This Love Runs Deep ❤️‍🔥 | Galena The Mystic | July 2024 Tarot Love Predictions - Cosmic Updates

This Love Runs Deep ❤️‍🔥 | Galena The Mystic | July 2024 Tarot Love Predictions

Are you open to the powerful changes brewing in your love life?

Galena The Mystic is here with a monthly love prediction, and she says your connections could be deepening in July.

Simply choose the card you resonate with to receive your love reading.

P.S. What are you anticipating in June? Are you ready for a change? Let Galena know with a comment down below!


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s your intuitive tarot reader, Galena The Mystic, and I’m back for another tarot reading, and it’s going to be your July Love predictions. It is last week of June and summer just kicked off. So I want to know, are you feeling the summertime vibes? I know, I sure am and I have a lot of exciting announcements today starting with announcement number one. There’s a new website, so if you go to book a private reading via the link below, you’re going to be redirected to my brand new site, and I’m so excited. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. And the second announcement is that I’m doing live sessions. So if you want to book a virtual video meeting where I can actually answer your questions live, you can book that now on my website. It’s live and my calendar is open for you guys. So I can’t wait to see you guys face to face or camera to camera if you choose to have your camera on. Of course, that’s up to you. So those are my announcements. I also want to give a birthday shout out to my Cancers and my Leos because in our cards I’m already seeing a lot of birthday energy.

So let’s go ahead and get into our groups for today, starting with group number one, we have The King, okay,
For group number two, we have The Self. And for group number three, we have The Comic. So let’s try to show these all in order. Oh wait, my camera’s mirrored. So I think it’s like this. I know some of you guys really like being able to see all three at once, doing my best here, working with what I have. So hopefully that works and you can choose whatever you resonate with most.

Okay, so let’s go ahead and get into group number one, which is The King. Ooh, okay, so this giving strong Emperor energies, so you could be dealing with someone who is kind of that boss energy. I’m actually getting the song by Kelis, and I think she’s a Leo too, but, “I’m bossy. I’m the first girl to scream on the track. I’ve switched up the beat of the drums. That’s right. I’m the one that’s tattooed on his arm.” So maybe someone has a tattoo of you. Okay, tea, you definitely have to comment down below and let me know if you’re tattooed on someone. But with that energy, I’m definitely getting you just feeling like you’re onto something. In the beginning of that music video, she actually chops her hair off, and that’s a real baddie move. So some of you could just be chopping all your hair off for the summer and being like, look, I am going to focus on me. I’m going to focus on all that I have. Right? The king’s very wealthy. I’m going to focus on all that I’m establishing.

So it’s giving institutions too. Some of you, if you’re partnered, you could literally be getting married or getting engaged, establishing some sort of institution in that way. And also for those of you, whether you’re single or partnered, you are just very aware of all that you’ve worked for, especially when it comes to making progress in your emotional realms. So now that you’ve kind of closed out some of that healing, you can focus on the logistical, the tangible, it’s giving, taking care of business, it’s giving, I’m in my bag, it’s giving, let me get organized. Let me sort through my finances. Let me fix this issue. Let me call this person. I need to call. Let me check up all my people. Let me make sure all my ducks are in a row.

You’re going to thank yourself later because I’m seeing that following the season of productivity, you’re going to have a season of leisure. So it might not be the most leisurely this month in the month of July, but that’s because you have business to sort out. So very exciting energy. Let’s go ahead and get into the tarot with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot. I’m hearing we’re going to take uprights only this time. So that’s for those of you who hate reversals and complain that I do reversals and every video, but I like reversals. I don’t think they’re negative, but we’re going to do uprights today. I’m getting a very positive energy from this group. It’s like, okay, well yeah, okay, we have the Seven of Wands and the Nine of Coins. This is what I mean, the Nine of Coins. She’s very wealthy, very established. She has everything she needs, all her needs are met.

