Taking Different Paths | Galena The Mystic | Weekly Love Tarot Reading | 12/29 - 1/5 - Cosmic Updates

Taking Different Paths | Galena The Mystic | Weekly Love Tarot Reading | 12/29 – 1/5

Have you been feeling neglected or unseen lately?

Galena the Mystic says it could be a sign that your alignment with someone is shifting, and that you could benefit from taking space. 

She’s here to help you shift with the changing tides, so you can let Spirit guide you onto the right path.

P.S. Have you been struggling to take a step back from a certain connection? Let Galena know in the comments below.


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. This is your intuitive Tarot Reader, Galena the Mystic, and I’m back for a Weekly Love Tarot Reading. So we are actually pulling messages that are going to apply for the whole week of December 29th through January 5th. So I want to start off by saying Happy New Year. I am really excited for what 2024 has in store for us when it comes to love relationships. This is a time of assessment, recalibration really getting clear on our intentions, especially because we have a New Moon in Capricorn coming up. Mercury is about to station direct on January 2nd as well. So there’s a lot of opportunity for forward momentum, new beginnings in love, and also with that Capricorn energy, dedication to what it is we truly want in the long term, okay?  So those are some of the themes you may be processing this month or this week.

I mean, we have the Page of Cups reversed coming out. For some of you, this could be an offer you’re not receiving. This is also wounded inner child energy with this Page of Cups reversed. Some of you could feel very sensitive. Some of you could just be feeling wounded and feeling a little uncared for. Part of the reason for this could be because of an offer you didn’t receive, maybe a rejection of some sort that you’re facing, or maybe because you feel you don’t have a very good friend right now. Some of you, this could be a friend breakup, but for some reason, whatever this missed opportunity is or this lack of sensitivity that’s experienced this week, it triggers something about our worthiness. It triggers something about who will love us, who is it that is going to care for us? And, we also have water sign energy here so, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, you don’t have to be though. 

We have the Five of Swords. So this 100% is an energy of defeat, feeling, again, rejected. I feel like some of you could be feeling rejected by a certain person this week. This could also be the energy of you having to reject an offer, not wanting to necessarily reject an offer, but having to walk away from someone. Even if you really want to accept their offer, I’m hearing a missed opportunity, as well. So some of you could feel like you missed your opportunity with someone or you just can’t quite get on the same page as someone. And so, you keep missing opportunities to grow deeper in your connection. This is definitely giving this energy of something that you keep trying to pour into or keep trying to nurture, but for some reason with this Five of Swords, it just ends up being something that you have to walk away from anyways. So I just want to say, save your time and save your energy when it comes to what you’re trying so hard to cultivate with a particular person because with this Five of Swords, it seems like it’s just not getting off the ground or it’s not culminating into what it is you’ve been trying to manifest. And, I feel like some of you are finally taking that as a sign. 

Four of Swords and the Knight of Pentacles. So for some of you, there needs to be a time of rest and healing. You could very literally be in separation with someone. And with this Knight of Pentacles, it’s like taking it one day at a time, working towards your goals. And Four of Swords is healing, recovery, rest. So this could be a resting period within your relationship where you don’t have contact or don’t have communication with each other, especially because the Five of Swords is here. And again, a missed opportunity, a missed offer. This is the kind of energy where it’s like you’re going through your day, you’re going about your mundane tasks of your daily life, and you just wish you could talk to this person about little things and little signs and synchronicities that pop up and make you think of this person, but you have nowhere to put that energy.

And so, with this Knight of Pentacles, especially because in this particular deck, the Knight of Pentacles is surrounded in this darkness, surrounded in this shadow. So it almost gives this energy of you can’t see you’re moving forward, or you can’t see what the point is or you can’t see what it is that you’re really working towards, especially because you can’t put that energy of longing where you would usually put it with this person. 

And, we actually have the Six of Cups reversed on top of the deck here. And so, this really shows me that there’s a sense of sentimentality and nostalgia for what once was or what could have been or what should be. Some of you felt like there was an opportunity to reconcile and that didn’t end up coming through or didn’t end up happening for you. And that’s some of the disappointment you’re processing this week. But regardless, with this Four of Swords, I feel like you need time this week to decompress and to take it easy. 

We have The Hanged Man. Okay, so yeah, staying in place, taking a beat, taking a pause, taking a rest. It’s still very much giving that energy and this week there it’s really necessary for you to slow down and maybe rest and be in your own energy so that you can receive important epiphanies. Spirit is trying to send you messages about your path and your progress and moving forward with this Knight of Pentacles and establishing healthier routines for yourself and that sort of thing. But it seems like there has been a lot of just a deep ache for someone in particular. 

