A Spiritual Healing | Full Moon In Pisces Tarot Reading | 8/30 - Cosmic Updates

A Spiritual Healing | Full Moon In Pisces Tarot Reading | 8/30

Could you use some healing in your life right now?

Sirena Moon says that the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces could bring a fresh, rejuvenating energy to you — body, mind, and soul.

She’s here today with a uplifting Full Moon in Pisces Tarot Reading to help you embrace the blessings that are ready to unfold in your life now.

P.S. Have you been needing a fresh, emotional start in your life? Are you ready to give yourself some down time and recover from past hurts? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful, wonderful people with Cosmic Updates. Sirena Moon here, and I’m so very excited to be back with you this week. This week I’m talking all about the magical full moon that is happening in the sign of Pisces on August 30th and what this might mean for you. And I’m also gonna do group tarot reading with any messages from spirit around the energy of this full moon time. So the full moon is happening, it’s the second full moon in one month. So what a magical month of August. Um, and the, the full moon is happening on August 30th, and it is in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is all about romance and poetry and dreaming and intuition and emotions and the heart and spiritual wisdom. So around this time, you might feel like you’re extra sensitive or extra tuned into your heart, your emotions, romance, your creativity.

You might get inspired ideas and create something beautiful. Um, you might feel particularly connected to the moon around this time. And, uh, you might feel quite, um, magical in some ways. It’s a second full moon in the month, and so you might feel, maybe, hopefully pretty tapped into the magic of the universe, your ability to co-create your life with spirit and, um, open, uh, the door of all sorts of possibilities around this potent full moon time. So hopefully you can tap into its enchanting energy in some way. Okay, so with that being said, I’m gonna do a group tarot reading, so I’m just connecting to spirit. Okay. Spirit, what would you have us know for our highest good around this full moon time? This Full Moon and Pisces? Oh, that one’s to fly out. Wow. Okay. The Page of Cups is all about our feelings and our emotions.

This is a very Piscean card. It’s all about tapping into our heart energy. And this could be a person that comes into your life. This could be a messenger of love. This could be a message that you receive that makes you feel like your heart is beginning to open in some way. It could be some kind of hopeful, hopeful thing that happens for many of us. Something, something that kind of gives us a sense of hope around this time. Like, oh, okay, maybe I can open my heart. Maybe I’m safe to feel something here. Um, it’s the beginnings of some kind of emotional fulfillment. More about this Page of Cups. Okay, more about this situation. Oh, okay.

So this is the Five of Cups. So this is, for many of you, there might have been some kind of disappointment that happened recently, something you were really feeling hopeful about that maybe had you feeling a bit sad, a bit disappointed, especially with the full moon emotions running high. So you might be kind of feeling like you’re on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster where there’s some kind of exciting reason that your heart starts to sing again. And then there’s this either processing of something in the past that also comes up that has you processing your, uh, your emotions at this time and feeling quite tender. Um, so really be kind to yourself. Be very gentle with yourself. It’s not easy when you open your heart. It could be an opportunity you had or a person, um, and you feel disappointed by it. So especially with this full moon time and being so sensitive, just to be sure you’re really tending to your heart. And it’s okay if you feel a little up and down, you know, just know that that’s natural and that you are, for many of you processing this emotionally.

And it’s good. It’s good that you’re, you’re processing it. It’s good that you’re letting these emotions run through you. For some of you, I feel like it’s good. It’s moving the energy out of you to welcome in something new. That’s very exciting, I feel. So if there has been some disappointment, that’s okay. In this card, that’s such a reminder that this person is looking at the three cups that have spilt over, but right behind them is two cups standing up. And that represents that there is, uh, something hopeful in your life that you just can’t see yet. Either it just hasn’t happened yet, or you literally are too focused on what isn’t working. So you’re not seeing that there is actually something, uh, really good that, um, is really good for your heart and your emotional happiness that is happening. This could be a person that you’re not seeing yet that is just waiting in the wings or an opportunity for some of you.

