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A Twist Of Fate | Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

Dear Friends,

Can you feel the energy building in the air?

As we near the final Eclipse of 2022, the transformational power of the Moon is growing and will soon come to a peak.

On November 7th or 8th (depending on your location,) a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will take place in earth sign Taurus.

And when it does, you could be in for a major surprise.

Lunar Eclipses are known to stir up strong emotions, and can initiate the final ending to a chapter in your life.

But don’t worry.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

The fated, transformational events that happen during an Eclipse are meant to help you grow and move forward on your soul’s path.

However, this time around you might have to go through some turbulence before you come out the other side.

Due to the planets at play, the upcoming Eclipse could bring a shocking emotional outburst, unexpected change, the exposure of a hidden truth, or a valuable opportunity to finally break free of what’s been holding you back.

There’s a wildcard energy in the air that could make anything possible.

But one thing’s for sure…

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will be anything but boring!

Let’s take a deeper look at the energies at hand, so you can be prepared for what’s to come…

A Sudden Revolution

Have you ever gotten to the place where “enough is enough” and you can’t tolerate a certain situation anymore?

With the Moon’s close proximity to Uranus, planet of truth, upheaval, and change, you could be feeling more rebellious during the Eclipse.

You’ll have the energy to break loose from whatever has been restricting you, and you might not care about the consequences.

The Moon joined with Uranus brings a strong desire for emotional honesty.

Needs and feelings that you’ve had trouble accepting in yourself could suddenly become so powerful that you can’t hold them inside any longer.

Instead, you might find your emotions suddenly bursting out…

Like a dam breaking, allowing you to finally express a truth you’ve been unable to face.

Since the Eclipse is taking place in grounded Earth sign Taurus, your relationship with money, your home, physical security, and relationships could change dramatically.

Your choices from the six months are coming to fruition.

So whether the change in your life manifests as a karmic challenge or blessing depends on how you’ve handled your resources, relationships, and self care this year.

Keep in mind that all Full Moons, and especially Lunar Eclipses tend to manifest your inner state in the outside world.

This means that people or events could trigger you into realizing how you really feel about something, or what you need to do next.

Over the coming days, your true feelings about a situation in your life could get very clear.

You might even find that a deception will come to light, allowing you to finally move forward.

The Truth Is Revealed

The Buddha once said, “Three things cannot be hidden for long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

In the coming days, this saying might ring true for you.

This is because Mars recently went retrograde in Gemini, and will play an important role revealing hidden information during the Eclipse.

Mars’ energy is currently focused on clearing up things that happened in the past, especially things that were said or thought.

During the Eclipse, Mars will be at odds with Neptune, planet of deception, illusion, and dreams.

This means deliberate lies will be revealed for what they are…

And miscommunications or confusion about something that already happened will be cleared up.

Have you been trying to get to the bottom of something, but it’s been taking a long time?

Maybe you’ve been stuck in relationship limbo, unsure of the other person’s true desires with you.

Or maybe you wrote off a promising opportunity because you didn’t see the full picture.

Whatever the case is for you, if there is a truth that needs to come to your attention, it will be revealed over the next few days.

Things Are Different Now

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 7th – 8th will create revolutionary energy…

Not just in your own life, but in the world at large.

Uranus’ influence on the Eclipse will make people more likely to speak their truth and challenge those who try to force them into conformity.

Since the Eclipse falls on Election Day in the United States, a surprising political development may happen around important issues.

And since Taurus rules over commodities, it’s possible that the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus could trigger a sudden change in the economy.

On a personal level, you may feel more impulsive, emotional, and volatile during the Eclipse’s influence.

So remember to be gentle with yourself and others.

Big changes are being stirred up right now.

And your things could look very different once it’s over.

With Joy,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Is there a situation you’re hoping the Eclipse will help you understand better? What are you ready to break free from? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. She is a lifelong student of astrology and loves sharing about the significance of the planets in our daily lives.

  • Avatar
    Drucella Hicks
    Posted at 10:56h, 08 November Reply

    I’m waiting for a confirmation I haven’t seen it yet

  • Avatar
    LeAnne Lehman
    Posted at 12:55h, 04 November Reply

    This has bn a horrible year..started doing 3 months n jail for a misdeamnor cz the cop was hvn a bad day..both my boys r looking at double digits n jail.my work has bn slow to none..i hv to go to a 6mos.treatment facility .court ordeted..n drugs arent my problem..and the icing on the cake ..my dog who i cherished got hit n killed 3 wks ago today.its unbearable..the pain..he was my bestest! Im divorced n stayn single..i love it..i live with my mother n she hates me..does anything and n anyway she cn to use me ..put me down n break me.im her servant n she dont hide…plz tell me its gna gt better
    Odl how much more i cn tAke

