Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 1/15 - 1/21 - Cosmic Updates

Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 1/15 – 1/21

Big changes are happening this week, but how these changes show up in your life could really surprise you.

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a pick your own card Tarot reading, so you can get personalized advice on your week ahead, and navigate the changes with grace and ease. Enjoy!


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P.S. Which card did you choose and what did it say about your current situation? Leave a comment below and let Jonathan know!


Hi there! This is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading. Once again this week you’ll have the opportunity to engage your intuition to decide which card to choose and, therefore, which reading is right for you in the week ahead.

I wanted to update you that Penelope got the right rock. She found it out! And she brought some great wisdom about what that rock means. It was a purple fluorite rock. And that’s awesome. So in the future, next month, I’ll do another giveaway for a free reading. I thought that was fun.

So looking forward to what you’re gonna get from this reading that’s about to happen. And I always look forward to hearing from you. You’re more than welcome to grab a reading with me down below. And we look forward to connecting with you next time. Take care.

All right, so once again, we’ll have the opportunity to use your intuition to choose the right card for your week ahead.

So, wherever you happen to be, give yourself a moment to take a few breaths. Maybe allow your awareness to drop down into your chest cavity into the heart center. Notice if there’s anything that you’re needing right now or questions that you’re really wanting answered. All right, let’s take a look here.

Call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north and the south, the east and the west. Please be with us today. Grant us your support and wisdom. Call out to Mother, Father, God, the angels, the denizens of light, deep ones, the rooted ones, help bring through a clear message for those of us watching this today. What are the perfect options for those who are watching today?

Let’s take a look. So this will be our option number one covered by our now discovered purple fluorite. Option number two, covered by a beautiful little opal stone. And option number three, covered by the selenite.

So, give yourself a moment here to tune back in with your body maybe dropping into your heart once again. And just notice which of these cards, which of these stones is calling out to you? Which one keeps drawing your focus and then trusting your intuition?

Decide on your card and we’ll begin our reading.

First Card – Fluorite

So we’ll start today with the first option covered by our purple fluorite. So if you chose this stone, I’m going to pull out some cards for your week ahead. For those who chose the first option, what is the most perfect information for their week ahead?

All right, let’s take a look. So your first card is going to be the Situation. Second card is your Obstacle. And the third card will be the Outcome. This card up above that’s covered by the fluorite will be the Advice for the week.

All right, let’s take a look: Situation. So here we go with our Eight of Swords. A woman tied up, surrounded by what almost looks like a cage of swords. She’s in the Badlands. You can see, she’s down in a swampy area. And the story goes that she’s actually from this castle up above, and she’s wandered away from her place of groundedness, from her place of clarity. It may be that she came up against a problem or a situation. And she kind of went looking for an answer, but ended up in a much more complicated place.

So it’s quite possible that some of you are feeling trapped, feeling very much lost in your head. There could be a sense of hopelessness…spinning, spinning, spinning, trying to figure out a particular situation.

Now, the advice for this card is almost always to find a way to get yourself grounded, go spend some time outside. Grounded is one side of it.

The other side is that there’s an emotional undercurrent that’s not been touched. Something needs to be felt. There might need to be some tears shed. It’s possible that you need to give yourself the time to feel what’s going on, rather than spinning and spinning and spinning inside of your head, trying to figure a situation out.

So let’s take a look… this situation is generally no fun. This could have to do with finances. This could have to do with career. It could be a relationship situation.

Whatever it is, it’s really come to a place of overwhelm. And it’s not an easy situation, because you can’t stay where you are. But you also don’t quite know where to go.

Like I said, generally, the advice that comes with this is: something needs to be felt, something that maybe you’ve been afraid of…to really let yourself feel and experience…needs to be turned towards.

But let’s take a look at the Obstacle: what it might be that’s getting in your way and creating the Situation. This is great. So The Lovers card, which is such a beautiful card.

When it’s in the Obstacle position, this card is often an indication of choices, that you’re in a place where you’re having a hard time making a choice. You feel a little bit stuck with this direction. It doesn’t quite make sense to go in that direction.

