A Divine Message | Timeless Tarot Reading - All 12 Zodiac Signs - Cosmic Updates

A Divine Message | Timeless Tarot Reading – All 12 Zodiac Signs

The cosmos has an important message for you…

And no matter when you come across this reading, it will contain the insights you need to know right now. This Tarot reading by Sirena Moon is based on your Zodiac Sun Sign, but if you know your Rising Sign and Moon Sign too, you should watch those readings as well. Enjoy!

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Hello beautiful, wonderful people with cosmic updates and beyond Sirena Moon here, and it’s my absolute pleasure to be back with you this week. This week, I thought I’d do something a little different. I’m going to do a general reading for all 12 zodiac signs. So this is a timeless reading. So just trust whenever you happen upon this video, there’s perhaps a message meant for you. So you can either watch this whole video or just skip to the part where I give a mini little Tarot reading based upon your astrological sign.

Okay, so I’m going to start with the first of the 12 zodiac signs, which is Aries. So if you’re an Aries, if your sun sign is Aries, then watch this for your for your message. Okay, so I’ll do the rest of the 12 signs after I do Aries. Okay, so spirit, I’m just tapping in the Spirit. What message would you give our beautiful Aries wonderful Aries watchers, for their highest good, what flat wants to fly out? Okay.

Okay, so this is the eight of wands. So this is about things moving forward quickly, about communication about forward movement, fast forward movement. For many of you, I’m really hearing that you’ve run out of patience, you’re feeling really impatient, you really want things to move forward in some way this could be with, with a relationship of some kind, or with communication, you’re waiting to hear from somebody. Okay? Or just a general feeling that you’re just feeling a little bit like, oh, antsy, you know, okay, to spear, what advice do you have in regards to this message for Aries? This feeling of things, wanting things to move fast? What advice would you give about this?

Oh, wow, the lovers. Okay. So for many of you, there is an issue in terms of a love relationship that you’re in, okay, and this desire for things to speed up to move fast. And there could be the sense of impatience around this love relationship, okay. And I’m really sensing as hard as it is, you have to let it flow with the timing that it’s at, you can’t rush it, okay, you just can’t rush it, for some of you, there will be some kind of communication that comes through, things will begin to move a little bit faster. But for many of you, I’m sensing there’s this sense of impatience around this love relationship, okay, and you have to just let things kind of be at the pace that it’s at.

And if some of you, if for those of you that aren’t dealing with the love relationship, this is an issue of a choice that you have to make, okay? And that you can’t sort of rush the information you need, you kind of have to let it reveal itself the right choice for you to make here you have to release the timing of it somehow. Okay? So it’s about this, this issue that has to do with love or that this other person, this relationship that you’re in, and this feeling that you really want something there’s some issue within this relationship to really move forward. Okay, there’s this sense of stagnancy. That’s frustrating you, many of you, I feel, okay. And spirit one last card for our Aries sun sign people with this issue that they’re dealing with.

Wow. Okay, and this is the six of wands and it is success. Okay. So as you kind of let go of this need Aries for something to kind of move forward at a quicker pace. I know Aries, I know you’re a fire sign, and you want things to happen, and you want them to happen quickly. But as you learn to let go of this need, there’s going to be success here. Okay, there’s success, there’s victory. For many of you, this is around a love relationship or around an issue that you’re dealing with that has to do with a choice that you have to make. As you let go of the timing of it, there’s going to be victory here, success, moving forward. And this will be a public success, okay? People will see this, they’ll see the changes, the positive changes that are happening in your life. So it’s really wonderful.

So that was the reading for Aries. And now we’ll move onto the next sign of the zodiac which is Taurus.

Alright Taurus, let’s see what messages spirit has for you today. What do you need to hear right now for your highest good? The first card that fell out for you is the seven of wands. This card often signifies a position of having to defend oneself, standing your ground and sometimes feeling under pressure or attack. It doesn’t necessarily mean a physical attack but rather challenges that might make you feel overwhelmed or that you need to prove yourself.

