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An Important Turning Point | August 2023 Tarot Forecast | Jonathan Lionheart

Are you ready to find out what kinds of challenges and opportunities the month ahead will bring?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a special Pick A Card Tarot Forecast for August, so you can receive personalized insights into the energies unfolding in your month ahead. Enjoy!


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Hey there, friends. This is your monthly forecast reading for the month of August. It’s looking like a month of passion, creative energy, following your purpose, and grounding more of your essential energy into life. So I’m really excited for you to check it out. You can grab a private reading with me down below, and I have a workshop coming up that is about learning to bring more of your spiritual energy into your life, into your body. So if you want more information, you can reach out to me for that as well. I hope you enjoy your reading, take good care.

Wherever you happen to be right now. Give yourself a moment to take a few deep breaths, allow yourself to settle into this moment, your body. And maybe bring a little bit of attention into your heart space, finding something that you’re grateful for at this time. And maybe bringing a small smile to your face. All right.

We call out to Mother, Father God, the Denizens of Light, the Deep Ones, the Rooted Ones. We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Please be with us now. Bring forward a clear message and support us with good energy in the coming days. Thank you.

So, as usual, you will have a choice between these three different cards here, which will lead you to your specific reading for the month of August. So take a moment to look over the cards. Notice if one of them is speaking to you, if you keep coming back to it, or if you just have intuition that one of these cards is the right card for you this month.

First Card
So we’ll start with our first card here. So I’m just going to tune in with those of you that chose this first card. All right, let’s take a look. This is a forecast reading for the month of August.

Your first card is going to be the situation, which is the overall situation of what’s going to be happening in this month ahead. It tends to have to do with what it is that you’re learning right now, what it is that you’re growing through. It can have some of the potentials of what you’re growing into, or some of the lessons that you’re currently working on in your life.

Your second card will be the obstacle, which tends to be the reciprocal force that’s pushing against what it is that you’re becoming. This is a necessary force, but it can be uncomfortable at times. It can also just be an edge of your growing process.

And your third card will be the outcome, which is the potential of what’s going to happen and what’s going to come out of the events that occur in the month ahead. It can be some of the turning point in the growing process. It can also be the next step of what it is that you’ll be learning.

And then our card up above, covered by the stone, will be the advice card for the month ahead. So let’s take a look at your first card for the month of August. Your situation card is the King of Wands. And this was a theme that happened through the month of July as well, for some of you, which is either an individual that’s holding a strong leadership role in your life, somebody that you have been able to rely on or count on in your life. This could be a romantic person. This could be a boss.

And then for some of you, this will be an element of yourself that you are learning to integrate into your life, which is the part of you that knows how to wield inspiration, wield passion with integrity. It’s the grounding force of your inspired energy, the creative force in your life. It’s being able to hold this in a way that it actually grows. It owes and builds. The King of Wands has been through the wars. He’s experienced the intensity of, you know, previous, earlier evolutions of himself like the Knight of Wands, where there’s so much energy that he can’t really rein it in. So he’s running this way, charging in that way. This king has learned how to be patient, how to see the long view in his life.

So for many of you, it’s possible that you’re finding that you are able to settle in a new way in your life. And in this month of August, that could be coming to the forefront in a really beautiful way. You are sort of learning to steer your ship and wield power in a positive way.

Let’s take a look at your second card, the obstacle card for the month of August. And we’ve got our Justice card here, which for me often is an indication of impersonal karmic changes. It’s a card that speaks to when life is trying to sort of balance itself out in one way or another. Now for some of you, this could be more of a specific or mundane level indication, which means you might be dealing with some legal matters. You could be dealing with having to go through a divorce of some kind, or making your way through some sort of bureaucratic situation that might not be very comfortable. At the end of the day, it’s trying to get to a place of being sort of impartial fairness, but it might not be comfortable.

For others, this can speak to more of a balancing in your own system, a balancing in your life. Something that happened in this lifetime or a previous lifetime is trying to run its course and come to its finalization. Now, with the King of Wands here, it’s quite possible that this balancing is actually a very positive thing for you. In other words, at other times in your life, you may have been subjected to certain kinds of authorities or certain figures in your life that were not fair, that were not doing a good job. And you’re recognizing that the way that you want to lead people, or the way that you want to be somebody with power is different. And so you’re getting the chance to step into that role now in your life.

For others, it’s possible that there’s a little bit of a rebalancing that could be somewhat uncomfortable. This could mean that you are actually the one that is having to face somebody that’s doing a good job as a leader, and it might be throwing you back on yourself a little bit. In which case, this is more of an obstacle that’s in the ego realm, the realm of feeling like something’s not fair, or a bit of jealousy of some kind.

