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June Love Predictions 💘 | Galena The Mystic | Monthly Tarot Reading

Are you ready for the growth June could bring to your love life?

Galena The Mystic is here with a monthly love prediction, so you can get a feel for the changes to come.

Simply choose your group to receive your love reading.

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Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. This is Galena The Mystic, your Intuitive Tarot Reader, and I’m here with a pretty exciting video because we are doing June love predictions, and I’m going to be doing love predictions at the end of each month for the month ahead. So, let’s get into it.

I also have some new Tarot decks. I’m super excited and I have three cards for you to pick from today. You’re going to choose the card, the imagery, or the saying that resonates the most with you. You can absolutely watch more than one reading, but I am going out of town from June 4th through June 10th. I would love to get them done before I leave, so feel free to order those ASAP. Thank you so, so much for being patient with me. 

So, for group number one, we have this card here with this beautiful purple watercolor and it says, “Attack, pain, fear, judgment, and any form of separation are merely calls for help.” 

For group number two, this says, “Obstacles are detours in the right direction” and we have some cool sacred geometry kind of energy coming through with this one. 

And for group number three, this says, “Thank you Universe for helping me see beyond the limits of fear. Thank you for expanding my perception so that I can see what is of the highest good.” And we have some pinkish orange-ish coral color going on here. So, group one, two, and three, take your time and I’ll see you in your readings. 


Hello, hello, lovely. You chose group number one with this purple watercolor card, “Attack, pain, fear, judgment, and any form of separation are merely calls for help.” I’m going to start with the Romance Angel cards. Okay, this is a new deck that I got. Let’s see. We have Soulmate. Yes, this is your soulmate. So, some of you are in separation with someone who you know to be your soulmate. 

We also have “Give your relationship a chance” this says “work on your partnership.” Okay, what else does this group need to know for the month of June? We have “Religious Factors, your love life is influenced by your religious upbringing and spiritual path.” And if neither of you are particularly religious, this could be just your cultural values, your family values, and your beliefs in the world. 

Let’s see. We also have “Honeymoon, enjoy the bliss of holiday time together.” So, some of you, this is really interesting. Some of you in the month of June, you are really connecting deeply with a soulmate. And when I’m seeing this separation, this could even be maybe not a no contact situation, but more so a situation in which you’re separated by schedules, separated by distance maybe, but you could very much be in close contact with each other, especially with this Honeymoon. 

This seems to be traveling potentially with this canoe here. There’s also a lot of intimacy and you’re working through challenges. So I think that there could be certain challenges or obstacles that come up in this connection in the month of June that really test your level of commitment to one another. On top of the deck, we have “Express your love, go ahead and make the romantic gesture.”

I’m seeing that this relationship or this situation could benefit greatly from you being more communicative, both of you on both sides. Let’s get into the Tarot and see what else could be coming through. And we’re doing Tarot with random reversals. And so yeah, with this Religious Factors, I also think you could come from different cultures and that could be this distance, energy and yeah. 

This idea of separation may be the fact that you are not as physically close or physically intimate all the time as often as you would like to be. Maybe that stresses some of you out and you’re being asked to work through your fears and to express love anyways. We have the King of Swords here or the Father of Swords as it is in this deck. Owls could be significant signs or synchronicities for you. We also have the Six of Pentacles.

Okay, I’m getting this energy. Someone has decided, someone has decided you are the one or that they want to give to you. Seven of Swords reversed, so this shows me that you’re trying to leave betrayal and fear in the past. Okay, let’s get a clarifier for this one. Yep, Seven of Cups reverse, The Hanged Man. So, you’re being asked to, when you’re triggered in this connection to pause and not jump to the wrong conclusion. 

Actually, take a moment and allow your awareness to be illuminated. It might just be a situation that calls for you to give something more time. You might see something that at first you think it’s a red flag, okay, because we’re not out here ignoring red flags, but you might think it’s a red flag and really, you’re just disillusioned or triggered because of what has happened in the past. 