What is the advice for our Taurus individuals related to this seven of wands energy? The advice card is Temperance. Temperance is a card of balance, healing, patience, and moderation. It seems like the message for Taurus is to maintain composure and patience even when facing adversity. In other words, stand your ground but do so in a balanced way, don’t rush into things. Allow healing to take place, let things evolve naturally. Don’t feel like you have to push to make things happen.

The last card for Taurus is the Queen of Pentacles. This card symbolizes nurturing, generosity, wealth and prosperity, and being grounded. It is also a card of practicality. For Taurus, the Queen of Pentacles could represent finding stability and security in the midst of challenge. Nurturing yourself and others, and focusing on creating a secure and stable environment.

That was the reading for Taurus, and next is Gemini.

Gemini, let’s see what the cards have to say for you today. The first card that fell out is the Emperor. This card represents structure, order, and discipline. It suggests you might be taking on a role of responsibility or perhaps you are dealing with someone who is a figure of authority.

The advice card is the Ace of Cups. This is a card of emotional beginnings, creativity, and intuition. The message seems to be that despite the need for structure and order in your life, don’t forget to stay open to new emotional experiences, keep your heart open, express your creativity, and trust your intuition.

Finally, the outcome card is the Three of Wands. This card is about looking forward, expansion, and exploring new horizons. Once you balance your need for order with emotional openness and creativity, you’ll be ready to expand your horizons and explore new possibilities.

That’s the reading for Gemini, and next up is Cancer.

For many of you Cancer, sun sign, beautiful people, you are coming into a powerful time of self-expression and self-authority. This is all about figuring out what lights you up and just going for it, coming into your throne, your power. This could be for male or female, or however you feel. This is about coming into your sense of ownership over yourself and feeling like you’re really expressing yourself in a powerful way, and that people are receiving you in a powerful way.

So, if you don’t feel that, it’s important to tap into that, tap into what lights you up, Cancer. What gives you energy when you do it? What do you feel you’re gifted at? Just share your gifts with other people. This is about not hiding anymore from the spotlight of your life because we are all meant to be the center stage of our lives.

The advice card is the Four of Cups and Rebirth. For many of you, you’ve been maybe in a period of depression or feeling really stagnant. But that’s leaving. For some of you, you’re feeling like, is it really okay to let that go? Yes, it is okay to let that person go, or that thing go. You’ve done really good work around that person, many of you. So, it’s time to move on from that.

The final card for Cancer is the High Priestess. Many of you are just letting go of those thought patterns or that situation that’s bummed you out and kept you feeling a bit disappointed. You’re connecting to your beautiful inner energy of wisdom and empowerment. This is all about connecting to your intuition, your divine feminine energy, the part of you that really has all the answers within. This is a powerful time for you, Cancers, and a very good time for you to express yourself.

For our beautiful Leo listeners, the first card is the Page of Cups in reverse. For many of you, Leo’s, you could have felt like there was a love connection about to start and it kind of fizzled. It could be something that you were really excited by recently but hasn’t fully manifested itself yet. But there’s stirrings of something that’s kind of exciting. It’s kind of stirring your heart in a little way, but you want it to be full on, so you’re hoping that you can really have that experience where your heart lights up.

The next card for Leos is the Knight of Cups in reverse. Something is not fully developed yet enough for you to give it your full heart’s attention. For many of you, it’s essential not to project onto this potential new love relationship, making it bigger than it currently is. Instead, allow this person to reveal who they are before you project onto them your ideal.

The final card for Leos is the Queen of Pentacles. This card represents abundance and plenty, indicating a potential full-fledged manifestation of a solid situation. However, Leos are advised not to get too swept up in the excitement before being presented with the details, whether in a job offer or a romantic connection. Make sure these details truly serve you before making any decisions.

Moving on to the sign of Virgo, the initial card drawn is the Page of Swords. Virgos might have recently come into some clarity about a situation they’re in, or they’re thinking heavily about something that was previously cloudy. This card signifies a new clarity, a newfound ability to express oneself and communicate effectively, cutting away at the disillusionment and getting to the heart of an issue.

