Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/26 - 3/4 - Cosmic Updates

Pick A Card Tarot Reading | Weekly Forecast For 2/26 – 3/4

Does it ever feel like just when you’re starting to make progress in life an obstacle shows up?

Jonathan Lionheart is here today with a pick your own card tarot reading, so you can overcome any roadblocks in your path and find success in the week ahead. Enjoy!


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Hey there, this is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

So I wanted to briefly talk about a dynamic that I see in the reading that’s coming up, which is called a Threshold Guardian, which is this understanding that as we’re going through a developmental process, in other words, we’re learning something new, we’re growing into a new level in our development, just as we’re getting ready to sort of graduate into a new level of manifestation, or into a new level of self-love or capacity in life, we’re going to come right up against something that challenges us. It’s like the final boss in a video game, we come right up against something that tests us to see if we really are able to hold this new level of coherence, this new level of awareness.

So let me know if you have this experience, if you’ve ever had this experience, where something got particularly hard, where you got sort of tempted, just before stepping into another layer of awareness in your life.

Otherwise, I hope you have a wonderful week. And let’s jump right into the reading. And you can grab a live reading with me down below. And as you know, I love hearing from you. So take good care.

So as we do each week, give yourself a moment to just pause. Take a few breaths, maybe following the exhale, allowing it to be a little bit longer down into the sensations of your body. Just taking a moment to be here.

Call out to the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers of the north, the south, the east and the west. Call out to Mother, Father, God, the denizens of light, the angels, the archangels, the deep ones, and the rooted ones. Please be here with us now. Bring through a clear message. And please bring forward the perfect energy to support all those who are listening now. Thank you.

All right. So we’ll be doing a pick-a-card reading for the week ahead. So what are the perfect options for those who are watching today?

So as usual, be using your intuition to choose between these three options here. We’ve got our double helix, our beautiful cube, and our triangular fella here. So give yourself a moment and just notice which of these cards is speaking to you in this moment. You might feel called to one of them, your eyes keep returning to one where you just have a feeling. So trust your intuition. And once you’ve chosen one of these cards, you can fast forward if you like to the reading that corresponds with the card you’ve chosen.

First Card – Double Helix

So for those of you that chose the double helix card, this will be your reading for the week ahead. So I’m going to open this up for you now let me just tune into this group.

Right, so first card will be the Situation. Second card will be the Obstacle. And third card will be the Outcome. All right, let’s take a look.

So Situation for the week ahead is our King of Cups. And often court cards represent individuals. Sometimes the court cards represent attributes within yourself or what we might call, like, archetypal presences in your life, in other words, certain dynamics that are showing up in a powerful way.

And so specifically with the King of Cups… the King of Cups has learned to create a kind of sturdiness and foundation throughout all of the emotional things that might be happening. Anything that might be occurring in life, this individual has learned to find themselves and stay rooted within that particular situation.

The King of Cups is also an individual that has great compassion, great empathy. He’s able to feel others and experience and empathize with others without getting lost in someone else’s emotions. This is a pretty high level of maturity, particularly for those of you that might feel to be empaths feeling somebody else, while not getting pulled off into their world, or like you’ve been emotionally hooked, is a very powerful competency.

So for some of you, the arrival of the King of Cups could be a sign that there is an individual like this who has been showing up in your life. This could be a father figure. This could be a potential romantic connection. This could be a boss. This is somebody that feels… that you feel like you can trust, someone that has a kind of solidness to them, a kind of both warmth and trustworthiness could be showing up in your life. And it’s just being highlighted so far. We’ll see a little bit of what might the dynamic be.

For others, this could be a capacity that you are cultivating in yourself. In other words, you’re learning to stay rooted, grounded, while still being compassionate, compassionate. You’re learning to find your rock in the midst of the ocean that allows you to be with the trials and tribulations of life without getting pulled off center.

Let’s take a look at the Situation card for your… or your the Obstacle card in relation to our King of Cups.

So the Obstacle card is the Three of Cups. And some of you may know that often this card can be a representation of over-partying, particularly if it’s in a negative position such as an Obstacle-like position or in an inverted position.

It can be where we’re being… we’re being a little bit too hedonistic. There’s excessive drinking. There’s a little bit too much partying too much leaning into the fun and the distracted avenues of life.

