Are You Blocking Your Abundance? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 7/2 - 7/8 - Cosmic Updates

Are You Blocking Your Abundance? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 7/2 – 7/8

Do you ever wonder if something is blocking the abundance you desire?

Deco says the coming week could bring an opportunity to reflect on your thinking habits, and start to release certain patterns that may have been bringing you down. She’s here to help you uncover your true value and worth, so you can call in the abundance you deserve.

P.S. Is there something you’ve been wanting to manifest lately? Have you been struggling to believe in yourself? Leave a comment below and let Deco know!


Hello, my friends at Cosmic Updates. It is Deco, back again for another general weekly reading. So this is for everybody, and it’s just what we need to know for this week.

We’ve done lots of these. I know we’ve had a lot of issues in relationships in the last few months. So that’s something that we’re going to continue talking about, continue to think about moving forward, because relationships are a huge part of our life anyway. And so it makes sense that we would need to be confronting those issues.

But let’s see if something has changed. Let’s see if something is different for what we’re doing this week, for the week of July 2nd through the 8th, and see what we need to note. We’ll pull some more cards as we need more guidance, but let’s just see what the cards have to say, right. Let’s give it a very good shuffle to see what we need to know.

Okay, my friends, let’s see… Okay, so this month is interesting. Again, we’re at the end of a cycle, okay.

So we have the Ten of Pentacles in reverse. And then we have the Ten of Wands, okay. So let’s start with those. Because the Tens are about the end of a journey, they’re about completing a cycle, or coming to the end of a journey, or a job, or a lesson, or many other things that can be a part of our life, right.

So we have the Ten of Wands in reverse. And the thing about the Ten of Wands is it’s like you’ve had success, you’ve had so much success that it seems overwhelming, it seems like more than you can take on, and it seems like a heavy weight. And there’s even maybe a little bit of worry here that you’re going to lose all of the things that you have gained for yourself, right.

The Ten of Pentacles, when it’s in reverse, is feeling like our money is out of control, maybe your health is out of control, or maybe things with your family are out of control. There are a lot of things that can feel like they’re slipping through your fingers.

But with the Ten of Wands being upright, my friends, it makes me think that we have some positivity coming our way despite it being just a heavy load. We’ve got a lot on our plate right now. But that doesn’t mean that pushing forward isn’t going to lead to something really positive. And in fact, I think it’s going to – we’ve got the King of Wands here. And we’ve also got the Page of Cups in reverse.

So the King of Wands is telling me that whatever this is that you’ve been working for, this Ten of Wands, I think you knew that you wanted this. You knew what your focus was, you knew your goals, you knew your resources. You were able to invest yourself in a way that ensured abundance, ensured fruits of your labor being given to you, right. Realizing that the work that you did was necessary.

But the Page of Cups in reverse is telling me that there’s some immature emotional attachment or some immature emotional vibe that’s been given off or that you’re interacting with. It’s just messing things up.

And that’s where I think this Ten of Pentacles comes in, my friends. Because sometimes we have these understandings, these naive understandings of ourselves or these beliefs in ourselves and the people around us that change how we view our successes, right.

It’s like, yes, you are successful, but you don’t believe that you’re there yet. Because there’s this understanding that maybe you’re not worthy of it, or that you’re not valuable enough. Or maybe someone else has something better than what you’ve got, some… comparison is your worst enemy. But regardless, we have something here that is making us question the value of our efforts, okay.

And so we have to start thinking about how to get rid of that negative mindset. And I think that’s what we need to focus on next. Like, how do we believe that the things that we’ve earned are the things that we deserve, right? How do we ensure that we believe that, instead of convincing ourselves that we don’t? How do we change our mindset?

Wow, that’s… of course, trying to pop out… this card very much wanting to be seen. Okay, I see that mindset coming back in. Okay, so, again, relationships, but it’s an interesting mix of relationships here. We might have some issues in one area and really supportive, wonderful people in another, okay.

Again, I see that mindset is an issue. And I think that this is more of like, again, that naive sense of like, nothing’s ever going to get better, nothing’s going to turn out right, when really, the thing about the Wheel of Fortune, even when it’s in reverse, is that even if you’re on the downside, the thing about the Wheel of Fortune is it keeps turning whether we realize it’s turning or not. It’s like things are always going to get better for us before they get worse. Sometimes it feels like things get worse first, and hopefully that’s not the case. But you know, ideally, when we’re in those low moments, we remember that, you know what, with those lows come the highs, and we just have to remember that. And I think, to remember that, you need to take some time for yourself, my friends.

