A Powerful Shift Is Coming | Monthly Tarot Reading | May 2023 - Cosmic Updates

A Powerful Shift Is Coming | Monthly Tarot Reading | May 2023

The month of May could bring powerful shifts in many areas of your life, as you start to change certain habits and patterns to reflect your current inspirations.

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a Monthly Tarot Forecast for May 2023, so you can understand the larger energies unfolding in your life and prepare for the best. Enjoy!


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Hi there, friends! This is Jonathan Lionheart with the first iteration of the Monthly Forecast Reading. And I want to make a couple of distinctions about what this particular reading is about. These readings are focused on more of what it is that you’re growing through at this time in your life, looking over the span of a month, getting a sense of some of the things that you, at a soul level, are learning, integrating, and bringing more fully into your life. So I’m excited for you to take a look.

This month, I’m seeing a lot of integration of who it is that you are at a core level with the surrounding elements in your life. In other words, no longer trying to rearrange the furniture in your house, but starting to find some of the peace and joy within yourself that starts to rearrange things on its own. In other words, there’s something at a deeper level that’s trying to move through you, and in one way or another, you’re in the process of integrating this. So I’m excited for you to take a look at the reading for the month ahead.

And I always love hearing from you. It’s great to see you. Definitely grab a one-on-one reading if you liked down below, and I look forward to connecting again soon. Take care.

So wherever you happen to be right now, give yourself a few moments to settle into your body and settle into this moment. Allow yourself to take a few deep breaths. Notice how you’re feeling today in the same way that you might notice what the weather is outside. Whatever is here is okay. And then you might bring some of your awareness into your heart center and maybe focus on a few things that you’re grateful for, something that makes you smile.

Call out to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the North and the South, the East and the West. We ask you to be here with us now to bring forward a clear message to help us in our process of growth and development, to reveal the things that are ready to be revealed and to help us come to terms with and be okay with those things that are not ready to be revealed yet. Help us to see where we are ready to grow and where we are needing to bring some acceptance.

All right, let’s take a look at some of the energies for the month ahead. And as we’ve done in previous readings, you’ll have the opportunity to use your intuition to choose one of these three options. And then you can find the right time signature in the recording to find the reading that’s specific to you.

So notice which of these cards is calling out to you at this moment. Trust your intuition. You might feel like your eyes keep going back to one of these particular items, or just a gut sense. And the information that comes through is what you’re needing to know right now for the month ahead. Notice if you can, stay with your body, stay with the energy of this moment while you hear the interpretations that come forward. It’s more about—it’s less about the actual facts of the cards and more about how this is seeping into your unconscious and your energy. Notice the feeling sense that comes up.

So for those of you that chose the first card, this is going to be your reading for the month of May. I’m just going to tune in with those of you that chose this card. All right, let’s take a look.

So the first card is going to be the overall situation of the month. Often what this means for a larger reading like this, a month-long reading, is that there’s a particular theme of the month that you’re going to be working on. That’s going to be sort of the general pieces that your life, your soul, is kind of in the process of understanding or growing through.

The second card will be the obstacle, in other words, what it is that might be getting in the way or that you’re learning to metabolize in your life so that you can grow at this particular time.

And the third card will be the outcome. In other words, what it is that you’re harvesting from this time period in your life, what you’re harvesting from the month ahead, likely what some of the situations are going to produce and how that’s going to affect you.

And then, of course, we’ve got our advice card up here, which is often some guidance either from your higher self or just the general information on how it is that you might work through, some of what’s showing up in the month ahead.

So let’s take a look at our situation card for the month ahead. This is our lovely, fresh ideas, fresh insights card, the Ace of Swords. It often is the piercing through all of the insights that want to come into you.

So one of the ways of thinking about this is that we have certain patterns and certain ways that we go about life. We’ve learned strategies that have served us, and in some ways, those strategies have also restricted us. But those strategies are things that we use on a regular basis. But the deeper part of who we are, in other words, our soul or our higher self, is constantly in contact with the intelligence or the stream of life. But our patterns often get in the way of that insight coming in.

