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Go Ahead, You’ve Earned It | Full Moon In Capricorn

Hello astro lovers,

Have you been getting tied up in your responsibilities lately?

If it feels like the world is demanding a lot from you, and you are at a breaking point… don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

Get ready for things to start getting easier during the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24th.  

The practical aspects of your life have reached a peak, and you could have long awaited opportunities for financial and professional advancement finally showing up over the coming days. 

So, if you’ve been keeping up with your responsibilities, this full moon will be a great time to receive the hard earned rewards you deserve. 

And with Jupiter having just turned retrograde, it’s likely the blessings from this moon could come in the form of opportunities from the past that you’re finally ready to take advantage of.

At the same time, you may be balancing an intense relationship situation. Which can be good or bad, depending on how you handle it.  

So let’s dive in and see how this intense super full moon energy will be manifesting in your life.

Checking In With Your Responsibilities

The full moon marks a time when an area of your life has reached a climax, and your recent intentions come to fruition. A “super moon” is actually closer to the Earth than other full moons, causing us to feel its influence stronger than usual.  

In Capricorn, the Full Moon is a time to check in with your duties and see how far you’ve come along. It’s kind of like having a yearly review with your boss to see how well you’ve done. 

Capricorn relates to hard work and discipline. It’s represented by the mountain goat, who is determined to climb the cliffs of achievement, and pushes himself to achieve it against all odds. 

With this in mind, which areas of your life have you been climbing a cliff? Have you been making progress or does it feel like you’re at a stand still? 

This Full Moon shines its light on how far you’ve come, and what rewards you deserve.

Reaping Your Rewards

There’s been a recurring theme throughout the year of things taking longer than we expected.  

Have you felt it? It’s almost like every time you’ve set your mind to accomplishing something another thing comes up and temporarily diverts your path.

For example, a work project with the promise of a promotion is close to completion. Yet, as you get to the brink you find that a team member has had to pull out. Now, you’re either having to fill the role or duplicate your workload. 

It’s like your promotion has constantly been out of reach.  

If you’ve had an experience like this too, then I have good news.

This Full Moon could be the day you finally get back on track with your project, or in some cases, have the promotion!  

Your goals are no longer just out of reach during this time, as long as you’re willing to put in the final push to grasp them. 

This is because Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, wants to reward you for your efforts. And since Jupiter just went retrograde, you could receive rewards you’ve been waiting on, that are long overdue.

Jupiter’s influence could come in the form of a promotion, workplace recognition, financial gain and long term goals turning into rock solid plans.  

Don’t forget to take a moment to acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come. You deserve to be recognized! Give yourself the space and time to unwind and celebrate over the next few days, because you’ve certainly earned it. 

Food For The Soul

It’s highly likely some of you have been experiencing burnout and are now ready to begin nourishing your emotional needs.

Your hard work is coming to fruition. The pressures have lifted and you, or the people around you are beginning to lighten up and smile.

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the safety and comforts of home during this Full Moon.  

Now is the perfect time to find the balance between your work and home life, to enjoy creature comforts and put boundaries in place so you are not working yourself into the ground.

Just pay close attention to your personal relationships, because things might get more intense than usual. 

Try Not To Obsess

As the Full Moon shines brightly, a conflict between Venus and Pluto has begun brewing in the background. 

Under the influence of this full moon you could be intensely drawn into somebody’s aura.

It starts with the butterflies you get when you meet somebody and they make you feel giddy.

Like they’re able to get under your skin and you can’t seem to shake them. Everything you do reminds you of them.

It’s intoxicating.

And you can’t seem to focus on anything else.

This is due to an intense opposition between Venus and Pluto, which can result in physical desire or in some cases behaving irrationally due to a strong attraction.

Under the watery influence of Venus in Cancer, you will feel deeply bonded to others. Connections will feel karmic and intense. 

You will want to surrender to the power of love. Your passion is heightened and the energy of your partner could send you to another dimension. 

If you are single, somebody new may enter your life and you will feel utterly magnetised to them.

However, there is a warning sign that needs to come with this influence. This energy can lead to feelings of OBSESSION. You might find yourself falling into power plays or feeling like controlling someone’s behaviour.

If you notice that someone is becoming possessive over you, perhaps now is the time to establish a boundary.

On a positive note, with a pleasant aspect from Neptune, you may find that your partner begins to understand where you’re coming from. A portal is opening and if you allow the communication to flow you could connect on a much deeper level and amplify the sparks between you. 

So long as you tread lightly through this intensely passionate energy, you might end up becoming closer than you ever thought possible.  

Either way, always remember…

The Universe Has Your Back

If you’ve been caught up in the rat race and have been feeling overwhelmed the last few weeks, this is your reminder that softness and reward are just around the corner.

