A Sudden Change Of Heart | New Moon Eclipse In Libra Tarot Reading | 10/14 - Cosmic Updates

A Sudden Change Of Heart | New Moon Eclipse In Libra Tarot Reading | 10/14

Can you feel the energy of the upcoming New Moon Eclipse in Libra?

Sirena Moon says it could bring disruption and even disappointment in your relationships, but if you shift gears and move toward what feels good, you could find yourself on a brand new path of happiness and expansion.

She’s here today to navigate the potent eclipse energy, so you can reimagine and transform your relationships with ease.

P.S. Could you use a fresh new start in your relationships? Is there tension already starting to build in your personal life around? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello everyone. Sirena Moon here, and it’s such a pleasure to be back with you this week. This week I’m talking about the New Moon that is happening on October 14th in the sign of Libra and what this might mean for you. And I’m going to do a group tarot reading with any messages from spare around this new moon time. So this new moon is happening in the sign of Libra, and it’s very special because not only is it a new moon, it’s paired with a solar eclipse. So that’s like putting the power of 10 new moons in one when you’re pairing it with a solar eclipse.

So this is happening in the sign of Libra. The sign of Libra is all about romance, partnerships of all kinds, harmony, cooperation, balance, being in a state of peace, having the ability to really listen to the other side and really see things from two points of view and to bring more peace, harmony, and beauty into the world however you can.

So with a New Moon plus a solar eclipse in the sign of Libra, you could see your partnerships influenced in some way. You might close out a chapter and start a new one within a partnership. Perhaps you’ll find yourself moving to the next level, getting married or having a baby or deciding to take the relationship to the next level in some way. Perhaps you’ll let go of a partnership. Or perhaps someone completely new will come in. But it’s this New Moon and solar eclipse is going to really light that area for all of us in some way. And not just romantic partnerships, but it could be business partnerships, friendships, cooperation with other people, partnerships of all kind are going to be highlighted around this new moon. And because it’s a New Moon, it’s a really powerful time to set a new intention or to start something fresh and new within a relationship or some kind of partnership in your life.

So with that being said, now I’m going to tap into spirit and I’m asking Spirit to please give us any messages. Spirit would have us know for our highest good about this New Moon and solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th. What message would you have for our highest good? Okay, so for some of us, for many of us, we may be going through a heartbreak of some kind around this time starting this New Moon may be thinking about something that has really disappointed us. This could be a relationship we’re in. Is it just feeling like maybe the person’s really hurt us or is doing something to really hurt us? Maybe we’re feeling like this relationship just might not be the one or isn’t working out. And it’s a very disappointing for many of us, for some of us, we’re just coming through some kind of heartache.

And if it’s not in regard to relationship, for some of you, it could be an opportunity that really made your heart sing that just did not come through. And so you’re thinking that right now, for many of you, you’re sort of processing that and asking yourself how to move on. I’m hearing for some of you, you’ve done such a good job of processing this already. You’re kind of coming to the tail end of it. You’ve had a good cry, or you’ve really let yourself sort of feel all those emotions, which is such a big part of the healing process. So that’s really wonderful and you really felt this, and now you’re starting to come out of it. And let’s see. Okay, and so the Four of Cups in reverse. So the Four of Cups, again, it’s disappointment, but it is in reverse. So for many of you, you’re starting to maybe see that there is a silver lining, something that happened within this disappointing circumstance.

And there’s some hope here on the horizon. It’s this card, this disappointing card is in reverse. So you’re starting to say, yeah, that was disappointing, but it’s not going to consume me. For many of you, it’s not going to be all consuming. I’m starting to see that there is some kind of hope. And for some of you, I’m hearing there’s someone in your life that’s bringing hope. Either a friend that’s bringing a message or some kind of person that’s giving you some kind of opportunity or some kind of hopeful situation is happening. And that is just really putting your attention on the horizon and taking your attention off what has recently happened that’s disappointed you. And you’re kind of starting to see, oh, okay, there could be something that feels good here coming out of the situation or something new I can see. Okay? And what to let go of is okay, this is the Knight of Cups in reverse.

