A Clear Answer | Sun In Capricorn Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 12/21 - Cosmic Updates

A Clear Answer | Sun In Capricorn Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 12/21

Has something been holding you back from a deeper connection with others?

Sirena Moon says that while the Sun is in earth sign Capricorn, you have a powerful opportunity to shake loose from old patterns and decide what you want to really bring with you into the New Year.

She’s here today with your Sun Enters Capricorn Tarot Reading to help you navigate the month ahead with a clear conscience and authentic connections in 2024.

P.S. Where in your life are you feeling stuck right now? Has it been holding you back from connecting with others? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful cosmic family, Sirena Moon here and this week I am talking about the Sun’s movement into the sign of Capricorn on December 21st and what that might mean for you. And I’m also going to do a group Tarot reading with any messages from Spirit around this beautiful time. So on December 21st, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, and we enter Capricorn season for about a month. Capricorn is an earth sign. It’s very practical. It likes structure and having big, big dreams, but a practical plan of achieving ’em. So this energy is a really good time to, as we come to the end of the year and we’re starting to dream about our New Year’s resolutions, what we want to manifest, we want to be in 2024, it’s a good energy to make some solid plans that you can take action on. It’s a really solid, practical, grounded, earthy, but ambitious kind of energy to end the year in and start the New Year in. So it’s a beautiful energy. I have a Capricorn Moon, and my Venus is in Capricorn too. So yes, I’m very practical in love, put it that way. So yeah, it’s a good energy. 

So that being said, I’m going to do a group reading with any messages from Spirit about Capricorn season for all of us. So again, that starts December 21st and it lasts about a month. So Spirit, what messages do you have for us about Capricorn season? About Capricorn season? 

Ooh, Ace of Wands. Okay. So for many of us, there could be a new adventure. We’re starting something new. So this could be with the New Year, perhaps you’ve made a commitment, you’ve made a resolution that you’re really going to put your energy towards something new and fresh, and it feels very exciting. So either way, even if you haven’t set that intention yet, the energy is all about a fresh start in some way where you’re really unhindered, you’ve really closed some door, and you’ve opened a new door, and the energy just wants to fly forward. So with this Ace of Wands, it’s all about new fresh beginnings, new fresh starts, okay? New pathways that are opening.

And your focus, oh my gosh, Page of Wands again. Page of Wands is very similar to the Ace of Wands. So whoa, fresh, new energy, childlike, spontaneous fun. This is just like, oh my goodness, so many of you, many of us are definitely starting something new. This could be a new relationship that comes in. This could be a new job opportunity. This could be just a new commitment to your health or to your consciousness in some way. Perhaps you’ve decided that you’re just going to tend to your mental health or start some new pattern that makes you feel really alive, really joyous, and really much more in your heart. But there’s some very exciting feeling here that I’m getting from many of you. This definitely feels like the start of a fresh new year, and that you’ve made some really positive changes and the energy is very, very forward moving in some way. So many of you’re starting something new, could be a new job, or just something that is very, just feels much lighter.

And what to let go of. Ooh, okay, so this is The Devil, and it is in reverse. So The Devil always symbolizes where we feel really bound or really stuck and it is in reverse. So yeah, letting go of, if there’s anywhere that you feel like perhaps you feel stuck in some way, or you’re not quite sure if you’ve gotten yourself unbound from anything, maybe some of you, there’s an addiction that you’ve been dealing with that you’re kind of saying maybe you have it under control, maybe you don’t. This is with it in reverse. I’m just feeling like for many of you to really make sure as you embrace this forward moving energy that this Capricorn season is bringing you to really check on anything that you’re subconsciously, unconsciously addicted to or bound to. I’m hearing from many of you, it could be a person, a relationship, the ups and downs of the relationship that has you chemically actually addicted, where you feel so down and then they text you, they write you or they call, and then you feel really high and you’re addicted to that high. So it’s about really checking that you really have set yourself free from this pattern, this addiction or this thing that just holds your energy down to really just make sure that, to really be honest with yourself and to just make sure you’ve let that pattern go or that you’re making those commitments as best you can, so that you can fly forward with this energy, this Capricorn energy that wants to really move you forward in an exciting way, especially I feel as the New Year comes after the holiday. 

And what to embrace, what to bring in and embrace. Oh, Judgment. Okay. So this is about really, really embracing your truth, really getting clear, taking some time around the New Year as we enter Capricorn season to really embrace some deep thought about what you want to let go of with the old year and bring into 2024. So maybe this is taking a few days to really take stock with this Judgment card. It’s all about really taking stock of like, “Did that work for me? Do I want to carry that forward into the New Year? What am I really letting go of here, really?: And just to really ask yourself some deep questions and to take stock of everything in your life, the people, the relationships, your job, your work, your health, your state of health, your mental health, your spirituality. To really look at all these areas of your life and to decide what patterns you’re going to keep going into the New Year and keep working on and bring with you, and what is really time to let go of so that you can really grow. Okay? So it’s about embracing some deep thinking during this time, which again, the Capricorn is very practical. And so really, really making some big decisions and getting some serious plans together at this new year and getting serious in some ways about where you really see yourself and where you want to take 2024 and what you need to let go of so that you can feel really light on your feet and woo, really move forward fast.