Many Virgos are stepping up and speaking their truth, a significant shift from the reserved Virgo typically in the background. Okay, what Advice spirit would you give for our beautiful Virgos? Okay, so this is the Emperor. So again, this is about stepping into your power or for many of you could be dealing with an Aries this card represents Aries people, or for many of you could be dealing with a boss or somebody that’s in a position of power over you. And you’re sort of learning to kind of speak your mind to that person.

For some of you this is you, you’re really stepping into that sense of, you know, you are speaking your mind, and you’re coming into that sense of being a boss, like, whatever that means it could be a boss in your household, you know, just that sense of authority of inner authority. And for really claiming your worthiness and your own power and your ability to get things done, make things happen, and to be a person that is respected and you’re in your world, okay? And this could be at your at your job at your place of work to being, you know, coming into a situation where you’re, you have a little bit more responsibilities, but you’re stepping up and you’re feeling seen and powerful in some way.

Okay. And then final card is the hermit in reverse. So yes, this is again, I’m feeling so powerfully a Virgo for whatever reasons how many of you have been kind of in the shadows and for a long time, you’ve been in behind the scenes for a long time. You’ve been quiet for a long time that you are stepping up, okay, you’re stepping up big time right now. And you’re speaking your mind, you’re speaking your truth and you’re no longer being stifled. And you’re no longer being just a shadow of your full self. Okay, so for whatever reason, you felt like you couldn’t really step into your full beingness, your full power, your full light, but you’re coming out of that phase, it’s really powerful Virgos. Okay, coming into your power.

All right, and now beautiful Libras are gorgeous Libra, watchers, Libra, the sign of beauty, beauty and harmony. Spirit. What messages would you have for our beautiful Libra Libra watching Libra? Okay, so this is the sun in reverse. So Libra, our Libra sun signs, okay, so perhaps many of you are feeling like, oh my goodness, you really just want to have a good time. And you just want to get out into the sun and perhaps travel far and wide, okay, and you’re feeling like, it’s not enough for you, you really need to plan a trip and you need to just get out there in some way. There’s this feeling like it’s just a right there. The possibility of this, this big experience this big, joyful experience. It’s really ruminating in your mind right now it’s in your energy, you just have to make it happen. Okay, for many of you, I’m sensing. It’s just about claiming your deserve ability to have this really joyous experience or more joyous experiences, okay. And to really tap into that part of you that’s already so abundant for so many of you. I’m feeling sensing is so simple, but just to like, get out in the sun as much as you can or find any excuse to try and set yourself free internally. By celebrating however you can, okay to embrace this part of you, that is so ready for joy, absolute joy, pleasure and celebration, okay, it’s just right at the tip. It’s right about to happen.

Okay. So if it hasn’t happened yet, I know many of you yearning for it. Okay, so it might just be around the corner. Okay. So what advice spirit would you give our beautiful Libras with the situation? As a two of wands. Oh, so that’s beautiful. So yeah, Libra. So you’re holding the world in your hands and you’re looking out at all the possibilities. Okay, so I do feel if some of you have felt a little bit stifled and like oh my goodness, you just want to take some big trip of some kind or experience like unbridled joy or just just ready for some true joy.

Okay, I’m sensing it the world is your oyster there is something really exciting I think about to happen for many of you. I’m just like getting such a sense of like worldwide expansion. I don’t know why for many of you need to hear it. There’s like something some something that will make you feel really connected to the world or just bigger like some kind of perhaps travel experience within another country but there’s a sense of expansion expanding your your mind in some way your heart in some way, your sense of what’s possible for your life in some way.

This is such a glorious feeling I’m getting for so many of you Libra, okay, and the more you can expand your horizons, the more you could just even take a short drive somewhere, the better it’s going to be for you because you’re really ready to expand right now. Dear Libras, okay, and spirit what’s a final card for our lovely Libras Okay, Hmm. Knight of Wands, okay, so this is all about expansion travel forward movement, sense of enthusiasm, Joy.