So the Ace of Swords… one way of thinking of the Ace of Swords, is an insight into some of the patterns and some of the ways that we’ve been living. For somebody that maybe has always felt that they’re going to have to struggle or fight with life, an Ace of Swords moment is a realization that part of their mechanisms, part of their defenses can actually let go. And there can be some grace or some flow that comes in.

So for some of you, this might be insight into a relationship situation, realizing in some way or another that you want something different, or there’s a different way that you want to be in the relationship that you’re already in. For others, this might have more to do with a life purpose or a life goal. You might start to come to realize, “Oh wow, what really turns me on and what really lights me up in my life is more this and less this.” So this is a period.

Sometimes I think of the Ace of Swords as a lightning strike, something that comes in and starts to reset the patterns. Insight, as you might know…there are many different pieces to the puzzle that may have started to come together, and then in a flash, it all makes sense. In a flash, there’s an emergence of understanding.

So this could be a really exciting month for you as it’s basically adding a new component, and it might even be a small component into your life, into your insight. But that small component could shift the entire pattern of your life.

So let’s take a look at what some of the opposing pressures might be. So I always like to say, and it’s important to understand, that anything that is trying to grow and evolve in life actually needs a counter pressure in order to make it stronger. In other words, when a plant starts to grow out of the earth, it actually needs the pressure of the soil to create the right kind of stability so that when it gets bigger and it blooms into a flower, it’s strong enough to hold itself up. So we want to look at the obstacles as part of the growing process, as part of what it is that’s helping us develop into the person that we’re becoming.

So, the obstacle card this month is our Page of Wands, and the Page of Wands, on the positive side, is somebody that’s very creative, fluid. They’re always into a new project, a new possibility. There’s an element of excitement, energy – their creative impulse is really on fire. One of the ways that we know this is that even though he’s in the desert, his wand has bloomed – it has greenery that’s coming out of it. So this lets us know that regardless of what’s happening around him, he’s able to create and produce.

Now, on the low side of the spectrum, considering that this is a card that is hanging out in the obstacle position, the Page of Wands can often be flighty, not very reliable, somewhat unpredictable. They can be a little bit manipulative to somebody because they want to produce sort of a quick flame or a quick flat fire, regardless of how sustainable it is or how long it’s going to last. This type of person can push people in certain directions to get the result they want.

So on one side, this could be yourself. This could be a representation of yourself and your own creative energy and other energy. In other words, energy that kind of goes this way and then that way and then this way, but can’t seem to get landed in a regular, sustainable pulse, right.

If you’re really wanting to build something, you need the container of consistency that helps you produce that curve, that creative movement in a regular way, even when things are challenging. You keep going. And that’s what over time builds a bonfire, rather than just a quick burn, which is somewhat of what we see with the Page of Wands.

On the other side, it’s possible that you are in a relationship with or you’re having to deal with somebody that has some of this more volatile energy. Now, volatile energy in this particular situation doesn’t necessarily mean that this person is toxic or bad. It just means that they’re back and forth, or this way and then they’re that way. They’re heading this way and then they’re going this way. And the tricky thing with this particular combination between the Ace of Wands and the Page, or the Ace of Swords, and the Page of Wands is that both of these are like spark energies. Their energies show up, but they don’t necessarily have the sustainability to be able to continue forward.

So it’s totally possible that this month, you’re looking at and getting curious about what are the areas where there are sparks and energy that have the ability to move forward and become long movements, long progressive movements in your life, and what are the ones that are kind of like, “Gosh, it feels really good for a moment, or it’s a great insight for a moment, but then it kind of depletes me in the long run.” Because a bit of what we’re seeing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this a bit more in the rest of this reading, is that both of these cards need a container.

