Release Your Inhibitions | Weekend Tarot Love Reading | 9/1 - 9/3 - Cosmic Updates

Release Your Inhibitions | Weekend Tarot Love Reading | 9/1 – 9/3

Have certain fears around love been holding you back?

This weekend, Galena the Mystic says it’s a perfect time to tune into feelings you may have been suppressing and trust the process that’s unfolding in front of you.

She’s here to help you navigate the unknown, mysterious terrain ahead, so you can cross the threshold of your fears and find true love and fulfillment.

P.S. Have you been feeling stuck in an old romantic energy? Are you having trouble letting go? Leave a comment below and let Galena know.


Hi, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s Galena The Mystic, your intuitive tarot reader, and I’m back with another weekend love reading. Happy September. I feel like this year has gone by so quickly, and as I say that we have a card that wanted to pop out, The Magician here. It did come out in the reverse, so let’s get a few clarifiers and talk about this. But I did want to mention as well that we are coming up from a full super moon, a full blue super moon in the sign of Pisces. So if you’re feeling particularly emotional this week or having crazy dreams, especially, but don’t take them too literally, but do interpret the feelings that come up in your dreams. Could be very revealing, especially because Pisces is a very romantic sign. So I want to say pay a little bit more attention to that.

We also have The Star here, which of course I have to cover up because she’s very vulnerable in this picture, so you could be feeling very vulnerable, but the star is all about healing, emotional outpouring. It’s more so the calm that comes after the pain. Well, I feel like there could have been major clarity you received this week about things, and I feel like for a lot of you, you’re ready to surrender your own will. That doesn’t mean you’re not an active participant in the creation of your life. It just means that sometimes when we try to manifest and manifest and manifest a certain outcome and that outcome keeps being blocked, there’s a reason behind it and a lot of that reasoning is because of something that’s blocked that needs healing, like the kind of healing that the star can bring. It’s not the universe punishing you if you’re not getting what it is you’re asking for, and it’s not that you’re necessarily doing anything wrong.

The universe is pretty impartial about what it is exactly you want. Spirit caress about the lesson that you’re meant to learn. Spirit caress about the relationship you have with the greater universe. Spirit cares that you have peace and that you begin to understand more of yourself, more of your divine purpose. You can manifest a partner if you want to. You can manifest a certain house if you want to. You can manifest a certain, like I said, car, career if you want to, but this Magician reversed is giving me this message not to be so rigid when it comes to what that looks like, but also to understand no matter what you manifest, you are still going to manifest the universe’s higher lessons for you. And so you might manifest the perfect person.

The lessons that this person or this relationship comes with still trigger the wounds that it’s meant to trigger in order to teach you peace, self realization, self actualization, and more faith, and that’s really tough and really testing.

So don’t take that as a sign that your manifestation is wrong. Take that as a sign that you’re still going to get whatever the divine has in store for you. Let’s go ahead and get a couple more. What does spirit want you to know about love this weekend? We have the Nine of Wands. I swear this card just does not want to leave us alone or this energy just does not want to leave us alone. So there’s fear, really deep-seated. I feel like some of you get the ick really easily. If you’re single and dating, you could just see one little thing someone does and you’re like, okay, nope, going to keep searching, going to keep looking. You could be really quick to swipe left on people. You could also give yourself the ick like you, I guess I’m using some Gen Z lingo here, but the ick is when you’re cringing at someone, and so something just about people just puts you off.

Something about yourself too puts you off so you could actually kind of getting the energy of judgment with this card, this nine of wands. For my single people, with these three cards, I’m really getting the message that it’s important for you to understand this season of your life and to make peace with some of the lessons you’re meant to learn. Some of you might be just questioning, “Why am I single? Why am I single? Why am I single?” It really is time for you to develop a higher perspective on your situation and to get to know yourself in a new light, really seeing how powerful you are, how capable you are, really seeing how connected to the one you are, how connected to your spirit guides and your angels you are, and also making peace with what has been because with The Star there is this sense of serenity.

So some of you are just still making peace with the past. I think some of you might have a mentality that you have already made peace with the past and that you’ve already done the lessons, you’ve already done the work. And so it’s like, okay, give me my person now. And it just simply does not work that way. The universe is not withholding your person from you until you do X, Y, and Z. You are actively learning the lessons that you’re meant to learn, and that’s an everyday thing that’s happening. So you’re meant to embrace it more. Embrace this leg of your journey and stay determined to overcome some of your blockages and obstacles. And when I say blockages, I mean your mental blockages to peace right now. Some of you feel like you can’t have peace until you have that person in your life, and that’s absolutely just not true.