Okay, so any Libras out there that have been feeling like you’re just gonna burst if you can’t just move forward in some way and joyously, I think you’re about to Okay, so this I think something exciting is going to come for many of you, it’s going to have you feeling that sense of, oh my gosh, expansive expansion, breath of fresh air, and freedom. Okay, and joy. All right, so. Wow. All right.

And now we move on next to our beautiful Scorpios stare at What messages do you have for our beautiful, lovely Scorpios?

Okay. All right, Scorpio. So this is justice upside down for so it for so many of you might be feeling like, you kind of have been added balance in some way for a long time, or something that you felt was quite unjust happened to you, or it’s just something that wasn’t quite, quite fair, honestly. And it just feeling a little bit like you’re waiting for the scales to tip you’re waiting for, you know, karmic retribution, so to speak, you just feel like, you know what, like, that you deserve that balance you’ve been wronged in some way or a feeling of feeling like you’ve put in so much into something and you haven’t got the return on it. So it’s a sense of feeling unbalanced.

Right now that’s going on for many of you, and I’m sensing this, you know, you’re, you’re justified in feeling that way, you you really are justified in feeling like, you know, you don’t, it hasn’t been fair for you for for a certain amount of time, okay. Anyone in your shoes would feel that way. So it’s okay, that you’re feeling that way. So it’s important to sort of take some time to really honor how you’re feeling and to know that things do change in life that things do come around.

So but but it’s also important to honor what you’re going through. And the advice from Spirit is the six of swords here. So yeah, this is all about releasing into the next phase. Okay. So yeah, some of you may have been wronged in some way, or felt like things that have just been kind of, you know, unbalanced or unfair for you in some way. But this is about letting go of the situation and moving into moving the flow. This is all about relief, there’s a lot of relief here. For so many of you, there could be something that happens where you do feel like you get an answer, you get some kind of justice in some way. And that brings the relief, or for some of you, it’s about just letting it go. Somehow just forgiving it and letting it go forgiving yourself.

Just saying, you know, I guess that’s part of life, you win some you lose some. And it’s about experiencing that beautiful emotional release, okay, from the situation that’s had had you feel a little bitter for some of you are just drained, you know, rightfully so by the way, but so it’s just a feeling of, you know, letting that go as best as you can and letting yourself be carried into into a much more peaceful state and much, there’s so much relief, and it could be because an incident happens. That brings you that relief, but trust me, you are moving on from the situation. Okay. And you’ll feel that sense of relief, you’ll know it’ll feel like oh, gosh, finally free from that. So it’ll just feel like lighter for many of you and the final card for our beautiful Scorpios final card here.

Oh, okay, so the two of Pentacles Yeah, this is all about being light. Okay, so you’re moving into a lighter place and you’ll get to see the balance and all things so even if you’ve felt like it’s been quite out of balance, this card is all about balance. It’s really interesting. So for many of you, I think you’re gonna start to feel like okay, there’s a yin and yang you know, the tide goes in, the tide goes out, there’s the sense of like, okay, I was without for a long time now I’m with okay, there’s, there’s a feeling that things start to really balance out for you.

You’ll start to feel that equilibrium and that wherever you are without for so long, now you’re gonna have it so you’ll have the sense of Yeah, harmony, okay, harmony and balance from any immune just lightheartedness, which has been long overdue for many of you. So that’s good. All right.

And our next sign is Sagittarius spirit. What messages would you have for our beautiful Sagittarius watchers? Those of you are a Sagittarius. messages that you have. Okay, so here we have the page of wands, okay. Sagittarius. Uh, yeah, you are.

I mean, this really encapsulates who you are. So you’re ready for some kind of adventure, some kind of movement forward. Something that you’re really excited about. You’re really excited about this. Something is happening. It’s creative. Has you feeling quite passionate, okay. And playful, excited?