They need the, like, rich soil of life. So when you plant a creative spark, it’s not going to just grow one little branch and then fall away. It’s going to create a tree that can produce more and more over time.

So, like I said, for some of you, this might be having to do with your own creative impulse. For others, it’s totally possible that you’re having insights into a kind of relationship dynamic that just is no longer sustainable for you, or you’re seeing through it in a way that something can begin to shift in that relationship dynamic.

So let’s take a look now at the outcome card for your month ahead. So, the outcome card is our Five of Wands, and the Five of Wands, I actually really love this card.

On the low side of the spectrum, it tends to frighten people because it can mean things like conflict, it can mean argumentation, it can mean fighting. But on the high side of the spectrum, the Five of Wands is actually a card of dynamism. It’s about conversation, it’s about ideas rubbing up against each other. It’s the kind of friction that creates greater insight.

It’s… it’s often representative. Each of these individuals are coming from a different kingdom, and it’s not necessarily seen as them trying to kill each other or destroy each other. It’s more like their play fighting, they’re sort of in a competition with one another.

So one of the ways that we can look at this, and that seems quite apparent to me energetically, is that when you add a new insight, in other words, you might come to a new realization that starts to shift something in you at a fundamental level. And when you shift something at a fundamental level, right, you have an aha—it starts to change the pattern in a deep way. And when the pattern starts to change, it means that your relationships are starting to change as well, or how you relate to your relationships begins to change, how you relate to your working world starts to change. When you might say it like you have some contracts in your relationships, in your working world, where you basically said, “I will act like this, and I will see things like this.” And the people and the situations in your life say, “Great, that’s what I want. Let’s come together in that way.”

But then you have a new insight that comes in, and you start to change, and as you start to change, those relationships go, “Wait a second. We had an agreement you would be like this going forward,” or your working world said, “You are going to be like this, you are going to be smaller like this.”

So now you’ve had this insight, and something’s starting to grow and change. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a month where you’re coming into contact with your growth, your change, your new ways of being in life, starting to create a little bit of friction around you. But to me, this is healthy friction. This is you growing and becoming more of who you are, kind of friction.

So for some of you, that might be that you’re choosing to engage in your creative process in a new way. And that means that you’re going to get bigger, you’re going to start wanting more, you’re going to start getting more creatively engaged with life. For others, this could mean that there’s an insight that’s coming in that’s going to shift a pattern around, maybe a flighty relationship or a relationship pattern in your life. And that means that those relationships are either going to change with you, or they’re going to start to dissipate.

So let’s take a look at your outcome card or your advice card for the month ahead. I love the Moon card as your advice card; it’s saying this is the perfect time for you to be integrating some of the unconscious parts of your psyche.

And what this means is that some of this insight… anytime there’s a new energy that comes in – and that’s what an insight is – it’s where new realizations sort of create a new channel or a new realm of insight through your energy. It also means that some of the unconscious material is going to come to the surface.

So, for some of you, it’s possible that part of the relationship dynamic or the work world dynamic that you’ve been in comes from a place in your childhood, a way that you compromised yourself in order to make things safe in your family system, or a way in which you held back or inhibited yourself in order to keep things safe or put together. You might start to realize some of these things.

And on the one hand, it means that there’s going to be a juicy creative boost. You might find yourself singing, writing poetry, having really powerful dreams that are guiding you. And on the other hand, it might mean that there could be some deeper emotions that start coming to the surface that want to be integrated.

Anytime that there’s a Moon period, we can feel a little bit of confusion. And this is a great time to have good friends who can be neutral and caring for you, or working with a professional that can help create a container for you to process some of what’s coming to the table.

All around, this is a really powerful month ahead for you. These new insights that are coming in should be welcomed, even though they’re going to create changes. Ultimately, it’s creating more space in your life. It’s creating more possibility for you to embody the creative, interested, capable person that you truly are.

