Let Karma Handle It | Galena The Mystic | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 11/24 - 11/26 - Cosmic Updates

Let Karma Handle It | Galena The Mystic | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 11/24 – 11/26

Have you been feeling like someone could be hiding something from you?

Galena the Mystic says this weekend could bring themes of betrayal to the surface.

She’s here to help you recognize ways in which your relationships may have been feeling upside down, so you can get the answers you need.

P.S. Is someone trying to manipulate you right now? Are things feeling off balance? Leave a comment below and let Galena know.


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. This is your intuitive Tarot reader, Galena the Mystic, and I’m back with another Weekend Love Tarot Reading. And this is for the weekend of, I believe, the 23rd. So let’s go ahead and get into it and see what it is we need to understand about our love lives this weekend. Who are we dealing with? What are we dealing with? What do we need to navigate? 

Okay, the Ten of Swords. Wow. Okay. And the Nine of Pentacles, this makes sense. The Tower reversed. Okay, I’m going to get clarifiers for these as well but, what it seems like here is that there are some powerful endings. By the way, this is the Tarot De Luz, one of my favorite decks for love readings. But, with this Ten of Swords, it seems like there are some painful endings, feeling defeated, depleted, and exhausted by someone.

With this Nine of Pentacles, there’s a heavy need for separation. Some of you are going through separation, especially because The Tower reversed is here. But some of you, it’s like you can’t separate. You have to work within the container of your relationship for some reason. Maybe you are stuck living together. But, with this Nine of Pentacles, there’s something about protecting your energy, protecting your abundance, protecting your resources, maintaining financial independence, maintaining sovereignty and autonomy. Maybe this is a breakup some of you went through.

Seven of Swords, Six of Wands reversed, wow. So, I’m getting like a loser mentality from this, if I’m being completely honest, someone who maybe sabotages because they feel like they’re already going to fail, they just believe that they’re going to fail. And with the Seven of Swords, they sabotage. Yeah, Ten of Cups. So I feel like for some of you with this Ten of Cups, you could have felt like this person was your everything. And maybe they felt like you were their everything too. But with the Seven of Swords, because they don’t believe they’re capable of achieving things in their life, they’ve betrayed you in some way. 

And with this Nine of Pentacles, I feel like your best revenge is success, personal success and happiness. Some of you are definitely thriving after some sort of ending here. And even though there was this Tower moment where some illusion you had was shattered, it seems like there’s, if anything, that you took that and alchemized it in order to boost yourself up in some way.

Let’s see, The Empress reversed. Four of Cups reversed. Yeah. Someone’s not seeing you clearly. I feel like this could be someone who maybe put you on a pedestal. I see that sometimes with The Empress reversed they maybe didn’t consider the reality of actually being with you. So then when they were actually with you, it was like they couldn’t keep the illusion up or they had to end things when they saw how things really were. And you could maybe be taking that the wrong way. Maybe you’re seeing yourself differently now that you’ve maybe been betrayed. Seeing yourself as a failure, seeing yourself as unworthy, seeing yourself as unattractive with The Empress reversed. And that’s not true. It’s almost like the opposite that I’m getting, that someone put you on a pedestal.

And yeah, I want to get clarity on something really quickly. Knight of Wands in reverse. Yeah, they wanted to chase you because you were shiny. The Hermit reversed and because they don’t have their own light within, with this lantern here, someone, it’s almost giving energy like a Vampire but, someone who really enjoys your warmth, someone who sees you shining and doesn’t see that within themselves and so they want to hang around you, hang around your energy. 

Okay, I do want to actually take all of these, Wheel of Fortune reversed. Some of you this weekend are realizing how detrimental it is for you to be derailed by someone else’s energy. Two of Cups reversed. There’s a lack of alignment. Two of Wands reversed, creating inner conflict. Eight of Cups reversed, The Emperor reversed. So I feel like someone here wanted to keep you in your comfort zone, wanted to prevent you from growing in some way. This could also be someone who they want you to choose the timeline that they’re on. But if I’m being honest, it seems like the timeline you’re on requires someone more dependable with The Emperor reversed. And when it comes to your home life, if you’re living with someone and you feel stuck with them, it just seems like there’s a lot of a lack of order and their energy gets spread everywhere. 

