It's Time To Set Boundaries | Weekly Tarot Reading | 5/21 - 5/27 - Cosmic Updates

It’s Time To Set Boundaries | Weekly Tarot Reading | 5/21 – 5/27

Do you ever have trouble saying “no” when you need to?

The cards say that strong boundaries will be extra important this week. You may have a hard time setting them, however, as big emotions could be surfacing around your relationships. Deco says it will be important to keep a clear head and pay close attention to how the people around you make you feel this week. Check out her weekly reading below for more insights to help you navigate the coming days.

P.S. Is there a boundary you need to set with someone in your life right now? Leave a comment below and let Deco know!


Hello, my friends at Cosmic Updates and Deco. Back again for a weekly reading, this time for the week of May 21 through May 27.

I hope that this month has been really great for you. I know we have been reading a lot about relationships and relationships being really supportive, but also some relationships being really tumultuous or abusive… almost, you know?

I think we had a lot of difficulties this month with relating with other people. I think Mercury, being in retrograde, has been something that was really challenging for us because, if you aren’t aware, Mercury is all about communication and it’s all about how we communicate. And when things are in retrograde, they feel like they’re going backwards, they feel like they’re going upside down, and that the things that we’re trying to say aren’t coming off correctly.

So, I think that it makes sense that we would have some challenges this month, but I’m really looking forward to how we can show up and be the best version of ourselves as we’re going through some tumultuous periods. And as we continue to grow into who we are, I also, before we get started on the reading room, thank you so much for all of your comments. I appreciate all of you showing up in this space and again, being so welcoming in this community. I’ve loved interacting with you in the comments section. It’s such a blessing to be part of it.

So, let’s see how we can move through the rest of this month because we’re really winding down, do the rest of this month to make sure that we’re showing up and grounding ourselves as we go. Let’s pull some cards, see what we need to know. Oh, okay… ooh, two cards, I thought it was just one. Let’s see what else… Interesting.

Okay, I think I remember the last time we read, having the Chariot in reverse, my friends, and the Fool is also in reverse. So when we have Major Arcana, we need to pay close attention because this is like a big chapter in our journey. And I could call the Fool the trump card of sorts because the Fool can land anywhere in our journey where we might have a new opportunity that we want to jump into. But when the Chariot and the Fool are both in reverse, this is saying that, like, you’re stuck, and you’re not really sure how to move forward. There’s something here that’s getting in our way.

And I think one of the things that we’re struggling with, my friends, is setting firm boundaries for ourselves. The Nine of Wands is in reverse. And the Nine of Wands, it’s saying that you’re approaching the end of a journey, okay? It’s saying that you are approaching the end of some journey that’s been a little tough, something that you have been putting a lot of passion into, a lot of yourself into, a lot of what you really want into, and now you’re at a point where you’re like, maybe the boundaries that I thought that I had for myself aren’t as strong as I thought. And I’m taking on too much, I’m feeling a little bit of heaviness, especially with the next card, the Ten of Wands, which is like a really heavy weight on our shoulders.

Now, what I’m seeing here is I think that we’re struggling a little bit to claim this chapter for ourselves and to really lean into what we want to do. And I think that part of us feeling stuck is that we don’t really believe that we’re able to do that for ourselves. We’re having a hard time understanding that we have the capability to change our circumstances. And when the Queen of Wands is in reverse, the Queen of Wands is like the card of manifestation, the card of changing things for yourself, of doing things and being passionate about those things. But when it’s reversed, you really struggle to step up for yourself. You’re struggling to change things and understand that you have the ability to do that.

So, I think we already know what we need to pull some more cards for. And that’s how do we maintain forward momentum? How do we make sure that we keep moving forward, keep moving through this chapter, and claiming what comes next? Because, again, that Nine of Wands is suggesting that you’re really close to the end of the journey. You’re closing in on the end of the chapter and a lesson that you’ve learned. But now we need to start thinking, how do we keep that momentum? How do we overcome this obstacle that we feel like we’ve hit? How do we set boundaries for ourselves in relationships to make sure that we do keep moving forward? What do we need to know? Give it a good shuffle.

