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A Perfect Connection | November Tarot Forecast 2023 | Jonathan Lionheart

Ready to get a glimpse of what’s ahead this November?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with your Tarot Forecast for the month ahead, bringing clarity and momentum to your next steps.

Just pick your card and discover the perfect message for you now. Enjoy!


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Hey there friends, we’ve got our monthly forecast reading for the month of November. There are some strong possibilities for new love, powerful new projects, financial success, and really beginning to find places where there might be some misrepresentation or manipulation in that coming to the surface and finally getting resolved. So it’s an exciting month ahead. You can grab a private reading with me or jump on my email list down below, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Let me know how this reading lands for you. Take good care

Wherever you happen to be right now. Give yourself a moment to take a few deep breaths. Allow your awareness to drop down into your body, and then maybe bring some of that awareness into your heart space. You might think about something that makes you smile, brings you joy, and allow this feeling of joy and gratitude to flood into the rest of your body. Alright, we call out to mother, father, God, the denizen of light, the deep ones, the rooted ones. We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the North, the South, the East and the West. Please be with us now, help bring forward a clear message and give to us on this day the energy that’s most supportive for each of us at this time. Thank you.

Alright, so let’s take a look here. As we’ve done in the past, you’ll be able to choose between the three options using your intuition, which will lead you to your specific reading for the month of November. So take just a moment and notice which of these cards is calling out to you. You might find yourself gazing at one for a longer period of time or a feeling sense that draws you to one of these cards. Once you’ve made your decision, feel free to skip forward to your specific reading. 

And we’ll start now with the first option underneath the cube. So those of you that chose this first option, this will be your forecast reading for the month of November. So I’m going to tune in with those of you that choose this particular card. So bear with me for a moment as I tune in with you. All right, let’s take a look here. So for those of you that chose the first card, this first card will be the Situation Card. This is the overarching situation, the process of growth and development that you’re going through at this time. Sometimes this is specific to outward events. Often it is a combination of external and internal events and what it is that you’re learning and growing through at this time. Second card will be the Obstacle Card, which will be the reciprocal energy, the energy that’s pushing against you that may appear to be an obstacle or a challenge that you are in the process of learning that helps you in your development and growth. Third card is the Outcome Card, which will look at what it is that you are coming away with as a result of the situations in your life at this time, and can sometimes be a sign of what’s to come next. And then up above, we’ve got the Advice Card for the month of November. 

So, let’s take a look at your Situation Card for the month of November for those of you that chose this first option. So the Situation Card is our lovely King of Wands, and the King of Wands is the highest maturity level and the furthest development of the Suit of Wands. So the Suit of Wands having to do with fire, the creative spark, that which moves us, sexual energy, this sort of thing. The full expression of this is a rooted, grounded, and balanced representation of fire, a rooted, grounded, balanced representation of your creative impulse. So one of the things that sometimes we say in the transpersonal realm of psychology is that there’s a phase of development where we start to become self authorers. We start to author our life, we start to make meaning out of where we came from as well as begin to manifest and create what it is that we’re creating in life. And that is to some degree the King of Wands. The King of Wands has found the balance between this place of self-authoring, creating their own world, and they’ve also begun to align with the next phage phase, which is being authored, which is where we bow down to the currents of life, to the alignment with source to the movements of our soul. So this is likely going to be a pretty powerful month for you because this is a sign of a kind of mastery and groundedness in your world, in your universe that brings forward the leader inside of you, brings forward the visionary inside of you. It’s a kind of creative force that is, it’s beyond just the personal creative force. It’s the kind of creative force that we might call archetypal or the kind of creative force that we sometimes think of as being almost from the supernatural world. It’s when we get aligned in ourselves in such a way that it doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s us leading. It’s something bigger, it’s something more powerful. So this might be a bit of what’s starting to come into your own world. You might be cultivating these skills, finding yourself starting to be somebody that can self-author or create in their world. It’s also possible that you are in contact with somebody that holds these kinds of abilities, who is walking their talk, who is a master in their own right, and they’re having a strong influence in your life at the moment.

