Are They Worth It? | Deco | Weekly Tarot Reading | 3/31 - 4/6 - Cosmic Updates

Are They Worth It? | Deco | Weekly Tarot Reading | 3/31 – 4/6

Have you been investing your energy in the right places?

Deco says this week may bring a chance to assess who and what is truly worth your time.

She’s here to help you find balance, so you can enhance your confidence and put yourself first.

P.S. Has something been getting in the way of your self-care? Leave a comment and let Deco know!


Hello, my friends, it is Deco back again. I’m in my old-school spot today because I’m surrounded by books and notes and things like that. I’ve been doing some more studying of Tarot lately, I got myself a new deck, which I’ve really been enjoying. I always love getting a new deck because I feel like it gives me a different perspective on the cards and maybe an additional meaning or an additional way of reading, and I feel like every deck has its own personality. So, it’s been really fun to kind of dive back into that. So, don’t mind my little study space here, but I’m excited to read for you guys this week and to specifically be thinking about, again, we’re in the middle of Aries season now, we’re in this season where we’re having the beginnings and we’re having opportunities for ourselves and ways to initiate new things. And so, I want to think of what kind of conflicts we might interact with and how we can overcome those things. I feel like I do that a lot, but I do think that that’s one of the things that we hope to find through Tarot is answers to solve our problems, to anticipate them, and to know how to act in different situations. So, let’s see what we need to know for this coming week and see how we might show up better for ourselves, but maybe even for the people around us, too. You never know who’s going to pop up in one of these readings, so let’s find out what you need to know. 

Alright, the Two of Pentacles is in reverse, the Seven of Pentacles is in reverse and the Queen of Wands is in reverse. So, this could have to do with a couple of different areas of your life, my friends. It could have to do with work, it could have to do with your family, it could have to do with your health. It could have to do with all of those things at the same time. And, the Two of Pentacles in particular is telling me that maybe it is all of those things because the Two of Pentacles, especially one, it’s in reverse saying that we’re having a hard time with balance, but more so than that is we’re having a hard time with knowing how to prioritize things in our life and how to make sure that the way that we’re living our life is the most authentic for us, the most happy for us, that we’re engaging in things that we really want to be doing. 

And, the Seven of Pentacles, in reverse, is saying that you’ve worked really hard toward a lot of things, and I feel like now we’re at a point where maybe you’re struggling a little bit to see or to feel like those things were worth it. And, to feel like all of that effort that was put into your process and into these different areas of your life, you feel like maybe it wasn’t worth it. Maybe it wasn’t leading to the things that you thought it was going to lead you to, or maybe you thought it was meaningful in a way that really wasn’t as meaningful or meaningful for you as it was for other people in your life. 

And, what I’m seeing here also with the Queen of Wands in reverse, the Queen of Wands, I call the manifester and manifestation. Yes, it’s speaking things into existence. It’s changing your mind about things, changing the way you think, but manifestation is also about doing and acting, and especially the Queen of Wands. It’s acting on things that you’re passionate about, but also acting on things that you love, things that bring feeling into your life because the Queens are all tied to water, which are tied to emotion and intuition, spirituality. And so, we have to think. If we’re struggling in these areas, then we need to maybe take a step back and start thinking about why we feel that way? Why are we feeling like these things that we’re putting effort into weren’t worth it? Why are we feeling like we can’t balance all of these different areas in our life, our job, our body, our family? And, why aren’t we able to change those things on our own? What’s going on? Right? 

Let’s pull some more cards and see what else we need to know. The Lovers, the Knight of Cups is in reverse, and so is the Ace of Cups. Guys, there are important decisions that need to be made, The Lovers, it’s not just about relationships, okay? The Lovers is also about balance and choices. Any of those even numbers really could suggest that we need to think about balance in our lives. But The Lovers is coming together and making choices so that you can create something better. It kind of gives off a Three of Pentacles vibes where you can work well with other people. If you see this, you can tell that these two people are coming from different elements to create something. There’s an element of earth in there. And, when we look at the levers, it’s tied to air, but it’s also tied to this idea that we need to come together to find love and fulfillment and these things. But, that’s also choices, right? Being able to weigh things out and be able to know which direction is the best one for us, where we can grow. 

