A Powerful Resolution | Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 3/26 - 4/1 - Cosmic Updates

A Powerful Resolution | Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 3/26 – 4/1

Is there a situation on your mind that hasn’t been resolved yet?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a pick your own card tarot reading, so you can see your next steps clearly for the week ahead, and find the resolution that your heart has been searching for. Enjoy!


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Hey there, this is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading. Got a great reading for you this week. But first, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking a bit of a step back. I’m going to do some monthly forecast readings for you, and a soulmate reading. So I’ll be around, you’ll be able to access me, but there are some great readers on their way in to take over the Weekly Tarot Reading.

In the meantime, definitely come check out some of what I’m doing over at emergentsoma.com, which you can find below. And if you’re wanting a private reading with me, you can find the link below as well.

So I can’t wait for you to check out this Weekly Tarot Reading. And until next time, I look forward to connecting again, see ya.

So wherever you happen to be at this moment, give yourself a few deep breaths, and a few moments to just pause. Feel your body and land in this moment. You might bring some of your attention to your heart space. And notice if there’s anything you can be grateful for in this moment… can be really simple things like a safe place to live, or have enough food, or that the sun is out and shining… anything that makes you smile for moments and feel gratitude for what’s been available to you in this lifetime. All right.

So we call out to Mother, Father, God, the denizens of light, the angels and the archangels. We call out to the deep ones, the rooted ones. We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east and the west. Please be here with us now help bring forward a clear message for the week ahead. And please bring forward some supportive energy for those who are witnessing this. Thank you.

All right, so we will be looking at the week ahead. And you will have three different options to choose from today, from which you’ll use your intuition, and we will open up a specific reading from the option you choose.

So your first choice will be here with the double helix. Second choice will be with our lovely cube. And third choice with this triangular shape here. So give yourself a moment to feel into each of these options. Might notice which one is speaking to you or calling to you. And trusting your intuition, once you’ve made your selection, feel free to skip ahead to the reading that will be specific to you.

But we will start with our first option, the double helix here. So for those of you that chose the double helix, this will be your reading for the week ahead. I’m just going to tune in with this group, all right.

So the first card will be the Situation for the weekend. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. And then the card here beneath the double helix will be the Advice card.

So let’s take a look at the Situation card for the week ahead. We’ve got our Four of Cups, which often can show up after we’ve had a period of excitement, some form of celebration or enjoyment. And now it’s starting to settle in, is a little bit of melancholy. This can be a time where you’re feeling reserved, pulled back. Like you just kind of want your own space. There can be hints of sadness or depression with this particular card, something that’s injured.

Thing about all of the fours, the fours tend to represent a certain kind of balance. Now, what that means is that the places in our life that are out of balance are going to be brought to the surface, so that things can come back into balance. So this can be a time after the Three of Cups where there’s lots of celebration, lots of movement, where there’s almost like a dip of Valley.

Now, you might notice that there’s a cup being offered to our friend here from the sky. So that’s part of that wisdom that even if there’s a little bit of a low, or a low at the moment, it’s actually leading you towards greater balance in the long run.

So, for some of you, this might be showing up as a little bit of internal sadness, feeling disconnected, or like you just want to move really slow. For others, this can be about a specific situation, whether that’s a relationship, or something that’s just not matching up in your life.

So let’s take a look at our Obstacle card. So we get a bit more information about what might be going on here. So this, for me, is a sign that it could be that you’ve actually had some sort of big, energetic, maybe emotional, event, that was really exciting… maybe there was a new connection that you made, or something fresh has begun to happen, and you felt really inspired by it.

But what has happened as a result is that something is going to balance out a little bit. So now the other shoe has dropped, which is: “Oh, I’ve actually got to put more work into this.” Or: “It looks like there’s the possibility that the person that I’ve connected with doesn’t really have all of the qualities that I initially thought that they had.”

So the Ace of Cups is this place of renewal of joy, of interest. But it’s an unformed raw energy, which means that it hasn’t really found it to ground yet.

So for some of you, this could be a new connection, somebody that’s come in, that’s got you very excited or curious. For others, this could be new hopefulness around a particular career situation, or an excitement around an opportunity that’s come into your life.

But ultimately, at the end of the day, there’s going to need to be the grounding that comes in. So you might be feeling a little bit sad that that energizing influence has come to an end, or has moved on, or that the next phase has started.

So let’s take a look at our Outcome card for the week ahead. So this is a great sign. Two aces here, the Ace of Wands in this particular Situation is a sign that you turning inward and being a little bit more internal is going to end up lighting some creative fire.

