Are You Feeling Lucky? | Sirena Moon | New Moon In Taurus | 5/7 - Cosmic Updates

Are You Feeling Lucky? | Sirena Moon | New Moon In Taurus | 5/7

Are you ready for a stroke of luck to change your life?

Sirena Moon says the New Moon in Taurus may bring the prosperity you’ve been working toward…

Simply click on the video to see what this moon could bring to you.

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Hello, Cosmic Updates Family! Sirena Moon here, and this week I’m talking about the beautiful New Moon that is happening in the sign of Taurus on May 7th, and what this might mean for you. And I’m also going to do a group Tarot reading with any messages from Spirit about this New Moon time. So, on May 7th, we have a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. And Taurus is all about grounding our big dreams into reality. Taurus is all about beautiful structure, security, abundance, prosperity, success, and making things happen in a practical way. Taurus has a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of energy. It’s practical, it’s grounded and nourishing. And also, this New Moon is sextile the planet Saturn, which means it’s in harmony with the planet Saturn, and Saturn makes this New Moon extra supportive of long-term plans, making sure that your long-term vision really supports your dreams and desires, the things that you really want to build and manifest in your life.

So, it’s a beautiful New Moon about where you want to move your life next, what the bigger vision is for your life, and making some solid action step plans to take to really ground a dream into reality. Okay, so with that being said, I’m just tapping into Spirit. I’m asking Spirit to please guide this reading, to give us all any messages about this New Moon time, what this New Moon might be bringing in, or what it means for us. Okay. So, what is one theme of this New Moon? Oh my gosh, Wheel of Fortune. Yes! Okay. So, this feeling of a new cycle, starting a new opportunity, something beginning that is for the fortunate that kind of feels like it could be a surprise or something that we weren’t expecting, a shift. Somehow that does bring relief and that does feel good. So, there could be a lot of things in motion for many of us.

Something could really be changing, or you could be thinking about the things that need to change. For some of you, it’s just feeling with this New Moon, there’s this catalyst for some kind of change in some area of our life that feels kind of like you’re walking into some kind of new cycle. You’re completing an old cycle, starting a new cycle. This could just be as simple as personally you’re giving up a bad habit, you’re starting a healthier regime, or you’re giving up a person and you’re going to, you know, just start fresh letting a relationship go, or you’re changing something about your job. So, there’s this feeling that change is in the air, or you’re starting some kind of new relationship, but there’s sort of changes in the air for the better. There’s this sense of possibility for many of us as we’re entering this New Moon time and this feeling that we can really tap into that possibility.

And what should we let go of to align with this New Moon? Okay, so this is the Six of Cups. It’s in reverse. So it’s this feeling of letting go of hanging onto the past too much. So, to make sure that we’re really allowing things that need to go, to go, to really to say, “Okay. I want to embrace this kind of fresh start feeling energy as I envision what I want to bring in and kind of create for the long term with this really grounded Taurus and disciplined Saturn energy.” It’s this opportunity here, I’m feeling like for many of us. And it’s really important to let go of something from the past that keeps hanging around or that we’re really afraid to let go of, or we’re afraid to say, “Well, that didn’t work out. How do I forgive that so that I can have this lightness about me as I shift with this energy?” So, it’s this feeling of letting go of past people, past relationships, even a past pattern that you’ve been in or something from the past. Maybe it’s hard to let certain things go, but it’s important to make peace with it so that you can fly forward. 

And what to embrace around this New Moon time? What to embrace, the Queen of Swords. Okay. So, it’s really important to embrace, embrace being honest with yourself, really telling yourself the truth, having a critical eye about your own life, what works, what doesn’t, to really embrace boundaries and saying, “You know what? This just doesn’t work for me anymore and I’m not moving forward with it anymore.” Whether it’s a person, a situation that is just not working, people around you in your life, some kind of work situation you’re involved in, but it’s this feeling I’m getting for so many of us where it’s like there’s certain things going on about a situation that some aspects of it work and some don’t work. And it could be sometimes deluding yourself or lying to yourself about certain things about it. That’s what I’m feeling. And it’s important to say, “You know what? I’m going to be really honest with myself. I’m going to allow myself to really look at the situation and to really say, you know what? I really want to honor myself. I want to honor my heart. I want to honor my needs, my boundaries, and I just want to get clear with myself about, as I move forward into this opportunity for this fresh start of some kind, I really want to make sure that things are cleaned up on my end, and I don’t want to carry this baggage with me from the past as I move forward.” So, it’s important to get clear with yourself and kind of be really, really strict with your own boundaries and with not allowing people to drain you or not allowing situations that really bring you down, being very clear about what you are moving forward with or not moving forward. And as you embrace some kind of new path, I feel like that’s opening up for you for so many of us. So, it’s important to have that kind of clarity and to take that time to decide what’s really right for you or not right for you about a certain situation that you’re dealing with right now. 