And chariot reverse, this is what I mean. Don’t rush to the wrong conclusion and also don’t try to rush to push things forward. There’s something here about really embracing the season of your life that you’re in. For my singles, I actually feel Justice. I actually feel a really balanced partnership coming into your life soon and maybe you’re in a separation in the sense that you broke up with someone and now you’ve been in solitude for a while. 

So, you’re like, what’s this Honeymoon? What’s this “Express your love soulmate energy.” This is coming in fast and with Justice, this is Libra energy, which is all about partnership, commitments, contracts, and the agreements we have towards each other. King of Swords, someone has agreed, someone’s making some sort of vow, some sort of decision speaking clearly to you saying, “I am deciding, I’m going to give this to you.”

Seven of Swords reverse, I think the biggest challenge in this situation could be self-sabotage and your fears, getting the best of you. And yeah, we even see that with the main card that you were drawn to, your inner fears and your inner triggers coming up. That is almost your soul speaking to the Universe saying, I still have wounds here and it doesn’t necessarily, doesn’t necessarily mean that anything’s wrong. 

I also feel you’re not meant to rush your relationships in the month of June because what could be happening is something could be getting put on pause in the month of June and Spirit saying when this news comes in or when this decision comes in, especially because this King of Swords could be communicating something to you, make sure that you are listening to their truth. I feel like with Justice there is honesty here. Listen to their truth. Listen to what they’re saying more so than what you are you’re thinking.

I feel like you can trust what you’re feeling. A lot of love felt here like look how beautiful this energy is. You’re going to be working and it’s a give and take and it’s a balance and it’s a giving and a receiving and it’s very intimate. There’s a lot to be shared here. You’re going to really be learning a lot about each other in the month of June. So yeah, this is the group where I feel like for your June love predictions, there’s definitely someone special coming in. 

Or someone special that you’re working with, even though there’s this separation message, it just seems like the separation really is serving your relationship and you can communicate through it. You can speak through it. So again, I’m not really getting a no contact situation for you guys. More so actually a beautiful era where you’re going to be planning, maybe planning trips together, maybe planning quality time together or planning, even FaceTime calls and things like that.

If you guys are long distance again with this Religious Factors card and just being so different, this person’s here to change your perspective. So, in the month of June, you’re getting a huge perspective change when it comes to love. You’re also going to have more forgiveness for your exes as something that I’m getting. You’re going to see mistakes you made in your past connections and it’s going to help you realize like, “Oh, maybe I rushed things in the beginning because I was trying to solidify something that was never meant to solidify and, in this situation, I don’t need to rush it.” 

It’s almost like external forces separating you. It’s the Universe controlling the pacing for you guys because if they didn’t control the pacing, you would just be like, I don’t know, maybe codependent or something like that. Or maybe it would ruin something for you guys in the future when really you were always meant to connect.

So that is what I’m seeing for your June love predictions. I feel information’s coming through. There’s forgiveness here. You’re working through fears in the month of June you’re, even if you’re single, you’re working through your own skepticism when it comes to love so that you can build more faith in the Universe and you’re learning that your fears are not always information that you need to act on. 

Sometimes it’s just old stuff coming up. You also might experience stalls or slowdowns in your connections or in your dating life or in your relationship with this person. And the reason for that is because the Universe wants to protect you and protect the connection and make sure that you’re not sabotaging anything by rushing it. 

Okay, so those are all the messages I have for your June Love predictions. Of course, this is a collective reading. If you want more personal specific guidance about very specific things that could happen to you, feel free to purchase a reading from me. I would love to get more into it and get channeled messages and all of that there. Feel free to like this video and subscribe to our channel. If you would like to subscribe and see me again in the future, I’d love if you left a comment down below and let me know what resonated and I’ll see you next time. Bye. 


Hello, hello. Group number two, you chose this card, which is ‘Obstacles are detours in the right direction” and I’m hearing “blocked” big in my head, “blocked.” So maybe you and someone are blocked. Maybe you were engaged in a connection, And just suddenly just like, “Nope, that’s not happening.” There was a breakup or something. We have the King of Pentacles coming through. I reached straight for the Tarot, but in the last rating, I actually used the Romance Angels deck first. So, let’s go ahead and use this.

