A Passionate Encounter | Sun Enters Libra Tarot Reading | 9/22 - Cosmic Updates

A Passionate Encounter | Sun Enters Libra Tarot Reading | 9/22

What do you REALLY want when it comes to love?

Sirena Moon says that when the Sun enters Libra on September 22nd, it will bring your desires in relationship into powerful focus!

She’s here today to help you get clearer on your wants and needs in life, and resolve any frustrations that have been getting in the way, so you can find the happiness you deserve.

P.S. Has something you don’t want been causing frustrations in your life lately? What (or who) do you feel passionate about right now? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful Cosmic family. Sirena Moon here, and it is my absolute pleasure to be back with you this week. This week I’m talking about the Sun’s movement into the sign of Libra that happens on September 22nd, and it lasts about a month until October 23rd, I believe it is. So I’m talking about what this might mean for you and I’m going to do a group tarot reading with any messages from Spirit for Libra season. So, yay, we are entering Libra season. What does this mean? Well, Libra is the sign of romance and partnership. So the sun is going to shine a light for all of us on romance and our partnerships, how we react in partnerships, how we show up for partnerships. So it’s going to put an emphasis on romance. So you might meet someone really special or you might develop skills that allow you to open your heart more or to really think about what you want in a romantic partner, how to be a better romantic partner.

Libra is also about peace and harmony. So you might feel really inspired to just stop fighting about whatever it is you’re fighting about, stop fighting for whatever it is you’re fighting for, and to just relax into a state of presence and peace, and to bring more harmony into your life in whatever way that means, and especially harmony into your relationships. The energy of Libra is all about adding more beauty, more serenity, peace, harmony, and especially romance into your life. So this is a really beautiful energy that we are entering into this month. So that being said, I’m going to do a group tarot reading based around the energy of Libra season.

So spirit, what can you tell us of our highest good about Libra season? What would you have us know? Okay, this is the Queen of Wands in reverse. So for those of you that are holding back on, expressing yourself, holding back on really claiming and honoring what it is that you truly are passionate about in life, it’s time to flip the script on that and it’s time to claim your passion, okay?

It’s time to say, “You know what? This is what I want. This is what brings me peace, harmony, joy, fulfillment. This is what makes me feel like a beautiful person. This is what makes my heart sing.” Okay? It’s all about starting the month really, really getting clear on what it is that makes your heart sing and what it is your heart really desires and really honoring that right now, and not shutting yourself down or shutting yourself off because you feel like it hasn’t happened yet or you’re so frustrated or you feel like, “Who am I to shine that brightly? Who am I to wish for something that big? Who am I to be that big? Who am I to shine a spotlight on myself that’s that big?” You are that big. You are that worthy. And whether you’re masculine or feminine, you are that queen or king of your kingdom. You deserve to take center stage. You deserve to have the spotlight right on you, and you deserve, most of all, to honor what lights you up and makes you feel happy, what makes you feel joyous and what makes you feel passionate.

This is the Queen of Wands. Wands are all about passion and creativity. So focus on your creativity as we begin this Libra season. Focus on what you want to create, what you want to create in your life, and what you want to bring more of yourself into your life, okay? All right. And your focus… Okay, so for many of you, you might have come out recently of… This is the Five of Wands in reverse. So you might have recently come out of a situation that’s left you feeling pretty frazzled, stressed. There could have been some energy that’s like, “Ah,” really stressing you out. Very aggressive energy for some of you. This could be like people around you that have been fighting quite a lot or kind of making things a bit difficult or just the energy in general, feeling like you can’t get through that energy.

There’s a lot of frustration that you’ve come through recently, and the good news is, with it being in reverse, I think it’s soon over or at least you’re mentally done with it. You’re just done with… This could be an inner turmoil for some of you where you’re done with the inner turmoil of feeling really stressed about this issue or feeling like you don’t know how to work this out in your mind, there’s too many moving pieces, too many moving parts. You feel a little bit aggressive or irritated. Irritated, that’s the word I’m looking for. Some of you just have been feeling irritated like you just want to push through this thing that’s really been holding some of you down and back, and it’s like you’re just pissed off. You want it to be done and over with, and it’s okay to be a little angry. That kind of moves the energy forward sometimes.

You don’t want to stay in that angry energy, but it’s okay to just scream and go, “Enough already! Enough already!” So for many of you, you’ve been focused on just moving out of some situation that’s had you a bit frustrated and stressed, and it could even for some of you be people around you, okay? Oh, okay. And the Page of Cups. Okay, so this is the card of what to let go of. So for many of you it is some partner that is being immature and not owning up to not meeting your expectations for partnership, feeling like they’re just not coming through for you in the way that you need them to be coming through for you with. And for some of you, it’s an opportunity that just did not pan out or it’s not panning out, something you were excited about initially and it’s feeling like a disappointment.

