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Looks Can Be Deceiving | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Something sneaky might be brewing beneath the surface…

Galena The Mystic says you could be facing a situation that’s much deeper than meets the eye.

She’s here to help you honor your truth, so you can come out on top in your love life.

P.S. Are you hoping to redeem yourself in the face of deceit? Let Galena know with a comment down below!


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates! This is your Intuitive Tarot Reader, Galena The Mystic, and I am back for a Collective Love Reading. These messages are timeless, so at the time of you finding them, you can claim any messages that resonate when it comes to your love life. 

But let’s see, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, any unconditionally loving beings from the other side that would like to support us in knowing what’s next in our love life, what information can we receive for the highest good of this collective? Here we have the Six of Wands reversed. What’s happening this week in love Spirit? The Four of Wands. Okay, so some sort of celebration could be happening. The Four of Wands is about harmony, family. Oh! Okay, Seven of Swords. There could be some sort of graduation wedding celebration. It could be a funeral, like a celebration of life going on. So that’s going to be for some of you with the Six of Wands reversed, there could be something where it’s like, “I don’t really want to be seen in this environment.” Whatever event is going on or whatever function is happening, it could be like, “Oh, I don’t want to really be seen here,” for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because you recently went through a betrayal, or maybe it’s because someone in this group. If this is a family function, or this could even just be an environment in which people know of both you and this person. It’s like, ”Oh, I don’t want to be seen with them because they betrayed me in some way,” and it could be that family surrounding the situation is maybe complicit.

Some of you are really dealing with an entire group of people that’s kind of antagonizing you or misjudging you, misunderstanding you. And with the Six of Wands, I feel really strongly this desire to redeem oneself when it comes to the way things look. So it could be that someone who has made a mistake towards you wants to redeem themselves. Especially if word got out about this situation, and family knows about their betrayal or their deceit, they really want to redeem themselves. I also feel that some of you who have been betrayed really want to redeem yourselves, and I am getting rumors and gossip and things like that within family dynamics specifically or well established groups of people that you’ve been a part of for a long time. Okay, let’s see what else is going on here? We have The Emperor, so yeah, this show’s like a winning spirit!

Someone here is really determined to come out on top and to kind of almost prove to the world that they have it together. For some of you, this could be an ex that you’re seeing who’s really flexing online right now. Even on his staff, he has a globe on his staff and that makes me think of the internet and things like that. So I’m wondering if they’re flexing on social media a little bit or even texting you trying to brag about what they have going on. Now you could see them move on with someone else as well, The Hermit reversed and The Magician. So this week you can be seeing someone kind of, they’re kind of projecting that they’re in manifesting mode and they are doing a lot of shadow work on the inside with The Hermit reversed. I feel like you could feel like the people who betrayed you are thriving, celebrating together, really receiving a lot of blessings in their lives too.

And the energy I’m getting is an energy of carelessness with this Magician and the Seven of Swords. I feel like you could feel like they’re being careless or reckless even in the way they display their happiness. It’s as if, it does not, like they can’t acknowledge your pain and that’s a really difficult thing to experience with The Hermit reversed. You could feel just very isolated and separated from all the goings on of everything, everyone else, everyone else’s noise. And on the surface it looks like they are just like a happy, healthy family and they’re fine without you, and that’s what it looks like on the outside. I’m here to tell you that nothing is what it seems on the surface, especially when it comes to social media. Please don’t believe what people are posting on social media right now, especially if you’re seeing an ex get remarried or something like that or moving on, or they’re flexing a new relationship online.

