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A Romantic Crossroads | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Are you at a romantic crossroads in your love life?

Wondering what you need to know the most to create the kind of relationship you’ve been longing for?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a timeless love reading, so you can gain the insights you need and make the best decision for your love life. Enjoy!

P.S. Which card did you choose and what did it say about your current situation in love? Leave a comment below and let Jonathan know!


Hey there, friends. I have a timeless love reading for you, which means that no matter when you listen to this or watch it, it’s going to apply to the events that are happening in your life right now. And particularly for those of you that are coming out of a challenging relationship or just a challenging period in your life, this is definitely an important reading for you. And I hope it’s helpful.

So you can grab a private reading with me down below, and I look forward to connecting with you along the way, take care.

Wherever you happen to be right now, give yourself a moment to take a few breaths. Allow yourself to sink into the sensations of your body and enjoy the simple presence of sitting. You might bring some of your attention to your heart space and bring to your mind something that you’re grateful for, something in your life that makes you smile, okay.

We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Call out to Mother, Father, God, to the denizens of light, to the deep ones, the rooted ones, please be here with us now, bring forward a clear message and bring forward the right energy to support us with the coming message in the coming days.

So, as we’ve done in the past, you will use your intuition to choose one of the three options here, which will subsequently lead you to the perfect love reading for you in this moment, regardless of what time you’re finding this reading. So pause for a second, take a look at the options on the table. Notice which one is calling out to you. Trust your intuition. And once you’ve made your selection, you can skip forward to the reading that aligns with your choice.

First Card
So we’ll start with the first option here. So if you chose this first card, this is going to be your reading for your love life right now. I’m just going to tune in with those who are likely and potentially going to choose this particular piece. All right, let’s take a look.

So the first card is going to be the current situation in your love life right now. Now, this can be speaking to a very specific thing in your life. It can also be speaking to the precise evolutionary process that you’re going through in your love life. We’re all going through a learning process with our intimate and romantic life, how it is that we relate to people, how it is that we are growing towards greater unity, growing towards greater autonomy within ourselves, as well as deep relationship with others.

Your second card is going to be the current obstacle in your path in regard to your love life. And the third card will be the outcome, that which you’re growing into, that which is likely to come as a result of moving through some of the challenges and facing what it is so on the table.

This card up above will be the advice for this time period in your life regarding your love life and your romantic life. So let’s take a look at our first card.

So the first card is our Moon card, which I’m sure many of you know can be a time of confusion. It can be a time where emotions are feeling mixed up, chaotic. You might be feeling like your intuition is kind of going this way and then going that way. Something is not making sense. So for those of you that are in a relationship right now, you might be questioning things. You might be feeling like you’re not so certain that the person you’re with is the right person for you. Things feel confused. They feel a little bit topsy-turvy.

This is also a card that has a lot to do with our unconscious, with the powers in our psyche that are moving us this way and moving us that way, whether we’re aware of it or not. So for some of you, this might show up as just feeling a little bit uncertain, having lots of dreams that are pushing you in different directions. This is a time where your creativity can be really online, as well as your instincts, but it can be hard to translate what’s going on. So often, when this card comes up, it’s a good idea to slow down. It’s a good idea to not project too much of what’s happening on the people around you. But give yourself space so that the water can clear.

For those of you that are not in a relationship right now, this can be a time of feeling a little bit lost or a little bit lonely, feeling like things are hopeless or they’re confusing. I really recommend when you’re in a time of the Moon card, when you are looking at the… or when the Moon card is showing up in your love life, it’s a great time to be journaling, to be doing some sort of creative process, whether that’s artwork of some kind or singing, or finding a way to move some of the energies that might be feeling a little bit stuck right now.

So let’s take a look at what the obstacle is. Now, it’s important to understand that the Moon card is a healthy part of any process. It tends to be when we’re going inward, we’re sort of milling through old things. And it’s before… there can be somewhat of a breakthrough, somewhat of an opening or a revelation. So it’s an important piece to the process.

Let’s take a look at what might be either keeping you stuck in this place or what might be the process by which you can make your way out.

So this is a card that definitely goes hand-in-hand with the Moon card. The Eight of Swords is a time where we are feeling hopeless, we’re lost in our thinking, we’re sort of going this way and going that way. We’re spinning and spinning and spinning in our mind. So for those of you that are in a relationship, this can be a clear sign that there’s a lot of uncertainty, you’re really not so sure about the person you’re with, or you’re having a lot of fears and insecurities that are showing up, that are blinding you. You could feel trapped just like our woman here in the card.

