Invest In Yourself | Deco | Weekly Reading | November 5-11 - Cosmic Updates

Invest In Yourself | Deco | Weekly Reading | November 5-11

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting back the energy you are putting in with others?

Deco says the week ahead could make you aware of relationships or situations that may be draining you.

She’s here today to help you reflect on where you are investing your time and energy so you can find new ways to nurture and replenish yourself.

P.S. Has someone been taking advantage of you lately? Have you been giving more to others than you’ve been receiving? Leave a comment and let Deco know!


Hello, all of my friends at Cosmic Updates. It is Deco back again for a weekly general reading for you guys just to see what you need to know. This time it is for the week of November 5th through the 11th. We are in the heart of Scorpio season and it’s also a time of kind of awakening right now where we’re going through some big changes and I think there’s a lot of excitement to look forward to on things to be excited about just in general. So let’s pull these cards and see what we need to know for this week. Okay, let’s find out together. Okay, tackling some big things is what I’m seeing here right away. Interesting. We’ve got some interesting cards here. Okay. Whoops. Sorry.

Anyway, so my friends, let’s talk about this. First of all, let’s start with the present. Okay? We’ve got the Five of Swords in reverse in the challenge position. So the Five of Swords, when it’s in reverse, it’s like people are starting to make themselves known as far as how they’re treating you personally. They might be taking advantage of you or manipulating you, but when I think of the Five of Swords, I think of kind of an uneven or an unfair kind of relationship. You can be one of three things. You can be the person who’s enabling someone to take advantage, someone who is saying, yes, I am benefiting from this also, so please continue taking advantage of this person. You could be the person who’s actually taking advantage, or you could be the person who is the victim. And in this case, it’s like you’re waking up to those people that are taking advantage of you and just not standing up for you in the way that you want. But the fact that this is in the challenge is telling me that this was kind of a wake up call that you didn’t see coming. This is a challenge in relationships that you weren’t expecting, and I think that ultimately what you need to do is move forward with no fear.

Okay? The Two of Swords is in reverse in the heart of the matter, and that is suggesting to me that you need to start looking at things without being fearful of what that means for the future. Yeah, there might be some unknowns if you confront some things in your life, but I think it’s important to confront those things so that you can start coming to terms with them. I do think that’s easier said than done, though. Deep down you want to hold onto those relationships. They’re probably ones that you’ve invested in and Death being in reverse in your unconscious is suggesting that there’s some chapter that you don’t want to close. You’re struggling to let go of something that needs to end in your life, and it might be those people who have been taking advantage and not treating you super well. But I think you are seeing what the problem is.

And I think with the Four of Pentacles being in your conscious, it’s telling me that you now need to conserve your resources and not just your money, right? That’s your time, your energy, your mental, mental health, that mental acuity to be able to invest yourself in things. If you give too much of that, then you realize that you don’t have enough leftover for the things that are important to you. So I think that you’re realizing that these people are taking advantage of you in so many different ways, and you’re starting to step up to that when in the past, I think that you didn’t have a clear picture of what was going on and your mental health was suffering, and now here’s that wake up call. You realize there were these people that just weren’t treating you well. And I do think my friends, that this has the potential of being a long journey for you, of just coming to terms with the things that you went through with those people. Again, we invest in people and we want them to be in our lives, but when we realize that those people aren’t treating us well, sometimes we feel the need to hold onto them anyway because we have invested so much time, and it feels painful to leave those people in the past because again, you’ve invested in them. But if they’re not investing in you in the same way, or they’re just taking advantage of your goodwill, then those aren’t people that you want in your life. 

And that’s something that emotionally with this Queen of Cups in reverse in the future that you need to process. And while it’s a challenge, I do think that it’s worth it. Okay, we’ll get there in the outcome. So hold tight. Now, the querent’s position is the Three of Pentacles in reverse, which is telling me that there are things that you’re potentially ignoring. I truly believe in this position that you might be struggling to communicate with people or struggling to better yourself because maybe there’s a little bit of embarrassment or maybe there’s this sense of pride where you’re like, I trusted my gut. I trusted my decision making. I trusted myself in knowing who was good for me in my life. And now I feel like I’m embarrassed about talking through that. But I think it’s worth noting that addressing those things with someone who might know more than you is going to help you to come to terms with the things that you’ve been through and the relationships and even poor relationships that you’ve invested in your life. And that’s not a unique experience, guys. It is so common to have people in your life that you’re clinging to that are also not treating you well. At the same time, think of those people in relationships with narcissists who are just constantly going back to those people that haven’t been treating them well. We get tied to them, and I think it’s important to have a little bit of perspective. And I think talking to other people and being open to that is going to be huge. So again, that’s something that I think we need to address this week. This is why we’re struggling to step up for ourselves and to do more for ourselves and to work well with others. 