This can also be an indication of getting yourself into trouble around trying to do things your own way.

So for some of you, it’s possible that you’re bucking the rules around you. And it’s not quite working out at the moment. So often, when I see this card, the advice that comes with it is: it’s time to get connected with the choice that is best for you and your soul, even if it seems like the non-rational decision. You want to follow what is your higher calling.

Now, this can be really hard, because once we start leaning towards something that may not seem practical, may not seem like the sort of common sense decision, but towards something that is calling to us…all these thoughts, all these fears of our conditioning can start to come up.

So it’s possible that you’re up against a choice that feels impossible, because life is calling you to a deeper place, is calling you towards your soul path. It’s calling you towards what’s really true at your core.

And if you’ve been living a little bit more conventional, in a place that is the right or the “supposed to” direction, it can kick up a lot of worry and a lot of fear.

So let’s take a look at what your your outcome is for the week. Well, this makes a lot of sense to me.

Now, the Page of Swords – you can see that she’s in a very windy field. She’s got her sword up, prepared to fight or slice her way through.

I like to think of this card as the card of differentiation. And what I mean by that is that when things are mucky or muddled or confusing, she’s coming in with the blade of truth, to start to clear out space to understand what’s going on.

So I like to think of this as a time where we’re, we’re exploring what’s true for us. What is our stuff that we need to be dealing with, versus what has been told to us…the emotions and energies of others around us.

The work of this card is clarifying what’s true for you, clarifying situations that feel complicated and muddy, by getting down into the nitty-gritty of: “Wait a second. Is this what I really think? Or is this what somebody else has told me I should think, feel or be experiencing?”

So one of the ways that you might work with this is journaling: “Okay, here’s one of the feelings that I’m having. Is this my feeling? Is this feeling true? Can I know that it’s absolutely true?”

Another way of working with this is to take a walk, and let yourself talk to yourself. This is a great method. Go take a walk somewhere where you’re not going to look too crazy, and just let your stream of consciousness come out.

Rather than having it bottled up in your mind, like our Eight of Swords, she’s very much sort of isolated inside of herself, but actually getting it out. So you can hear yourself say some of the thoughts that you’ve been having. You will be surprised at how helpful that can be.

So let’s take a look at your Advice card for today.

All right. This is a helpful card in terms of contextualizing your situation. This is our lovely Hanged Man.

And one of the ways of interpreting The Hanged Man, particularly in the Advice position is: that you’re in a period where things just aren’t going to move forward.

So rather than trying to force your way through, or all the confusion around: “Why can’t I figure this out? Why aren’t things moving forward?” this can give you a little bit of ease, because it’s a sign that that’s just the situation you’re in.

Regardless, if you put all the effort in the world where you find the perfect decision, ultimately, things are a little bit on pause at the moment. So that’s one side of the advice of the Hanged Man.

The other side is recognizing that this is an opportunity for you to be looking at the situation before you from a new perspective.

So for some of you, that could be a relationship situation you’re being asked, and in some sense forced, to look at that relationship from a new light. What are the places that you haven’t looked at around this particular situation?

For others, this could be a career scenario that feels stuck or trapped, or something around your purpose in general, and you’re getting an opportunity. It’s like life is putting you on pause and you’re getting an opportunity to sift through your feelings and your thoughts on the matter. So this isn’t a time to get overly worried about trying to make something happen or trying to get the right move. It’s a time to do some self reflection. And definitely a time to do this differentiation process, this process of unlocking: “What’s your true feelings about something versus what you’ve been told, or how you think you’re supposed to be acting.”

So this will be your reading for those of you that chose the first card. Thank you for listening. Definitely let me know how this resonates for you. And I look forward to connecting with you next time.

Second Card – Opal

All right, let’s take a look at our second choice.

So for those of you that chose the opal stone and the second card, we’re gonna open up a reading for the week ahead for you, and it’s the most perfect information for those who chose the second option. All right, let’s see what we have here for those of you that chose this second step.

So we’ve got our Situation card, our Obstacle card, and our Outcome card. And our card here covered over by the opal is going to be your Advice card.

