đź’• A Love Worth Waiting For | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 4/21 - 4/23 - Cosmic Updates

đź’• A Love Worth Waiting For | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 4/21 – 4/23

In this Pick a Card Love Tarot Reading, Galena the Mystic offers you valuable insight into your love life. What are you learning, healing, and manifesting in love this weekend? Whether you’re focused on self-love or finding your perfect soulmate, this intuitive tarot reading will help you navigate your obstacles and see what’s to come.

P.S. Which card did you choose and what did it have to say about your love life? Leave a comment below and let Galena know!


Hello beautiful, wonderful people here at Cosmic Updates. It’s your intuitive tarot reader here, Galena the Mystic, and I’m back with another Weekend Love Reading this time for the weekend of April 21. through April 23.

This pick-a-card tarot reading is going to give you some insight into your love life for this weekend. What are we processing? What are we manifesting? What energies are shifting and that sort of thing?

But before we get into it, I want to acknowledge that we recently had a new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Aries. And this astrological event is a big deal when it comes to opening new doors, getting things started, catalyzing. So in honor of this fresh new energy and this exciting opportunity for new beginnings, I wanted to start us off with a eucalyptus cleanse so you can really clear your mind of any worries of any blockages. So get comfy, allow your mind to clear, and we’re gonna get right into your weekend love reading for April 21 through April 23.

All right, beautiful souls, I have three groups for us once again. Take a moment, and as I introduce each group to you, you can sit with it and choose which stone is resonating with you the most. You can even pause the video if you need a little bit more time. And you’re going to fast forward to the portion of the video with your crystal.

For group number one, we have a red jasper. For group number two, we have brown jasper. And for group number three, we have some tree agate, or chalcedony. Take as much time as you need. Feel free to choose more than one group. And I’ll see you in your readings.

Group One – Red Jasper
Hello, beautiful souls. You chose this red jasper, which is a stone that can really help you with your motivation. It connects you to your root chakra. So you might be undergoing some sort of root chakra healing or root chakra opening, where you just feel more grounded, more empowered, more stable in who you are, and more capable of reaching your goals is something I’m hearing. And the Root Chakra is connected to your physicality, so you could be reconnecting to, like, your sensuality, or just doing some physical activity that makes you feel really good and really confident and really grounded, and it’s helping you in your love life.

So let’s go ahead and see what your overarching energy is. We have 13. Dignified, which is the card of Strength, which is so perfect for what I was just saying. And this is from the Starcodes Astro, by the way. So I can see that in your love life, this week, you’re feeling a lot more grounded, a lot more secure. You’re really, like, rooting into something.

So for those of you who are single, you’re feeling more self assured, you’re feeling more accepting of who you are, more accepting of your challenges as well.

And for those of you who are partnered, this definitely applies as well. I feel like another message for you, though, is that you could be really solidifying a connection that you’re in, feeling, like, okay, I’m actually gonna start rooting into this, I’m actually going to start grounding into this, and I’m actually just going to show up as my best self.

So whether you’re single, dating, or partnered, you actually are connecting to certain people where when you’re facing the connection and facing the potential, like, ups and downs, potential getting to know each other little hiccups in the beginning that sometimes we deal with. You’re actually feeling more rooted in the way you show up, you’re more confident to face them, and you don’t get spooked at the first sign of trouble, is what I’m hearing. So part of your strength in this group feels like it’s come from overcoming the past in some way. So I really love that. Wow.

Okay, let’s go ahead and get into your tarot cards, which I’ve already shuffled. For those of you who don’t know, I do allow the cards to be reversed naturally the way that they are. So I don’t want you to worry. It’s always left up to fate, the reversals, and I want you to know that reversals are not necessarily a bad thing.

So we have the Eight of Cups reversed. Interesting. Let’s go ahead and get another card for you. Four is what I’m hearing. So we’re gonna go ahead and get four. We have the Four of Cups reversed. Two more out – perfect, so we have two more. And then we have the Queen of Pentacles on top of the deck, so that’s beautiful.

The Queen of Pentacles is also this very much red jasper, root chakra energy for me. Queen of Pentacles is very grounded, very sure of herself, very stable, very strong. So I love this energy for you for you all.

Let’s go ahead and put this up here and spread these out. I want this, like, in the center of your reading for some reason, is what I’m feeling called to do. So this could be because of your career stability.

We have the Page of Pentacles here as well. Also, I’m really seeing that you have a lot of potential when it comes to building the future you want. So some sort of financial gain could be really important for you right now, like, really boosting your confidence, some sort of potential career opportunity. And just feeling more, like, whole, complete, and centered on your own.