Please don’t internalize that the way things look on the outside is surely not how they are, especially with the Seven of Swords. This can be about betrayal and deceit, but it’s also about masks and fronts that we wear. So I’m here to tell you that whatever this front is that’s going on, it’s something that’s fabricated, it’s manipulated. It’s something that is being done on purpose to make things seem a certain way, and we see that with The Magician because The Magician manipulates things not always for bad or for good, but The Magician has the ability to manipulate energies and to orchestrate certain things. I’m also getting the energy of a family that is very picture perfect. They really sweep things under the rug. They just have this tendency to sweep things under the rug, and I’m seeing that there’s a lot of resentment under the surface, especially when it comes to mistakes of the past.It’s like some people, their family could be, or someone’s family could be protecting them from the consequences of betrayal, covering something up for them, covering up financial grievances, covering up a messy divorce or something like that or, infidelity. It’s like they’re pretending that they don’t know about the situation, and that could really be getting some of you down if this is what you’re experiencing.

Okay, what else is going on in love this week Spirit? What else is going on in love this week? Okay we have The World, so something’s coming to a conclusion here. The Lovers reversed and The Lovers upright, so this deck does have three Lovers cards. They’re all different. I’m seeing here it could be that you are feeling disharmony, you are not getting the feminine energy you really need from these people. When it comes to nurturing, sensitivity, understanding, support, it’s like they want to pretend that they’re happy on their own, and that’s a choice they’re making, and it’s a choice that some of you are going to have to make peace with.

If I’m being completely honest with this World card, this is very much about self-satisfaction and trusting who you are on your own and trusting that you can validate yourself. The Tower reversed, because this foundation is meant to be. It’s not your foundation, something about this family foundation. This could be a family you married into or a family you’ve been involved with for a long time. Maybe you have children with this other person, and so your families are somehow always tied together and Spirit’s saying, “We understand the bond, we understand the cords that have been created, but with The Tower reversed, some of these cords are going to have to be severed, and your foundation is meant to be solid underneath you”. Look at how The World is underneath her. She’s supported by the whole Earth. She’s supported by the whole globe. Spirit wants you to feel really supported. The Earth beneath you is more substantial. You have more blessings to sit on top of. You have more connections to really rely on, and this is what Spirit’s creating for you. There’s definitely more alignment and it is going to take you kind of being in your masculine energy for a little while longer, holding yourself together and staying strong for yourself so that ultimately these things can fall away.

I do see a lot of you putting on a brave face, but also not even caring to just fully maybe staying away from these people or avoiding these people if you can help it, but more so energetically protecting yourself by knowing the truth of the situation. Because not everything is what it seems on the surface, and if you allow yourself to believe in the manipulation and believe in the lies that this person is showing or that this group of people are working so hard to preserve and project, you’re going to hurt yourself based on a lie as opposed to trusting that these cycles are closing for a reason.

This conflict with these people has happened for a reason and with The Emperor, you are going to be able to establish yourself on an independent level. With The Emperor and The World, there is independence here. But there is also love here. We do have one of The Lovers cards upright. It’s just that you have to be independent at this time because the people who are around you are genuinely not supportive of your healing process, your emotional journey. And with the Four of Wands, you are going to be manifesting something that’s truly, even truly reciprocal and just goes a lot deeper than what’s on the surface. I think that there’s a group of people who just really are quite superficial if I’m being completely honest, but what you’re creating for yourself is not superficial. It’s rather deep. What you’re feeling is rather deep and the depth of the healing that you do in your shadow is going to really match, is what I’m getting.

The depth of the connections, the substantialness of the miracles you receive in your life. So you’re having a depth of experience. Some of you are just very much more sensitive than the people around you, and that’s not a bad thing. You’re more perceptive, you’re more intuitive, you’re more emotionally aware and attuned to other people’s needs. But with The Emperor and The World, it’s time to give that love and care to yourself and trust that you can kind of strike out on your own. Some of you are really benefiting from the divorce process, something closing out, and it has been quite destabilizing to you, and for some of you, it’s an infidelity clause that’s really helping you out here. But I mean, this is giving strong Justice energy, even though I’m not seeing that card really, but yeah, I’m getting that.