So situation, crew, this is one of my favorite cards in the deck, because it’s so multifaceted. And most of the cards have many different layers to it both multi-dimensionally, materially, emotionally.

So there’s always different facets to the cards when we look at him. I like to think of this card, specifically as the lineage that we’re associated with. And that can be the spiritual lineage, that can also be the family lineage. In other words, our actual genetic family lineage, it can also speak to the wealth, or the power that’s coming from multiple generations. So this can sometimes represent a company that we’re working for. It can represent a very wealthy individual or family that were associated with.

But I tend to really lock in with: What does this mean on a lineage level? In other words, what is it that I’m associated with that goes back through time, and we’ll go forward through time.

So we’re gonna pull the second card just to see if it gives us a little bit more context for this first one. But this kind of wealth, this kind of abundance that spans through multiple generations and will continue to carry on can be a really good sign for some of you, that you might be headed to, or starting to associate with a different type of abundance, a different type of wealth, a different kind of support in your life and in the business actions that you’re making.

So let’s take a look here at the obstacle.

So we’ve got our Eight of Pentacles. And this is really the card of refinement work on becoming masterful at our craft. It’s a card of great focus on what it is that we’re wanting to achieve.

Considering that we’ve got two pentacle cards here, and this is the final card in the pentacle deck, so it’s the total fruition of the suit of pentacles, which is great abundance, multigenerational abundance, this Eight of Pentacles, being in the Obstacle position, could be a sign that you’re having a little bit of trouble dialing in your focus on what it is that you’re wanting, putting in the time, putting in the effort to become really good at, what it is that you’re wanting in your life.

So it could be that some of you are feeling a little bit of lack of motivation, or that you are feeling disconnected from the work that you’re doing.

For others, it’s possible that you are actually over focusing on your work, you’re not paying attention to the larger context, or to family and relationships. You’ve become hyper-focused on your work situation.

So let’s take a look at your Obstacle card, or your Outcome card. And that’ll continue to open up our understanding of where things are going right now.

All right, Six of Swords. So, Six of Swords tends to be a sign of a movement away from a challenging or very chaotic situation, and making your way towards at least somewhat more peaceful waters.

Particularly with what we see here in your previous two cards, it’s possible that some of the reason that there’s a lack of motivation, or there’s some hyper-focus on something is that there’s some sort of chaos that’s been going on in your life, whether that’s in your workplace, or that’s in a relationship that you’re needing to sort of distance yourself.

If you’re wanting to create or develop this higher level of wealth, higher level of wisdom, and you’re wanting to become really good at what you do, it’s going to be important for you to make your way away, create some distance from what might be creating a lot of chaos in your life.

Now, the Six of Swords isn’t necessarily a sign of a quick fix. It’s a sign that you need to get away from something that is creating chaos. But that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily going to be suddenly totally dialed in or suddenly back in the driver’s seat with creating the abundance that you’re wanting in your life.

It’s more a first step in creating some peace in your life, a first step in getting dialed back in, but it’s a really important step.

So let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week.

This is another one of my absolute favorite Major Arcana cards, the Judgment card. And for me, it is a direct call to be listening to what’s most important, listening to your higher purpose.

This card tends to show up when we’re up against a level change, a change towards potentially growing into a higher aspect of ourself. It generally is an Advice card that’s letting you know: “It’s time to do some reflecting on the patterns and the choices that you’ve made in the recent times, as well as being willing to go further back in time and looking over some of the big decisions that you’ve made.”

The question that the Judgment card brings is: Am I making choices that are moving me closer to my purpose? Am I making decisions that are kind and fair to others? Or have I been avoiding the little voice that is saying, “Go this way. Don’t do that.”

So the advice when it comes to this is being willing to make time to reflect on the trajectory of your life. Are you really dialed in with what you’re wanting? Are you making choices that are heading in the right direction for yourself?

The judgment card can also be a sign that there is an awakening, or a large change in your purpose in the calling of your life.

So this is an important time to be listening closely. Listen closely to what life is asking for you, for the little whispers that are trying to lead you towards greater connection with your higher self and with your purpose in life.