We do have the Five of Swords appearing on top of the tarot deck as well, so I do think this is a separation message. Deception okay, “Deception. Someone is wearing a false self-mask in this relationship.” So, you could be really, I’m getting the message, “Rejection is divine protection.” Someone was definitely blocked off, taken away from you, or they left suddenly dramatically, and this is someone, King of Pentacles. 

You thought that they were so solid, you thought that they were like, everything. Maybe they presented themselves as being very wealthy, very reliable, very protective. This person might have offered to be your protector and then you were deceived. So I’m so sorry if that’s something you’re going through. I really feel the fact that you were drawn to this card is very auspicious and it really shows that you’re being detoured in the right ways. 

So this is something where it’s like, if this didn’t work out 100%, they’re doing you a favor by leaving. “Love yourself first. Your self-respect makes you more romantically attractive.” Okay, love yourself first. This person, I think you might be unaware of the damage they could have done, further damage that they could have done to you.

This is someone, yeah, Past Life Relationship this is very karmic this says, “You have known each other before,” either you’ve been in past life connections with them where you were still working through these same lessons, or this person might feel really familiar in the sense that you go through the same patterns that you went through in your last relationship with them. 

There are really harsh lessons that you’ve had to learn through this connection about discernment. “Very soon, clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now,” okay, interesting. Let’s get one more. I’ll take the top as well. “Pay attention to the red flags. The signs are cautioning you,” top of the deck, “Free yourself. It’s time to take back control of your life,” so you’re taking back control and you’re recognizing that you can provide your own security, that you are your own protector, and you can’t expect anyone to protect you if you’re not also protecting yourself.

By paying attention to the red flags, it seems like very soon you are going to be more aware. In the month of June, you’re going to be more aware of this person’s false self. You’re going to see it so clearly. I also feel like in the month of June, you’re going to be making peace with a lot of disappointments, Page of Wands. You’re going to be working on your self-esteem in the month of June so that you can feel attractive again because I think you’re wondering why you attracted this false person.

Seven of Swords also coming out reversed, and so you can be beating yourself up a little bit. I’m interpreting this so differently from the way I interpreted the first one in the first group because that card did come up. Seven of Pentacles, so you’re going to be rebuilding a new foundation for yourself, planting certain seeds. You’re also going to be investing more in yourself and your beauty. 

Six of Pentacles, okay. Let’s get one more and we’ll take the top and bottom of the deck as well. What’s going on here in the month of June, Spirit? Nine of Wands, you’re really giving to yourself, investing in yourself and what you’re prioritizing right now is balance. You are recognizing where you’ve settled. Maybe this person had this show of “I have everything,” this King of Pentacles. 

In the beginning I think you didn’t think you were settling or sacrificing anything because this person promised you the world, but I do think you would’ve been sacrificing your own will and your own ability to drive your life path forward with this Page of Wands. She’s very spunky, free spirited, really does her own thing. This is young Aries or Sagittarius or Leo Energy. So very confident and expressive, and I really resonate with the Page of Wands energy. 

So maybe this is something that you were having a hard time embodying, just being more free-spirited or maybe even impulsive in your life. I feel like this person would have caused you to just sacrifice a lot of your own values for the sake of maybe their career ambitions for the sake of their idea of what’s good for you, for the sake of what they wanted. 

And yeah, I feel like maybe you have a pattern of sacrificing too much of yourself and getting yourself in these situations where you feel trapped and yeah, wow, Trust. So, this really is rooted in trust issues as well. I think what’s really going on, on a deeper level with you and what you’re coming to terms within June is that you give all of yourself and your connections because you really want to be able to trust someone.

You really want to be able to put your trust in your security and your faith in someone. It’s like you have so much love to give, but you sometimes feel like there’s no home for it. And I just want to say that with this, you’re going to build more trust with yourself and more trust with the Universe, and then you’re going to build more trust with a loving partner. 

And so I’m not seeing that all of this comes to full completion in June. I mean, maybe if you’re a superstar healer and you want to go be an overachiever and try to rush this, you could, but I just see this being a longer-term process with the Seven of Pentacles. Be patient with yourself because when someone unveils their true colors to us, it can feel like an affront to the senses. You could feel extremely violated.