This could be something that you’re just now kind of getting into, this could be a new, a new relationship of some kind, or a new job opportunity or some kind of opportunity or person that you’ve met that matches your useful energy. This is like a really youthful person, that’s really good for you.

Okay, youthful energy, they don’t have to be young, but their energy can be very youthful. So you’re feeling or you’re tapping into that part yourself for many of you, but you’re feeling a sense of of playfulness, adventure, and you just want to have some fun, okay? Or for many of you, you’re creating something that is a really meaningful to you brings you a lot of joy. And it’s feeling like you’re finally feeling kind of on the right path, or that you’ve been kind of, you know, stagnant for a long time and the energy is moving for you.

Okay, and the advice is the ace of swords. Yeah. So for many of you just really put two feet in, you have that clarity, now you’ve made that decision. So whatever decision you’ve made, there’s a sense and sensing for so many of you, it’s like, straight ahead. Now the energy is straight ahead, all systems go, okay. There’s this, this absolute clarity that you have, and you can trust it. Okay, so whoever needs to hear this, that decision that you’ve made recently, everything will work out, move forward with enthusiasm with it, okay, move forward with enthusiasm.

And for those of you that still haven’t made this decision, you’re dealing with something clarity will come very soon. And you’ll know it’s the right decision. And it’s all about this card is all about knowing that you have that, that the decision that you made your mind up with is the right choice for you.

Okay, it’s a sense of relief, because you have that clarity about the situation. And the final card for Sagittarius is, oh my gosh, the star, wow. You are definitely for many of you something has been has something is calling you, you are inspired in some way or you’re about to be and trust that it’s like your North Stars calling in, this card’s all about inspiration.

So whatever is just sort of like in your heart or in your dreams, or something that keeps nudging you toward it, you know what it is, just know that you’re making the right choice by going toward it, okay, follow that which is calling to you, which is inspiring you just feeling like it’s bringing you a sense of, you know, joy that you can’t explain that almost for many of you feels like you’re coming into your sense of purpose, you know, to really follow it to trust that inspired feeling to be creative for so many of you, it’s like, oh my goodness, something you’re creating something amazing.

For those of you Sagittarius is in this could be creating, you know, it doesn’t have to be an actual art project. Although for many of you, I feel like it is something actually crafty. But I’m sure many of you could be creating this like job that you’ve thought of doing your own business or it could be creating an incredible relationship or it could be creating a situation with your family that brings joy.

You’re create you’re sculpting your life in a way that’s that’s so beautiful for so many of you. So trust that you’re doing the right thing that that clarity that you’ve recently had or that the clarity you’ve come to, okay is right. Okay, that the decision that you’ve made within what you know, your worth, what you know, you actually really want is right and follow your sense of passion here. Okay. It’s very inspired, beautiful. Sagittarius. Okay.

And now we come to my beautiful Capricorns Capricorn earthy, Capricorns spirit, what message do you have for Capricorns? Okay, the ace of cups in reverse. Okay, so Capricorn. So for many of you, you’ve been feeling like, perhaps you’ve been really disappointed recently, or something that you were really excited about didn’t quite work out in the way you had hoped it would.

There’s this sense that your heart is still raring to go, it’s like something opened your heart recently, and you don’t want to close it up. You know, you want it to be open and filled with joy and flowing, you want this good thing to happen. Okay? I’m sensing for so many of you that your heart is open a healing really has occurred, you’re really ready for for love, you’re ready for good things, you’re ready for emotional connection in a deeper way than you ever had before. For so many of you, you’ve done a lot of inner work. You’re just ripe and ready and it hasn’t quite happened yet. But as a sense of of readiness, okay? And wanting that that deeper connection and deeper joy with others.

One person could be with a romantic relationship or it could be just with life in general. All right spirit. So what advice would you give for our beautiful Capricorns What advice would you give? Okay, so this is this is the the wish card the Nine of Coins is in reverse. So the advice here is to really honor that what you truly, really want, don’t settle. There’s something here about not settling for less than what truly, truly, really makes your heart sing, okay?