The cupscan often have this element. There’s… it may not be the case, but sometimes alcohol is represented. Sometimes we say, when somebody is an alcoholic, we say that they’re lost in the water. They’ve fallen into the depths of the water, because alcohol is actually a tear… Lucena… it opens up the emotions. But too much of it actually stagnates the emotions.

So it’s possible that some of your friends, for some of you, this could be that some of your friends are asking, wanting you to spend more time, be out be partying. It’s possible that you’ve just had a period where you’re giving in a little bit too much to the hedonistic parts of life.

And the reminder is that there’s this other capacity that might be wanting to come in, which is the individual that knows when it’s time to be celebratory and joyous and let loose a little bit, but also knows when it’s time to be clear, crisp, and sort of on, on-target and focused.

But let’s take a look at your Outcome card for the week. So, Outcome card, we’ve got our Empress. And the Empress is the opposite side of the Emperor, which means that she’s full of vitality, creativity, lusciousness. She’s the creative elements of life, and not so much in structure, but listening intuitively to life and to the creative process.

So some of what I’m seeing here is this need for this kind of balance, because the emotional content of these two cup cards has an inherent sort of creative attitude towards it.

So it’s quite possible that for some of you, what’s wanting to happen this week is maybe steering clear of the celebratory group partying piece and, rather, sort of getting connected with a creative impulse inside of you, finding your way of connecting to celebration that also feels generative.

In other words, sometimes partying is really great and really generative. And sometimes what’s most supportive and creatively healthy for you could be just some self-care, could be heading out into the wild, could be painting, could be creating in some other fashion.

So my sense is to be paying attention to the pool, to go with the group to follow other people’s energy, to follow the impulses of others or others emotions, and really tap back into what is the… what is the creative exploration that wants to happen for you this week? Is there something… The Empress is often considered to be in the first trimester of pregnancy… Is there something creative in you? Or is there something in you that’s wanting to be birthed into life? Whether that’s career, work, relationship, just the life phase? And what is it? What’s the environment, and the type of nutrient that you need to give yourself in order for that birthing process to happen with grace?

All right, let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week ahead. So the Advice card, we’ve got our King of Wands. So this is that side of the spectrum that is the great leader. Are you willing to be a powerful leader for yourself, for the people around you?

One of the most important qualities of a leader is somebody that is both capable of accessing and listening to the truth inside of themselves, while also being able to listen to those around them without getting pulled off track.

In other words, can you be available to the information around you, the feelings, the thoughts, the ideas of those people around you, take them in seriously without getting swayed off course, right?

There’s a deep, grounded foundational capacity here. So this can be for some of you listening to your own deeper leadership, wisdom.

And for others, being willing to touch base with those that you know, that are great leaders, maybe have a conversation with a mentor, or somebody that, you know, has cultivated a kind of wisdom in themselves.

So for those of you that chose the first card, this will be your reading for the week ahead. Thank you for tuning in with me. I look forward to touching base with you again next week. Take good care.

Second Card – Cube

All right, so for those of you that chose the second card, our lovely cube, this will be your reading for the week ahead. I’m just going to tune in with the group that chose this second card here.

All right, let’s take a look. So your first card will be the Situation. Second card – oops– will be the Obstacle and it has a nice little secondary friend there. And our final card will be the Outcome.

So let’s take a look at your Situation for the week. For those of you that chose the second card, we’ve got our Emperor. And I like to think of the Emperor as the great organizer, the one that is able to create powerful, strong, healthy structures, systems, all of the different elements of organization that go into life in order to make and in order to create room for the creative impulse to move through.

One way of thinking about this is that there actually has to be a guitar or a violin for music to happen through it… there has to be the hollowed out and the structure and the strings for then music to start to resonate through it. So the Emperor is the form itself – the structure itself.

So, for some of you, this might be… the Emperor can represent an actual individual, a person that is holding like a father figure like position. This could be a boss, this could be just an archetype of your father. In other words, the feeling sense of the person that sort of can be strict and dominating, but also has a good plan and creates structure and ideas.