I’m not going to lie. You could feel really hurt. And the worst part of it is that you feel like you did this to yourself. So again, don’t beat yourself up, please. It really seems like in the month of June, very soon you are going to recognize the bigger picture, especially with this Nine of Wands. And yeah, this can be an energy of being weary and it’s like, “Oh, I’ve had to overcome so many obstacles and I feel like I’ve been in this cycle forever”, you’re not going to be in this cycle forever. 

You’re not going to keep manifesting the same thing, but there are some things you need to realize about yourself and why is it that you’ve put so much trust into people so early? I think so there could be something here about not having patience or being a little impulsive with this Page of Wands But it’s like you’re going to recognize what’s really been blocking your trust wounds, and if you want to get deeper into that on a more personal level, everyone’s trust wounds in this group is going to come from a different place.

I could definitely help you get to the bottom of that more in a private reading, but for the whole collective I am seeing here with this Nine of Wands, there’s a weariness of like, “Why do I keep manifesting these partners?” and freeing yourself, liberating yourself from these partnerships, which are, I don’t want to say toxic, but there’s definitely something you might be missing in the beginning. 

It doesn’t seem toxic. It seems like everything; it seems really solid. It seems really stable in the beginning, but there is something you’re missing here, and I think the thing you’re missing is that you’re not loving yourself first. You’re willing to give everything up because you just want this trust and you want this person to be dependable, but something about it, it’s, it’s actually like a larger pattern you need to break because it’s not always safe to do that right away.

So I don’t know if someone here, you could be calling yourself naive or beating yourself up for trusting and trusting is not a mistake. Opening your heart is not a mistake. It’s just you might love someone else before you love yourself, and that’s not super sustainable. I also see you just slowing down with the Seven of Pentacles, slowing down, really recuperating, recovering your energy and giving to yourself, really investing in yourself immediately. 

That word investment brings up money, but really, I see you investing more time into yourself like, “Oh, the time I would’ve given to this person, the time I would’ve given to that person, I would’ve been here supporting this person doing their thing,” and now you have all this beautiful time for you. This Page of Wands also makes me feel like you’re going to be feeling more beautiful again and starting to feel more attractive again.

More so by the end of June, maybe the last week or 2nd of June, you’re going to start feeling vibrant again a little bit, and you might be noticing extra eyes on you or something like that, and it’s going to be a little bit refreshing because I think you kind of, after this deception was or is revealed to you, you are going to kind of want to go within a little bit and it might just shake your confidence, but by the end of June, you’re going to be feeling it again. 

You’re going to be making peace and forgiving yourself for maybe the red flags you’ve missed. You’re going to be noticing what those red flags were, and I think it’s new for some of you to see it the way that you’re going to be seeing it. Maybe you’ve repeated this mistake a lot of times and now in the month of June, you’re finally seeing what the red flag is so that you can catch it next time, but at the same time, you’re also going to forgive yourself because we can’t always catch all the red flags that everyone has, and some people just suck.

Some people genuinely just suck. Okay? There’s just some missing information here that in the month of June, you’re going to be made aware and you’re going to be able to use it to your advantage moving forward so that you can manifest a higher-level soulmate. Those are all the messages I have for this group. 

Thank you so, so much for being here and for listening. If you like this video, give it a like. If you want to subscribe to this channel to see me again in the future, I would love that. I would also love to do your private reading. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye. 


Alright, group number three. You chose this card which says, “Thank you Universe for helping me see beyond the limits of fear. Thank you for expanding my perception so that I can see what is of the highest good.” Okay, so in the month of June, you are seeing beyond the limits of fear. I think your perspective is really widening. Let’s go ahead and get into the Romance Angels Oracle to see what else is happening in the month of June. Okay, this says, “Make the effort, great love is worth taking, the steps you’re guided to take.” 

