Is It Time To Walk Away? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 9/19 - 9/25 - Cosmic Updates

Is It Time To Walk Away? | Weekly Tarot Reading | 9/19 – 9/25

Hello Tarot Family, 

Change is definitely in the air! 

It might feel a little overwhelming at first, but one way or another something is shifting. 

This kind of change has been a long time coming, and it might not feel totally clear to you just yet. But in the week ahead you will start to see where this is all going. 

There is plenty of support if you’re willing to receive it, and any uncertainty could easily be replaced by a feeling of excitement. 

So let’s jump right in and take a look at your cards for the week ahead.

Card #1: Eight Of Cups | Leaving The Familiar

Have you experienced all that you can from a particular situation, and now it’s time to move on? 

The Eight of Cups symbolizes searching for something new, letting go of the old, and walking towards the unknown. 

You may have naturally outgrown something or someone you once thought was important to you. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t return again with fresh energy and new eyes. However, it does mean things are ready to change, and you likely know what that might be. 

In the card image, a person is walking away from eight cups stacked behind them. They are leaving in the middle of night, which could indicate it isn’t an easy decision, and may be one they want to hide or keep a secret. 

Perhaps you don’t want to disappoint a person in your life by telling them how you are feeling. So you could be trying to make this change without anyone else knowing. 

In the night sky, a moon is seen as both waxing and waning. This implies that the transition you are experiencing is no small matter, but is related to something that’s been with you for a while. 

Perhaps a long friendship, relationship, or job situation has become boring or no longer interests you in the way it once did. 

Whatever the case may be, deep down you know it’s time to make a change. 

What you need to let go of isn’t necessarily bad. Rather, you know there is a higher calling, or a deeper sense of contentment that can be found elsewhere. This is a natural process, and while it may be challenging, your joy and sense of contentment may depend on it. 

In the image, the cups are stacked in an almost perfect order, aside from the one cup which sits awkwardly in front of the others. This is another sign that something is a bit out of place, and the only way to truly move forward is to step out from what you already know and into something new. 

The Eight of Cups is a call to adventure. It represents the quiet whisper of destiny that you may be feeling. Is there more out there for you? 

You will have to brave a journey into unknown places to find out. You might start to feel excitement this week as the rich possibilities of your future start to call to you. 

Like waking up before the sun rises for a road trip, a journey is before you, and what the day holds is still unknown.

Even if you leave physically rather than symbolically, you might not be leaving forever. Stepping out and away is a chance to gain a fresh perspective, which you may or may not bring back to the life you already lead. 

But first, there is something you need to experience or explore for yourself. 

So don’t be shy, life is calling to you. Say goodbye to the old and begin your journey into an exciting new dawn. 

Your next card is letting you know there are great possibilities if you are willing to step out from what you’ve become accustomed to. There may even be a mentor or romantic connection that will help you make that move and step out beyond your comfort zone.  

Card #2: King Of Pentacles | A Chance For Success

Have you met an established or wealthy older person? 

The King of Pentacles represents stability, ambition, and can often be a sign of great prosperity to come. 

The King of Pentacles has mastered the material realm, and now sits on his throne watching over his kingdom. His cloak is covered in grapes, symbolizing the abundance that can come with hard work and patience.

If you consider your first card along with the King of Pentacles, it could be a sign you desire more stability, abundance, and mastery in your life. 

While some might settle for what they have right now, there is a desire in you that won’t be quenched until you feel like you are master of your domain. 

Mastery of one’s life shows up in different ways for different people. The King of Pentacles is the final card in the suite of pentacles, which represent the earth element. 

The earth element symbolizes your money, the body, and all of the physical world. It’s possible you are seeking to secure a higher salary so you can provide for yourself and your family. Or, you might also want to nurture your health and build your body to its peak condition. 

Regardless of how this is showing up for you, the King of Pentacles is an auspicious sign. This card can arrive when a powerful completion has occurred in your life, such as reaching a financial goal, succeeding in your career, or triumphantly breaking through a health problem. 

The King of Pentacles can also symbolize an influential figure in your life. Someone who is business savvy, with refined taste and down to earth know-how could be making an appearance. 

This person is someone who knows what they want, and knows how to get it. 

Don’t be surprised if someone has been taking note of you and reaches out this week to either take you under their wing, or to offer you an opportunity you won’t want to pass up. 

