Are They Coming Back? | Sirena Moon | Venus Enters Cancer Tarot Reading | 5/7 - 6/5 🌙 💜 ✨ - Cosmic Updates

Are They Coming Back? | Sirena Moon | Venus Enters Cancer Tarot Reading | 5/7 – 6/5 🌙 💜 ✨

Venus moves into Cancer from May 7 until June 5th, soothing your emotions and bringing an opportunity for tender, authentic connection. The energy encourages us to let go of a situation that is burning us out, in order to move towards a more lighthearted and fulfilling environment. There is a possibility for reconnection with someone from the past.

P.S. Is there a situation you’re feeling ready to let go of? How would you feel if a certain someone came back into your life? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!



Hello, beautiful, wonderful people with Cosmic Updates. It is such a pleasure to be back with you this week. This week, I’m talking about the planet Venus and its movement into the sign of Cancer, which recently happened on May 7. I’m going to talk about what this energy means for all of us and how it might be affecting you. Then, I’m going to do a group Tarot reading with any messages Spirit might have about this time and how this energy might be affecting you.

So, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance. It moved recently on May 7 into the sign of Cancer, and it’ll be there until June 5. The way this might be affecting you is that it might inspire you to bring your guard down and to really connect with your sensitive energy within. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, and a crab has a really hard outer shell because its inner world, its inner being is so vulnerable and so sensitive. That energy exists within all of us, and it’s highlighting that part of us where maybe we have a really hard wallop because we feel so vulnerable. When Venus is moving into it, it’s going to inspire all of us to connect with that softer side of us and to let our guard down and to really find situations where we can let our guard down and just really be supported, really be open, and really feel that connection with other people, whether it’s romantically or with friends.

What’s also interesting about this movement of Venus into Cancer is that Mars has been in Cancer since April 5, and Mars is the opposite of Venus. Venus is all about softness, femininity, receptivity, and beauty. Mars is all about aggression and forward movement and really shaking things up and go, go, go. A lot of us, because we’ve had Mars in Cancer since April 5, have felt sort of a burnout feeling. A lot of us could have emotional scars coming out of this time because Mars has been in this place within all of us where we’re most vulnerable and most sensitive.

So, this aggressive energy in this sensitive part for all of us – some of us may have come out of the last month or so with some battle scars, just feeling like, “Gosh,” going like, “Boy did I get,” you know, I really knocked around, you know, emotionally.”

So, what’s fantastic and could not have come sooner, as Venus is coming into this area to bring soothing, healing, and love to this part of us that for many of us have come out feeling quite scarred and just kicked around, you know. Venus is coming in to say, “Here’s a warm cup of tea, darling, here’s a little bandaid for all the emotional cuts you may have gotten over the last six weeks or so.” So, that’s really lovely. And for all of the chaotic energy that’s been happening with all these eclipses and a lot of intense energy the last couple of weeks, Venus into Cancer will bring a soothing element for all of us in some way. So, it is very exciting. I’m personally thrilled to have Venus in Cancer until June 5.

With that being said, now I’m going to do a group Tarot reading based on the energy of Venus moving into the sign of Cancer and any messages that Spirit would have for our highest good based around this energy from now until June 5. Spirit, what would you have us know for our highest good about this time, Venus moving into Cancer? What messages do you have for all of us watching for our highest good?

Wow, the King of Wands, and it was in reverse. Okay, very interesting. So, Wands is the fire energy, and the King is the fullness of the fire energy, so the King in reverse.

What I’m hearing for a lot of us is that we might feel really burned out. There’s a sense of feeling like you just can’t go anymore. It’s been do, do, do. It’s been a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, a lot of feeling of having to force things into place. And I’m really hearing from many of you, it’s really okay to slow down, take a breather, take a much-needed… I’m hearing for some of you, just take a day off, absolutely take a day off. And this is your permission to do it. This is your sign to do it. It’s really okay to put all your to-do list aside for a minute and to really honor this shift, this energetic shift in the cosmos, and that you really do need to take care of your energy and tend to yourself. Because for many of you, it’s the energy of the last couple of weeks that has really left you rattled, shaken, and just burnt out.