For some of you, this could be an element that you’re starting to bring into your life, which is the mastery of form, the ability to run a business, the ability to structure your time in an intelligent way. The, you know, the Emperor has to keep an entire country put together, you know, an army that’s trained, resources that are making their way to different places, all the different organizational pieces. So this individual, you might be making your way into the wisdom that it takes to create a thriving life, a thriving business. This can also be even a thriving relationship.

So let’s take a look at the Obstacle to this Emperor influence. And we’ve got two cards here. We’ll start with the bottom one. So we’ve got our Moon card. So I move… I always love when there’s this kind of dynamic, because when there’s the Emperor card, which is structure and form, the Moon card is the place of confusion of uncertainty of the unconscious, which doesn’t, the unconscious doesn’t play by the rules of the structured material world. It plays by its own world of symbolism, and primal instinct.

So some of what might be getting in the way of you trying to create some structure, some order may be developing a particular business process or plan in your life, is that there’s something deep in your psyche, that is making it murky or confusing. This is the feeling of when you’re trying to put something together and it should just be falling into place. You keep running into a wall, like an invisible shield or wall, or somehow something gets mixed up or messed up. That can be, that’s very much what the Moon card can often be… a sign of is that there’s something that hasn’t been, hasn’t been brought to consciousness for you.

So for some of you, this might look like feeling some deep fears, some existential fears. It could be that you’re having really wild deep dreams. You could be feeling very distracted, maybe even obsessed with something. And so this might be a bit of the obstacle that you face this week.

And I like to, I like to think of this as a good sign that when we’re growing, and some new unconscious material comes to the surface, it’s a sign that you’re reaching new levels and new layers of yourself. Yeah, okay.

So the other obstacle card is the Tower card. And so this can this can be, I mean, these two cards go so well together. This can be a sign that either something has already begun to shake and destabilize in your life, whether that’s a big thing in your life, like a relationship, or a career situation, or somebody, or some health issues. This can also be a way of looking at life, which certainly would speak to this particular moon card correspondence… in the sense that, “Oh, I always thought that I was going to be a fireman. And then I realized that I hated being a fireman, and that I built my whole life around this. And now I’m having to, like, rethink, like, ‘Who am I? Who even am I? Or I always thought that I was a Christian. And then, for whatever reason, I started reading the Tao Te Jing, and it spoke more deeply to me than the Bible. And now I’m having to like rethink ‘Who am I?’” Like, this is the deep kind of sense of self-identification of who you are getting shaken getting mixed up.

I like this, there’s a lot of tension between the situation, which is trying to get organized. Often the Emperor can show up, like, on the darker side of the spectrum, trying to control things, trying to keep things, like, sorted, organized, put together. And these are those trickster attributes that are mucking it up, making it nearly impossible to control things. So there’s a real strong sort of forced surrender vibe going on here for this second group.

Let’s take a look at the outcome. When I say forced surrender, it’s having worked with hundreds and hundreds of people now on the process of deeper away, getting, like, integrated, awakening, which has to do with both digesting trauma and the psychological elements and also bringing more of your higher intelligence in.

It just is a pretty normal occurrence for the part of us that thinks it can be in charge and in control, coming up against life circumstances that create sort of a forced surrender, and that forced surrender ultimately adds to grace, even if it’s a fierce grace, towards greater availability to life.

So anyways, hopefully, that’s precisely the direction that things are heading… is that there are some changes that are happening that are outside of your control. And if you allow some of that movement to happen, the outcome is this Two of Wands, which is giving you much greater perspective on what’s possible. You can actually reach this week, a greater sense of stability, and a greater sense of being able to look at all of the possibilities before you.

It’s possible that you’ve had your eyes sort of narrowed on a very particular thing, trying to control something, trying to keep something together. And when you let go and you create some room, you actually get a greater horizon. You’re able to see that the world is in your hands, that there’s way more possibility than you might have been thinking.

Alright, let’s take a look at your Advice card for this week ahead. So Advice card is the Five of Wands. And the Five of Wands in the Advice position is… Be willing to have the complicated conversations. In other words, be willing to hash it out with yourself, look at many different perspectives internally, take in information that you don’t usually take in.