You can’t even see this coming. The way that things work out so peacefully and the way you feel so strong and confident, and the way that your masculine energy can show up for you so that you can be more vulnerable on the inside, it’s like this beautiful balance that you’re going to be striking within, and this is a choice you made because you chose yourself instead of giving into someone else’s manipulation, and that’s creating a ripple effect. 

Okay, so let’s go ahead and see what else is happening. Another message I’m getting with The Magician and Seven of Swords we just saw is that some of you are manifesting big shifts and these shifts might seem disappointing. Yeah, The Devil reversed, these shifts might seem disappointing at first. It might be quite disappointing in the beginning because things are being revealed, harsh truths are being revealed, but really, yeah, Justice reversed. This is what I mean. It’s like you’re closing out karmic contracts and these things, that The Devil, the people you’ve been chained to, the things that they’ve been saying are not true with this Justice reversed, and so it might seem like betrayals occurring. It’s like, “Well, if I’ve been wishing for true love and speaking it into existence and speaking better days into existence, then why are all these things falling apart and falling away, and why are all these lies being revealed?” and so, it almost feels like some of you could think that the Universe is playing a trick on you. I’m here to tell you you’re not seeing the whole picture clearly! It’s time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. 

Yeah, Three of Wands, and this is expansive like Sagittarius energy and relieving yourself of burdens and traveling lighter and kind of revealing, removing the blindfold you’ve had on, and that’s directly because Spirit wants to answer your wish. And of course, if you start speaking better things into existence, the things that have not been working, the things that have been limiting you in love, controlling relationships, controlling family dynamics, gossip, lies, baggage, toxic cycles, repeating you, being kept in the dark, all of that has to come to an end. And so don’t be surprised that things are not miraculously fixed with these other people because these are karmic contracts that were always meant to fall away. You were always meant to grow beyond them and move beyond them. I think you’re going to develop a lot more gratitude, trust, and acceptance and surrender too. 

So let’s go ahead and get some Soul’s Journey Lessons cards. 

Empathy card, “I’m open to seeing both sides of a situation.” So for some of you, you are coming to a point in these connections where you’re like, okay, I see that they’re under evolved. I see that these people are committed to their toxic patterns and their addictions. 

Surrender card, “I can release my need to control,” and so you’re at a point where you’re no longer trying to make it work with these people. You’re not trying to fix it. You’re not trying to deepen your connections there. You’re finally letting it fall away, and you’re understanding that they are where they are and there’s nothing you can do to change that. 

We have Imagination card, “I embrace and nourish the creative aspect of my mind.” So some of you are diving deeper into… Oh! I just heard, ”A hater’s biggest weapon is their imagination.” Some people are really getting, really creative with the lies they are telling about you. WOW! And so some of you, I’m feeling this feeling of shock like, “WOW! I can’t believe that that’s what they’re saying about me!” and you just let it go. 

Loneliness card, “I know that I’m never alone,” and this is what I mean. Some of you, you’re standing on your own and it does feel lonely at first, but some of the information that’s going to make its way to you this week, I think you’re going to find it actually laughable! Some of the things these people are saying, and with The Empathy card, it’s like, “I actually feel kind of bad for you. I feel bad that you have to make up lies. I feel bad.” That’s how you are going to be thinking when this stuff comes to light. 

The Denial card, “I acknowledge my fear, but I replace it with the insight of awareness.” Some of the things that your ex’s families or your baby daddy, baby mama’s families, these people, you might be really afraid of their influence. You might be really afraid of what they’re saying. When it actually comes to light, you’re going to be like, “Actually, I’m not even bothered. I’m not even impressed. That’s so ridiculous that anyone who believes that clearly wants to believe it.” And so you’re going to let them. You’re going to let them live in their delusional imagination land that they live in, this lala land that they live in, and you actually have empathy for these people.

You actually feel sad that they cannot live in truth, that they are so scared of facing their own truth, that they make lies about other people. Let’s get one more please Spirit, and we’ll take the top and bottom as well. One more. 