In general, this might seem unrelated to your love life, but it actually is very tied together. So you’re recognizing your potential. And not only are you seeing your potential in your career, but this sort of financial opportunity or financial stability is really showing you that you can take all of the steps, and you have all the building blocks necessary in order to build the future you really want.

And we also have the Knight of Wands reversed, very interesting, Eight of Cups, and Four of Cups reversed. But the advice I’m really getting for you is that you should not settle at all. I think that’s where some of your strength is coming from this weekend, you realizing your worth, realizing your value, realizing you don’t have to settle. And you definitely don’t have to settle for any energies that are finicky, fickle, back and forth, unstable.

The Knight of Wands is very impulsive, especially in the reverse, and can sometimes have a big ego and sometimes has, I’m hearing, a lot of bark and no bite. So maybe you were dealing with someone who didn’t really stick to their commitments or would talk, like, big game but didn’t actually show up the way that they said they would.

So this could be someone external to you. But it could also be a part of you, to where maybe you were willing to accept something that wasn’t as promising or accept something that made big promises but didn’t actually deliver. So even you being willing to accept this energy, it reflects a part of you that mirrors that in some way.

So what you’re really learning is this sense of commitment, not only to another, but the sense of commitment to your own goals. And you’ve had to actually walk away from certain things that have maybe just disappointed you, maybe you sat and waited on them for a long time. And you’re not in this energy where you’re waiting on anything that is fickle, unstable, fake, in-genuine. You’re just not here for it.

And, actually, what I see in these cards, Queen of Pentacles, Dignified, and the Page of Pentacles is that you’re really not willing to waste your time anymore. And this is super important, because something you’re learning is that good connections, stable connections, they have to have that foundation. They really need to be built on a stable foundation.

And also, you’re realizing that no matter how – because we have these cups in reverse – no matter how intense your soul connection is with someone… say you’re a very naturally intuitive person, and you really, I mean, you’re a really spiritual person, so that’s probably why you’re here, right… but you actually are realizing that even if you spiritually, intuitively, and emotionally connect with someone, you’re realizing that that’s not enough. It can’t just be that. And you also can’t use your emotions and the connection you have on a spiritual level. It has to be grounded in reality, and so you can’t just use that to justify any behavior that’s fickle, insincere, or confusing, genuinely confusing. Because the Knight of Wands reverse can be a very confusing card.

And so I’m seeing quick entrance, quick exit. So if there’s someone who maybe you had a really intense emotional bond with right off the bat, and they maybe left really quickly, or things fell through really quickly… this could be different for a lot of you… but I feel like abandonment is one of the things that’s coming up. And also… so abandonment, ghosting, and also just things like fizzling out, like, so you have a lot of passion right away, and then it just kind of fades, right. That’s this Knight of Wands reversed energy.

And so with this Four and Eight of Cups reversed, you’re kind of realizing that, that the emotions are not enough, and you can’t settle for anything that doesn’t also look to be promising in the earthly realms. So, really, your advice is to stick to connections that feel really grounded in reality. Really seek out people at this time or allow people to come to you who show up consistently. Understand that love is an action just as much as it is a feeling. And it’s not that your feelings don’t matter. It’s that they need to be paired with this steady stable Page of Pentacles energy so that you can actually grow that potential and build this queendom/kingdom that you actually want to have with someone, and you don’t have time to waste because once you actually meet this person who can who can match your Queen of Pentacles energy – and this doesn’t matter, like, gender doesn’t matter – but this Queen of Pentacles, this is this creative side of the earthly realms, right. So what you’re trying to create, once you actually meet the person who can match you and build that with you, you’re going to really want to take your time with it. Good things just take time. So you’re not going to want to waste your time on people who don’t really have the stability, or the drive, or the care, the sensitivity, the patience, the ability to plan, the maturity, in order to actually build the life you want with yourself. So don’t try to do it with anybody who doesn’t show those qualities on their own, okay.

So my group number one people, I am sending you so much love and abundance. The Strength card is very, very impressive. Really ground into it. Root into it. I could see a lot of you actually soon making plans to create a home with someone, or just visualizing manifesting your dream home, especially with this new moon in Aries that recently occurred. So you could be setting intentions of, like, I want a stable, healthy connection. And I want a stable, healthy home to support me in that.