All right, so for those of you that chose the second card, this is your reading for the week. And definitely let me know how this resonates for you. I love hearing from you. And thanks for tuning in.

Third Card – Selenite

All right, let’s take a look at our third choice. So for those of you that chose the selenite stone, and the third choice, this is going to be the reading for you.

So those who chose the third choice…perfect information for those of you who have chosen the third choice.

Alright, let’s see what we have this week. So your first card will be the Situation. Second card is the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. And the card underneath the selenite will be your Advice card.

So let’s take a look at your Situation card for the week: Three of Pentacles. So Three of Pentacles is the willingness to work with others towards a common goal. And this can be in your personal life in terms of working together with a partner. This can be in your business life or career, being willing to work with others towards a particular project or creating something.

This is also a great card to create and develop humility, being willing to go to the people that are experts in a particular field and listen to what they have to say.

There is somewhat of a spiritual connotation to this card because they’re inside of a church, so they’re building something that is meant for the greater good of humanity. They’re creating something together that’s going to bring people closer to their spiritual selves.

So for those of you that are on a spiritual mission, this is a card to remember. That is a reminder to be willing to take other perspectives in, right. We’ve got the builder that’s working on something, but we also have the monk and the jester. So we have multiple different perspectives and ideas, working together to create something.

Sometimes people can get isolated with their vision. It’s important to continue the interaction and the communication with others to help build something.

Let’s take a look at the Obstacle card. So the Obstacle card for this week is the Ten of Pentacles. And when the Ten of Pentacles is hanging out in the Obstacle position, it can be a sign that you are up against larger corporations. You are up against larger systems or structures, or up against people that have a lot of wealth.

So the Ten of Pentacles is about multigenerational trajectories, multigenerational wealth, multigenerational systems and patterns. So it’s possible for some of you that you’re coming up against systems that want you to be going in a particular direction, even though you’re wanting to go somewhere else.

So this can be the obstacle for some of you. For some of you, it’s quite possible that you’re, in fact, getting into conflict with your family: your family, their views. Their life patterns have been going on generation upon generation, and you’re having to both navigate those within yourself, because you’re born in that family system.

But it’s also possible that externally you’re actually having conflict with brothers and sisters, or mothers and fathers who want you to go a particular way. And they’re not necessarily supporting the direction that you’re wanting to go. They’re not necessarily supporting what you’re building in your life.

Let’s take a look at your Outcome card for this week. This is a lovely card, our Hanged Man. And this, seeing this as your Outcome card is shifting a little bit of how I’m understanding these first two.

So the Hanged Man card is a – some people would say that he was hung by somebody else here. But there’s a smugness to him. There’s a sense of peace here. So we might say that he’s hung himself upside down intentionally in order to understand life from a new perspective. There’s a spiritual reason that he’s put himself here.

I like to call this card, the yogic, the yogi card, you know. You get yourself in a weird yogic position. It’s not comfortable. But ultimately, as a result of that position, you feel better, you have more insights.

So the outcome for this week is actually you getting new perspectives, you getting some insights from others, that help you understand what it is that you’re trying to build, what it is that you’re trying to do from a new perspective.

So it’s still possible that you’re having to deal with people that are trying to push you in the wrong direction. But I’m actually starting to see this, the Ten of Pentacles in the Obstacle position, as maybe what’s going to give you new insights.

So your willingness to listen to people that have created wealth, created wisdom, created structures for many generations, if not hundreds, upon hundreds of years. You’ve been willing to listen to some of that wisdom…is going to open up new perspectives for you. It’s going to help you see things from a new light.

Now, unfortunately, or fortunately, as a result of seeing some of these new perspectives, you might find yourself having to take a pause on the direction you are going.

At the very least, this will give you an opportunity to reorient, and hopefully reorient in a direction that is going to get you where you’re wanting to go faster and with more integrity. But just don’t be terribly surprised if you’re going to have to pause, rethink, and sort of reorganize.