I’m really sensing that you just can’t find that energy reserves within you. There are no more reserves left to do this thing you feel like you’ve had to control or do or take care of or manage. It’s like, oh my gosh, for some of you, you’re so worried. For some of you, you’re feeling like the train is just taking off without you, and you’re running to catch up with it, you know.

But I’m really sensing that if this thing is just going too fast, and it’s leaving you in the dust, for some of you, I’m seeing an even better train, so to speak. It’s just around the corner and will come, okay, it will come. It will pick you up and it will be easy. It will be gentle, be easy, and it will feel really good. So for some of you, wherever you’re just trying to keep up with and make work and the struggle you’ve been under to make this situation work, it’s really okay to stop, to just take a break, and to stop because everything will work out for you in divine timing. You don’t have to force it, okay, especially for those of you that are just feeling enormous burnout. Alright, so yeah, I’m just getting to really, really take it easy.

Okay, and then this card on both these cards when they come out. Okay. All right, so interesting. I got the Six of Swords. So this card is so beautiful. This is about moving on into an easier flow, okay. This is leaving a situation that has just run its course or doesn’t feel good, doesn’t feel nourishing, okay, and you’re going to a better shore.

What I’m feeling right now is such a release, like it… Just if you’re holding anything, like, like I, I’m just feeling like for some of you, such a release, like a really nice relief. I’m really getting for some of you that you’re in some situation you’ve been in that’s really been stressing you out. It’s coming to an end, and you can breathe now. You can breathe now, you’re going to much calmer shores. I’m hearing calmer, sunnier, brighter shores. So yeah, this is a really nice feeling, okay. It’s a really nice feeling. So just let this river carry you where you’re going.

And then I got this beautiful card, which is the Nine of Pentacles, which is all about coming to realize your value. For many of you, some of you, I’m hearing you really forgot your own value, but you’ve been reminded recently. For some of you, you’ve really been reminded of your value, and that’s that part of you that’s recently been awakened to exactly how much you want to earn or exactly the type of love you really know that you’re worthy of receiving, and you’re really ready to receive.

So it’s about getting really in touch with your value and knowing your worth, and really knowing that good things are available to you and that you’re worthy of receiving them. Then you can handle them because you’re powerful.

Okay, now I’m going to ask Spirit: What other messages do you have for us about this time? Venus and Cancer with virgin birth? What messages would you have us know for our highest good this time? And if that card won’t fly out. Okay, on both of these, on the flyer, okay. No, interesting.

All right. So, yeah, for some of you, again, this is talking about that burnout factor if you’re just feeling like you can’t juggle everything. And this is the Two of Pentacles in reverse. If you’re feeling like you have two different options, you just cannot make a decision. For so many of you, you deeply just want to laugh and be lighthearted and not feel like you have to be the one that everyone’s looking to make this decision. Just feeling like you can’t be serious right now, you can’t hold all that weight right now.

And this is really cool. This card came out to the Three of Cups. This is all about being lighthearted. This is about feeling celebratory. This is about celebrating other people. This is, for some of you, I’m getting, there’s a team that you’re on. And maybe for some of you, you’ve really been questioning that team or there’s been some kind of shift in a working situation or in a group dynamic recently. It’s kind of felt like a little bit turned upside down. It could have felt a little bit insecure for a bit there, but I’m getting that things will fall into place. And for some of you, in that group situation, that work situation, that team situation, you’re going to feel like, “Okay, like this is, I’m moving forward with the right people.”

And for some of you, you’re gonna feel like that feeling of having to have carried so much heavy weight, especially over the last six weeks or so. I’m going to… For some of you, feel like there’s a real lightning – like that is the message of this reading overall – a real, like, oh, like a lightening of the load. And you can really actually find some joy and find a reason to celebrate and really come together with others in a way that makes you feel really happy. This is such a happy card, but Three of Cups – they’re all, you know, dancing with each other and going cheers, you know, so there’s some group dynamic for many of you that, in the next couple of weeks with Venus in Cancer, is going to feel as if there was some kind of really positive shift in it, or some kind of healing, or you’re able to just get together with friends. That you’re able to let that wall down, you’re able to be really open with these people, really be yourself at the table, and just really feel like you can shine in this community or in this small group, and feel really safe.

