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A Surge Of Positive Energy | Timeless Love Reading | Jonathan Lionheart

Wondering where to find positivity in your love life?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a Timeless Love Reading to light your path forward, no matter when you watch it. Just pick your card and discover the perfect message for you now. Enjoy!


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Hey there friends, I have a timeless love reading for you today, which means that no matter when you tune in with this, it’s going to be right for you and give you the precise advice that you need. At this time, you’ll be using your intuition to choose one of the three options. So I’m very excited for you to take a look at this. I love some of the readings that came through. There’s also an opportunity for you to get a free live recorded reading from me. So check out some of the details of that in the video. And as always, I love tuning in with you. I hope you have a fantastic day whenever time it is, no matter what time it is, it’s always now, so it’s good to see you and take good care.

So wherever you happen to be right now, give yourself a moment to take a few deep breaths. Allow your awareness to drop down into the feeling sense of your body. Maybe allow your breaths to help you sink into this moment. You might bring your awareness into your heart space and put your attention on something that you’re truly grateful for, something that makes you smile. All right. We call out to mother, father, God, the great ones, the light ones, the denizens of light, the deep ones, the ancestors, coots, the grandmothers, and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east and the west. Please be with us now. Bring forward a clear message and the perfect supportive energy for this moment in time. Thank you.

All right, so this is a timeless love reading, which means that whenever it is that you come across this particular reading, it will be perfect In this moment for you, you’ll be using your intuition to choose one of the cards beneath one of these stones, which will subsequently bring you to the precise reading for you at this time. And I am running a fun little promotion that I’ve done before in the past where if you can tell me what each of these stones is accurately, the first three people to tell me accurately what these three stones are, I will give you a free recorded reading. So the first three people to name them accurately will get a free reading. And you can do that by going to the link down below, which is the link to my sort of general page, and then scrolling down and you’ll see where there’s a form for you to fill in the gem names. So take a moment now to pay attention to the cards and the stones in front of you. Notice which one is speaking to you at this time.

And once you’ve chosen your card, or once you’ve been called to a particular card, you can skip ahead if you like. We will start with our first card here underneath the oval stone, and I’ll just give you a bit of a closer look so you can see what the stone looks like.

And I’m going to tune in with those of you that will choose this first option. So just give me a moment. All right. First part is the overall situation in your love life. This can be what it is that you are learning, what you are growing through, some of the challenges that might be showing up. In general, it’s the evolutionary trajectory of your learning process. Second card will be the obstacle card or the reciprocal energy, the energy that’s pushing against you. It’s not unlike when a flower is growing out of a seed.

There is a necessity for the gravitational pull in order to create the strong root system and the strong stalk. So it’s the reciprocal energy that’s pressing against you in your love process, in what it is that you’re learning at this time. And our third card will be our outcome card. So the events that are happening now in your life, what it is that you’re growing through, what it is that you’re learning, this is the overall outcome, what you can expect. And up above we have our Advice card. 

So let’s take a look at the Situation card for your love life right now. Situation card is our lovely Six of Pentacles. Now the Six of Pentacles is often interpreted as a card about being altruistic, doing work, and helping others in a particular way. I like to think of it to some degree as a card that has to do with intelligent investments.

So regarding your love life, something that you might ask yourself right now is, are you putting your time and your intention in the right things, the right people, the right parts of your life? You can see in this particular picture, while he’s holding the balancing piece here, you might notice that there are three coins over this individual versus two coins over this particular individual. This guy is younger, he’s got a little bit better clothes on. There’s an intention around him, around the wealthy individual giving coins to this particular individual. So the question that you can ask yourself is, where is it that you are putting your attention? Are you putting your attention on an experience or a situation that you’ve already seen enough of the red flags, this pattern you’ve experienced before in the past, but you’re just kind of going through the motions because it’s something that feels to be the thing to do?

