A Good Sign | Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 5/23 - Cosmic Updates

A Good Sign | Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 5/23

Are you looking for a sign to affirm your new direction?

Sirena Moon is here to reveal a message from the Universe, so you can feel confident in your next move…

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Hello, beautiful, wonderful, Cosmic Updates Family, Sirena Moon here. And this week I am talking about the beautiful Full Moon that is happening on May 23rd in the sign of Sagittarius and what this might mean for you. And I’m going to do group Tarot reading with any messages from Spirit about this Full Moon time. So, on May 23rd, we have a beautiful Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. And I think this Full Moon will really help lift the heavy energy we’ve been experiencing lately because the moon will be in Sagittarius, which is such a lighthearted, fun-loving sign that loves adventure, expansion, humor, laughter. 

And the sun will have just moved into the sign of Gemini, which is all about humor as well and about laughing, and about communication. So, there’s sort of a lightness about this Full Moon time, which might help lift the energy because things have been pretty heavy lately for many of us. The energy has been just pretty heavy! We might’ve been feeling kind of stuck in our own thoughts or overthinking the heaviness of it all. So, with that being said, I’m just tapping into Spirit and I’m asking Spirit to please guide this reading, to give us all any message, messages, Spirit would have us know for our highest good about this Full Moon in Sagittarius time about this Full Moon time. I’m feeling this card.

Okay. So, us now during this Full Moon time, okay, so The Devil in reverse. So, for many of us, we might be entering this Full Moon time feeling like we really want to break free of bad habits, bad patterns, addictions, things that make us feel sort of stuck, things that are our vices. Things that we normally would’ve been in a situation where something could have triggered us and sent us into a spiral, into a really dark head space or made us reach for that glass of alcohol or reach for a cigarette because we’re stressed.

And many of us with it in reverse, I feel like have been saying, “You know what? I am going to really make an effort to try and release this bad habit, bad pattern, bad person, or just a situation that makes me feel like I’m stuck in a repetitive pattern that is really not for my highest good. I always regret it afterwards when I participate in that bad behavior that I know is not healthy for me.” 

But with it in reverse, it seems like we’re ready to let that go. We’ve kind of been on it as we move into this Full Moon. We’re not free yet, but we’re working on it. And then our focus, oh wow, the Queen of Wands. So, our focus for many of us might be on our gifts and talents, our joy, these beautiful sunflowers, this beautiful sun shining card, the wands that represents creativity, forward movement.

So, I think for many of us around this Full Moon time, there’s sort of, Spirit wants us to put our focus on what we’re talented at, what our passions are, what we’re gifted at, what we’re naturally talented at, what naturally makes us happy. And this is a very Sagittarius type card with that fire sign, with that wand.

So, focusing on those Sagittarius qualities, which is expansion, travel, not being stuck, but rather feeling limitless, feeling that you’re living in the possibilities, feeling that when you put your talents to use, your gifts, who you really are, your personality, doors open. Okay? So, it’s a really important thing. I think Spirit’s saying to say, “You know what? We’re doing a good job. We’re trying to turn away from some of these things that make us feel stuck or these patterns.”

I just saw a person walking down the street falling through a pothole. These patterns that keep us feeling like we keep tripping up in life, but to focus on the things that really bring us joy, that makes us want to get out of bed and do something every day to find those things that really light us up and make us feel passionate. So, there’s this need to kind of pull focus on that around the Sagittarius Full Moon and what to let go of here.

The Three of Pentacles so maybe letting go of something that we’ve been working on with other people that’s not really working for us anymore, or a situation where we’re in a group dynamic with this Three of Pentacles, where we’re in a group dynamic that just feels like it’s sort of holding us back. Or maybe there’s something to let go of in terms of, to kind of move past it, to finish it up in a way with this Full Moon so that you can start something new.

There’s this feeling of having to let go of worry and anxiety that’s related somehow to a group or to something you’re working on with other people or to other people’s opinions. There’s this feeling for many of us that there could be something that has kind of been holding us back from doing what we know is right in our heart because the people around us might not quite get it, might not be even supportive, or might have just other advice for us that just kind of isn’t right for us.

So, it’s about following your heart and not letting these other people or this situation literally at work hold you back. Maybe it’s just literally where you work and sometimes it makes you feel like you’re not quite in your element, you’re in your true power and your true desires. It’s maybe holding you back a little bit, and it’s important to let go of that.

And then in terms of if you’re asking about love, it’s just maybe important to let go of something that’s not working in terms of this could be like a dating app you’re on. The environment isn’t quite right you know? There’s this environment that’s not quite working, that’s not conducive to you finding love for some of you. That’s what I’m feeling. Okay, and then what to focus on. Oh wow. The Wheel of Fortune. That’s beautiful. Whoa! So, focus on this Full Moon. Definitely a new chapter is starting a new energetic phase!

New possibilities for many of you, turn for the more fortunate. So, focus on really embracing change in every way that you can and saying, “Well, I’m ready to start. I’m ready to start a new chapter that really involves my joy here and following my heart and letting go of this pattern that has made me feel really stuck, depressed at times. And I’m sort of unhealthy, in an unhealthy pattern” that you really want to leave behind.