It’s possible the yearning represented by your first card, the Eight of Cups, is the allure of a new opportunity. So while you might find yourself needing to leave something behind, what’s ahead will be very attractive. 

It might not be easy, but the potential of this new opportunity will keep you right on track.

In the case of a relationship, the King of Pentacles could represent an older individual who is settled and available for love. They will be stable, financially successful, and capable of giving generously. 

Still, if you’re having trouble making the choice before you, or you don’t know how to make the transition, your next card is a sign you will be lovingly supported in the process.  

Card #3: Queen Of Cups | A Supportive Friend

Would it be helpful to get things off of your chest right now? 

The Queen of Cups symbolizes warmth, compassion, and femininity. She is the ultimate counselor and a reminder to tap into your intuition. 

When the Queen of Cups arrives in a reading, it may mean you are experiencing a lot of emotions. 

The Queen sits lavishly on her throne by the ocean, a symbol of the unconscious and the emotions. She is a master of the creative, intuitive, and feeling world. Few cards are as emotionally adept as the Queen of Cups. 

Particularly considering your first card, the Eight of Cups, you might be feeling a lot of different things regarding your next steps. This is a perfect time to get in touch with your emotions, and find a way to express yourself. 

When representing a person, the Queen of Cups is the type of individual you can tell anything to. This person is highly sensitive, compassionate, and could help you wade through the uncertainties that may be swirling inside of you right now. 

So reach out to that best friend, your counsellor, or to a professional who can help you untangle what you are experiencing. 

It could be you are just needing to talk it out, or let someone in on what you are going through. 

Ultimately, the Queen of Cups is a great sign that you will be supported and that what you are going through now will only make you a more whole person along the way. 

The Queen of Cups also represents the deep unconscious realm, so if you’re unsure of what you are feeling, or can’t really put your finger on what needs to change, this is totally normal. 

Take time to ask yourself some questions, or find someone who can help guide you to the core of what you are experiencing. You’ll be all the better for it, and the answer won’t be out of reach. 

Ultimately, be kind to yourself, and willing to ask for help. There’s nothing you can’t accomplish, just take your time and remember to connect with your intuition and deeper knowing. 

Change is Natural

Whatever is shifting in your life right now, there is room for gratitude. Nothing stays the same, and if you are willing to accept the possibility that things are moving towards a better and brighter future, letting go can become a little more graceful. 

Something is definitely changing for you. Whether it’s in your life, or something inside that is ready to shift, the Eight of Cups is a sign to start listening to this desire to move forward. 

It could be there is a new opportunity which has put your current life in focus, and reminded you there is more you want to explore. The King of Pentacles could be this sign. So stay open to big opportunities, chance meetings, and people who want to help you achieve your goals. 

Even when we are moving toward something better, letting go and feeling clear about what needs to happen is stressful and can take its toll. Be sure to reach out to supportive friends or family, and let those people who want the best for you in on some of what you are going through. 

The Queen of Cups is a sign you will be met with support, compassion, and guidance. 

Change is natural, and you deserve the good things that are coming your way!

With love,

And in service,  

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What in your life have you outgrown? What about this change is scary or challenging for you?  You can leave me a comment here on our blog, and let me know!  

P.P.S. If you’re feeling unclear about what needs to change in your life, or you’d like some help making a big decision, you can schedule a private reading with me here

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

  • Avatar
    Radhika Mughoo
    Posted at 23:30h, 13 October Reply

    Please continue sending me emails
    I so truly believe in you.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 10:20h, 14 October Reply

      Will do Radhika 🙂

  • Avatar
    Kathy L
    Posted at 19:28h, 22 September Reply

    I just read this email today after a painful experience with my son. He and my daughter have cast me aside for an unknown reason, and it has pained me for years. I miss them and I just want to remain a part of their life, but they shame me and treat me like crap. I don’t get it. I just want to know why? Today I have cried for the last time, and I am letting go. I am hurt and don’t understand what terrible thing I must have done to be treated with such disrespect. I don’t even know who they are anymore. They are like strangers and I walk on eggshells for fear of saying the wrong thing….buts its always wrong no matter what I say anyway. I will grieve the loss and look forward to better things ahead. I was comforted by this reading, and thank you for sharing.

