Is It Time To Let Go? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 4/2 - 4/8 - Cosmic Updates

Is It Time To Let Go? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 4/2 – 4/8

A big decision could be on your plate this week as you figure out what to leave behind and what to bring with you into the spring season and beyond.

Our newest reader Deco is here with an insightful look into your week ahead, so you can see your situation through fresh eyes and choose the best direction for your life and relationships. Enjoy!

P.S. The energy of Major Arcana card Judgement was strong in your reading this week… is there a situation happening in your life that you might need to judge differently than you have in the past? Leave a comment below and let Deco know!


Hi, everybody, my name is Chelsea. And I’m so excited to be reading for you for the week of April 2 through April 8.

And I want to start by saying that this is a really transformational time of year. We’re just entering Aries season, which if you’re not familiar with zodiac is the beginning of the zodiac calendar.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which means it’s all about new beginnings, fresh starts doing things for yourself. It’s also a sign of self, you know, and this is also the season spring. We just entered spring, which again is a time for us to be starting new things in our lives, doing things that we’re excited about, things that we’ve been wanting to start.

And what I really want to do with this reading today is kind of pinpoint how we can start fresh this season, but also specifically for this week, what do we need to know? So let’s jump into this and see what are some things that you need to know for this season?

First, let’s think about what needs to be left in the past. What do we need to leave behind us with winter and not bring forward with us into this new fresh beginning for ourselves? Okay, let’s start with this.

We have the Queen of Cups in reverse. And the Queen of Cups in reverse really is someone who’s struggling with emotions, right, having big emotions that are getting in their way. Like, having almost an overwhelm of emotions, where it’s feeling like you just have too many feelings on your plate at once.

And it’s a really hard time to pinpoint in what we need to let go, right. Now we also have the Seven of Swords in reverse, which is telling you that we really need to be focusing on being honest with ourselves and making sure that we’re not trying to pull one over on ourselves and really taking a hard look at how we’ve been living our life leading up till now and how we can make sure to move forward from here so that we’re not stuck in this emotionally volatile state, right.

Now the last thing I see here is something to be left behind. This is the Ace of Wands. I feel like maybe you were looking for a new beginning. But you know, when the Ace of Wands pops up upright and reading like this, it makes me think that there is opportunity for a fresh start.

So if we can get your emotions in check, be a little bit honest with yourself as you’re reflecting on your journey up till now, I feel like there will be opportunities moving into this season, okay.

Now, let’s see what we need to bring into this season with us that we already had along for the ride for the last few seasons. Maybe it was just during winter. But what’s something that we need to continue doing – a wild card popped out – The Lovers.

My friends, the Lovers can mean a lot of different things. It can mean relationships, it can mean really working with other people to work toward goals, but also to make decisions. And to start thinking about the dualities of life. What kind of things do you need to be focusing on, as far as choices go?

You know, I think that it’s important to lean into those relationships. As we move into this season, you must have someone in your corner who is there for you. And if you don’t, then you definitely have your decision making in your corner. You have a sound mind and can weigh your decisions carefully.

Now let’s see what else we need to bring with us. Okay, so I see a lot of responsibility, the Ten of Wands would recommend – don’t recommend – it would suggest that you are at the end of a really long journey. And you’re feeling that weight, that heaviness, that struggle to just like push toward the end.

And it’s almost like a questioning time where, like, “Is it worth it? Is this something that I need to be taking with me?”

And when it’s here, this Ten of Wands, and what we’re bringing with us from winter, it makes me think that this is something that you need to see through to the end. Again, you got that decision making or those people that are supporting you through this big journey. And I think that this is something that you’re going to have support through as you continue.

Now the Ten of Pentacles is also in reverse. It seems like, I don’t know, like you’re struggling with this end of the journey. There’s also a sneaky Judgment in here. Ten and ten makes twenty and twenty is Judgment in the Major Arcana.

So I really think, again, it comes back to your decision making skills. I think you need to figure out what your priorities are, and decide what you’re investing in.

