Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/10 - 2/12 - Cosmic Updates

Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/10 – 2/12

Romance is in the air this weekend, but how will it manifest for you?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a pick your own card love tarot reading, so you can get personalized insights on your romantic future, and prepare for your heart for what’s to come. Enjoy!


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Hey there, this is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekend Tarot Love Reading. You’ll be using your intuition to choose which reading is for you this weekend.

And we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day, so definitely check out what might be helpful before we get to the big love day.

So I’m excited for you to check out what we have for you today. You can schedule a private reading with me down below. And we always love hearing from you. So let’s take a look at your Love Reading for the weekend ahead.

So give yourself a moment to just pause and take a few breaths, wherever you happen to be. Allow for a little bit of space. You might close your eyes and just touch in with the inner landscape of your body, your emotions, and your mind. You might bring some of your awareness into the heart center. And notice if there’s a question that arises in this space, or if there’s a need of some kind. And then trusting that this is a responsive reality or responsive universe, you can let go of that question. You can let go of that need or desire and trust that life will respond to you in one way or another.

So this is going to be a Love Reading for the weekend ahead. And you will have the opportunity to use your intuition to choose which card you would like to connect with. And there will be a reading associated with that choice.

So call out to Mother, Father, God, the Angels, and the Archangels, the light ones. Call out to the rooted ones, the deep ones. Calling out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Please be with us now, help bring forward a clear message and this best kind of supportive energy for those who are witnessing this right now.

All right, friends. So the first option will be here. And we’ll place it underneath this nifty, nifty little cube. Second option will be here and placed under this lovely, little triangular. And third option will be here and we’ll be placed under this helix type piece.

These little pieces are created by one of my dear friends Gabriel who has gifted them to me over the years. So tune in with yourself, which means feeling into your body, as well as just your awareness in general. And notice which one of these is speaking to you today. Which of these is sort of calling or grabbing your attention and you keep coming back to it and trust that process. And once you determine which card your intuition is calling you towards, trust that and we’ll begin with the first one underneath this cuboidal piece.

First Card – The Cube

So for those of you that chose the first card under the cuboidal piece this is going to be your Love Reading for the weekend ahead. So I’m going to tune in with this group of people.

All right, so for the first group, your first card here will be the Situation around your love life. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card is the Outcome for this weekend in this love reading, so let’s take a quick look at our first card, the Situation.

So for this group, for those of you that chose this particular piece, there could be a real sense of loneliness. This is our Hermit card. And on the more, sort of challenging side of the scale in terms of love, this can be a sign of feeling separated, or disconnected or alone.

So for those of you that are in a relationship, this can feel like you’re in the relationship alone, the person that you’re with doesn’t feel like they really get you or understand you.

For those of you that are not in a relationship, this is just a sign of not being with anybody, and maybe not feeling like you’re ready to be with anybody.

On the higher side of the spectrum, this card can show up when we are intentionally taking time for ourselves. The Hermit has garnered a good deal of wisdom as a result of going inward, intentionally stepping away from culture and society to get to know his inner depths and his inner truths.

So for some of you, this could be what this weekend is really needing to be, is a weekend where you’re tapping in with your own self, you’re finding your own rhythm, you’re kind of going inward to seek the truth that lies inside of you.

So let’s take a look at our Obstacle card for this weekend. Ooh, so the Obstacle card is The Lovers card. Right off the bat, we’re getting to Major Arcana cards, which means that this weekend is an important weekend for your love life. These big, like, sort of deeply important Arcana cards show up when there’s something very important happening.

So The Lovers card – when it comes to love, and in the obstacle position – this could mean that you’ve had a really deep connection with somebody that has touched powerful places in you… whether this is some kind of soulmate connection, or a deep twin flame type connection, or just a relationship or connection that has inspired you deeply.

It’s quite possible that you’ve had one of these, but now there’s been some sort of mix up… whether that person is no longer in your life, or you’re struggling in the relationship in general. Something is a bit off.

And as you can see, there’s a bit of a dichotomy here between the aloneness of The Hermit and the togetherness of The Lovers card. Now, it’s also important to understand that The Lovers card often has to do with choices. And sometimes the way that that shows up with this kind of powerful card is: “Am I going to follow my heart? Or am I going to go the traditional route?”

And, obviously, the hope and the recommendation is to follow what your soul or your deep self is asking you to do. And that can create challenge, because sometimes that means courageously changing your life, or courageously going in directions that other people don’t see as being the right way for you.

So let’s take a look at the Outcome card for your Love Reading this weekend. So some of what is starting to become apparent with this particular reading is that there could have already been a bit of conflict. There might already have been something that has created some tension or some struggle in a relationship or in yourself around a relationship.

And, unfortunately, your Outcome card, the Five of Swords, is not saying that things are gonna get better. It’s actually saying that conflict and challenge could continue. So it’s probably very important for you to be listening to the Advice that life is sort of bringing forward, which is… you might be experiencing some sense of loneliness.