Now one of the most important things that you can do with an Eight of Swords is to get grounded, is to help create a certain type of safety in your body and in your psyche. You can see up on the hillside, there’s a castle. So, this is symbolically where this woman is from. She’s wandered off, she’s gotten a little bit far away from herself, from her sense of right and wrong, from her sense of knowing herself and the right direction. And as a result, she’s spinning and spinning, spinning. The swords represent the mind, so there could be a lot of fears and insecurities that are sort of churning in you right now.

For those of you that are single at the moment, you could be feeling like you’re trapped, like you’re never going to find the person that you’re supposed to be with, you’re never going to be able to connect with the one that is the right person for you to step forward with.

Once again, both of these cards speak strongly to being lost in illusion. You’re in the darkness, you’re sort of wandering around in some of the primal fears, some of the places that feel uncertain and hard to understand. And the illusions are that we’re trapped, that we’re stuck. Now, you might be in a situation that feels really scary or a situation that feels like it’s not what you want. And that might very well be the case. But it’s important to be working towards differentiating between what’s really going on and what it is that you might be sort of making more than it actually is.

One way or another, the pathway forward really is to get grounded and to sort of come back to a place of what are the most important things that you can look at, what’s the next best step. Something that I often tell my clients is when things are particularly chaotic, we want to take the spotlight that we’re walking around with and point it down towards the things that are directly in front of us. In other words, what’s right in front of you that you can start to implement that can help create more space, get you grounded, and help you get a broader view. But one thing at a time.

So let’s take a look at our third card, which is our outcome card from this particular point that you happen to be in right now. Our third card is our King of Wands. So now, this often represents somebody that has clear insight. This is a leader. This is somebody that has navigated the dark primal realms, often represented by the Moon card. This is somebody that’s already stepped through some of these complicated things. So this could be an individual that is showing up as a coach, a therapist. This could be a father figure or somebody that’s trustworthy that you can bring some of what’s going on to and get some insight, get a sense of direction. It’s so helpful when you’re in a place like this, the Eight of Swords feeling trapped, feeling stuck, to bring what’s going on and get a different perspective, let somebody that’s seeing it from the outside give you their feedback.

Now, you really want this to be someone that is impartial, that’s not going to have a stake in the matter. So if you’re in a relationship that’s feeling pretty confusing, pretty sticky, or out of alignment, it’s not a great idea to bring these issues to that person. Specifically, it would be better to either work with a professional or to go and talk with somebody that is trustworthy and that will give you their honest opinion.

For those of you that are single at the moment, this might be a sign that there is somebody that’s coming in that is very stable, somebody that you can trust. You can already feel that they have a kind of integrity and a kind of stability in their life that is worth looking into.

So for those of you that are in a relationship, it’s really important to be getting that outside perspective, somebody that can give you some insights into what’s going on. If you’re single, it’s possible that there’s someone coming in. But it’s also possible that it would be helpful to work with somebody or to speak with somebody that can give you some good guidance and maybe help you navigate your way towards more stable ground.

Let’s take a look at your advice card for this time period. This is the exact antidote to the Eight of Swords situation. And it’s honestly also the antidote for a complicated Moon card situation. The Queen of Pentacles is quintessentially grounded. She is very much comfortable with herself. She’s created a life that nurtures her, which means that the place that she’s living feels safe, the things that she’s doing for her body help her feel grounded and aligned and healthy. The relationships in her life are balanced. She’s neither overgiving nor is she only receiving. She’s found really lovely balance in her life. She’s also a denizen of abundance. She is someone that really appreciates the good things in her life. Which means for some of you, it could be super helpful to start a practice of gratitude, a morning practice of gratitude, multiple times a day practice of gratitude.

And it can be the simple, simple things. I have a client who went through a very challenging time. And the way that she would start her day each morning would be, she would say, “I’m so grateful for how comfortable my bed feels.” And she would just sort of spin off of that for a while, “I love my sheets, I love my pillows. I just love spending time and getting to stretch and open up.” So she found something that at the very start of her day pointed her attention towards things that make her feel good, things that she’s really grateful for.

So the advice with this card is to get grounded, start taking really good care of yourself. Take the time and space you need, regardless of where you’re at right now, to really love yourself up, create some healthy habits. Be kind to yourself and start looking at what are the beautiful things that are already in your life right now.