So, yes, that’s what we’re manifesting. I’m so excited to hear about it. Please leave your comments below. I do read all of the comments. So thank you so much for that, even if I don’t always have time to reply to every single one. I am so, so, so grateful to read your stories. And it just really warms my heart and inspires me to keep doing these. So thank you so much. I am wishing you all the best. And we’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Group Two – Brown Jasper
Hello, hello, group number two, you chose this brown jasper, which is very, very grounding, very healing… really connects you to nature. And it has some gold flecks in it. So I feel like there’s this message here coming to me intuitively about your natural beauty, your natural shine, understanding that who you are naturally is already worthy of love.

This is a really random message that’s coming through. But I feel really called to speak about your natural beauty. And you couldn’t be the kind of person to say, “Oh, I’ll be ready for a relationship when I fix this issue with my body or when I reach this goal,” like, for example, weight is coming to mind. But that’s just one example. This could be anything, like clear skin. Or you could think, like, “Oh, if only I looked younger, I would be ready for a relationship,” or something like that, like some goal that you’ve set for yourself.

And I just want to say that those kinds of goals are really arbitrary. You’re ready for love already. And it doesn’t matter. I could hear you really arguing with Spirit like, “Well, no one’s gonna love me if I xyz.” And I just want to say that’s actually just completely untrue. There’s a person for everybody. Nobody’s, like, picture perfect, quote, unquote, but I feel like you really are perfect as you already are. And some of your insecurities could be things that are just much bigger in your head. And they’re not things that you would really think about another person, like you would never look at another person and be like, “Oh, they have acne. So no one would ever love them,” or, “Oh, they have wrinkles, so no one would ever love them,” like, you are so attractive, regardless, is what I’m hearing, and you shouldn’t make these small things that you see as flaws, you shouldn’t make them so much bigger in their head because this is all about nature, your natural essence and and your natural beauty. So interesting. I wasn’t expecting that message to come through.

I also did want to say that as I was shuffling because I shuffle every deck before I do each pile, and this came out, the Nine of Swords reversed just fell out. So I do want to claim that for you. But before we get into it… well, actually this could be very relevant because we’re surrendering overthinking, right, we’re not going to think so much about our flaws and even with this Nine of Swords, you could be kind of hiding away from people, thinking, like, “Oh, I’m too… I’m not worthy of love. So I shouldn’t go out there. I’m not ready to put myself out there.” And if you feel that way, Spirit says, like, we respect your process, we respect all the time that you need in order to heal these insecurities. But with this reversal, I feel like you’re overthinking.

Also, I’m hearing someone should just wear a bathing suit anyway, so I don’t know why that’s coming through, but it is warming up here, at least in the northern hemisphere, so if you’re nervous about, like, summertime, if you’re nervous about, like, bathing suit season, all bodies or bikini bodies, okay, just have fun, and I’m hearing fun looks really good on you.

So let’s see your overarching energy. We have Ascendant Entrance. Wow. Okay, so the Ascendant is your rising sign, which is like your personality. So you could be leaning more into your rising sign qualities. And with this entrance I feel like there’s new beginnings and endings, initiations occurring for you.

For some reason, I’m hearing that this solar eclipse is catalyzing a rebirth of you. You’re giving birth to yourself, a new version of yourself, wow. Okay, that’s powerful. And with this ascendant as well, I feel like you’re becoming more comfortable with the way that you first present yourself or show up. And you’re becoming more comfortable with being visible and people seeing you and allowing your personality to really shine. So yeah, fun looks good on you, when you’re having fun, when you’re in your element, when you’re talking about things that you know about. Like, that’s where some of your most attractive qualities come through.

And also, I’m hearing that when you’re speaking your mind or when you’re being your silly self, when you’re having fun, when you’re being playful, you’re actually… you’re very, very magnetic, is what I’m hearing.

And with this Nine of Swords, it’s sometimes you’re overthinking that can get in the way. And yeah, when you’re shining from within, nobody’s thinking about any of those things that you might be worrying about.

So let’s go ahead and get some more cards. Very interesting. Okay, so we had one that wanted to flip over here, let’s go ahead and take this. Okay, Temperance reversed. So, yeah, I feel like some of you are just really not seeing yourself through eyes of the Divine. Like, Spirit really sees you as so perfect with this Temperance card. This is a card with this reversal… it talks about a lack of clarity and not really seeing things for how they truly are, and how they truly are in the eyes of the Divine as well. So understand that Spirit already thinks that you’re perfect and sees you as perfect, okay.

And for some of you, if you’ve been, like, drinking, or anything like that, you might sometimes drink to help with your confidence in social situations, and Spirit’s saying, maybe, like, try to avoid that this weekend. Like, maybe try to just see how well you actually do without that kind of social crutch. So I know that that’s not a message that’s going to apply to everyone. But I did want to throw it out there. There’s just something here about you seeing yourself clearly, not letting your insecurities or anxieties get the best of you when you’re trying to show up in social situations, and respecting your natural beauty more.