Let’s take a look at the Obstacle Card, which maybe has something to do with what could be getting in the way or the challenges that you are facing that are helping you grow into this powerful phase in your life. Wow. So Temperance. And Temperance is a highly alchemical card. Often people translate this as like, “Ooh, don’t do too many extremes, like be temperate.” But the whole concept of temperance being related to not going overboard actually comes from the early 1920s with prohibition where the Christian Church was attempting to help people with their drinking and not drinking, attempting to help people to discontinue or slow down their drinking. So it was to be a temperate person with somebody that didn’t get caught up in the party life. But temperance in this particular context is actually more about mixing the past with your current wisdom. It’s recognizing some of the things that you’ve been through in the past, digesting them and integrating them into your life. So there are certain challenges we go through in life that we can’t really understand until we’ve gotten ourselves into more solid footing later on in life or we’ve evolved into a new level of wisdom and can look back and go, oh, I get what this was about and I can start to integrate it now. So in other words, some of what we’re seeing here is in order to step into this really powerful refined level of self knowing, self-awareness, mastery in your world, you’re going to have to be willing to do a little bit of mining and sifting a little bit of refinement. Another piece about Temperance is that as you sift and sort and go through maybe some of these past experiences and get more clarified, it starts to also refine the direction that you’re heading. You can see this pathway that’s leading specifically to the sun. In other words, you are going to get more precise about what it is that you want as a result of this alchemical internal process. So this is really exciting. Now, some of the hiccups that people get into would be not taking any time to do any of the refinement or getting too tight, too narrow, too much of a narrow perspective. There is an open-mindedness, there is a willingness to receive what’s emerging forward into your life and into what you’re learning versus thinking you already understand it and you’re trying to get things to fit. In other words, go into this process with an open mind. 

And let’s take a look at your Outcome Card for the month of November. Wow. So this is pretty powerful. The general evolution that I see here is really powerful. So if this is the overall theme is moving towards this greater sense of refinement, or for some of you perhaps having met somebody that’s holding that kind of clarity, and the process by which you are deepening yourself is by mixing. You see the mixing process that’s happening between the two cups here. So something is possible that’s going to emerge out of this process that we might, in the alchemical traditions we call Unio Mystica, which is like a sacred union or a Minor Conuctio, which is like a unification from within. That’s what this individual is holding is a certain kind of unification. There’s a lot of healthy coherence. This person has found peace and harmony within themselves and therefore their creative energy can flow in a really powerful way, and that happens through this. Now, what this looks like for you could be a real sense of peace, a real sense of ease. Now, of course, the Two of Cups can also be a sign of meeting somebody that reflects back to you this kind of inner union. When we are mostly unified internally, that tends to be when we are available for and therefore draw to us a kind of relationship whether this is a love relationship, a friend relationship, even a working relationship that has great harmony. The more we harmonize within ourselves, in other words, digest our shadow, which is what’s happening up here. We’ve got our little gecko or our, what are they called…. not gecko, but a salamander is eating his own tail. That means that the shadow, the part of ourselves that was denied at one point digests itself and becomes unity. And when we are unified within, we get mirrored back unity around us in the ways that our relationships show up. So holy mackerel, what a powerful month of November for those of you that chose this first card.

Let’s take a look at the Advice Card. This is super apropos. Any of this digestion, any of this process of integration, of bringing your wisdom to your past will mean looking at some old heartbreak will mean looking at some old loss. Can you begin to melt the ice, melt the protection around old hurts or old loss so that now with the greater wisdom and the greater stability that you have, you can feel it and integrate it and therefore return it back to the place that it came from. Bring yourself back to higher harmony. Alright, so for those of you that chose the first card, this is your forecast for the month of November. Thanks for tuning in with me. I’m really excited to see how that goes for those of you that chose that particular reading.