With the Knight of Wands reversed, this person can’t choose, can’t decide on a direction and so their energy gets dispersed all over. They end up sabotaging themselves, sabotaging their connections with the Six of Wands reversed, as well, they could have humiliated you, actually. Six of Wands is being in the public eye but, with this Seven of Swords, it’s like deception, energy. So maybe this person to the public or to your friends and family or something like that, they have a certain narrative that they’ve shared. They try to control the narrative to make themselves look better. They try to deceive, maybe make you the villain or something like that. And with this Knight of Wands reversed, this is someone who’s just very fickle, can’t be trusted. 

Two of Cups reversed, you’re not on the same wavelength, the feelings are not mutual here. With the Emperor reversed, they don’t have their “ish” together, they don’t have control of their lives and it’s almost like they want you to get swept up in it. The Hermit reversed, it’s kind of negligent energy, like maybe they weren’t intentionally malicious, but their lack of clarity on their own direction, they don’t care how it impacts you, especially because with this Ten of Cups, you’re showing up with a full heart. It seems you’re very available. And with the Ten of Swords, that’s what’s led you to be depleted. 

And with the Nine of Pentacles, you’re realizing that it’s time to focus on your own energy and deconstruct ideas of what makes you attractive and deconstruct ideas of how to be nurturing in a healthy way. It seems like you’ve been maybe over nurturing or overgiving in the past and with the reversal, there could be some insecurity related to that. 

But, let’s go ahead and see what else Spirit wants you to know. I actually want to get a couple Dreams of Gaia Tarot Cards. Okay, what do we need to know this weekend about our love lives? Okay, Union. And this did come out reversed. Integrity. I’m going to actually cover this because it’s not safe for work. But, Integrity, I feel like you want to show up more vulnerably in the world and express more of yourself. Someone here just has issues with integrity and your lack of union is because someone’s just not showing up fully as themselves. Yeah, Eight of Pentacles, there’s a lot of work to be done. I feel like with the Seven of Cups, you’re in a more passive or the Seven of Water you’re in a more passive energy where you’re just trying to flow and allow blessings into your life. And when your feelings come, honoring them, when options come, honoring that too. Honoring your dreams, honoring your ideas, also opening your third eye, seeing people’s energy for what it really is and kind of allowing that to pass you by. When you see someone’s energy is kind of ill, you just let that go instead of forcing yourself to be involved, like maybe you would in the past or forcing yourself to take care of them like you would in the past, with this Empress reversed. And with Union reversed, I feel like this person could not harmonize with you because they haven’t done the work that you’ve done on yourself. 

So let’s go ahead and end with some Starcodes Astro Oracle cards. I actually have some Angel Oracles for us as well today. Let’s go ahead and see what do we need to know about love this weekend? Descendant: Invitation. So yeah, this card specifically talks about how not everybody can come with you. Be careful who you invite into your energy field. Sometimes we do have to leave people behind.

Third House: Communication. So yeah, you could be communicating new boundaries with someone or just communicating your truth. Dignified Strength opposition Confrontation. So yeah, you could be confronted with some pretty heavy energy this weekend in which you really have to stand up and advocate for yourself or with this Third House energy here, you really have to communicate what it is you’re feeling and thinking, and communicating your honest truth as well. And with this dignified card, your Strength is going to come from your flexibility, especially with the Seven of Water energy we talked about. With Confrontation here, it seems like the truth is not something that can be ignored this weekend. 