The Four of Swords, more than any card, is about rest. It’s about taking time for self-care, taking time for you, and making sure that you have given yourself the space for healing, for rejuvenation, for your spiritual practices, whatever it is. It’s just taking time for you, meditating, but really just resting, doing the things that bring you joy.

Right now, the reason I said it was complicated in relationships is because we’ve got the Three of Pentacles in reverse, but we’ve also got the Lovers. So these can be about relationships, right. When I think of the Three of Pentacles, when it’s in reverse, it’s making me think that the people that you’re trying to work with towards some goal, they’re not working with you well, or maybe you’re not working well with them. Maybe there’s just some sort of imbalance here where there’s like an uncertainty in how we can interact with these people. There’s an uncertainty in knowing that they are helping us instead of hindering us, right. And so it’s hard to buy into these things.

But it can also be in a little bit of stubbornness, like maybe you see these people and you think, “Oh, I know better than that,” right. But I think that we need to kind of change that and try to think for ourselves. Especially with this Lovers here, we need to think for ourselves. Like, are we trying to just go our own way? And so we’re ostracizing these people? Or do we just feel like they’re not our vibe, right? And I think that it’s about finding that balance in our life.

The Lovers, in particular, is exiting the Hierophant, right. So the Hierophant in the Major Arcana is about the institution of, like, what’s the word I’m looking for? A group of people that is recognized and traditional. It’s about values, it’s about… it can be about religion, it can be about so many things.

Some people look at the Hierophant and they think AAA, some people think the Hierophant and they think church, some people see the Hierophant and they think marriage. It’s a lot of different things that are part of conforming.

And when the Lovers comes out, it’s about us taking a step away from that and finding what we love, who we love, and relying on those people instead of feeling like we have to be part of this little box, right. It’s part of our journey. Yes, we will have value in the institution. And now it’s about moving forward with the people that we trust the most, right.

So the thing about the Lovers too, though, is it’s about decisions, right. We’re stepping away from something that we’ve been a larger part of and thinking about something that fits better for us. That doesn’t necessarily mean a person, right. It could mean a job, it could mean a passion, it could mean a lot of different things. So there are decisions that need to be made here for your benefit.

Maybe the reason that this Three of Pentacles is in reverse is that you’ve got these amazing ideas that don’t match the institution that you were a part of… the job or the group or whatever it was that you were a part of. And so you need to kind of take some time for yourself, rest, rejuvenate, and then make some decisions.

Now let’s see, how do we make sure that the choices we’re making for ourselves are positive for us? What do we need to do to make sure that the things we’re doing for us are what’s best for us? How do we do that? Because that’s really our goal, right. It’s just to live our best life that is happy and healthy and secure and full of love and light.

Okay, so let’s see. How do we do that? This card also wants to be seen… Okay. Okay, slow and steady wins the race, my friends. I love this. Okay, so let’s go in the order that I saw them because I think that it kind of tells the story in itself.

The Five of Pentacles is in reverse. This is moving away from an understanding of feeling locked out, left out, forgotten. It’s like there… when we look at the Five of Pentacles upright, these people are right outside of what appears to be a church, right, and they are being left out in the cold, literally. It’s snowing. They’re not in an environment where they have growth or care, whatever the end. They see that there are people right there that could be helping them but just are not there. They’re turning a blind eye, they’re playing oblivious, right.

But when it’s in reverse, those things are starting to change. We’re starting to move out of that space and understand that maybe those people aren’t forgetting us, maybe they don’t realize that we needed their help in the first place. We need to ask for some help. But it could also mean that those people are starting to wake up and say, “Oh, I see you now. I’m sorry that I didn’t see it before.” Okay.

So that’s part of it – understanding that we’re moving out of that space of loneliness, where we’re feeling like people don’t understand us, and where we’re feeling like maybe the things we’re working towards are not working out for us for whatever reason, right? And we’re not getting along with people because we’re trying to make our own path.