For many of you just get out a journal, take some time for yourself and get some clarity on what you really actually want, what you truly want in your heart. Because sometimes just having that clarity is what removes the blockages from us experiencing the love and the joy that really, you know, want to experience in life, okay, and we all deserve to experience in life. So to just really get in touch with what you really deserve, and to know that you’re really worthy of it.

And it’s really possible for you, okay, so to feel like, there are some for some of you, you have this big dream, okay, you have this wonderful, juicy dream, but you feel a little bit like maybe it’s just not possible. And so spirit is advising you to let go of feeling like it’s not possible because it is really possible. So I’m hearing to get to get ready for that possibility. So for some of you, maybe you feel like, Oh, true love isn’t possible for me anymore, because I hadn’t once and I lost it and I’m hearing, oh, it’s really possible, get ready for it by taking care of yourself by, you know, cleaning your house, prepping your self for the welcoming in of someone new.

And to know that you can have love again, okay, as an example. All right, so to just recognize that this dream of yours is actually possible. And for many of you like on its way, okay, so just prep yourself for it by opening your energy for it. And, you know, believing that it is possible that you show so you show up in the world, living in that sense of possibility. And the final card is that eight of cups, so this is for many of you just really letting yourself leave behind a situation in the past.

Okay, that maybe maybe was really wonderful, but it ended. Okay, so this is about closing one phase of your life to open up a new phase, okay? It’s a it’s a beautiful card, something better is on its way, okay? So you can leave that past behind as you prepare your heart to open for something new and wonderful. Okay. So this is about just yeah, just just allowing the past to be let go and walking into a new chapter, a whole new phase and a new chapter, okay, where you can focus on having a wish fulfilled and really honoring what you’re really worth, and letting that part that wasn’t honored. letting that go into the background of your life as you begin a new chapter where you really truly this time, honor yourself and prepare yourself for the best.

Okay, prepare yourself for the best and you’re not settling anymore. Okay. All right. And next we have our lovely Aquarius Aquarius sun signs spirit, what messages would you have for our beautiful Aquarius sun signs? Oh, my goodness.

So the wheel of fortune, and it is in reverse. So there is something really fortunate that wants to come in, okay, it’s not here yet. And for those of you that are feeling like when is my ship going to come in, so to speak, or when is the situation going to change change is coming just needs a little bit longer to prep, I think, okay, because this is in reverse.

So it’s just this feeling of knowing that you know what the Wheel of Fortune, things are changing in your favor, there’s a new chapter, beginning a new phase that’s coming for many of you, but it’s just not quite here yet, you know, it might just need a little more time, there’s something that needs to wrap up. For many of you, there’s some kind of something behind the scenes that’s happening.

So just have a little more patience and trust in the divine timing of all things that I’m hearing for some of you, you just don’t have the information yet that you need for this new that are phased to begin, but you will be presented with that information. You’ll know it when you have it then you can kind of do that thing that causes the wheels to be set in motion and then there’s this wonderful change that happens.

This fortunate change that happens for you. Okay, and so I’d advice and advice about this for our beautiful Aquarius. So the advice again, the Hanged Man, okay, so this is about having patience about hanging in there until the energy moves. Okay. So and it’s about seeing things from a new perspective as well. Okay, so sort of challenging yourself to see a situation differently, okay. And when you see it differently, that’s my what makes it kind of change for the better oddly, and percent for many of you, though, is about just recognizing like, you know what, you’re really ready. Something’s really ripe and ready to shift in your life for the better.

Some things ready to close out some kind of phase and open a new one, but it’s just a little more time you’re having to kind of wait there a little bit. So just wait patiently and infinite patience produces immediate results. So that’s a quote I really like. So just keep saying that to yourself when you feel a sense of impatience. And just kind of when you know that like something is going to shift and get better, it makes the waiting part easier. Okay, so for whoever needed to hear this message, it really is coming. And the waiting part I’m hearing can be really good, this can be a grand opportunity to just relax while you can.