But let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month of August and get a sense of what all of this is. Wow. So this is pretty strong. We’ve got two of our lovely wand cards here: our King of Wands, the sort of pinnacle of the wands, and our Queen of Wands. And I would say that all together, this is probably a very good sign. I almost am starting to see that there could be somebody that’s either inspiring you or creating a certain kind of friction in your life that’s asking you to step into your own empowerment, your own sense of magnetism, your own sense of self-worth, and self-empowerment.

The Queen of Wands is such a powerful card. She really has come to peace with all the different elements in herself. And as a result, you can see she’s sitting with such grace and ease, and she almost has like a content smile on her face. You can also see that there’s our sunflower that’s growing, which means vitality, energy. But she’s so comfortable with herself that she doesn’t need to impose that vitality or that energy on others. She also doesn’t need it to get attention. As a result, because she’s so comfortable with where she’s at and herself, people are attracted to her anyways.

So I’m getting the sense that this is going to be a pretty fiery month for you. And it could be a month where you’re learning to integrate a different kind of energy, your leadership, your creative powers into your life. Some of you might want to be wary of some of the legal stuff that’s on the table. But for the most part, it looks like whatever that might be, it’s moving you in a good direction. It’s possible that you’re being forced to face some of the choices that you’ve made in the past, or circumstances that happened to you in the past, and digest them, let them go, and step into a new level of confidence.

Let’s take a look at your advice card for the month of August. This is a great advice card. So the Page of Pentacles, for me and in this particular context, is a recommendation to remember to be a student. Even if you are starting to step into the role of leadership. Even if you’re really beginning to find a new level of confidence. It’s a reminder to come to things with a beginner’s mind, do your due diligence, be willing to do the research, get curious, stay committed. The Page of Pentacles is so reliable. This step generally references somebody that you can count on, even if they don’t know everything, even if they’re a little bit greenhorn, or they’re in the process of learning. There’s somebody that you can trust and rely on.

So for some of you, this is really speaking to staying grounded, staying committed, being open to the learning process. For others, this could even be a recommendation of bringing somebody else into your company, into your life, that maybe can help you with some of the organizational things that are on your plate. All around, this is looking like a very positive month ahead. You can expect some quality cosmic-level rebalancing that ultimately is moving you towards greater self-awareness, greater self-confidence. I see this as a really positive month for you.

So thank you for tuning in for those of you that chose the first card, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Second Card
So we will now move into our next card. So for those of you that chose the second card, this is going to be the reading for you. So I’m going to tune in with those of you that chose the second card now. All right, let’s take a look.

So the first card will be the situation, the overall growing pattern, and what it is that you’ll be working on and facing in the month of August. The second card will be the obstacle card, which is the reciprocal energy, the pressure that is helping you to grow into whatever it is that you’re learning at this time. Sometimes it can be a bit of karmic challenges. But more often than not, it’s something that you are in the process of growing through. And the outcome card is the overall outcome from the events that take place in the month of August. Sometimes it can be a bit of what it is, the fruition of what it is that you’re learning in this month. Sometimes it’s a bit of a look into the next month. So let’s take a look. Oh, and the card up above will be your advice card.

So let’s take a look at our situation card for the month ahead. What an appropriate card for those of us in the northern hemisphere during this summertime: The Sun card, which is a card that is full of vitality, movement, and joy. The Sun, in the alchemical texts, represents the universal principle, the principle of universal love, cosmic love. You can see these sunflowers that are blooming and growing. You might know that sunflowers follow with the face of their flower. They follow the sun through the sky, which is a little wink to being willing to point your attention, point your awareness towards universal love, towards the light that is guiding you in your life. So in terms of your personal life, you could feel playful, you could feel very alive and vital in the month ahead. Sometimes this is a sign of passionate romance coming into somebody’s life. So for some of you, this could be either a very sweet, passionate love affair. It can also be a deep spiritual kind of love that might be showing up in your life.

For others, this is merely a sign of inspiration, joy. You might be walking around feeling like the birds are literally chirping for you. The sun is shining for you. This is such a creative, powerful sign for the month of June… August. The innocence of the child on the white horse means that the universal love is radiating into your inner child, which means playfulness, creativity, curiosity can all be flavors that you’re going to be experiencing. This is a fantastic card for your month ahead.

Let’s take a look at the obstacle, what might be getting in the way, or what you might be needing to digest or transform in order to really be in relationship with the Sun card. So the Eight of Wands is your obstacle card. You might notice that there are eight wands that are flying through the sky, which means that something could still feel like it’s up in the air in your life, something hasn’t fully landed, it hasn’t fully grounded yet, which can always create a little bit of anxiety or uncertainty. For some of you, this might be that you’re waiting to hear from somebody, you’ve been waiting for a while, it hasn’t happened yet. For others, this could definitely be that you are hoping that a particular project is going to ground, you’re going to get the funds that you need, or you’re going to get the go-ahead on something that lets you move forward.