Here’s the thing: I think that we need to be focused on our goals, right. The Knight of Pentacles is all about moving forward but being willing to do it for the long haul. The Knight of Pentacles is very stationary because he takes time. He is the tortoise in “The Tortoise and the Hare,” right. He is taking his time, he is “slow and steady wins the race.” He’s finding his way as he needs to, and he is ensuring his success because he’s not going to overspend, overexert, whatever. He’s also not going to be super stubborn. You know, he’s going to stay on his path.

But he’s not going to be so blinded by his goals that he isn’t able to adjust accordingly. And the reason I think that is because we’ve got the Six of Swords, my friends. Well, the Six of Swords is not necessarily the happiest card. Again, the Swords—the journey of the Swords—is not a very exciting or happy one. The Six of Swords, I call the Navigator, and the Navigator is really about, like, finding those obstacles and understanding that they’re an obstacle to overcome, not an obstacle that’s going to keep you from moving forward, right.

So what we have to remember here is we have the capability to continue moving forward, to be flexible on our path, to understand that we’re not alone, especially if we open our eyes and we reach out to the right people. And ultimately, my friends, that’s going to bring us this lightness that we’re looking for in our life… just moving forward, remembering what our goals are, remembering that we’re not alone, as long as we are open with our struggles, right. And then understanding too, that you can overcome those struggles. And if you need help, you’ve got people behind you. But ultimately, you have the ability to move past whatever obstacle gets in your way.

So, especially with this Sun, my friends, I think we’ve had a lot to move… or not move forward but to look forward to this week, to understand that whatever obstacles present themselves to you, you have the ability to overcome them. You can do this. Remember what brings you joy. Remember what you love and make some decisions that are true to who you are so that you can live your best life because that’s who is most important, right? Is you. Alright, love you so much. Have a great week.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

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    Posted at 15:13h, 07 July Reply

    I love the black cat! So gorgeous!!!

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    Deirdre Anita Cocchi
    Posted at 22:55h, 05 July Reply

    Hello Deco, thank you for this!
    My name is Dee and I’m a 60 year old woman who has been prementaly disabled from cptsd since the early 1990s. I grew up in a horribley toxic family on both mom and dad’s side. . Mom had been kidnapped, held for a month, being repeatedly beaten and rapped. Mom just turned 18 ,moved here from 900 miles away and it was in the 1950s before PTSD, women’s rights. Mom spent a lot of time in mental hospitals for 3 months at a time and 2-3 times a year during most of my early childhood. Me being the oldest female child all housework, cooking, cleaning and taking care of my younger siblings became my jobs. Starting in my 7-8 year old age until I was 15. My dad and his family members treated me like a freak for their amusement to inflict pains apone while laughing at my tears. I was ridiculed, humiliated, neglected, never protected, beaten, molested and injected as punishments or laugh’s! Mom said we’re drunks very poor unedgacated and perverted sexual abusers! I’m my life I have always had to pick the least of the shitty choice’s of relationships of all kinds. I’m in no way the only one who suffers from cptsd. My siblings, my cousins on mom’s side too. I’m the different one who had mental breaks seeking help which mad them laugh at me more.. I’m the one who is highly sensitive, kind, caregiving, try to save stay cat’s and dogs, people who were forgotten by their own family members and of course my mom, who has passed, and my younger sister and brother. I have tried finding the right trauma specialist that takes my insurance but I’m on government health insurance. I see my psychiatrist every 3 months and she nos that I need help but I always run into more people who for reasons beyond my knowledge decide that I must suffer more, weather their a therapist, coworkers, biss, proffers, or someone having a bad day in a stroe parking lot triggering my cptsd! I have picked myself up so many different times on my own only to go down again! Relationships of course are my hardest alone with self worth because of early childhood programing of rejections and laughter! My parents didn’t have any friends or family members who they hung around with igther. . I know that I’m a good person and I have always wanted to help animals, people, children, environments , ecosystems, heal and grow ,like myself. I can’t seem to move past my relationship of being my sister’s caregiver, saviour, mom and she’s not a greatful, helpful, caring soul at all. Her own child hasn’t seen,tex, called her in two years. Her daughter who I loved and took care of left me behind too! My younger brother who I believe had his totally real overwhelmed breakdown last year with a lot of horrible people and family members,dad’s side, steeling, shooting at me, trying to get him seriously hurt or worse. He sold his house he built and stopped working on his business he had for year’s, changed his phone number and I don’t know where he is living, he blames me for everything as did my mom and my sister! I need help with all these negative, unhealthy boundaries, blocks and relationships now because slow and steady time I don’t have left. By the way my sister has been living with me and my boyfriend of 30 years now for 3 years. Help

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    Gerry Hart
    Posted at 16:07h, 04 July Reply

    I’ve become an instant fan. Your insights seem to be spot on, very helpful, and uplifting. You are very attractive and display a inner glow that enhances this beauty. Do you do private/personal readings ? I am an amateur tarot reader myself. I’ve been keeping a Tarot journal since 2015 but, as I learn from you, I see that I can’t see beyond the surface of each tarot card’s meaning. I would love to learn and be tutored by you.