So, yeah, there’s this message of self-respect and also gratitude, something about being grateful for your physical vessel. Understanding that you only get to live in this physical vessel one time, so really appreciate it. And don’t waste it as well, is something I’m hearing. Don’t waste the life you have, any of you. Don’t waste your… don’t, like, let your beautiful vibrant personality go to waste. Like, it’s meant to be seen. You’re meant to be seen. You’re created to interact with others, and potentially put yourself out there in some way.

So let’s go ahead and get two more cards. And we’ll take the top of the deck as well. Wow, two cards fell on the ground. So let’s see what these are. We have the Five of Wands reversed. And the High Priestess reversed. So yeah, a lot of reversals. And I know some people in the last video were concerned about how many reversals that there were. I just want to say that I do shuffle and flip the cards randomly each time. So it’s really nothing to be concerned about. It’s just left to fate. And we have here the Hanged Man. So reversals are also not a bad thing is what I want to say.

But I can see that past experiences… because we do have so many reversals… I can see that past experiences have really shaped some of your insecurities, and they aren’t actually reflective of your true soul essence. So Five of Wands, it’s almost like your higher self, your ego, and your intuition kind of all battle each other sometimes. And I think that your ego really sometimes has control of the situation.

And actually with this High Priestess in reverse, this is all about you really internalizing higher wisdom. Understand that there’s so much compassion for you, and also lean into that higher wisdom of, like, “Well, I would never think those things about someone else. So why do I think it’s okay to think them about me? Or why do I think that I’m the exception?” okay.

You’ve kind of consumed maybe a lot of spiritual content, or maybe read a lot of spiritual texts or something like that. But this weekend is actually your chance to embody them, embrace them, and allow that wisdom to be a little bit louder than your insecurity. And so that’s why we have here this perspective change, okay.

And the Hanged Man, this is a card of feeling stuck in limbo. So the Hanged Man can kind of be this energy of, like, reflection, pausing, taking a rest before we move on to the next thing. And so you’re actually stopping to analyze all the things that you’ve learned, all the lessons you’ve learned from the past, everything you’ve kind of grown out of, and things that you’re ready to shift away from. And you’re really assessing these things and becoming more aware of them. So that you can, like I said, integrate them, internalize them, and actually move differently as a result.

So I feel like there are big shifts ahead for you, like, and this is going to reflect in your external reality. But for now, I feel like what you’re being called to do is to really boost yourself up, see yourself from a different perspective.

You can also be, like, looking in the mirror too closely. That’s just another message I’m getting. So you could be maybe just looking in the mirror a little too closely. And it’s, like, okay, zoom out, nobody looks good on a microscopic level, okay. So don’t worry about that. Just, like, there are certain maybe, like, there was a bad photo taken of you. Or maybe you felt like certain lighting or a certain outfit was not suiting you well, don’t let that one instance really stick with you. And you’re free to let that go and move forward and kind of look at yourself from a higher perspective. And not just zooming out in the mirror, but a higher perspective to the point of, like, the celestial realms. Like, understand that you were made in the eyes of the Creator, if that’s something that resonates with you, and just understand how small your flaws are in the eyes of the larger universe. Like, you’re actually perfect. And this is just a weird meat sack we wear temporarily for this go around.

Okay, so I hope that that helps. And I hope that you have a beautiful, like, self-care weekend this weekend. Listen to affirmations, even if it feels fake and saying affirmations can feel really silly. I know that when I first started saying affirmations for self-love, I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. Like this is not gonna work.” And now those things are my truth. Okay, so you are beautiful. The more senior you are, the more beautiful you become. And the more you shine brightly, the more others can recognize your unique frequency.

Okay, so I’m sending you so much love and abundance. I’m seeing so much healing happening for you this weekend. So go ahead and comment down below. Even if I’m not able to respond to every single comment, I do read all of them. So I want to say I appreciate you so, so much. And I will see you in the next reading. Okay, bye.

Group Three – Chalcedony / Tree Agate
Hello, hello, group number three. Welcome to your reading. You chose this chalcedony, aka tree agate. And it’s really super beautiful. This is a stone that’s really amazing for healing, and there’s a green color… it makes me think of the heart chakra, so you could be going through some sort of heart chakra awakening, or heart chakra healing. But either way, you’re being called to let your heart lead you right now.