  • Avatar
    Penelope Anne
    Posted at 06:34h, 22 September Reply

    Good Morning, this is spot on for my life situation as of now. Your interpretation of the cards, was as if you have been mirroring my life, especially since Mondat night, a sudden but gradual shift happened, that has forever changed my life. I am extremely intuitive , and highly creative. You are so right on in what I am experiencing.
    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Hampton
    Posted at 04:08h, 22 September Reply

    Good Morning, I’ve been seeing this young man whose younger than I am he’s 37 I’m 50 Monday was our 2 yr anniversary I bought it to his attention and it mad him angry my feelings are very hurt he’s already in a relationship with someone else I feel like I bought this on myself I never should’ve let my feelings go this far with him but he kept telling me he wasn’t happy in his current relationship and he wanted to leave her I’m just at my end with the whole situation I want him to leave me alone I’ve tried to push him away by seeing other people but I don’t have the connection with them that I have for him but I have to let go for my own happiness and sanity please help

  • Avatar
    Robert Hancasky
    Posted at 22:05h, 21 September Reply

    My wife of 40+ years filed for divorce, we have been married since 1981 , she was 15 & I was 17 . I believe were soul mates and she was my best friend in this journey called life. I’m having a very hard time with this , depressed is putting it litely to say the least. I want to let go but my love for her is so great its killing me to let go. I just don’t feel whole without her , but she claims to feel the opposite and full of hate , shes 55 and has health issues and arthritis bad in her knees and can barely walk . I’m so lost at the moment . some days just wish I was dead , serious struggling in VA. God Bless

  • Avatar
    Toccar Nelson
    Posted at 20:34h, 21 September Reply

    For me,its both of my jobs and to transition into being a full time musician/voice actor. I was in a not so great living situation,but I left there and though I’m better off and have piece of mind,financially,its draining. I’ve had a bunch of odd dreams that are very relatable to these cards as well.

  • Avatar
    Jana Vaughn
    Posted at 20:11h, 21 September Reply

    This reading fits me totally. I emailed a gentleman tonight to tell him I was not wanting a relationship right now. I let him down easy though. He is nice and didn’t want to be mean. I know he will move in quickly as I think he wants a committed relationship. I just wasn’t feeling it with him.

  • Avatar
    ashifa a
    Posted at 19:03h, 21 September Reply

    Thank you for the reading. I know and feel it in my core being that finally good things are coming for me. I feel I cannot move forward because finance always gets in the way of my dreams. I am hoping things will turn around for me so I can reach for the stars and go for my goals. I have manifested all that I can, I have cried enough, asked enough and listened and followed. Know I just stand with open hands and an open heart to receive. I count my blessings and thank god and my angels everyday. I am just wanting to start on my new life journey because I can finally say to you. I am ready.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:13h, 21 September Reply

    The thing I have outgrown and wish to leave, is this world, this life.
    I truly wish my life would come to an end.

  • Avatar
    Evelyn Malanda
    Posted at 14:08h, 21 September Reply

    Hi Jonathan , you did it again always nail on the head , I want to my career but i was afraid but this reading gave courage to move forward and also I was in fear to fall in love also this give hope to go ahead like there is no tomorrow if found one how ahead and give a try thanks Jonathan for your help I appreciate it so much .

  • Avatar
    Nadia Malik
    Posted at 12:51h, 21 September Reply

    Dear Jonathan
    Your Cosmic updates are always amazing.How can you be so accurate.Honestly you are gifted.Need your prayers 🙏🙏always

  • Avatar
    lynn coggins
    Posted at 11:00h, 21 September Reply

    Hello. I have received and read today’s cards. They resonate with me because i have recently retired from my long term position, left all, and everyone that I know and was used to.
    Drove across the country to return to my home state and town. I am currently staying with old and dear friends, who are supportive and helpful. This is only my 3rd week here. I have been actively applying for employment( I hate the online application process…just sayin) I have just today received an opportunity for an interview …tomorrow.
    I am overwhelmed by the volume of traffic in this city and its patterns. Staying with people, even though I love them is difficult after having my own space for so many years. They probably feel the same, tho. My self confidence is waning and along with it my confidence in my decision. Which once seemed So Right!. My friends and daughters are encouraging me not to give up. And do not return to my previous existence. Do not under any circumstances move back. Be patient with myself. But it is so difficult…I don’t want to accept a job that I don’t really want just to say I finally have a job, just to make myself feel better.. I am concerned with my hosts opinion of me, I pay rent here but do not want to be perceived as a slacker. But I am tired, mentally. close to dispirited and discouraged. I feel like it might be easier to just go back…but would it really?!? This leg of my Life Journey is a bumpy one. I thank you Jonathan for your Time. and the wisdom the Tarot allows you to share with us. I thank the Universe for allowing me to move about freely.
    And I thank all others for letting me share with them.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:45h, 21 September Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing this experience. Change can be very challenging sometimes. Being uprooted, with new patterns, and a loss of the familiar – all of this puts a strain on us. That being said, I think if you give it some more time, you’ll start to find that your inspiration begins to rekindle, and what arrives for you will feel more aligned with what you are wanting. I highly recommend taking walks, spending time in parks, and doing whatever you can to ground and sooth yourself. Sending love. — J