We have The Seneschal reversed on top of the deck now, and this card talks about loyalty and working within the constraints of your situation because you’re not the person with the power, you’re loyal to someone else. I feel like, with this reversal, you’re no longer going to be loyal to this person or you’re realizing that your loyalty to them hasn’t been beneficial to you in some way. And so you’re allowing that truth to be revealed and realizing that you’ve outgrown this container in some way. And I feel like this person who wants you to be loyal to them, it’s disempowering to you. It really is. And so that’s what you’re confronting this weekend. 

Let’s go ahead and get a few Angel Oracle Guidance Cards for us. Move this all over to the side. Alrighty, what do we need to know about love this weekend? What do we need to know? Okay, Forgiveness. Now’s Not The Right Time. You can forgive someone and tell them it’s not the right time. Abundance, you have more opportunities than you realize, more options. Improving Health. So I think there’s other things that you need to focus on a little bit more than this person but, I feel like they want you to focus on them anyways, even though they know.

Ask For Help From Others. So I think that other people’s advice, your friends and family could be looking at this person like, “we don’t really approve or we don’t think this is right for you.” And, you’re meant to really trust that. Within The Next Few Weeks, Within The Next Few Weeks, you’re going to face one of your fears. Don’t Stop. Okay? Confront. Confront what it is you’re most afraid of. You’re going to face one of your fears and it’s going to lead you to more options, more abundance and abundance of love, an abundance of suitors maybe, an abundance of work opportunities, getting your money up, getting your health up.

This is definitely giving post breakup glow-up for some of you. And it’s you’re very easily able to forgive, but not for them, for yourself. When it comes to them. It’s Not The Right Time, you’re not in alignment. And I feel like your friends and family would be able to confirm that for you right now. And it’s like you’re thriving anyways, which is, like I said earlier, the best revenge is your own glow-up, your own wellbeing. You don’t need to do anything with this person or to this person in order to be okay. 

What’s on the bottom of the deck? Wait. Yeah. I feel like if you were to Wait, you would kind of see karma play out. Or if you were to just observe instead of trying to get revenge on this person or trying to get something from this person, for example, even with the Nine of Pentacles, right, we talked about them potentially financially disempowering you or lying to you in some way. And I just want to say if this is financial, it seems like if this is financial, it seems like you’re going to get that money back and then some. But instead of trying to get it back, it’s like the universe is just going to repay you in some other way, or you’re going to see them struggle financially. And it’s like, okay, protect your own energy, protect your own bag. We saw the Eight of Earth, so make sure you’re working towards your own progress and your own abundance and that’s going to make things a lot easier for you. And, when it comes to Wait and Don’t Stop, I feel like Spirit’s saying, just be patient, we’re going to bring things back around, everything always comes to the correct conclusion in the eyes of the universe or when you let the universe take care of it.

And so with Not The Right Time and Forgiveness, I feel like this person could be begging you for forgiveness and it’s like, “I do already forgive you but, me and you, it’s not it.” And with Abundance, it’s like I’m going to protect my energy and my money and I’m not going to compromise on that. 

Okay, so these are all the messages I have for you this week. Thank you so, so much for spending this time with me. If you would like a private reading, I see a lot of questions about private readings in the comments. And in order to buy a private reading, you must go to members.cosmicupdates.com/galena. Okay? And, so I really hope to see you there. I love helping you all. I love reading your comments as well. Thank you so much for commenting and sending all the love. I’m sending so much love back and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Nadine pat palacios
    Posted at 15:12h, 06 January Reply

    I felt like you were talking straight to me everything was my relationship on point but what now ?where is this headed for me I’m more confused than ever !!

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    Posted at 19:32h, 27 November Reply

    Hi Galena, thank you so much for this reading. I listened to it twice on Friday because after the first one, I was confused about who in my past that you were referring too. Then Sunday late afternoon came around and everything went into place. In my case, the person you were referring to committed suicide a few years ago and it was time for me to visit the site and express myself to this person. I listened again twice today and clarity is the best word I can use.

    Thank you so much.