I also really get a jade vibes from this crystal. I often confuse it for Jade just because I think it just has this energy, this frequency of abundance tied to it. And so yeah, this gold especially makes me think of that. Because it has like little gold flecks. I don’t know if the cameras picking up. But yes, so there’s this message of abundance here for you as well. Feeling nurtured, oh, I’m thinking of the Empress as well. So Empress energy could be something that you are thinking of. And with the Empress, the Divine Mother, there’s this message also of blessings coming in threes. So very interesting.

Okay, let’s go ahead and see what your overarching energy is. And this is from the Starcodes, Astro Oracle Card MSS. Third House – Communication, which is the number 41 in case that’s relevant. But the Third House is all about communication, of course, as it says on the card. It’s also about networking. So some significant communication could be coming through. You could be interacting with community a little bit more this weekend.

But I feel like, for most of you, there’s an important message coming through for you. For some of you, this is going to be a spiritual message. So of course, we’re here doing tarot. So you could even consider this to be the spiritual message you need to receive. And I hope that it is a spiritual message you feel you need to receive. But, regardless, whether this is in a more mundane sense of the word, or a more spiritual sense, I feel like there’s just this really a divinely orchestrated message you’re meant to receive this weekend.

Wow, and so for some of you, some of this communication could be something you’ve been waiting for for a long time. So if you recently asked Spirit for a sign that you’re on the right track or assigned to answer a certain question you’ve had, this is that sign coming through this weekend. And if you have been asking for a specific person to reach out for you, or you’re hoping to increase communication with a certain person, this is a positive sign that that could be happening this weekend too.

And this also happened in pile two. I swear that I didn’t do this on purpose, but this card did fall out as I was shuffling. So let’s see what it is. We have the Ten of Pentacles. Wow, okay, so talk about abundance, right. This is a sign of – Yeah, wow, some of you really need a sign that your future is prosperous. Some of you really need a sign that your future is stable as well.

Ten of Pentacles is about family stability and those sorts of things. So if you were looking for a sign that everything’s going to be okay, I feel like that sign’s coming through this weekend. And you can start by claiming the signs in this very reading right here.

So let’s go ahead and shuffle and get a couple more cards. And I actually wanted to speak a little bit on reversals. Just so you know, reversals are not a bad thing. And reversal can mean a lot of things. It can mean a delay. It can mean that something’s happening internally, more so than externally. And it can also indicate the past. So it can mean a lot of different things. And I always interpret it intuitively, in addition to the other cards, so let’s see what’s… okay, here we go.

Let’s see what we have in store for this weekend, we have the Five of Wands reversed. What else is going on? Yeah, spirits putting your inner conflict to rest. We have the Page of Wands reversed. Let’s get one more. And we’ll also take the top of the deck energy. Okay, and we have the Wheel of Fortune reversed. So good thing I talked about reversals, right. I feel like there’s this really interesting… as Six of Wands reversed… there’s a really interesting energy here of you worrying that you’re not going to overcome something. And I really do feel like this is a situation in which things are out of your control.

So with the Six of Wands, you could be the kind of person where you really like to be on top of things. You could be the kind of person where you feel a lot more comfortable when fate is in your own hands. And Spirit’s actually saying, like, just relax, just relax, we’re going to actually take care of you. And we’re going to actually put this conflict to rest ourselves.

So, this could be a conflict with someone else. But with this reversal, I feel like this could be definitely an internal conflict. Page of Wands reversed also makes me think of things that are said in the heat of the moment.

And this could have to do with family, with the Ten of Pentacles. So if you’re married, if you live with someone, or if you are involved with someone else’s family, or this could even be your own family.

And somehow this is related to your love life. So you could be even in conflict with your family about who you choose to love. Or who you don’t choose to love. Maybe it’s not a choice. Maybe you just love who you love, right. So that could be causing conflict with your family. Or maybe external circumstances are putting a lot of pressure on your family unit, and it’s causing a lot of discord. And so I feel like it’s quite possible that recently, especially with all the Aries energy in the air, okay, and Mars in Cancer, there could be conflict with the family unit because of that.

So I definitely think this has to do with, like, domestic matters in some way. And with this Page of Wands, and this Wheel of Fortune reversed, I feel like some sort of impulsive communication or impulsive action on someone else’s part caused an unexpected disruption that seems to have thrown you off course.

You could be feeling like you have bad luck lately. And you could be struggling to see how you’re going to overcome this situation. But I do feel like clear communication… and also I’m getting group communication. So this could be you speaking as a whole family together, or this could be, say, you and a partner, speaking with a counselor or speaking with a therapist. I feel like family or marriage counseling could be really helpful. The message that I’m getting pretty clearly is that one. It’s really important for you to ground and take space from conflict.

