Listen To Your Feelings | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/27 - 12/03 - Cosmic Updates

Listen To Your Feelings | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/27 – 12/03

Has something in your relationships been confusing you lately?

Jonathan Lionheart says that listening to your feelings this week can lead you to the clarity you need.

He’s here to help you get in touch with powerful emotions that may be hidden, so you can transform your life for the better, here in his Weekly Tarot Reading. Enjoy!


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P.S. Is there a certain relationship you’re struggling to navigate right now? What is your intuition telling you about it? Leave a comment below and let Jonathan know!



Listen To Your Feelings | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/27 – 12/03

Hey there! This is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading.

I see a very clarifying and motivated week ahead, and I’m excited for you to take a look.

So you can schedule a private reading with me down below. And otherwise, let’s hop right in and see what’s going on.

I want to invite you to take a few breaths, a couple of slow breaths. You might even sigh as you exhale. And just let yourself think for a moment. You might bring your awareness to your heart center and think of something that brings joy to you.

All right, let’s see what we have.

Call out to Mother, Father, God, the denizens of light, the deep ones, the rooted ones. Call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Be with us now and help there be a clear message and all the support that’s needed in this moment.

All right, let’s take a look. The first card will be the Situation. Your second card will be the Obstacle. And the third card is the Outcome.

Let’s see. So my first impression is that this is going to be a week of refinement, and clarification. If something’s been confusing on a relational level, it could start to get clearer this week.

So your first card is the Chariot. And the Chariot is about ambition, determination, and willpower. It’s time to get a move on with something that’s important in your life. The Chariot follows the Lovers card in the major arcana, and the Lovers is about choices, after some choices have been made. Now it’s time to listen to that calling, and use willpower and determination to move forward.

You are going to have the strength and the know-how to overcome any obstacles that have been in your way. Of course, it’s going to take your commitment and willingness to keep on keeping on.

So this is not a time to get sidetracked by emotions or distractions. Rather, you’re going to want to point yourself towards what you want and go for it. You might ask yourself, “How can I organize my life and my goals, so I’m headed in the right direction?”

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get motivated and get going to start a project or to start a new thing, this is a great week to get going.

So your second card, the Obstacle, is the Two of Cups, which represents unity, partnership, and connection.

However, in the Obstacle position, it’s quite possible that something’s out of balance, that communication with someone close to you could be way off at the moment. A connection that may have felt generous and exciting may begin to feel repelling and out of whack. You might also be curious about a new connection…if it’s a good thing for you, or if it’s a bad thing, if it’s the right person or not.

Considering your first card, which is all about making progress and moving forward, that connection that’s out of whack, or this new person, could be creating a lot of distraction.

As always, good dialogue and open communication can solve a lot of this, but you might not be in a situation where you can do that.

So your next card, the Outcome, is the High Priestess. And the High Priestess represents intuition, secret knowledge, and your inner voice.

So sometimes the Priestess is interpreted as being about hidden secrets coming out. But I actually see this as a very positive Outcome card. This is a call to return to your intuition and listen to the guidance coming from your unconscious. That means really listen to your feelings and pay attention to your dreams and the images that might arise around you.

There’s also a timing element to the situation at hand, that what needs to be revealed will be, but only when you’re ready. So learning to trust life and learning to trust the timing of when something is revealed is important.

The High Priestess is also a call to face the unknown parts of yourself. So getting curious about what you don’t know and what might be arising in you that wants your attention is important.

If you can’t tell, I absolutely adore this card. It’s filled with powerful symbolism. But let’s take a look at just a few of the symbols in the card that are important for your reading this week.

The first of which is the scroll which reads Torah. The Torah, in this instance, is a symbol for Divine Law. The way things happen and why they happen is only revealed to those who are willing to get quiet and listen. So give yourself time to think and feel and explore what’s rising up in your awareness.

The other important symbol in this card is the two pillars, the white pillar and the black pillar. With the Two of Cups, there could be a little bit of an either-or situation that you’re in. “Should I do this? Should I go that way? I’m not sure.” Well, the Priestess is a reminder that it’s not an either-or all the time.

And the pomegranates behind her are symbolic of the heart. So the answer is going to come from deep within, from inside your heart.

So there’s a lot here, but let’s take a look at the Advice card for the week.

So interesting. So we’ve got the Devil card for your advice this week. So the Devil card is all about the material world. And it’s a reminder to stay grounded and to focus on what’s here.