Okay, this says, “Great Love” so in the month of June, you’ll be putting a lot of effort into your relationship. Let’s see. This says, “Keep an open mind. Your soulmate may differ from your usual type and expectations.” So, I’m thinking of, there’s this one dating coach on TikTok. I wish I could remember his name, but he was saying that your type is not your type. Your type is your trauma. We often are attracted to people through our subconscious wounds, our childhood wounding, the things we think will validate our insecurities a lot of the time what we are attracted to on first glance and our type is completely driven by our ego, and I think that you are being challenged to develop attraction, and that’s something we do on purpose, okay? 

You’re being challenged to develop attraction to a different type of person, and that’s pretty exciting. Someone and the effort you put into this connection, someone in the month of June, they’re really going to change your perspective and open your eyes. This says, “Past Life Relationship you have known each other before” and it is so interesting. There could also be a karmic connection here.

Okay, we have two. This says, “Free yourself. It’s time to take back control of your life,” and I feel like this goes with this karmic connection as well as very soon clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now, so this group, some of you could be trying to decide between a karmic, someone who feels really familiar or someone who’s not really your type, and in the month of June, you’re being encouraged to go for the person who’s not really your type. 

They could be out of your comfort zone in some way. Also, some of you, you might not be directly involved with this karmic right now, but I feel like you’re being asked to release your ex and free yourself of any exes or past hookups or past situationships. This says, “Stay optimistic about your love life. Positive thinking and faith will bring you romance.” So, I think you’re supposed to be optimistic about this new energy entering your life. 

Even if you haven’t met this new person who is a little atypical for you, I think you are going to be just opening your mind to different kinds of people. Even in movies you watch, you might just get inspiration like, “Oh, that kind of partnership seems interesting,” or “That kind of person seems actually quite attractive to me.” Or you might make friends and be like, “Whoa, my friend is actually starting to look kind of cute. My friend’s kind of looking a little nice today.” You know what I mean? So just open your mind and allow yourself to stay positive about the different tastes that come up. 

This also says, “Codependency addictions are affecting your romantic life.” So, I do, again, I’m getting this about this karmic person, this past life person coming through. It’s like some sort of addicting energy that tempts you that you could be tempted to fall back into. And in the month of June, I feel like you’re going to have the strength not to backslide. You, in the month of June, one of your main lessons in your love life is that you control your taste. You can rewire your taste. 

You can rewire yourself to be attracted to people who are actually good for you, who challenge you to grow, who make you think a little bit differently, and who just really push you to be a better version of yourself. You’re really going to be developing more taste for people who call you higher as opposed to people who drag you down into what has been familiar before. This also says, “Worth waiting for, divine timing is at work in your love life.” So yeah, I do feel like this is something that’s super worth working through because you have connections coming into your life, and I feel like this is happening on a friend level in the month of June as well.

You have connections coming into your life that are really worth the work, the effort, the patience. Maybe you’ve had this idea in your love life like, “Oh, I’m just the sweet one and I am so loving and I’m still giving, and I give everything of myself, and I never receive in return, dah, dah, dah, dah.” You’re no longer telling yourself that story. You’re going to start telling yourself, wow, people around me, when you look up and look at the people who are around you, you’re like, “Wow, people around me are so loving and patient and honest and kind. 

Actually, I need to be more loving, patient, honest, and kind and compassionate and generous, and I need to be more on top of my goals,” and the people who are around you they’re going to inspire you and it might trigger some of your insecurities, and that discomfort could be something you avoid, not on purpose, not intentionally, but maybe on a spiritual level.

You’re actually avoiding that feeling because it could actually feel like criticism, but it’s really not criticism. It’s just that by being with a karmic or staying with the person who is comfortable for you, you’re not allowing yourself to elevate and you’re avoiding the discomfort of recognizing maybe you’re not the most selfless, loving, compassionate person just because, and that’s not your fault. It’s just that you haven’t had anyone give that to you, and now that you’re going to have someone giving that to you. 

You’re like, “Whoa my standards not only of others, but of myself, my standards have elevated,” and as I say that we have The World reversed and absolutely this makes me feel like there is some sort of elevation, some sort of cycle that is closing, its imminent. Okay, very soon this is going to be happening. You’re freeing yourself of codependency. 