So something is definitely sparking up for you right now. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we’re experiencing spring right now. And this kind of crackling and popping is really natural, where there could be a little bit of excitement, and then maybe a little timidness, and then more excitement and creative energy.

What it’s looking like is that this week, you could be experiencing a little bit of emotional highs and lows. And it’s going to come out the other side with you feeling energized and ready. For a new phase.

This might mean that you are feeling curious and excited about a new connection. It could mean that you’re just feeling energized in your body and ready to create in the world, one way or another.

If you start the week out feeling a little bit inward, I would say to honor that and give yourself room to go inward for a bit because it’s not going to last for long. You’re really on the edge of some fresh, new movement.

Let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week ahead. So your Advice card is basically a reminder to keep putting in the work. In other words, putting in the work with yourself. That means learning more about yourself, tending to yourself, doing the things that you know are going to make you feel good.

Sometimes our Pentacles can be specific to the body… so getting good exercise, taking good care of yourself. It’s also just a reminder that you are in the process of refinement. You are becoming good at something in your life, whether that’s the way that you are taking care of yourself relating to others or what it is that you’re creating in your life, and now is a good time to keep working that, keep refining the process that you’ve been working on.

Alright, so for those of you that chose this first option, that was your reading for the week ahead. And let me know how it resonates for you. And I look forward to connecting again in the future.

So let’s take a look at our second option next. And the second option is our cube. So for those of you that chose the cube with the second option, this is going to be the reading for you, I’m just going to tune in with this group.

All right, first card will be your Situation card. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. So let’s take a look for those of you that chose this second option.

The Situation card for the week ahead is our Hanged Man. And for those of you that have been listening to me for a while, you know that I absolutely love this card. He is our yogi of the Tarot deck, the one that puts himself in new and sometimes uncomfortable positions in order to gain greater insight, new ways of perceiving life, and general soul evolution.

The Hanged Man can definitely be a sign of going through a particular learning curve in your life, something might be feeling challenging, something could feel stuck. This is a card that for me really is a sign that something at a deep level is wanting to be understood in a new way. Sometimes I think of this as… your soul came into this life with certain things that it wanted to grow and learn. And when the Hanged Man shows up, you’re often sort of in a groove, or you’re right up against one of those things that’s trying to evolve through this lifetime.

So what this can look like for some of you is that there’s… nothing wants to move forward in some area in your life. You’re trying and you’re trying and you’re trying, and it just feels like you’re sort of stuck. You’re in a cycle with something… it doesn’t want to change.

And for those of you that are experiencing that, the best thing you can do is slow down, take a step back, take a look at what’s going on. For others, this can be a sign that you’ve consciously chosen to do some inner work and some inner growth. You’ve decided that you’re going to face some of the challenges that are on your plate, whether those be relationship or career or anything else. You’re deciding that you want to look at it from a new light and work on something.

So let’s take a look at what the Obstacle card for this week is, React. So part of what you might be experiencing is a sense of overwhelm. It might, it could be that you’ve felt like you’ve been up against… overwhelmed for a long time, too many things that you have to deal with lots of obligations.

Now, on the one hand, for some of you, this could be a sign that it’s time to start looking at what needs to change, in order for you to start feeling more deeply regulated, more deeply at peace, more related to yourself.

This can look like more self-care, more time to do some of your creative pursuits. For others, this might be a sign that you are in the process of stepping into a new level of responsibility, in which case, the growing pains that you are experiencing are just part of the deal. It’s kind of like if you haven’t been exercising for a while, and/or you’re wanting to up your exercises to a certain degree for a little while.

It’s going to be extra uncomfortable, your body is going to have to adapt to the new weight, or to the new process that you’re going through. But it’s good because you’re building the body and the nervous system that can handle that sort of thing.

So for some of you, this could look like you choosing to uplevel in your life in some way, whether that’s choosing to grow in your career, choosing to take on responsibilities that you haven’t had before.

So there are a couple of different things that could be going on here. Some of you, it’s time to really pay attention to self-care. For others, you are in the process of expanding and growing yourself.

Let’s take a look at the Outcome card. So this is great. The Outcome card is our Four of Wands, which means all this growth, all this work that you’re putting in, you’re only to get to a place where it feels like you can rest a little bit. You feel like you’re going to. You’re actually going to be able to enjoy yourself, enjoy some of the fruits of your labor.