The Devil can also indicate that there is a contract that goes beyond lifetimes with you and someone. So this is something to be aware of.

It’s also really important not to sign any actual contracts right now and to be wary of over-promising.

I also tend to see the Devil card as a reminder to bring light to what’s dark. What I mean by this is to not hide away or avoid the parts of yourself that you’re a little bit ashamed of. So the places that you usually bottle away or hide from need attention and care as well.

Often the places that feel like they’re negative or dark have simply lost connection with your greater self and with the Divine, so bringing them back into the fold is important.

But you want to find a way to express some of your primal energies in a healthy way.

This could look like dancing wildly to your heart’s content, or having a lavish meal or a cheat day with your diet. And I’ll let you come up with what it might look like in the bedroom. But you want to find a way to express some of your primal energies in a healthy way.

So in the week ahead, you can definitely expect yourself to be getting some motivation, getting things going. You’re going to have the courage and the energy to face obstacles that you haven’t been able to face so far.

However, there could be some confusion and uncertainty around a relationship. This could be a work relationship or a love relationship that started recently. And ultimately, the way that you’re going to find your way through is to go inward to explore some of your own intuition.

Life is offering information at a deep level. So you’re going to want to give yourself time to feel it and to explore it. This is really exciting because it has the feel of a revelation coming your way and not from the outside but from within.

And don’t forget to bring some loving nourishment to the parts of yourself that don’t get to be seen very often.

So your mantra for the week is: “When I listen to my intuition and relate to my shadow, my motivation can soar. When I listen to my intuition and relate to my shadow, my motivation can soar.”

So good to spend time with you. I always love hearing from you and I look forward to next week. Take care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

  • Avatar
    Angela Margaret Fitzpatrick
    Posted at 12:43h, 02 December Reply

    Always spot on as if you are talking directly to me. Very inspirational.

  • Avatar
    Angela Margaret Fitzpatrick
    Posted at 12:43h, 02 December Reply

    Always feel like you are talking directly to me. Very inspirational. Keep the good work going.

  • Avatar
    Angela Margaret Fitzpatrick
    Posted at 12:42h, 02 December Reply

    Always spot on with your readings. Very inspirational.

  • Avatar
    Jo Anne Robertson
    Posted at 07:41h, 01 December Reply

    Hi Jonathan
    What is being said about this week, couldn’t be more true!

    First, I spoke up to my significant other how things were and what actions needed to take place,! I feel heard and seeing results.

    The second part of the reading resonates with feeling with in a relationship matter and truly following my internal feelings! Feeling positive and moving into a stable situation.,

    Again, uncanny on how you present this readings that resonate with me!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:19h, 01 December Reply

    I’m sill holding onto the same love for 2 years and who we talked about in a personal reading a year ago. I can’t let go, the more I try the harder it is. I feel like we still communicate for a reason and I hope I’m not wasting all this time for nothing but I can’t move on no matter how hard I try. The feeling I have with him is like no other. If only he felt the same. He’s a damn good man and isn’t appreciated like he should be.

  • Avatar
    Regina Walters
    Posted at 14:41h, 30 November Reply

    Thank you for the insight! I appreciate it. Do you charge for your readings? If so how much are they?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:39h, 30 November Reply

    A very interesting reading for me, and one that resonates a lot, thank you 🙏🏻

  • Avatar
    MaryAnn Stevenson
    Posted at 07:35h, 30 November Reply

    I read everyone’s little comments. First time I am responding to your tarot reading. These last two years have been most testing and confused times. I will listen quietly. Still need a push to which way to go. Work wise or relationship. Both suck. I see everyone is stressed. So much pressure & anger. You hit it on the head Jonathan. I will listen to my instincts & gut. Wish you Happy Holidays!

    • Avatar
      Ms Keran Van Epen
      Posted at 14:28h, 30 November Reply

      This reading has been awakening for me. Hidden emotions for so long. I’m just not sure how to face them without hurting a family member. She has an emotional hold over me, although I love her unconditionally, I need to open my inner strength and move on to reach my purpose in life.

  • Avatar
    Melisa Hood
    Posted at 20:26h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you for this Jonathan! I appreciate it. It is spot on with what my spirit guides have been telling me: listen to my heart, not my logic, not those around me, my heart. Be safe, stay well and have an amazing holiday season.

  • Avatar
    Gilda Silva
    Posted at 14:23h, 29 November Reply

    Hey Jonathan, thank you for your very insightful reading.
    Than you!