The Lovers too. This is what I mean. There’s divine alignment, higher alignment. I love all these rainbow colors coming out as well. It just seems like you’re going to be aligning with people who, again, lift you up, make you feel like you can achieve so much more in your life, and that so much more can be expected of yourself. The Hanged Man reversed.

Okay? We have the Two of Swords, The Fool reversed, the Five of Pentacles reversed, and the Queen of Pentacles on the bottom of the deck. And I absolutely, absolutely am in love with this energy, the Queen of Pentacles, she’s very secure, she’s very stable. Maybe with this Two of Swords and The Fool reverse, you’re going to feel very oblivious. You’re going to feel very unaware of what’s going on, and that’s because you’re changing the pattern. You’re changing the pattern with The World reverse. 

You are ending some sort of cycle and with The Hanged Man reverse, you’re getting yourself out of stagnancy. You are getting yourself completely out of stagnancy. Five of Pentacles reverse your healing from rejection and abandonment wounds. You are recovering from struggle. You’re literally recovering from struggle and the relationships that you’re in. They’re no longer going to be struggle love relationships where you’re just fighting tooth and nail to get the bare minimum and to stay afloat.

Even if you were like, yeah, there could, there could have been codependency wounds where you and this person, your finances were really entangled with this karmic past life person. And no more of that, you’re actually going to be aligning with people. This is giving very Venusian energy. So, tap into the energy of Venus, like what is attractive to you, what is attractive to you? What is attractive to you moving forward is like you’re going to be manifesting it through your own sense of stability and security. You’re going to be loving up on yourself. 

You’re going to be really grounded and more practical too. I feel like you’re just going to be so much more aware of like, ‘Wow, my relationships could have always been like this,” or, “These relationships, these types of relationships are normal?” Something with those Queen of Pentacles things that were once foreign to you were becoming normalized, and true love is part of that and true friendship and just I feel like you need friendship more than anything in this group because some of you are learning to recognize that good people who don’t want any ulterior motive with you are out there, and it’s going to help you really lean in to recognizing you are the only person who can prioritize that kind of connection in your life.

If you prioritize this kind of connection and choose not to free yourself of it, a past life connection, you choose not to free yourself of it, then you’re going to keep going on this loop to loop, and you don’t want to do that anymore, and in the month of June, this is really powerful, and yeah, sometimes you’re not going to be able to see what’s happening or what’s about to happen because these relationships feel so different and they’re pushing you to be so different, and so you just will not be able to see what’s coming next. 

It’s like a mystery, like a veil of mystery, but it’s good because you’re going to be solid, and so yeah, you’re meant to stay very optimistic about your love life because everything is changing, and very soon you’re going to see what more is possible for you.

This is a big breakthrough for you, so congratulations. The month of June seems to be very beautiful, very cathartic, very eye opening. I’m sending you so much love, and if you want to get into more specifics about who might be coming in, what they might be like, what your relationship might feel like if you’re going to be in a relationship, if you’re going to be single. There are so many questions that you could ask in a private reading, click here feel free to like this video if you liked it, subscribe so you can see me again in the future, and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Arndria Seymour
    Posted at 20:35h, 03 June Reply

    Loved this week’s reading – so positive and it felt so right for me. Thank you Galena, God Bless!

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    Sonia Suárez Cepeda
    Posted at 12:08h, 03 June Reply

    Wonderful reading! I chose #3 and it really resonates with my present situation. Thank you, Galena❤️

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    Pip Bowyer
    Posted at 01:04h, 03 June Reply

    Your readings are always mindblowing and give so much insight! I chose group 2&3 and wow did it resonate!! But I’m
    Even happier to feel like I’m ahead of the game as have already made the realisations and release needed to move forward!! Am so excited to see what the universe brings next..if a little trepidous about knowing what this “different” kind of person is! 🤪

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    Posted at 01:11h, 01 June Reply

    I love this card number 1 resonates with me and I’ll try to communicative in a good manner..Thank you and Enjoy your vacation 😊

