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Are You Destined To Reconnect? | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Are you hoping to be reunited with the person you love?

Galena The Mystic is here with an intuitive message, and she says a reunion could be on the horizon.

Simply pick the cards that resonate with you to receive your message now.

P.S. Will you still hold space in your heart for this person? Let Galena know with a comment down below!


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s your intuitive tarot reader, Gina the Mystic, and I’m so excited for today’s topic, which is are you destined to reconnect? So if you’re watching this video, likely you are considering yourself to be in separation with someone you deeply care about. You might be feeling disconnected from a loved one, and so in this timeless pick a card, love reading. We are going to see if you are destined to reconnect in this lifetime. Yeah, so for each group, we actually have two Oracle cards per group today. 


So for group number one, we have “True Love” as well as “Tension.” For group number two, we have “Calling in Your Soulmate” as well as “Scorpio: Investigate”. Then for group number three, we have “Codependency” as well as “Solar Flares: Activate”. So go ahead and take your time and tap into whichever pair of cards is speaking to you the most. I’m going to try to hold all three at a time. I know some of you really like being able to see all three of them. So we have group one, two, and three. It might be mirrored on camera, but yeah, go ahead and pick whichever one is resonating with you most. 




We’re going to start with group number one, “True Love” and “Tension.” So I can see that clearly if this is your group, there’s a lot of true love between the two of you, a lot of deep care, but with Uncommon Tarot again because I’m just really rocking with this deck. It is just really serving, really speaking to me lately, but let’s go ahead and get more details about this. The True Love card does say “this is the romance of a lifetime.” I’m hearing power struggle. So you might be going through the power struggle phase of a relationship, which is totally normal. Sometimes when we are integrating new love, we just need to understand each other’s patterns, new triggers and new difficulties come up when we’re getting to know each other and getting to know each and preferences and pleasures. So it seems like some of you could be in that phase here. 


I feel like some of you could have a little bit less history with this person like this true love connection, but I do get that there’s two camps. So for others of you, it’s like you do have a lot of history with this person, but it’s like you guys are evolving and changing and so you’re continually having to get to know each other. And so I just think that for all of you in this group, there’s this message of how just because it’s true love doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and rainbows. We have the Hierophant reversed or the Wise One as it is called in this deck.

So the fact that this is coming up reversed but it’s here. Anyways, the Hierophant is about family and commitment and tradition. So I do see that energy here, there being some sort of level of commitment, almost feeling familial with each other. This person could feel really familiar to you, like you have always known each other. But with this reversal, I’m seeing that there are things being shaken up when it comes to your dynamic, what you expect from each other, what is normal. 


My left ear is actually ringing really, really loudly right now. So I feel with this Tension card maybe family issues could be a big inhibitor in this connection. Some of you could really deeply be in love, but it’s possible that family expectations and cultural differences could be playing a big role. Here we have the page of coins now in reverse or in reverse, and this page of Pentacles is definitely speaking to me that there’s some sort of issue here with getting this connection in the right direction, getting yeah, Six of Swords. So I am seeing there’s going to be clarity here. There’s going to be some sort of clearing conversation and a clear path forward. This butterfly also makes me think that your connection is really transforming. Like I said, you guys have this energy where you are constantly growing and evolving and that can at times be really overwhelming and it can also frustrate people around you who are kind of used to you both showing up a certain way, but they don’t understand the intimacy of your connection. 


And so with the Six of Swords, you’re having clearing conversations not only with each other but with loved ones outside of this intimate, very intimate connection, Seven of Cups. There’s also a lot of spiritual energy between the two of you at this time. You’re definitely dreaming heavily of each other, planning out all the different ways that this clearing conversation could go. I think that you both also care so deeply about each other that you have this tendency to catastrophize and you both sometimes get caught up just assuming the worst case scenario or expecting things to be the way they were with your family when you were younger with this Hierophant and Page of Pentacles Reversed. And I’m here to tell you with the six of swords and seven of cups, that’s just confusion and also the devil’s author of confusion. And so that is something you’re going to have to work through and get over, especially if outside influences are purposely trying to create confusion. And as I was saying that I saw 5:55 on the camera timer. So I do think that again, there’s that transformative element of this connection. You guys transform both as individuals and as a partnership in ways that really defy what other people think that they can control.