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:02h, 21 September Reply

    Honestly, before reading today’s cards, I just made the biggest decision in my life this morning by informing my line manager that I’ll be resigning effective 1st Dec 2021. This reading was absolutely on the dot.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:46h, 21 September Reply

      Congratulations Saranjeet! may the next steps come with grace and ease 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:05h, 21 September Reply

    Hi Jonathan,spot on with the reading once again!such true words and I have to make a big upsetting decision this week so much emotion though attached to it,so very hard!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:47h, 21 September Reply

      Hey Rowena, I know how it can be with challenging decisions. Just keep trusting your gut and your heart. Blessings

  • Avatar
    Posted at 06:51h, 21 September Reply

    Dear lion heart, i believe that the change is about taking my ancestors calling so that i can be a traditional doctor and a profert. What is shifting is about me. Because i don’t care even if i don’t get support from my family, I’m not expecting it. I might be called a which..

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:48h, 21 September Reply

      Ndileka, it takes much bravery to walk a path that your family discourages. Stay true to your heart and may you blessed along the way.

  • Avatar
    Athena Le
    Posted at 06:06h, 21 September Reply


    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:48h, 21 September Reply


  • Avatar
    Posted at 05:24h, 21 September Reply

    Every word resonated with me on being the master of your domain. I have lived for almost 17 years with a man who is not willing to support us as a husband or father. I really want to have my own space with my kids without expecting a dime from him. Need all the blessings and support from the universe. Really want this selfish relationship to end so that I can live my life respectfully.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:49h, 21 September Reply

      Hello Sidhant, may it be so, and you can find a way to peacefully move onward with your children.

  • Avatar
    Maribella R.
    Posted at 03:33h, 21 September Reply

    I feel that is my looong time relationship with this man, it will be 8 years next month and aLot of things have changed… I am still in love but I have been preparing myself to a possible ending…. I feel that their so much more out there for me in all areas but truly focusing in my inner peace for right now…. Thank You!!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:50h, 21 September Reply

      Happy to hear you are focusing on your inner peace 🙂 thank you for reaching out.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 03:15h, 21 September Reply

    I feel what I’m doing right now isn’t my life’s purpose, I already linked to someone to help me get to my destination in which with the update sent am about reaching up to my dream because I’m unable to do anything because of financial constraints. This makes me feel stuck.
    What I know deep inside me is that I’m meant to help and raise others? I don’t know. I’m just praying for clarity and the ability to enable me make the relevant steps.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:51h, 21 September Reply

      Hello Fatima, may the clarity you seek arrive for you in full measure. Sending blessings your way.

  • Avatar
    Esther Odhiambo
    Posted at 02:55h, 21 September Reply

    I feel what I’m doing right now isn’t my life’s purpose, I already googled someone to help me get clarity on what exactly should be doing but I’m unable to do anything because of financial constraints. This makes me feel stuck.
    What I know deep inside me is that I’m meant to heal others. How? I don’t know. I’m just praying for clarity and the ability to enable me make the relevant steps.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 11:52h, 21 September Reply

      Esther and Fatima, interesting 🙂

  • Avatar
    Ahabwe Florence
    Posted at 02:53h, 21 September Reply

    It’s a blessing to have you in my life. It’s amazing how true you get to the point. You have the whole picture of my life. My desires and ambitions. I really want change, I want a breakthrough to my happiness. With your guidance, and the intervention of the universe, I will surely get it.
    You’ve guided me a lot already.
    God bless you 🙏

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:28h, 21 September Reply

      Happy to hear the readings have been helpful my friend. God Bless you as well 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:21h, 21 September Reply

    I am doing a 28 ritual of transformation to remove the energy tie i have had a man who left me. It’s been almost 3 yrs. He had been sending me text every 4-6 wks or I would send one. I didn’t want to continue in that stuck place. I was feeling his energy and desires almost everyday. I even felt his mother!s energy One weekend. But he doesn’t return. His texts are superficial. I want the old relationship to be gone. And a new one replacing it. This last Sunday was his birthday and I felt his energy trying to connect to me. I will not connect to the old way.. Yes, i can feel a change happening. Not going back to the old and rather moving forward! Thanks for validating what I feel.great job, Jonathan!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:30h, 21 September Reply

      Hello Magdelena, congratulations on making the choice to move towards the new, and let this old way fall away. Keep your attention on what is new, fill yourself with that love, and the other will dissolve as you give it less and less attention. Sending blessings along the way.