  • Avatar
    Lea Centauri
    Posted at 12:31h, 29 November Reply

    Lionheart…..This was on point……being aware is of the answer to a question is the beauty of the answer…..thanks

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:22h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you so much I really look forward to your readings so very helpful 🙏

  • Avatar
    Dominique Axelle APOVO
    Posted at 10:11h, 29 November Reply

    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks you so much. Things are so clear to me when I am reading. Really I’m so confortable. I am always happy to read your concerns about me. Thanks a lot. Keep your good doing, your reward is immense.
    Stay blessed.

  • Avatar
    Anja Algio
    Posted at 10:00h, 29 November Reply

    You asked to leave a comment about a relationship I am strugeling with. Yes, I did meet a person online, wish to now if it will resolve the issues that is holding us apart, this year still. Will he find the money what he needs to retire?? I know the money will be found to release that account he opened for me.
    Thank you kindly

    love your readings.

    Kind regards
    Anja Algio

    • Avatar
      Posted at 10:11h, 01 December Reply

      Anna, your situation sounds so familiar to mine and it makes me wonder even more…… Jonathan’s readings are opening my mind and my heart. And so have you…..

  • Avatar
    Kristina Buttram
    Posted at 09:24h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you so much for the readings! It always seems you are giving me a private reading- always spot on -thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:39h, 29 November Reply

    there is so much wisdom and clarification whenever You interpret the things that affect me

  • Avatar
    Brenda D Anderson
    Posted at 06:34h, 29 November Reply

    Mr John Lockhart I love the reading you have a good day I love the reading I love it

  • Avatar
    Posted at 06:18h, 29 November Reply

    Bring forth that which needs focus and awareness. Life is entangled in living so some manifested mindfulness and grounding are needed to navigate life’s living pool. Peace

  • Avatar
    Rita Piedade Sa
    Posted at 05:45h, 29 November Reply

    Hi Dear Jonathan thank you so much for the video and nice to see you. This moment my mind is so confused about the future abut 3 days I have been feel so confused with negative things in my mind what make me sad like this I just can’t move forward um moment I am okay in next moment I am not okay. My God I have been safer for years with this negative mind I just can’t make plans for the future I have been tried everything to leave this negative mind behind but didn’t work what can I do. Thank you again Dear Jonathan bless you

  • Avatar
    terry ulyses cosner
    Posted at 04:54h, 29 November Reply

    .n. i will be sure to “listen to my gut” this week yep yep .. lots to unpack there.. hmmmm…. well thankyou sir , jonathan

  • Avatar
    Maria Isabel
    Posted at 04:21h, 29 November Reply

    Gracias …Mr.Lionheart

    • Avatar
      Maria Isabel
      Posted at 04:22h, 29 November Reply

      Lot of it resonates

  • Avatar
    Jackson Katembo
    Posted at 03:46h, 29 November Reply

    Than you Jonathan for your support, you have touched my deepest part of my current situation……be blessed for your commitment

  • Avatar
    Marlene West
    Posted at 03:43h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you, this has brought some things into clarity for me already. I am so grateful that you have taken your time to giving me and others the guidance that we are searching for. Thanks again

  • Avatar
    Oindrila Sen.
    Posted at 03:38h, 29 November Reply

    How could you able to express all of the hidden emotions of mine so accurately……??? They were sooooooooooo…….accurate……& really this kind of emotions that you predicted has been developed within me for some days…… I LOVE it……..❤❤❤ many many thanks for this light…….❤❤❤

  • Avatar
    Daniela Galabova
    Posted at 03:11h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you so much, great reading, and I cannot wait to implement t this week. Thank you 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:45h, 29 November Reply

    Hi Jonathan….let me take this opportunity to Wish You a Very Happy Thanksgiving…..!!! I am sure your heartfelt reading will resonate with my friend…and heeds your advice…!!!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:42h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you so much for that reading Jonathan. I can relate to it more than I wanted to. I appreciated that reading as it was so spot on and really hit home like no other. I can’t wait till my next reading. So much to take in and really think about. I appreciate you more than you can ever imagine. Thank you so much. May God keep blessing you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:22h, 29 November Reply

    Thank you Jonathan 🙏

  • Avatar
    madhuri mishra
    Posted at 02:16h, 29 November Reply

    im greatful u r my guide mentor for today tomorrow n forever

  • Avatar
    Daniel Miller
    Posted at 02:13h, 29 November Reply

    Really that reading couldn’t be more spot on. I have readings done from all kinds of readers I’m only impressed by a few I’ve only made a comment on one and that you two others ain’t quite got the comment yet I’m not easily impressed with this stuff that some are real I think you got it
    love and light