Now this obstacle can also be a sign that some of your inspiration, some of your passion, your creative energy is hanging out in the air, which means that it’s just in your head, or it’s just in your imagination, but you haven’t brought it all the way down into life, into Earth, taking action on it. So for those of you that had been spinning in your heads, or thinking about something for a while, this is a reminder of how important embodiment is, the full fruition of the Sun card. This living, sensuous, vibrant love that can be expressed through the body only happens if we ground it into life, if we ground our inspiration or curiosity down into the world.

So let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month ahead. Oh, who am I? So the Eight of Swords is our outcome card for the month of August. And this is definitely a sign of how utterly important it is for you to be grounding your inspiration. This is not a month to stay spinning in your head or in your imagination. It’s time to take action, it’s time to get in your body, which can mean getting some good exercise. It can mean some deep alchemical embodied meditation, it can be really working with your affirmations in such a way that you can feel them. It can be as simple as not waiting for somebody else, but making the right move.

Because the outcome card that I’m seeing here, this Eight of Swords, is when we’ve spent too much time in our head, we’ve lost touch with our emotions, we’ve lost touch with our body, and therefore we are just up in our heads, spinning and spinning and spinning. We’ve gotten encircled by our thoughts, we’re no longer up in our castle, which means that we’re not in the right place. We’ve lost contact with things.

So it’s so important with this kind of reading to understand that there are potentials, and there are other options that you can move things towards, especially with all this love, all this energy that’s coming in. We’ve got to find a way to get it down into the ground, get it into your life. You can definitely check out my community portal and practice portal where we do exactly that kind of work, how to bring more of your spiritual essence into life.

Alright, so let’s take a look at your advice card for the month of August. So the first thing that I noticed when I look at the Two of Wands is how rooted this individual is. Not only is the one that’s over to his right planted in the ground, but his feet are heavily planted as well. He’s also really got his hands on this one. This is such a different, different energy than these eight ones that are like flying through the sky. GROUNDED, GROUNDED, GROUNDED… he’s so rooted, which means, so the Sun card, this kind of vitality, this kind of energy, some of the other decks call it actually the lowest set true. Now that’s not the same card, but this kind of intense energy that’s moving through this particular card, if it doesn’t get grounded into life, if it ends up spinning upstairs, then it really can turn into this. However, oh, and yeah, this can also get us moving in lots of different directions, spinning this way, jumping this way, going this way.

The Two of Wands is recommending, plant your feet in the ground, you’ve got great energy coming in, look at your options, look to the horizon. Look at what’s possible. Imagine what happens if you go down this path. Imagine what happens if you go down this path. You can send out some feelers in different directions. But it’s not a great time to either get stuck in your head, or to go charging forward towards a particular direction. Give yourself time to plan things out, plot out the next move, get curious about what the next actionable move is, that’s going to get you going in the right direction.

So for those of you that chose the second card, this is your reading for the month of August. Thanks for tuning in. And I look forward to connecting again soon. Take care.

Third Card
So let’s see here. For our next card, our final card, those of you that chose the third option, this will be your reading for the month of August. So I’m going to tune in with those of you that chose this third card.

All right, your first card will be your situation card, which is the overall process, the overall piece that you are learning in the month of August. And this can be your internal growing process; it can also sometimes represent external events that are showing up. Your second card will be the obstacle, which is the reciprocal energy, the process that you are growing through, the pressure that is helping you to step into the learning process and grow through it. And the third card will be your outcome card, which is the overall potentials, the overall outcome of the events that occur through August. And what you can potentially start to step into, sometimes it shows up as the next step of what it is that you’ll be learning. Sometimes it’s showing the end of a process.

So let’s take a look at your reading for the month of August. Your situation card for the month of August is our lovely Seven of Pentacles. Now, this can be a card that shows up when there’s a little bit of frustration. You can see that our farmer friend here, everything has started to ripen in his crop, but it hasn’t quite produced yet. Which means you may have been putting a ton of energy into something, working very hard on a project, or on a relationship, or on a situation in your life, and it hasn’t broken through to what it is that you’re wanting just yet.

So often, this is a card that can show up when we’re a bit on the edge of not being sure if we’re going to continue to put effort and work into this thing that we’ve been efforting towards, or if we’re going to step away, and sort of cut our losses and move in a different direction. Now, it’s important to recognize with this particular card, that there is a lot of positivity here. There’s something that you’ve been tending to and putting your energy into, and it is starting to produce, it just hasn’t gotten to a place where it’s ripe yet. So the advice that tends to come with this particular card is, it’s a good idea to take a little bit of a step back, look at things from a broader view, broader context. And from there, you might get a better sense of whether it’s time to, you know, bear down and continue to put the work in and make things happen, or if it’s better to sort of put your energies in a different direction.