So this is your timeless love reading for those of you that chose this first card. And while it’s not really speaking to too much having to do with a new love, though some of you might be meeting somebody that has a powerful grounded leadership quality, it’s more a time of: How is it that you’re healing yourself so that you can come back to center? If this is a time of confusion and a little bit of uncertainty, this is also a time to be focusing on you, preparing yourself. The Queen of Pentacles is so fertile and abundant and it’s because she’s created so much life and alignment in her life. She’s primed for a different kind of love. She’s primed for a different kind of connection. And that’s really where your focus is right now, is tilling the soil so that you can bring somebody else new into your life or you can heal the challenges that are going on right now.

Thank you for tuning in, I look forward to connecting with you again. And we will now move on to our next card reading.

Second Card
Okay, so for those of you that chose the second card, this will be your timeless love reading.

So I’m just going to tune in with those of you that chose the second card and those that will potentially choose it in the future. All right, let’s take a look here. Your first card will be the current situation, which speaks to a… It can be something specific in your life that’s happening in your love life right now. It can also speak to the evolutionary process that you’re going through in regards to love, romance, and your own individuation process. Second card will be the obstacle, which is the reciprocal pressure. It’s that which is getting in the way. And when I say getting in the way, what I really mean is what it is that you’re growing through right now, what it is that you are developing and learning in your love life. And let’s take a look. The third card will be your outcome card, which is what it is that you can expect as a result of what you’re going through right now, what’s coming up for you, what you’re likely going to learn as a result of the events that are happening in your love life right now.

So let’s take a look at your first card. So we have our King of Wands here, and the King of Wands often represents an individual who has done a pretty good job of integrating themselves, integrating power. This can be somebody with pretty high ethics. They’re often a leader, that can be very active physically, whether that’s through sports or exercise in one way or another. In a romantic reading, this can be somebody that is pursuing you in a pretty outright way. They will likely be very interested in you, whether they’re calling you, texting you. This could be somebody that’s already in your life or somebody that is likely going to show up in your life. This will be somebody that’s pretty mature. They have left behind the childish ways in their past, and they are now looking for something that is far more serious. So for those of you that are single, it’s quite possible that there’s somebody new that’s coming in, that is well established in themselves, and they won’t be shy about the way they are interested in you. They will let you know, and you will feel their steadiness.

For those of you that are already in a relationship, you could be in a relationship with somebody that has some of these qualities. It’s also possible that there is somebody that is coming from the outside and is knocking on your door. It’s also possible that you are in the process of integrating this, these attributes into yourself, which means you’re feeling stabilized in your own nature. And this tends to show up when we’ve come to a place where we realize that we don’t necessarily need somebody else, even if we do want to be with somebody. So this can look like a kind of confidence, that kind of settledness in what it is that you’re wanting. There’s no more of this sense of desperation, needing somebody to show up in your world, because you know that you’re already okay yourself.

So let’s take a look at what the obstacle is. And that’ll give us some more insight into this first card. So the second card, the obstacle card is our Three of Wands, which is a great sign and it sort of lays a bit more credence to the King of Wands being representative of you finding a new kind of stability and direction in your life. The reason that I say that is that the Three of Wands tends to indicate a movement forward… Excuse me for a second… There we go. A movement forward, things that have felt a little bit uncertain or under… to start to get some momentum, start to move forward a bit more.

So as an obstacle card, this can show up as being a feeling of a little bit of stuckness or impatience in one way or another. So for those of you that are in a relationship right now, it’s totally possible that you’re wanting things to progress a little bit faster, you’re wanting to get the signs that this is actually the relationship that you should be in and that will move forward.

And for those of you that are single right now, it could be that you’re wanting to speed things up. You… Even if you’re feeling settled in yourself, even if you’re feeling like you’re where you want to be right now, there’s a part of you that’s hoping that life is going to start moving, things are going to start moving you forward, you’re going to get the sense that the next person is on their way.

So let’s take a look at your third card in this timeless reading, which is the outcome for the events that are showing up. So we’ve got our Emperor card, and this… this is almost like the… The higher octave of the King of Wands. This is really true and deep stability. This could be for some of you the sign of truly finding the individual that you’ve been waiting for. If you are, quote unquote, the Empress, then this is your Emperor. If you, on the other hand, are an individual that feels more aligned with the masculine attributes, this is a strong sign that you are finding your foundations, you are building your kingdom.

So not to worry if there’s a sense of things not progressing or moving forward, it’s not going to last that long. And having some patience around this is definitely recommended because you’re heading into a place of far greater stability, the structure that you’ve been wanting, the feeling sense of there being a solid connection, a solid sense in your romantic life is definitely on the way.

Now, there is a little bit of a shadow side with the Emperor card. And this can be feeling a little bit stuck or trapped. So it’s going to be important for you to really pay attention: “Is the person that I’m with or is the person that’s starting to come into my life somebody that I’m willing to lay groundwork with, somebody that I’m willing to go the long haul?” because that’s definitely a bit of what the Emperor card is speaking to here.