Because it could get very busy for many of you once things shift with different it’ll be it’ll be exciting, but you know, won’t be as relaxed as it is now for many of you. And the final card here, the nine of wands, okay, so the nine of wands, and this is just saying that you know what, you don’t have to be on the defense, you don’t have to worry anymore, you can really relax, okay, everything is working out for those that need to hear it, okay, it really is working out. So you don’t need to kind of be ready for some challenge.

You know, you can really let go of your defenses and kind of like, take a mental break from the situation, something will change for the better, okay? So you don’t have to be alert as you wait, okay? Just really, really let it be, okay. Really let it be and try and focus on things that make you happy. And just kind of drop this situation for now. You don’t have to control it anymore. You don’t have to like, feel like you have to maintain this.

Okay, you can really surrender it. Because it really will shift. Quite soon I get the feeling okay, it’ll shift quite soon for the better. And you’ll feel that sense of joy again, and then forward movement again. So yeah, many of you are just kind of waiting there. And it’s okay. It’s gonna be okay. All right, something soon will shift for the better for you, Aquarius, okay.

And finally, we have Pisces spirit, what messages you have for our beautiful Pisceans? Okay. Wow. All right. And this is the 10 of swords. in reverse. Okay, Pisceans. So, yeah, many of you have recently just felt so burnt out about some issue that you’ve just been going through so much with over and over, it seems like it’s been going on forever. It’s feeling like it’s kind of forcing you life is kind of forcing you to give it up.

It can be really upsetting. But for some of you, it feels like, well, it’s kind of nice to not be trying to work on this anymore, or make this happen anymore. There’s this sense of, of release, you know, for many of you because you just have let this go. But it is reverse and I’m feeling like for many of you, even though you’ve let it go for many of you, I think it’s I think something is going to come back about the situation, but it’ll come back in a way that is for your highest good because you have released it.

Okay, so, so don’t feel that all is lost here. It’s not all lost, okay? And if you’re feeling just completely burned out, and that you’ve just really given up, that’s a good thing. Okay, that’s it, that’s an okay thing to just kind of, you know, allow yourself that time to kind of retreat and feel like, boy, that situation really put you through the wringer. And it was exhausting emotionally, physically. But you know what you’re turning, you’re turning a page very soon, okay, you’re not going to feel this way much longer, because it’s this card isn’t reversed.

And I’m feeling like you’re just at the tail end of feeling like you’ve had to recently kind of really let go of something that has had you feeling really drained, you’ve come to the end of a long and draining situation, okay, and something is going to break. Okay, something’s going to the clouds will break it soon. And you’ll see the sun again. Okay. And the advice from spirit, wow is the magician. So there could be for many of you a powerful person that comes in that kind of gives you the advice that you need the information or opens a door somehow. Somebody for some of you I’m just sensing like some kind of teacher or some kind of wise person or something that comes in and just points the way and you’re like, Wow, that is awesome.

Like, that’s the way to, I’m feeling energized again. And now you know the path. And for others of you, you’re coming into something that just it clicks for you and you’ve got your power back. Okay, you’ve got your power back and you’re able to focus your mind and your intention in a way that can really manifest for you something that you really wanted to happen for a long time that had you feeling burnt out but now you’re coming into this inspired phase again, where your energy is back and if you’re starting something totally new it’s this is a very powerful card. It’s it’s all about your own power to really have alchemy in your life to turn lead into gold. It’s Have the Midas touch to change make lemonade out of lemons, you know, there’s this feeling that you’ve been through something that was so draining, and so taxing on you. But something amazing is coming oddly from it that you can create some kind of incredible thing from the situation that you couldn’t have foreseen. And you’re about to.

And this could even be like, a relationship that’s gone really bad. And now you realize exactly what you want, or that you’re not going to put yourself through again, and then somebody really amazing comes in, or you’re you learned so much from it, that you create this amazing relationship. And you couldn’t have had had you not gone through the really bad experience, if that makes sense. So there’s a sense of renewal and empowerment, and excitement and what’s the final card are beautiful. Pisceans.