Really, I feel like the thing that you need to be focusing on going into this next season, things that you’ve been considering already, is whether that journey has been worth it. Or if it’s something that needs to be, like, go up, because maybe it’s something that you’ve been putting so much effort into and there’s been something deep down that makes you question if this journey, this struggle that you’ve been dealing with is worth it…

Because Ten of Pentacles in reverse, guys, It could mean, like, just feeling… I don’t want to say “collapse”… but it feels like things are falling through your fingertips, things that you’ve been working toward for a long time.

And with the Lovers and Judgment in this reading. I really think that you need to be considering how to move forward but thinking with your logical mind weighing decisions, doing what feels right for you.

Okay, now, let’s move into what new thing, what new focus, new state of mind, do we need to begin at the beginning of this season? Okay, let’s see, what do we need to start fresh doing, maybe changing for ourselves, to ensure that this is a fresh season for us, a new beginning…?

Okay, so we have the Three of Wands. That’s telling me that there are endless opportunities. Honestly, this spring season, this birthing kind of season where we’re looking at beginnings, and we’re looking at new opportunities and fresh starts, this is what you want to get.

The Three of Wands, my friends, is about endless opportunity. And seeing all of those opportunities on the horizon that are just waiting for you if you can just open your eyes and see them for what they are.

Now, let’s see what else. Okay, the Ten of Swords is in reverse. This is telling me that whatever baggage you’ve been bringing, like, that heaviness… and it’s interesting that we had two times in that last reading, where we had to kind of weigh our options.

This is telling me maybe it is time to let go, maybe it’s time to make that hard choice and decide whether that’s something that needs to come with us or needs to be left behind. Because I think, more than anything, we just need to be thinking logically.

And this Ten of swords in reverse, it’s moving on from a painful chapter. But it’s not just the choice. It’s like a mindset knowing that if we focus on those negative things, then we’re going to keep those things in our life. If we can just move forward and try to think of things in a different new way, then it’s going to help us to move forward into these new opportunities that have been presented to you.

So let’s pull another card Ten of cups in reverse. So, my friends, one thing I didn’t mention at the beginning are that all of these tenants are the end of a journey. So the Ten of Cups, the Ten of Swords, this, the Ten of Wands, and the Ten of Pentacles are all about the end of a journey.

Eight through Ten are all about, like, a smaller journey than the Major Arcana, for instance. And with all of these here, it’s telling me that you aren’t at the end of a chapter that doors well. Well, closing a door doesn’t seem like a positive thing. I do think that these are chapters that are ending things that were a struggle for you, that you’re able to move on from.

And the Ten of cups in reverse, specifically, to me is about relationships and your emotions. So when the Ten of Cups is in reverse, my friends, it’s all about kind of considering your relationships, considering your support systems, and making sure that the people that you’re moving forward with are supportive of you and aren’t giving you that negative mindset that we’re trying to get rid of in this season.

Again, we have numerology happening here and Judgment is hiding in this reading, too. So again, I think the name of the game right now is Judgment, my friends, and using your better decision making skills to make sure that the things that you’re moving forward with are things that are worth your time and worth your energy and something to really invest in.

But Judgment is also about knowing what to leave behind that could be negative mindsets that could be feelings of over, like, too much responsibility, you know. I think we really need to consider for ourselves what needs to be left in the past so that we can have these fresh chapters.

Okay, now, I’m going to do one more reading. And I’m going to ask how do we manifest our dreams this season? How do we manifest our dreams this season? And remember, manifestation isn’t just about mantras. It’s also about action. Manifestation doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is going to work out exactly as you want it to. It takes effort and it takes focus and it takes clear headedness. You need to know what you want and go for it.

And this Emperor in reverse is telling me either you’re getting a little bit stuck on your journey and being a little bit stubborn about how you’re choosing to get there. Or you’re lacking direction, the direction that you’re hoping for. You’re lacking that, like, leader mentality to be able to make these things happen for yourself, my friends.

Worried about this journey and whether it is going to be worth your time and your energy. I feel like there’s a little bit of a, like, questioning in your mind about how you make these things happen for yourself.