This is a card of celebration. It’s a card of getting to enjoy with those around you, whether those are people that you work with or family members, or even going on a vacation of some kind.

Whatever it is that you are growing through and becoming, you are headed in that direction, and it’s going to feel good. This could look like maybe a celebration at the end of the week. It could be that you’re just going to get a really delicious rest this coming weekend. This can also be a sign that you’ve kind of crossed the finish line with something. In other words, something you’ve been working on, you’re going to be able to check it off the list.

So let’s take a look at what the Advice card is for your week ahead. The Advice card is our Two of Pentacles. And I like to think of this as the adaptive Tarot card, the care card that knows how to go with the flow.

Put attention where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. This is a card of knowing how to balance your time and your energy in such a way that you’re not getting stuck in the details or stuck on one thing.

So this is a card of movement. There’s whole lot of movement happening in the Two of Pentacles. He looks like he’s dancing. He’s juggling the Pentacles with the infinity sign between them. The waves are churning and moving. In other words, there’s a lot that’s happening and moving in your life.

And the way that you can go through with that is to not get stuck. Give yourself the okay to go, “You know what, this isn’t moving forward right now. I’m gonna put my attention over here,” and continue to move and change with what’s on your plate.

So for those of you that chose the second option, this is going to be your reading for the week ahead. I hope this is helpful. Let me know how it resonates. And I look forward to connecting again soon. Take care.

All right, let’s take a look at our third option. Third option is our little triangle friend here. So for those of you that chose the third option, this is going to be your reading for the week ahead. I’m just going to tune in with this group of people now.

All right, so first card is going to be your Situation card. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome.

So for those of you chose this third option, let’s take a look at your Situation card for the week ahead, our Ace of Pentacles. And it really is kind of an appropriate coin.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere that are going through springtime, you can see the image here. There’s blooming flowers, in this lovely archway, and just a lot of light, and movement. And this is a card of new beginnings, new energy. This can be new energy in the realm of finances, new energy in the realm of physical health. This can be new energy in the realm of our creative inspiration. Sometimes it can be relational.

In other words, it can be a sign of new connections. But often with this sort of raw pentacle energy, this raw earthy energy, that would be more of a physical connection to start with.

So this energy of the the Ace of Pentacles really is that birthing of something new. It may not have form yet, we might not know where it’s going.

So for some of you this could look like a new connection that is work related that could lead to something powerful, or a idea for an investment that wants to happen that’s going to sort of grow and build. This could also just be the new inspiration and feeling alive in your body, wanting to go move yourself, work out, or be creative with your movement in some form.

So let’s take a look at our Obstacle card for the week ahead. Very interesting, our Nine of Pentacles is our resident individual that has created a lot in their life and can enjoy some of it. So this is an individual that is wealthy, they are self sufficient. They’ve had the patience to cultivate the kind of wealth that allows them a lot of freedom.

So for some of you, this could be something that you’re wanting to cultivate for yourself. Now, one of the great adages that is good to remember and that feels associated with this is that the river if you create an end point to the river, the river doesn’t get to flow.

So for some of you, you might be wanting to come to a place where you feel like you are 100% self-sufficient, you have what you want, you can purchase things as you wish. And the reminder is to not create too concrete an idea of what that looks like, of where it is that life is trying to take you. Especially if there’s a sense of new flow, new energy coming in, new finances coming in. Don’t necessarily cap your idea of where that might end up.

For others, it’s possible that you are having to deal with somebody that is very self-sufficient. They can be a little bit stubborn, they can be a little bit closed, disinterested. They might be a bit hoity toity, and they could be creating a blockage for this new energy that is starting to come through.

So there’s a lot of vitality that’s showing up here. And specifically with our Ace of Pentacles, the potential for it to grow into something sustainable is ultimately going to require patience, and effort.

This Ace of Coins, this Ace of Pentacles only becomes this deep capacity in this deep wealth with patience. So you can see there are all these grape vines in the background, it takes multiple years for grapes to reach a place where they can actually be harvested, and or created into wine, like, it takes time.

So let’s take a look at our Outcome card for the week ahead. I love this. The overall theme that is striking a chord is this theme of patience. So this is the Strength card. And the Strength card, really, at the essence, is a kind of wisdom and compassionate patience.

This, the woman here has been able to tame the lion, the lion being our more primal instincts that might say, “Oh, I’m gonna buy a bunch of things,” or, “Oh, I want this… I want that… I want this.” And she has been able to tame the lion through staying in integrity with what it is that she’s truly wanting, truly desiring. And through compassion, being gentle, and being kind to the parts of herself that maybe are afraid or maybe feel impulsive or like they might need to move at a much faster pace.