But, second, I feel like this conflict was really, really necessary in order for you to actually have the Ten of Pentacles, the stable, healthy family situation that you really want. And conflict is actually not such a bad thing, okay. Because conflict is inevitable, whether it’s internal, external conflict, it’s actually really inevitable and quite necessary.

That’s not to say you should always be fighting, right. But when all parties are able to kind of check their egos and listen to what the other person has to say, you’re able to have much more authentic and productive relationships. So don’t shy away from talking things out this weekend. I feel like this could be the best weekend for you to discuss things. And if other people aren’t quite ready to speak about the issue yet, with the Six of Wands reversed, I feel like we could be overcoming the conflict on our own first. Like, come to a space of peace with it first before trying to fix what other people are doing or confront other people’s actions.

It’s more important for you at this time to come to a place where you can be at peace with the situation, and then your conversations about the conflict will be much more productive. That’s what I’m getting. So things are definitely a little bit topsy-turvy right now. I feel like there’s going to be communication here that kind of comes out of left field and catches you off guard.

However, it is a communication that brings more peace. But this could be a situation in which things have to get worse before they get better. Sometimes that’s just part of it. And without conflict, and without communication, we won’t grow as people. So you can be surrounded by people right now who kind of test you, kind of push your buttons, or push your limits. And as long as there’s no, like, abuse or toxicity or malintent between you all, I do you feel like this is something that can be overcome. And I’m not seeing this as a permanent separation, though, that could be the case for some of you. I’m seeing for many of you, this is a temporary sort of break you’re taking from conflict, in order to reassess what’s best for all of you.

I do feel like this is a situation in which everyone’s needs need to be accounted for, which can make things feel really complicated, especially if there’s many people involved in this situation.

So I hope that this is helpful, I’m very confident that a lot of you are going to either come to a resolution with this issue or actually be able to repair things. And this seems like with this Ten of Pentacles, a longer term sort of issue. So this isn’t something, like, that is going to be solved right away. But it’s also not something that’s going to be just, like, broken permanently, and then you’re never going to get a chance to fix it. It’s like something that you’re going to be able to keep working on. And it’s just going to take time because good things are built over time, okay. And that’s where this Ten of Pentacles comes in.

And you could be spending a lot of time in nature to kind of get away from the situation if you need space from others. Maybe take a walk to the park, or as it warms up, maybe go to the beach, at least here in the northern hemisphere.

But I’m sending you all so much love, grace and abundance. I really hope that this situation is able to be resolved for the highest good of you and the highest good of all, and in the meantime, give yourself lots of grace, patience, and compassion. Okay, take care of yourselves and stay healthy, and I’ll see you in the next reading. Bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Thank you for the reading
    Some of it did resonate with me. Im hoping my special friend & I can actually talk & work things out. It’s hard to get him to talk & as of late he won’t. So I hope this at least works so he’ll talk to me. Long distance

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    Thank you for my reding

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    You were spot on and actually all thre of the stones pretty much told it all. Thank you.so much!

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    I choose the Red Jasper and some of it did resonate. Thank you.

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    Dear you.
    i have a problem with the stones on the card wherefrom I have to choose the reading.
    because it is not easy to see them.
    first i choosed the brown because there was a sort of warmth in it. later I choosed the red one, because it was even more warm. But when i saw the last green blue stone closely in the light i thought yes it must have been that. In fact i choosed all of them and used the readings to some different aspects of my life.
    but it would have been easier if I could see the stones even better from the beginning.
    With love from Elisabeth

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:18h, 22 April Reply

    Hello Galena,
    I picked pile #1 and got amazing insight. Dead on! And then, I stayed on for pile #2. What an amazing continuation to the message I needed to hear. It felt like you were channeling those comments for me personally from a loved one.
    Thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:15h, 22 April Reply

    Thank you. Great reading.

  • Avatar
    Paula Burke
    Posted at 23:19h, 21 April Reply

    My love card came up “The Fool” then I read the Groups and each one had hit me hard. I have been in an emotional & physical abuse marriage for 42 years. A friend and confidant has told me that he loves me and he wants to show me what true love really is. He made me feel beautiful not because of my looks but because of the kind heart I have. I am ready now to walk away from my marriage and to take care of myself knowing my self worth and caring for others. My friend and I will see where our relationship goes and that I can truly be happy again, and loved and cared for. I am ready to take the leap and never look back on the hurtful, negative life I have been living. Your reading has given me the push to go on from here as I am not young, nor do I feel old when I am with my friend. He is not pushy, but always looking out for me

  • Avatar
    Pauline Lennon
    Posted at 23:03h, 21 April Reply

    Hi Galena
    I chose red jasper. All your comments resonated with me professionally and emotionally. I feel I’m grounding and that my next relationship will be very suitable for me.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Bayanda Mpambani
    Posted at 21:50h, 21 April Reply

    Oh my gosh this reading for group one the red jasper was right on point for me Galena. Thanks a lot for the guidance spirit. With love all the way from South Africa, Port Elizabeth. Sending you my love!!!