But, guys, the Lovers is out again. The Lovers, again is about leaning on people who support you, and I really believe that there is someone around you, whether that be with you or literally around you, that is going to help guide you in the right direction.

But again, remember this could also have to do with your decision making skills and really being able to think clearly about what makes the most sense for you moving forward. So, my friends, I think there’s a lot to take away from this.

First of all, I think the name of this reading is Judgment. It’s up to you, what you leave behind and what you take forward with you. And what you want for yourself is going to take some really careful decision making both by yourself but also with the people that you love and who you know have got your back. Okay, lean into those people.

Sorry cat has decided to make an appearance. Everyone say hi to him. Already, he’s my little familiar…

But lean into this season, lean into these fresh starts and remember that you have people on your side. You just have to figure out who’s really got your best intentions at heart, and then move forward as you see fit. Best of luck. See you next time.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

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    Rita Piedade Sa
    Posted at 14:28h, 11 April Reply

    Thank you so much for the week reading spot on i can’t wait for next week reading thank you again

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    Posted at 13:23h, 10 April Reply

    Hi Chelsea, I love your energy and spunkiness. I am a fast talker myself, so it was just right for me. Appreciate that there have been several different contributors lately as I feel like I can resonate with you best so far. Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing this information.

  • Avatar
    Viviane Banoun
    Posted at 11:15h, 10 April Reply

    Thank you, Viviane

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    juan villanueva
    Posted at 10:20h, 10 April Reply

    Nice Reading,thank you

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 17:26h, 09 April Reply

    Thanks for this reading

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    Posted at 13:08h, 09 April Reply

    This Read is so spot-on. I’m currently dealing with an enormous decision regarding legal. In between whether to move forward or let bygones be bygones. Suddenly I HAVE COURAGE to move forward & ask the Universe to led me.

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    Soni Weiss
    Posted at 09:05h, 09 April Reply

    Great reading, very detailed with useful information in an easy style. Thank you

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    Posted at 13:48h, 07 April Reply

    Thank you! Your reading called to me. On March 21 I was pushed to make a decision to close a long negative chapter In my life. This was uprooting with future uncertainties but I trusted the guidance of the umiverse to send a supportive team of people I can now lean on in a search for a permanent home. A new chapter is forming for a better life. after a long hard journey.

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    Posted at 05:49h, 05 April Reply

    Spot on very good reading for me thank you

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      Posted at 15:57h, 09 April Reply

      You are amazing!
      Your reading is so easy to understand.
      I have more clarity on whether I should move forward.

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    Jenn Gardiner
    Posted at 01:57h, 05 April Reply

    Thanks for the reading, Chelsea. I want to say I think you are vibrant and energetic. It just didn’t jell with me because you speak quite quickly, so I didn’t get time to reflect upon where and how it related to me. I only picked up snippets here and there.
    As a visual person, I would have liked to have seen the cards as you laid them down. I’m sure it’s just an oversight, but your audience is from all over the earth, and right now, the southern hemisphere is in the throes of Autumn (Fall). I would like to have heard your take on this holistically rather than with an emphasis on Spring. I understand the many ways to interpret the myriad symbols, archetypes and significators (et al.) playing with each other to form the story. It can be a feast. The feedback you have had from other folks has been inspiring. I was personally a little overwhelmed with the speed and amount of info to take most of it in.

  • Avatar
    Jody Honeyman
    Posted at 11:54h, 03 April Reply

    Wow…. I really enjoyed your reading.. I like your energy and your style…. You really touched ‘me’. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Avatar
    Amy OConnor
    Posted at 06:46h, 03 April Reply

    You hit the nail on the head, I recently lost my husband and grief can be difficult about closing a door, but looking at it from a different prospective is what I have been doing. I know he has my back even in death. I was with him every step of his journey and he promised. The signs are there, but still difficult at times. Thank you for directions.