We have The Courage card, “I find the inner strength to face fear with courage or with confidence.” It’s absolutely 100%, you’re going to believe in yourself after this never before, and you’re going to be like, “Wow, I really saved myself from so much trouble, so much more trouble, and I freed myself from a really toxic cycle”. 

The Self-Esteem card, “I possess gifts of the soul that benefit me and others”. You are a special being. You have special gifts, and that’s what I mean when I say you’re very intuitive and very sensitive. Not everyone’s going to understand you and not everyone’s for you. 

Okay, The Doubt card, “I release the need to know all the answers.” So you could be wondering, what is this leading to? Where is this all going? Why am I being pushed out and forced out of whatever this community is? Know that you’re not alone and that it is going to make sense. It’s going to make so much sense. You’re going to be like, “Wow! I’m so grateful that I went through that experience because now I can finally manifest clearly not on top of a foundation of crazies!” that’s the way that it’s coming through. 

Okay wow! So these are all the messages I have for this week. Thank you so much for being here. If you want to dive deeper into what else could be possible for you this week, feel free to book a private reading, at members.cosmicupdates.com/galena/

Feel free to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’d like to see me again in the future. Thank you so much and I’ll see you in the next one! Bye!

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Posted at 18:27h, 05 May Reply

    This resonates with me so much it’s like it’s a personal reading omg , I look forward to your updates all the time you’re amazingly spot on thank you.

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    Yvonne Sorensen
    Posted at 03:09h, 04 May Reply

    Hi Galena Thanks so much for this reading its a salve to my soul. My siblings and my children and exhusband and expartner and friends are just like you described I have been coping with these people looking like they are all happy units. I have had to cope with all the gossip and betrayals for years. There’s been nothing I have been able to do about it it’s been hard. Yes there was a family funeral last week that I couldn’t get to so live streamed it. My children haven’t spoken to me for 8 years it’s been heartbreaking. I picked them up and walked out on their father in 2000 it was domestic violence and mental abuse. I went through hell for them. They are now playing happy families with their father and they are believing all the lies and the past apparently has changed I know the truth end of day that’s all that matters. It’s been hard but I’ve accepted it I’m happy I have a good job people I can count on in my life. Thanks for the insight 👍

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    kate Stamps
    Posted at 01:37h, 04 May Reply

    INSANE. you just spoke directly into my current situation. currently going through a high conflict divorce from a very toxic person and MIL, the unsubstantiated lies being told about me are beyond ridiculous, it will all come out in court… i have let go of any joint connections and my circle is close and supportive

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    Lori Davis
    Posted at 23:44h, 03 May Reply

    hello there you have nailed it for me and so far on point so i am super excited to maybe hear more about this I am a stay at home mom who doesnt work and have any income comming in so I wont be able to wait to see what you have in the store for me Me and my husband have been together for 21 years and I did feel like we where soulmates but things are different now I think

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    Debby S
    Posted at 19:10h, 03 May Reply

    Galena thank you so much

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    Debby S
    Posted at 19:09h, 03 May Reply

    Galena I have goosebumpsyou are awesome thank you so so much

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    Debby S
    Posted at 19:08h, 03 May Reply

    Galena I have goosebumps everything hit home you are awesome thank you so so much

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    Debby Smith
    Posted at 19:07h, 03 May Reply

    Galena I have goosebumps everything hit home you are awesome thank you so so much

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    Posted at 17:58h, 03 May Reply

    Galena girl it is so weird how you called that because my long distance boyfriend was upset about something earlier and what he said was okay baby and then I don’t want to talk to today I’m angry good night then he turned around and said after I said good night he’s like Huh I miss you and I’m like lmao what the hell I was going to confront him about that but I didn’t and I told him you can talk to me when you are Angry but if want me to leave you alone ok then I said if I am upset about something then I don’t want you to ask me what is wrong just leave me alone and i am still in the dark but I think my second choice is the one who wants to talk out his or my problems but the conversation is not what I want he is busy because he is a actor and an artist influencer so I understand that and we are long distance as well and he expressed that he is tired of texting he wants me with him so I think I will go that route but you were right on the money

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    Lorna Stoney
    Posted at 17:51h, 03 May Reply

    🤔 Scorpio rising ☀️. I wonder if I am going through this but not being aware of it. I have not been told anything that resonate with this life style or happening. Hmm.
    But I thank you for the reading Gelna. Very appreciated your gifts and insights.