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      Bishop’s king
      Posted at 06:52h, 28 November Reply


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    Roxanne Frempong
    Posted at 09:13h, 26 November Reply

    Thank you Galena!! Everything you said resonates with me and is on the money!! Constantly being in a confused state about my situation. You have provided me with clarity. I will focus on the things i need to focus on and be still. Although so disappointed as I wanted that person to be my forever. However, I understand that the Universe and my Higher Power knows best!

  • Avatar
    Roxanne Frempong
    Posted at 09:11h, 26 November Reply

    Thank you Galena!! Everything you said resonates with me and is on the money!! Constantly being in a confused state about my situation. You have provided me with clarity. I will focus on tbe things i need to focus on and be still. Although so disappointed as I wanted that person to be my forever. However, I understand that the Universe and my Higher Power knows best!

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    Posted at 01:07h, 26 November Reply

    Thank you so much,you just went straight to my problems yes we are In separation for +-4years now,I want a free divorce it’s difficult I’ve been in divorce court for numerous time with fail dey say I mst come with him to get free divorce
    Where will I find him as he is happy with new wife
    I’m praying if one day I get dat divorce

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    Douye Olufela
    Posted at 12:02h, 25 November Reply

    Okay so I am getting that wait vibes ,universe telling me to allow every abundance to come my way naturally and I should wait it out. As for forgiveness oh I’ve done that already thanks again for this I really went a long way. .

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      Aneetrai Rowland
      Posted at 12:40h, 25 November Reply

      Gratitude Galena greatly appreciate you

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        Terri Mathey
        Posted at 22:39h, 25 November Reply

        Seems right on for my circumstances.

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    Posted at 07:42h, 25 November Reply

    Hello Galena
    Thank you for the wonderful reading. I am not going to dwell much on myself as this might end up being a novel. What I can is that you were “SPOT ON” with this reading. All the cards were precise to the point with my current situation.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Nelson
    Posted at 06:18h, 25 November Reply

    Hi Galena,
    Everything you said was absolutely true thank you so much for this wonderful Tarot Reading.

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    florence leach
    Posted at 03:19h, 25 November Reply

    wow! right on the money .I wil keep in touch and want a private reading. THANK YOU FLO

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    LeAnne LeMieux
    Posted at 01:50h, 25 November Reply

    This is so me that its scary but I’m going to listen and see thank you

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    Posted at 22:23h, 24 November Reply

    OMG U nailed this! This is definitely ME wrapped all in it experiencing this from the beginning to the end knowing that I am now existing this torment of an ordeal.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:57h, 24 November Reply

    Definitely spot on for me in so many ways. I’m constantly getting n denial about what’s going on with my current love life situation and more and more it’s getting harder to deny things. This definitely gave me alot to think about.

    • Avatar
      Kim Greer
      Posted at 01:56h, 25 November Reply

      Everything you talked about its going on with me thanks so much

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    Posted at 21:52h, 24 November Reply

    Spot on! Thank you so much!!

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    Posted at 21:50h, 24 November Reply

    What a wonderful reading Galena
    I appreciate and am in awe of your accuracy, depth of interpretation, clear and detailed account and your advice and honest emotive expression. You are truly a gifted and caring reader and relationship coach.
    You made me feel hopeful positive and affirmed in my direction and focus for my life.

  • Avatar
    Michelle Parry
    Posted at 19:22h, 24 November Reply

    Wow . . . Absolutely spot on with every aspect of the situation. Thank you for sharing your reading and insight and giving me the inner strength to do what I need to do and obtain the peace I deserve 🙏🤩🥰😅

  • Avatar
    David DeAngelo owens
    Posted at 19:05h, 24 November Reply

    I’m David DeAngelo Owens December 4th 1991 Sagittarius ♐ and I thank you for sharing this information to me because I used these readings for God to talk to me because I don’t know what path to take so many vibes and energy around me is over much my ex lied to me made it seem like I had a chance to be with her she Virgo I been around for 3yrs hidding me like a Easter egg always telling others we friends but behind closed doors we lovers i found out with my own eyes she was in a hotel with another man she always tell me she always at work and home by herself but ppl that know me give me information on who comes and go out the house once again she lied again i felt like she been messing around since we been together i know the truth so im at peace with myself

  • Avatar
    Leslie Jane
    Posted at 18:43h, 24 November Reply

    Yup! Glow up we go

  • Avatar
    Chelsea McIntyre
    Posted at 17:57h, 24 November Reply

    WOW!!!!! This was spot on for me 100%. WOW THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!