So this is saying to me, for many of you, that it’s time to kind of stop focusing on this person or this thing that you really wish would be bigger than it is and it’s just not showing up for you now. And I’m hearing, “Give it time,” for many of you because it will grow. Seeing so many of you, it’s like you’re looking at a seed that you planted and it’s just starting to grow, and then you’re frustrated because there’s not already a big tree. Things take time. You don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. For some of you, this person or this opportunity actually will work out, but you need to give it time and stop rushing it, stop wanting it to mature faster than it is, or stop wanting this person to come through for you or be something for you when they’re not showing up the way you want them to show up.

You need to give it space, give it time, and pull back and do your own thing. Focus on your own thing. Focus on whatever it is you are excited about in creating. Get busy with you, and this person will come running after you in some time, or this opportunity will grow and be bigger and will meet you where you’re at, okay? And just don’t look at it where it is right now. For others of you, there’s something way better for you than this smaller opportunity or difficult person that you’re focused on. So either way, let it go or just give it some space, knowing that it actually will work out in time or something even better will take its place.

And then what to focus on? That wanted to fly out. Ooh, the World. Okay, the World. Ooh. So focus on the end result, focus on where you’re going. Don’t focus on where you’re at. Focus on the bigger picture. Expand your consciousness. Focus on the end result, okay? So for some of you, it’s like if the bigger picture is you want to get married, you want to find your soulmate, you want to get married, then just honestly honor that. That’s what you want. And so don’t settle for people that are not marriage material and that just want flings or one night stands. You’re wasting time. So this is about really, really going for the bigger, bigger picture and cutting out all the distractions.

For some of you, if you want a dream in your career, like some place in your career, just stop doing the things that distract you, take away your time so that it just keeps you small so that you’re not really going for the bigger dream, which requires some risks and requires you to put yourself out there in the world, in the big spotlight to allow yourself to express yourself and the world. I’m just hearing to really push yourself during this Libra season, some of you, to stop playing small, stop settling, and stop thinking that what’s in front of you is what you have to accept. Because it’s not. It’s about you saying, “No, I’m going for this bigger thing. The world, I want the world. The world is my oyster. I want the big dream. I want the marriage and the soulmate. I want the career that fulfills my heart. I want that big dream.” And for others of you, this is feeling a lot of closure from some pattern that you’ve been in a long time and it’s time to celebrate.

For some of you, that pattern is done. You’re done or you’ve broken up with someone or you’ve left some situation and you’ve closed out a chapter and you’re starting a fresh new one. And it’s very exciting. But for most of you, I am feeling like it is all about claiming this bigger picture that you’re going for and to really keep your eye on the prize and honor what it is that you want, and to just keep going toward it no matter what life looks like. Unexpected insight, unexpected insight… Ooh, clarity. So for many of you, this Ace of Swords, unexpected insight, you’re going to get some information during this time that gives you the clarity that you need. You’re just going to feel crystal clear like, “Okay, no, this is actually the path I’m supposed to take,” or, “No, this is actually not the person I thought that they were.” Or, “Yes, this is the person that I thought that they were,” or whatever’s been just making you feel very frustrated and like you’re not moving forward in some way for so many of you, or you can’t make sense of some situation.

At some unexpected time, information comes in or a light bulb goes off for you somehow. You just get it, something clicks, and it’s like, “Whoa.” You can just cut through all of the noise. You can cut through all the swirling craziness for some of you that’s been happening, and it’s like forward movement, “Here we go. I get it now.” It’s like, “Okay, the light bulb’s gone off. I know the next step I’m supposed to take. I know what I’m supposed to say, or I know what I’m supposed to do, or I see this clearly now so I can move forward.” And it feels like such relief for so many of you. And the final card for this beautiful Libra season. Oh wow. Oh my goodness. The Four of Wands. Wow, that’s beautiful. Okay, so for many of you, the Four of Wand symbolizes celebration and Libra season is all about partnerships. So whether it’s romantic or business or a friendship, it’s this feeling of coming together and going, “Oh, this is a reason to celebrate. There’s some kind of commitment here I can make with a partner or another person.”

Look at those two beautiful people celebrating in this beautiful card. So it’s kind of coming through, this feeling of honoring yourself, where you’re not clear, honoring yourself, honoring your heart, honoring what it is your gifts are. Feeling like you’re coming out of some state of frustration and confusion and aggression. Letting go of the smaller details or person or details that are not showing up as fast as you need them to, or feeling disappointing to you. Focusing on the bigger picture, the bigger dream, staying clear in that goal toward it, having that clarity. And for many of you, it is some kind of coming together in partnership that is a celebration or it is going to some kind of gathering where there is celebrating happening, people coming together, and it feels really good, and there’s something significant about this gathering for you That has to do with this journey that you’re on toward the bigger… The world is your oyster, this bigger picture journey that you’re on.

So be aware of any event that you’re invited to or some kind of gathering, a celebration of some kind, or you yourself may be celebrating with others or with another person for a milestone. That’s what I’m hearing, some kind of milestone occurs for many of you. So that’s beautiful. All right, my lovelies. Well, I’m wishing you the most beautiful Libra season. I hope it’s filled with romance, love, peace, and harmony. Till we meet again, bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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