Versus are you really putting your time and intention in something that can grow, prosper and be a return in your life? So for those of you that happen to be in a relationship right now, obviously this is speaking about is this relationship something that’s going to grow? Is it going to become something? Or are you putting your coin and your money in a situation that may not be worth your time and worth your while? For those of you that are single at the moment, this is asking, are you doing the things that are going to help you become an even better catch? Are you taking really good care of yourself, particularly with the Pentacles? This means are you engaged in your life’s work, your career? Are you exercising? Are you taking care of yourself in ways that are only going to bring back more returns in your life?

Or are you sort of facing other directions? So to a certain degree, this is a good sign. It means that it’s likely that you are assessing these problems at the very least, if not taking healthy, profitable action. 

Let’s take a look at your Obstacle card for this time period in your life. Obstacle card. Ooh, Five of Wands. So there’s a good sense that there could be some tumult, whether this is tumult inside of yourself or tumult in the relationships that you’re in. There is some friction going on. Obviously you can see that there are multiple different individuals there, each from different kingdoms, and they are fighting with one another. They are in a war. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. Healthy conflict, healthy tension can be part of the growing process. However, considering that this is in the obstacle position, it’s quite possible that you are in some arguments for those of you that are single, this could be that you are in conflict with yourself.

You are beating yourself up about something. You are maybe pushing yourself too hard in one way or another, or you are in mental conflict saying, “I should go this way. No, I should go that way. No, I ought to be doing this. Wait, I should be doing that.” In other words, you have five different kingdoms saying that they want something different to be happening. For those of you that are in a relationship, it’s quite possible that you are simply not seeing eye to eye with your person. Now, this doesn’t mean that the relationship itself is not working, but we can return to our first card and say, gosh, are you as a couple investing in the things that are going to grow and become better? Or are you hyper fixated on the parts of the relationship that are not working right now? Obviously those parts need to be worked on, but it’s important that you are working together to grow something that’s going to ultimately create more joy, more benefit, more longevity in your life.

Alright, let’s take a look at your Outcome card. Yikes Outcome card for this time in your particular love life is the Nine of Swords. Boy, this is sort of a strong indication that there is an old pattern that is being rubbed up against during this time in your life, something that you already know, something that you’ve already experienced from your past. The Nine of Swords is almost always talking about a type of energy or a type of experience that has cycled through your life at different times. This is not just an acute one-off type of situation, it’s something you’ve experienced before. So this is a strong, it’s a pretty clear sign that it’s time to discontinue, putting attention, putting energy into something that you’ve already experienced and has not worked out. Now, there can always be a bit of a regressive energy that can pull us backwards. In other words, “I’m not quite ready to move on from this painful cycle, even though I know it’s painful. For some reason, the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t, which can be this internal conflict of I need to leave or I need to move on from this particular cycle, but I’m afraid to, there’s something new and fresh that’s kind of scary.”

So luckily at the end of the day, nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. So if you’re going to go through a similar cycle once again, you’re going to come into contact with this deeper pattern. You might be getting to the point now where you’re like, you know what? I’m sick of this. This is the last time I’m going through this particular cycle. So at the end of the day, there is positivity and you’re going to do so with more awareness. Each time we go through one of those cycles, it’s possible for us to bring a new facet of consciousness into the situation and begin to change it from the inside out. 

Let’s take a look at your Advice Card. This is great. This actually affirms what I was just saying. The Star card comes right after The Tower card. The Star card is like, we have gained enough wisdom that we are sort of coming to a place of surrendering to the next transformation that wants to happen in life. We’re no longer clinging to what it is that we want, how it is that we want it to happen. We’re sort of opening our doorway to be guided by a higher light guided by higher wisdom. We’re no longer sort of stubbornly trying to hold on to something that’s not working. We’ve tasted enough of the discomfort to go, “What does life want for me? What does spirit want for me? How can I get myself aligned with the deeper wisdom of who I am?” So the advice is, you’re headed towards this. You’re headed in this direction. Can you start listening to that higher energy, that higher self, that wisdom that wants to come in, that can guide you through complicated waters? So for those of you that chose the first card, this is your timeless love reading for this moment in time. Thanks for tuning in with me. Once again, I’ll just show you this lovely stone again that you are more than welcome to make a guess on, and I look forward to connecting with you all soon.

