causing you to pull back from a current partner, or could even be preventing you from getting out there and meeting new people if you’re single.

Repressing your emotions can be a good strategy to get through difficult times in the short-term, but if it becomes a habit, it can be all too easy to get stuck in dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

It’s important to remember that any uncomfortable emotions you might have will start to lighten up and transform the more you let yourself feel them.

So don’t fear the process that the Ace of Cups is inviting you to partake in. 

You’ll likely find that as you move through your feelings, a beautiful spark of love and inspiration is waiting for you on the other side.

Card #2: Page Of Wands | A Flash Of Inspiration

Can you remember seeing something as a child or young adult that sparked your imagination and awakened your desire for true love?

Maybe you watched a fairytale movie and when you saw the prince and princess kiss each other, you thought to yourself, “I want a love like that.”

The Page of Wands has appeared to help you reconnect with your original, pure desire for fulfillment and satisfaction in love and relationships. 

In your eagerness to find love, you may have taken a few wrong turns and experienced heart-shattering disappointments. 

However this has been a necessary process of trial and error so that you can know the difference between false love and the real thing.

It’s easy to see the best in someone right at the beginning of a relationship.

At first, you might feel like you’ve found your prince or princess, only to be shockingly disappointed when they turn out to have their own flaws, wounds and shortcomings.

The Page of Wands reversed is a reminder to not be discouraged by your initial efforts at finding true love.

You are being asked to reconnect with your original desire for love and find a new way to seek it out.

It’s not that your desires have ever been wrong, there is simply much to learn in the realm of love and relationships. So don’t be afraid to try something different or new!

By releasing past disappointments, you can discover a deep sense of inspiration and creative energy within you. 

Embrace the raw beauty of this energy. It hasn’t quite taken form yet, so it is full of potential.

You are entering a creative phase in love and relationships. Enjoy it!

And as you do, be sure to keep an open mind, because it’s your key to understanding the messages the Universe is bringing you.

Card #3: The Star | Finding Hope Again

Does it ever feel like the Universe is ignoring your wishes and prayers?

The Star has arrived in your love reading this weekend with a message of hope. However, you might have to change your perspective in order to see it. 

With The Star showing up in a reversed position, it suggests that the Universe has been trying to guide your path toward greater love, but some part of you has been resisting it. 

If you’re wondering how this could be possible, ask yourself…

Have I been trying to change my partner against their will?

Is there an old lover that I’m still holding onto, even though they’re out of my life?

Am I closing myself off to possibilities for love because I only want it to happen in a certain way?

If you can relate to these questions, then The Star is a sign for you to embrace your circumstances and trust that whatever is happening actually serves to benefit you in some way.

Try to look at your situation in love with fresh eyes.

Is it possible that what looks like misfortune is actually a blessing in disguise?

The Star brings a strong message that despite how things may appear, the Universe is working in your favor. 

So if you’ve been fighting against reality lately… take a pause, breathe some deep breaths, and start to get curious about your situation.

Maybe things aren’t going the way you want them to because the Universe has an even better plan for you!

Waiting to find out exactly what that plan is can be tricky, because it requires TRUST.

But that’s exactly what you’re being called to do. Trust the process. Trust that when a door closes in your life, it’s not to deprive you of love, but it’s meant to guide you toward real love… lasting love.

Even in the reversed position, The Star is shining great blessings upon you.

And as your perception starts to shift, you will see how much love and support is truly here for you.

Finding The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Sometimes life wants us to turn our energy and attention inward so that we can re-emerge with greater clarity and confidence in love.

With all three cards showing up in reverse this weekend, it’s a strong sign that spending some time in introspection while focusing on nurturing yourself can reap big rewards for you romantically.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, heartache can be one of the most difficult pains to transform. And it can also create a block when it comes to experiencing the kind of love that truly inspires and nourishes you.

But the Universe is on your side, gently guiding your attention to the places that still hurt emotionally, so you can open your heart and receive the love that you know deep down is possible for you.

Take it easy this weekend, and be gentle with yourself…

And expect the best, because you deserve it!

With Love,

And Appreciation,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Is there an uncomfortable emotion that you’ve been holding back from expressing? What inspires your love and opens your heart? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. She is a lifelong student of astrology and loves sharing about the significance of the planets in our daily lives.