So I don’t know what it is about you guys, but I think other people like to have a hand in this connection or you both feel indebted sometimes to societal expectations or familial expectations, and that has been getting in the way. But I see you two coming back together, communicating, maybe even possibly saying, I’ve been dreaming about you, or I’ve been dreaming of us reconnecting and I want to work through this tension. So you guys are going to get through the power struggle phase. I would look more into that if necessary. Let’s see what else. But we have the Queen of Wands, so I also see a lot of you, regardless of your gender, getting in touch with your creativity and just having a new lease on life, a fresh confidence when it comes to this connection. I also see a passionate flame being reignited here and yeah, Wheel of Fortune.


So this is change, change, forward, momentum, luck. And another high note. So after the power struggle season of a relationship, there’s a season of bliss and harmony and I feel that is the natural progression of this relationship. So if you and this person are feeling a little disconnected right now, it’s likely because there are kinks to work through and it’s actually bringing you closer together. So that is for my group number one. Let’s go ahead and get into group number two. But before that, I just want to say thank you so much for being here. You can feel free to purchase a private reading if you need more guidance at this link. Like this video if you liked it, subscribe if you enjoyed, and I hope to see you again in the future. 




With that being said, let’s get into group number two, which is “Calling In Your Soulmate” as well as “Scorpio: Investigate”. So right off the bat, I feel like this is my single pringle group. Likely if this is your group, you are likely asking about an ex with this “Scorpio: Investigate” card. You definitely could be stalking each other on social media, you could be trying to move on, but you’re still heavily invested in what this person is doing. Let’s go ahead and reshuffle this deck actually. But yeah, I also feel that you’ve been called into shadow work. A lot of you in this group are probably really uncomfortable lately with where your love life is. But regardless, this card “Calling In Your Soulmate” says, “your prayers, affirmations and visualizations help bring you together.” So I think that this is a group where you’re trying to manifest an ex of yours or another high level soulmate.


Okay, let’s see. What does my group number two need to know about reconnecting with the person that they’re investigating? This person on your mind. I would say you and this person likely have a lot of secrets between the two of you, even if you aren’t in communication. We have the Five of Swords reversed and Three of Wands. So definitely one or both of you has tried really hard to move on from this connection. Five of Swords reversed. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were secrets revealed in this connection if there were hidden enemies involved in this connection, if you were really surprised and even put off by this person’s behavior before ending things with them. And with the Three of Wands, it’s like you’re trying to expand and move forward. Let’s see, are you destined to reconnect? Are you destined to reconnect? We have Death here. We also have the Six of Cups actually coming out reversed. 


Okay, so I’m getting pretty strongly, it is not fated. I mean Death is about inevitable endings, things that we should bury, things that we should surrender. Scorpio is also this Death energy, so don’t shoot the messenger, but I am seeing here that a lot of you should and know that you should surrender this person and let them go, but you might feel like they have a grip on you. So with this “Calling In Your Soulmate,” I think that you feel this person is a high level soulmate, but actually what I’m seeing is that the connection is very, very karmic. It is very much rooted in the past cycles, things that you should really accept defeat about. And I’m not saying that to discourage you or to cause you to lose hope, but with the Five of Swords when I see this card reversed often it’s because we don’t want to cut our losses and we’d rather keep almost picking at the wound than letting it heal and scar over and all of that sort of thing.


So with this Three of Wands, I am seeing you being invited to expand beyond this connection, and I want to see what advice could potentially help you get there a little bit easier. I do feel like this is quite a difficult period that you’re being asked to go through when it comes to getting over this person. Knight of Pentacles reversed. So one thing you should know is that if you know that there has been toxicity in this connection, and again, I feel like some of you were quite appalled at this person’s behavior before whatever disconnect occurred here, I feel that you should know that justifying it or explaining it away is causing some sort of disconnect between you and your intuition and your deeper spiritual gifts that will be activated as you go through the transformation of getting over this person and finally really surrendering them. 