Alright, and for those of you that chose the second card, this will be your forecast reading for the month of November. So I’m just going to tune in now with those of you that choose this card. All right, so first card is the Situation Card, which is the overall circumstances that you are in currently in terms of your internal growth and development or external situations. Second card is the Obstacle Card, which can be the obstacles that are in your path at the moment or the reciprocal energy that is part of this growing process, part of what it is that you’re learning at this time. And the third card is the Outcome Card, which would be the basic outcome regarding the events that are going on in the month of November. And then up above we have our Advice Card. 

So, let’s take a look at your Situation Card for the month of November. Month of November Situation Card is the Seven of Swords, and as you can see, there is a rather sneaky looking fella who appears to be stealing some of the swords. The myth is, or the sort of the mythos behind it is that he’s in the enemy camp. You can see there’s some tents down here. He’s snuck into the enemy camp and is stealing things away. So as you might imagine, this tends to be a sign of there being some derelict behavior or behavior that is manipulative. Somebody isn’t telling the full truth, somebody is in the process of manipulating things or being generally skeezy or untruthful in some way. Now this can have to do with a particular relationship. This can have to do with a work situation. We will get more information as we start to open this up. But the other thing to really tune in with is are you being fully truthful? Are you being fully honest in your relationships currently? Are you in a situation where you’re having to push things or manipulate things or control things, or is this something that is happening to you? So it’s always important with any of these cards to do a little bit of self-reflection. Check in with what’s going on here. The Seven of Swords is definitely a place where someone is out of alignment, someone is being mischievous or being sneaky in one way or another. And sometimes there are ways in which we can justify doing that to others where in a similar situation, if it was being done to us, we would feel quite hurt. So it’s always important to do a little bit of self-reflection around this type of thing. 

Let’s take a look at the Obstacle Card here. Obstacle Card is our Two of Cups. So it would be very likely that this type of alignment, mal-alignment, is happening in some kind of close relationship, whether that is a friend, family or a romantic partner. Something is out of whack. And this is the type of thing where even if you… A) it could be something that’s explicit and that you’re aware of already, whether it’s from your side or their side. It’s also the type of thing where we just feel like something’s off, something is unsaid, something is intentionally not being said, or that there’s just an emotional discontinuity between you and someone else and you can’t quite put your finger on it yet, what that is. So, the move with this type of thing is to find clarity, find honesty, especially because this doesn’t feel like it’s something that’s happening in terms of a corporation or in your job world. It could be a business partner, but it would need to be a business partner that feels pretty personal, feels close. More so, this is the type of situation that’s going to be with somebody that you have a close relationship with. You can see in this picture just how much they’re sharing with one another. The cups are perfectly even. They’re gazing into one another’s eyes. So this might be a love relationship. This might be a very close friend, this could be a family member, but this is where there’s some struggle, and particularly if it’s somebody that you love, being able to come to a place of vulnerability and honesty can sometimes be scary or hard because we’re afraid we might lose somebody in the process.

So let’s take a look at the Outcome for this particular situation and for the month of November. Now, it’s interesting because this is such a precise pointing out of something and it’s speaking about November. So whatever this is, this is going to be a month where something is going to really find some resolution, and you probably know what that is.

And with our Outcome Card, the Two of Wands, it’s looking like it’s actually going to come to resolution in such a way that you’re going to be able to start to look at new possibilities and options. Whether that means that you’re going to stay in a relationship or in a friendship, or if it’s time to move on by the end of the month or as a result of this month, you can see it’s going to feel like you have the world in your hands. So whatever it is that comes to resolution actually opens up more possibilities, opens up more options for you. You can see he’s gazing out at the horizon, getting a sense of what’s before him, feeling into what it is that he wants to create in his world and in his life. So as a result of some mischievousness or some underhandedness likely in a closer relationship and the process by which you start to come to terms with that, you are actually going to feel like you’re freed up and the possibilities that are on the table are much higher. So you might even begin to get curious about what would I do if I had a bit more freedom or if I wasn’t in a situation that felt a little bit sticky? 