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    Te Hirau
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    Namaste 🙏🏻 Beautiful Soul .Thankyou soooo much.Card 1 resonated with me & I am a Libra ♎ Hop3 Faith B3li3f xx

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    Lanise Franklin
    Posted at 20:47h, 31 May Reply

    Hi Galena thank you for taking the time to do this end of the month reading! Most don’t, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you as always. I listened to the 1st reading with the purple card because my birthstone is Amethyst. I think after listening to your predictions for June I’m going to just pause and let things play out as the universe decides for me. I keep trying to figure out what is my best way to communicate with the opposite sex that there is a good woman who wants to be with a good man. I am happy with myself but at the same time there’s always a vibrational, philosophical, energetic and calming spirt within that wants someone to share these energies these intuitive thoughts these I can assuredly add something to your life qualities with. I have been realizing that maybe I’ve been absolutely wrong about the “King” and that realization has hit hard this week. He’s posting videos with someone who is likely the mother of his child and she’s definitely sending the message of he’s with me without saying a word to that effect. So, I have made my decision to move on and will no longer be posting about him. Sad when your intuition is way off sometimes! I have interacted with someone who might captivate my attention later on, so all is well that ends well. Still single, respectful, humble and appreciative. Thank you again, enjoy your vacation and when you are well rested and reading again let us know! BTW I hope you will add more details about us singles in the future and if you also incorporate specifics with zodiacs maybe 3 or 4 signs grouped together i.e. jan-apr signs may-aug signs sept-dec signs, those groups would be nice for some interesting topics. You don’t have to take my suggestions I’m just throwing it out there because I find you to be a genuine spirt and I know personally what that special spirt looks like. Respectfully and Namaste.

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    Amazing ❤️

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    Posted at 18:44h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you galena I hope this my wish and very great!!! Amazing
    … I am pisces ♓🐟

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    Alexandra Castro
    Posted at 18:40h, 31 May Reply

    Love this! Really amazing reading. I was in group 3. Thank you so much. God bless you

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    Posted at 18:03h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you. Great reading. I chose 3

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    Posted at 17:22h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you Galena! Reading was spot on and really helpful.🙂

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 17:16h, 31 May Reply

    Thanks Galena,

    Have a pleasant weekend


  • Avatar
    Heather Kahalehili
    Posted at 16:39h, 31 May Reply

    Group 3 resonated with me so much! I have already met this person who is not my usual type, I gave him a chance and it’s opened up my eyes to a new version of what love looks Iike to me. It is filled with warmth, adoration, and emotional safety, and that’s all I have ever wanted in a romantic connection. Thank you for continuing to share you gift with us! 💕 I am so very optimistic for the month of June!

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 10:33h, 31 May Reply

    Thanks galena,

    Have a nice weekend


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    Posted at 08:49h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you, Galena💕

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    Palesa Motshabi Mokoto
    Posted at 08:08h, 31 May Reply

    I want to know is karischmagh from Botswana is the love of my life or not, cause I hve falling in love with this guy, I meet him at the funeral of my friend’s mother, he was so loving and caring, he even held my arm and walk with me to meet my mom. As if his the new son in law

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    Nellz B
    Posted at 07:52h, 31 May Reply

    Oooh Emmm Geee Galena, omg! Number 3 is definitely the message(s) for me. For months Spirit has been saying to step out of my comfort zone. And my “type” really is my trauma now that I think about it. In other readings the TOWER card keeps reappearing. So I know this time around my foundation will be solid enough to have a successful relationship… thank u sooo much for the confirmation. Have a safe & awesome trip!!! You deserve it 💜💕❤️🫶🏾🥂

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    Posted at 07:51h, 31 May Reply

    ❤️❤️❤️Thank you for your insights❤️❤️❤️

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    Posted at 07:39h, 31 May Reply

    Thank you Galena! I hope we talk and this is my greatest wish❤️🌸Theresa and Joe

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    Elizabeth Sheleski
    Posted at 07:34h, 31 May Reply

    I am a Libra and this is Amazing.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Avatar
    Pamela gautreau
    Posted at 06:50h, 31 May Reply


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