  • Avatar
    Miranda L Harris
    Posted at 14:22h, 24 November Reply

    It’s amazing how many people are resignating with your reading. It’s also amazing how many people are going through such similar struggles as I. Lol. But even more amazing to know the universe is on my side. I CAN & WILL make it through this with ease.

  • Avatar
    Erica Marie Ornelas
    Posted at 14:19h, 24 November Reply

    This hit yoo hard it was exactly spot on for me . Thank you so much

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    Annette Greta Nolen-Dunigans
    Posted at 13:34h, 24 November Reply

    Thank you Galena. You are so spot on with what is happening in my life currently.

  • Avatar
    Ojo Alaba Odunayomi
    Posted at 13:10h, 24 November Reply

    This is the first time galena message is so clear to me and so accurate to everything I’m going through presently honestly every message is about me… Thank you so much your messages gives me more strength and prove to me that my decision to walked away from a draining & toxic relationship is the best I was so upset I wanted revenge but then I realized I should be grateful bcoz I just dodged a bullet and now I’m focusing more on my healing and I pray I heal soon the scar might never go away but it will always serves as a lesson and a blessing and not as a regret

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    Posted at 11:57h, 24 November Reply

    Deepest love and respect! You are so accurate I can’t even deal! Thank you for taking the time to do these videos. For your accuracy, for your confirmations, for the external love that you give to all of us in the collective. Thank you so much,… I really needed to hear all this ❤️

    • Avatar
      Claudia Barillas
      Posted at 22:15h, 24 November Reply

      Thank You for your words, really i don’t know what to think

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    Kimberly Stromberg
    Posted at 11:39h, 24 November Reply

    This reading was so on target that is had many elements that are happening to me the last 6 months. I am interested in a private reading. Let me know how to arrange it. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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    Nenette chiong
    Posted at 10:41h, 24 November Reply

    Thank you very much

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    Posted at 08:17h, 24 November Reply

    Thank for your cards

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    Marilyn Cosentino
    Posted at 08:11h, 24 November Reply

    TY, I was just scammed by someone I trusted, so the reading was very appropriate

  • Avatar
    Wanda Davis
    Posted at 07:38h, 24 November Reply

    You really hit it on the head
    I appreciate you

  • Avatar
    Edward Marks
    Posted at 07:16h, 24 November Reply

    Galena your reading was so correct in certain aspects of my life and relationship you had me wondering in all I thank you as i look forward to the week ahead

  • Avatar
    Mary Read
    Posted at 06:54h, 24 November Reply

    Wow you are spot on to what is going on in my life I will listen to what you said and wait thank you you have helped me

    • Avatar
      roxanne simon
      Posted at 09:11h, 24 November Reply

      So many ways or individuals in my life where this could apply…thank you for the heads up

    • Avatar
      Natalie B
      Posted at 21:32h, 05 December Reply

      Wow Galena! Spot on! I’m learning my ex husband’s secret he’s been keeping from me & the decisions he” made is going to be very rough for him and his secrets and friends are going to realize the truth in the coming weeks. So true, got to face my fear of advancing in a new company with my new certification-so scared….but need to…Thank you so much!

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    Jan McCarthy
    Posted at 06:43h, 24 November Reply

    Hello Galena,
    I’m actually quite blown away with your reading! I’m amazed at how accurate it is and so directly benifitial it is to me right now. I can’t thank you enough for your insight.
    I would like to keep in touch.
    Many, many blessings to you

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