  • Avatar
    Glynis Marshall
    Posted at 07:47h, 04 November Reply

    I have been in a mentally, emotionally draining, non-caring, shows no loving emotions towards me at all, and he’s narcissistic really bad. for over 20 years now and I am completely drained, mentally physically, emotionally I want and need complete closure from his crazy behavior towards me. I want to have real love, and happiness in my life from here are you out.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:22h, 03 November Reply

    I’m in limbo divorced 2 years
    Talking to several gentleman none live near me. One in particular feels like he is meant to be still unsure. Will I be with someone soon

  • Avatar
    Posted at 18:27h, 03 November Reply

    My life has had its proverbial ups and downs for sure. I’m very intuitive and this time of year is becoming increasingly significant to me. Last year 04/11, my dream to break free came with travel job.
    I have literally just heard a colleague having yet the same chance again and to Australia where I found a dear covid pen pal, I long to visit, as so many of us, money is eternal issue and is stopping my travel dreams. I’ve worked relentlessly m but rewards are scant. I’m still working at 68, no choice.
    Can narnia come by my way again, I have sacrificed and cared for everyone. The company know I’m available, the chance is passing, so tantalisingly close to a lifelong dream.
    Thank you luna, it feels like you read my mjnd

  • Avatar
    Manika Gamuchirai
    Posted at 08:26h, 03 November Reply

    I want to be free from stress, marriage life without communication ,love and affection.
    I want to be free from poverty

  • Avatar
    Khadijat Sani
    Posted at 05:51h, 03 November Reply

    Am in a complicated relationship. I want to end it and move on. This relationship is causing me a lot of stress. i need to know the way forward

  • Avatar
    Evelyn malanda
    Posted at 03:53h, 03 November Reply

    Thank you Luna , this reading is awesome ,yes I need to know the truth about someone in he had done a lot for me that no one has ever done for me but he had no said anything about love so am confused and I want to know the truth about my work if things go to change . Thanks luna

  • Avatar
    Jodi warren
    Posted at 03:11h, 03 November Reply

    What are the truths I’ve been looking for in my relationship

  • Avatar
    Posted at 03:02h, 03 November Reply

    Health issue. No money issue. No home issue. I need better then and i deserve it better alot better

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:44h, 03 November Reply

    Hi Luna,
    Thank you for your great reading. Ilove it.
    Hope for the best. God bless

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:43h, 02 November Reply

    I want to know my purpose in life & that I’m ready to break from my old life, close that chapter to start a New One. A New Life.

  • Avatar
    Mindy Mendez
    Posted at 21:43h, 02 November Reply

    I’m in a complicated relationship but I pretty sure their is no secrets as we are like mirrors of each other but I’m concerned on what’s to come is this my twin flame my soulmate am I just meant to learn a lesson from this?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:34h, 02 November Reply

    Hello, l am so scared now, if l know, what is going to happened, l would be able, to have more control of the unexpected situation. I don’t want any conflict with authorities, will it be a war? I don’t have any disharmony with anyone, my husband has dementia so he lives in a nursing home, l don’t have anybody even to talk to….and l don’t have any idea, what cold possibly happened. Will l dye? During these ten months, l am in this spiritual program, l learn a lot, but it’s very demanding, to read a lot, answer all emails, l wish l would get already little relief, not such a scary stuff. How about, if l lock myself at home, don’t talk to anyone,…..oh , please. Dear Universe…..if you can, please, tell me some explanation , l am very fragile, thank you, love Consuela

    • Avatar
      Julie Swanson
      Posted at 22:21h, 02 November Reply

      All will be well. Your suffering will be forgotten in future. Relax as much as you can. ❤️

    • Avatar
      Posted at 00:42h, 03 November Reply

      Talk to God in Prayers with an open heart and mind. Ask for guidance and wisdom and rely to our Almighty God to overcome your fears and anxieties. Only God is in control of everything. Thank God. Amen.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 00:48h, 03 November Reply

      Talk to God in Prayers with an open heart and mind. Ask for guidance and wisdom to overcome your fears and anxieties to our Almighty God. Be positive always. Everything will be alright. Only God is in Control of everything. Thank God. Amen.

  • Avatar
    Cynthia Tabisz
    Posted at 21:24h, 02 November Reply

    I don’t know if any truths will be uncovered and cleared up, but I guess I’ll just wait and see where this retrograde will take me.

    • Avatar
      Clover Weckwerth
      Posted at 21:35h, 02 November Reply

      Cycles at work, that limit creative growth

  • Avatar
    Moses balang
    Posted at 21:08h, 02 November Reply

    Thank you for the full moon eclipses reading

  • Avatar
    Posted at 20:42h, 02 November Reply

    I’m stuck in relationship limbo so I really need to know where I stand

  • Avatar
    Peter Ruiz
    Posted at 20:40h, 02 November Reply

    Am still waiting on a buyer for my town house so that I can move forward. With my life as I lost my wife 3 years ago.

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