It’s also giving luxury. So I feel like some of you are going to be treating yourself this month, Seven of Wands. You’ve had to really fight a lot of battles, put out a lot of fires to get into this secure energy. Okay? You’re feeling real secure? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like this for you. Even if you are partnered, you could be taking some space to yourself for self-care and just to hype yourself up, okay? We have the Hierophant. This is what I mean when I say institutions establishments, some of you through this energy where you’re really advocating for yourself and your own prosperity, you are establishing a very healthy marriage, a very healthy partnership. The Hierophant is no nonsense. He means business. He sticks to his routine. So some of you’re really establishing healthy routines, and I’m seeing in July, if you want to do some sort of self-care routine to make you more attractive in love, you’re going to have the finances to do that.
With the Seven of Wands though, you could have some barriers to overcome. Again, it seems logistical, you might be putting out fires at work, getting things sorted. You’re going to feel good about this later. You will thank yourself later. So yes, okay. Oh, okay. We have the Seven of Swords coming out reverse. So someone’s mask could also be coming off in the month of July, but it’s not even giving a negative thing. I don’t feel like it’s really a shock to the system. It’s more so like, surprise! This is who I’ve really been. This is what I’ve really been working on. You might pop out with some sort of announcement or some sort of look like a glow up. If you’ve been working on something behind the scenes, it’s like surprise. And you guys thought I wasn’t doing anything, or you guys thought I was single, but actually here’s my king or my queen, gender neutral.

Let’s see what else comes up for my July– ooh Ace of Pentacles. So for my kings in the month of July, you’re having a new, solid, stable, beginning! Ace of Pentacles. It’s like something being established. I would see a lot of you guys getting into partnerships, getting into committed partnerships in the month of July and embracing this as a new day. It’s a new day where I do what I want. Why? Because I’m the boss. I’m the boss. Okay, yeah, Ace of Cups reversed. So self-care is also going to be a theme of July and Five of Wands. People are going to be talking, people are going to be talking about how you’ve poured into yourself. People will be talking about how they thought you were lonely or they thought you were boring or they didn’t think [you] had it in you. Okay? I’m just going to be honest.

But Nine of Pentacles, you could be triggering jealousy in some people in the month of July, especially if you’re getting into this very committed partnership, especially if you’re dating somebody who’s a king or queen or royalty. A lot of people could be gossiping but what’s under this? The Two of Cups. Exactly, because there’s so much intimacy and people can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. They’re going to see the moves you’re making, but they don’t know the depth of your relationship. They can’t even fathom. And even if there’s other people who are a little jealous or maybe talking some smack in this card, what’s really interesting is they’re wearing these fancy dresses, but their body language really indicates where they’re actually at in life. Some people could never understand the frequency of your connection, not in this lifetime, and I wish that for them that they experience depth of emotion, but don’t let other people project onto you their own wounds when it comes to love. You and this person, you’re going to be establishing something deep.

Some of you could be getting engaged or getting married for real, so you’ll have to comment down below. Let me know if that’s you in the month of July, but that is all the messages I’m getting for you. Group number one, thank you so much. Feel free to book a reading. Remember, you’re going to be redirected to a different website, so don’t be alarmed. It’s just me! And I look forward to connecting with you further. Like this video, if you like it, subscribe to our channel if you want to see me again in the future, and let’s get in group number two.

So for group number two, we have The Self. The Self. And I love this energy right off the bat. If you chose this, you’re probably focused on yourself concept your self worth. Also this rainbow colors. It’s giving L-G-B-T-Q. If that’s you, shout out. I am here to support whatever is the most authentic for you. And so yeah, this is a group of authenticity. Regardless of your orientation, I feel like your identity has been molded in some way, so you could identify differently. Maybe some of you are thinking that you are an open relationship person, but you’re becoming monogamous. Some of you’re thinking you’re a monogamous person, but you’re exploring polyamory. Some of you could be just changing yourself concept when it comes to saying things like, I am healthy, I am lovable, I am deserving, I am desirable, I am wealthy. You are using I am affirmations to get what you want. In the month of July, this pearl is also standing out to me.
So pearls are created through irritants. Some sort of particle or a piece of sand or something gets into the clam or gets into the oyster or whatever it is, and then in order to try to reject it creates mucus around it. And then that mucus hardens and that’s what creates a pearl. A very valuable pearl, but it started with the irritant, right? So it’s like you are recognizing how you’re irritating, frustrating, or disappointing experiences actually triggered you for your growth so that you could become a more polished version of yourself and so that you could come to know what makes you truly valuable. Okay? So that’s powerful, powerful stuff.

So what are you experiencing in the month of July in love… What are you experiencing in July in love? Okay, 10 of Wands reversed. So this could be maybe you used to be a people pleaser or you used to maybe adapt your behavior based on what other people told you that you should be, told you that you should want, told you that you should dress like this and just making assumptions about you. You could have taken that on but in the month of July, you’re dropping it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this manifested in physical dropping of things as well. Dropping off those donations to the goodwill, sorting through the extra clutter in your house, getting rid of just people’s expectations. The big burden we have Five of Cups reversed. And see this is because you don’t want to. You realize that in people pleasing, you always lost. When we always others first it ends in disappointment. So maybe in the past you thought that, oh, if I mold myself to other people’s expectations, if I’m a good girl or a good boy or a good person and I behave the way other people are asking me to, and I always show up for others, then they will love me.