Alright, so thank you so much for tuning in with me, those of you that chose this first card. It’s always a pleasure to get to tune in with you. Let’s… I look forward to us connecting again in the future. You can always reach out to me. I love hearing from you. And take care. I’ll see you next time.

All right, so for those of you that chose the second card, this is going to be your reading for the month ahead. So I’m going to tune in with those of you that chose the second card now, and then we’ll open up the reading for me. All right, let’s take a look.

So the first card is going to be the situation, and in the context of a larger reading, like a reading for me, this is really what it is that’s most important for you to be noticing and focusing on in the month ahead. It has a lot to do with what it is that you’re learning and growing through.

Your second card will be the obstacle, and this is the reciprocal tension on what it is that you’re growing. And like I said in the last group, I’ll just explain it here again, that the reciprocal energy, in other words, what may appear to be an obstacle or pressure, is a very important part of the growing process.

If a plant is trying to grow through the soil and it doesn’t have the tension of the soil, it doesn’t actually grow strong enough that when it becomes a flower it can hold itself up. So that reciprocal tension or pressure is an important part of your growing process and shouldn’t be seen as something to just get out of the way but something that you’re learning to relate to and to grow through.

And then your final card here will be the outcome, which is basically what it is that you’re learning through this month, what it is that you sort of harvest from the month as a whole, and what you can expect as a result of what it is that you’re learning and growing through.

And then of course, there will be some advice from your higher self or from the general energy in the field for the month ahead that will help you.

So let’s start by taking a look at the overall situation for the month ahead. We’ve got our King of Wands, which is one of my favorite Kings. But I won’t play favorites. I like all of the Kings.

So the King of Wands is often a representation of a very adept leader, somebody who has integrated their creativity, their passion, and their anger. Creativity, passion, and anger all kind of run along the same line. And when we’re younger, or it’s energy that’s a bit more volatile, it comes out in things like the Knight of Wands. Where it’s very impulsive, this way, that way, lots of anger, lots of intensity. Or it’s flighty, like the Page of Wands, which is more like a little spark here, and then a little spark there. But none of it is sustainable. That King of Wands has learned how to be patient and to bring some healthy control and some healthy boundaries to his creative process. And from that, he’s become an incredibly magnetic individual. People are inherently attracted to him. People naturally want to follow his lead. He has sort of a greater foresight and a greater capacity for understanding the natural movement of energies. So people naturally want to follow his lead.

So for some of you, this could be a quality that you’re cultivating in yourself, your own leadership abilities, your ability to be with the passions of life without letting them rule you in any direction, in all directions.

What this can look like is… there’s more, I don’t want to say control… there’s more room for qualities like anger, qualities like lust, qualities like creative fervor. There’s more room for those inside of you that you can listen to them and be with them without having to do something with it. Having to do something with that anger, right, yell at somebody. Or creative energy, like, “I have to go and do this thing right away. Even though really what I need to be doing is taking my time.” There’s more room, and so you’re able to see the longer view and move things at the pace that’s right for them.

This might be for some of you that you’re stepping into a new leadership position in a career or in your life in some way. You’re choosing to sort of step into your power in a way that has greater integrity, right.

One of the most challenging things with, quote-unquote, “power” is that anytime that you have greater power, it means that your container has to be able to hold things with greater integrity, right. Anytime there’s more energy, the places where there are leaks become more prominent. This is why we see a lot of people in power misusing their power in one way or another, whether that’s showing up in some sort of addiction, or some sort of manipulation, or in some sort of unethical practice. So this could be part of what it is that you’re cultivating.

It’s also possible that this card is speaking to your relationship to authority figures, how it is that you’re relating to those who are in power, whether those are bosses, whether those are parental figures, whether those are politicians, or perceived individuals of authority. This month could be you coming into relationship with authority in one way or another, whether that’s your own power and authority, or that’s authority and power of others.