  • Avatar
    Bayanda Mpambani
    Posted at 21:46h, 21 April Reply

    Get out of here, shut the front door!!! Oh my gosh this reading for group one the red jasper was right on point for me. Everything about it is precisely what I am going through in my career, with myself emotionally and physically, psychologically and most of all spiritually. Thank you so much for the guidance spirit. God bless you, and to many more readings. All the way from South Africa!!! Love you, mcwaah. I am so happy!!!

  • Avatar
    Roshauda Revees
    Posted at 21:05h, 21 April Reply

    What sign will my soulmate be

  • Avatar
    Posted at 18:42h, 21 April Reply

    Wow! This is so accurate it scares me. At first I picked option three because I was torn between option one and three. I am dealing with a conflict my family members do not like the person I was dating and also dealing with a conflict with the person I was interested in because I most recently needed our relationship. We had some communication regarding this breakup. Then I decided to watch option one and oh boy it really resonated everything you said. My relationship has been fickle, back and forth lots of passion and fizzles out quickly hence why the break up happen. Definitely felt like it was a deep spiritual connection that didn’t serve anything else no stability lots of false promises and does not follow through a bug talked. Unfortunately I had to end things and I am healing and focusing on my self and stability for my self. Thank you so much I feel like I am a queen and I use my strength to carry on and create that life I want to live for myself as well as keeping my heart open to attract not only a deep connection but much much more. Thank you! Thank you and thank you!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 16:38h, 21 April Reply

    Hi Galena, I look forward to your readings every week. You have a lovely way of connecting with us; you’re so natural, nurturing, and affirming, while also being direct and honest about the difficult stuff. This week in particular I felt that you were talking directly to me and only me. I chose the brown stone – the earth/nature connection as it turns out. It makes sense as I’m a Capricorn. Every detail of what you said was absolutely spot on for me and where I am in my life at the moment. Thank you so much! Keep doing what you do, just the way you do it. I send you love and light. xx

  • Avatar
    Mary E Creasy
    Posted at 15:24h, 21 April Reply

    I picked the tree agate resignates with me also getting a reading from my guide today about the universe blessing me with fertility so I’ve been told I’m pregnant not for sure and my guide says the universe is offering me this blessing so I really hope it’s right

  • Avatar
    Viviane Banoun
    Posted at 13:34h, 21 April Reply

    Thank you , good reading and good hope.

  • Avatar
    Frederica Skormin
    Posted at 13:04h, 21 April Reply

    Phenomenal reading.
    Very helpful. Thank you so much.🫶

  • Avatar
    Delia Calderon
    Posted at 12:48h, 21 April Reply

    This truly resonates with me, recently I left a toxic relationship, and I had a lot of self-doubts and need to value myself more, I recognize how worthy I am and realize he is not there for me, I definitely am learning self-worth especially when it comes to relationships. I am on my healing journey.

  • Avatar
    Becky Ramour
    Posted at 12:24h, 21 April Reply

    I believe in the tarot, and horoscopes.

    • Avatar
      William Clark
      Posted at 13:46h, 21 April Reply


  • Avatar
    Cinzia Citrigno
    Posted at 12:19h, 21 April Reply

    I Galena, I listened to n. 1 and n. 3, I was drawn to the jasper red stone and the green/gold one. It truly resonates with me, had troubles and need to value myself more, finally tired to be let down by others, recognising how worth I am, and realizing if someone is not there for me, so definitely more stability when it comes to relationship…..and I also lack in communication….will it be restored? I don’t know, especially is I’m the one to go towards the other person all the time…is it worth? We’ll see….thanks for your reading!