So let’s take a look at your advice card for this timeless reading. I really like this as the advice card because it’s actually saying this is the Knight of Wands here, which is a precursor to the King of Wands. The King of Wands is pretty rested, they’ve let themselves sort of rest back a little bit. And the Knight of Wands, as an advice card, is saying, “Go for it.”

If there’s something that you want, be brave, be willing to step out there, be willing to ask that person out, or be willing to see if this is the right person, like really lean into it. None of the cards that I’m seeing here are cards that have to do with the stepping back, checking all of the different possible love readings that are out there, thinking about it, making lists, checking them twice, seeing if there’s… seeing if it’s the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do.

The advice that’s coming out is saying, “You know what, be brave, be willing to take a step out there and see what happens.” You’ve got enough stability in your life right now, enough sense of yourself, enough sense of what it is that you’re wanting that you can step into something, find out that it’s not right for you, and go back to yourself, or you can step into something and you can go full force and start to realize, “Yep, this is what I’m wanting” and continue with the momentum. In other words, this isn’t a time to lay back and think about things, it’s a time to make a move.

So for those of you that chose the second card, this is your timeless love reading. Thanks for tuning in with me, and I look forward to connecting again.

Third Card
So we’ll take a look at our next card now. So for those of you that chose the third card in this, this will be your timeless love reading. So I’m just going to tune in with those of you that are most likely to choose this third card and those that are going to choose it in the future. All right, let’s take a look here.

So the first card will be the situation card, which speaks to the love context in your life right now, whether that’s specific events or the general evolution that you’re going through, the growing process that you’re going through in your romantic life at the moment. The second card will be the obstacle card, which speaks to what it is, the reciprocal pressures that you are growing through, that you are learning from, and that may appear to be in your way, but are part of your development process around love and individuation and romance. And the third card will be the outcome, which is what it is that you’ll be coming out the other side with, how it is that you’ll be growing, and the results of the events that are happening in your life right now. And the card up above will be your advice card.

So let’s take a look at your first card, the situation. The first card is the Queen of Wands. And with the other two readings, there have been so many Wand cards in these readings so far, which means that there’s just a lot of fire that’s going on right now. Now, this is a great sign. The

Queen of Wands is a very healthy card, it’s a card of feeling empowered, it’s a card of feeling magnetic, attractive, as you’ve heard me say in the past, the black cat down below is representative of the shadow elements that you have, in other words, of the parts of yourself that were not nourished, that were told they’re not good enough. And she’s made friends with those, and therefore she’s really comfortable with herself. She is attracting people. She’s also very careful about who it is that she lets into her life because she’s very comfortable with who she is.

So for some of you, this might be representing yourself, representing a period in your life right now where you feel pretty good about who you are, you feel like the person that you’ve become is the person you want to be. It can be a time where you might be interested in others, but you simultaneously are just very careful about who it is that you actually want to start something with.

So for those of you that are single right now, this is a great card. It means that honestly, you can probably find somebody to be with if you want to, but you have the power to make the choice and be discerning about who it is that’s coming into your life.

If you’re in a relationship right now, this is also a great sign. It means that you’re feeling comfortable with yourself, you feel like you’ve got your own priorities straight. It can sometimes be a representation of needing a little bit of your own time or needing a little bit of your own space, which can sometimes create a little bit of anxiety in a relationship. But altogether, this is a great sign in your love life.

Let’s take a look at the obstacle card. So, Six of Swords… So if we take this first card as sort of the idealized direction of what it is that you’re wanting to become and who it is that you are in the process of becoming, the Six of Swords is a sign that there has been some… some pretty chaotic stuff in your life recently, whether that’s in work or in your relationship life, or just in your personal life. It can be a sign that there have been some things that have been challenging, and you’ve been endeavoring to come back to center, you’ve been endeavoring to find a little bit more peace.

Sometimes this is a sign of having to… that you’ve had to exit a relationship or exit a particular dating experience that was really tricky and was not a good thing. And it’s a sign that some of that chaos may be still lingering. And it’s a reminder to find the places in your life, find the people in your life that represent a higher level of safety and stability. Because that process is still happening.

However, it’s a really good sign that your first card is the Queen of Wands because it means that whatever it is that you have moved on from or moved away from, it’s leading you to greater stability, greater individuation, a greater sense of confidence and charisma in yourself.