So let’s take a look at what the obstacle is going to be with this particular process. And just to say that true power, when you’ve really integrated your power, you can see that the King of Wands – he looks very relaxed and at peace, just like the Queen of Wands – very sort of dignified and at ease. He’s not leaning in or trying to make something happen. True power doesn’t have to be forceful, true power doesn’t have to push things. True power doesn’t have to be threatening. True power, when it’s deeply rooted, doesn’t even need to prove itself. And that’s when you know that somebody is a natural leader. You can feel a certain magnetic force in them.

Alright, so let’s take a look at your obstacle card for the week ahead. This is a great obstacle card. The Eight of Cups, as some of you have heard me say, is one of my favorite cards. This is the card of calling. It’s a card that arrives when there’s a yearning, or a thirst for deeper meaning.

In other words, we’ve been living our life in a particular way, and it’s been good – certain foundations have been created. But there’s a yearning for a deeper kind of integration. And what I mean by that is that deeper meaning or deeper relationship with life, basically is our relationship with the channel in our self and our bodies and our energy of our true essence. That channel moves from above, down through the centerline of our body. It moves up and down through the centerline of our body, but we feel a sense of integrity and we feel a sense of purpose and meaning when we are aligned with that center line that moves through our body. It’s the pulse of our true self.

Now, often there’s a period where we have to create a certain kind of foundation, a certain degree of containment in our life, right? We have to make enough money. We have to have good interpersonal skills. We need to be able to relate to the situations around us in a healthy way. And once we’ve cultivated enough of that – I often call it the cup, like the container, that cup of who we are – then there’s sort of a desire for a deeper relationship with life, right. We’re no longer stressing and straining for survival sake. We’ve kind of taken care of some of those elements, which in this is the representation of these well-stacked cups. There’s a sort of a healthy place that this person has been in. But now that we’ve created that, there’s a desire for a deeper meaning.

And the Eight of Cups is a sign of needing to go in search of that. Where you are right now, something needs to shift a little bit, maybe a lot, in order for you to come into contact with that. Now, this card doesn’t show up when we’re kind of like half in half out like, “Yeah, you know, I could search for deeper meaning, but maybe I won’t.” This is a card where it’s like, “I’m ready for something deeper, and I’m willing.” He’s going off into the mountains to search for something that’s different. He’s ready to make a fundamental shift in his life in order to bring more clarity, more meaning into his life.

So, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sell all of your things and head off to Nepal. What it means is that something in your life at a deep level is ready to be engaged with in a deeper way. This could mean more journaling, this could be more meditation, it could mean working with a spiritual teacher or coach, it could mean going on a trip of some kind, it could mean that you already are aware of what that shift is. You know that something is ready to change, and it’s time to start making that move.

Now, the reason that this card can come up as an obstacle is that change is scary, it’s hard. It’s not necessarily the type of thing that needs to happen all in one quick flash. But it does mean that it’s time to start gathering up the resources that you need – the food, the water, the necessary items – because you don’t know how long that journey is going to be.

And it’s time to start getting curious about: What is the frequency? What is the excitement that I feel in my body? And what is it coming up around? Because that’s what’s calling me. And it seems quite apparent to me that it’s calling you into a different degree of mastery. It’s calling you into a different degree of your own power, your own relationship to authority.

For some people, what that means when they have issues with authority is that they haven’t owned their own power yet. And so other people’s power makes them feel uncomfortable, or you’re just in the process of shoring up some of your own power.

Okay, let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month ahead. This is great. So the outcome card is our Nine of Cups, and this, in some ways, I almost want to say that the reason that the Nine of Cups is coming up in relation to what we’ve seen so far is that this is some of what it is that you’re seeking – a deeper level and a deeper layer of contentment. This is a card of getting what it is that you want.

So on a superficial level, okay, well, I really want a Ferrari, or I really want, you know, blah, blah, blah. This is like, “No, I feel content and met by life.” For some people, that looks like painting in poverty in the Caribbean. For some people, that looks like a massive, beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills. For some people, that looks like working 12 hours a day and on the weekends in a soup kitchen. We don’t necessarily know what’s going to give us the total fulfillment, and we’re all different. But this is saying that you’re starting to taste and touch those places that feel more fulfilling to you.