Okay, wow. So this says coming into a sense of clarity, and communication and your ability to speak really clearly to just really know your worth, know what you want to cut away all the fat to cut away everything that doesn’t work for you. This is about stepping into your sense of having really strong boundaries and really knowing your path forward.

Okay. So it’s a feeling of coming into your queendom into your empowerment, it’s your sense of authority and to really be able to say, okay, that situation, you know, maybe emotionally drained me but now I have a lot of mental clarity. I can see clearly now I can see it all clearly.

Okay, so it’s about having clarity of focus, a clarity of thought that brings you emotional satisfaction. All right. So this is a card about really coming to not to you’re not no longer is a lot of swords in this so you’re you’re no longer feeling overrun by your thoughts.

Okay, so you could have in the past just felt like you were dealing with so much mentally and now you’re stepping into this powerful phase Pisceans where you’re feeling like wow, you have that what used to be 10 swords just like bogging you down, which is you know, represents all of our thoughts, overwhelming thinking and issues we’re dealing with. Now you have that beautiful clarity. It’s like forward movement here I go to two feet in I know I know what I want and I have clarity. I’m not scattered anymore.

I’m not overwhelmed anymore. I’m not filled with anxiety and a bunch of multiple issues anymore. There’s just sense of peace clarity, forward direction and decision a clear communication and empowerment. Okay, so that’s you so that’s really good whether you’re male or female or however you identify that is you this queen of swords right now, okay.

That feeling of emotional and mental clarity, mental clarity that leads to emotional clarity and feeling better. Okay, so that was everyone all 12 signs readings, I hope that you enjoyed your reading. And until we meet again, I am sending you so much love, and so many blessings.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

  • Avatar
    Susan vigil
    Posted at 16:46h, 23 June Reply

    I will see if this comes to fruition. Keep you closely informed.

  • Avatar
    Joei Ann Barton
    Posted at 11:40h, 22 June Reply

    I’m a Virgo…. I have been struggling with a situation at work with my boss…. I recently transfered to a different location and so far so good with my new boss… I wanting to ask for a raise though and unsure how I need to go about it…. thanks for your insight

  • Avatar
    Er in Morley
    Posted at 06:35h, 22 June Reply

    right on
    Great reading for us sags

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:48h, 22 June Reply

    I’m a Pisces and that reading is exactly perfect. I’ve been dealing with getting away from unhealthy relationship I ended with my daughter’s dad 3 years ago. He keeps trying to get me back & acts like he’s changed. I wish things were different but I know they won’t be with him. It’s hard when he won’t let go & his health is not good

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:34h, 21 June Reply

    Thank you thank you very very much for sending guidance advices I love it and appreciate it, I hope it will be true same what I felt . Have obstacles so this time no more hindrance. God bless us , thanks a lot

  • Avatar
    Kathy Covington
    Posted at 21:25h, 21 June Reply

    Right on the nose for this Piscean!

  • Avatar
    Jaz S
    Posted at 14:53h, 21 June Reply

    Pisces, Aries cusp- Love this reading, thank you Sirena Moon x

  • Avatar
    Christine Danyluk
    Posted at 12:16h, 21 June Reply

    I’m an Aries. Pretty good. Do I do personal readings

  • Avatar
    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 11:24h, 21 June Reply

    By uniting my sun sign with my ascendant… it is exactly what I am experiencing, a mixture of disappointment, desire to expand and with that idea of writing.

  • Avatar
    Mario Colindres
    Posted at 10:34h, 21 June Reply

    Ive been a 26 yrs producer and creative consultant solution specialist. my True American Career its mine its realy brought me alot of satisfaction but the fulfilment process may still be a challange and it must be done right with honesty in excellence with family as friends and friends as associates.

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    April Auclair
    Posted at 08:52h, 21 June Reply

    Aries-you’re reading really resonated with me. It was right on and I appreciate all that you told me. I will watch for something to happen with me. I know it will be good and who really happen I believe in it.

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