Great example for that is if you happen to be a conservative, being willing to listen to some of the liberal perspectives. If you’re a liberal, being willing to listen to some of the conservative perspectives. Similarly, like, being open to the many different ways of looking at life and possibilities, and being in the healthy kind of dynamic argument that produces new perspectives and new ideas.

Alright, so for those of you that chose the second card, that was your reading. Thank you so much for tuning in with me. And I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Third Card – Triangle

All right. So for those of you that chose our third card, this will be your reading. So I’m just going to tune in with those that chose the third card.

All right, let’s take a look here. So for those of you that chose the third card, this first one will be the Situation. Second one will be the Obstacle. And third one will be the Outcome.

Excuse me while I take a sip of my drink here, alright, so let’s take a look at your Situation. For those of you that chose the third card, Situation this week. I don’t know who… there was another one that got the Devil card last week for the Situation. So maybe this is the same group or similar individuals.

So the Devil card has many different correspondences. On the high side of the spectrum, this is a certain kind of mastery of the material around those that have become very good at working with money, very good at working with massive corporations, that sort of thing.

However, often the Devil card is a sign that you could be dealing with a situation where you feel stuck, manipulated, out of control. This can come up when there’s a kind of obsessiveness. Definitely in the realm of addiction.

It’s… we’ve got this sort of demonic, devilish creature here and two humans. The two humans have begun to grow horns. So the more time that they spend in the particular situation that they’re in with this devil, the more they’re becoming like it.

So the best representation of that is… Let’s use addiction as a as an example. Somebody that knows that they’ve got a problem with something like alcohol… The more they keep sort of staying with the alcohol, the more they start to justify their use of alcohol… Or whatever drug it may be, or whatever particular obsessive addictive situation that might be – we can say the same thing with dangerous or toxic relationships – somebody that is with someone they know is bad for them… The longer they stay there, the more they sort of adapt and become a part of the unhealthy dynamic that they’re in.

So for some of you, this might look specifically like addiction, it could be something like too much media, it could be pornography, it could be alcoholism, it could be drugs, it could be any of these different things.

For some of you, this could be being in a seriously codependent relationship or relationship where your two nervous systems have fused in an unhealthy manner.

For some of you, this could be feeling like you’re being bullied or attacked in a workplace situation.

So let’s take a look at the obstacle so that we can get a bit more understanding. And just to say that this… Yeah, okay, so let’s also take a look at the Obstacle. So the Obstacle card is our Page of Cups, which makes me think that it’s quite likely that the the Devil card situation that we’re talking about here could be some kind of romantic or alcohol oriented situation. This could be like, oh, yeah, I just like to get a little bit tipsy… only, I like to get a little bit tipsy all the time.

Or there could be… it could be that there’s somebody that likes to pop up into your life, who wants to sort of have some sort of intimate connection with you, only to then just disappear… again, somebody that’s basically playing with your emotions.

It’s also possible that you’re the one that likes to play with somebody else’s emotions. In other words, you know that you have somebody that’s really into you. And so when you’re feeling a little bit down, or you’re feeling a little bit lonely, you go over and you sort of get a little bit of time with them, knowing that you’re not really interested in sort of manipulating them.

And that could be happening one way or the other. In other words, somebody could be doing this with you, or you could be doing it with them. But there’s some form of using somebody else, either using substances, using someone, or being used by someone.

So that’s definitely the flavor that I’m getting from this particular situation so far.

Let’s take a look at the Outcome. So Outcome card… this is a good sign, this Seven of Wands is a sign that there’s good momentum in the right direction.

In other words, you’re starting to grow out of whatever this dynamic is, whether you’re starting to see it with more clarity, or you’ve been in the process of sort of making your way out of it.

The only tricky part with the Seven of Wands is that your momentum might exacerbate some of this dynamic, because as you’re growing out of it, this person or this situation is going: “No, no, come back, come back,” which is what’s happening in this particular image – this positive momentum. This individual has now been surprised, attacked.

And it’s like you’re making the right choices, you’re going in the right direction. And the people around you want you to stay in homeostasis. They want you to stay in the place that they feel is comfortable… “How dare you grow and be healthy. How dare you make good choices for yourself.”

And so the Advice that comes along with this card is: “Stay the path.” Right? “Keep moving. You’re going in a good direction. Haters gonna hate. You take good care of yourself.”