Okay. Let’s see. Interesting that the Nine of Wands is hanging on, my friends, but the Nine of Wands is still in reverse. I think it’s really important that we are paying really close attention to what we allow in our lives, okay? There’s a new way of thinking here. The Ace of Swords is here, and the King of Cups is in reverse, which is telling me that, like, emotions are not on your side right now, that you’re probably coming up a little bit cold because you’re processing things that are heavy for you, okay? There needs to be mental clarity. If we lean into our emotional side, it’s not going to be there because the Nine of Wands, again, is about boundaries. And if you’re struggling to maintain boundaries with people, it’s probably because you care about them. It’s probably maybe because you’ve been hurt by them, and you’re not sure how to relate to them because maybe it’s been a consistent thing for you where they’re overstepping. They’re saying too many things. They have too much input in your life, and they’re not understanding that your life is your life, and that you need to be able to make decisions for yourself. Okay?

Now, the Ace of Swords is an “aha” moment. It’s a wake-up call. It’s like, “Oh, I understand what I need to do. Now I understand what I need to do differently.” But this leans on the logical side of your mind, not this emotional side that we’re struggling with a little bit with the King of Cups in reverse. And I think once we get that clarity, once we start tackling those boundaries that are maybe a little bit weak right now, I think that we’re going to have a lot more clarity, excuse me, a lot more clarity on how we need to move forward, on what we really want for ourselves. Because the King of Wands, they’re very in tune with their passions and what they love about life and what they want to be moving forward with. But if we let these emotions, again, these emotions get in the way, I think it’s going to keep us from setting those boundaries and really pursuing the things that we want in our lives. And instead of putting too much weight on the opinions of other people.

Now, how do we set the boundaries? Yes, we need a wake-up call. Yes, we need to think logically. But this is persistent. We need to start thinking like, “What else do we need to do to make sure that we are maintaining clear boundaries for ourselves so that people aren’t influencing us or making us make choices that we otherwise wouldn’t have made?” Okay? What do we need to do to set firmer boundaries? Because boundaries are hard. While I’m struggling, let me tell you what I think about boundaries. Boundaries are hard, especially if you didn’t have boundaries with someone. If you try to set them, they’re going to be upset, right.

So it’s really important that you set those boundaries and you understand that maybe there’s going to be a little bit of a tumultuous chapter in a relationship, but it’s worth it. Okay. Now… okay, the Two of Wands is in reverse. The Knight of Cups, the Empress is in reverse. And there’s the Seven of Wands, guys. The Seven of Wands is someone who wants to speak up for themselves, they fight for themselves, they tell people what they believe, regardless of what they have to say, right? All of these ones are coming up to try to get this guy, and he has the upper ground. He’s fighting for what he believes in, he’s going to let people know what needs to happen in his life. And this includes setting boundaries for yourself. It might not go exactly as you want, you might go through a really tough chapter where you’re feeling like, “Man, there’s no room for me to do things for myself because I’m so focused on changing my relationships.” And you might have to go back and start again, and reassess how you’re interacting with people and reassess what you need to do to keep moving forward and have this new beginning for yourself.

And I think one of the things you need to do, which is interesting because we’re just talking about that uneasy, emotional side of things, the Knight of Cups is telling me you need to be thinking about your emotions. Yes, you’re overwhelmed, and maybe you’re struggling to make decisions for yourself based on your emotions. But I think what you need to do as you’re moving forward, what you need to do as you’re setting boundaries with people, is to feel things out. Think about how you’re feeling in those situations and what you can do to best protect yourself. Because I do think that this is going to be a challenge with this Empress in reverse of feeling like you can nurture yourself, feeling like you can nurture this new chapter in your life. And I think part of that is just that this is a difficult, challenging thing to do, is to set boundaries and to make sure that you’re not allowing other people to infiltrate your plans that you have for yourselves, right? You have to step up for you.

And again, you might feel like you’re having to go back to the drawing board over and over again. But I think that it’s worth it, this Knight of Cups. Also, this could be someone else helping you emotionally. This could be someone who helps you act on how you’re feeling and helps you consider for yourself what needs to change and what you need to do to help yourself feel good. I want to think that you can do that for yourself. But you know what, sometimes someone else coming in and helping us when we’re feeling emotionally drained is just what we need to have that clarity.