As real as those feelings are, trust me, I have been there. As real as those feelings are in the moment of feeling like I won’t be happy until someone really truly loves me or I won’t be happy until I have the marriage I want or the children I want, or et cetera. It’s just not true from the most high, and I think that it’s not in alignment with your higher wisdom either to believe that. Let’s go ahead and talk about, let’s get some more.

Five of Swords reversed. Let me feel into this a bit. For those who are in relationships, a lot of it is about surrender, a lot of these cards. Oh, there’s actually another card down here that fell too. The Three of Cups reversed, High Priestess reversed. Okay. For my people in relationships, I feel like the message here really is to go with the flow. Of course, practice discernment and understand that you have the choice to walk away from a situation at any time, but this isn’t, the reason that you feel compelled to walk away for some of you is not necessarily the reason why you should. So for example, we have the five of swords, three of cups and the high priestess reverse. So you’re not seeing something here that your intuition is telling you, and it’s not what you think it is.

With the three of cups reversed, for some of you, there has been no indication of a third party, but you are convinced that there is a third party and with the high priestess reversed, that’s not rooted in your intuition, that’s actually rooted in your fears and in your ego. Some of you are sensing that you should walk away, and so you’re trying to find reasons to walk away instead of just walking away because you feel called to. And so it’s important to trust yourself and just go with it just because that’s what your spirit is telling you and not for any other reason, not because there’s a third party, not because this person has done something to you. You don’t need a reason to leave a relationship that you’re not feeling.

We have here the Nine of Cups. Okay, let’s get one clarifier for this. What do we need to know? And I feel like this is for the entire collective. Six of Swords reverse. Yeah. For some of you, as soon as you walk away from the situation, you’re going to have mental peace. You’re going to feel really fulfilled and satisfied. Also, with the nine of cups, this card talks about personal satisfaction. So it’s really about you and what you want. It’s not so much about what this other person wants. For some of you, you really have to stop giving other people your power by convincing yourself that your happiness exists with them or convincing yourself that you won’t find a different thing that will make you happy. And this goes for everyone, whether you’re single and projecting your happiness onto a future person who you don’t even know who might not exist, or if you’re in a relationship and projecting your happiness onto your partner or the future of your partnership.

So some of you could be projecting your happiness onto potential, something that’s not even currently happening just because there’s this illusion here with the high priestess where you’re just not in touch, you’re not seeing things for what they truly are. So you also can’t read between the lines accurately the way that the high priestess in the upright would. So you’re projecting, projecting in between the lines as well, projecting onto the nuance. Whenever there’s a nuance or a misunderstanding in this connection, you’re maybe saying things as black and white when they’re not. And so there’s not an absolute rule for this because some of it, the world, yep. There’s not an absolute rule for this situation because the rule is to listen to your own spirit. And I think that for a lot of you, you’re not used to that. You’re used to things happening to you instead of things happening through you and because of you.

And so there’s for some of you, an inability to take responsibility for your own actions and really understanding your karma, which doesn’t mean that you’re punished or rewarded. Karma is actually just the idea that all actions create a following action and everything is a domino effect. Everything that’s happening to you now is because of something that happened in the past, and everything that will happen to you in the future is because of something that happened before that or something that’s happening in the present. So you have the power to change your karmic cycles, and I feel like the world is the perfect card to really explain that or to really encapsulate that. But a lot of you with the world card, you’re just starting to learn what makes you happy. You’re just starting to realize that you get to decide. And so some of you just can’t hear your own spirit right now.

So what is the advice? However, something’s coming full circle, Death. Allow yourself to transform. Take a risk is the message I’m getting with this as well, but some sort of chapter, there’s huge endings and culminations, and with the full moon that recently happened, this is no surprise. This weekend, there’s big, big, big chapters closing, and it’s almost like even if this isn’t a relationship ending, there’s a version of you that’s coming to an end, this version of you that you feel like, I feel like your higher self and your lower self have been chatting to each other, and you’re finally getting to a point where you’re like, “Okay. Enough is enough. I’m not going to wallow anymore. I’m not going to feel like a sad sack and tell myself that my happiness exists anywhere else.” This is making me think of Sanatana Dharma, which is the actual original name for Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma means that your joy is your responsibility. Your joy is your responsibility.

And owning that is what is going to bring whatever cycle this is to a close, whether it’s a relationship that needs to end or just a chapter of your existence where you’ve been in this nine of wands energy, five of swords reverse, where you feel like you need to make choices and you can’t make them. Something in you is not listening to your spirit. That chapter is going to end. So yeah, and we have Four of Pentacles on top of the deck now, so 100%, there’s attachments here, not letting go, holding onto baggage, holding onto people. That’s going to come to an end one way or another. The less you resist it, the easier it’s going to be for you. But some of you who are clinging on, clinging on, clinging on, look at this energy you guys.

