Step Into Your Brilliance | Sun Enters Sagittarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 11/22 - Cosmic Updates

Step Into Your Brilliance | Sun Enters Sagittarius Tarot Reading | Sirena Moon | 11/22

Does it ever feel like your burden in life is too heavy to carry?

Sirena Moon says that when the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22nd, it will help you shake the weight off your shoulders and bring a spark of fun and adventure!

She’s here today to help speak your truth, to release what isn’t yours to carry and find the lightheartedness of the season.

P.S. Have you been giving too much attention to other peoples opinions lately? Is there a burden you’ve been carrying that you’re ready to let go of?  Leave a comment below and let Sirena know!


Hello, beautiful cosmic family, Sirena Moon here. And this week I’m talking about the Sun’s movement into the sign of Sagittarius on November 22nd and what this might mean for you. And I’m going to do a group Tarot reading with any messages from Spirit around this beautiful time of Sagittarius season. So on November 22nd, the Sun enters Sagittarius, and I just love the energy of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about being jovial and funny and expanding your horizons in every which way possible. So the energy of this time is going to be about expansion and lightheartedness, so that’s really great. So basically, if you want to travel, I know it’s not really the best time weather-wise to travel, but there could be a lot of inspired feelings for wanting to just expand your horizons, get out of town, go to another country, go anywhere, just travel. And if you can’t travel externally, you can travel within your own mind. Sagittarius also represents expanding your horizons within. So learning new things, breaking free of old thought paradigms the way you used to think about things. Sagittarius season could really inspire you to see it in a whole new light, to learn more about a subject or to hear another side of something so that you feel like your perspective is expanded, that your consciousness is expanded. And Sagittarius also brings in, like I said, a lot of playful energy. They’re such jokesters. Sagittarius people just love to have a good time. They love to laugh. It’s all about freedom for them. They just don’t want to be constricted in any way. They don’t want to be held down, brought down. They just want to feel good, and they want to have fun, essentially. And travel for them is extremely fun. So the energy of Sagittarius, I think will be a fun one to tap into and to feel throughout for about a month’s time, starting on November 22nd.

So that being said, I’m going to do group Tarot reading to get any messages from Spirit for all of us about Sagittarius season. Okay. So what messages, Spirit, would you have for us, for our highest good about the season, Sagittarius season? And I’m feeling this card. Okay, the Ten of Wands. So for many of us, we have been carrying too big of a load. It’s exhausting. We’ve been taking on way too much for some of us. I’m hearing that we just can’t wait for the holidays. We just need a break. And it’s too much. It’s too much emotionally, it’s too much physically. It’s just too much to carry alone. It really is. And it’s okay to admit that. And if you’re exhausted, it’s okay to just let go of all that you’re holding. Sometimes you just gotta let go. It’s just this feeling of being done with having to carry this kind of load, this kind of weight, and to take care of everyone around you, for some of you, and to take care of the situation. It’s too heavy. So it’s a feeling of just being at the end of your ability to keep doing things as you’ve been doing them in this certain situation, for some of you, 

Okay, and then your focus has been on the King of Swords. Your focus might’ve been on something that you’ve recently decided upon or gotten clarity about, or that you really want to speak your truth about. Something, there’s something that’s come up that you feel like has to do with this situation, and it feels like you finally, you are not willing to bend anymore, you’re not willing to sacrifice your energy anymore, sacrifice yourself anymore. You have clarity and you know what it is that you stand for, and you know what your truth is. And you know what? It’s time to speak it out loud. It’s time to communicate something to someone in this situation or to yourself, to the world. It’s just time to stand in your truth and to really trust your inner wisdom and your knowledge and your ability right now to tap into the logical side of this situation. To make a list of pros and cons, and to really utilize your mind to pull back from your emotional reaction to whatever’s happening and to use your rational thinking to try and come up with a solution here, or to try and speak clearly in a rational way that’s not using all this emotion, for you to talk about the situation to someone or to you to speak what needs to be said in a very clear, rational way that’s not dramatic, not overly dramatic and not too emotional. It’s just clear and you’re calm and clear. 

So to tap into that part of yourself at this time and what do you let go of in this situation. So this is the Three of Pentacles. So there’s some situation where you’ve been working on something with other people, and it’s time to maybe do something on your own, maybe to let go of your dependence upon their opinion about it, or depend, your dependence upon them to kind of help you with some situation or what they think or kind of, the team that you’ve been working on, not to let go of them completely, but to let go of maybe caring so much about what they say about this, and to really trust your own inner wisdom instead of the group’s wisdom at this time. So to really trust you, be a little bit more independent at this time. Do what you know is right and not maybe, what those around you are talking about. 