I’m getting for some of you, this is people from the past coming in, in a really big way. Like, for some of you, it’s some… some of you, I’m feeling, I’m hearing like you haven’t heard from this person for three years, and they’re coming back into your situation, and it’s like, wow, and you’re with this person, you really feel at home with this person. You really feel like they know you, deeply know, because they’ve known you for so long. But for some of you, you just haven’t really connected with them, and there’s going to be this opportunity to connect with them, which is going to be really healing, and just fun. I’m just getting the sense of lightness and fun and playfulness. There’s an opportunity for that in the next couple of weeks and a real opportunity for some lovely times with Venus in Cancer.

Alright, so, so lovely to see you this week. I hope you all have a beautiful time with beautiful Venus moving into this lovely, sensitive part of all of our spirits and bringing soothing and breathing love and bringing connection into that area of our sensitive hearts and our home without and within. Okay, so until we meet again, I am sending you so much love.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Posted at 12:36h, 12 May Reply

    Ok I feel that a number of things in this Reading totally resonates with me. Thank you for your time

  • Avatar
    Jeremy judd
    Posted at 21:44h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you this was perfect

  • Avatar
    Valerie A Schupbach
    Posted at 18:56h, 11 May Reply

    I hope and pray it’s what I think it is.! It would be such a relief to me. It totally resonates with me and I hope it happens!

  • Avatar
    David Bresnahan
    Posted at 18:38h, 11 May Reply

    Is there really someone from my past coming back to me?

  • Avatar
    Carolyn Gillespie
    Posted at 17:36h, 11 May Reply

    I really enjoyed this reading. It give me a lot of interest information, very good information I might add. Thank you very much.

  • Avatar
    Teresa Cook
    Posted at 13:57h, 11 May Reply

    Is there really someone from my past that might be reconnecting with me?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 07:22h, 11 May Reply

    Ciao, sì lui è tornato ed è di nuovo la persona che conosco e pensa a me 😊

  • Avatar
    Tonya Ortega
    Posted at 06:41h, 11 May Reply

    Should I consider that the boyfriend I’ve had for 18 years n always struggling to finally get back together n find peace within one another n letting go of all the drama?

    • Avatar
      Posted at 15:45h, 11 May Reply

      Thanks for All I am really waiting for my long lost love to come back I hope she is a wight woman that will understand me that will love me the way I do astrologer woman has told me that my long lost love will come back to me and I have been yearning for her for long time now so I am happy with this message may the universe bless you

  • Avatar
    Lisa Ann Okoniewski
    Posted at 06:31h, 11 May Reply

    Your reading was so refreshing for me since my life was made upside down almost 2 wks ago. It reassures me that I am on the right path and will maybe find a true relationship with someone else. It also reaffirms my feelings of taking back control of my life and being the positive person I was and feeling great again

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:59h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you for the reading!
    Link in e- mail doesn’t work to pull tarot cards… it always opens the website to read your moon sign…

  • Avatar
    Kim Michelle Ross
    Posted at 00:22h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Serena,

    Your positivity is uplifting and thank you. A lot of the reading resonated with me. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and I’ve been exhausted.
    I am going to my sister-in-law’s 50 th birthday party this Saturday and looking forward to celebrating and leaving my woes at the door. However, the last thing I don’t want is to have my ex-husband, we were married for 28 years and together for 30 (haven’t spoken to him in 3 years) back in my life. He was having an affair and left me for the other woman, as well as destitute. And in fact, I don’t want anyone from past relationships coming back into my life. My desire is to meet someone new who not only gets me and wants the same things that I do.
    I’ve been alone for so long I’m scared I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:04h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you thank you so much for your assistance I appreciate it and hope that everything will be ok . God blees you always

  • Avatar
    Olutosin Bolaji
    Posted at 23:02h, 10 May Reply

    I can’t love this reading enough.itss accurate about my feeling this day, wow… Having him back has its been predicted would be great. I am open to have him around even now. Thanks for keeping the hope on. I am grateful t

  • Avatar
    Mary Yate
    Posted at 22:22h, 10 May Reply

    Hi I’m not wanting a past relationship to re enter into my life I would like to move forward with someone that connect to me and I to him so if someone new enter my life and has a nice purpose I will welcome them with open arms but haven’t found that person yet and don’t think one is out there for me