So let’s take a look at your Advice card for this week. So we’ve got our Queen of Pentacles. And this makes me think that who it is that you’re going to get some of this new insight and this wisdom from could be a woman, or somebody that has really learned the value and the power of a balanced life. This is somebody that has created a good deal of wealth and abundance for themselves, but they haven’t sacrificed their well being or their health to do so. They know the power of both creating vitality and themselves, peace in themselves. And in doing so, they’re able to create very healthy, abundant systems, businesses, and lifestyles.

So this is a sign to be willing to listen to those who have already created a good deal of wealth and balance in their lives.

This can also be advice to be paying attention to creating the same kind of balance for yourself. If you’re overworking and not giving yourself enough time to rest, digest, be at ease, then it’s time to sort of slant yourself back towards the center line, where you’re both creating and being active in life. But you’re also giving yourself room to rest and be at peace and to enjoy some of life.

So for those of you that chose the third option, this is your reading for the week.

Always nice to connect with you. Let me know how this lands, love hearing from you. And thank you so much for stopping by.

So that’s our reading for the week. Thank you so much for tuning in with me.

Like I said at the introduction, I really am enjoying doing these intuitive readings. And I’ll find another way to give away a free reading with me next month sometime.

So keep tuning in. Definitely let us know how you’re doing. And I look forward to connecting with you next week. Thank you.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Erna Verlinden
    Posted at 16:27h, 16 January Reply

    Very interesting reading Jonathan, all 3 choices have some meaning but the chosen one (3) was indeed most accurate. Thank you!

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    Posted at 16:16h, 16 January Reply

    Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for your readings, I so look forward to them with great anticipation…..you make it so exciting with three options and are always on point. Looking forward to the next.
    Love, light and much blessings Sheranie

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    Helen Dimaki
    Posted at 07:03h, 16 January Reply

    Hello Jonathan,
    I have picked fluoride and I have set my self who of my environment has used power to create blockages in my life? However, all readings has gave me an answer. I think your advice is very important and thank you very much indeed for this tarot draw and your suggestions for the questions I need to ask myself.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 05:37h, 16 January Reply

    I was overly attractacted to the selenite, so option 3. Never had such strange experience before when you delt the cards. The reading was spot on. I recently discovered some facts about my mom. She has been manipulating me my whole life. So it came to a conflict in which I broke all contact. Now I see how she had me under her control all those years, makes me view everything from a different point of view indeed. Queen of wands in this one would be my therapist who helped me see the truth in our mother-daughter-relationship as being toxic. And my grandmother who begged me to leave her alone because she is capable to do anything for getting her wishes granted. So yes, your reading resonated with me to the dot. Thank you for confirming that I’m going back to the right track now. Thank you very much! This was an eye-opener…

  • Avatar
    Bhagyashree Kavrekar
    Posted at 03:29h, 16 January Reply

    Thank you Jonathan

    For your accurate reading ❤️

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    Faith Mwakonya
    Posted at 02:24h, 16 January Reply

    I chose the second card and it resonates thank you for the great reading 📚

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    Maude Arianne
    Posted at 01:23h, 16 January Reply

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    I chose the first one and that resonated with me very much. And so on point with the reading I just posted for the Insight of the week on my Insta soul_particule.
    Bless you

  • Avatar
    Sangeeta C.
    Posted at 01:14h, 16 January Reply

    Hoo! That was something! I felt like each reading had scenarios that co-related with my situation, but since I chose Selenite as my stone, I kinda naturally felt invested in Option #3. In my case, it’s all about the family wealth and family conflict. I would call my parents the OG of manifesting coz they came from nothing and built a business across three continents…….my father being the captain and my mom the navigator. My mother more so, cuz she really built on what she had after my father passed away and amassed millions of dollars worth of wealth…..that too in Indian currency! BUT she’s not at all the type who lives a balanced lifestyle, or the kind that dispenses sage advice, or even been generous with me at all; though, as of last couple of years she’d really come around, being most kind than I’ve ever known her to be, and willing to help financially…..and just in time too as I’ve been feeling “caged” and a bit lost as to how best to navigate and chart my future path in order to achieve all the dreams I hold inside, not to forget financially strapped on top of it.