So, let’s take a look at your Advice Card for the month of November. Advice Card is all about alignment. I love the Four of Swords. The way that I tend to read this card is how are you going to or you’re being invited to listen to and align with the song of your soul, which means aligning with higher intelligence, aligning with the purpose that you are here for. And that often means a bit of surrender. You can see this individual is in a resting place and in some sort of sacred realm in a church or in a prayer space. And so this is an invitation to lay down your armor, lay down the things that you believe and come into a place of repose where you can receive insight, where you can align with who you truly are. This is a card of meditation, of prayer, of intentionally taking a step back so that you can become more connected and more aligned with the deeper essence that is behind the scenes of your life. That’s going to be really important for you this coming month because there are pieces that are out of alignment and it’s time to get into alignment so that the clarity of your next choices and the next moves can come forward. Alright, so for those of you that chose the Second Card, that was your reading for the month of November, thank you for tuning in with me as always, and I am excited to see what happens for you in the coming month.

And for those of you that chose the third card, this will be your reading for the month of November. So I’m just going to tune in with those of you that choose the third option. All right, so first card will be the Situation Card, which is the overall events and context of your current situation in your life. These are both the internal evolutionary growing processes that you’re going through and then also some of the external events. The second card will be the Obstacle Card, which will be the reciprocal energy that is pushing against your current situation and the current processes that you are learning. These can be challenges that are showing up in your life or things that are forcing you to grow in a particular way. And, third card will be your Outcome Card, which will give us an overall sense of the outcome of this month and of the situations present on the table. And then up above, we’ve got our Advice Card for the month of November. 

So, let’s take a look at our Situation Card for this month. This is a really great general overall Situation Card. We’ve got our Chariot, which means that there is positive movement. You’re moving things in a good direction in terms of bringing to fruition what it is that you are wanting to create in your life. The Chariot Card is often associated with willpower and focus and putting in the hard work to make things happen. It’s also a card of connecting the heavens with the earth. Or another way of saying that is our higher mind with our instinctual self. So this is where we’re bringing more alignment. I know the idea of what it is that I want to create and I have the engine behind me to make it happen. This is all around a really good card. It means that things are going to be moving forward for you in general, particularly if you’re willing to put in the effort, take charge, go for it. Go for the things that you’re wanting. This is a great card. It’s a great sign in terms of particularly in career, in projects that you might be working on and even in relationships. This can be a really good sign. It’s an invitation for the month of November to go for it, to be willing to listen to your deeper instincts and your general intuition, but to follow that impulse when you see something that you want. This is going to be a great month to go out and grab it and to trust the process. So sometimes the Chariot, we’ve got this duality down here and sometimes this looks like a zigzag. It’s like, I know this is the direction I want to go, and then you have to sort of reorient and zigzag this way. Ultimately, you’re going to get where it is that you’re wanting to be. Just be willing to sort of step out there and reorganize as you need to go.