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 14:58h, 06 July Reply

      I appreciate the kind words Gerry! Keep an eye out for personal readings. I’m excited to be offering them in the near future!

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    Posted at 07:44h, 04 July Reply

    Thank you Deco! 🤗❤️

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    Joan Longworth
    Posted at 19:36h, 03 July Reply

    How much is a personal reading

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    Laura Eileen Davidson
    Posted at 01:54h, 03 July Reply

    WOW. You’ve clarified the obstacles I’ve been facing for my business launch. The very ones. May I have a private reading?

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    Posted at 22:56h, 02 July Reply

    Did my boyfriend really love me

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    Posted at 22:45h, 02 July Reply

    Wow spot on love it seems you’re on me lovely reading Deco thank you so much

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    Posted at 21:55h, 02 July Reply

    spot on Thankyou for the reading ill act on what i need to do and let go and move on things can only get better

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    Posted at 21:47h, 02 July Reply

    I have been trying to manifest a spiritual connection with my fiancé Brooke for her to stop being so selfish and hard to deal with! She left me 4 weeks ago over something petty acting like a child and she has gone no contact with me and I know she loves me but she is just trying to hurt me I guess? My son Tyler Doyle went missing January 26, 2023 and we have never found him and I have been still dealing with that and then boom Brooke just comes home from work one day and is a different person rude, hateful, distant and I asked her what was going on with her and she flipped out and left me

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    Posted at 21:31h, 02 July Reply

    Having to deal with a breakup and move on, time to heal.Looking forward to a blessing for my future and hopefully a new beginning!.trying to stay positive!

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 14:59h, 06 July Reply

      Break ups can be so hard! I like to look at an ending as an opportunity for a new chapter of self discovery. Best of luck moving forward!

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    Fatima Usman
    Posted at 21:12h, 02 July Reply

    Thank you
    A big hug from here, 💕

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    Posted at 21:02h, 02 July Reply

    Spot on ,thank you hope to hear more

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    Liza McEvilly
    Posted at 18:16h, 02 July Reply

    Absolutely spot on… you are inspiring. Thank you 🙏

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    Cathy Ann Hill
    Posted at 15:25h, 02 July Reply

    Thank you Deco. Awesome! I feel like I’m behind the eight ball a bit. Still in financial struggles yet I have a great business. Looking at long term goals and at the same time staying open minded so that I don’t miss any opportunities. Have a great week Deco. 🙏🏼💖

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 15:00h, 06 July Reply

      Try to identify the things that are keeping you from feeling the abundance that you deserve. Once you figure that out you can manifest change!

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    Andrew Clinton
    Posted at 11:51h, 02 July Reply

    Thank you Deco for your time.Lovely insight .

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    Posted at 11:29h, 02 July Reply

    Just perfect.

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    Ekundayo Johnson
    Posted at 11:29h, 02 July Reply

    Wow! Almost as if you are talking about me. The reading was lovely and superb. Thanks so much for the insight

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      Posted at 14:53h, 02 July Reply

      Wow Deco you hit on some surreal experiences that I’ve personally endured. Thank U for this fantastic Reading & I’m overcoming these challenges

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    Caroline Dawley
    Posted at 10:41h, 02 July Reply

    So perfect. Thank you so much. Keep moving forward is key. But take time for myself and keep goals in mind, but accept where I am right now. Blessings.🌹❤️

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    Thresea "Lynn" Brewer
    Posted at 10:13h, 02 July Reply

    Hi Deco, I’ve recently started watching your readings and truly appreciate your guidance as each one resonate with what’s going on with me and my life. You also have brought attention to things I had yet noticed or realized until you pointed them out. I will continue to listen in as often as I can. Your readings help me figure which direction I’m on and any changes I may need to take. Thank you Deco for the guidance. 🙂

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