So let’s take a look at your outcome card for this timeless love reading. Okay, so the Five of Wands is showing up once again, we’ve got more Wand cards. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, we are in summer, and so there tends to be a bit more of this fiery energy. The Five of Wands is a sign that, on the one hand, it could be that there’s some external conflict that could start to rise up, where you’re having to argue with people, you’re having to assert your boundaries and your direction. It can also be a sign of some internal conflict, particularly with what we’re seeing here where there’s been a need to exit a drama-filled situation or a chaotic situation. There might be parts of yourself that want to stay or want to stay in that drama. You’d be surprised at how many of us are addicted to drama. We feel like that’s actually home, even though it doesn’t feel necessarily good. So this can be a sign that there could be some inner conflict that’s going on, that wants to go… different parts want to go in different directions.

There’s also a positive side to this because often when we’re in the process of growing, in other words, we’re moving towards this kind of stability in ourselves, stability in our lives, there’s a kind of friction that shows up as we try to step into this new level, which means that there are parts of ourselves that would like to regress and stay with old patterns. And there are parts of ourselves that are ready and willing to move on and to step into a new kind of stability.

And that can create a sort of inner tension. It’s a healthy inner tension. It’s the part… it’s a part of life that’s asking, “Hey, are you really ready to exit what’s no longer working? Or are you going to go back to it because you know it, you know, the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t?” Well, this is a sign of you making progress and stepping towards something that’s better for yourself, even if it’s a little bit challenging at first.

So let’s take a look at the advice card for your timeless love reading. I can pick it up… This is great. So, Two of Pentacles as advice is a reminder that you might have to carry some of the things that are coming from the past while you’re in the process of building into the new. It’s a sign that you might have to sort of stay with some of the things that have been complicated. In other words, finish off the karma, finish off the process that you’re exiting, or that you’re moving on from while you’re in the process of building the new place.

For some of you, this might look like moving out of a relationship or a living situation that hasn’t been working so well, but still needing to sort of dot the I’s and cross the T’s or finish off a lease or finish off challenging conversations. But it’s a reminder to also have your eyes on what it is that you’re building, the next place that you’re living, or this next phase in your life. It can feel like sort of a dynamic time. But if you’re willing to stay with your integrity, know where you’re heading, and go a little bit with the flow, in other words, be willing to face the challenges as they show up, you’re going to come out the other side… in a way better situation. It’s kind of a card of preparing your transitions so that they can be smooth.

Alright, so for those of you that chose the third card, this is your timeless love reading. Thanks for tuning in with me, and for everybody else, it’s always a pleasure to get to connect with you. If you would like a deeper, more precise reading with your situation, you can grab one down below, and otherwise, I look forward to connecting with you again in the future. Take good care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Thank you for your sending it’s too long I don’t understand what’s going on in this very complicated, change the way you presented your I like what you have before easily to understand, Sorry, Thanks

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    Kathleen Daniele
    Posted at 00:49h, 20 July Reply

    Thank you, Jonathan, for a great reading! I’m still dealing with the same guy! He is still giving me double messages. But everything you have said is giving me more and more clarity to know what I need to do. I really like the way you said to go with the flow and prepare for what I have to do. I have been dealing with serious health issues for a year now and my body just can’t handle this treatment. I like what you said about that we are growing and needing different things in our lives. I feel like you have covered just about everything that has been swirling around and around in my brain. Thank you, again, so much. Glad you are back!

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    Thank you Jonathan for your reading. I chose the first card.

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    I’d love a deeper reading. I resonated with all of the 3 cards you drew today.

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    Uau, thank you so much for that reading. I choose the first card and it seems that you were describing my situation. And yesterday I’ve talked to a friend that had already been in the same place as I … so your reading was chocking. A nice one. I’ve meet your videos other times… and just feeling very grateful for all of that .

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    I identified with the second and third option. It’s complicated. Ah, whatever happens has to happen. Thank you so much

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    Hey Jonathan I just need to know what’s going on so I can be comfortable

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    Thank you Johnathan,

    The reading was a snapshot of my life since early 2020. Totally resonated with me and so spot on. Lying, cheating husband married for 28 years and three sons. Nasty divorce, drawn out settlement and left financially struggling. Then I was introduced to a man that gaslighted me, he was a narcissist and not only ruined my life, my sons but he also caused $50 thousand dollars worth of damage to my house; he made me believe he could fix my damaged roof but instead he had no idea what he was doing. He actually thought I would stay with him and leave my family and friends for him.

    Eighteen months has passed since then and I still feel lost and alone and fear I will be alone for the rest of my life and battling to safe money to fix my ruined house. I really hope there is someone that will be perfect for me.

    Love and best wishes to you.

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