Just Say Yes | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 6/16 - 6/18 - Cosmic Updates

Just Say Yes | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 6/16 – 6/18

Have you been waiting… hoping… for a wish about your love life to be fulfilled?

Galena the Mystic says this weekend could bring wonderful circumstances and abundance in your love life, so it’s important to keep a positive mindset. She’s here to help you see the path ahead, so you can make the most of this special opportunity and watch your dreams come true.

P.S. Which card did you choose and what did it have to say about your love life? Leave a comment below and let Galena know!


Hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s Galena the Mystic, your intuitive Tarot reader. I am back once again with another weekend love Tarot reading, this time for the weekend of June 16. I’m also excited to announce that we are approaching a New Moon in Gemini this weekend. It is either on Saturday or Sunday, depending on where you are in the world. This is a great time for the initiation of speedy communications. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Gemini is known for being an energy that is extremely chatty, really explores intellectual pursuits, and can be quite uninhibited when it comes to the way we speak on things.

So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself to be more chatty this weekend, or more willing to put your heart on the line and just say what it is that you’re really thinking. Even if you’re not having an emotional expression, you may be communicating more frequently with your crush, your love interest, or with those you surround yourself with—friends, family, you name it. Expect a very social energy this week; it can even be quite overwhelming at times. The frequency with which Gemini is able to communicate, and the speed in which communications can come through can be quite overwhelming. I do feel that there might need to be some sort of pause first. Let’s go ahead and get right into the Tarot and see what Spirit has in store for us when it comes to our love lives this weekend. What do we need to know?

We have here the King of Pentacles reversed. Have a good look at that. Here’s what it looks like in the upright. The King of Pentacles is someone who has it all—they really want for nothing. They are very abundant. In this reversal, this could be you sensing that someone is your everything or maybe projecting onto someone that they are your everything. Earth sign energies are coming through here: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. But take that as extra confirmation. You don’t have to be any of those signs or be involved with anyone in those signs. I can see here that when it comes to relationships, we’re feeling a little uprooted, maybe a little unstable, perhaps feeling unsure of where to invest some of our energy with this King of Pentacles. What else do we need to know in our love lives this weekend? Let’s see.

We have the Nine of Cups. Wow, beautiful. I love that this card came out. Even though you might be feeling like this one particular situation in which someone was your everything, or maybe you had it all together, or perhaps you were putting in a lot of effort to keep it all together, there is still wish fulfillment. Even if something else fell through or maybe didn’t live up to its potential or live up to your dreams of what it could be, your wish is still coming true. That’s something that I want to make abundantly clear with the Nine of Cups. There is an outcome in this situation that has satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, and victory written all over it.

With this King of Pentacles reversed, I feel like this is us really working hard to approach a mindset that’s more abundant. This doesn’t just have to do with your material gains, money, career, finances, or anything like that. When we approach relationships with an abundance mindset—”love is all around me, I have infinite access to love, my supply of love around me will never ever run out”—it allows us to find a lot more pleasure and satisfaction in the connections that we already have available to us. I feel like that’s something that we’re growing in this weekend. It’s pretty exciting because there’s this power that makes you more magnetic, more in alignment and more in harmony with those around you. It also stops you from projecting onto one person that they are your everything.

Love is all around you. Try to expand your mindset when it comes to this. This can be a difficult concept to grasp, but I feel that for many of you, something will click this weekend. You’ll realize that you don’t need to invest all your time and energy into one person or one particular situation. Your life doesn’t have to siphon your energy, and it doesn’t have to be limited.

Let’s see what else we need to know about our love lives this weekend. Some wishes are definitely coming true. You’re going to feel surprised at how well things work out for you. We have the Four of Wands that flew out of the deck, as well as the Wheel of Fortune, reversed. When I see the Wheel of Fortune reversed, I know that there’s a sort of rewind, an unexpected twist, an unexpected change of fate.

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration and harmony. It’s associated with weddings and it’s the 11:11 card. Do you see how those four wands look like 11:11, which is the number of wish fulfillment? Again, we have two signs here indicating that some sort of wish is coming true for you in your love life this weekend. With the Wheel of Fortune reversed, I can tell that this is something quite unexpected. It’s also something that’s already here.

I’ve spoken for a while about how finding more pleasure and satisfaction in the love that surrounds us in all forms makes us much more magnetic. With this Wheel of Fortune reversed, I feel like this is an indication of going backward, kind of rewinding, reviewing something here, going over something that maybe we missed or forgot. For some of you, this could be a revival or a reunion of some connection that was left in the past. For others, it’s you revisiting a journal where you scripted and realizing some things that you manifested actually came to fruition and maybe you overlooked that.