    • Avatar
      Bettyjean Gandy
      Posted at 03:38h, 29 November Reply

      Thank you on time

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:57h, 29 November Reply

    Okay I will be a good idea to get the chance of getting a new one

    • Avatar
      Posted at 08:04h, 29 November Reply

      Dear Johnathan i know that you don’t know me but it‘s sim’s like you live my life !Thank you a lot!Edita

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:55h, 29 November Reply

    Okay thanks again for your help

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    Posted at 01:52h, 29 November Reply

    Thank God

  • Avatar
    Posted at 01:50h, 29 November Reply

    I’m hoping to hear about the possibility of joining your organization

  • Avatar
    Kenneth Ishmael
    Posted at 01:23h, 29 November Reply

    Thanks Jonathan
    For A pleasant road
    Love Joy Love

  • Avatar
    Posted at 00:01h, 29 November Reply

    Hi Jonathan
    Thank you for your great reading.
    God bless

  • Avatar
    Valarie Matinjussi
    Posted at 23:34h, 28 November Reply


    Your heart shines through the readings I have been lucky to receive.
    I appreciate your passion and your knowledge that you share.


  • Avatar
    Terri Strange
    Posted at 23:05h, 28 November Reply

    Thanks for my reading. I’m looking forward to a new beginning in my life. Theres hope for me to be happy after all

  • Avatar
    Domșa Silvia Simona
    Posted at 23:01h, 28 November Reply

    Multumesc Jonathan, mai citit bine pentru săptămâna aceasta, acum depinde de mine dacă reusesc sa mi ascult inima. Multe binecuvantari si abia aștept sa ne auzim săptămână viitoare

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:49h, 28 November Reply

    muchas gracias jonathan, me resuena mucho tu lectura, vamos a ver como siguen las cosas, saludos

  • Avatar
    Diana Bernardová
    Posted at 22:44h, 28 November Reply

    Krásné ráno přeji Jonathan. Děkuji za tvá slova. Jsem si plně vědoma co se děje. A i přes své emoce jdu vpřed. Věřím, že je to dobré pro mě i mé blízké. Jdu cestou mnoha změn, které jsou potřeba. Posílám sílu v dobro. Opatruj se.

  • Avatar
    Peggy pratt
    Posted at 22:33h, 28 November Reply

    Thank your you and yes am struggling with a very pressing situation either p my husband or pay my fines and classes or I could lose my fredom.and am also working about my dad he will be 96 yrs young dec 4th and is having some difficulty with his memory.i need to try 1000s of miles to see him and I don’t have away.but thank you for time every week and giving me a reading that actually correct God Bless you stay well.sincerly

  • Avatar
    Paul Beatty
    Posted at 22:33h, 28 November Reply

    I was with a girl she went to work in Cambodia working we kept on texting each other that was ok and then she said she needed money for her rent and could I help her out I sent her money a couple of times and she kept asking for more so I told her know I can’t give her any money so I just stopped talking to her that was about two months ago and last week she got in touch with me again she asked me what I was going to give her for Christmas she said I could put it through the bank so I said what amount are you wanting she said £500 I was thinking this woman just wants money from me I told her I couldn’t afford to give her that kind of money I said I have got plenty of Love for her and I haven’t heard from her since I’m just a pensioner and I just don’t want to go through that again.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 10:03h, 30 November Reply

      It sounds as though you already have a sense of what your boundaries are. Trust your instincts.

  • Avatar
    Melinda Nelson
    Posted at 22:30h, 28 November Reply

    Thank you for your nice reading.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:16h, 28 November Reply

    I so enjoyed this past reading especially the mantra. Thank you Johnathan

    • Avatar
      Posted at 20:14h, 29 November Reply

      I have a question about tarot cards. Is it bad luck to buy our own tarot cards? My mom told this to me as a teen Not to be mean, she’s not always correct. Who better to ask than a person that works with them 😁

      • Avatar
        Jonathan Lionheart
        Posted at 09:54h, 30 November Reply

        I have heard it’s best practice that, for at least your first deck, someone else buys it. Although, my sense is telling me that if a deck speaks to you strongly, you should let it in. Hope this helps.

        • Avatar
          Posted at 19:42h, 30 November Reply

          Yes! Thank you

          • Avatar
            Posted at 20:12h, 30 November

            Lol been using only Oracle cards ’til “knew” how to proceed with tarot

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:56h, 30 November Reply

      Thank you, Lovetta.