    • Avatar
      Posted at 00:17h, 11 May Reply

      Yes I want an old relationship so bad to come back to my life it’s even a matter of life and death

      • Avatar
        Lisa Leonard
        Posted at 03:33h, 11 May Reply

        I pray that he comes back into my life , I miss him dearly, please send him my way , into my life thank you Lord

  • Avatar
    Miriam Julia Perez
    Posted at 22:11h, 10 May Reply

    I have been praying for this past someone to come back. It would make my wish come true.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:40h, 10 May Reply

    Yes this wonderful Reading is so about me It’s great to hear greatest is approaching me soon. Thank U your for time & especially for increasing the volume

  • Avatar
    Kathy Williams
    Posted at 21:13h, 10 May Reply

    Sorry, nothing this woman says resonates with me Several times I listen to her reading.. I think she is a crock. I am a mature, confident woman who doesn’t fall into her realm of mumble jumno. Hope it works for the masses but not in my life.

  • Avatar
    Marie Cosgrove
    Posted at 20:58h, 10 May Reply

    What a beautiful reading of hope and a sense of relief and contentment. The last few week have been extraordinarily rocky between myself and my significant other. He’s been pulling away and I finally found the courage to let him know my feelings – that I want quality time with him. Well, he’s an Aquarius and I’m a cancer – bad move on my part. He was confused at what I meant and felt hurt that I said a felt used and taken advantage of my good nature. This past weekend he texted me constantly; on Monday he told me he called off work and wanted to spend time with my but was very agitated when he arrived. He started criticizing me for all sorts of petty things and then abruptly left. He called me from the car and said our relationship wasn’t going to work- and we were together 2 years. So, I’m in a bit of a funk and needed to hear your reading, Sirena. Thank you! Bright blessings!

  • Avatar
    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 20:57h, 10 May Reply

    At this moment, My mind is scattered and I Feel sadness. Thank you for your words

  • Avatar
    Mzukisi Mhlakaza
    Posted at 20:41h, 10 May Reply

    Hi Serena,

    I enjoined your tarot reading, it was spot on to me. It was like you were speaking about me personally. I have been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated for more than 6 weeks now. Also, been feeling so lonely and out of touch. Even the Group am working with trying to build a non-profit company from scratch with, are like not interested or not feeling me or just angry at me because of my drive overreaching to their fields or spaces. Yes, was even thinking of just quitting, but today things been better out of the blue. Well on the question if the people from my past are they coming back mmmm I don’t know yet, because I have been shutting off everyone. So, I will wait in anticipation 😀.

    Oh one last thing is that I am not having any means of income and things have been blocked including other government support funds, and no calls to interviews. It has been a rollercoaster since March 2022 till now. But am surviving and alive. Just hope Venus will shine light upon me and get all these blockages unlocked.

    Thank you, and thank your free spirited soul!

  • Avatar
    Theresa Flannery
    Posted at 19:37h, 10 May Reply

    Hi Sirena , I feel my ex Joe is coming back. It is a feeling I have every day! I don’t know how to handle this , but time will tell❤️🌸

  • Avatar
    Ray Vincent Penaflor
    Posted at 19:20h, 10 May Reply

    That was a nice reading for today, Serina…Thank you and look forward to your next reading…You have a nice day….

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:16h, 10 May Reply

    I’m in a confusing at the moment and agree with feelings of burnout entirely.

    My 7 year relationship has been unsteady off/on again and now off — for the last 3 months. And this time it seems off for good (quite honestly, like it has times before and multiple times for last 2 years now). We continue to speak regularly but haven’t seen the other IRL in weeks other than on FT. I remain holding out hope that we will come back to center regarding us being together again butI don’t think she feels the same way at all. I’m forever struggling to just let it go and I don’t know what to do about my feelings. Do I stay patient and confused until I’m possibly not -or- accept that it isn’t working at last and move on. There is so much external and difficult things occurring for each of us in our individual lives at the moment and I’ve come to notice that when external factors become heavy, she retreats away from our deep connection and it’s friend zoned again for me. I am of the type that prefers to circle up when times are tough, and be there whereas she prefers to go alone and isolate from me. It’s difficult to endure this cycle over and over again and experience my commitment to her and my needs not being seen or heard. It comes to this place and it’s feeling like screaming at a wall for me, I would much rather not have to feel like I should or would. If I bring it up at all, she retreats further.

    to add on top of the difficulties focusing on anything at current..