  • Avatar
    Adjayi Ladekpo Jacob
    Posted at 12:07h, 21 April Reply

    Je m’appelle Adjayi Ladekpo Jacob , ma femme ma Ă©tĂ© infidèle depuis le dĂ©but de notre mariage . Vous m’avez parler de quelqu’un que ji rencontrera si j’ai pĂ» rĂ©pondre aux commandes, j’ai fait mais jusqu’Ă  prĂ©sent je rencontre personne.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:53h, 21 April Reply

    Thank you thank you very much, I hope your sending will come true the 3rd one and God bless you and yours, also the cosmic members . Hope and pray for peace hear on earth ,

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:42h, 21 April Reply

    Choice 1… Spot on!!! Love your readings ❤️ thank you! X

  • Avatar
    Chanelle B
    Posted at 11:26h, 21 April Reply

    Blessings & greetings to you Galena!! So, you’ve done it again huh? Lol… last weekend’s reading about making new friends(pile 1) was spot on. This wkend I’m in pile 2. Spirit gave you all those direct messages for me. All of them! I overthink alll the time(9 of swords) and still learning to let go and surrender to situations/circumstances (hanged man). I tattooed the affirmation “you’re beautiful” on my thigh last summer because of my past shaping my insecurities… I wear 1-piece bathing suits due to insecurities, but bought my 1st one last summer w/intentions of just wearing it & I’m always in my bthrm mirror looking at small blemishes…But it’s my skin & the inflammation I get when eating certain things I know I shouldn’t. That’s what bothers me a lot. I’m super critical(Virgo sun) of my minor flaws…. Solar ASC is Leo & natal ASC is Aquarius asking me to make the Ascendant entrance of having confidence(Leo) that I look(1st) different(Aquarius). ❤️❤️

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:44h, 21 April Reply

    Hi galena! I went all of the piles first one yes! Twin flame and other soulmate flip flop stuff decided to take back my confidence.Second pile beauty stuff right on the money on feelings inner confidence not wanting to socialize more self care.Third pile family all of us are going through an aging parent decline and all emotions are everywhere trying to let it ride on the universe with out conflict ❤️hearts to you

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:33h, 21 April Reply

    Thank you for your great reading. I picked pile 1. Looking forward for positive outcome and energies. See you on your next reading. God bless.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:14h, 21 April Reply

    Great Reading! I resonated with all three readings that touched on how I feel at this present moment. I am trying to move forward from learning a hard lesson and focus on loving me again.

  • Avatar
    Terry Dyer Hoy
    Posted at 10:10h, 21 April Reply

    The first reading was about my Twin Flame Soulmate …the last reading about my family situation …the middle reading about dating at age 69 and feeling sad about my wrinkles and acne and need to get back into shape for beach weather … not to mention the obvious signs of aging …, dear me.

  • Avatar
    Shirley Irwin
    Posted at 09:54h, 21 April Reply

    Galena, Thank you for the reading. It was spot on and I picked 2 piles . The brown ston and green. I lost my husband 1and a half years ago to cancer and have been wrestling with whether I should move on or not. I ask myself if this it or is there someone else that I can find true love with. A lasting love! I have been stuck for awhile now and I believe you are right about the lack of confidence.. I will take heed in your message. Thank you so much.

  • Avatar
    Michele House
    Posted at 09:44h, 21 April Reply

    Thank you so much for that it helped me out and I’ve heard this many times so everything you said was so much accurate thank you my love for the reading that you gave

  • Avatar
    Betsy Smith
    Posted at 09:43h, 21 April Reply

    Thank you Galena! I picked the red jasper and it definitely resonated with me. I am feeling in much in my own divine feminine power. The strength I have been keeping up while I am in a place with language barrier and due to my deafness, it makes me want to waver. I haven’t had any incidents or met anyone yet so I am fortunate not having to deal with any men that may not be right for me. Like you said, I will bide my time and focus on my self more and manifest what I dream to become the reality I so desire. It is well worth the time to receive the goodness in its most appropriate time. I do not have a home yet, am single, and in the process of building a project that I know will be a success. I have so much to learn and at the same time, practice spirituality. Love and Blessings!

  • Avatar
    Soni Weiss
    Posted at 09:36h, 21 April Reply

    This was information I had been thinking about. Our society puts so much pressure on our appearances. In our EA meeting last night we were talking about that, and how it had affected us a lot over the years. All of us are over 50 or more… good reading, thanks

  • Avatar
    wanda ocasio
    Posted at 09:23h, 21 April Reply

    Great reading. I picked the red jasper. I actually was supposed to meet someone last saturday but i got sick. we rescheduled for tomorrow and after speaking every day multiple times a day he has disappeared. i’m guessing it wasnt meant to be. the other interesting thing is that while i was sick i met someone else. lets see where it goes. and yes i’m not want to accept anything less then what i deserve.

  • Avatar
    Bill Warmus Sr
    Posted at 09:02h, 21 April Reply

    My wife has been unfaithfull to me for 5 and Half years

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