  • Avatar
    Anne Karoline
    Posted at 09:18h, 28 February Reply

    This reading is absolutely true
    Thank you

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:41h, 02 March Reply

      My pleasure Anne 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 07:15h, 28 February Reply

    Well I subscribed soo many times but not receiving any reading in my Gmail

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:42h, 02 March Reply

      Hi Swapna, I believe we have someone working on your issue.

  • Avatar
    Mayowa yussuf
    Posted at 18:17h, 27 February Reply

    That was so accurate I want someone to love me for the rest of my life I want to have my life bck

  • Avatar
    Rita Sa
    Posted at 12:36h, 27 February Reply

    Thank-you so mach my past have ben very painful even now i just live with fear and hurt-me so mach the problem is my Brain makes-me so miserable sad With fear to make plans to the future this is going on for a long time sense 1994 .My God i just want to be free of this bad negative filings. Same times i am okay but i never know if is will last a day a week our even minutes this fears-holding-me back is always with me for all this this years. My God my wish i just want to be a normal person how i was before 1994. Am sorry. Tank-you.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:24h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Rita, nice to hear from you again. I hope you’re starting to feel better. None of us can be how we were in the past, but it’s possible to rediscover yourself in the present moment and find appreciation for the wisdom you’ve gained throughout the years. Who would you be if you didn’t identify with the 1994 Rita or suffering Rita? Could it be possible that a brand new version of your beautiful self is waiting to be discovered? Sending you lots of love.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:28h, 27 February Reply

    Hi thank you for my reading I must say it’s very accurate I am having problems with my love life and am also holding onto the past my life isn’t easy as it is I’ve been through alot

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:26h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Omelia, sorry to hear that you’ve been through a lot. I hope you can find healing, happiness and the support you need to help you let go of the past. Big hug!

  • Avatar
    Pooja s
    Posted at 03:33h, 27 February Reply

    This was so accurate

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:43h, 02 March Reply

      Thank you Pooja 🙂

  • Avatar
    jessica noy
    Posted at 01:15h, 27 February Reply

    Thank u I’m single can U tell me more on wat star sin he is an wat does he think

  • Avatar
    Wendy G Moore
    Posted at 00:36h, 27 February Reply

    Thank u for my reading it’s so true

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:45h, 02 March Reply

      You’re very welcome Wendy!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:17h, 27 February Reply

    Thank you .My life is very complicated.I am with love with the men who just like or tolerate me .Once we were close. But he imagines a lot untrue situations that I never done but in his opinion I did .It is hard to me let him go but looks like I am not lucky to be with anyone .So thank you so much to giving me hope .I love to read a your tarot.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:30h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Ulla. I believe that we’re on this earth to experience everything our heart desires, including lasting love and romance. In my personal experience, as I find the courage to let go of people or situations that aren’t making me happy… something better always comes along to fill the void. I believe this is how it works for everyone. You deserve to be happy! Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:55h, 26 February Reply

    Hi Luna, A guy has come into my life from a walk of life I would never have considered meeting!
    I’m uncomfortable with revealing my age to a guy I fancy! Maybe it’s like showing vulnerability? Stupid I know! My heart opens when someone shows me kindness.
    Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:53h, 26 February Reply

    I totally resonate with this reading. Thank you so much and I’m so glad I came across it in my email. I have been struggling with leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and this is my confirmation. The universe is trying to guide me and staying is only making it worse.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:45h, 02 March Reply

      Hi Jennifer. I’m proud of you for finding the resolution to move on! I know it’s not easy. Take good care!

  • Avatar
    Steve Denton
    Posted at 22:18h, 26 February Reply

    Does my ex even care for me at all

  • Avatar
    Annika kendall
    Posted at 21:56h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you for the reading and its true wat they say I bloke my feelings to open my hart
    Sadly I am Just to scared of losing another love as he past away 3 years ago,
    I find it so hard to open and trust
    And I realy do try but something holds or puls me back.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:31h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Annika, that sounds very difficult and I’m sorry for your loss. Be gentle with your heart. Grief can take time… Sending you a hug!

  • Avatar
    Charmaine Ross
    Posted at 17:42h, 26 February Reply

    hi angel Charmaine ross here .
    you did say if i had anything on mu mind to contact you …well thank you for your email ilove it ..you see loads of tarot readings have said Charmaine this man from your past will send you a message soon Saying Charmaine I love you .. but hes not got good intentions towards you he’d selfish and cunning agile hes going to betray you .
    his intentions will be in the manner of your future whatever that means
    please 🙏 help me what do I do do i play this man at his own game.
    or just stay away from him .
    a tarot reading said Charmaine this morning Charmaine your ex will love you but life’s circumstances will take him away from your side so just sex again a bit of fun then leaves me for his wife i cant live like that no more im 50 in may

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:33h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Charmaine! Thank you so much for your comment. What does your instinct tell you about this man? The Tarot can give us confirmation, but usually we know deep down what the truth is.