And what might be most helpful for you this weekend is to go into that sense of loneliness and explore it and get a sense of what’s going on there. Because there isn’t going to be a strong resolution this weekend, around your particular connection or around a particular love situation.

And you’re gonna want to be careful about getting too wrapped up in feeling like something’s unfair or too wrapped up around creating potential conflict.

Let’s take a look at your advice card for the weekend ahead. So, this, this is an interesting Advice card, the Knight of Swords, is a reminder to, in a sense, put your blinders on and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

So rather than getting too dispersed or too distracted in one direction or another, this is an important time for you to sort of focus down what really needs your attention and requires your awareness right now. And to stay with that, rather than getting lost or distracted in what could be some conflict, or lost and distracted in what may not have worked out recently.

Stay the course, be willing to focus on what needs your focus, and you’ll be able to move forward in the coming weeks.

Alright, so for those of you that chose the first card, this is your Love Reading for the weekend ahead. Thank you so much for tuning in. I’d love to hear how this connects for you. And I look forward to connecting again in the near future. All right, take care.

Second Card – The Triangle

So our next selection, for those of you that chose this triangle piece here, this will be your Love Reading for the weekend ahead. So I’m going to tune in with you now.

All right, let’s see what we have here. So for those of you that chose the second card, the first card will be the Situation in your love life. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. Our card underneath the triangle is your Advice card for the coming weekend. So let’s take a look now at your situation card.

So The Temperance card is one of my favorite cards, partially because it’s a little bit obscure. It’s not the most straightforward Major Arcana card, and specifically in this context, the way that I’m seeing it is that this is going to be a weekend where you’re doing a little bit of processing.

You’re looking at what’s happened so far in your life, and in maybe your relationship life’s experiences, and starting to look at it from the new wisdom that you’ve gained in recent times.

So this could be a weekend of really feeling pretty balanced, and like you’re headed in a good direction. In general, consider this weekend, a time for processing and curiosity.

For those of you that have somebody in your life right now, this could be a growth-filled weekend. It could be one where you’re getting a chance to spend time with your person in a really intimate way that feels really good. You could be learning together, growing together in some way.

For those of you that aren’t with somebody, this is a great sign that you’re going to get to sort of gain more clarity around what it is that you’re wanting in your love relationships. You might be doing a little bit of reflecting on recent connections or powerful connections from the past, and starting to sift through and get a sense of what it is that you really, truly want.

So what it is that you’re really wanting is being represented by The Sun over here, which is like the ultimate, the highest form of connection that you can have. And as you can see, there’s a bit of a narrow path to get there.

And this is a representation of our trial and error through time, where we get more and more clear about what it is that we’re wanting in a love relationship.

So let’s take a look at our Obstacle card for the weekend ahead. So the Obstacle card is our Eight of Wands. And this could mean a couple of different things. On the one hand, it could mean that there could be some bigger changes, something that sort of mixes things up for you this weekend.

Whether this is receiving a message from somebody of importance that causes a little bit of chaos or causes a little bit of uncertainty or change in your plans.

It’s also quite possible that you feel like you’re waiting to hear from somebody. And if you’ve been waiting to hear from somebody, a lot of what I’m seeing is that that’s part of what’s creating some of this reflective time: “Hmm. Was this really the connection that I thought it was? Is this really what I’m wanting?” I’m hearing a little bit of, like, “Why haven’t I heard from this person yet?” What is it that is still up in the air that’s causing a little bit of discomfort for you?

So let’s take a look at your Outcome card for the weekend ahead. Yes, so I love this as the outcome card, particularly for those of you that are – actually for both people that are in relationship, this is a great sign of you feeling more balanced in yourself, attuned with yourself, which is a bit of what this Temperance card is about is finding that kind of balance.

You will be landing in a sense of stability in a really lovely way this weekend. And it’s the same for those of you that are not in a relationship right now. Whatever it is that you’re going to be percolating on and considering, it’s going to bring about a kind of balance and stability to yourself.

Now, unfortunately, this is not necessarily a relational card. This dude is hanging out by himself. And though he is quite stabilized, and content, it is not necessarily a card about deep relationships, or deep connection. It’s a card about really finding fulfillment and ease and a sense of goodness for yourself.

So there’s not a – let’s take a look at your Advice card. Let’s take a look at your – So your Advice card for this week is our King of Cups. And one of the most wonderful things about the King of Cups is his capacity to feel rooted, grounded, and stabilized, regardless of what’s going on around him.

So you can see he’s sitting on a very stable rock, even though he’s in an ocean, and there’s movement and change and things happening.

So, on the one side, this could be the Advice of: “Hey, it’s time to find that stabilizing ability inside of yourself.” Your own core, your own sense of self, is where you want to be pointing your attention, particularly with the influence of the Eight of Wands, which can be a card about waiting for something to happen, or something changing quickly.

It’s a card that can cause a bit of anxiety. It’s like, no, “What is it that’s most important? Where is your sense of rhythm and your sense of self that you can rely on regardless of what’s happening outside of you.”

