Abundance On The Way | Monthly Tarot Reading | June 2023 - Cosmic Updates

Abundance On The Way | Monthly Tarot Reading | June 2023

The month of June could bring powerful shifts in many areas of your life, as you begin to get more in touch with your desires and tap into new possibilities for abundance.

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a Monthly Tarot Forecast for June 2023, so you can understand the larger energies unfolding in your life and prepare for the best. Enjoy!


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Hello, this is Jonathan Lionheart, and I’m thrilled to present your monthly forecast reading for June. One theme that stood out during this reading is integrity, which I believe will lead to a deeper abundance in your life. In other words, the more you align your actions with your words and your nervous system, the more attuned you will become with a higher intelligence. This alignment will bring about an abundance in your relationships, work, and life in general.

There’s a strong current of movement towards aligning more with yourself in the month ahead. This alignment will help you attract positive things into your life. If you’re interested in a private reading, you can find the link below. We also have a new community portal that I’ve started, and you can find more information about that as well. I look forward to connecting with you again soon. I hope you enjoy this reading and feel free to reach out and say hello. Take care.

Wherever you are right now, take a moment to breathe deeply. Allow yourself to sink into your body and the sensations of this moment. You might want to bring your attention to your heart space and find a few simple things you can be grateful for. It can be as simple as appreciating the sun, having enough food, or acknowledging the people in your life who care about you. Just bring your attention to something you’re grateful for.

We call out to Mother, Father God, the angels, the archangels, the denizens of light, the deep ones, the rooted ones, the grandmothers, and the grandfathers of the north, south, east, and west. Please be with us now and help bring forward a clear message and the perfect type of energy to support us during this reading and through the month ahead. Thank you.

Now, let’s take a look at the month ahead. As usual, you’ll be using your intuition to choose one of the cards before you, which will lead you to a reading specific to you and the month ahead. Take a moment to feel into and look at the cards in front of you. Notice which one might be calling to you right now, the one your eyes keep returning to, or the one you just have a feeling is the right card for you. Once you’ve made your decision, you can trust that decision.



We’re going to start with our first card, the one that’s underneath the triangular piece. For those of you who chose the first card, this will be your reading for the month of June. I’m tuning in with the group of you who chose this first card.

Let’s take a look. The first card represents the overall situation for June. It’s the general arc of what you’ll be learning, confronting, and integrating over the coming month. The second card represents the basic obstacle, what you’re coming into contact with that’s asking you to grow and challenging you to develop in new ways. The final card represents the outcome, what you’ve learned through the month, and what you can expect as a result of your learning and evolving. Our card up above will provide advice for navigating the situations that are coming up for you in the coming month.

The first card is one of my absolute favorites. It represents a pivotal moment in someone’s evolution. This moment can happen at many different points. It’s the point where we realize that it’s time to grow into a new level. We’ve completed something in our life, lived through a particular learning curve, and now it’s time to uplevel. The eight of cups is about a deeper calling. We’ve extracted what we’ve needed to from a particular circumstance in our life, and now we’re looking for something with deeper meaning.

For some, this might look like having reached a certain financial level in their life where they feel safe and have enough of what they need. They’re ready to start looking for something with deeper value. We often think certain things in life will give us sustenance, a sense of completion. For some, this looks like certain financial levels. For others, it might be having a home or a relationship. But when we achieve or get these things, there might be a realization that they aren’t what we thought would finally make us feel complete. For some, this can happen at a certain stage, and then there comes another calling, a deeper layer of the onion that’s being asked for.

The obstacle for June, for those who chose this first option, is represented by the seven of swords. This card represents trickery, subterfuge, sneakiness, or lying. However, in the context of what we’re looking at, it’s showing up as hyper mental activity, too much planning, too much strategizing to make things right or perfect. It’s like when we feel that something’s a bit off, there’s a scampering or scurrying around to try to make it fit. This can also look like pretending that something is okay when it actually isn’t.

The outcome card, the nine of cups, represents a great sense of accomplishment, feeling nurtured by life, feeling like you have what you need. It’s a great level of personal stability. The cups, which represent the emotional realm, are well lined up. The emotional world is in its place. You are where you want to be, with who you want to be, headed in the direction that is right for you. You’re not hiding anything from yourself anymore.

The advice card for June is the queen of wands. She is a magnetic individual who knows herself and is comfortable with herself in a profound way. She has said yes to the callings in her life and integrated the parts of herself that felt like they needed to hide or be pushed away. She is who she is, and she loves who she is, regardless of how other people receive her. This is the advice for this month: start stepping towards the part of yourself that says, “I love myself, I love what truly calls me, I don’t need to hide what I am and who I am.”

This is going to be a really powerful month for those of you who chose this first card. I’m excited for you. Thanks for tuning in with me, and I look forward to us connecting again in the month ahead. Take good care.



Alright, for those of you who chose the second card, the one underneath our little cube, this will be your reading for the month ahead. Let me tune in with this group of people.