The universe is always conspiring in your favour…

Even when it doesn’t seem that way.

Answers are there if you know where to look. And if you don’t know where to look, ask the Universe to show you the way. 

This Full Moon offers you the chance to dig a little deeper and find what you’re looking for.  

Just stay open to receiving the lesson available to you now.  Also, remember to take a moment to bask in your achievements and enjoy your rewards.  

It’s all coming together for you now. I have faith in you.

With love and abundance,


P.S. As a Taurus Rising my biggest creature comfort is being in nature or eating wholesome food! What about you? What comforts bring you joy? I would love to know! Please leave a comment below.

P.P.S Are you debating making changes in your life but in need of celestial confirmation first? Book a reading with me here and I can help shed light into your situation.

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  • Avatar
    Julie Jeffery
    Posted at 22:13h, 24 June Reply

    Hi thanks for your readings. I love the weekly tarot reading you send me. I am a Gemini with my moon in Taurus so I love like a Taurus so caring of others, nurturing and kind. What keeps me calm and makes me feel happy is nature. Long walks in nature, in the bush by the sea. I really love long walks on the beach and I love animals. I lost my cat ne nearly 2 months ago so i have felt lost and alone with grief and been keeping so busy to compensate for this loss. Feels so strange not having a pet to nurture atm but I will adopt another cat when I am ready. I find your readings to be quite accurate in regards to what’s going on with me. Thanks.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 11:49h, 28 June Reply

      Hi Julie, thank you for your response. It makes me happy to hear the words we write at cosmic updates resonate with you! I will pass on the message to our weekly tarot reader. He will be ecstatic by the feedback. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your cat. Losing a pet is extremely difficult. I’m sending you care during this difficult time.

  • Avatar
    Onella Jay
    Posted at 01:10h, 24 June Reply

    And one more Nicky…..I am indeed reaping the benefits of the fresh forestry around me…and receiving the bonuses now leading to destiny as well….earned over a decade in the horror challenges overcome …where the universe has sent in the rightful tools and guides… spirited too…made magic of the stars…and cosmos….to make dreams come true…..THANK YOU AND MUCH!!…YOU BEEN ONE OF THOSE …A SPECIAL GUIDE TO LEAD THE WAY! YOUR ADVICE … PRICELESS!!

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:28h, 24 June Reply

      Hello Onella, thank you for your kind words. They made me smile from ear to ear!!!
      I’m happy that you have overcome challenges and are now on the otherside. You sound like an inspiration. May you reap the rewards of all your hard times and work now 🙂 all the best! Nicky

  • Avatar
    Lanie Cubay
    Posted at 00:12h, 24 June Reply

    Thank you so much Nicky, I amaze of your wonderful reading. Hope my wish well come true… 😘

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:27h, 24 June Reply

      It’s a pleasure Lanie! I hope so too 🙂

  • Avatar
    barry kenneth davis
    Posted at 23:26h, 23 June Reply

    I have Gemini Rising conjunct Lilith (dark moon) square Mercury Aquarius MC. I am a Pisces-Aquarian (stellium) with Pluto-Moon opposition in Leo IC. Mercury trines Uranus trines Neptune. Chiron is opposing Uranus (first house). I have been working very hard but my first novel has been so much trouble with overseas hybrid publishers. The process has dragged on and on and on with complex innuendoes beyond rational control.
    Am I being conned or is something askew preventing fruition to occur.? Trust has also been a mammoth task and I have had often to retain a stable sense of worth. You can see I have a good knowledge of astrology. It and your site has been a godsend. Psychically, I have been told I will have phenomenal success. It’s been a nightmare for more than a year.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:26h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Barry, I’m so sorry to hear that things have been dragging you down lately. I’m glad that we have been able to support you through these hardships, but in truth it makes me sad to know that it has been hard.
      Has the full moon given you somewhere soft to land? or lessened the situation at all? I hope so!
      What is your novel about? Would love to hear more about it!
      Look forward to connecting more.

  • Avatar
    Montrichard Lemoy
    Posted at 22:47h, 23 June Reply

    My birthday jun 26… somehow I am feeling sad, losing hope, my health seems to be going down no energy no passion.
    Nature and cooking picks me up a good gin and tonic. But being single and the lockdown… o’natrual seem far away. Looking fwd to meeting up with family will do wonders. My big 74th. Where did the time go. Judith.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:22h, 24 June Reply

      Judith, you sound like the type of lady I would like to have a (slightly strong) drink with. You could have the gin and I would have a Margarita, haha. I’m so sorry things have been difficult recently, will your family be visiting for your 74th? I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Perhaps you can have a little G&T and imagine your astrologer friend (me) laughing with you 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:44h, 23 June Reply

    I like being in a cabin in the mountains cost free with easy and cool partner or company and of course my dog Cabron . Good food and tasty liquids

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:19h, 24 June Reply

      That sounds incredible Kennedy! Do you prefer the mountains in the summer or the winter?