You’re ready to leave it behind. So ready to leave it behind, which is fantastic. You’ve done a lot of work on it and ready to leave it behind. And there’s this feeling that you will leave it behind. There’s this new energy coming in, woo, to swoosh you up. Start a new phase, a new phase, which is beautiful. And then a surprise element of all this is the Four of Cups in reverse.

So, surprise element is there’s this release, something that used to really depress you. So that could come by surprise for many of you. It could be like, “Wow, this person used to really trigger me.” Maybe when I’d have read, maybe you don’t hear from this person, and it used to really bum you out and put you in the same cycle, or you’d get in the same pattern at work or something like that.

And now you’re finding like, oh my gosh, I don’t know why or how, but you’re finding like you are not triggered by it anymore, or a surprise happening where something happens, and you’re released from stagnation in a surprising way. But it’s this feeling of for so many of you getting some kind of change opportunity maybe through work or some kind of change in yourself that really releases you from feeling stagnant and feeling bored or even depressed in this certain situation.

And then the final card, the final card, Strength. Okay, so Strength. So, there could be times around this Full Moon where you’re just like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know, am I strong enough? Am I strong enough to not be triggered by this person?” Or to not slip back into that kind of pattern, habit way of thinking, but to realize you can do this, that you have it within you, and to just hold through any temporary emotions that make you feel a bit tumultuous, or a bit shaken to just say, “You know what? I’m going to get through this.” 

And I’m just going to pull a clarifying card here, and I’m just going to pull another card about that, The Knight of Cups. Wow. So that’s interesting. So, with Strength, a secondary card is this Knight of Cups. So yeah, if you’re wanting love, it’s important to just keep holding strong and knowing that you don’t have to settle and that there is this great love romantic opening that could happen, that could come after this Full Moon.

Or for some of you, it’s a sign of renewal of love with this Wheel of Fortune card. That’s what I’m feeling. So, there’s this hope of love here, and for those of you not thinking about love, this has to do with some kind of opportunity with these Pentacles and the Wheel of Fortune, some kind of financial opportunity or work-related opportunity where you feel more seen. So, you’re, you’re going to get what your heart wants. 

Okay? So remember that it’s coming, it is coming, but there’s this feeling through this Full Moon time to hold strong, to just hold it together, to know it’s all moving in the right direction and to just let this change sort of happen to you as you break away more and more from this pattern that you’ve felt quite stuck in and coming into a much better head space because you’re tapping into your inner resources, your inner strength, and your own wisdom. Okay?

So good things are on the horizon. All right? And I know there’s a lot of cards, but I’m feeling like I need to pull one more card about this Full Moon. Oh my God, wow! The Nine of Cups. So that’s beautiful. So, this is the “wish come true card.” Okay? So, wow, for some of you, you could get a wish come true around this Full Moon! I would definitely make a wish on this Full Moon, some of you. 

And for others of you, it’s important to remember that the wish that is in your heart, this dream, in your heart, to really to just know. I felt so strongly I had to pull another card. And to just know something really good is going to come of this time, the desire in your heart or something, even better, it will manifest for you in time, in perfect timing.

There’s a change that you need to sort of surrender to and embrace for the better. So, just continue letting go, letting go, and letting go of this pattern that you, to really keep you stuck so that you can up level and evolve to this place where this wish come true is going to happen. That’s really beautiful, so, stay strong.

Okay? Stay strong through the week through this time and good things are on the horizon, okay? Absolutely, they are! And if you want a personal reading, this is a group reading for the collective, for energy of the collective. But if you want a personal reading where I tap right into your energy, into your spirit, and into what’s coming down the pike for you, you can get a personal reading with me here on this site. Okay, darlings. All right, well, until we meet again, I am sending you so much love and so many blessings for the Full Moon time and beyond. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    sheranie singh
    Posted at 06:28h, 24 May Reply

    Sirena you are just the most BEAUTIFUL person – LOVE YOUR READINGS SO MUCH!

    Stay Blessed!

    Love and Light

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    Daniel Long
    Posted at 03:35h, 24 May Reply

    Wow you are amazing seriously nailed it on the head thank you very much I appreciate everything that you are doing !

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    Denise Bushnell
    Posted at 19:36h, 23 May Reply

    Yes I feel a big change is coming my way. Thank you so much.

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    Posted at 01:48h, 23 May Reply

    Thank you ❤️

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    v vaidhyanathan
    Posted at 01:40h, 23 May Reply

    Thank you for your wonderful reading..i love it…

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    Jasmine Bermudez
    Posted at 00:01h, 23 May Reply

    Thank you for the lovely read. Hoping to get unstuck in some situations real soon. Claiming it!

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    Arndria Seymour
    Posted at 20:37h, 22 May Reply

    Wow Sirena – how positive and so aligned to the way I am feeling right now. I received a wonderful job offer yesterday and have another one coming. Feeling so blessed as I have not worked since early February so definitely in need of a change in my situation. Both opportunities are so wonderful, I am having trouble deciding on which one to take.