But, we’ve also got this Ace and Knight of Cups both reversed, and these are presenting a challenge, right? You’re struggling to process your emotions and act on your emotions, the things that normally would feel good you’re not so sure about anymore. Especially that Queen of Wands is here too, right? You’ve actually got two water/fire cards here, both in reverse. So, our emotions and our passions are getting muddied, and we’re struggling to see what we really want for ourselves. And so, we’re struggling to invest in new areas of our life. And so, maybe we need to start taking a step back and looking and thinking, “Am I really investing in the things that I want to do? How am I budgeting my time? How am I budgeting my money? How am I budgeting my energy? And, how do I make sure that the things that I am investing in are things that are worth it, that are going to be bringing better things into existence, or going to bring excitement and things that I want in my life into existence?” And, we need to start thinking about that and how we show up for ourselves and act on the things that we want, right? There might be a lot of voices in your head right now that are kind of making you think that the things that you’re investing in aren’t worth it. Or, maybe you listen too much to other people and you invested into things that you knew were not meaningful to you. And so, now it’s time to take a step back and prioritize and think, “Okay, what is the most important thing to me? What do I want to invest in? And, how do I make sure that that happens?” And, it’s up to you. It’s about manifesting. It’s about making choices and realizing that something needs to change in your life. You can do it. You just have to set your mind to it and really look deep. I really would just take a moment and think about what does your every day look like? Monday through Friday might look a little different than Saturday or Sunday, but think how much of your time is being spent on things that you love to do, and how much time is being spent on things that you feel like you have to do? And, what can you do to change that? Is money an issue? Maybe you need a new job. Is time an issue? Maybe you need to learn how to balance that better and invest in things that make you feel better. But, we have to take a hard look, and that’s easier said than done. But, if you can take the time, maybe journal, talk to your friends, talk to your family, the people that really care about you, sometimes they can remind you of those things that you really love and that have maybe fallen to the back burner. But, we need to move ’em forward and prioritize them again, and how we are going to find balance, my friends, okay? Make the choices, recognize the things that need to change and start investing in the things that you want to do. Good luck.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

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    Jessica Davis
    Posted at 02:16h, 02 April Reply

    This doesn’t help, you confused me even more. I’ve been through hell, my entire life. I just need to know, after losing the Man I love and losing my baby, if I’ll ever be happy again.

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    Posted at 23:51h, 31 March Reply

    Hi Deco, I now know. I have to live. I forgot how to live. I have applied for a new job and awaiting if I made the shortlist. Can you please give me a reading on this job. I’ve been embarrassed my husband and he just do whatever he wants to and I’m always at home. I’m allowing to much in my marriage and I need to live my life as well. Thank you for the breakdown.

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    Carlton J Girtman
    Posted at 21:15h, 31 March Reply

    What I do day today. With your time

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    Jeffrey Laviolette
    Posted at 19:27h, 31 March Reply

    Hi Deco…
    This reading is so spot on for me… Long story short, I left my wife of 32 years and moved to Maui, 26 and 30 year old daughter 31 son granddaughter birthday Mar 28th 5years…. They haven’t talked to me in 2 years, but I can feel them, my heart is ripped apart w/o them, but I think I’m being… Ego, pride, I can’t leave Maui bc I said I wouldn’t…. Type thing..
    I miss my narcissistic wife that called me stupid everyday but… 32years! I have never been away from my babies this long, I miss them so much! But, they don’t care, or at least have not showed it…
    It was a HUGE deal for me to move somewhere I had never been and didn’t know anyone!
    SHUT up or NUT up was my saying…
    I don’t know where I belong! I know this is a very lucky period in my life but the inner conflict is not helping…
    Can you? Help? Please?
    W/Love Always

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    Posted at 17:45h, 31 March Reply

    Hi Deco, Great reading .Thank you !

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    Danielle Cruz
    Posted at 17:33h, 31 March Reply

    Health issue is rare blood type. 1 in only 42 people in the whole WORLD. With autoimmune. Crying and stressing makes me sick to bacteria not viruses.

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 16:18h, 31 March Reply

    Thanks Deco,

    Have a nice Sunday


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    Lorna Stoney
    Posted at 13:01h, 31 March Reply

    Thank you Deco Lo. 👍👍👍🦂🦂🦂 For your given awareness I know that needs changing like my mind set. Towards certain situations I used to use for survival from life, people and finances. Release old thoughts of purpose so my life can improve for the better and different way of handling life, people and my finances.

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    Thomasena Martin
    Posted at 06:54h, 31 March Reply

    Thank you

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    Patricia Cerqueira
    Posted at 06:51h, 31 March Reply

    Thank you 🩷

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    Diane Thielman
    Posted at 06:41h, 31 March Reply

    Thank you 😊

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    maria ceistina
    Posted at 06:30h, 31 March Reply

    thank you madam

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    Posted at 06:11h, 31 March Reply

    I like to says thank you and happy goodfriday…

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