  • Avatar
    Desiree crammer
    Posted at 01:32h, 21 September Reply

    I’m getting divorce and starting a new life on my own and I feel real good to know that I will be alright, thanks for letting me know that it’s ok.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:30h, 21 September Reply

      Congratulation Desiree, and blessings on this new phase of life.

  • Avatar
    Desiree Bonfiglio
    Posted at 01:05h, 21 September Reply

    Thank you for this and all the other readings.
    I know I’m heading fit change, have felt it for a long time. I don’t know how it’ll manifest because if certain hitches. I’m married (it’s been over for a long time) and , though I know I will move on, I can’t now. My husband needs me because he’s going into dementia which will worsen and I can’t find it in me to walk away. I know where I want to be but I’m trapped at the moment. I wish I know for how long.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:31h, 21 September Reply

      This sounds like a very challenging place to be in. Good for you for sticking with him in his time of need, and I pray there will be a grace that allows you to move to where you wish to be in the right timing. Sending love

  • Avatar
    Viviane Paolini
    Posted at 00:25h, 21 September Reply

    I am in the transformation and shift period. Thank you for your reading, and the hope of success and love.
    Thank you Jonathan again for the care you take for us.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:32h, 21 September Reply

      My pleasure Viviane, thanks for saying hi 🙂

  • Avatar
    Evangeline Morrison
    Posted at 23:50h, 20 September Reply

    I have until Oct 14 to get doubbled vaxx.. I have contacted a lawyer and a counselor. you got them all correct …. yahoo!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:32h, 21 September Reply


  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:48h, 20 September Reply

    Dear Jonathan, Did you pull these cards for me? They explain EXACTLY what is going on in my life right now.
    I am about to go on a trip. My partner has been controlling and does not want me to go. I will leave secretly, experience something new and important to me, and I hope to come back with fresh eyes and a fresh start. Also, I indeed have a King of Pentacles in my life, and he’s just how you described him. He has been supportive of my decision to travel. Finally, I have a Queen (or queens) of Cups, because I have a support network of women who I trust as I make this move. What an incredible reading!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:33h, 21 September Reply

      Hey Toni, so happy to hear the reading was so accurate and precise for you! thanks for sharing, and I’m happy to hear about the lovely support in your life right now 🙂

  • Avatar
    Lucia Parkes
    Posted at 22:24h, 20 September Reply

    Dear Jonathan,
    It’s been two years since a relationship with a man I thought was good me came to an end.
    It has taken a lot pain to realize that what happened was meant to be.
    I have come to accept that some of the challenges we go through in our lives are experiences we need to live in order to gain a new and better life.
    For me, it has been a spiritual awaking that has helped me to learn to trust in the Divine accepting that our Creator truly knows what is best for me.
    Thank you Jonathan for the weekly readings you so graciously send each week.
    I am sincerely grateful to you for helping me become a better person.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:35h, 21 September Reply

      Hi Lucia, what beautiful wisdom you express. Yes, it has been my experience as well that often the challenges and pain we face are truly gifts in disguise, and that the more we can trust in the perfection of what we experience, the easier and more clarified it becomes. Sending love.

  • Avatar
    Nyeleti Irene Nkuna Manganye
    Posted at 22:08h, 20 September Reply

    Thank you so much I needed to hear this message as I’m going through alot,

    The eight of cups is definitely speaking about me, i lost my husband to another woman he left me with 3 kids, kicked us out of the house and stay with a new girlfriend. Life is hard is difficult to accept that I lost all that I worked hard for to a girl.
    Its hard not to think of my husband and all the pain and heartache that me and my kids went through. We are now renting a 1 room that we cook. I am trying to accept the situation as it is and move on.