  • Avatar
    Melody Ann Rice
    Posted at 06:28h, 03 April Reply

    Thank you wow that was amazing. It was like you put my shoes on and walked in them
    You have gave me a lot to think about. I am very depressed. To the point to where i am seriously thinking about getting a mental evaluation. All i want to do is cry and think of how people have always ran over me . I just wish i mattered to someone. I am 50 years old and almost homeless. I have a brain disorder called Dandy walker Syndrome
    And very little desire to get out of bed

  • Avatar
    Posted at 06:07h, 03 April Reply

    Judgements. A big word for me. Good at it but also judge people too much . Supportive people seems extremely important at this time. Not getting a clear message, yet. But thank you

  • Avatar
    Posted at 05:21h, 03 April Reply

    Oh Chelsea, this reading was so spot on! – (except the season as I’m in the southern hemisphere) I have to make a tough decision to leave behind a flame that I have kept alight (on & off) since we were in high school, but I realise that I have been living in a fantasy, and have to face the reality that it is not going to end like a romantic movie. But I was confused when I received another reading that said we had a special connection, but in spite of having self- judging thoughts, I think it has died a natural death. I also realise that I have to ‘dial down’ the emotions to move forward. All the tens definitely sent me the message it is over and time to move on!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 03:16h, 03 April Reply

    Carvel it’s been a while haven’t heard from you

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Campbell
    Posted at 01:10h, 03 April Reply

    Thanks for the reading. I have big big decisions to make! I hope i make the right ones, i have to follow my heart either way and if i do, i may have to bring the past with me, i am still hoping it will all work out, what I see for my future. I want to start dress I, so I will manifest a new way to make it all happen, and hope the new future I see is the one I get!

  • Avatar
    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 23:52h, 02 April Reply

    Really, that uncertainly that I carry and the emocional chaos for trying to do they right thing, i am projecting on My health. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Ayrika Wortinger
    Posted at 22:11h, 02 April Reply

    That was amazing you were speaking to my heart that was the best reading I’ve ever had thank you

  • Avatar
    Robert Rogers
    Posted at 21:48h, 02 April Reply

    Hi Robbie here just wondering if I will be in a job soon

  • Avatar
    Patti Ward
    Posted at 21:40h, 02 April Reply

    Spot on. Gave me reaffirmation of my path. Although it’s confirmed my future doesn’t include a current person, it’s always hard for me to say bye and move forward.

  • Avatar
    Sharon Rhodes
    Posted at 21:37h, 02 April Reply

    This is the wrong horoscope for me
    I’m a Capricorn

    • Avatar
      Luna Dragonwell
      Posted at 15:24h, 04 April Reply

      Hi Sharon. At this time of year the Sun is in Aries. This is a general reading for all signs.

  • Avatar
    Janet J
    Posted at 21:03h, 02 April Reply

    Nice to have a reading where I don’t have to pick one of 3 cards. I always second guess myself on the card that I picked. Still missing Karma but nice to have someone who gets straight to the point and read with confidence and provide a lot of info in a short amount of time. Thanks for a great reading!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Jirinec
    Posted at 20:52h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you for this reading I feels it was so spot own to everything I am going through currently . It actually made me cry because of how it hit home for me

    • Avatar
      Brianna mercurio
      Posted at 00:01h, 03 April Reply

      Thank you very much I feel loved me that was ment for me and my situation completely.

  • Avatar
    Garnett Frain
    Posted at 20:09h, 02 April Reply

    I was listening to you talking about. My and all I want is to know who. My soulmate is I would like to know please help me out

  • Avatar
    Mitchell Roberts
    Posted at 19:11h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you for the reading . I definitely have baggage to drop off of my shoulders so I can be there baby I want to be. .

    Thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Kimberly S Fink!
    Posted at 17:27h, 02 April Reply

    Loved Chelsea! Great energy! Loved her reading. Very positive thougts and many points to think about.

  • Avatar
    soni Weiss
    Posted at 17:05h, 02 April Reply

    Excellent reading, with a lot of application. She is a keeper.