There’s something about this particular card that has a lot to do with foundations and clarity and organization. His cups are so well-organized. He’s very solid, and where he’s sitting, I almost want to sort of bring forward the perspective that the change that’s wanting to happen is you’re getting prepared for that. You’re getting yourself ready for that. And in some ways, that’s like taking an inventory, and getting clear about what’s already in order, what’s already put together, and where are the places that I’m not quite feeling that level of contentment. I’m not quite feeling like I’m aligned, like I’m aligned with that centerline, that I’m talking about this deep relationship with purpose.

Something to be said about this particular card is that there’s, just like the King of Wands, there being a different level of contentment. Here, the Nine of Cups has a deeper level of contentment. What’s missing from the Nine of Cups is the deep relational piece, which is what comes up in the Ten of Cups.

In other words, this individual is sitting, he might be content, he’s sitting alone, he’s covering over his heart, he has contentment, but the full revelatory relationship with life, all of life, the divine, may not be fully embraced just yet.

So, I’m going to leave that a little bit open-ended because it’s a deep, there’s a deep progression that’s happening here. And the big curiosity that you might be asking yourself is, “What is your relationship to your own power and to the power of others? And what is it that, um, what am I? Am I ready to step into the search for deeper meaning that’s calling to me?”

Alright, let’s take a look at your advice card for the month of May. The Two of Swords in the advice position is always a reminder to pay attention to the part of you that is unsure. Nurture the part of yourself that is unsure.

Our culture has a bias towards certainty, particularly overriding our uncertainty – the uncertainty of the body, of the emotions – with the mental. “I’m afraid so I better make a quick decision. This is the right path that I should go down. I’m just gonna – I’m just gonna go for it.” Well, this is saying, “Come back to the place inside of your body that isn’t sure. It’s okay to not be unsure about something.”

And part of the way that we cultivate a deeper relationship with our instinctual knowing is to go inwards and be with the places that are uncertain. And let them be uncertain. It’s okay. Those places don’t — the uncertainty that tends to rest at a deeper place in our bodies and in our nervous system. Those aren’t the grown-up parts of ourselves. Those are the young parts that when they came up against overwhelming energy, or scary situations, they went into a place of “I don’t know, I don’t know which direction to go.”

And it doesn’t help for us to bring the mental in, and go, “Well, we have to know. We have to figure this out. We need to know what’s going on.” What helps us is we bring the intelligence and the warmth of ourselves in and we go, “It’s okay that you don’t know. It’s all right.”

So this is a reminder not to override the uncertainty. To try to skip forward and rush ahead and make a decision, but to be with what’s there and to trust that doing so, things begin to melt and open, and the emergence of your wisdom can come forward. All right?

Pretty juicy month ahead for you. This is a really powerful month of learning and growing. And I see it as, like, a preparatory phase before, kind of, a deep dive into transformation. So for those of you that chose the second card for your month ahead, this is your reading. Thank you so much for tuning in with me. Feel free to reach out and say, “Hey.” I love hearing from you. And I look forward to connecting with you next month. All right, take care.

All right, our third card is right here. And so for those of you that chose this third card, this is going to be your reading for the month of May. And as you’ve seen in the past, we’ve got our first card—oh, whoop, let me tune in with you first. So let’s take a look. For those of you that chose this third card, I’m just going to tune in with you now.

All right, so your first card will be this situation card. And in this context, with a larger reading for the whole of the month, this is really what it is that’s most important for you to be focused on, to be noticing. It’s what’s coming up in your life right now for you to learn and to grow through.