Okay and then a surprise element about this New Moon. Oh wow, The Star. Beautiful. Okay. So, there could be some kind of surprise, sort of opportunity or sort of feeling. I’m being drawn to the water, Two of Cups of water here. There’s this feeling like something could come in by surprise after this New Moon that for many of you could be some kind of opportunity, like something at a job or something kind of out of left field that you never really thought of before, but it feels like wow, kind of inspired it came out of the blue, out of the sky, the blue sky, something you never thought of. But if you open your mind to it, open your heart to it and just kind of go with it, if it’s something that feels right to you, that kind of comes by surprise, I would go with it, because this feeling of enormous emotional satisfaction. For others of you, I’m feeling like, because I’m being drawn to the two cups of water, this could be a person that you meet by surprise, and it’s important to keep your mind really open. It could be somebody that you never thought you’d date, people that look a certain way, but then someone comes in by surprise up to this New Moon time that if you’re open to it, this could be very emotionally fulfilling. I’m getting this sense of so much joy pouring through me, a feeling of your heart feeling really fulfilled. So, there’s this feeling of a surprise sort of opportunity that makes you feel inspired and makes your heart very happy.

And then the final message, the final card for this New Moon in Taurus, the final card, the King of Pentacles. Wow! This is all about having a structure that really supports you, that you feel really good in. So, again, this is a very powerful New Moon time to really think about the structure of your life. And what I mean by that is the people in your life, what you’re doing, just the things that give you that solid foundation of your life. Okay? What do you want to bring in? What do you want to manifest? What is this vision of your future? And it’s really important with the King of Pentacles to know that this is a fertile time, this New Moon time. Wow. And the sign of Taurus, I’m being drawn to this bull. The bull is a symbol of Taurus. So, yeah, I would say this is a really good time to plant the seeds of those big dreams. I feel like it’s really supported, a really supportive New Moon time for your bigger dreams, your bigger vision, and to really honor that.

And I’m being told to draw another card here. Oh wow. The Knight of Cups! Okay, this card is all about new romance. It’s about romance, so that’s really beautiful. So, for many of you that you’re not thinking about work related stuff, career purpose related stuff, Spirit is saying this is also a beautiful time to plant those seeds of a vision for romance, for love, and the things that you want of your heart, because that also represents the structural security of your life. You want a good partner, you want to feel loved, you want security. You want that person to stay. You want to have a meaningful relationship. So, these things represent your drawing and that structure of your life. So, this is a beautiful time to do that, and you do that by embracing some kind of change and letting go of the past, okay? Getting very clear about your boundaries and what you want to take with you as you move forward in some new way. Being open to be inspired, some kind of inspired surprise. This could even be inspired ideas and planting those seeds in this very fertile ground right now, knowing that it can come to pass. This will bloom if you tend to it, and you really honor your energy and your truth here okay? That’s what I’m feeling like. So, tapping into the universal energy here with a group reading. But if you want a personal reading where I look directly into your energy, you can get a personal reading here with me on this site. Okay? So, until we meet again, I am wishing you so much love and so many wonderful, beautiful blessings for this New Moon time and beyond. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Lisa Johnson
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    Thank you again Sirena Moon , much 🙏🏽💛💡Gratitude always 💐, for your powerful insight and beautiful positive, intuitive readings and spirits thoughts , have a wonderful new week ahead 🇬🇧💛😊

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      Great reading thank you.

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    Miss Lynne
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    Thank you Sirena. I love your optimism and energy when you do the collective readings. This new moon in Taurus brought surprising new opportunities just like you said- by releasing the past and setting boundaries. Everyone do yourself a favor and follow your heart. It’s scary at first but the other side is well worth it! Time to amplify 💫

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    Cantri Walkowiak
    Posted at 19:45h, 08 May Reply

    I just finalized my divorce today and needed to hear those bits of reassurance and encouragement. It’s crazy that all the points you hit on in today’s reading were each I individually relatable to my current situation. Thank you so much for clarity and guidance for the future unpaved path.

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    Posted at 18:43h, 08 May Reply

    Thank you for your reading to let go off the ego and invite more love. Could I get a personalised energy in career and income as I received in email

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    What’s going to happen and expect for my love an eork life ?

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    Isabel Neto
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    What is going to change ! What can i expect?
    About love and work?

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    Dear Sirena,

    You are so correct, thank you always.


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    Lorne Adamarczuk
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    Thanks Serina, I am entering a new cycle & it is exciting as it has been a long time manifestation… this totally aligns with me! Thanks for the reading!

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    Christine Perkins
    Posted at 10:17h, 08 May Reply

    Let me start by there are no coincidences! Sirena Moon which is going to be my great granddaughter name. So this reading from 1st card to last My life happening this week and I couldn’t be more pleased and excited! Thank you

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    Jennifer Vallance
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    I always enjoy and look forward to your readings, thank you 😊

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    Britt Grønbech
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    Thank you so much I really need this reading today 🙏.
    I have had a difficult past year and I do so need some positive to happen in my work life and love life 😊. So hearing this made my hopeful ❤️

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    This was what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you.

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    Phelyna Howard
    Posted at 00:02h, 08 May Reply

    I am so amazed. You say so much directly to my heart. My hope and faith are on steroids now. I could not have found an equally enthralling reading for a costly sum. Thank you for the encouragement; for giving voice to somethings already see could be. I make promises to go for my dreams and then rely on angels like you to propel me along with much help from the spirits so- we got this!
    Thankfully yours,

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