    My tarot readings had been indicating the entry of a Libra woman as a benefactor but I couldn’t get myself to believe that it could actually be my mom! But there she was! And I was like floating in air, buoyed by her support. But a hell of a discord erupted in the family, esp with my brother, when he learned that she intended to open a living trust to be able to transfer money to the US in order to assist me in buying a home, and naming me as the beneficiary. There’s a lot of history with my brother entering into business with my dad and basically usurping a good chunk of his earnings which had caused some deep rifts within the family. So now, my mother has made corrections to the trust that I have no idea what they’re about since my sister is the one who facilitated all this even though it was my suggestion to begin with. And now my mom doesn’t call as obsessively as she used to and has become tad bit unkind again. So I have shifted my boat away from all that for the time being to sort things in my own head. I don’t know if all this is going to teach me anything profound, or what’s gonna happen next…….I’m just feeling like the “hanged man’ for sure!

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    Posted at 23:34h, 15 January Reply

    More connection. Thank you

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      Thank you for your reading and more information and connection be blessed with your gifts

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    ingrid seals
    Posted at 19:22h, 15 January Reply

    I love all crystals, but don`t really know their meaning yet. Consequently I felt intuitively connected to all three readings. Still a bit confused with all the choices, but love your readings regardless because of your connection to the spiritual world. I have that connection too, in spite of all the left turns I have chosen.
    Thank you always.

  • Avatar
    Margaret Boone
    Posted at 18:31h, 15 January Reply

    Hi Margaret here I pick the 3 card I am waiting to see if I get the job with the company it pays more money .thanks I well let you know.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 16:40h, 15 January Reply

    Thank you for that! I chose the Opal and sure enough you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been a chaotic relationship with someone whom I love deeply but I’ve been waking up to the fact that I’m struggling more than I should and he will most likely never change. I can’t rely on him to help me raise our daughter. I feel the time draws near to cut him loose so I May concentrate on building myself and my business that I have such a passion for.

    • Avatar
      Martha Radebe
      Posted at 01:20h, 16 January Reply

      Thanks I’ve chosen the three cards because they really talked about my situation right now I want to follow my spiritual calling but this make me doubt it bcs of our spiritual mentor who is not doing things the way we’ve been shown in our dreams he is doing others favor not all of we’re stuck in the same place nothing is moving forward pls just help me which way should I take and again in my relationship it looks like things has started to stand still I’m stuck also as if the lightning has struck my love life pls help me with that again so that I can move forward to see if the person I’m in love with we can communicate to move things forward or together thank you very much for putting us to be aware with things that we should looking forward to.

  • Avatar
    Pamela Davis
    Posted at 16:15h, 15 January Reply

    I chose the third card with the selenite. I am starting a program to help people get unstuck from their stuff. The card for advice shows a queen of pentacles. I met her last week. She was in real estate flipping and does other services as well. She friended me on Facebook and now I know that we are kindred souls and our friendship would be worthwhile.

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    Posted at 16:12h, 15 January Reply

    Hi Jonathan,

    I chose the 2nd card and it perfectly resonated with what is going on in my life right now. Thanks for the great reading and the advice. I really like this format of picking up a card. It would be great if it can be done regularly. Have a nice week ahead.

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    Kiri Cooper
    Posted at 14:37h, 15 January Reply

    Hello, thank you for the reading 🦋 just wondering what your Tarot cards are called, they are the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen. ❤

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 13:22h, 15 January Reply

    Hello Jonathan,

    I have listened all three cards groups. I don’t which one that applies to me. I’m lost on this weeks reading. On 1/15/2023. Pacific Time zone. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Avatar
    Lovetta St. John
    Posted at 13:11h, 15 January Reply

    I choose the third batch the sellinite if that is how you spell it. Anywho, that stone resonated with my spirit and was definitely a correct assessment of what’s happening in my life. I am disappointed that you didn’t turn over the card that jumped out. I know that was an extra message telling us more about the situation. Next time read that important message. In many readings I’ve had they always read those popped out cards. Thank you Johnathan I enjoyed your reading.