Let’s take a look at your Obstacle Card for this month. Obstacle Card. This is pretty interesting. So the Obstacle Card is the Knight of Pentacles, and the Knight of Pentacles is our most even keeled Knight. He’s hanging out back at the homestead taking care of the crops while all the other Knights are out, either wooing princesses or fighting battles or charging into new adventures. He’s at home taking things one step at a time, logically planning out season by season what needs to happen. So this might be representative of yourself and a part of you that wants things to be very methodical and normal and grounded and even sort of sluggishly stubborn at times. This could also be somebody else that’s in your life that has that kind of cadence to them. This would be a very Capricorn sort of individual, somebody that wants things to be ordered and methodical and for them to move at a sequential pace. What we’re seeing here is a little bit of oppositional energy because the chariot is more of like, let’s do it. Let’s jump into battle. Let’s go for it, let’s sack the city, let’s chase our dreams, let’s make things happen. So there’s a little bit of interesting energy here. Now, the Chariot is a more balanced version of maybe, we might say, the Knight of Wands who wants to charge in the Chariot, still has that adventurous attitude, but he’s more balanced, he’s more put together. So if you’re finding yourself getting worried about doing things a particular way or slowing things down too much, this is a good sign to turn up the heat just a little bit. Be willing to take a little bit more risks, a little bit more stepping out there and exploring things. On the flip side, if you’re finding yourself moving a bit too fast, it’s okay to come back to slowing things down, letting them move. But at the end of the day, there is an excitement or an energy that’s coming with this Chariot Card. So if there’s something you’ve been holding out on because you want to make sure all the i’s are crossed and the T’s are dotted or the other way around with that, or you’ve been waiting because you want to make sure that it fits your plan, your 10 year plan and wait, it’s not time yet. It might actually be worthwhile to listen to your gut a little bit and go for it, make things happen. 

Let’s take a look at your Outcome Card for the month of November. This is just such a prosperous looking month. The Chariot, even the Knight with their more sort of methodical energy. And then the Ten of Pentacles, which this is generational wealth, deep wisdom. This is ancestral connections, this is big business. Sometimes there’s a lot that’s speaking here or what I’m seeing that has to do with business opportunities, that has to do with bigger projects. And more than anything, what I’m seeing is strike while the iron is hot because the possibility is getting connected with a larger institution or striking gold in one way or another, creating the kind of connections or the kind of wealth that’s quite bountiful and bounteous. There is a little bit of, you might come up against some of the elements of larger institutions that can feel stubborn and slow. And so some of that Chariot is bringing forward some of that warrior energy, some of that adventure energy that says, Hey, listen, there are other ways of doing this and it’s worthwhile for me to push and to fight and to make my point and to step out there. But, all around this is looking really prosperous. This could be a month with some financial boons. This could be a month with new and powerful connections and associations. It’s looking like just a really great month.

For those of you that chose this one, let’s take a look at our Advice Card for the month of November. So within all of this, the advice is, can you find your ground? Can you find your sense of stability within the realms of change? This might actually be part of what gets noticed by others. Part of what you start to recognize as your competency within the turmoil that can be around us, is your ability to stay really centered, really landed. There’s also an element of healthy mediation here, being able to find the appropriate compromises without losing the essence of what it is that you’re wanting, whether that’s in relationship, whether that’s in business, you staying sort of firm in what it is that is essential, while being compassionate and capable of hearing other people’s sides, there’s an empathy that’s alive in this particular card and in this context. So for those of you that chose the third card, that is your forecast reading for the month of November. 

Thank you for tuning in and thanks everybody for tuning in with me. As usual, I love getting to do these readings for you. You can hop on my email list by clicking the link for the reading down below. And of course, I love doing live readings for people. So, say hi, come see what I’m up to and take good care. Bye.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Hi Jonathan as always spot on with the cards it really resonated with me!Thank you so much🙏

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    Thank you so much for my Reading card 3 did hit head on with what I’m going through. I always find inspirational in your Readings. You’re Great!!

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    Hi Jonathan. Good to see you again. I started with the 3rd card tonight, which resonated with my situation quite a bit. Then, as usual, I watched the other readings as well. Each one spoke to a different aspect of my life/challenges right now. Interesting that the 2 of Cups appeared twice – and I understood its significance to my life. I always love the 4 of Swords too. Such vital guidance in any situation, to take time to reflect, compose oneself & search inner wisdom. Thank you for your insights as I move forward into November’s potent & transformative possibilities. Be well.

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    Lawrence Allen
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    I choice the Hird option Chariot. Knight of Pentacles and ten of Pentacles – all comb lined to be very accurate assessment of what I do expect would actually occur for me this month. Well drawn assessment – yes

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