So for some of you, in this process of wanting to cultivate deeper relationship with wealth, with self-sufficiency, it’s just a reminder that… go to the place in yourself that has deep integrity and deep wisdom and move from this place.

For others, if you’re having to deal with somebody that just seems a bit like a tyrant, the strength card is a reminder to, to stay the course of what you know is right and what is true. Even if that means it’s going to take some time, even if that means you have to deal with somebody that could be challenging. You know what is right and what’s true. And if you stay to that core, you’re going to find your way through.

Alright, let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week ahead. Our Advice card is our Page of Wands, and I like to think of the Page of Wands is the great creative influence or the individual that can take basically nothing and turn it into something interesting.

So for some of you, this is a reminder that you don’t necessarily need all the power that somebody has, you don’t necessarily need. It’s, you don’t need all of the special things to be somebody that’s creating, that’s growing, that’s developing.

Sometimes I think of this, if you’re really truly an artist, you don’t need the cutting edge paintbrush, no, if you’re an artist, you’re going to find a way to create what it is that you want to create, regardless of the quality of paintbrush that you have.

So this is a reminder that you have the ability to create from what seems like nothing. The other side that this could be in terms of Advice is connecting with people who are creators, who are innovators, who are those that want to bring newness into life. You might have an ally out there that wants to support you in one way or another.

So, for those of you that chose this third grouping, this is your reading for the week ahead. Thank you so much for tuning in with me and let me know how this resonates.

And for everybody else, thank you so much. I always love connecting with you. The next time you will see me will be for the monthly forecast, and I look forward to catching you then take good care, and I look forward to connecting soon. Bye bye.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Dear Jonathan,
    I really appreciate every weekly tarot advice with your gentle and kind behavior. I will miss you and hope that you will be back soon. Greetings Gisela

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      Jonathan Lionheart
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      Thank you Gisela. I will miss you all too. I do have some things coming up in which we may still be in contact, so stay tuned for more on that. Until next time <3

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    Great Patience & Strength are required to get me to where I want to be in life. Thank You so very much for this!

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      Jonathan Lionheart
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      Absolutely, Suzanne. Patience and strength are large supports on our path. See you next week.

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      Thank you so much you are truly gifted. I enjoy all of my weekly reading. I pray all is well and you take care. I appreciate you so much.

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    Dear Jonathan Thank you so much for the reading this week i close the first card thank you again bless you

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    Lisa B
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    Thank you Jonathan. Once more I found something of value in each reading. I appreciate your explanations & careful guidance. You have such a gentle, intuitive manner that enables me to discern the meaning of each card & how it reflects on my own situation. I always look forward to your weekly readings, whatever the purpose you bring. See you again soon.

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      Jonathan Lionheart
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      Lisa, thank you for your kind words. It truly is a joy reading your reflections week to week and seeing the connection.

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    Thank you Jonathan. I picked the star.

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    Trying to wrap my head around this stuff and trying to believe in it

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    You are the best. Godspeed your every move.

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    Well I can’t have one on one sessions with I don’t have the money to pay for a one on one session I payed to have picture of my soulmate and it didn’t come through I would like to have my money back I can’t afford to lose money that I don’t have to waste I am sorry to be this way master Li

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      Jonathan Lionheart
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      I am sorry that someone offered you a service and did not come through on their end.

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    Posted at 19:43h, 26 March Reply

    Hello Jonathan. Thank you for your great reading. I pick pile 3. Looking forward for wonderful and positive outcome. See you on next reading. God bless

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      Option 2. Helpful & hopeful advice. Thank You!

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    i picked star

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      Mark Garcia
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      Hello Johnathan thanks for your reading I have lost alot in the fire now I’m on retirement and disability social security and i have looking for a low income home for my fiance and I but I have been threw alot of dead end streets all because I have not established my credit we have been living with family members and still looking I have been on so many waiting lists and still on them it’s been like 12 years and still nothing I’m 61 years old now and my fiance is 60 just needing to vent but hopefully something will come up and hope it does before it’s my time to go I’ve been threw to much and feel it’s my time for something to happen I know things can only get worse before they get better but with the faith of God someway I will get blessed with a home for us.

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        Jonathan Lionheart
        Posted at 19:41h, 31 March Reply

        Thank you for your vulnerability, Mark, in sharing your story and struggles. I deeply hope that you can find what you are looking for.

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