  • Avatar
    Leela Guruparsad
    Posted at 16:14h, 02 April Reply

    Sori i just lost my Son on 4th March..he was stabbed to death..please keep him in your Prayers…Thank U..Leela

    • Avatar
      Posted at 22:06h, 02 April Reply

      I am a ♓ My super power is emotions! So I guess I’ll just go with the flow. Thanks for the reading.🇦🇺 It’s winter here now.

  • Avatar
    Crissy C
    Posted at 15:14h, 02 April Reply

    Great reading. I Definitely resonated with everything, thank you. Sending much love and light.

  • Avatar
    Apryl Prince Parmigiani
    Posted at 13:03h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you!
    Very Interesting
    Judgement has been showing up quite a bit for me.

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 12:27h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you for this week reading.

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    Posted at 10:33h, 02 April Reply


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    Richard Veltrop
    Posted at 10:27h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you I wasn’t trying to be rude The last 3 years when I received my first reading on line what was said to me made me feel like someone for the first time in my life it really touched my heart then it turned out that they said it about everyone but by the time I realized it I was already hooked and believing them telling me about all this money hat would come to me all they did was try to sell me everything they could didn’t care that something didn’t work they would just instantly try to sell me the next thing and me kept falling for it and when I couldn’t pay they send negative messages I can’t believe that these people that I thought were trying to help me took everything I had filling me with false hopes I just went through hell the last 3 years and now I get messages saying it’s not the first time you had to start over with nothing it’s like the 6th time I have always helped people always and expected nothing in return I stuck this out they tried to drive me insane broke me down and still I choose good but it’s hard to be positive when they take everything put thoughts in your head that were never there before leave you with nothing I’m not talking about you the ones I’m talking about there were 4or5 online that I trusted they were so convincing I’m such a sucker not to mention all the scams that were purusly sent to me they tracked every move I made I knowe and I know I’m not crazy and I know what they did wasn’t right .I did learn not to trust anything or anyone but now how do I get out of this situation I have no money left and I know that saying that is the wrong way to think but the opportunity that come you can’t do anything without money so it’s a messed up circle and it’sy fault for believing in something for the first time in my life this is what I got

  • Avatar
    Candace Gregory
    Posted at 10:02h, 02 April Reply

    Thanks it felt those 10s were for me as I have a major decisions in regards to ending 25 yr marri

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:39h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you Chelsea:
    I have a lot on my mind, wanting to be Loved,Respected and Appreciated. Just trying to get to know someone new that I admire a Great Deal, yet he seems to have a WALk up and is Resisting. Your reading gave me some insight on things I need to be mindful of regarding Judgment. I need to work on my Emotions from the Past as well as Present.

  • Avatar
    Roxana Reeves
    Posted at 09:34h, 02 April Reply

    Chelsea, Welcome! Excellent Reading. Resonates on so many levels. Much Love and Light. Roxana

  • Avatar
    Rhonda Serges
    Posted at 09:21h, 02 April Reply

    Nailed it .. told me what I knew, but really didn’t want to admit. Let the pony run free …

  • Avatar
    Andrew Clinton
    Posted at 09:13h, 02 April Reply

    Thank you for your time Chelsea.Your reading was 100% spot on.Every word of it.You have a beautiful gift.I aspire to read like you one day.
    Blessings to you.
    Thank you.

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    Posted at 09:12h, 02 April Reply

    She was on point about my situation…….
    I found myself nodding my head in agreement throughout the reading….

    We all know the truth about ourselves deep down, although we often deny we do…

    • Avatar
      William Clark
      Posted at 13:09h, 02 April Reply


  • Avatar
    Richard Veltrop
    Posted at 09:02h, 02 April Reply

    I’m trying to move forward but during all this I lost my licence my car my job I have taken courses and classes but it takes money to be able to do anything I trusted on line readings so much I gave all I had and nothing worked I get so many mixed messages and attacks I was doing good was starting to feel good again but without money to get licence back or anything else it’s hard to start no matter how much I try to believe I have it it doesn’t work I have never in my life even after all my messed up childhood I have never been as negative as since I started this

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