It's Time For An Answer | Sirena Moon | Personal Numerology Reading | 1/31 - Cosmic Updates

It’s Time For An Answer | Sirena Moon | Personal Numerology Reading | 1/31

Is there a big decision or idea on your mind right now?

Sirena Moon is here with a personalized intuitive Numerology reading to give you the answer you need. Just think about your question, and press play on the video below!

P.S. Which number did you pick and what did it have to say about your current life situation? Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful Cosmic Updates family, Sirena Moon here, and it is that time again to do our Numerology Tarot Reading. So, what I want you to do is to look at the time right now, whenever you happen to be watching this, and add every single number up together. So, it eventually gets to one number between the number 1 and 9. So for instance, it is 5 28 right now. So I’m going to add 5 + 2, which is 7, and then I’m going to add 7 and 8, so that’s 15. And then, I’m going to add 1 and 5, so that’s 6. So, my number is 6. Okay? So, pause this video if you need to and get your number down. So, now that you have your number, I want you to think of a question on your mind. And now, I’m going to pull a card for each number, 1 through 9, and this will be just a little message from Spirit having to do with the question that’s on your mind. Okay? 

Number One

All right, so for our number ones, number ones, the Queen of Pentacles. So, number ones, I really think that this is going to work out. I’m just sensing for many of you, give it a little more time, don’t rush it. It’s blooming in its own perfect timing, okay? So, try and just nourish it as much as you can, nourish yourself and really trust that this is really going to be plentiful and it’s all moving forward in a way that you’re going to see the results of. I’m sensing for many of you in another few months, three to eight months or something, something really big is going to come of this, of the work that you’ve done, the seeds that you’ve planted here, okay? 

Number Two

Okay, number twos, number twos, number twos. Oh wow, number twos, Three of Cups, ooh, this is a celebration with other people. This is a time to celebrate. So, something definitely is going to work out with the question you were asking. You’re going to be celebrating something, something is going to have a turnaround, and it’s really important that you’re with community at this time. Number twos, it’s really important that you listen to people in your team or your friends or you really remain open. You don’t have to have it just your way. This is about coming together with other people to make this situation work out, okay? Somebody in your group, in this team will help you in some way with this, but it’s really important to relieve yourself of this heavy burden of it. You’ve been very, very strong, number two, you’ve been holding up the fort, and it’s time for you to kick up your feet and relax and to have more levity in the situation, and that’s how things are going to work out. The more playful you can be in this situation and the more fun loving you can be, the more easily this will work itself out. That’s what I’m feeling, okay? 

Number Three

And, number threes, number threes. Oh wow. The Nine of Cups. This is known as the wish come true card. So, this is really good. That’s a really good sign. So, number threes, I would even right now just close your eyes and make a wish. Just envision it. Just envision it. Lucky number three, I would just do that right now. You got a little lucky wish-come-true card. That’s a really nice sign, number three, and in terms of the question you’re asking about, I do think it’s going to work in your favor with this card, definitely. I think it’s going to work in your favor. And, I’m hearing for some of you, if it’s like something falls apart about this question or doesn’t seemingly go in your favor at first, it is ultimately going to turn out even better than what you had imagined. So, just even if it appears to not go your way, it actually is going your way. It’s almost like not getting that job you really hoped you’d get. But then, in hindsight, when you look back, a better job will come in, you’ll be grateful you didn’t even get this job that right now you just think you want so bad. Something even better is in store for you. This bigger wish, this bigger vision of yourself, Spirit has that in store for you, so it really is working out for you, number three, okay? 

Number Four

All right, and number four, number four, gosh, these are great cards. Okay, cool, number four, the Six of Wands, something to celebrate. So yeah, this question you have, you’re going to just, oh my goodness, it’s going to be a success, okay? For sure, this is going to be a success. You’re going to feel, you’re going to be celebrating something, that you’ve accomplished something, or something works out and it’s so much relief and you’re going to be recognized for something. That’s what I’m feeling for many of you, number four, with this question that you’re dealing with. And, for others of you, it’s really important right now to just celebrate everything you have achieved. Look at all the things that you have. Look how far you’ve come in this situation, okay? You’ve really done well, whether you see it or not, because there’s a lot to be very proud of about yourself, number four. And, as you look at the situation through those eyes of being really proud of yourself and feeling accomplished, something is going to shift, okay? For the better, it’ll really shift the energy, okay? 

