Breakthrough Energy | New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 2/7 - Cosmic Updates

Breakthrough Energy | New Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 2/7

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your love life?

Sirena Moon says that the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th could be the perfect time to make a radical shift toward more authenticity and set your heart free.

She’s here today to help you embrace positive change, so you can manifest new blessings in your life.

P.S. What kind of breakthrough or blessing could you use in your love life this New Moon? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful, wonderful people with Cosmic Updates, Sirena Moon here, and I’m so excited. Today I’m talking about the incredible New Moon that’s happening on February 9th in the sign of Aquarius, and what that might mean for you, for your love life. And, I’m going to do a group Tarot reading with any messages from Spirit around this New Moon time. So, on February 9th, we have a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, and Aquarius is all about breaking free of any limitations or boundaries in your mind or in your life. It’s all about expressing yourself, being wild and authentic and unique, it’s big vision, it’s trailblazing, it’s just woo, it’s a big cosmic breakthrough energy, okay? And, this New Moon is doubly powerful because Uranus, the planet that is all about breakthrough energy, is squaring this New Moon. So, we’re going to have a lot of energy that is really supportive of being your authentic self and of breaking through any limitations in your life, okay?

So, what does this mean for life, for your love life? Well, it means that the more you can be authentically yourself and not place limitations on yourself, limitations on your heart, on what you truly want, or feeling that you have to pretend to be someone else, that’s not going to fly this month. What is supported this month and in love and with this New Moon is being authentically yourself and not feeling like you have to wear a mask, play games, dim down or be anyone other than who you truly are. And, in the past, if you’ve settled in love or you’ve dimmed down in love, you don’t have to do that anymore with this energy that’s really coming out into the Universe, it’s all about really honoring your heart’s true desires, and not having small vision of love, but allowing yourself the big dream of allowing your heart to have what it truly wants in love, and to honor that, and to show up totally authentically, even if you feel you’re really strange and weird. In fact, the more weird or wacky or wild you feel this month, it’s going to be met with even more support and with love and reciprocal feelings of adoration. 

Okay, so yeah, it’s an exciting time with this New Moon launching us into this freedom and breakthrough energy. So, with that being said, I’m going to do a group Tarot reading about this New Moon time. All right, so, Spirit, I’m just tapping into Spirit, what messages can you give all of us? What’s the theme for us with this New Moon? 

Ooh, the Three of Cups. Well, this is all about celebrating with other people. Wow, okay, so I’m feeling with this New Moon time, it’s really important, I’m feeling, to not be isolated, but to rather get out with other people. For so many of you, just getting out and about, going to a bar, just going where people are, you’re going to meet somebody. It’s like this feeling of there’s so much connectivity through community, other people, groups, and especially when it’s fun and you’re celebrating things that are fun, things that are group activities, can even be connecting online. But, it’s the sense of getting out of isolation for so many of you, and getting into community and other people, putting yourself out there and actually connecting in person with other people with this New Moon, is going to be very fortuitous for so many of you, especially if you’re looking for love. It’s a time to get out there with this New Moon, get out and about and celebrate with other people.

And, what to let go of, Spirit, what to let go of with this New Moon, what to release? The Moon and it’s upside down. So, The Moon is often about a period of pause. It’s being in the mystery. It’s having to not take action because nothing has been revealed yet and it is in reverse. So, I’m sensing that it’s almost like this wintery feeling is over. So, even if it’s really cold outside, I’m sensing to embrace that spring feeling within, we’re coming out into the world again, it’s like this period of pause and stagnation is ending with this New Moon. That’s how I’m feeling. I’m feeling like it’s time to let the stagnant or really withheld, within energy, that really internal energy that many of you may have been in through the month of January through the winter that’s shifting, that’s going away with this New Moon, and it’s entering a new time where I think there’s going to be much more action and connectivity outside of yourself with other people. So, that’s what I’m feeling.

And, Spirit, what to embrace, what to embrace? Oh, the Six of Cups. So, this is about children. This is about playfulness. This is about the past. So, for many of you, it’s embracing, I’m hearing for so many of you, embracing something that you once loved before. This could be somebody from the past, or this could be a part of you from the past, that’s what I’m feeling really strongly. Something that you used to do, that you loved, something that you, or a group you used to be a part of that you loved, maybe that you used to be more self-expressive, or you used to be more free and more childlike, more playful, you used to believe in possibilities, used to believe in magic. You used to believe in Santa Claus or whatever, but you believed that life had this magical quality, and now you’ve just become too adult or too rational, or you don’t believe in miracles. You don’t believe that anything can change. It’s about embracing that innocent part of you, that innocent and fresh eyed, wide eyed part of you, that childlike part of you that believed anything is possible, okay? It’s just trying to tap into that inner innocent magic that is within all of us, and that will create in your life. It will actually create connections, opportunities. It will line you up. It will put you in a perfect place to be lined up with magical connection and opportunities and fulfilling your hearts, fulfilling your purpose, fulfilling this desire and this dream in your heart. So lean into that around this beautiful New Moon time. 