Okay? So that’s also happening around this full moon and what to let go of at this full moon time. What to let go of. Ooh, The Tower. Okay. So I’m just getting the sense from many of you to really let go of the need to try and control the uncontrollable. So, if a lot is falling apart in your life. If it appears to be falling apart, if something, if something that you thought you built a structure appears to be, um, in a bit of chaos, it’s okay to let that go. It’s okay to just surrender that and to surrender that to spirit, to just say, “I don’t know how to control this situation. I really can’t control the situation anymore, and I can’t make sense of it. I can’t keep, I can’t keep my emotions all in check. I feel the way I feel.”

Um, and so it’s okay to just kind of let things fall if they need to fall. UFor others of you, if there is a lot of drama around you, it’s kind of about moving away, whether it’s emotionally or physically from situations that are really chaotic and draining. It’s okay to let that go. And if something is, um, appearing to sort of crumble beneath your feet for others of you to, to trust that it’s meant to ’cause something better is coming in its place.

I think I’ve said this before, but when we uplevel in life any area, which means when we grow in a certain way or we learn more, or we value ourselves more, or we decide we’re not gonna take certain behavior anymore… We uplevel in that way and then the structure that we’ve, that has been built around us falls apart, so to speak.

It energetically falls from our life in order to make room for something that is now on our new level of consciousness. Okay? So if something is kind of falling apart around you for some of you, just trust it’s meant to. And just try and stay out of the drama and out of the chaos and really tend to your energy, tend to your heart. Go to a coffee shop, go some, just leave the situation and, and go somewhere that’s peaceful for you. It makes you happy. A park or something. Just anything really. Okay.

And then what to embrace around this time, what to embrace. Oh, wow, the Three of Cups. Oh my goodness. So embrace, celebration, embrace joy and embrace teamwork. Embrace feeling good with other people. There’s some opportunity for many of you to really come together in a very fun and playful way with others.

So this could be with a friends group or even coworkers, but it is with other people, and it’s a way that you’re celebrating something. Okay? So this could be a win for you in some way. This could, something could happen around this time where you feel like, “Oh my gosh, I actually, you know, I actually did accomplish that, and I wanna celebrate it, you know, and I want to celebrate it with other people.” So spirit is saying to really just embrace having fun as much as you can and just, you know, really feeling as good as you can despite some issue that many of you have dealt with recently. There was such a disappointment. And then even chaos on some level for many of you, or like drama around you or something just falling apart. And for others of you, this could be like some kind of health issue too.

If you’re just, if you’ve maybe come recently through a, a health crisis, maybe you were sick for a while, um, there’s a reason to celebrate that, that is a reason to celebrate. So just, just to focus on, um, all the things that, that really are, uh, working in your life right now. ’cause that’ll bring in more things to have you celebrate about, right? And try and let go of something that happened that disappointed you, although I think it’s good to honor your feelings.

So then they kind of go through you, right? And you look at them, when you process them, they move forward, and then you can be in that state where you’re feeling a lot more lighthearted, okay?

And an unexpected event or insight around this time, surprise. Oh, again, it’s healing. So Temperance, this is all about angelic healing and healing, feeling grounded, feeling balanced in your life, feeling like you’ve had a really nice time out. So there might be an unexpected opportunity here to really take a step back, take a time out for yourself, take a day off if you need to, and really tend to your heart. Tend to your energy.

This moon, I’m just getting the sensation. This, this moon could be very healing for many of you. I think there’s somebody watching, or a few people watching that, um, have been going through some kind of health issue or something, and there’s an unexpected feeling of wow, feeling better. Okay? This is a sign for you that I think you are on the mend. All right? There is, um, I’m just sensing there’s like a spiritual guidance angels, if you wanna call it around you, that are aware of the healing that you need.

And for others of you, it’s a, it’s an emotional healing, okay? And just getting an overwhelming sense of support for your emotional healing, okay? And that, um, with this full moon in Pisces, it’s an opportunity to really allow yourself to really just process any kind of full healing that you need so that you can move forward and move on to this beautiful, Three of Cups celebratory energy and this beautiful possibly, uh, new romantic energy or new opportunity that has your heart feeling really alive again.

Okay? So it’s welcoming in that healing and that balance, and that that really, uh, lovely, lovely, relaxed, comforting, soothing energy that might come during this full moon time.