The first card represents the overall situation for the month ahead, the basic learning curve that you’ll be confronted with over the month of June. The second card represents the obstacle, the pressure that’s pushing against you, asking you to grow and step into new parts of yourself. Sometimes it can represent the blind spots that we have as we’re going through our growing process. The third card represents the outcome for your month ahead, what you’ll learn as a result of this month. Sometimes it can be a sign of what you have thoroughly integrated, sometimes it’s a sign of places that you’re still in the process of bringing into fruition in your life. The top card will be the advice for the month of June.

The situation for the month ahead is represented by our Priestess card. The Priestess card represents the deep esoteric wisdom that’s available to us. If the magician is about the conscious, forward-moving energy, the energy that moves out into the world and creates, the Priestess is the energy that is inside of us, going deeper. She represents the unconscious realm, our deep inner well of knowing. She can also be a sign and symbol of our connection to the deep Dreamworld and to the esoteric knowledge of reality.

For some of you, this means there’s possibly a period of time here in the coming month where you’re going to be getting tuned with your mystical wisdom, with the deep wisdom that lays resting inside of you, in the dream world, in your creative process. For some of you, this might be in your meditative or prayer process. For others, this is a sign of your intuitive activation. You’re starting to come into relationship with deep wisdom inside of yourself, learning to own it, trust it, and allow it to influence the way you walk through the world.

The obstacle for your month ahead is represented by the Ace of Swords. This card is about new thoughts, new insights, new ways of moving things forward. However, in an obstacle position, when we’re in the process of cultivating the depth of awareness, it can represent a distracted mind. It’s the part of ourselves that is generative, it wants to think about things and get curious about things, which is really great. But on the other side of it, it can also be the part of ourselves that is afraid to be quiet, that is afraid to get still, that is afraid to go into the unknown.

The outcome card for the month ahead is represented by the Ten of Pentacles. This card generically speaks to multi-generational wealth. It can have to do with larger businesses, big families, a number of different things. The way that it almost always shows up in my readings is a relationship with the ancestral wisdom, relationship with the fortune, the inheritance of the deep wisdom of your ancestors, and our collective ancestors.

Your advice card for the month ahead is the Queen of Swords. She is incredibly mentally sharp. She is clear about clear, logical, disciplined in the way that she thinks about things. So on the positive end of the spectrum, the advice is to be precise with your thinking, precise with your disciplined way of thinking. However, a reminder that comes with the Queen of Swords is that she hangs out in the lofty realms of thought and thinking and discernment. And the Priestess card hangs out in the deep realms of imagination, of creativity, of deep stillness. The place that connects between the lofty realms and the deep earth, the unconscious realms, is the heart and the belly. The Queen of Swords is disassociated from her heart and from her belly. This is a reminder that you need to be willing to delve into the realm of the heart and the deep bodily realm of the belly to discover these deeper layers of wisdom. For those of you who chose the second card for the month of June, this is your reading for the month ahead. It appears that you’re on the brink of a profound shift that could lead to a new relationship with abundance, particularly if you’re willing to navigate the sneaky trickster of the mind, which wants to distract you in various directions. This could be a very abundant and fruitful month for you. Thank you so much for connecting with me and tuning in. I look forward to connecting with you again throughout the month. Take good care, and I’ll see you then. Goodbye.


For those of you who chose the third card, the one beneath the double helix piece, this is your reading for June. Let’s dive in.

The first card represents the overall situation for June, the basic arc of your learning throughout the month. It can reflect what might be happening and what you’re going through as you cultivate a deeper awareness within yourself.

The second card represents your obstacle, what you need to grow through. It can reveal the challenges you’ll face that will force you to evolve and grow. In some situations, it can represent the shadow, what you’re missing or not aware of, and are struggling to come to terms with.

The third card is your outcome card, which will show what you’ll learn and what you’ll come out of this month with. For some, it might also show what you might be resisting or still in the process of growing through.

The situation for the month ahead is represented by the Justice card. This card is not personal; it’s about the bigger movements, the larger karmic movements in life. It’s oriented towards balancing things out. Karma, as far as I’m concerned, is energy that has been displaced or has not completed itself and is trying to find completion.

The obstacle for the month ahead is represented by the Page of Wands. This card can represent a creative individual who is fun to spend time with but may be flighty. This could be showing up for some of you as a particular individual in your life, or a theme of types of individuals that have shown up in your life.

The outcome card for your month ahead is the Wheel of Fortune. This card has a strong relationship with the Justice card. The Justice card brings things towards balance, towards neutrality. And the Wheel of Fortune is a sign that things are going to move in a very good direction for you.

Your advice card is the Two of Pentacles, which speaks to making choices that will move you in a positive direction. Sometimes this card is a sign that you are juggling too many things, and your sense of integrity around each of those might be a bit loose.

So, for those of you who chose the third card, this is your reading for June. Thank you so much for tuning in with me. It’s always a pleasure to have a conversation in this way and to feel some of you. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to say something. I always love hearing from you. I’m really looking forward to our next encounter in the month ahead. Take good care, and I look forward to connecting soon. Goodbye.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Jody Honeyman
    Posted at 09:30h, 29 May Reply

    OMG….I have missed you so much!! So glad to see you here.
    As always….thanks for the insights!!