Let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week ahead. Yeah, so this makes a lot of sense to me. And this also makes me really happy because there’s a healthy progression that’s happening here.

And the Advice card is: “Go spend time with people that authentically love you, that really want the best for you. Focus on the relationships that help you feel good about yourself.”

I was just looking at some research that was showing that you can get rats addicted to cocaine when they’re in a lab environment. In other words, they’re in an alien environment and when you’re keeping them socially separated, you can get them highly addicted to cocaine to the point where they’ll kill themselves. When they are in their natural environment and they’re able to socialize with their community, you cannot get them addicted to cocaine. They will not get addicted to it.

And so the takeaway from something like that is: “Go spend time with good people that love you, that care about you.”

And the tendency to want to get caught up in unhealthy relationships, to get pulled into unhealthy obsessions or addictions, greatly decreases. So spend time with family, if family is a healthy place, spend time with friends, go to healthy meetings, women’s groups, men’s groups, spend time with good relational counselors. That is the advice that is going to help you continue to move forward in this positive momentum.

So for those of you that chose the third one, thank you so much. That was your reading for the week ahead. Let me know how things are going everybody. I always love hearing from you even if I can’t answer you right away. It’s always great to hear from you. And I look forward to connecting again in the future. Thanks so much. Take care.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

  • Avatar
    Makell weeks
    Posted at 01:53h, 02 March Reply

    Wow!!! This is the first time that a tarot reading has resonated 100% perfectly with what I am currently going through…you are SO talented, and I am amazed and extremely grateful to have run across this today… thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 18:30h, 01 March Reply

    I picked the 3rd card, which was very relatable. I also completely related to what you said prior to the start of the reading. I’m very aware of not straying off the path now. Thank you 🙂

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    Posted at 15:34h, 01 March Reply

    Hello Jonathan,

    I would like a privat reading.
    Tried to purchase using paypal, but it did not work. How do I proceed?

    Ps: your contact form does not work because of the plug in (not able to install it)

  • Avatar
    Rita Piedade Sa
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    Hi Dear Jonathan thank you so much for this week reading I chose the first one spot on in my situation thank you again for your advice God bless you see you next week .

  • Avatar
    Posted at 13:16h, 28 February Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m picking the right card. Today the helix seemed to be separate a bit from the others. But then the cube was “flashing”. I saw later that a light above was making the card flash😁
    I’m 71 years and alcohol increased for me with a new partner. The relationship is over after 6 years and I’m coming back from being lost in the water. A nice reminder for me.

  • Avatar
    Meva Jones
    Posted at 10:26h, 28 February Reply

    So happy to get your reading this week , as last week , I didn’t get it in my mailbox . So much truth & actual things going on in my life . Thank you 😊

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:45h, 28 February Reply

    Must not be for everyone. This reading definitely doesn’t match with me.

  • Avatar
    Theresa Flannery
    Posted at 03:55h, 28 February Reply

    Thanks Jonathan, I have been moving forward slowly. I feel a tie to me ex Joe but do not really know what is in his head at this point. We have talked but he is distant! I need closure but maybe I will never get what I need. The trust I had has faded and only wish to have peace and a conversation . Pray for us that I get the chance. I don’t think he is a bad man and I believe there are still feelings present. Clarity is what I need🌸👍thanks for the reading

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    Jasmin Smith
    Posted at 18:08h, 27 February Reply

    You’re reading today, for myself was spot on! Thank you! I look forward every week to your insightful readings!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 14:50h, 27 February Reply

    I chose #2 & it resonates. Feng shui with slobs lol. I have been unclear as to next steps I should take partly because life happens. I know that sometimes it’s the Universe saying I need to rest up so I can gain momentum in the future. So I do little things that light me up like art. Very interesting about the rats & their supportive community. It’s pretty cool. Have a great week Johnathan

  • Avatar
    Cindy Dodemaide
    Posted at 05:54h, 27 February Reply

    Thanks Jonathan
    Loving choosing my reading – usually spot on.

    I also signed up with Matt Schaffer for his 3 week Master of Connection workshop all thanks to watching yiur interview with him. It’s been mind blowing and have gained so many valuable insights and AHA moments .
    Thank you again for your service and valuable Tarot insights.