And so for those of you that chose the second card, this will be your timeless love reading and I’ll just give you a closer look at this stone. Now, for those of you that want to take a guess on the three stones, right? So I’m just going to tune in with those of you that chose the third stone. After I pick up the card that I dropped, I’m just going to tune in with those of you that chose the second card, second stone. Alright, first card will be the situation card, which has to do with the overall learning process in your love life that you’re going through at this time. This is more at a soul level. So sometimes it’s larger arcs of what it is that you’re learning, what it is that you’re growing through. The second card will be the obstacle card, which was the reciprocal energy that pushes up against us.

Sometimes this is the shadow of the moment, the experience that we are learning to see with more clarity or that is pushing up against your learning process. And the third card is the outcome, which is the overall outcome that you can expect from what it is that you’re going through at this time in your love life, in your love experience, and up above, underneath the stone is your advice card for this time. So let’s take a look at your situation card in this timeless love reading. So the situation card is our Three of Pentacles, and the Three of Pentacles is about working together, comradery. Sometimes it has to do with making your way towards building something that is beyond just yourself. There’s a higher purpose that you’re working with others to build. Sometimes it has to do with being willing to go to other people that have more experience in certain areas and asking for their assistance, asking for their help.

In the context of love. This tends to mean that you are in the process of learning to reciprocate work well with others. It’s not so much a romantic card necessarily. However, for those of you that are in a relationship, this can be about what is it that you are building together? What is it that the two of you are aiming for and bringing more clarity, being willing to be in communication about what it is that you are developing with one another and cultivating with one another. For those of you that are not in a relationship right now, this can be a sign that there’s a lot of focus more on the working world, more on what it is that you’re building in your life. Sometimes it can be a sign that there can be love to be found at a workplace or through some sort of career context.

But let’s take a look at what our Obstacle card is here because to some degree I’m getting this sense of, are you willing to get some outside perspectives on what it is that you want to create architect for your love life going forward? In other words, there’s a willingness to listen to and talk to individuals that might be able to give you some insight. This can be for couples where maybe you’re speaking with an advisor or a couple’s therapist. For those of you that are single right now, this can be working with a coach or a therapist or a love guru of some kind to help you sort of orient yourself for deeper experience and expression. But let’s take a look at the obstacle card. So obstacle card is the Three of Wands, which this is a great card. It tends to mean that there’s good momentum, good forward movement.

You’ve clearly done good work on yourself. You might’ve spent a recent amount of time doing some shadow work or doing personal work in some way or another. And so you’ve sort of moved up, you’ve leveled up, but now you’re in the process of waiting. You’ve sort of sent the vibration of who you are now out into the universe and you’re waiting to see what it is that’s going to come back. And in that waiting period, we can sometimes have a little bit of self-doubt, like, I did all this work. Why hasn’t life started to mirror that back to me yet? Or we can start to feel like we’re not so sure that what we’ve done is actually going to do anything or the plants aren’t going to grow that we’ve started to plant. So there can be a little bit of uncertainty that comes with this card and in that waiting process.

Now, often with the Three of Wands, there can be an experience of what it is that shows up is unexpected. Even if you’ve sort of laid out plans of how you’re hoping things are going to go. If you’re in a couple, it’s possible that you’ve started to build something together or you’ve started to look at a particular project that you want to create with one another, and there can be some curve balls. You’re not entirely sure that things are going to happen the way that you want them to happen. If you’re single, this is a time of waiting and getting curious about what it is that’s going to come in your direction. And the advice that tends to come with this card is let yourself be prepared. Stay vigilant, stay curious, keep doing the good work because even if there’s a bit of a pause, something is coming your way, someone is likely coming your way and you’re not going to want to be caught off guard.