I do see it being quite cathartic and quite painful, and I’m going to be real. It seems like just tapping into the energy, a lot of you are just not ready to face that yet, and I totally 100% understand and I just want to say spirit understands and they’re not going to punish you, but it is causing just some personal stagnation when it comes to your own growth and your own ability to transform because the fact that you are even drawn to this Scorpionic energy shows me that you are inherently kind of a rebel in some ways. You are able to really face your fears and you’re very capable of change and transformation, but it just seems like because of an attachment, you are forgetting your own power at this time. It seems like when you go through this and you let it go and you grieve it properly and you really allow yourself to feel all your feelings and also stop digging into this person’s activities, some of you’re really spying heavily and you’re being told to protect yourself from that and not do that anymore.


It seems like when you go through this big, big shift, your own third eye is just going to be clearer. Your power of discernment is going to be clearer as well as your self value, your self-worth and connecting with your higher self. And yeah, we have the Three of Swords. So I’m sorry to those of you who did not want to hear this, but it does look like you’re going to be facing some heartbreak, but I kind of like the Three of Swords in this case because it’s something that when we know we knew was coming, so now we can be more honest with ourselves and feel more, I’m hearing that word integrity. So you’ll be feeling more in integrity with yourself and your own knowing and you’re going to feel also that word integrity, the root of that is integer, right? So you’re going to be feeling more integrated, you’re going to feel more whole.


You’re going to feel one with yourself and in the pain through the pain, you are going to be reminding yourself that the pain you’re going through now is saving you from a world of pain because with this Scorpio energy and death and yeah, the fact that you feel so tied to this person, you could continue this cycle over and over and over again if you allow yourself to. And you could see yourself in the same position you’re in now three months from now and another six months from now and another nine months from now and another year from now, and so on and so forth. And so you are learning to free yourself so you can really call in a soulmate that calls you to be a better, more evolved person and someone you can really grow and build with as opposed to repeating old stuff with okay, and trying to make each other jealous.


That’s something I’m seeing as well. So we’re going to let that go. I hope that you enjoyed these messages today. That’s all I have for you here, but if you would like more specific guidance, you can get a personal private tarot reading with me via this link. If you like this video, feel free to like it. It helps me out a lot. Feel free to subscribe if you’d like to subscribe and see me again in the future, that would be awesome and thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll see you in the next one. 




Now, we’re going to get into group number three, which is “Codependency” as well as “Solar Flares: Activate”. And so I just want to say if you chose this group, congratulations because I just know already that because this says codependency, many people will probably avoid this. So if you dove in and chose group number three, you were honest with yourself, you might know that you struggle with codependency and that could have been a big issue in this situation. The card says, “addictions are affecting your romantic life.” So I’m seeing here that with this Activation card, very much you guys were activating each other, triggering each other quite possibly. There could have been a really strong push pull dynamic with this connection and with this Activation card. I also think that there was maybe a collapse response happening where this other person’s behavior made you feel like you couldn’t move forward. 


Maybe you were waiting on them a lot and when things were not well between you and this person, it was hard for you to move forward. It was hard for you to do things on your own when you were together. And it’s not that you didn’t care about each other or that you can’t be good to each other. It’s simply that your codependency patterns from childhood were being activated in this connection. And so this potentially could have fallen apart because of overwhelm and also feeling like someone else’s actions are responsible for your feelings. So there could have been a lot of blame in this connection as well. Let’s see, what do we need to know about this connection? Are they destined to reconnect? Six of Cups upright and Two of Coins reversed. So I’m getting a “yes, but”… 


So this is Actually really beautiful energy. Three of Wands reverse. Six of Swords reverse. Both of you are trying to move on from this connection. But you literally just cannot. Okay? I think if this is your group, likely, you know, might have had a few on and offs with this person and it’s very likely that you know that things are not over between you and this person with this Two of Pentacles reversed. Though I am seeing that when you reconnect- Six of Cups, right- fondness… a return to home… You are not going to have the same exact frequency. There is a chance here to move forward and to do things different. So I’m seeing that there’s a lot of options here when it comes to how this connection plays out. And there is some malleability because it seems like you do have toxic habits, but you both really want to work on it.