  • Avatar
    Janice Raymond
    Posted at 22:31h, 23 June Reply

    Sorry I haven’t posted before. I have over the past months dealing with cataracts and have just had my 2nd surgery so hopefully all will improve from now on. This will take time but I am now looking forward to regaining a little momentum

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:18h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Janice, I wish you a speedy recovery! Is there something you are looking forward to when your eyes recover?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:32h, 23 June Reply

    Hi Nicky, I am a nature lover & find great peace taking walks outside,I also love good homemade food along with some chocolate!

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:16h, 24 June Reply

      Alison! You are speaking my language! What homemade food do you like?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:26h, 23 June Reply

    Hi Nikoletta

    Thank you for your reading it make cense,everything you said its like you head my problem before you wrote. Thank you so much

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:15h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Nelisiwe, thank you for taking the time to say thank you! I hope your problems resolve quickly. Nicky.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:18h, 23 June Reply

    Sending you love and spiritual enlightenment.
    Am with you all the way.
    Thank you

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:14h, 24 June Reply

      Thank you Ingrid! May your blessings trifold <3

  • Avatar
    Kelly Rinder
    Posted at 09:19h, 23 June Reply

    My favorite comforts are being in nature and on the water with my loved ones. Long walks in the woods and just breathing jn the fresh air. Your readings are are great, and give alot of information for me to ponder on. Thank you, wishing you well full moon. 😍💖

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:13h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Kelly, you’ve painted such a beautiful picture. I can truly envision it and it seems lovely!
      I’m so glad you enjoy my readings and they help you think about your situation. I hope to connect with you in the future. Nicky.

  • Avatar
    Sayak kundu
    Posted at 08:25h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you very much.I have made Huge progress in my Mindset for last three months starting March.This Reading gave me a certain flood of HOPE again

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:11h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Sayak, I’m happy to hear you are full of hope! I wish that all the blessings from your hard work come soon.

  • Avatar
    Kosoko Adetola Adekanbi
    Posted at 06:40h, 23 June Reply

    Thanks so much for this inspiring message Nikoleta. What an awesome moment for me, having gone through series of unpleasant challenges. You reading has made a whole lot of difference in my life. I feel highly relieved with a renewed vigour to press on against all conceivable odds. I see a glimmer of hope on the horizon in all facts of my life. I must say unequivocally that your reading is one of a kind. Please do keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,
    Koko Adetola Adekanbi

    • Avatar
      Posted at 14:10h, 24 June Reply

      Hi Koko, your kind words make it easy for me to keep up the work. Thank you for sharing your truth, I am so pleased to hear you are filled with renewed vigour. I wish you al the best! Nicky

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:21h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you Nikoletta reading your massage’s makes me feel special IDD so much love to be blessed by the Universe let this time I be counted too,I give myself I accept all

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:37h, 23 June Reply

      Hi Samson, thank you for letting me know that you have enjoyed my blog. I hope you have a wonderful Full Moon filled with blessings.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 03:22h, 23 June Reply

    As a Taurus Rising, I enjoy working out.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:36h, 23 June Reply

      Hello fellow Taurus Rising! I agree on this one. How do you like to work out?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 03:18h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you I love your blog great reading

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:35h, 23 June Reply

      Thank you for reaching out and letting me know you enjoyed it! I appreciate you!

  • Avatar
    Evelyn Malanda
    Posted at 03:18h, 23 June Reply

    Thank you Nikki , the reading was awesome and am for what I e worked for long time and for sure am tired waiting it . I will try to follow yi advi to have fun thx.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:34h, 23 June Reply

      Hi Evelyn, thank you for sharing. I’m hoping well wishes come your way in the form of rewards for your efforts. Please let me know if something materialises this full moon!

  • Avatar
    Mary C Messano
    Posted at 01:19h, 23 June Reply

    I haven’t done something I would love to do in a very long time. Going on a nature walk. Or walk along a beach. Almost take my breath away. Why do those things seem so far from my reach?

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:32h, 23 June Reply

      Hi Mary, I understand it can be difficult when you haven’t had the chance to enjoy some of life’s pleasures. I’m hoping this full moon you’re able to have a rest and get out in nature. All the best.

  • Avatar
    Evangeline Morrison
    Posted at 01:09h, 23 June Reply

    thank you, some real good advise and messages here. hugs

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:29h, 23 June Reply

      I’m glad you took something away from my post, wishing you a great Full Moon.

  • Avatar
    Athena Le
    Posted at 00:19h, 23 June Reply

    • Avatar
      Posted at 04:27h, 23 June Reply

      Sending you well wishes on this Full Moon Athena <3

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