We also have the Page of Wands here, as well as the Two of Wands, reversed. This Two of Wands is looking backward, going back and seeing, perhaps I called things off too early. Or maybe I missed something that was in my past. We also have the Page of Wands here, indicating potential.

For example, my partner messaged me a few times, quite a few times, on Instagram years before I realized that we were meant to be together. Something like that, where you uncover something that you maybe overlooked or thought was nonexistent or a done deal. Let’s see what else comes through. What is it that we’re revisiting?

The Eight of Cups reversed suggests something that you walked away from. For many of you, this is something that you walked away from, and this is definitely not a situation in which there was toxicity or any form of abuse. That is really not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about something that was quite innocent, easy to overlook, or easy to disregard. Some of you might have already met your person.

I’m getting the feeling that some of you who are waiting for a love connection, thinking it’s nowhere to be found, might be overlooking a potential partner. Look at this Five of Cups; see those two cups right behind this person’s back? They’re grieving over things that they think have been a disappointment or a failure. Meanwhile, the Two of Cups is right there. You might just be going through an orbiting period right now where you’ve already run into the love of your life at the grocery store.

Or you’ve been overlooking a friend who’s been interested in you for a long time may have expressed interest when you weren’t open to it. That’s just an example. However, there’s an overlooked element of innocence and pleasure here. Thus, we’re being called to revisit that and see what’s up. For some of you, this is about exploring the potential of something, with the Page of Wands, not projecting any particular future onto it.

But just exploring the potential of something, tapping into more fun, and easing up a bit, because the energies of the Five of Cups and Page of Wands are so distinct. Note how the Page of Wands is looking towards the future with excitement, brimming with hope, potential, and passion. That’s the essence of Page of Wands energy – chasing desire. So, you’re transitioning from the Five of Cups to the Page of Wands. And we also have the Four of Wands.

While we’re not projecting many expectations onto something – since the Page of Wands is very open-minded and detached from the outcome, but willing to give it their all – I’m reminded of Yoga Sutra 1.12, which is ‘Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tan Nirodhah.’ It essentially means that you can offer your full, consistent effort, and your best self, while still being detached from the outcome. You don’t have to project a wedding onto this person, this new person you meet, represented by the Ace of Cups. You can just be open-minded and go along for the ride. You don’t have to project all of your past insecurities onto it either.

This is a challenge we’re truly grappling with, something coming in a way that catches you off guard with the Wheel of Fortune reversed. But even though it’s not arriving from the source you expected, it’s something – the Nine of Cups – that makes you very happy and helps you overcome grief. It also promotes self-love because you realize how wonderful life can be when you embrace your desires, go with the flow, let your hair down, and experience more passion and pleasure in all areas of life.

Being more receptive to love in all forms, you’re more open to your family and friends, and more likely to say ‘yes’ to things because the Page of Wands says yes to everything. So just say ‘yes’ this weekend, just say ‘yes,’ and you will be so pleasantly surprised.

I also want to mention that I filmed an entirely different video for you guys, and the message was very different. It got damaged as I tried to upload it and everything, and I feel like this message is coming in with that Wheel of Fortune energy, like an unexpected timeline jump, or being given an opportunity that we were just not seeing – it comes out of left field.

So those are all my messages for you this week. Thank you so much for watching and aligning with me. Thank you so much for your comments. I would love to read how these messages resonated with you and what you’re processing in love this weekend down below. Take care of yourselves, stay healthy, and I’ll see you in the future. Bye!

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Posted at 16:14h, 28 June Reply

    Thank you, very much great service.

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    Tara Clements
    Posted at 19:48h, 19 June Reply

    Beautiful G you are gifted i’m so glad that in this day and time that you are able to put your gift out there and not be ridiculed for or called weird or misunderstood and treated differently. And your confidence is beautiful. I wish I would’ve had that confidence when I was younger to put my gift out there as well., and I think you’re beautiful and the angels have direction towards you. It’s just really special so I think .Definitely has helped me in a situation that I can not for see. But in you. Thank you

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    Posted at 11:47h, 19 June Reply

    Galena now that the weekend is over I can tell you – all what you said was spot on 💯 ! Can’t believe it! I never thought would be possible. Bit by bit all of it came true even details.
    Thank you ! You are so gifted and talented!

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    Posted at 10:57h, 17 June Reply

    Hi Galena
    I love your authenticity! You are a beautiful person
    Thank you for your wisdom & translating it to practical life
    This weekend will certainly be the sort of test / experience you are speaking about
    Thank you !