Number Five

And, number five, number five, number five. Oh, okay, The High Priestess, and it is in reverse. So number five, what’s really important right now to meditate on this, okay? Don’t make any decisions, don’t do anything rash. Really, really, really allow yourself with it in reverse, allow yourself really to slow down and to connect to your own spirit, okay? Allow yourself, number five, to take a time out with the situation and to hand it over to Spirit. Allow yourself to really relax and take good care of your energy and to kind of pamper yourself. That’s the sensation I’m getting, to really just spoil yourself, for many of you, just spoil yourself, pamper yourself, slow down and connect to your spirit, and that’s where the answer will come. For many of you, I’m hearing, if you just remove yourself from the drama of this situation, they’re going to work it out on their own. You don’t need to be involved as much as you think you do, and it really will work out for the highest good for you, number five, okay? 

Number Six

Okay, and beautiful, number six, number six, number six, Judgment. Okay, so yeah, number six, with this issue, this could be a very big issue. This could be something that you really are weighing the pros and cons of like crazy. It’s not easy to make a choice here. It’s not easy to work this out. This could feel karmic, very heavy, and you’re just really having to take a lot of time before you make any choices here, just feels for so many of you, you just don’t have the answers. And, it feels like there’s a double-edged sword with this issue you’re dealing with. It just feels like, oh, oh, is this me? This is my number. I do relate to this. It just feels like, oh, this is not just not an easy choice to make. There’s a lot to consider, a lot to think about, and Spirit understands that, and Spirit wants to guide you into the highest good for you and everyone involved in this situation. 

Just because this is a heavy card and it’s my number, Spirit, can you give me another card to explain that more? Okay. The Queen of Wands. Okay, the Queen of Wands for number six, to just explain this a little more. So, this could be tied into your gifts and talents and wanting to express yourself very powerfully in the world and not be held back by the situation or other people, or what other people might be demanding of you. So, to just put yourself first, express yourself, put your needs and put your heart first in this situation. And, really just allow yourself to ask for guidance from your angels and to take your time with the situation. And, I’m hearing from Spirit, as you live life, you’ll get clarity just through the living, time will tell what the situation is, time will work it out. And, in the meantime, be sure to continue to honor your heart and your passions and not dim yourself down as you’re going through this, with this issue, okay? 

Number Seven

And, number seven, number seven, I feel this card. Ooh, The Chariot. Okay, number seven, well, action is coming for you, number seven. Wow. Well, something’s definitely going to move forward whether you want it to or not. Absolutely, things are shifting and I’m feeling for number seven, you have to relinquish control of the situation and let it fly and let it go. Energy wants to pull you in a new direction, and you cannot avoid change in this situation. Change is good, and for some of you, you really need to speak up and just say, “You know what? I’m done here and this is what I want with this situation. I see the vision so clearly, and guess what? I am doing it.” It’s like a sense of asserting your willpower and your will and your voice in this situation, number seven, and that’s how it’s going to work out. Put your energy and heart into it and just move it. It’s time to not just sit there and be passive. This is a very opposite card of what was the number five, very opposite. This is like, no, the time is now. Definitely just move it forward. Take action on this and make that change that you know needs to be made with this question. 

Number Eight

And now, we are on to number eight, number eight, The World, and it is in reverse. Okay, number eight, so, oh my goodness, you might have just closed a chapter, but there’s still a little bit of loose ends to tie up with this, number eight, that’s with it in reverse. So, it’s not quite done yet in terms of this question. Something still, there’s still a few loose ends that need to be tied before you can completely say goodbye and close the door on this and start a fresh and new chapter. 