And one final card for this beautiful full moon in Pisces on August 30th. One final card. The Two of Wands. So this is about broadening your horizons. All right? So there could be something that happens around this full moon time where you’re able to really think bigger. You’re able to possibly see the next step of something that’s very fulfilling for you to take. Your world is becoming bigger in some way. This full moon is shedding a light on something that expands your consciousness for many of you, and makes you feel like, “the world is my oyster, you know? I wanna take this next step. I wanna do this, I wanna dream bigger. I want to have this in my life. I wanna expand my horizons in some way here.”

So there is some opportunity for an opening of the heart or some news that comes forward, or some person that comes, uh, into the picture, becomes clear in the picture, maybe a message you receive, a messenger of some sort.

And this person is a catalyst for your heart being open, okay? And possibly for broadening your horizons in some way. Um, many of you are still processing some past hurt, and that is perfectly normal and un good and healthy. Actually, I’m feeling with this full moon time. It’s a perfect time to process it. So be gentle and loving on yourself and step away from any chaos or drama. Just allow yourself to, uh, not get involved in it, not get sucked down in it for many of you, and to rise above it. And to celebrate with other people or feel like you’re in good company,

Good company. People that lift your spirits. This could even be online. It could, it could be anything. Any kind of way of coming together with people that lift your spirits and make you feel really good about yourself.

And then moving away from the people that are kind of causing a lot of chaos in your life for some of you, okay? Or this could be an event that feels like it’s sort of faulty and you’re letting that go. You’re leaving that behind, or you’re taking your focus off of it and putting it on things that make you laugh and people that make you feel good.

So there’s this opportunity for wonderful emotional healing around this full moon, and it feels very supportive and very inspired, like very connected to spirit, okay? This is like an angel here in this card. So it’s, it’s a really spiritual healing of some kind. For many of you could be, uh, this emotional healing that you’re in need of, okay? For others of you could be a physical, uh, healing, that you’re starting to feel better in some way.

And then the outcome is to broaden your horizons. So it’s all about looking at what’s next. Where do you wanna go next? What do you wanna do? A full moon time as a really powerful time to set an intention, make a wish, um, for the next cycle. So it’s a nice time to close old chapters to start new chapters, right? So it’s a good time to think about, uh, how you can broaden your horizons, what, what you really want to, uh, do next, achieve next, and draw into your life next. Okay? So beautiful reading, and I’m sending you guys so much love around this very enchanted and healing full moon in Pisces, all of my love. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Vanessa Ekheme Kim aruna
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    Wow I’m bursting with joy and excitement! Thank you so much for this reading sirena … I am somebody from Nigeria and I want to tell you how enchanted and happy I am! It’s been ages since I last felt this way and now that I know I have all the positive energies from the universe I know I can face and handle any challenges life throws at me. I feel magical I feel too good to be true….. plus I am really excited to unlock my newfound abilities…. Thank you God, thank you divine powers of the universe and thank you to everyone who have mine and other peoples best interest at heart❤️🙏🏽. I know life is a journey and I am more than willing to enjoy and learn every bit of it, so help me God!


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    Roxana Reeves
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    The beauty of you and your heart. Your message today resonated with me on so many levels.
    Thank you and God continue to bless your beautiful soul.

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    Jewel A Miller
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    Thank you I’ve been staying away from chaos and drama my heart is broken, but I feel I need to let it go I just feel that the universe, has something bigger and better for me. I want to feel love again.. I guard my heart. I’m tired of the pain.. and loneliness.🙏🏽

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    Thank you so much: you are amazing!😇🤍

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    SG lain
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    I’m beat down pretty bad. I’ve danced with the devil a few times this week. Need a fresh start. Reset and some strength be nice. Everything is bad in my life it seems. Anything would help. Exhausted.

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    This really didn’t tell me if someone from my recent past is coming back soon?

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    Fola faatuuala
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    Wow, your reading is aligned with what I’m experiencing right now. Thanks for your reading.

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    J Sall
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    Thank you Sirena Moon for another wonderful reading! x

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    I am energetic hopefully I will find a better accommodation than this house of cooking. Abundance and win the lottery this Saturday in Auckland NZ. All the best to fulfilled dreams thx

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