So let’s take a look at your Outcome card. So this is such a good sign, this Ace of Cups, particularly if you have been doing a good deal of inner work, shadow work, maybe you’ve been in the process of being advised or you’re thinking about going into the process of finding some guidance, finding someone to work with or working with others in one form or another. The Ace of Cups is a beautiful emotional renewal. This is like hope incarnate, like the new fresh water, new fresh excitement, curiosity. For some of you, this is literally new love, a new spark, a new curiosity about somebody, someone showing up that makes you feel excited, refreshed, new. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to meet your end all, be all or your soulmate or something like that. That’s totally possible. But with any of the Aces, it’s sort of raw potential energy.

It’s like somebody cracks open or thaws out your heart and you go, oh, I remember what this feels like. I remember this kind of excitement. So for those of you that are in a relationship, this is a good sign. It means that new possibility, new potential is coming through. Threes can tend to have a certain kind of tension with ’em. It’s new energy, but it’s not always fully grounded or it’s not fully stable yet. This is a sign that something fresh, something exciting is coming in into your relationship into the possibilities that are here. For those of you that are single, like I said, this could be a sign of meeting somebody exciting, somebody that makes you feel alive or new. It can also just be your own internal blossoming. Something alive starts to make its way through your heart and your body.

Let’s take a look at your advice card for this time. So this is a pretty strong indication for those of you that are single, that this is the possibility of new love. The Two of Cups tends to be about young, fresh, new relationships. Relationships where there’s really good reciprocity, each individual seeing the other with deep clarity, particularly with this initial piece, the Three of Pentacles. This can be a deep sign of there being a lot of emphasis on fairness, a lot of emphasis on seeing one another, good communication, perceiving things from the other person’s perspective. So this is a good time to focus on that kind of friendship, that kind of love not getting tossed into erratic toxic situations, but people that can really see you and that can reciprocate a kind of attention, a kind of curiosity. So this is a very exciting reading. For those of you that chose this second card, thank you for tuning in with me. I’ll show you once again this lovely stone and I look forward to connecting with you all next time. Thanks for tuning in with me.

For those of you that chose this third card, this will be your timeless love reading. Once again, if you’re wanting to make a guess on the three stones, I’ll just show you this third stone here so you’ve got a bit of a closer view. So I’m going to tune in with those of you that chose or that choose this third stone. So just give me a moment. All right, so first card is the Situation card, which is the overall learning process, evolutionary process that’s happening in your love life right now. Second card will be the Obstacle, which is the reciprocal energy that is pushing up against, but it is part of that learning and growing process in your love life. And third card is the Outcome card, which will be the overall outcome from the events that are happening in your world at this time.

So let’s take a look at your Situation card for this moment. Situation card is our Justice Card, which has a lot to do with the rebalancing, and it tends to be rebalancing at a karmic level. Sometimes it’s universal rebalancing, so it can be somewhat impersonal. It’s kind of just the tides of change that are trying to move things back into balance, back into order. Now, for some of you, this can be specific to legal situations, whether those are divorces or other kinds of legal situations that are causing a lot of disruption in your love life. For some of you, this is actually just a rebalancing in terms of something went down, something was unfair, something was unjust, and now it’s being rebalanced. It’s important to touch base with yourself. Were you the perpetrator? Were you taking advantage of somebody? If that was the case, then it’s quite possible that things are going to start to rebalance towards you having a bit of a challenging time.

Things are going to get a little bit tricky. Now, on the other hand, if you were victimized or if in some way there was something that was unfair in your world or in your life, the scales are now going to balance back towards your direction. Now, the intention here is a neutralization. It’s not about you suddenly having a flurry of incredibly good luck. It’s like no things are going to come back to a neutral place. So in terms of love life, for those of you that are single, this could mean that some kind of heartbreak in the past could start to resolve itself, in which case you are going to feel sort of vindicated. You’re going to feel like you’re able to let go finally and come back to order first. Those of you that are in a relationship, if this is a relationship that’s wanting to grow and continue, then you’re just going to find that things feel sort of neutral.