And you may realize in the month of July, you know that that’s not been the case in your history. In your history, you took on everything. Everyone dumped onto you everything everyone thought that you should be, and you ended up with a short end of the stick somehow. But you’re also healing whatever you thought as a people pleaser, you’re kind of healing those wounds. Whatever you thought you had to do to get love, it’s like you’re realizing you weren’t being authentic and that it wasn’t serving. So I love this for you, and we have the Emperor- big Aries energy. Aries being the sign of I am, I’m an Aries myself, so I know all about this, but yeah, the Emperor of the self, it’s like I know who I am and I know where I want to go, so I am going to start moving in that direction, even if that means disappointing some people. Aries energy is very confident, very established, not really afraid to get into an argument, but yeah, we have the Hermit reversed. So this is like you figuring out how to be in your own essence, how to sit in your own truth, how to prioritize your own emotional health, your own philosophical expansion, your own spiritual gifts. How do you get back in touch with those after so many years of prioritizing others or prioritizing other people’s goals and desires and then putting yourself on the back burner in the month of July, you’re not putting yourself in the back burner anymore. And that is creating more self-love as well as opening opportunities for you to connect more authentically. And we have the Three of Cups. I know I said I wasn’t going to take reversals, but I channel the way I channel, so we’re just going to flow with it intuitively.

But we have the Three of Cups. So I am seeing friendships. It did come out reverse. So I think you’re walking away from old friendships stepping into new friendships just like that because you’re manifesting through authenticity. Now, not everything can stay with you when you’ve changed so dramatically as a person. And people might be like, what? Why are you acting so different? People might actually accuse you of being fake because you changed. They might accuse you of switching up, but really this is who you’ve always been. You just didn’t trust them enough. Seven of Wands reversed. You felt like you had to protect yourself in a certain kind of way. You didn’t trust them enough to be your real self. Why? Because they projected so much onto you. Part of you knew that they didn’t want you to be that way, but now you stopped caring. Seven of Wands reversed. You’re no longer resisting who you really are and it’s creating spiritual alignment, all this purple top of the deck, Knight of Cups. So you’re also manifesting offers because you’re moving forward with your authentic heart and now that you’re being authentic, you can really see who’s a good true match for you or not. You’re realizing you never could have manifested true love if you weren’t being your true self. Now you definitely can.

What’s on the bottom of the deck? The Ace of Pentacles! Security, a new day, establishing for yourself root chakra healing. It’s like you’re just feeling more solid from your inner core and it’s definitely attracting more love to you even if you’re partnered. It’s like you’re just going to connect on a deeper level. Okay, so that’s what I’m getting for the month of July for my group Number twos, if you would like a personal private ratings, we could get deeper into any topic. You could book that at the link below. Remember, it’s a different website, so it’s going to look different, but I’m so excited for you to see it. And if you would like this video would help me out greatly subscribe if you want to see me again in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s get into group number three.

So for group number three, we have The Comic.
This is a very interesting energy. I get someone who maybe uses humor to mask their true feelings, someone who maybe uses humor to kind of take the edge off more serious topics. I also see someone who is really okay with some of the trauma they’ve been through. You’re really good at making light of it without being fake about what you’ve been through. I feel like you’re not for everyone, and thank goodness who wants to be for everyone really with the comic, I feel like you’re not afraid to maybe make a dark joke or an inappropriate joke, and other people could be sometimes rubbed wrong, but you’re just a unique type of person. I get more birthday energy too with this little birthday hat. So shout out again to my Cancers and my Leos. Let’s see, what do you need to know? Okay, we have the Hermit. So you are kind of like a lone wolf type of energy is like what’s coming through.

And in the month of July, this lantern that the Hermit is holding really makes me think of you going your own way and lighting a path forward that maybe not a lot of people understand. I think you might have a black sheep wound. You might just be a really unique individual, but your depth is underestimated. Why? Because you have a strong barrier when it comes to the way you talk about it or the way you express yourself to others. People might take your sense of humor type of way and not how actually deep and philosophical and smart you are. So just because you joke about it doesn’t mean it’s a joke to you. Like, no, it’s the real deal actually. You can joke about it. You really live through it. People might think of you as insensitive. This is kind of specific, but it’s like people might feel like you’re being offensive, but it’s like they haven’t even had the experiences you’ve had, so you’re joking about something that you have personal experience with and they don’t. Okay, that’s really specific. So that might come up in July. Oh, we have the Seven of Swords is coming out and with that reversal, we’re taking reversals anyways, guys, I know I said I wouldn’t in another section, but anyways, with this Seven of Swords, it’s like you have that mask up where you don’t really let everyone see the real this moon in the background. It’s there. You have emotions, you have depth to you, but you’re kind of a mystery to people, and I just feel like someone’s misinterpreted your actions, especially with this woman in this red dress, women in red dresses throughout our media, they’re kind of symbolic of the W-H-O-R-E, okay? I’m censoring myself because one, I don’t want to trigger anyone in a negative way and two because I don’t want this video to get flagged, but you could be labeled that way.