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    Debbie Stephens
    Posted at 10:43h, 17 June Reply

    WOW!!! This reading spoke to me, and was just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

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    Julie Love
    Posted at 09:26h, 17 June Reply

    Galena, This is my first comment ever to a tarot reading. You are indeed a mystic. I am a Christian. I was moved to comment. You are my favorite. It seems to me that your readings today and last weekend are so on point for me. Like when you go to church and the preacher’s sermon is speaking directly to you. Thank you for the hope that you offer. Last week, the message that I got from you is that maybe I was overthinking. This week, the innocence and overlooking of a person in my past with giving it my all, yet detachment from a final outcome and accepting all the love around me. Finally, thank you for sharing that your first video fell apart. That information is just as crucial as your reading. I hope and think that I understand. Thank you!

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    Sandra Reynoso
    Posted at 09:15h, 17 June Reply

    You are always spot on! And you are awesome! Do you do private readings?

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    Anni Elisabeth Andersen
    Posted at 07:48h, 17 June Reply

    Thank you so much. just describing my situation 🙂
    Love to you.

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    Debrah cheeks
    Posted at 07:20h, 17 June Reply

    I want Dexter Beaton to come back to me my promotion my finance

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    Virassamy Nathalie
    Posted at 06:57h, 17 June Reply

    I hope that David and I pull it off alternative three years of back and forth. A whole lot of mess, heatache and trouble.
    We have affirmed being together but mariage is far.
    I stay positive and await the sourd of wedding bells.
    Hé is the love of my life.

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    Mary Garcia
    Posted at 04:09h, 17 June Reply

    This hit me hard. I did meet someone new which not normally the type I date. Though I got out of my comfort and he is a single dad of girls and I’ve never had a guy who takes care of their kids till now. He’s asked me to come over for a movie and we went swimming last weekend and my son went right to him yet is odd due to he is autistic and don’t open up to people that easy so was a bonus in my eye. But the girls he has goes to same daycare as my daughter. He said he has room for us to come stay the night. I may see what happens

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    Posted at 03:55h, 17 June Reply

    Thank you.

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    Linda Piquard
    Posted at 03:25h, 17 June Reply

    Thank you Galena, you are so well versed that I was mesmerized for the entire reading. The kicker is I am 67 years old was sound asleep and woke up then accidently hit something when I pushed my tablet off my bed and there you were! Most interesting too, I have been seeing 11:11 everywhere on a daily basis…. Anyway I feel your oneness with the universe and send you light and love in all you do. Linda Piquard

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    Posted at 02:28h, 17 June Reply

    Wow I really needed this reading thank you so much hope it’s what I am thinking

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    Posted at 01:25h, 17 June Reply

    Thanks for the update I really want to see my dear love one again I am so lonely I need love I want to be happy this weekend thanks once again

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    Lisa Rivera
    Posted at 22:47h, 16 June Reply

    Beautiful reading’ I’m keeping my heart open, thank you ♥️

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    Mamun Rashid Biswas
    Posted at 22:21h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you so much, I was really waiting for a sign regarding my love life 💞🥺

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    Kathleen Stott
    Posted at 22:05h, 16 June Reply

    Hi I enjoyed your reading. I’m encouraged that my crush is going to be able to be with me. Any communication with him would be so awesome. Thankyou

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    jennifer rivas
    Posted at 21:58h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you do much exactly what’s happening right now.

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    Miss kay bott
    Posted at 21:27h, 16 June Reply

    Hi my name kay I bin bad relationship on off 39 year
    I don t love person no more but I care for him I don t want live him no more he very control in my life as need help won t can I do thank u

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 21:21h, 16 June Reply

    Thanks galena for this reading.

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    Rosetta Naidoo
    Posted at 21:01h, 16 June Reply

    Fantastic, what an epic journey. Cannot wait to be with my Twin Flame

    • Avatar
      Isaiah sikapili
      Posted at 21:24h, 16 June Reply

      okey dear am thank you for your advice me let’s continue together until the end

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    SaDonna McLean y
    Posted at 20:57h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you 😊

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    Posted at 20:08h, 16 June Reply

    Oh wow I totally walked away geeze how this fantastic Reading canvas thru the entirety of what I recently went thru. Fingers are cross for a pleasant outcome this weekend and have a fabulous weekend!

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    Karen Meeks
    Posted at 19:00h, 16 June Reply

    Hi and thanks so much for your reading. It resonates with me deeply. I’ve had a rough past year losing my home to a hurricane and having to start over alone.
    Have always prayed for some joy and love to enter back into my life. Thanks for giving me Hope!