  • Avatar
    Richie Richardson
    Posted at 16:30h, 26 February Reply

    I want a true love a soulmate will I have ?

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:34h, 04 March Reply

      It’s certainly possible Richie 🙂

  • Avatar
    Margarett or Margie
    Posted at 15:08h, 26 February Reply

    Dear Luna Dragonwell, I love reading your card throws about myself. I am finally replacing my screen doors that are must be as I think back at least 65 or more years old. By a marvelous contractor that my neighbor s libra 10/22/1944 covid-19 has zinged me good every once & awhile., we go shopping, coffee play lotto. I live on a road me one house she next doors I am heterosexual. We are friends. Covid-29 & it’s variants has separate us all — for the best My long time friend 6-1-1949 zealous in her pursuit of I believe an unobtainable dream. i 3/16/1949 have limited my contact with her because I had a tooth extraction 9/21/2021 & another 1/25/2022 two tooth extractions need space to heal:: . & my friend 6-1-1949 CC has a lot of negative energy or a some kind of being floating around her. & him-/ younger guy around her negative ghost or spirit or! Any way my friend 6-1-1949 comes when she is out of food or lonesome or out of money doesn’t miss manage all for unseen Revolution!! Doesn’t believe in my belief system of higher creator being. Or ArchAngel Michael, Angels, God, Divine Essense of the Holy Spirit & the Puzzle of our lives., wanting to create healing. On earth & .. want love, hurt been taken advantage of. Have hope for the future:: resistant to move forward I am 72 !!

    • Avatar
      Asha Surendran P
      Posted at 23:46h, 26 February Reply


      Your predictions are very correct.

  • Avatar
    Caroline Dawley
    Posted at 12:47h, 26 February Reply

    Dear Luna, thank you for my inspired reading.
    Im having an emotional difficulty right njw with blocked communication from my love.
    These cards bring the messages that i need to nurture myself.
    And the Star always helps me fkcus on the Bright side. Namaste, WhitefawnStar

  • Avatar
    Posted at 07:51h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful reading I needed it everything just point at me thanks for everything.

  • Avatar
    Nkechi Ugwu
    Posted at 05:01h, 26 February Reply

    I have been dating a man for 5years now then last year December, he told me someone connected him to a woman abroad and they want to get married. But he still wants to be with me. I am confused

  • Avatar
    Charleen Do Couto
    Posted at 04:37h, 26 February Reply

    Very good I’ve been married 29 years and I have loved my husband dearly but lately I feel something is missing and found out he has been reading books on improving his thoughts which I think have made him lack some. I leave things to be a lot but lately I find I’m opening my mouth a lot more too and I think he sees this and is not happy that I stand up for myself finally and say no more will I suffer as I have before. Thanks for this it is good to know that things will get better

  • Avatar
    Hellen Tembo
    Posted at 04:01h, 26 February Reply

    This is what is happening in my life at the moment. I broke up with my now ex last year and we started communicating this year. I don’t know if this is a good idea but we are not together, just talk on phone. But I have learnt to love and put myself first.

  • Avatar
    Theresa Flannery
    Posted at 03:20h, 26 February Reply

    Yes, Luna. I have been holding on to my marriage of 35 years! My husband left me 3 years ago and I have been hoping all this time that it would come back to me. He changed and became a cruel man. I loved all this time but I must let it go because I have been going against the tide. PleSe guide me as it will happen very soon. You are so right. I am shattered. I will try. Thank you❤️Theresa

  • Avatar
    Andrew Clinton
    Posted at 03:00h, 26 February Reply

    At last, somewhere I can release my feelings.Someone very close to me did the dirty and I stupidly let them back into my life.I wear my heart on my sleeve and I was in complete shock for a few months.As time has gone on , I’ve learnt a lot about myself.I use to rely on people for my happiness (I’m a definite people person) .This person I feel plays my emotions because she knows how forgiving I am.I’ve had to really withdraw any show of emotion to build myself up and become stronger because I knew my emotions were influencing my decisions whether right or wrong.I was over-helping people to the point of me losing out and I stopped that.I still help people of course ,but not to the levels of before which really depleted me over time.I became a people pleaser.That has stopped.Whatever flows , flows.Whatever crashes, crashes.I suppose the incident opened my eyes .