And the oracle card that I pulled for us is the Eighth House Mystery. So absolutely there’s endings here. Look at how similar these energies are that came out together. Some of you, this is a fear of the unknown. You have to surrender to the unknown. No more living in fear. We are going to be experiencing these surprises in a sense, and they’re not necessarily traumatizing surprises. Okay. But leaning into the unknown and accepting that we can’t control the future, and that there’s so much more we’re meant to learn than what meets the eye and what is on the surface. For some of you, this eighth house is actually just a spirit warning and saying, if you can’t handle something, we will take it away. But I do feel like for some of you, there’s just a lot that you’re not seeing right now, and that could be a really scary feeling, but the more you try to dig into the bottom of it, the more confused you get.

And the only thing that’s actually going to give you clarity is releasing control of the outcome. So we’re meant to confront our fears. That doesn’t mean that our worst fear is going to happen. In fact, I feel like that’s not the case necessarily. For some of you, it is a removal of a circumstance that you are not handling on your own. If you’ve prayed for spirit to kind of take the wheel and get you out of a certain situation or to completely transform your situation for you because you’ve been stuck for so long and you don’t know what to do, that miracle is occurring. I do see that and that transformation is occurring. For some of you, this is just you facing your fears and realizing there was actually nothing under the bed, nothing behind the closet door, but you needed to face your fears in order to find that out.

And for others of you, this is an ending you’ve been putting off for a long time that you’ve been known within your spirit that needs to occur. So a lot of culmination here. I am sending you so much love and care as you confront these fears, and I really recommend just surrendering and allowing things to fall away when it’s time, whether that’s part of your psyche, a relationship external to you, or anything else. I’m sending you so much love, and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay. Bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    manny Ducker-
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    Family, I’m stuck in my brain, may I get help on what I should do next because I’m stuck completed

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    Posted at 08:13h, 02 September Reply

    I am seeking clarity – a change of plans that he made on Wednesday then a car in the driveway then answered the phone but kept saying he could not hear then the next morning a good morning text then I sent a post about walking away and have heard nothing. Is he hiding something and afraid to tell me, did he meet someone else while I was away on holidays – so many things going through my mind so emotions are very confused

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    Warard phiri
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    I am suffering from 1) hypertension which stated in about 1980s, followed by a 2) stroke in 2018 and 3) arthritis, 4) enlarged prostate gland 5) I’m now seeing I have lost weight. I don’t move far from home.please help me people of God. Now I go in the house to sleep only, I fail to play with my wife. Please help me people of God.

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    Julie Love
    Posted at 22:42h, 01 September Reply

    On point. This reading is scary accurate. Thanks, Galena!!

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    Maureen Duboff
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    You are such an amazing angel 🤍

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    Posted at 21:28h, 01 September Reply

    Thank you for the message, Now is a very trying time in my relationship with the person I’ve been with. Hard choices I have to make. Mentally I’m there, emotionally I’m not. Again, thank you for the insight.

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    Nancy Payne
    Posted at 19:09h, 01 September Reply

    Amazing so my life at the moment now if I can only follow that advice and stop try to control everything but myself, thank you

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    Ich wünschte ich könnte meine Ängste loslassen. Denn meine Angst besteht darin von meinem Partner verlassen zu werden . Mein Geist und meine Emotionen sind durcheinander. .Ich kann nicht mehr richtig vertrauen weil ich so oft belogen worden und auch Verlassen worden bin im Leben. Und ich bin wahrhaftig nicht naive und kindlich . Danke das ich diese Seite gefunden habe . Ich hoffe ich komme in Heilung und mein Partner und ich werden glücklich und können zusammen leben . Denn wir sind auf weiter Distanz räumlich.

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    Manuel Ruiz
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    So grte, can’t remember anything, km in church with Family cheering for me each time I go in now🔥

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    Sarah Horniak
    Posted at 06:40h, 01 September Reply

    Shld i contact my soulmate? Or wait?
    And what does my x want to tell me? What is he hiding?

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      Linda Nova Nasution
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      Yes, i don’t know what to do right now, i m confuse and can not make decision.

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    Debbie Powell
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    Thx for the message I can relate to the fear part but I have to decide to go back to my ex or stay married to my current marriage with the constant disagreements.

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    Hi Galena – you are always on point. Thank you. 😊

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