And embrace the ooh, upside down. So the Hierophant is a teacher, usually, or some kind of counselor, someone that you look to for wisdom, and it is upside down. So again, this message I’m getting is to really not be reliant upon someone else’s opinion that maybe, that you go to for counseling or you go to as a teacher, or maybe it’s someone in your family that oftentimes holds a lot of wisdom and gives you the right advice. But at this time, with this situation, there’s something that you need to not be dependent upon their advice, and you need to trust your gut on this one. And it’s okay. Maybe this person, or this could even be a YouTube channel you go to, this could be a teacher, a book you read to really say, you know what? I’ve learned a lot here, but in this particular instance, it’s okay. I am going to trust my gut on this one and not be reliant upon someone else’s wisdom that I myself have the wisdom inside of me and something unexpected that comes in. Okay? 

Ooh, okay, unexpectedly. So this is the Nine of Cups, wishes granted in some way here. Okay? So when you least expect it, there might be some element of the situation you’re in that actually really works out to your surprise and it feels really good. Or there could be something that you dreamt about long ago that you thought was just a goner, and then you hear really good news about it or something just totally surprises you. That comes out of nowhere that feels like, oh my gosh, I really wanted that. Now it’s happening. So that’s great. So there’s some sort of wish granted in this, but it could come from you. You really going within and trusting your own truth during this time, trusting your own truth and not trying to carry the load for everyone and yourself, not overdoing it. And just really getting that clarity and trusting your own inner wisdom at this time. And something like a wish is granted from that process, from having that self-love and making a choice based on your own heart and your own gut instincts. And then you’re rewarded by some wish coming true at a time when you least expect it. 

And then the outcome and the Queen of Wands, the Queen of Wands. It’s all about sharing your talents and feeling really seen and really heard, and feeling like you have your right audience. And feeling, when I say right audience, doesn’t mean you’re going to be an actor all of a sudden or something. This could be your right audience at work, the right people around you or the right, even your family just feeling like, oh, people, I’m expressing my truth, I’m expressing myself, I’m expressing my joy and people are really hearing me and I feel really supported. So this is the outcome of this situation is feeling like you can go from feeling extremely overwhelmed, burdened to feeling like you’re really shining in your own ability to express yourself and your truth, and you’re not relying upon other people to give that wisdom to you at this time because there’s something deep within, I’m sensing for so many of you, that has been just knocking at your heart’s door for so long, and maybe you keep ignoring it because it doesn’t seem rational. Or maybe you’re embarrassed, or maybe other people won’t quite understand why you hold the perspective you have. But it’s time to just say, you know what? This is my truth. This is what I think about this situation. This is just how I feel about this situation. And you can say it in a way that’s really logical, non-emotional, just coming at it from a place of your own balanced, calm heart. And I think it’s going to result, the result will be that something, some kind of wishes granted in this process, something that makes you feel really good, and then you’re stepping into your own light, your ability to shine your light, whether you’re male or female, masculine or feminine. The Queen of Wands is you stepping into your joy and your enthusiasm and feeling like you’re aligned with what brings your heart joy at this time for the Sagittarius season, which is all about this Queen of Wands energy. It really is. 

So it’s all about self-expression and joy and travel and activity. It’s a fire sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign. So this is great. So during the Sagittarius season, it is important stepping into that fire within you, that passion within you and expressing your gifts and talents to the world, and allowing yourself to take center stage in your own life and not to put other people on pedestals and to feel that they hold some kind of knowledge that you don’t already have the ability to hold within because you have it, or they hold some talent that you don’t have the ability to have, because you have the ability to have that talent when you put your mind to it and your focus on it, you have it within you, not other people, not people you work with, not your team, not your boss. It’s about you stepping into your own brilliance right now in the Sagittarius season, your own brilliance and your own joy, and your own ability to create, to co-create with spirit the life of your dreams, to be a co-creator. All right? And that’s what this time is about, to step into more of what brings you energy, enthusiasm, and joy. Okay? And laughter and fun. All right? Alright. With that being said, I’m sending you all of my love and I will see you next time. Bye.

Sirena Moon
Sirena Moon

Sirena Moon is a speaker and spiritual educator. A lifelong mystic, she has performed thousands of tarot readings for individuals and groups. She specializes in teaching others how to access their own inner wisdom, aliveness and joy by using mystical systems, such as Numerology, Astrology and the Enneagram.

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    Thank you Sirena for good wishes and Energy about in that week coming 🙏🏼 🙌 ✨️ 👏🏼 Thank you again I am so excited 😊 what coming Up Next week 😀 😊 😄.

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    Thank you sweet lady the reading was alone the line of my thoughts after spending a week in hospital I need toetaway and hav some fun good advice ave’s great THANKSGIVINHGHH . And be blessed

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    thanks so much for the reading! it’s so inspiring and love your expression! looking forward to the fun and expanding times.

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    Thanks You!!! Your reading is accurate

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    Sirena.. I love your readings so much they are always so spot on for me, you are amazing diamond, big hugs 🙏😘

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    Every reading you give has so much energy and love put into it! Every single one is spot on and resonates so much within myself! I solely appreciate your time and grace! Thank you kindly for your guidance!!!

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    Merci Sirena, une lecture inspirante, au plaisir de vous relire,

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    Many thanks from my heart Sirena, this was a brilliant, delightful reading, very inspiring and filled with excitement for things to come!!!

    Love and Light Sheranie

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