    PS I signed up for Matt’s next Master of Magnetism Worksops and Community which I’m sure will be brilliant as well.

    • Avatar
      Martha Radebe
      Posted at 12:12h, 28 February Reply

      Hey Jonathan I’ve chose to move forward with myself and take care of myself while I’m giving him some space to think clearly about our relationship we really loved each other but something is not adding up pls just check for but I’m a Christian I pray to God every situation I face I’ve hope that everything will be alright thank you very much be blessed with your loving gift I’ve chose the second thanks.

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    Hi Jonathan
    I picked the last card reading. It was so accurate for me and my situation at the moment.
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    Jonathan, thank you for your accurate reading today.
    I have one concern.
    In the part of the story before starting the reading, I want you to look at the camera and talk.
    Even if it’s a video, I’m sure it’s easier to hear what you’re saying if you make eye contact.
    I’m not fluent in English, so I think that’s all the more so.

  • Avatar
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    Jobathan I Live your readings this time I was undecided chose 1 &3.. 3 resonated more. But Im in a pickle.Im listening and obeying God. My devine male Im not so sure. I have found out he has 3 addictions porn drugs and alcohoBut has heeled God and the Universe have kept us blocked and would not let him near me for. 9 months now. We now have Gods blessing and he has been healed. We are going to try this again.we both are chosen as leaders in a future mission for god.. Are we going to succeed at this venture.

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
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    Hello Jonathan and thank you for your readings! I chose card #2 but card #3 better resonated with me! I am going through stages in my life JUST like the order of the 3rd set of cards! I AM happy to know that when it’s all said and done that there WILL be a rainbow at the end! Thank you and take care!

  • Avatar
    Karen Anne Meeks
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    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for your readings I watch and listen to them all.Wondering if anyone else has great difficulty choosing which stone to go with? Im never really drawn to any particular one so I listen to them all and try to decide which might match my situation. It feels very overwhelming in this new way of options? I usually feel more drawn to the double helix at times?

  • Avatar
    Lisa Johnson
    Posted at 15:15h, 26 February Reply

    Love and light Jonathan always , I picked Card 3 this week . Weirdly enough I feel my it’s my Twin flame , as his immature in many ways as I had psychic readings that have told me this . But say he means know harm . His just not as aware of his emotions as I am yet , that he hold it all inside partially for insecurity and sense of not wanting to lose me to another person, but I have been told he is making the decision to choose to grow and change as he realises the value of us and wants us completed together. Finger crossed

  • Avatar
    Helen Dimaki
    Posted at 15:06h, 26 February Reply

    Hello Jonathan. Thank you for this reading. Something had stopped me many times before listening the full video, Either some urgent work or a situation needed my presence, call or even a visit from a friend I haven’t met for more than four year. My first impulse of choosing a card, on listening the video, was for the triangle, on take some moment as you suggested in the video, I had finally chosen the cube. Actually, I am facing a temptation before levelling these day. Do notice that after listening the full video, I have found out that both the cube and triangle resonates with me You are very accurate and extremely helpful with your advices. Your predictions is as if your a close friend that I have been sharing my secrets with You couldn’t be more correct of what is going on in my life. Thank you immensely as your free reading comes in my life at a time that I am blocked and restricted of internet orders and I have no helping hand to advice me. All the goods, enlightenment and prosperity may path in your way as you deserve the best. Thank you

  • Avatar
    Kathryn Elizabeth Taylor
    Posted at 15:04h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you Jonathan, triangle, spot on, life long best friend with addictive personality, been trying to distance.
    She now has a partner, obviously acting in same way with him. I can see the panic since I have wised up.
    I hold no malice, but it has had an extraordinary effect on me in many ways.
    I have always trod my own path, am very intuitive, sensitive.
    May I ask , I have been on my own all my life, only child too. I have a lovely family of my own, but never totally committed to anyone. I have had a penpal via strange meet on Internet, now for 4 years. We text every week, he is gay, yet the connection I feel at times is so powerful. It sustains me, we will meet next year, is this stupid?