Once again, for some of you, this can relate to a particular work situation, career moves that you’re wanting to make, or even education that you’ve been hammering away at. For others, this can be a relationship context, something that you’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into, whether that’s someone you’ve been with for a long time or a new prospect, and you can’t quite tell yet if it’s worth it to continue to work towards it, or if you need to break ties and start moving in a different direction.

So let’s take a look at your obstacle card. This is such a great obstacle card for this initial situation card. So in our Judgment card, this is like a threshold card, it’s a card where we have an opportunity to reevaluate and to evaluate the choices that we’ve made in the past, to see if we’re ready to continue to move forward or not. Sometimes this is happening at a cosmic or a soul level, we’re being tested by life, we’re being tested to see if we’re ready to move on to a higher level of consciousness, or to the fruition of something that we’ve been working on. I like to think of this card also as the card of calling, when we’re being called to higher service, when we’re feeling a call at a soul level or at a heart level. That is, it’s almost impersonal. While it’s specific to who you are, it’s not necessarily about you, it’s about work for the world, work for the spiritual realm, work for our species, it’s the kind of calling that is really at the core of our purpose for being here.

So it’s interesting that it’s showing up with our Seven of Pentacles. Because this can, for some of you, be that there’s work that you’re currently doing that’s not aligned with your purpose, and you’re coming to realize that. Will you listen to the call? Will you be willing to step forward into the next phase in your life?

Now, this can be something that is out of your control. It might be that you need to continue to do work, and the kind of work that you’re doing, before you’re ready for this. But you’re right up against a particular threshold that’s attempting to see if it’s time or not. For others, this can be the bridge or the threshold that’s saying, “Stick with it. You’re being challenged, you’re being tested at the moment.” And if you know deep down that you are where you’re supposed to be, this is the piece that’s saying, “You’re being tested right now, and persevere.”

So this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. For some of you, you know that you’re in the place that you’re supposed to be. It might be frustrating, it might be challenging, maybe you need to take a step back, reassess things. But you should continue forward. For others, whether it’s career, whether it’s a relationship, you might already know deep down that that’s not where you need to be, and it’s time to start listening to the deeper voice that’s speaking to you.

So let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month of August. Oh boy, what a great outcome card for your month ahead. And the Nine of Cups is a card of great balance; it’s a card of contentment, it’s a card of wishes having been fulfilled. I like to think of it as a very stabilized card. You’re feeling landed in yourself, you’re feeling balanced in your emotional realm, you feel sturdy, and content in a very special way. So it’s quite possible that as a result of you being pressured, you listening to the deeper parts of yourself, you actually come to a greater level of equanimity.

Now, there’s one piece of this particular Nine of Cups that I always like to point out, which is A) he’s crossing his arms over his chest in a little bit of a smug way, and B) the table behind him is covered over, it’s hidden. We can’t see what’s underneath it. We can’t see if it’s a very lavish, beautiful table, or if it’s made of plywood and Styrofoam. So it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you are growing towards greater confidence. But you want to make sure that it’s authentic, that you’re not putting on a show of walking in your purpose like, “Oh yes, I’ve found my purpose,” or that you’re putting on a show that, “Everything’s okay in my relationship.” At the end of the day, what’s going to be the most hearty and the most stabilizing is if it’s the real deal, and only you can know if it’s really the real deal. You will feel it in your bones.

But this is a great card and a great sign for the month ahead. It seems like you’re moving towards much greater stability and the potential for a deeper alignment with why you are here on this planet. Let’s take a look at your advice card for the month of August. The advice is really clear: steer clear of, walk away from, move out of chaotic situations. If part of the reason you are starting to get fed up with something, someone, a situation, is that it’s all chaos, it’s time for you to find safer ground, simpler waters, easier passage. This is a very clear sign.

If it’s time for you to find your way out of something that’s complicated, it’s definitely a good thing to start moving towards. This can also be a sign to get a little bit of assistance. So you can see that there’s a woman and a child that are in a boat, and they’re being ferried across. So if there are people in your life that can help you navigate complex waters, definitely reach out to them, whether that’s a therapist, a spiritual guide, or just good friends and family, being willing to receive help around navigating complicated situations.

All right, so for those of you that chose the third card, this is your reading for the month ahead. And for everyone, thank you so much for tuning in with me. It’s always a pleasure. Come say hi, I’ve got a workshop starting in a couple of weeks. And if you are somebody that is feeling like you want to upgrade your relationship with yourself, with your higher power, and to manifest more of your spirituality into your life, come say hello. So looking forward to connecting with you soon. Take good care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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