  • Avatar
    Bonnie Jill Robinett
    Posted at 12:58h, 15 January Reply

    I resonated with the second card 100 percent, but each card had a message for me. I have leveled up, but am having difficulty with integration with learning everything that has come to me. I am still struggling with what my true soul path is and which direction I need to focus on. I have been giving myself time to try digesting everything. I thank you and bless you for all that you do for everyone in their struggles.

  • Avatar
    Lisa Johnson
    Posted at 12:56h, 15 January Reply

    Wow it’s funny my eyes were drawn to 2 & 3 if that you can understand , but after you read the meaning of 3 it became 3 is what I was truly resonating with , as literally the spiritual foundation and woman was exactly, what happened to me a talent clairvoyant I have been in contact with was drawn to my spirit energies so much , she felt my calling is the same as herself and now wants to be my guide and train me to use my gifts fully to help others. I come from a family of spirituality ,but the core foundation of this have past on now . So this a true blessing love and light Adam

  • Avatar
    Jose Jr. Vega
    Posted at 12:45h, 15 January Reply

    I chose the first reading and it hit the bullseye for me thank you so much😊

  • Avatar
    Lorraine Kelly
    Posted at 12:34h, 15 January Reply

    I chose the 3rd card and its exactly what’s going on at the mo, I’m sourcing out someone out in the same work field to mine amazing thank you

  • Avatar
    Ellen Myers
    Posted at 12:16h, 15 January Reply

    I was in debate between the second and third choices. So I leaned toward the second but I told myself to see what was there for me in the third reading.
    Both were expansive and useful.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:08h, 15 January Reply

    Chose card 2 and I absolutely resonate with the embarrassing chaos with a well known person. Slowly moving pass it with forced forgiveness which has led to me wiping out this deliberate prank. Thank U for this observation about life, forgiving, healing & moving forward. U ROCK🌹

  • Avatar
    Chanelle B.
    Posted at 11:38h, 15 January Reply

    Thank you Jonathan. Can’t wait to see how this reading manifests for me this week. I have a hunch that it has to do with my co-parenting relationship OR a job I’ve applied for. We’ll see. Last week’s reading hit the nail on the head & your headline “trust your intuition” was the primary story— which happened to manifest early in the week. So I didn’t have to wait the entire week out to see things manifest.

  • Avatar
    Tonya G
    Posted at 10:43h, 15 January Reply

    My challenge in this forecast – 1/15 – 1/21 is that I was drawn to the stone/crystal on the far left of your table….the one where you set the card that ‘jumped’ out – I was also drawn to that card as well. Additionally, there were parts of each stone/reading that spoke to me…so I feel it’s going to be an interesting week for me.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:41h, 15 January Reply

    LOVE THE INTUITIVE OPTION !! If Fact I related to all 3, kind of like the first leading to > Second > to Third. I PICKED THE 2ND at the beginning and It Did represent the factors, events, influences that I’m Feeling. JUDGMENT for Advice is where I’m going to as the issues that I’m dealing with are PREFECTLY DESCRIBED in the reading.
    As Usual > SPOT ON – WELL DONE. There are a lot of Pentacles that I’m dealing with right now and my relationship with $$ has taken a lot of HEALING in the past week.

  • Avatar
    Bernice young
    Posted at 10:40h, 15 January Reply

    Hi yes I chose the 2 reading and it and really is what is going on in my life . Thanks

  • Avatar
    lisa wolford
    Posted at 10:36h, 15 January Reply

    I’m not seeing where that I pick a card or where it corresponds to a crystal.

  • Avatar
    Eileen Barrett
    Posted at 10:19h, 15 January Reply

    This is so spot on! And lol! I walk and talk to myself a lot! I’ve been looking at a journal I bought and have been procrastinating where to begin! I guess it’s time to just start writing!

  • Avatar
    Mary C McDonald
    Posted at 09:58h, 15 January Reply

    I chose the first card, and it resonated with me perfectly. thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 07:56h, 15 January Reply

    I am loving this format! Congratulations Penelope ❤️ and thanks to everyone at CU!

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