So let’s actually see, I feel like there’s a big separation message coming through. Let’s see what this person is thinking about this situation, and then we’re going to get more advice from Spirit on the matter. So we have The Wheel of Fortune. So I want to say that this other person who you’re thinking about, they’re also in a space of surrender, feeling like they have to leave things up to the universe, hoping that the universe will fix it, but not necessarily taking action. And the reason they might not be taking action towards you is a) it doesn’t seem like a good time with this Five of Swords. There’s already been defeat and already been failure in the situation, so they already feel like the odds are stacked against them, but also b) Spirit has made their own life circumstances chaotic and has brought them a lot of epiphanies about the situation. And so, with this energy of the Wheel of Fortune showing up, it’s almost like this person who is on your mind, they are already dealing with a lot of juggling, a lot of circumstances up in the air. This is giving chaos, maybe blessings too. It’s not all bad energy, but with this Wheel of Fortune, it does seem like they are leaving things up to Spirit and they don’t feel empowered or they don’t feel like it’s within their control and it’s not. They’re right to think that. And so, that’s what Spirit wants you to understand. 

The Lovers reversed. Okay, this is very much giving this energy of choosing the self with this. There’s just a lack of alignment. If this is a specific person you’re thinking of, if not, this seems like your energy. 

We have The Moon as well, okay.  I’m getting throat blockages already. So someone’s Throat Chakra could be extremely blocked, especially with The Moon here. The Moon is about illusions and murkiness, emotions as well. So someone could have a really hard time talking about their feelings. They struggle to talk about their feelings. So I feel like this person, again, if you’re not thinking of someone specific, this is you, this your energy is needing to kind of surrender, needing to surrender to the tides and the waves and the ebbs and flows, and doing so is an act of you choosing yourself and coming more into alignment and harmony with yourself. 

And, with that, we have the Ace of Cups on top of the deck now, which is new beginning energy. It’s self-love energy, but it’s also the energy of a new relationship. And, I think it’s really important to point out that this Ace of Cups has this double meaning because I feel like this is a week in which you could actually manifest new friendships, new connections, new blessings, and also have emotional beginnings that are just very promising and fulfilling. And so, you could be having really important conversations this week with certain people where you’re like, wow, you just really understood me so easily and it was our first time talking, and I feel like you really just saw a part of me that needed to be seen. 

This lamb energy, it’s making me think of this vulnerable, soft side of you, especially with the Page of Cups we started out with. And so, I feel like this week, this vulnerable, soft part of you, it’s being seen, it’s being validated, it’s being affirmed, but it’s in an environment that’s actually healthy for you, and it’s not at all rooted in attachment. 

Okay, what’s on the bottom of the deck? The King of Swords. This is someone who, they could be an air sign, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. They do not have to be, but this is an energy of emotional detachment. Some of it could be avoidant as well. King of Swords sometimes has a wall up instead of a healthy boundary. And so, you could actually feel like, okay, it’s time for me to put a wall up. Maybe I can’t handle boundaries. Maybe boundaries are hard for me. I’m still healing that area of myself. I’m still in this wounded space where holding boundaries is hard for me, so I need to have a wall up too. Ask what you could do to protect your energy instead of trying to beg someone else to take their wall down. Again, I feel like there’s some issue with speaking. It could be speaking truth. This is also an energy of radical authenticity, loving who you truly are and sticking with that and just really loving the person you’re becoming who is more capable of verbalizing boundaries, who is able to put up a wall when necessary in order to protect this inner child that’s hurt by the situation. So your inner protector is really coming out, which is really, really important. And, also with this King of Swords, you’re kind of protecting yourself from people who are emotionally unavailable or emotionally void in some way, and that’s something that you need to be gentle with yourself about and something you need to be really careful with yourself about.

But, Ace of Cups shows me we’re meeting some really special people and having some really special conversations, so I want to get more insight on this, Spirit, okay? 

We have two cards, we have The Star reversed and the Ace of Wands, and I’m not getting a bad thing with this reversal at all with this Star. I actually feel like this is you finding a source of faith also with this Ace of Wands, taking a chance, taking a chance on new experiences and opening yourself up to new possibilities and new inspiration, and you’re also validating yourself more and allowing your faith to validate and affirm your actions instead of seeking validation from others. Some of the new people you meet can also be people who really, really inspire you creatively, help you to experience a sense of desire, your Sacral Chakras being activated, and also your Solar Plexus Chakra’s being healed this week, and it’s allowing you to come more into harmony with the self and to experience more unity with people overall. And so, that’s helping you wade through some of this murkiness, some of this lack of clarity and some of the illusions that are here. I feel like a lot of the lack of clarity that you are experiencing in love is because this other person that you are focused on is unclear of who they are, unclear of what they need to do, and I feel like you’re not supposed to be judging them for that. It seems like Spirit really wants you to allow them to be where they are at in their process and to continue one day at a time moving forward, manifesting in new connections, new opportunities. The fact that two Aces came out, okay, this is all about newness. It’s not about focusing on the past anymore, and you could just be a little bit stuck in the past at the very beginning of this week.