For some of you, this can also be an individual in your life. This could be somebody that you trust and that you know. You can rely on an individual that is steady, regardless of what’s going on. And it’s a good idea to reach out to this type of person, or to remember that they’re there, and they have a positive influence in your life.

All right, so for those of you that chose the second card, this is your love reading for the weekend ahead. Thanks for tuning in. I look forward to connecting with you again next week.

Third Card – The Helix

All right, so for those of you that chose the third card with our helix, our double helix situation going on here, this is going to be Love Reading for the weekend ahead. So I’m just going to tune in with you now.

Right, let’s see here. So for those of you that chose this third option, your first card is going to be this Situation. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card is going to be your Outcome. The card underneath the helix here will be the Advice card.

So let’s take a look at your Situation for the weekend ahead. So we’ve got our Six of Pentacles. here. And this is an often misinterpreted card. Many times it’s seen as giving to others, philanthropy, that sort of thing.

There’s a bit of an imbalance in the way that the wealthy individual here is giving. He’s not necessarily giving in a balanced way. He’s actually investing in the individual here who’s a bit younger, a little bit better dressed. There’s more coins above him.

So just all that to say that, in terms of the Love Reading for your weekend, had a lot of what this is speaking to is: “Are you putting your energy towards what has real potential? You know, are you wasting your time on things that are not going to grow? Or are you honestly giving your time and attention to something that you can see bearing fruit in the future?”

So for some of you, this might be saying, “Are you giving your attention to somebody or to something that has realistic value that’s going to grow in the future? Or are you giving your attention to something that is likely not going to become a long term and value driven thing.”

And for others, this can just be a reminder to be willing to ask for support or ask for help from those that you know are willing to help you and support you. This can be friends, this can be significant others, this can be therapists, healers, that sort of thing. Are you willing to ask for some of that assistance?

So let’s take a look at your Obstacle card for the weekend ahead. So the Obstacle card here is our Queen of Cups, and we love our Queen of Cups, she is deeply nurturing. She is a deep feeler, she is connected with her creativity and emotions in such a powerful way.

On the downside, she is precisely the type of person that gives too much. She’s precisely the type of person that will martyr herself for the benefit of others. In other words, she wants to give so much that she sometimes compromises herself, and she can hurt herself in the way that she’s giving.

So here we can see a bit of a pattern that’s going on here in terms of: “Are you giving in a way that you’re ultimately also going to receive back what you’ve been given?”

The individual here is investing in this guy with the hopes that six months from now, this guy will be able to bring more value both to the community, but also back to him.

And so the real question for you here is: Are you over-giving? Are you getting caught up in trying to get love or get a certain kind of reciprocity by giving? And have you noticed yet? Or is there a pattern that’s arising that’s showing that regardless of how much you give, you’re not necessarily getting back what it is that you’ve put in? So these are questions to ask yourself.

And likely a big part of the weekend ahead will be noticing this pattern or beginning to see that there’s some sort of rebalancing that needs to occur.

So for some of you that are in relationship, this might be the turning of the tide, where you start saying, “Hey, I’m putting a lot in and I’m not getting back. I’m not feeling like it’s being appreciated.”

And for those of you that are single or that are starting today, you might start to notice a tendency to lean out of your center. In other words, compromise yourself in order to sort of get the affirmation or the love that you’re hoping to get back.

Let’s take a look at the Outcome. Yeah, excellent. So I like this. I like this evolution from the… this sort of negative form of the Queen of Cups to a positive form of the Queen of Pentacles, because the Queen of Pentacles is one heck of a deeply balanced woman. She has learned how to really nurture and nourish herself in such a way that she’s then able to create and produce and give in balanced ways. She’s well known for both her ability to be quite savvy and capable in the work environment, as well as deeply rooted in the home and nurturing parts of the world.

In other words, she’s balanced out her masculine and her feminine, her ability to both be a creative, nurturing individual, as well as one that can create structure and build in the world.

So this is the direction that things are heading. There’s a beautiful balancing that’s occurring for you.

So for those of you that are in a relationship right now, you are headed towards a really lovely place of balance in your relationship.

For those of you that are single, or in a negative type of relationship, you are returning to your ground. You are returning to your center, and what that’s going to do for you moving forward, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s quite clear that it’s going to start to create changes, both in who you’re bringing into your life, as well as maybe who needs to start to move out of your life.

Let’s take a look at the Advice card for the weekend ahead. So this Seven of Cups has two elements of advice.

On the one hand, it’s a strong reminder to keep your feet on the ground, not to be lost or locked into fantasies, right, particularly with the influence of our very grounded and practical Queen of Pentacles.

This is a reminder to keep your feet on the ground, stay with what’s practical. It also can be a reminder that there are more options than you might be thinking that there can be some really positive choices and possibilities for you going forward and not to get so stuck in the feeling like you’re cornered in.

So for those of you that chose the Third card today, this is your Love Reading for the weekend ahead. Thank you so much for tuning in. And for everyone, I always love connecting with you, love hearing from you. And I look forward to us connecting again in the near future. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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