Okay, I’m just going to pull one more card for number eight. Spirit, what else can you tell me about closing this chapter? Okay, so the Page of Wands. So, closing this chapter, I’m feeling like, you actually need to close it by moving on from it, by just up and moving. So, this could be really ending a relationship or really moving jobs or moving out of a house, but there’s this action that needs to be taken and just really making sure that that situation is not lingering, number eight, so that you really close that door. So, this is like if you said, “Okay, I’m not going to see you anymore,” to a person, but then you continue to see them or you continue to text with them. This is just really taking that action to move forward and close that chapter so that a beautiful new cycle and beautiful new chapter can start for you in terms of this question. Okay? It’s really making sure that you have closed it. It wants to be over so that you can have this fresh, beautiful, new start, number eight, okay? A fresh new start is on the horizon for you. 

Number Nine

All right, and number nine, our final number, number nine. Oh my gosh, The Sun, number nine, The Sun is considered the happiest card in the deck. So, this is great. I think something really is going to work out in your favor with this question you’re asking. And, it’s just really the more that you can be jovial, joyous, just embrace joy and fun and togetherness, community, going outdoors, children, all sorts of things can come up with this card. If it’s a message about something about children, that’s a yes. If it’s a message about seeing family, that’s a yes. So there’s something about coming together with others in a really joyous way, number nine, and that this is going, this situation you’re in right now, this question you have, it really is going to work out for your highest good. You’re going to be smiling. Something here is really good. It’s a very positive card about this situation you’re dealing with. So, look on the bright side of it. Make a list of everything that really has worked out about it or everything that’s good about it. Or simply, if it’s dragging you down, throw it away and totally move to embrace your joy. But, this is about moving absolutely toward following your heart, toward what brings you joy, and that is going to work out so beautifully for you, number nine, okay? 

All right. That was so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed that, and I am sending you all so much love. Until we meet again, bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Kim Romer
    Posted at 14:03h, 10 February Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading xoxo

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    Kim Romer
    Posted at 14:02h, 10 February Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading. You’re the best xoxo

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    Susane Quinn
    Posted at 07:01h, 02 February Reply

    So my number was 9. It was a really nice read and yes om taking everything on board, thus card resonates with other readings I have had, so this is confirmation that I am on my tight path with the question I asked. Thankyou.

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    Posted at 12:06h, 01 February Reply

    Hey – I got a number 8 : amen / I knew it but needed to hear it out loud ( so to speak ) Thank you

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    Ruby Tauro
    Posted at 10:04h, 01 February Reply

    Ok so I got No. 3 and am keeping myself positive. The wish I envisioned with my eyes closed is of a materialistic item. It’s my greatest of all desire and thank you much Sirena.

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    JoDee Marie Herbert
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    #6…yeah…a lot going on here. 😭

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    Thank you give me good ideas about good things in your card Reading sherena lots of love ❤️

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    S Moulton
    Posted at 03:36h, 01 February Reply

    1:33 so 7 it is. I felt each number but I’m a mess. I could confuse a dog into thinking it could be a cat. Not really but my number tells me to take action quick. I’ve been needing to but was unsure where. Guess I will know

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    Jamie Solorzano
    Posted at 02:59h, 01 February Reply

    This was quite interesting for me because when I first started to watch this video, I didn’t get past my number, which was number 6. I was unable to continue until a few minutes ago and I started to go with the old number but realized it would be different now. My now number was number 9. The number 6 was really not relating to me and so the number 9 was meant to be & so very relatable. Thank you.

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    Angella McKenzie
    Posted at 22:08h, 31 January Reply

    Thanks Sirena love ❤️ the tarots, so accurate and encouraging

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    I really enjoyed this reading. I’m excited . This was really accurate. Tha nk-you so much.

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    Thank you for confirming what I was feeling bright beautiful blessings to you

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    Wow number 4!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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    Will I get my license

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    This is amazing reading!! I know the feeling I am going to have new chapter and new guy in my life!! Thank u for this reading.. everything’s sound amazing!!

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    Jeremy judd
    Posted at 08:53h, 31 January Reply

    Thank you so much I was watching at 733 so #4 i could relate to every single number in some way with my immediate situation or other questions I’ve had lately but knowing it was timing cause I was going to watch last night and just running into it again this morning so crazy thank you for the reading. Thank you

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    OMG! I don’t know if it’s possible but I resonate with each and every number. I feel like the entire reading was for mem My number was 5 so I had to listen and it all goes together , it just sounds more like a message for me! Thank you

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      Posted on 31 01.24 @ 2:11 ,( 4 )
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