  • Avatar
    Lisa diulio
    Posted at 14:04h, 26 February Reply

    Johnathon, I listen to you all the time and you are very interesting and good at what you do. Today the third reading, under the triangle was mine for sure. Left an extremely toxic marriage of 30 plus years about 3 years ago and I am just now ready to move on and ready to try to find new love for the first time in forever. I think I have done the mental work over the past 3 years, however at my age it’s not easy. I am trying online dating. I am trying to break out of what I always thought I wanted in a person and a relationship, but it is not easy. I just hope the reading is correct that I am moving in the right direction. I have realized that I am not a person who enjoys being in life as a solo person but on the other hand I don’t want to spend the twilight of my life in another toxic relationship. Keeping my fingers crossed that this reading
    is correct for me and that I am in fact moving in the right direction. Thank you for all the information you provide. Your weekly reads keep me positive and hopeful.
    Best always and I will always be listening.

  • Avatar
    Maria del Carmen Rodriguez
    Posted at 12:18h, 26 February Reply

    Hi Jonathan,
    Today I couldn’t pick a card, but it seems that all three talked to me, each one of them had a little to say to me. Thank you for your readings

  • Avatar
    Amanda C Wellener
    Posted at 11:29h, 26 February Reply

    I’d like to comment on your introduction first. I have been in survival mode for many years. Everything will start to flow perfectly, and I think I will be out of the woods, but then it all comes crashing down. So, I guess I have never beat the “boss” as you put it. That makes more sense to me. In the past 6 months, I have practiced self-love, meditation, and appreciation. I feel now that I can beat any boss that is tossed my way. I chose the triangle. I am close with my male roommate. He gives me hot and cold actions. He is an alcoholic. I am addicted to nurturing him. It’s emotionally damaging to me. I know it’s a form of co-dependency. I am moving across the country in 2 months, without him. I’ll be independent and free. New home. New job. New life. I’m ready. Thank you for doing this reading, it was confirmation for me that everything is going as planned.

  • Avatar
    Liza McEvilly
    Posted at 11:19h, 26 February Reply

    Second card: perfectly put. I start a new management role this week. This will be challenging due to my line manager (LM) not comfortable with this transition but SMT and team welcome this change!
    I have to move services forward in the face of LM resistance!
    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Rosa Costea
    Posted at 11:08h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you for your reading for today i mean first card
    So i hope to here every week your reading 🙏🇷🇴

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:56h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you Lionheart.
    This was a great reading and I much appreciated your advice.
    You help me to do the right thing, and to look forward to the future and be in a stronger place to use sound discrimination .

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:52h, 26 February Reply

    I chose the 2nd card and yes it is exact to what I am already experiencing for this coming week. Somewhat unstable romantic relationship where we share residence, however, every time I get a GREAT company interview(coming Monday), which hasn’t happened since Dec., he begins making noise all through the night, slamming cabinets and dishes, making annoying comments. Wow, what a distraction he is trying to be!! I am trying to “get my ducks in a row” for this wonderful employment opportunity, and he is trying the ultimate shake-up. I think I’ll go get a hotel room to get rested for the interview (haha), which for these roles are always 4-5 interviews for the job….

  • Avatar
    Rita Maskill
    Posted at 10:26h, 26 February Reply

    Hi jonathon thank you I picked card 3 and your spot on again I am surrounded by my son who has a problem with alcohol and he is getting better and I’m surrounding myself with the people that love me and good vibes I am loving and taking care of myself thank you for a beautiful reading ❤

  • Avatar
    Leonida Gamboa
    Posted at 10:20h, 26 February Reply

    I chose the first stone, the Helix. The reading does not resonate with me at all espicially the partying. That is not me at all.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:00h, 26 February Reply


    • Avatar
      Posted at 11:04h, 26 February Reply

      Yeah I picked the cube. Oddly enough I mentioned to someone last night look into the crystal cube, forget the crystal ball. Referring to a picture of …. a crystal cube. It doesn’t say which one it is or give a name of the crystal but it’s clear. So I wish the message were more clear for me right now but maybe I need to think outside of the box so to speak. Thank you for your reading

  • Avatar
    Pauline Lennon
    Posted at 09:47h, 26 February Reply

    Thank you Jonathan for your comments today. I chose the double helix which was right on the money for my life. I tune in every week.

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