  • Avatar
    Liza McEvilly
    Posted at 18:00h, 16 June Reply

    Optimistic… thank you

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      Indiana Goldsworthy
      Posted at 03:01h, 17 June Reply

      Galena you had a beautiful bright aura around you, wow . I watch every video you and your team put 9ut and I must say I thankyou so much with all my heart, your readings resonate with great guidance and Understanding, you always clearly brea it down for those who can’t understand certain aspects. There is always something for me in each reading, it’s as though you guys are so in tune with your spirits and to share open sourcfully is something that all should be doing in these times.
      I thank you for all your work and time. Much love and disclosure is intiment 👽👽⚜️⚜️🛸🛸

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    Posted at 13:42h, 16 June Reply

    Hello, Galena. Thank You for this reading that came in this morning. I just wanted to let you know that I resonated with it really well. I am in a relationship with a King of Penticlaes texting twice a day and he he very sweet and caring man. However, he is not in position to go ahead with any future plans because of commitments and contracts which should be ending in Year and half. This is a long time to wait for someone but I feel he is worth it. I was amazed when you mentioned NOT ASKING FOR MARRIAGE OR NOT TALKING ABOUT BACKGROUND. Sometimes I feel he should be talking about it but he does not then I remember his commitments and realize he has a lot of things he has to work through yet. So, as your advice I never talk about future with him or talk about what went on before us. Thank You Galena. You are very good reader. Do you do private readings.???

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    Posted at 12:28h, 16 June Reply

    Oh YES! 4 of Wands 11:11 slam dunk what’s in my life! That’s what going on, your right on with your reading how exciting Galena! Hearts to you!❤️❤️🦄

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    Posted at 12:18h, 16 June Reply


    Your wonderful as usual. Thank you.

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    Lisa B
    Posted at 11:44h, 16 June Reply

    Hi Galena. What a nice reading & message, Just Say YES! I’ve had a busy & challenging emotional week helping my disabled brother in another state. Have been texting my soulmate daily, to keep in touch, but he doesn’t respond. I know he is very busy with his obligations, & can take awhile to get back me. I don’t want to pressure him, but I really miss him. I wonder if I have sent him a signal that he is not as important to me as helping my brother who is in crisis right now. Your reading gives me hope & reminds me that good things are on their way, & in fact are all around me. Thank you & be blessed. Lisa 🌸

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    Claudia Barillas
    Posted at 11:39h, 16 June Reply

    Your reading resonates in my heart, that happened. Thank you so much.

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    Stacy Michelle
    Posted at 10:16h, 16 June Reply

    Awesome job!! I can’t wait to see how the weekend unfolds!! I was a little reluctant over some disappointments but I have released the negativity and your reading confirms that we should keep moving on!! Thank you for your willingness to share with the universe!!! May you be truly blessed!!

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    Posted at 09:37h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you Galena 😊 💓 for good incourage in my love life Thank you so much God bless you Abundance 🙏🏼 ❤️ good up date on my love.

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    Posted at 09:33h, 16 June Reply

    Thank you so much for sending guidance advices for me and I have seen several times the nr.11:11 this really true and clover too . Clover petals up to 7 petals, I hope for God blessing and God bless us — God bless you always with the best of all

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    Zolile stuurman
    Posted at 09:16h, 16 June Reply


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    Priscilla Hill
    Posted at 09:07h, 16 June Reply

    This was definitely for me and where I’m at in my love life. His name is Gary and he was someone I wanted but things didn’t work out. Now he is engaged to be married. Sad to say I pray the universe turn things around for me. I truly love him and can’t get him off my mind. No matter what I see his name or thinking about him. I miss him.

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    Cathy Ann Hill
    Posted at 09:03h, 16 June Reply

    Love this reading Galena. Hope I spelt your name right. This reading is encouraging and happy with sound advice. It is my time to shine. Thankful and grateful. Love and light to everyone. 🙏🏼

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    Dannielle S Baty
    Posted at 08:59h, 16 June Reply

    I don’t know what to say.i don’t believe mark is being faithful and I’m not the person to take that lightly so I think I’m screwed I do with it all were true

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    Bea Farruggio
    Posted at 08:51h, 16 June Reply

    Hello, I am at cross roads with someone I feel I have a strong connection with but he gives me mixed signals so I said good bye, not sure if I did the right thing. He is a good person. I am talking to someone that seems sweet and stable but I don’t know if I should move forward and get to know him more or explore the strong connection to make sure I’m not missing my life partner?

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