    A month ago, My oldest sons mother came through town month ago and stayed with us all at my place for a family visit with our Son, his fiancé and our granddaughter. We have been forever friends since we split up 28 years ago so that has never been a conflict at all, While we were all together as a family, I noticed something different than just friendly occurring inside me regarding her and the way the we were interacting. There was a depth of connection we hadn’t had before or since and I found myself wondering. “what is this feeling, what is so different about her 28 years later?” and “hmmm. what if…?”
    To say that my internal and external are in a chaos at the moment is an understatement. She returns to visit on Moms day this Sunday and I’m nervous to experience the feelings again with all I’m feeling my way through at the moment, HALP!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:12h, 10 May Reply

    Theres definitely a past situation that he might be trying to let go of but I am positive, w/o a doubt that I am not ready to let go of the situation. I’ve had my mind, heart, & soul made up a long time ago, that it was forever. I don’t know how to let go of forever.
    If he came back, I just want forgiveness (on both ends) of the past & to move forward .

    • Avatar
      Posted at 19:18h, 10 May Reply

      I’m with you on this. I truly feel similar.

  • Avatar
    Karen Anne Meeks
    Posted at 19:10h, 10 May Reply

    your reading was a positive one filled with hope. Im a Scorpio in love with a Scorpio who I dont communicate well with as we have a long distance relationship. Used to live together until disaster struck last year and I lost my home in a hurricane in Ft Myers Fl. I chose to move on and moved back to my home state in the North. We are still speaking but not ever like it used to be. Wish I knew if I was wasting my time with him. Hard to move forward not knowing. We communicate by text and an occasional phone call.

  • Avatar
    Marina Davis
    Posted at 18:28h, 10 May Reply

    This reading gave me hope that I can make these changes. I am a cancer so Venus in cancer is intense for me. I hope the past person coming in isn’t the person I let go of.

    • Avatar
      Windy Moriarty
      Posted at 20:18h, 10 May Reply

      Oh my gosh me too Marina!!!! Same and I am cancer as well lol

  • Avatar
    Guadalupe Puebla
    Posted at 17:57h, 10 May Reply

    My husband left October and never came back. Changed his number won’t respond to no text or emails, hasn’t reached out to anyone. Been together 18 years married 13. When I go on YouTube I see music that I don’t play and sometimes I open up YouTube and it opens his page. 2 days ago I send that on 4-14-23 there was a few videos that were watched and one said send this to someone you love.,…. The next video said I’m sorry the next video said forgive me, the next one said I love you and the last one was a song about Family. I’m not sure what to take from that if it means anything at all I want my marriage to work and family to be together but I’m so exhausted from doing everything by myself.

  • Avatar
    Liza McEvilly
    Posted at 17:50h, 10 May Reply

    Love listening to your readings. They are so light hearted, warm and reassuring..
    Thank you

    • Avatar
      Andrew Carbone
      Posted at 23:24h, 10 May Reply

      Hi Sirena,
      I would like to express my gratitude for the blessing to have you on my journey. The first time i saw you, on your first day here, I didn’t know what to think. I was a little upset that Karma suddenly went MIA because I always felt a connection to her readings. I still don’t know what happened with her… At any rate, several months in now, I couldn’t have hand picked a better newcomer. The insight you have brought into my life is unrivaled. I feel as though when I’m watching you, I can feel the deep, organic, and familiar connection that you have with Spirit. Like old friends that know each other so innately. You are such a special, kind and beautiful soul. I am more whole just for knowing you. Thank you, love. I look forward to each reading to gain the wisdom you reveal.

  • Avatar
    Betty Hazelwood
    Posted at 17:34h, 10 May Reply

    Keep being told a past boy friend will return. We haven’t seen each other since 2017! Will b a miracle if he rerurns. Also wonder if he will stay?!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:32h, 10 May Reply

    A lot of synergy in this reading Inpulled exactly the same cards a day ago

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