Now, I don’t always pull oracles on these readings for you guys. But I am a very big fan of this oracle deck that helps with just like what do you need to do for yourself right now, especially with that Empress in reverse. Like, what do we need to know? What other perspective can we get from all of this? This card, my friends, is an important one to pay attention to. It’s the Great Severing, and the Great Severing, my friends, is about maybe cutting ties with someone. I think that it’s worth it for you to consider for yourself. Do these people that are overstepping your boundaries belong in your life? Or do you need to cut them out? Guys? I think that you can do this for yourself. I think it’s gonna be a little uncomfy. You might need to ask for help along the way, but you’ve got this. Set those boundaries. Life is so much happier and vibrant when other people know how to treat you. You’ve got this.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

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    Harlene L Pool
    Posted at 11:58h, 06 August Reply

    I will seek verification from the State of Kansas for my SNAP benefits and forward the information to you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 14:47h, 23 May Reply

    Another great reading and advice. How do we go about getting a one-on-one reading with you, Miss Deco.

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    Posted at 10:33h, 23 May Reply

    The Great
    Severing is what I needed to hear & do now with a recently formed fake roommate relationship that sucked my energy dry with a betrayal in the end. Thank You!

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    Posted at 11:25h, 22 May Reply

    Play some resonated with me so strongly I just went through something last night that I’ve never gone through before my life and I’m over 50 it was crazy it was scary and all I can say is thank you for giving me the answers that I needed today and you truly have a talent thank you so much

  • Avatar
    Misty Havens
    Posted at 10:40h, 22 May Reply

    Wow,,,you are right on point,,,,your reading made me step back and really look at my situation,,and let me tell you,,,it hasn’t been easy at all.,but you have given me the courage to step up for myself for a change,,,so much clarity,,,,thank you I really needed this..

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:40h, 22 May Reply

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 11 years now and we still fight the same thing witch is his drinking problem he has he says this is how I met him so why does it bother me now we have a daughter now and i tell him he needs to think about her now and try to stop drinking or at least cut back on drinking every day because I’m at my point where i hate being around him when he drinks he acts like a whole different person he makes promises to our daughter that he doesn’t make come true and my daughter gets really sad and hurt i try to comfort her and I tell my boyfriend not to be making promises to her if he knows he cant keep them because she is just a kid and promises getting broke by a mom or dad really don’t sit well with them when they grow up well sometimes I feel like he his holding me back to move on since we have been with each other for so long i don’t think i could just let go of him that easy. He’s going to a rehab and i told him to forget about me and not to call or text me anymore i thought maybe this will work i should see if i can slowly get over him

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:26h, 22 May Reply

    married the wrong man 22 years ago. im so tired of being unhappy and feeling alone in the relationship. i know i need to break it off but i don’t think i have the strength or the resources to do it. i couldn’t believe how this reading hit so close to home for me.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:38h, 22 May Reply

    I know which way to go and will be severing a relationship that now is verbally and mentally abusive. kinda relieved now. I deserve better and while it may be difficult at first to do, will get easier as the days move on.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 07:27h, 22 May Reply

      What are the things said when they are upset at you? Do you remember?

      Because it sounds to me like perhaps they are upset because you aren’t listening.

      You aren’t listening because you believe you already know.

      But if you truly already knew then there wouldn’t be conflict, there would be mutual understanding.

      The one who remembers the words of the other is the sincere person. The one who does not remember is the one in denial.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:36h, 22 May Reply

    You hit my situation head on

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:21h, 22 May Reply

    with you K. I like her but I too only heard the noise. I will do as she requests, I will cut her out of my life…

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:14h, 21 May Reply

    She has a distracting noise always in her background

  • Avatar
    adan rodriguez
    Posted at 22:23h, 21 May Reply

    Young lady you just hit me with a large hug hammer and I opened my eyes.
    Thanks i needed this

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:06h, 21 May Reply

    This is an incredible Read with so much clarity & encouragement. My mouth is hanging open because this Read is ever so referring to me in what I’m currently dealing with.