So yes, letting go of a disappointing emotional situation, a disappointing person, somebody that just did not come through in the way you hoped that they would, but if they did not come through in the way you hoped that they would, it’s so hard to do that. But you have to trust it is because they’re not meant for you. Because darling, what is yours cannot pass you by what is meant for you. Whether this is a person or an opportunity, what is truly meant for you cannot pass you by and it will not. And for some of you, even if this person didn’t come through right now, it doesn’t mean they won’t in the future because what is meant to be will always work out. So the best thing you can do with this person or some of you, an opportunity that did not come through recently is to just say, you know what?

If it’s really meant for me and my highest good, it’ll come in three months time or three years time, whatever. But the best thing you can do right now is to let that go. Okay? Let that person or opportunity go, okay, and focus on, ooh, Wheel of Fortune. I love this card. Focus on a change, a fortunate change that is coming for you. I’m hearing for so many of you, you’re meant to be watching this right now. Just if you can let go of that thing that disappointed you, there is something new that’s really unexpected, like a totally new person that you’ve never met or new opportunity, that it was not even in your thoughts, okay, there is something new coming from this cycle. It’ll be a surprise. So focus on that and say yes to it. When it arrives, I’m hearing you say yes to every little step because for some of you, it’s like the big thing might not present itself right away.

Like if it’s a job, for instance, but if you say yes to hanging out with a friend or something, or just more saying yes to life will lead you to that opportunity that is the Wheel of Fortune that puts you in a fortunate phase, a fortunate new chapter for many of you. So just say yes, take those opportunities, follow your gut, and do each little step that feels right and that’s going to lead to something. For others of you, it’ll just be that you suddenly meet someone or something suddenly happens, A door opens. That’s what I’m hearing, okay? Barely soon after this New Moon. An unexpected insight, right? Oh, two of cups, unexpected insight. Okay, so this is, wow, it’s a Libra New Moon. This is all about two of cups is all about partnerships. It’s usually about romantic partnerships, but it’s about partnerships of all kinds.

So there will be an unexpected partnership, probably from this wheel of fortune, this kind of surprise feeling I’m getting. And then this person that’s very unexpected. This is somebody that you have an idea in your mind of the kind of relationship you want to have, but this person might not fit that exact mold, but it’s going to feel really good. So keep your heart open, keep your mind open to something unexpected, this unexpected partnership person. It’ll be a surprise. Or for some of you, you might meet someone in a very unexpected way, alright? When you least expect it type of thing. And for others of you, this is an opportunity that feels like you’re partnering with someone or partnering with an opportunity that feels really good for your heart and your energy and very exciting. So this can be partnerships of all kinds, especially with this solar eclipse and New Moon in Libra.

So just keep your options open and keep your mind open. Some kind of exciting sort of surprise meeting that could happen with another person or an opportunity that you pair up with that feels really good to your heart. And then the overall theme, oh, it’s a three oh ones, okay. So yes, this overall theme of this new moon time solar eclipse for many of you is just new. Vista is looking out onto a new horizon, a new path in some way, some kind of new adventure or a new way of doing things. This could even be a new shift within, it doesn’t even have to be that you’re traveling somewhere or starting a new job or a whole new journey. But in the Three of Wands, this is all about change. That’s very exciting. You haven’t yet started it, but you can kind of see the details coming together.

So this is all about just keeping your vision very broad and very big right now, and not getting stuck in the small details. But really I feel like the overall message is opening your mind on this New Moon, really opening your mind and heart to the possibilities, being open to the unexpected and really trusting your higher power spirit to really bring you to what your heart desires so that you’re not in control, because your mind is very small compared to what your spirit knows is possible for you. So you might be only thinking in a very small way about your heart’s desire, whether it’s for a romantic relationship or an opportunity, but spirit seeds so much more for you and so many more ways to get there. So it’s about opening that part of your mind to have a big vision, just having that big vision, seeing a broader horizon for yourself, a broader vista for yourself, and feeling that excitement.