And then, what’s an unexpected surprise twist of this New Moon time? The Wheel of Fortune. Oh, wow, that’s really neat. So, this is a surprise fortunate change. So, this could be quite a big change for some of you. So, this could be news you receive that sort of sets wheels in motion where quite a big change happens. You could be changing in your job or changing, you could be, you can move, or it could be a real change in fortune where perhaps you are able to meet someone that is very exciting. But, this will come because of the placement of it quite by surprise. So, it’s probably something you haven’t even thought about. This could be meeting someone for many of you that you never, at a place you never expected to meet them, you could be out grocery shopping, just a communal place with other people and meet someone. It could be something like that where something is quite unexpected that happens, but it feels very fortunate and it sets wheels in motion for quite a big change down the line. Things that start to happen, and it’s a catalyst. I’m sort of surprised that it’s a catalyst. And, for others of you, this could be for your career. That’s what I’m feeling, okay. Some kind of message you get or you see, I’m sensing for many of you, you see an ad for a job and it’s like, “Oh, I really was not expecting to change my job right now, but I have to apply for this.” And, you should, okay, there’s that sense, this magical sort of feeling in the air that, again, supports your authenticity and supports your breaking through of any place that you felt limited or dimmed down or not quite completely your authentic self. You are supposed to be exactly who you are, and that’s all you’re supposed to be in this life. You’re not supposed to be anybody else but exactly who you are. And, you’re supposed to shine with your authentic gifts and talents and personality and desires, likes and dislikes, just to be yourself. And, that’s pretty much it. And, any area in your life you’re having to conform, and really, it’s not quite right. The Universe wants to shift you out of that, especially this year. And, I’m sensing with this New Moon, there’s some kind of event after this New Moon that could be quite a catalyst to shift you into that place of more authenticity, into being able to shine. It’s going to feel good. 

Wow, those flew out, okay, these flew out, the King of Pentacles and Knight of Wands. So yeah, this is, I think, talking about what I was talking about. So, the King of Pentacles, it’s like financial opportunity, feeling plentiful. And, the Knight of Wands is forward movement, action, lots of action. So wow, whoa, powerful stuff around this New Moon or just after this New Moon time, I just keep hearing the word catalyst.

And, the final card, final message for this beautiful New Moon in Aquarius, final message, final message. Okay, the Six of Wands, wow, that’s great. So, the Six of Wands is about celebration and a feeling of accomplishment. So, I’m just sensing after we started with this Three of Cups, this is kind of a similar card. So, yeah, for many of you, it could be, there’s a gathering you’re going to around this New Moon, or just after it, a party, or if you’re not, it’s really important to get out into community, especially where people are celebrating. That’s where some magical connection is going to happen, so get out of bed, get out into the world, that’s what I’m feeling. Even if it’s cold, embrace this sense of, “it’s my springtime”, that “I’m out and about”. Getting out there, out, putting yourself out there. And, for some of you, there is this feeling of celebration and accomplishment, something that you get to feel really proud of yourself for and others will celebrate.

Some good news could possibly really come of this New Moon. Or again, if there’s some kind of catalyst that sets things in motion with this Wheel of Fortune card and things begin to change in a few months time, you will be celebrating and feeling like, “Wow, I wanted that and it happened.” So, on this New Moon in Aquarius, make a wish, set an intention. I think you’ll be celebrating in a few months time. I think something will come to fulfillment. Okay. It’s a really powerful time. So yeah, I am sending you all so much love and the biggest blessings for this New Moon time and beyond. All right, see you soon, bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Roxana Reeves
    Posted at 12:32h, 12 February Reply

    Sirena, As always beautiful and amazing message. Thank you. You are MAGNIFICENT!

    • Sirena Moon
      Sirena Moon
      Posted at 18:51h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you so much Roxana!! Love and blessings to you lovely!! <3

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    Shi Moulton
    Posted at 22:01h, 07 February Reply

    Hope everybody has a great Valentine’s Day it sounds promising I’m ready it’s been too few years that mine were not.

  • Avatar
    Shi Moulton
    Posted at 21:59h, 07 February Reply

    I’m gonna pray that my Valentine’s day is actually a good one this year. Usually they aren’t in 50 years maybe 3 were good. So I’m happy for everybody and don’t be surprised if I stay home and hide. Lots of love to everybody.

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    Claudia Barillas
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    Nenette chiong
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    Benson Chabarika
    Posted at 15:59h, 07 February Reply

    yes, I’m waiting for good news coming soon.

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    Sadae Binion
    Posted at 15:00h, 07 February Reply

    I’ve been going to poetry night gatherings in my community. Im claiming for exciting new adventure and meaningful connections.

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    Jo-Anne Kuhteubl
    Posted at 14:55h, 07 February Reply

    Hi Serina.
    Your reading today is really reflecting my with my life….
    From everything you have said, I keep getting the same message…
    I am really over due for a change in my life…
    Thanks for a awesome reading.

    • Sirena Moon
      Sirena Moon
      Posted at 18:52h, 14 February Reply

      My pleasure and thank you Jo Anne!! Love to you!!! <3

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    Terence Frederick Bone
    Posted at 14:14h, 07 February Reply

    Hi Sirena, a great positive reading that is appropriately fitting in with my life at this present time of change for me.

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    Danielle St-Laurent
    Posted at 12:49h, 07 February Reply

    Thank you so much for this fantastic reading, It has been a while since I have been separated and you are giving me hope for a bright future ahead. I know my ex as asked me if it would be possible to reconsile as I was stunde of his request,

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    Posted at 12:17h, 07 February Reply

    Hi Sirena, Your reading today was great!

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    Posted at 10:58h, 07 February Reply

    Excellent! The 9th is my birthday and I. Could really use a breakthrough. I feel like the msg are about to pop

    • Sirena Moon
      Sirena Moon
      Posted at 18:52h, 14 February Reply

      Yes!! Happy birthday Shelly!! Love and blessings to you!! <3

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    Refiloe Kunyamane
    Posted at 10:02h, 07 February Reply

    Yes to us aqurian o3. 02.1983

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