You know what I mean? You could be labeled as even a homewrecker. I just feel like you are a unique type of person. You have your reasons, okay? I’m not here to judge you. I hope no one else is here to judge you, but I feel like you wouldn’t even care if people are judging you because you’re so used to being misinterpreted that sometimes you brand yourself with that label and lean into it a little bit, okay? If everyone’s going to call me that, I’m going to act like that. That’s kind of the energy I’m getting. You’re very unique type of person, but I understand, you know what I mean? Like I said, not here to judge, but what’s coming up in the month of July? What’s coming up in the month of July for this group? Because it’s very unique energy for Pentacles, okay? You’re going to start letting go of that. You’re going to start letting go of this tendency. It is creating a blockage and love sometimes, but I understand why, but it’s like you’re going to let go of this tendency to hold your cards so close to your chest, your real emotions. You hold them so close to your chest, you don’t like letting people in to see your deeper vulnerabilities. You’ve been hurt, and you’re going to start releasing that, letting that go so you can unblock yourself. You’re going to be more vulnerable and you’re going to be more real. And I feel like you’re real. You’re a real person. You’ve been through some real things that a lot of people couldn’t even fathom, but you’re going to soften.

That’s what this looks like to me. Six of Cups, totally. You’re going to let your sweet self shine more in the month of July, and this might be counterintuitive to you. Six of Cups makes you think of June too. So I think this has already started for you, but you’re softening, especially during Cancer season as we move into Leo season. It’s that cancer crab, right? Protecting that inner tender crab meat. It’s like you were starting to reveal the inner crab, and that doesn’t mean you’re getting torn apart. I think that’s what you’re used to though. I feel like someone might have tried to feed you to the wolves, but you’re returning to innocent sign of pentacles because you’re secure. You’re becoming more secure in who you are. You don’t need to act out anymore because you know your own worth and your own worthiness, and also you’re a very independent person with a hermit and the nine of pentacle, you might be moving away from a relationship in which there was betrayal or just relationships, the star, because you’re developing a sense of faith. Oh my goodness, some of you’re really having a deep spiritual awakening, and it’s a return to innocence. It’s a healing. Your inner child’s going to feel safe again.

I think in July you’re going to be really silly and people are going to start seeing a different side to you. So if you’ve been misinterpreted, people are going to start to see your sweet side more. And if you are innocent in a certain situation, I definitely feel like the truth might not be revealed to all, but there’s going to be certain people who get you, take the time to get to know you, give you that benefit of the doubt, and it’s going to soften your heart. Again, you’re going to be like, oh, not everyone’s just going to judge me and project onto me and think the worst of me because no, there’s love here. And yeah, the 10 of Cups, I feel like you are going to be letting someone in. This could definitely be romantic big time with the 10 of Cups. What’s on the bottom, the High Priestess. So in doing so, you’re in letting yourself feel your deeper feelings. You are going to be awakening some of your spiritual gifts. Again, you’re starting to listen to spirit’s guidance, and you are going to be guided to deeper love, which you have always been worthy of and have always deserved. So if you’re stuck in some sort of third party situation, you can be freeing yourself of that in order to trust your deeper feelings and acknowledging you want love, you want softness. You can be hyper independent so you’re not used to it, but I think you’re starting to admit in the month of July that you want to manifest that, and luckily it’s part of your divine plan. So listen to that nudge, okay? There’s a reason you want it.

Even if you’ve built up walls, okay? There’s a reason you want it because meant to have it, okay? And that’s what you’re coming to terms with in July. You’re going to start seeing that timeline open up for you. You’re going to see developments in this area. Okay? So those are the messages I have for you, my very unique and wonderful group. Number three, I’m sending you so much love. If you want to book a personal private reading, you can do that at my new website. The link will be below. And if you would like to like this video, I would so appreciate that. Subscribe to our channel if you want to see me again in the future. Thank you so much for being here, and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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