  • Avatar
    David Scott Branson. No Relation
    Posted at 02:54h, 26 February Reply

    I’m pushing 64 yes youngster. Had 2 hound dog’s in my life. And that’s all the LOVE THAT I HAVE BEEN, BLESSED WITH. GOD BLESS THEM BOTH 🙏 I PRAY THAT WE CAN BE OUTSIDE OF THE GATES OF HEAVEN.

  • Avatar
    Mark Beekmans
    Posted at 00:48h, 26 February Reply

    Thanks for this. It’s was bang on the money for me. Nothing could be more true in my situation. I want to say thank tou

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:41h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you, this is very true, I am holding on to so many past relationships, the hurt that I can not trust myself to open my heart up totally, I found a great man but I am seeing red flags because I am looking for it, like I always do, I must learn to trust the universe and the process.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 01:18h, 26 February Reply

      Same here. It’s only because at first when we met it was casual. He was in an open marriage/poly situation and we fell in love and found out we were twin flames. Now he is grieving a 15 year marriage on top of finding new love, and me I’m just scared. I’m so
      Scared because I love this man more than I have ever loved anything prior I have ever been involved with. He’s really my first love and I’ve become closed off to my emotions because of his situation

    • Avatar
      kay Dickson
      Posted at 18:16h, 26 February Reply

      Thank you for this it is very true we haven’t spoken for two years and he is taking baby steps towards me I want new love not him he is toxic and married a second time to the same person I’m still single and afraid to let anyone in my life to be hurt again.

  • Avatar
    Michael Ndoro
    Posted at 00:16h, 26 February Reply

    The insights are amazing and reflect my experiences at the moment my challenge is finding the courage to move on despite being clear with the Universe on my intentions and desires.

  • Avatar
    Barry Glanville
    Posted at 00:09h, 26 February Reply

    Amazed at how how accurate, your words are in relationship with whats happening in my life , not just my current life, but also during the previous 5
    or 6 years.
    Problem is what or how to improve my life,
    How to turn things ,…..

    • Avatar
      Leo Räisänen
      Posted at 01:13h, 26 February Reply

      Spot on, very accurate reading about what is happening in my life. It will help me to find a way to find true lastning love… hopefully 🥰

  • Avatar
    Dan Corby
    Posted at 00:04h, 26 February Reply

    Wow…spot on…my vibe is so low right now. All of my thoughts are consumed with her ..its gotta stop

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:49h, 02 March Reply

      It happens to the best of us. Kudos for recognizing what’s going on and shifting gears!

  • Avatar
    Sharee Williams
    Posted at 23:50h, 25 February Reply

    I have been holding back pain, But I’m a happy person all the time but within I hurt and I am scared to try romance again.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:36h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Sharee. That’s understandable. It can be scary to open our hearts to love. I hope you can find some space to express yourself and let your feelings out. Usually, once we feel our feelings completely the pain we’re holding onto transforms into peace and understanding.

  • Avatar
    Maureen Rebecca Piotrowski
    Posted at 23:29h, 25 February Reply

    Hi , How true what you said,
    I’m talking to a guy in UK for awhile now..
    He seems very loving and caring . .
    What I want to do is he for real?

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:37h, 04 March Reply

      Hi Maureen. It’s always hard to tell until we meet someone in person. Wishing you the best with him!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:18h, 25 February Reply

    Cảm ơn Adam về bài viết của bạn. ! Nó thật tuyệt vời !

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:17h, 25 February Reply

    You’re actually right about everything you said-This is what happening in my life right now!

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 18:38h, 04 March Reply

      I hope you found it helpful to read about. Thanks for your comment Abdullahi.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:05h, 25 February Reply

    You hit the spot. Everything you said here is all I am going through right now. If this isn’t a sign from the universe or angels… I don’t know what is… I need to let my partner go… It’s going to be hard and painful… But I have to put myself first. Thank you so much for this reading. It was a much needed one

  • Avatar
    Margaret Starcher
    Posted at 22:58h, 25 February Reply

    Thanks you hit it on the main. I need some time alone.

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 17:47h, 02 March Reply

      Glad to hear the reading resonated with you 🙂

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