And so a lot of that is going to come down to free will and how you both choose to show up. But it does seem like… the Two of Pentacles is about maintenance and juggling things. And keeping things going and going back and forth a lot. And so with the reversal, I’m seeing that that is coming to an end. You’re no longer going to be carrying forward exactly how you were before this period of separation or disconnect. And with the Six of Cups, I feel that you two are both still very connected, even energetically. I feel like there’s just a little bit of enmeshment here. And so you guys just sometimes need to be more intentional about having space and having healthy distance from one another and communicating through that. And we have The Lovers upright, so 100%. And as I’m saying that my strap fell off my shoulder. So I just want to say you could be getting real intimate with one another and with The Lovers, I also feel like you’re going to be removing your shields in this card. The two figures here have their bare backs. You know what? Okay, let me just continue chile, because what is going on? They have their backs facing, facing towards the viewer, and this shows me that there’s a level of trust and vulnerability. So I think you’re going to be kind of bearing it all with each other and being more honest about your childhood wounding being more upfront about what you need to feel safe. Nine of ones reverse. Yes, exactly. You were going to be letting down your guard with one another. 


There’s just been, you guys have been both enmeshed and defensive with one another. So you guys are getting on each other’s nerves, but you love each other, you love each other. And actually this is all happening on purpose because yes, old wounds are being triggered, but not so you can repeat them so that you can actually move differently. Okay, let’s get one more card. Ace of Cups reversed. Yeah, so you’re going to learn how to give to yourselves first in this connection. And I think once you move that it’s going to allow you guys to connect more in a much deeper and genuine way. You have not been completely authentic, you’ve been very attached, but now you’re going to be more detached and more authentic and more available to one another. So yeah, we have the Queen of Pentacle. So something about, I dunno why Christmas is coming up. So maybe some of you’re going to connect over Christmas, hopefully you don’t have to wait that long. 


It is about to be July, but these are messages that are timeless. So take it how it resonates. And I’m also getting, September could be significant here. What’s the other, it would be Taurus season would be the other earth sign. So May could have been significant, but anyways, you guys get the gist with the Queen of Pentacles, you’re going to be more secure and more comfortable, okay? And this connection’s going to benefit a lot from that because you’re not going to have this insecure attachment. It’s going to bring a lot of clarity here with Temperance through the Alchemist. So that’s what I’m seeing with you guys. I do see a very high fated, major arcana chance at reconnecting here, and I love that for you guys. 


So these are all the messages I have for you, my group number three. Thank you so, so much for being here. If you would like some personal private guidance, you can book a private reading via this link. I also want to invite you to subscribe to our channel. If you’d like to see more videos from me. Again, check out last week’s video, which is timeless, what’s blocking this connection. That could probably help you as well. And yeah, subscribe like this video and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Alexandra Castro
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    I chose group number one and it made a lot of sense to me. I hope you are right and we get to have those conversations that clear everything up. Thank you so much and God bless you

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    Thank you Very much Galena I relate to a lot in all 3. Thanks again.

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    Nailed it! Ugggh ! Scorpio Death energy …bad cycling must end. Thank you for confirming my intuitive sense that I’ve been following. It’s the slow death of it that is kicking my impatient self. Strength is difficult to have when the pain is excruciating.

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    Thank you ! GALENA.

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    Hi galena pick group number 2 and thank you

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    Wow. I was 1 that, pick the 3rd. draw. Very interesting and on piont from what I been told and you confirmed it. Very nice and thank you very much for that, confirmation. I hope to hear from you again. Or think I might be contacting you here soon when this gets started.

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    Thanks Galeana, I’ve picked number one group.

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    I felt most in tune with group 1

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