The second card is going to be the obstacle. And as I explained in the previous [reading], the obstacle in this particular situation, we really want to see what is the counter energy to what it is that we’re growing through. And this is something to be honored because it’s what’s creating the strength and the learning that is necessary for you to be growing into who you want to become. I’ve said it in the last two [readings]: a plant that’s growing up out of the earth actually needs the pressure from the soil in order to create enough strength that, when it starts to bloom, it has the strength to be able to hold itself up. So the obstacles aren’t things to get out of the way. They are things for us to relate to and to grow through so that we can become more integrated beings.

And then your outcome card is basically what you’re harvesting from this month, what it is that you’re learning as a result of the month ahead and some of what might be showing up for you as a result of the growth that you engage with.

Alright, so let’s take a look at our situation card for the month ahead. This is a great card. We’ve got our Ace of Wands, which means that there could be some serious creative impulse moving you forward this month.

This might look like brand-new energy, brand-new creative spark. You could feel alive, vivacious. This is a kind of energy that a lot of people struggle with. And the only reason that I’m saying this is that as I feel into the arc of this particular energy, on the one hand, it’s very exciting. But for most people, it has a certain kind of volatility to it. In other words, I feel really excited about this particular thing, and we either sort of dissociate from that exciting energy, or we try to control it, we try to hold on to it, we try to make it move in a particular way.

So it’s quite possible that this month ahead has a lot to do with you being in relationship with your creative spark in your life. How do you tend to a new spark such that it can grow into a greater fire? How can you be with something that can be a little bit intense like fire without needing to smother it or needing to make it do something this way or that way?

So for some of you, this might be showing up in terms of your actual creative energy in your work world or in your creative life. For some of you, this might be in a relationship dynamic. There could be a lot of lusty sexual energy, a lot of energy that’s getting you excited and curious about somebody or about something. And so for some of you, this might also be just a new physical kind of energy, a new energy that wants to express itself in life in a particular way.

So let’s take a look at the obstacle card. Like I said, this is great energy. And because it’s fiery and moving and filled with life, a lot of people sort of struggle with this. It’s the type of thing that can both create a lot of beautiful movement, and it can also become something that creates a little bit of challenge.

So let’s take a look at our obstacle card in relationship to this. So the Ten of Swords — dun, dun, dun — this is a good sign often, but it also can be a sign that things could be a little bit challenging. So, this could be a sign that something is definitively coming to an end.

Now, this could be a relationship that is definitively done, regardless of how many times maybe it’s been on or off, it’s gone this way or that way. This is a sign that it is no longer something that is wanting to be in your life; it’s time to totally let it go. This could be a job situation, a job that has been a struggle and a challenge in your life. And now it’s really coming to its final days. It’s no longer wanting to be a part of the movement in your life anymore.

Now, this can also be a dynamic in your life. This could be a particular pattern that you’ve walked for too long—a certain kind of depression or a certain kind of anxiety or a certain way that you’ve been relating to others that is finished. It’s given you hell and high water, moved you this way, that way. And guess what? You are finished with it. It is no longer happening.

Now, what’s interesting here is that we’ve got this sparky energy, this really powerful energy that wants to move in a particular way. And I keep getting this impulse to say that sometimes in your life this has created problems. The Ace of Wands can be this sudden excitement, the sudden “Yes!” Somebody inspires you, and you kind of go off the deep end in terms of making up stories about them, or falling head over heels, or you get really, really excited about a particular creative project, and you rush ahead, move too fast in that particular direction.

And this is a sign that that particular pattern might be coming to an end. You might be seeing through the impulse to give your energy away too quickly, right? Something inspires you, and you kind of throw your cards out on the table, rather than being a little bit more discriminating.

And this could be something like in relationships – meeting somebody that you fall head over heels for before realizing who they really are. Or giving yourself totally over to a new money-making possibility before really looking into it and really seeing how true or real it is. This is kind of like herky-jerky energy – all in, all out, all in, all out. And that dynamic is wanting to sort of rest and come to a finish for you.