Right now, we also have Strength in reverse in the environment, position and with Strength in reverse, there’s a little bit of impulsivity, but it’s also just a struggle to make choices that aren’t based on big emotions. And when I say big emotions, I’m thinking lust, rage, ultimate joy. You can make big decisions when you’re feeling some type of way just because it feels right in the moment. And then in hindsight, you realize, oh, I made that decision on impulse because it felt right at the time, but now I’m realizing that I made a quick decision that didn’t make sense for me in the long run. And I think that that’s something that, again, you need to address and understand that there might be something that you need to work on with someone else. And while I don’t want to be like: go to therapy, that might be it. That might be what you need is to talk to someone who can give you a more well-rounded view of what you’re going through. But it could be a counselor, it could be a friend that you trust. It could be a mentor that you’ve had for your whole life. It could be your grandma. Whatever it is, you need to step up for yourself so that you can process those actions that you’re taking and try to come to terms with the fact that maybe that isn’t something that you did on purpose, but it was more something that just in the moment felt right. And then we realized, oh, maybe that wasn’t the best choice. Maybe we need just a little bit of guidance on how to make those best decisions for ourselves, and also how to handle those big emotions, because those big emotions, man, when they rear their ugly heads, it can blind us to what is really best for us. 

Now, your hopes and fears and your outcome are interesting because they’re right, one right after each other. So your outcome is the Nine of Wands. But your fear, or maybe your hope is the Ten of Wands. So the Ten of Wands, while it’s a heavy weight, it’s also the result of you investing in something that you really love. And while it is a lot of responsibility to feel like you have so much on your shoulders, sometimes we gain that because we have been hustling, we’ve been grinding, we’ve been doing the work that we needed to do to get all of this stuff, that we have this abundance, but it also can feel overwhelming. And I think when we take a step back and we look at that larger picture and we realize there was one area of our life where we were sucked dry, it’s like we want so much for ourselves, but it’s also a little bit of a fear to feel like we have too much on our plates now, or too much time, or too much energy, or too much whatever. And I think that abundance is something that you should strive for, but I think it’s not something to be afraid of. I think that it’s just part of life that you need to work toward. 

Now, the Nine of Wands is in your outcome. And the Nine of Wands, my friends, is about you, first of all, setting really firm boundaries for yourself, but also being willing to push through those barriers that seem like they’re in your way of really attaining your goals and doing the things for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do. And the Nine of Wands is someone that even if they’re battered and broken, they’re able to keep pushing forward and they’re able to set boundaries for themselves and know what their expectations are for themselves, and also know what they need to do to be successful in the long run. And that includes those boundaries that you make. 

So this week, my friends, I think the main thing that we need to tackle is first of all, identifying the relationships that don’t make us feel good or are sidetracking us or sucking us dry. And start stepping up for ourselves and focusing on abundance in our own life and saving that for us. So step up for yourselves. Keep pushing. Don’t let other people get in your way. I really think we’ve got a lot to look forward to, but we’ve got to be open to working with people who do have our best interests at heart. Best of luck this week.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

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    Posted at 11:45h, 06 November Reply

    I am not seeing your face I don’t know why the camera is not well position u love seeing your face when you are talking thanks

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    Samantha Vick
    Posted at 22:50h, 05 November Reply

    Thank you for your amazingly applicable reading. It is exactly where I am at this very instant. It confirmed I made the painful but so necessary choice for myself only a few hours ago. I will stay strong – for me. Love & light…

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    Samantha Vock
    Posted at 22:41h, 05 November Reply

    Thank you for your amazingly applicable reading. It is exactly where I am at this very instant. It confirmed I made the painful but so necessary choice for myself only a few hours ago. I will stay strong – for me. Love & light…

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    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 20:53h, 05 November Reply

    Your words resonated in my heart. thank you

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    Nancy Steele
    Posted at 20:01h, 05 November Reply

    Those are exactly the things I have been thinking of. I need a new goal in life right now.

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    Timothy Nichols
    Posted at 19:15h, 05 November Reply

    You made a lot of sense to me

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    Tonya Martin
    Posted at 07:35h, 05 November Reply

    Everything you said is exactly what I’m going thru,feeling,ect.. Right on point.

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    Posted at 06:44h, 05 November Reply

    Iam in trouble i need an amount to pay my morgage pls and pls .

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