    Hope to get a permanent job to support my kids.
    I am claiming all the joy and abundant and blessing I’m my life

    Thank you Jonathan Lionheart

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:37h, 21 September Reply

      Hello Nyeleti, this sounds like a very hard situation. I feel for you, and for you kids. One step at a time love. You will get through this, and in the mean time, be tender with yourself and the process of letting go and grieving. Sending love and blessings to you and your children.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:04h, 20 September Reply

    All I can say is wow!! I haven’t been sleeping good lately. And today I was looking at the the sky and saying I need a fresh start in my life. I am so tired of being with someone who can’t be fully committed to me! It needs to stop! This reading hits all the points and what I have been feeling lately!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:38h, 21 September Reply

      Hi Sherylin, sounds like you tapped into the collective energy that these cards are speaking too. I hope this affirmation helps in what comes next for you. Sending love

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:51h, 20 September Reply

    I’ve been following a mentor for 9 months thinking his lessons were the ones for me to follow & somehow also thinking there was a love connection. Your reading is bang on target for me & highlights the silence from his end is speaking volumes & is the end of the road for me walking his path. And surprisingly I feel relief! Relief floods my body!! I’m free!! SO grateful for your reading Jonathan. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:39h, 21 September Reply

      Hallelujah for freedom Alison. Happy to hear you are returning to the beauty and wisdom of your own deep self. Sending love.

  • Avatar
    Sharon Marek
    Posted at 21:36h, 20 September Reply

    It’s either a man I loved many years ago. We are still communicating. I told him I still cared a lot for him. But he is remarried not sure if this will go any further. The second thing is my husband is ill going down more and more each day. Not sure how much longer I can care for him. I hope you can help me destingques which problem it is.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:33h, 23 September Reply

      Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing and for reaching out. Sounds like a challenging situation with your husband. Sending you my best in this process.

  • Avatar
    Janet A Rolfe Schleich
    Posted at 21:16h, 20 September Reply

    TY for your unique abilities and guidance in this difficult time and know your words have been helpful to me♡ i am leaving a situation that I vulnerable let myself get into and tried to make the best of it out of need and love but have been deceived and lacked trust with this individual. Its hard for me to let go but I am a strong person and will not stay where I feel deceived and unhappy..Its far over due and I now realize what I perceived my future to be was never how it was to be with this individual…I am moving on with much hurt, tears of loss, and with a determination to live my life the best I can for the rest of my life♡ Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and guidance♡

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:33h, 23 September Reply

      Hi Janet, I’m sorry for the pain and loss you are experiencing. And I congratulate you on your determination to live well, and to seek a better situation for yourself. Sending love

  • Avatar
    Lynnette Dobson
    Posted at 21:09h, 20 September Reply

    Well. What a timely reading.
    I’m in the process of leaving my partner.
    He’s become someone I felt responsible for rather than a partner to face this sometimes fiery world.
    It’s been confronting and the most difficult decision I’ve made in recent years.
    I’m literally sitting in front of my suitcase ready to head to my son and a place I’ve never lived in before.
    But a king and queen of hearts have arrived in my life again. People I’ve known and loved for more than 3 decades.
    Due to your reading I can see that clearly now.
    What encouragement you’ve brought.
    Love and light and grace to you Jonathan.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:35h, 23 September Reply

      Hi Lynnette, thank you for sharing this brave decision you have made. I’m happy the reading has helped you along the way. Sending you blessings on this important transition.

  • Avatar
    Wendy Jeanne Blanchette
    Posted at 20:46h, 20 September Reply

    Dear Jonathan, this weeks reading was dead on! This has definitely encouraged me.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:35h, 23 September Reply


  • Avatar
    Martha Rodriguez
    Posted at 20:32h, 20 September Reply

    Thank you so much in my heart and soul I feel a strong change a good change that my mostly desires and dreams will come good change I have been praying fir over 30 years your reason told me a lot but Part of me is scary and I really want to believe but my mind tells me don’t be a fool it’s been over 30 years and nothing ever good has happened but I know that’s wrong because I know I have been blessed I will like to make an appointment for a reading with you I have some questions I need answered thank you so much you’re the first one I feel like that has been honest and upfront with me

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:37h, 23 September Reply

      Hey Martha, I’m sorry things have felt hopeless. Yes, good things can come. You can schedule an appointment with me at

  • Avatar
    Ge Abdu
    Posted at 20:31h, 20 September Reply

    You’re marvelous

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 15:37h, 23 September Reply

      You are too 🙂

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