So you might pay attention to A. if that’s a pattern in your life and B. if there’s something that’s alive in this particular way for you right now, that kind of is polarized: off-on, off-on, off-on. And if that process is… that’s a process that you’re going to want to sort of be curious about in the month to come.

Alright, let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month ahead. Outcome card is our Priestess, one of my absolute favorite cards. There’s something specific relating to her – she has a lot of power. There’s a lot of symbolism in this particular card, but there’s something about her that I consider her like a bridge… peace archetype. She’s uniting the worlds, she’s reuniting higher insight with worldly wisdom, with the deep unconscious from the deep wisdom realms. She’s uniting all of these together. There’s an element of that with the two pillars that are behind her. The sense of this wisdom that comes from above, this particular type of hat that shows the dropping down of higher intelligence, the cross which is the cross between the vertical line which is the line of the Divine, and the horizontal line, which is our relationship to the world. So she is one that is holding the centerline or holding the axis mundi, the relationship between above and below and the centerline.

So there’s something about this process of whatever it is that’s coming to an end that’s putting you in touch with your deeper knowing, with your deeper relationship to wisdom. Something about wisdom that’s really important to understand is that wisdom is patience. Wisdom is listening to the book of life, moment by moment. The book of life is, “What is it that is alive and speaking to me in this moment?” It is that whisper of higher intelligence and deeper wisdom that is available at each and every single moment.

And so the reason that I’m saying wisdom is patient, is that this fiery energy wants us to go fast. It wants you to quickly make a decision. It wants you to quickly choose something. It’s like it wants you to give yourself away immediately.

And something that we can be curious about is that we don’t rush. Your deeper self, your deeper wisdom doesn’t rush. Fear rushes. The part of us that feels like it’s going to miss out on something is what rushes. The part of us that feels like we might make a wrong decision is what hurries up and tries to make things happen. And rushing is like a tightening down on the channel of wisdom that is at the core of who you are.

So, something is coming to an end this month that has been asking you to hurry quickly. You’ve got to move. You’ve got to make it happen differently. This is likely ancestral collective… it’s not entirely your own. The letting of this to begin to settle and die off gives you a relationship with a part of you that has an element of eternality to it. It’s an element that is the forever eternal wisdom that is available in this moment.

You’re coming into deeper contact with your own instinctual and intuitive knowing. So, don’t be surprised if you start to feel an ancient kind of wisdom as this month comes to an end, as you’re sort of metabolizing whatever it is that’s trying to be processed in your life.

Alright, let’s take a look at your advice card for this month ahead. The advice card is saying, “Hey, listen to the messages that are coming. Listen to the higher wisdom that’s making its way into your life and continue to ground what you know and what you’re inspired by into your body and into the material world.”

The Eight of Wands is lifted. It’s outside of it, hasn’t landed yet fully in life. So, there’s something in your life, these types of sparks of insight of creative movement that are wanting to fully make their way into the ground.

I wouldn’t be terribly surprised with the addition of this Eight of Wands if there’s quite a bit of change that starts to happen in your life in this coming month. Things could feel like they’re moving and shifting and changing, and if you can stay with or find this place of patience, right, even when things are shifting, we find this place of immovable wisdom, of deep sense of resourcefulness, sense of being resourced.

Then, the changes and the shifts that are occurring can happen. We stay at the center of our wisdom, of our rootedness, of our sense of being resourced, and everything else can change and move and shift.

So, for those of you that chose the third card, this is your reading for the month of May. Thank you for tuning in with me. It’s always a pleasure to get to spend some time with you. I love hearing from you. Feel free to write to me, say “Hi.” And I look forward to connecting with you again for next month. Take good care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    How do I know which group I belong too when I am reading your blog?

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    Nick Standish
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    How do I know which group I belong too when reading your blog?

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    I chose the second card, and WOW! This reading was powerful! It described EXACTLY what I have been going through and where I am in my life. Thank you!

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