They’re feeling fair again, between you and your partner. If you’re in a relationship that is falling apart, this can be an indication that things need to fully fall apart. It’s time to start talking to lawyers. It’s time to start getting curious about bringing an end to something that simply has not worked out.

So let’s take a look at your Obstacle card for this time period. The Obstacle card is our Seven of Wands, and often you can look at this particular picture here and you can see the mythos behind it. This individual, in the original Rider-Waite cards, you can see that he’s actually got, he’s got two different shoes on, which is an indication that he was surprised by these assailants that are coming towards him. He’s also up against a cliff’s edge. So this can sometimes be a sign that something was surprising, something took you off balance.

Something took you by surprise. And in the context of this legal piece, this is part of this rebalancing process that’s happening. For some of you, this can actually be a sign that you are either getting assailed by the people around you that are saying, don’t do this. Don’t go in this direction. Maybe don’t leave this person or don’t stay. There are people that are sort of trying to tell you what to do. You’re getting a lot of flack about what it is that you’re making choices around, or it’s your own mind. Your own mind is boxing you in and telling you how you should be acting, how you ought to be acting. So the remedy with this particular piece, find your truth, find your alignment. Maybe create some distance so that you can be just in your own energy. Sometimes there’s an element of shock that comes with this card.

So finding ways to create some nervous system regulation, whether that’s talking to a good friend, somebody that gets you or working with a therapist or a healer of some kind. Get grounded. And then regardless of what other people are saying, follow your truth.

Let’s take a look at your Outcome card for this time period. Outcome card is our Three of Wands. This is good news. We might say that the Justice card over here, which has a lot of indications of two balancing out of polarities, you’re moving from a Two to a Three, which means that something that has felt unsure, uncertain, you are going to find the clarity of action that you want to take. You can see he’s taking a step forward. He’s making the next move. Now, this doesn’t mean that the full landscape is available to you. You don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with the events that are on the table, but you are making positive moves and this is all around a good sign.

You might still be in a bit of a pause, but once you’ve sort of made a decision, you’ve decided that you’re going to step out there and either move on from a particular situation or begin to create the balance that needs to happen in a situation one way or another. You being a little bit assailed is ultimately going to force you to get clarified about your decision.

The Seven of Wands ultimately in my book, is a good sign. It’s a sign that you are headed in the right direction. There’s just some strong resistance around you. So you’re lining back up, finding your clarity is going to help you start to take positive steps forward. Let’s take a look at your advice card for this time period. This is great. So I actually almost started to talk about this, the Justice card. In some ways, it’s a more neutral wheel of fortune card.

This is impersonal and is moving towards neutral landing. This is also a sign of things rebalancing, big shifts happening, but for the most part, it’s moving you in a positive direction. You are going through big shifts. Are you willing to move with the way that life is moving? Take the opportunities that are showing up, make the transitions and the changes that are being called for. I get the sense as I’m reading into this energy, that you know the direction that things are headed. You already have the truth in your heart. It’s just the courage to stand up regardless of what the sort of personal mind is saying, or the individuals around you are saying, find your clarity because you’re heading into really good, positive waters. Alright, thank you so much for tuning in with me. I always love reading for you all. Once again, you can make a guess on these three stones here by clicking the link below and scrolling down, you’ll see where you can enter your gem selections, and I will give the first three people that choose correctly three free private recorded readings. So anyways, love tuning in with you all. Looking forward to connecting again soon. Take good care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

  • Avatar
    Lorna Stoney
    Posted at 12:40h, 23 October Reply

    Brown jasper green peridot and Smokey

  • Avatar
    Terri Smith
    Posted at 22:02h, 22 October Reply

    I picked the third stone and the reading was so on point! The first stone is a Sardonyx; the second is Green Calcite and the third is a Fire Quartz also known as Hematite Quartz.