    I watch you weekly readings and have felt blessed to be able to do so, as they have keep my spirts upbeat and maintained a positive outlook while I have waited for months for my new work opportunity to come to me. God Bless!

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    Sheila G Bowen
    Posted at 18:42h, 22 May Reply

    It sounds like your talking about me , i can’t believe it . Wow 😄

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    Posted at 17:54h, 22 May Reply

    Dear Sirena

    Thank you always. All I want is true love, nothing more and I won’t settle. Smile.

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    Lorraine Ait-Meziane
    Posted at 16:00h, 22 May Reply

    Thanks Serina , your reading was spot on for me, ready for big changes for sure.

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    Posted at 15:45h, 22 May Reply

    100% how I’m feeling right now and love all the cards. So absolutely how I feel in this moment and future cards exactly what I would love to happen. Love the way you read them too, and especially love you have transcripts. I don’t like having to watch a video and prefer to read it (or anything other than a movie or dance performance) but many people who have vision impairment can’t see but can also enjoy the transcription (they have settings to read those to them on their own devices) so thanks for not only your beautiful readings but for also including a transcript. Wonderful in all ways ❤️

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    Posted at 13:20h, 22 May Reply

    I can’t wait for a positive change and I am glad since I’ve been part of your reading I see many changes in my life and I was able to let go and find peace within me
    Thank you for the reading it means alot
    From South Africa 🇿🇦 ❤️ love you Sirena

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 13:16h, 22 May Reply

    Thanks sirena,

    Have a nice wensday


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    Christopher Derek Freeman
    Posted at 12:38h, 22 May Reply

    I felt some connections with this reading. I’ve been contacted by a couple women that felt drawn to me and wanted to do a palm reading. I’m still not sure how to take it. I’ve had a lot happen to me, especially in the past 2 years. I just want direction and to be happy. If I could get a personal reading, it would be greatly Appreciated. Thank you.

    • Avatar
      Jon moody
      Posted at 16:03h, 22 May Reply

      Thank you sirena, sending love to you too!

  • Avatar
    Carmen Malagon
    Posted at 12:24h, 22 May Reply

    You hit that right on the nail, Thank You

  • Avatar
    Lynne Jacobs
    Posted at 08:53h, 22 May Reply

    I feel like your reading is right for me. I’ve been waiting on a crucial, long overdue decision about a project I’ve been working very hard on! Please let a positive decision land in my lap sooooon! Thank you.🤞Take care of yourself too.X

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    Tiffany Williams
    Posted at 08:08h, 22 May Reply

    Thank you so much! My heart is so heavy and I feel so connected to this reading. I have been working so hard on myself and to know I’m not alone in this brings me so much joy.

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    Posted at 08:02h, 22 May Reply

    Thank you❤️. Your positive vibes resonate with me – Amen to Wish come True!
    Thank you, Spitits🙏

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    Posted at 08:01h, 22 May Reply

    Hi Sirena, Great reading!

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    Elizabeth Sheleski
    Posted at 07:53h, 22 May Reply

    Wow!! I feeling bless and going through changing.. I been wishing for a long time hoping this will happened.. thank u!! 🥰❤️

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    Posted at 07:48h, 22 May Reply

    Yes! Thank you. I claim and embrace this reading!

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    michael rennick
    Posted at 07:40h, 22 May Reply

    I’ve been taught that the object of our intellect is that which is true and the object of our will that which is the good. Deciphering between the contraries of that which is true and good in order to establish them is not an easy task. How one can recognize one thing without recognition of its contrary makes anything we pursue very difficult fo one may confuse one for another. I think that one way we establish things are by elimination of the contrary other. Hopefully one does not eliminate that which is true and good and wind up stuck with the contraries and one has no cognitive dissonance between that which is true and that which is good. Our powers must be aligned and recognized with their respective objects and any confusion between our powers and their respective objects must be eliminated so that our desired objectives are fulfilled. My response to your collective reading that resonates with me and I just wanted to share. Thanks!

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    Posted at 07:10h, 22 May Reply

    Wow, i feel so Blessed to be here with you, and thank you so much for being you, xxx

  • Avatar
    Ashley Clark
    Posted at 06:48h, 22 May Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading. I truly feel like it was right on point with everything I’m going through right now! It was honestly mind blowing really. You and your ready are greatly appreciated, you have no no idea. Today I am grateful to have the email to be able to meet you! Thank you again!!

  • Avatar
    Jayne Colburn
    Posted at 06:32h, 22 May Reply

    So right on target. I am in the midst of letting a toxic “friendship” go and am having difficulty with that. You said the word trigger a few times, which I am, all it takes is to hear his motorcycle go by my house and I fall apart. The good news is I am meeting new people in pursuit to find someone to share my life with. I have been single for 24 years, not lonely, just ready to share stories and adventures again.

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    Patrizia Mancinelli
    Posted at 06:20h, 22 May Reply

    Wow, it Certainly resonate with what’s going on in my life! Amazing thank you x

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    Posted at 04:59h, 22 May Reply

    Thank you 😊 for your lovely readings your warmth always shines through and just what I wanted to hear and needed
    Thank you
    Sending you much warmth xx

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