  • Avatar
    joseph A. Janssen
    Posted at 21:58h, 21 May Reply

    i azpreciate your concernsd over boundries nonetheless i am a virgo and i know when to say no ! and when to say i’ll see or i hasve to poray on this or when to say get back to me latter this month best not to answer now

  • Avatar
    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 21:09h, 21 May Reply

    Wow, reading is for me, I let myself be emotionally manipulated, always putting the well-being of others, who believe that I am a possesión and I must be locked up talking care of them. Thank you for your words

  • Avatar
    Posted at 20:59h, 21 May Reply

    Thank you! I really appreciate it this Reading it’s just what I needed to hear .

  • Avatar
    David sylvester
    Posted at 20:46h, 21 May Reply

    I’m tired of my wife blaming me, for things I’m not perfect but she is threatening to leave if she does then I’m not stopping her after 22 years I need some advice I just don’t feel right anymore.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:28h, 21 May Reply

    I love this man, but am aiming for some boundaries in the near future. Am procrastinating, yes, but the thought of cutting ties to me is unimaginable.
    It would utterly depress me and I would feel very sad and lonely. We’ve only been in love for three in month. At times passionate. I’ve needed this after becoming a widow. The last years were very lonely.
    However, the reading hits a spot here and there, but not enough to cut ties.
    Thank you Deco! You are wonderful! Ingrid

  • Avatar
    Liza McEvilly
    Posted at 16:46h, 21 May Reply

    Love your energy.
    Listen and take stock of what’s being said. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Posted at 16:34h, 21 May Reply

    This reading has resonated so much with me. I feel cold With my narsesist boyfriend right now. Thank you so much 🙏

  • Avatar
    Posted at 16:01h, 21 May Reply

    Oh, that last part…scary is right!

  • Avatar
    Barbara-Ann Sharp
    Posted at 13:03h, 21 May Reply

    I have just changed my position at work and are struggling with the changes. It is not what I expected

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:01h, 21 May Reply

    You hit the nail on the head! This is an exactly what I’m currently going through. Thank you so much!! 🙏🏼

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:54h, 21 May Reply

    Weird this has come up as I have two situations with boundary issues. So hard for me will probably watch this multiple times.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:37h, 21 May Reply

    Just hat I needed to hear after avoiding it for so long ty

  • Avatar
    Erin Smith
    Posted at 10:17h, 21 May Reply

    I need to learn to say no to my ex husband.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:28h, 21 May Reply

    This reading has resonated so much with me. I know what I need to do. Thank you so much.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:18h, 21 May Reply

    Your readings always seem to resonate with me. I have to do this with my estranged husband soon as things are at a crossroad for me. He has made some bad decisions, and I feel that he will want to reconcile. Not sure what to do.

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 09:50h, 21 May Reply

      Consider the boundaries you have already set. Is it worth it to give him a chance or were those boundaries put in place for an important reason? Good luck!

  • Avatar
    Shellie Bowen what else can I let go? I have to have help from a few friends. I really only have two.
    Posted at 08:54h, 21 May Reply

    She touched on so much of what I am going through. I still have many questions Iam at a place I really wish I could ask a couple of questions I have, that she did touch on. So many things I still am not sure what to do. But thank you it is a start.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:46h, 21 May Reply

    💯 on the mark .. Thank you

    • Avatar
      Shellie Bowen what else can I let go? I have to have help from a few friends. I really only have two.
      Posted at 09:01h, 21 May Reply

      The girl I truly believed was a good friend. Maybe it is her, and the man I have been interested in. I can see boundaries for him. And not worry till I can pay her back. But, how am I ever going to do better on my own and my money alone?

  • Avatar
    Cc. Novak
    Posted at 08:40h, 21 May Reply

    Thank you. I can feel I’m at a crossroads. Waiting for the next shoe to frop

    • Avatar
      Shellie Bowen what else can I let go? I have to have help from a few friends. I really only have two.
      Posted at 09:05h, 21 May Reply

      I don’t see it so much a cross roads, I don’t know the way to go or what to do or how to do it what ever it is I can’t even get that figured out. I am at a complete cement wall.

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