  • Avatar
    Nadia Mir
    Posted at 19:09h, 22 October Reply

    Thankyou for a wonderful reading.It’s a beautiful guidance I m very grateful to receive your weekly updates ❤️

  • Avatar
    Ann Marie Guarino
    Posted at 18:52h, 22 October Reply

    Hi Johnathan,

    I’m taking a guess. The first stone some form of Tigers Eye. The second is possibly Moldavite. The third, which I gravitated to, is possibly the Rose quartz wands. Thank you for an accurate reading as always.

    Ann Marie Guarino

  • Avatar
    Erin Sadlowski
    Posted at 17:43h, 22 October Reply

    Tiger’s eye, fluorite, rose quartz:)

  • Avatar
    Gilbert Parent
    Posted at 15:20h, 22 October Reply

    Fushite, Tigers eye and Rose Quartz

  • Avatar
    Lisa Kucera
    Posted at 12:59h, 22 October Reply

    Hi Jonathan,

    I think the stones are Brown banded agate, green amethyst, and morganite point.

  • Avatar
    Mazine Richards
    Posted at 12:42h, 22 October Reply

    Thank you for your reading and blessings

  • Avatar
    Hasanati Bradford
    Posted at 10:21h, 22 October Reply

    Tiger’s Eye, Emerald, Rose Quartz

  • Avatar
    Nenette chiong
    Posted at 09:37h, 22 October Reply

    Thanks for card reading…

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:20h, 22 October Reply

    Fushite, Tigers eye and Rose Quartz

  • Avatar
    Jami Lieder
    Posted at 09:16h, 22 October Reply

    Hi Jonathan, I’m thinking the stones are Jasper, Citrine, and Rose Quartz. I’m a single woman who chose the first stone reading, and it did resonate! Thank you ~

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:47h, 22 October Reply

    First Tigers eye
    Second Peridot crystal
    Third Rose quartz

  • Avatar
    Laurie Howard
    Posted at 08:25h, 22 October Reply

    Agate, rose quartz and green jade

  • Avatar
    Yvonne Verdo
    Posted at 06:29h, 22 October Reply

    My Rose Quartz tower reading what so accurate. I need to reach out to you to receive a personal reading. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Samantha D. Mattia
    Posted at 05:43h, 22 October Reply

    Agate, green jade and rose quartz

  • Avatar
    Ekanem Moses Samuel
    Posted at 05:39h, 22 October Reply

    The death card,the emperor,the high priestes

  • Avatar
    Michaela Brough
    Posted at 05:38h, 22 October Reply

    Hi, Collin,
    I would say the 1st is a Thumb stone carnelian, The 2nd looks like a Raw Moldavite but it’s hard to tell, and the 3rd is one of my favourites a Rose Quartz Tower.. Don’t know if I’m right as it’s hard to tell on video but I have a Ton of crystals I’m a big crystal user and collector.
    Good luck everyone. Blessed Be.

    • Avatar
      Michaela Brough
      Posted at 05:58h, 22 October Reply

      Just had better look at the crystals and I don’t think my first guess was right opps I said them before watching lol. 1st I would say is the banded Agate, 2nd Peridot or green fluoride, 3rd Rose Quartz.

  • Avatar
    Emmanuel Dakura
    Posted at 04:27h, 22 October Reply

    Fist stone is Fuschsite

  • Avatar
    Joy Williams
    Posted at 20:54h, 21 October Reply

    Ok, maybe that first brown stone IS a Tiger Eye, it’s kind of hard to tell. If it is then it’s not like any other typical Tiger Eye stone I’ve seen before. I think I’m still going with my answer of cymophane first though.

  • Avatar
    Joy Williams
    Posted at 20:29h, 21 October Reply

    I’m not sure if this is where I comment to guess the 3 stones it not but this is all I see so I’m putting my answers here.

    The brown one has me a bit confused, is it a cymophane? Either that or possibly a striped agate. IDT it looks like a Tiger Eye. The green one Peridot and the last is a Rose Quartz tower.

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