Okay, an unexpected surprise or insight, unexpected surprise or insight from this Capricorn time. Oh, the Ace of Swords. Okay, so this is about clarity. This is about feeling like for some of you, you might have an unexpected clarity come through about a person, maybe perhaps as you’re taking a few days or a few weeks to really think about 2024, what you want to manifest, who you want to be, where you see life going. You might have clarity about something that you need to cut out of your life. It could be a pattern, a person or some big decision that gets made that you’re like, you know what? I have clarity about this and it’s time to make a decision here and to really decide that I’m no longer bringing that person or that pattern with me into the new year. So this could be unexpected. You might not even know it until you take some time to really do some deep thinking, and then it becomes clear to you. So allow yourself to take that time that you need and allow that sense of clarity to come forward. Or you could receive some information, some of you. Some of you, I’m getting that you’re going to receive a surprise offer of something and then it requires you to leave a job situation, something like that, or requires a move of some kind, and it comes unexpectedly. But wow, this is definitely the path forward and you have clarity about it. But, with this Sword, I’m sensing you’re going to need to cut some cords. You’re going to need to make that cut from either a person, a thing or a situation, but it feels really good, feels very healthy. It feels like you’re honoring your truth, yourself and your boundaries. And some of you, it could be a breakup of some kind, but it’s a shift that feels, leaves you feeling lighter so that you can embrace this Ace of Wands energy that is coming through for this Capricorn season. 

And then the final message here, oh wow, the Ten of Cups beautiful. So the final message for this Capricorn season is embracing community, family, and the Ten of Cups is complete emotional fulfillment. So embracing joy and that really wholesome joy that really only comes through connection with other people. So this is beyond material things. It’s even beyond Capricorn really. It’s all about personal success and ambition, but it’s beyond those things. This could be coming together for the holidays with family, or New Year’s celebrations or something like that. But it’s really, really saying, who is in my life that I really value and brings me joy? And could be a relationship, your partner. It could be teamwork, people at work or your friends or anything. But just this feeling of feeling like, wow, that brings me so much emotional contentment. And to really just put your energy there and really appreciate what you do have in that sense of abundance. And for those of you looking for community, I’m really sensing in this Capricorn season that’s going to be for some of you, some kind of door that opens and this new group energy that comes in this discovery somehow of a new group where you feel really that you belong, with like minds, okay? There’s this sense of coming together for many of us and a group energy where we finally feel like, oh wow, this is my right audience, or I just feel really seen and safe with these people. And that’s a real blessing that comes in this Capricorn season into this New Year. And Spirit is saying, this energy carries throughout all of 2024. It’s community and connection, heartfelt connection and fulfillment, joy from the simple pleasures of life that really hold the greatest meaning, okay? 

All right. With that being said, I am wishing you a beautiful Capricorn season, and I’m sending you all of my love. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Posted at 06:17h, 21 December Reply

    There was a air of positivity surrounding me when reading it. Thank you Sirena.

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    Posted at 02:25h, 21 December Reply

    Wow I felt so related to your reading thank you so much I love your readings it’s so curated. Merry Christmas to you and all your family.🙏🏻❤️

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    Aida Hiebner
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    Very grateful to you Sirena, you brought good and positive news to me. Happy Holidays!

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    Janet Evans
    Posted at 23:24h, 20 December Reply

    This resonates for me. Thank you.

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    Morgan Little
    Posted at 22:21h, 20 December Reply

    Do you folks listen to these presentations? I was not able to understand her — AT ALL!!!

    I then found the transcript, but i don’t have a lot of spare time to read these long sermons…

    Sorry. It was a waste of my time. I got nothing out of it…

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    David Garland
    Posted at 21:18h, 20 December Reply

    I lost my solemate

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    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 21:00h, 20 December Reply

    I am a Capricorn, your reading resonates so much in my life. My friends are the reason for my smile. The emotional relationship I have disappointed me so much……I feel like it was karmic to marry another Capricorn. Thank You for your words.

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    Samantha winchester
    Posted at 19:24h, 20 December Reply

    Thanks for that pleasure, reality hope some good come my way and get contacted with great opportunities to come my way, you’re great kindly share your tenallant

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    Derinda Ann Sillers
    Posted at 18:06h, 20 December Reply

    She is truly right on target for me . Thank you all for your time and direction . I feel y’all have been sincere.
    Bless y’all and He will
    Derinda Sillers

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    sheranie singh
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    Thank you Sirena, this is wonderful news!

    Happy blessed holidays

    Love and Light

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    Posted at 10:56h, 20 December Reply

    Thank you. Your readings mean a lot to me.

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    Posted at 07:02h, 20 December Reply

    Will the one who makes me feel safe and protected be there with me for this change?

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    Rosa Gómez Miguel
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    Necesito poder andar bien que mi brazo roto se recupere y principal consije que mis hijos seunan entre sí que tengan más suerte y que nos concedas más dinero para vivir todos mal gracias

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