And so we might start this time feeling upset about an opportunity that just didn’t really work out, having to let go of someone or something. And then having this unexpected sort of change of events or something that happens that really gets us out of a rutt, I think. And then an unexpected person could come into our life or an opportunity where we partner with someone that feels really good and feeling like, okay, I have a broader view of my future now. I’m not thinking so small. I’m not caught up in something that had me really weighed down. There’s a feeling of levity and possibility here. So that’s the overall message for this reading is to look at those possibilities and to let go of that person or situation, to allow yourself to grieve over it. And then to try and let it wash that grief wash through you and realize that something you’re being set free here, I’m hearing from many of you, you’re being set free. It might feel really upsetting right now. That person or that opportunity didn’t come through in the way you wanted to, but actually something much is here for you. I know that’s hard to hear, but it really is. And so it’s just dropping that dead weight so that you can walk freely into something that is much more fulfilling for you in your heart.

All right, so I’m wishing you the biggest New Moon blessings, lovely, beautiful people. Until we meet again I’m sending you all my love. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Luís Emanuel Santo de Freitas
    Posted at 06:27h, 12 October Reply

    Hi hello

    I’m Luís and I just get meet you, travel around here and arrive in your calm, a sweet voice with profound message. Things just came to us not in coincidence! Sometimes is we found resolution, and answer here is not suppost to found, Is true let it go for the impossible things the life bring to us

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      Opoku Richard AtuahThankene
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      Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate your work.

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    I was just wondering if lynk and I was going to get married

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    Flori David
    Posted at 01:33h, 12 October Reply

    Going through change right now,leaving my husband and looking for places to move.
    Spot on….
    Thank you 😊

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    Lucia Parkes
    Posted at 20:31h, 11 October Reply

    Dear Sirena,
    New Moon, Sun Eclipse coming our way it is for many people the opportunity that brings forth positive change and transformation. I al looking forward to all of it with utmost anticipation.
    Sending you positive vibes, and a big thanks for delivering another FABULOUS READING.

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      Sandra Johnson
      Posted at 00:06h, 12 October Reply

      This reading resonates with me. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. He disappointed me and wasn’t honest that he wanted yo date other people. I’m healing from the breakup and know I made the right decision. But still get sad and lonely about what happened. Yet feel hopeful for the future.

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    michael rennick
    Posted at 20:30h, 11 October Reply

    I think I’m beyond the heartbreak by keeping an open mind of letting go of what I’m uncertain of what would work out yet with this person. I think already that brighter times are already on the horizon and I’ll definitely keep an open mind about any changes the universe positions and affects me and my thoughts. All in all, I think this reading resonates with me that you’ve helped to bring to light for me. Thanks!

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    Tanya Bell
    Posted at 19:14h, 11 October Reply

    Crying eyes out. Bang on. Gotta let go and I’m lost now. It’s been soooo baaaad.
    I’m disabled and can’t imagine how who I’d ever meet that’s gonna want broke homeless disabled woman. .

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    Dave F
    Posted at 19:00h, 11 October Reply

    Thank you for your reading, I am going through everything you just talked about and thanks for a new out look

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    Stephanie Marrone
    Posted at 17:08h, 11 October Reply

    I always love Sirena’s energy because it’s warm, compassionate, kind and sincere…. thanks so much, I really needed this.

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    Raymond John Spencer
    Posted at 14:45h, 11 October Reply

    Hello sSirena you beautiful lovely fantastic woman I get you emails and watch you through YouTube you always guide me right and it makes me so happy when I see your lovely smiling face I feel your love and happiness hope your having a lovely evening and may every day to come be the same for you all my love x

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    Hope your doing alright; unfortunately, I won’t get to enjoy the eclipse. We will be having heavy rain Saturday. I believe the reading you gave is right on target with my life at this moment in time.

    Once again thank you so much,


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    Rita Grundy
    Posted at 10:22h, 11 October Reply

    Serina, i just love to hear your voice, so calming and your readings are so good I can always find something for me. I would love to see you in person but I nkow that is not possible. Keep up the good things you are doing, and Thank you Rita xx

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    Mirjana Rink
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    Thank you

    I got the message

    Love and peace

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    You’re an awesome and beautiful spirit. Thank you!

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    So connected with yours messages. Sending lots of love.

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    Toni Ortolano
    Posted at 06:03h, 11 October Reply

    Wow, spot on for me today, it’s like I’ve told you what I’m going through. I needed the positive. Thank you ✌️

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    Kim Michelle Ross
    Posted at 05:42h, 11 October Reply

    Thank you, Sirena.

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