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 17:30h, 03 May Reply

    Thanks Galena,

    Have a pleasant weekend


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    Terence Frederick Bone
    Posted at 14:56h, 03 May Reply

    Always a good reading Galena, I will avoid toxic rumour and manipulation from outside influences on my personal relationship….

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    Posted at 14:11h, 03 May Reply

    WoW! So dead on !!!

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    Sherrie Stern
    Posted at 12:39h, 03 May Reply

    Right on track, Thanks Galena 😊

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      Mwamcit precious noontime
      Posted at 17:44h, 03 May Reply

      Thanks for the information

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    Iveta Kollárová
    Posted at 11:27h, 03 May Reply

    Hi Galena,
    Today I listened u..i was in shock bec as u re talking about my own life.aroind me is somlot toxicity and betrayal.but other side someone wants me in his life but I do not trust.

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    S. K. Kuehl
    Posted at 10:58h, 03 May Reply

    Are you hoping to redeem yourself in the face of deceit? Yes, Yes, Yes! This is SO what is happening in my life right now. Most of it is incredulous to me. Thank you SO much. I keep getting that I will be validated in the justice department. lol.

  • Avatar
    Christine M
    Posted at 09:57h, 03 May Reply

    So true. Let my ex and his family say whatever they want. I’m over it.

  • Avatar
    Melissa Craig
    Posted at 09:17h, 03 May Reply

    I was with my ex for 12 yrs. I got a text from him one afternoon saying he wasn’t coming back. He and his family won’t even let me near him. I believe he can’t face me because of lies. There is someone who is evil. I believe she is a narcissist.i feel so much pain I wonder how to go on. Marc started letting me view pictures on her FB. I think to cause me sorrow. I need the truth
    I’m tired of lies and being mistreated. I want justice if for nothing else for me

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      Laurie Phelps-Gutwein
      Posted at 21:54h, 03 May Reply

      Thank you 💜🫂🙏you nailed my life right now, because I am trying so hard to find balance… after losing so much. I’m ready to find the love of a good man, and be included… I have accepted that the job I loved and the new friends I made are gone. I’ve been on my own for so long and have learned to validate myself. I have so much love in my heart and I’ll keep just moving. I’m ready to find people like me and the acceptance I deserve.
      Thank you 🙏 💜🫂

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    Posted at 07:57h, 03 May Reply

    Hi Galen, Thank you for a great reading

  • Avatar
    Brenna Coulbern
    Posted at 07:03h, 03 May Reply

    I just went through a bad divorce and I’ve been getting gaslit by my boyfriend. I’ve fought the whole way deciding this time a man won’t get away with it. Yesterday I decided I’m done fighting. He can just go and take his friends and daughter with him.

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    Michelle Fairbairn
    Posted at 06:42h, 03 May Reply

    Hey Galena
    Spot on. My son’s engagement is tomorrow. I am a little anxious as the bride to be and her mother are strange entities. They have done me wrong and tomorrow. I must suck it up be present polite but protected.
    I haven’t seen these people in 4+ years. They are fake personas. I will be steadfast calm present and courageous most of all supportive of my son and his decision to marry into this family. I will say a prayer of protection before attending the event. Re my love life this is falling down around my feet I have done my Shadow work I am now not as I once was and certainly align with few and seem to be attracting obstacles. Thank you for talking about this. 🙏❤️🙏

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    Joy cain brison
    Posted at 06:39h, 03 May Reply

    Omggggggggg you are on it galena

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