  • Avatar
    Janice Williams
    Posted at 22:15h, 28 November Reply

    Thank you for this reading. It hits home on several levels and gives much to think about. Sometimes I wish something or someone would just say ” This. Is what you should do. This is the answer.”,. I know of course that won’t happen and this reading reminds me where the answers do come from. So, thanks. ❤️

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:52h, 30 November Reply

      What a beautiful reflection. We do know where the answers come from. Hope your week has been as well as it can be, Janice <3

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:10h, 28 November Reply

    I’m torn and broken. I met a great guy and it was over before it began. I know we are meant to be but I don’t wanna be pushy or needy
    I have self esteem issues that I use to not have. But in January 2020 I suffered kidney failure and I am now severely scarred from operations to place ports to save my life.
    At that time I was in a really good relationship until I was unable to get out of bed or even function some days. When my sex drive went so did my boyfriend. He left me while I was receiving one of my treatments. I came home to an empty house and a note.
    So now my trust is busted. I feel that noone will ever want me because I’m scarred and damaged
    But when I met this guy I mentioned above it was great and then I wake up all alone lost broken and hopeless
    Can you point me in a direction I can’t keep spinning and spinning
    I’m damaged but my heart is pure. I just want a chance with the guy I met that was so great

    • Avatar
      Posted at 01:49h, 29 November Reply

      What is your responsibility

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:44h, 30 November Reply

      Seeing yourself as damaged may be creating a block in receiving the love you desire. I often find when I am not in a place of fully accepting myself that I can put up walls and not let love in. If you feel this relates, my advice would be to begin rituals of self love. Write yourself encouraging notes or practice saying kind things to yourself in the mirror. Sending sweetness, PJ.

  • Avatar
    Josaki Simon Peter
    Posted at 22:09h, 28 November Reply

    Yeah, I understand now.
    Thank you joe

  • Avatar
    Diane Shoemaker
    Posted at 22:00h, 28 November Reply

    I love to read what you write it all makes sense to me when I read it I can hardly wait to see what you write again thank you so much I appreciate everything you say

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:40h, 30 November Reply

      Diane, I appreciate the kind, warm words. Thank you for coming and witnessing.

  • Avatar
    Char marie loper
    Posted at 21:58h, 28 November Reply

    I am very lost in life right now , I have a man I live with whom I feel its most likely to be over between us but we have a kid together and then there’s someone im unsure or afraid to let into my life because I’m so unsure of what I am doing.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:39h, 30 November Reply

      Char, it sounds as though taking some quiet space, when it can be found, and listening to your heart could provide insight on your next moves to happiness. Sending sweetness.

  • Avatar
    Mary Serna
    Posted at 21:54h, 28 November Reply

    Wow your amazing

  • Avatar
    Jackie Fenwick
    Posted at 21:50h, 28 November Reply

    This was a good insightful and helpful reading and instructions I will look within myself and listen to my heart and dreams I need revealing and a communitve clarity in a confusing relationship.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:37h, 30 November Reply

      Listening to your heart may bring some of the most beautiful answers. Sending warmth, Jackie.

  • Avatar
    Bhagyashree c Kavrekar
    Posted at 21:49h, 28 November Reply

    Thank you sooo much Jonathan
    Your reading is very accurate every time .I’m greatful for your guidance.

  • Avatar
    Mareia Gasvoda
    Posted at 21:49h, 28 November Reply

    Thank you. Your reading came at a needed time and hit very close to home. Hugs.

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:32h, 30 November Reply

      Happy to hear this came to you when you most needed it, Mareia.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 21:49h, 28 November Reply

    Hi Jonathan this is Veronica I’m speechless and dumbfounded with everything u said. Thank u

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:28h, 30 November Reply

      Veronica, I hope the message brought you insight for what this week had in store <3

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 21:46h, 28 November Reply

    Thanks very much. 11/28/2022

  • Avatar
    Taswanda Browning
    Posted at 21:44h, 28 November Reply

    I love to hear from you and I appreciate you so much, because every time you be right on the money with my reading. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next time when we meet again thank you so much!

    • Avatar
      Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 09:27h, 30 November Reply

      Taswanda, thank you for the kind words. I’m excited to see too what this week has brought to you. Until next time.

  • Avatar
    Erna Verlinden
    Posted at 16:18h, 28 November Reply

    The reading is of great help. Thank you Jonathan!

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