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    Posted at 01:56h, 29 May Reply

    Lovely to have you do a reading again,so spot on again Jonathan,everything you said resonates with me in my life at present,thank you so much

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Canard
    Posted at 13:29h, 27 May Reply

    Thanks I needed to hear that 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽 I picked.card one really resonates with me ✊🏽

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    Posted at 23:51h, 25 May Reply

    That was not only lovely, but so on point with where I am in my life how I feel about myself and where I know I’m headed thank you so much for the clarity ✨♉️💜

  • Avatar
    Lisa B
    Posted at 20:37h, 25 May Reply

    It is so nice to see you again, Jonathan. I always look forward to your thoughtful, intuitive readings.
    This time I was drawn to Card 1 & Card 2. Each had significance for me, but especially #2 with the High Priestess, Ace of Swords, 10 of Pentacles, & Queen of Swords. Such powerful wisdom in this reading that reflects my current situation. I have drawn the Priestess several times recently in other readings. I feel the Spirit is truly guiding me to go inward & listen quietly for the clarity I need right now. Thank for this resonating message for the coming month. Take care & bless you. 🪷

  • Avatar
    Michelle Collins
    Posted at 13:02h, 25 May Reply

    Hey Jonathan,

    I picked pile 3, and it was dead on for me the way you explained everything. Everything seems to be going well so far, I just wish that new job will hurry up and find me. Good reading on all 3 piles if I say so myself. We need to talk about a reading please.

  • Avatar
    Kim Michelle Ross
    Posted at 01:21h, 25 May Reply

    Thank you, Jonathan,

    I was drawn to the second and third cards. I loved the second card reading and I was astounded to see the Justice card in the third reading. There is a court case that’s been ongoing since last October and the outcome will be known on June 23.

    Needless to say, I hope it goes in our favour and the damages caused by the other party will finally be put to rest.

  • Avatar
    adan rodriguez
    Posted at 23:53h, 24 May Reply

    Oh boy, all 3 cards hit the spot.
    Thank you my Dearest Friend

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    Posted at 20:55h, 24 May Reply

    Hi there I’ve missed you these past weeks. I chose #3 and didn’t get a complete feel from it.

  • Avatar
    Patrick McKee
    Posted at 15:03h, 24 May Reply

    Good afternoon Jonathan Lionheart,
    Glad to hear and see you. My X marks the spot type vigor. Namaste.

  • Avatar
    Rita SA
    Posted at 14:49h, 24 May Reply

    HI Dear Jonathan so nice to hear from you and nice to see you thank you so much for the reading i chose the first one thank you for the good advice God bless you i can’t wait for the next reading

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    Posted at 14:16h, 24 May Reply

    Thanks Jonathan! A bear hug

  • Avatar
    Anni Elisabeth Andersen
    Posted at 13:51h, 24 May Reply

    It was difficult to choose 1, 2 or 3. Nr 2 was the most important for me this time I choosed, but i thought all three had a message to me. And right. Exactly that way.
    Love this love this love this.

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    Ray Vincent Penaflor
    Posted at 13:50h, 24 May Reply

    Thank you for that wonderful reading & guidance…hope to hear from you on your next reading…God bless…

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    Posted at 13:11h, 24 May Reply

    Thank you for your readings. They are always si insightful, informative and much appreciated❤

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:53h, 24 May Reply

    Thanks Jonathon,
    I always feel excited to see your monthly email and enjoy your readings so much. Thank you 🙏

  • Avatar
    Lolita Stewart-Boxhill
    Posted at 12:23h, 24 May Reply

    I choose the 3rd card. it was a perfect reading. thanks

  • Avatar
    Pamela Boeddu
    Posted at 12:16h, 24 May Reply

    Jonathan è il migliore 💪💪💯

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:10h, 24 May Reply

      Grazie Pamela 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:59h, 24 May Reply

    I’ve chosen the first card. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:18h, 24 May Reply

    Love you Jonathan! From the start your readings have ALWAYS resonated truth and have been reflective of my life circumstances ❤️. You spoke of the impending relational betrayal that occurred in my life days before it happened on 12/7/2022…. And have also been the perfect guide for navigating life since! I respect you and your work thank you for sharing your gift ❣️💙❣️

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:11h, 24 May Reply

      Thank you Bee 🙂 So nice to hear from you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:00h, 24 May Reply

    Hi J
    That was the very best reading I’ve experienced from you. It nailed my life as it currently is. I feel I am that Queen of Wands now but I wasn’t always so self confident.
    Thank you for your gracious manner in communicating your knowledge.
    Take care.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:11h, 24 May Reply

      My pleasure Pauline. Thank you for tuning in 🙂

  • Avatar
    0poku Richard Atuahene
    Posted at 09:51h, 24 May Reply

    Thanks Jonathan,it’s been a while, we need your teachings.Because I understand your teachings more than others. Thanks

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:12h, 24 May Reply

      My pleasure 🙂

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