So let’s go ahead and get some Soulful Women Oracle cards. By the way, this was the Wild Unknown Tarot. I also just want to say that the link beneath this video is where you can purchase a private reading from me. It’s members.cosmic updates.com/galena. I know that there were some issues with the link in previous weeks, but that is totally fixed now. 

So, oh, okay. We have Following My Truth, “Believing in and following my inner truth helps me live in an authentic and empowered life.” 100%, this is about speaking and following your truth, and for some of you, this is like you having these spiritual ideals about your love relationships, and finally being like, okay, well, if that’s my ideal, I’m not going to tolerate anything else. I’m not going to settle. 

We also have a Feminine Law Of Attraction, “I love the creative adventure that is my life. I celebrate myself as a creator.” This is that Sacral Chakra activation that I’m talking about here, and you feeling like you have the ability to create, getting excited again, having pleasure and joy, enter your life again, and realizing that you can fill your own cup, you can fulfill your own desires. Okay, that’s what these Aces are giving. 

Let’s get one more and we’ll take the top and bottom as well. We have Enlightenment Power, “I am choosing the power of my own consciousness as a vehicle for my growth.” The more conscious and the more aware that you become, the more you grow and develop on your spiritual journey, the less you’ll be able to accept what has been normal for you in the past. 

So I feel like a lot of you are actually going through pretty dramatic changes, especially because we saw the Wheel of Fortune. And so, this Wheel of Fortune represents your external circumstances and your external relationships shifting to match your inner vibration that has changed. 

We also have Creative Cocooning, “Creative cocooning is a freedom I give myself to create a safe nest for peace, healing, and calm.” So this is you giving yourself the safe space to imagine again, to find that inspiration, to recapture your zest for life, and also to allow ideas and downloads and even new fantasies about what it is you really want at the end of the day and what it is you see for your long-term future. This is you giving yourself time and space to cultivate that uninterrupted and uninfluenced by outside opinions, okay? 

Bottom of the deck, we have Loving From The Inside, “It is a blessing to give myself the gift of my own presence.” Some of you really need to claim that or write it down, write it on your mirror, write it on a sticky note, stick it to your mirror, take a screenshot of your notes app and make it your screensaver. You’ve got this, and it is about just being gentle with yourself, taking your time and making decisions that feel authentic and that display a sense of integrity within you, because I feel like a lot of you, you know what you’re supposed to do. You know what you’re being asked to walk away from. And so, now it’s time to do it and to allow the healing to follow. 

Those are all the messages I have for you this week. Thank you so, so much for being here. I love reading your comments by the way, so please comment down below any affirmations you might have for yourself or for others. Comment down below to let me know what resonated this week. Feel free to give this video a like and share or subscribe to the Cosmic Updates blog and YouTube channel. I appreciate you so, so much. I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Thank you. This affirmed and helped to centre my thoughts for the week ahead. Thank you.

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      Galena The Mystic
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      Hi there lovely, your reading was delivered on December 20th. I’ve just forwarded it to you again! Be sure to check your spam folder! Happy New Year! 💓

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    This was spot on. All of this resonates

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    Absolutely amazing readings just what I needed to know.
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    This came at superb timing. I am going through something similar this week. Pondering whether to move out and away or continue with the relationship which has been so draining emotionally. Thank you. The cards seem to be sending me a message which I ought to listen to. It also speaks about the Air signs.. and my partner is an Air sign. An Aquarius.

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    This ABSOLUTELY sounds like what’s happing in my favorite relationship.. PERFECT.

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    I felt this whole reading was for me. It resonated in every way. Thank you ❤️✨️❤️

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    Posted at 17:27h, 29 December Reply

    Galena – I have been learning a lot by watching Gaia, and not all of it has been pleasant. Sometimes truth hurts, yes? Anyways, I have struggled with the loss of my dearest, and just recently learned of the many illusions that exist – ones that I held onto, trying to make sense of it all. I have come to some realizations and conclusions. Other readings I have received today matched perfectly with today’s message from you. I took a quiz – I’m a Conscious Creator. I watched a movie about a woman getting back in touch with her inner child, and the arguments they had with one another. The inner child finally won her way back into herself. This is where I have finally arrived. I finally know who my guides are, too. Your reference to that safe space to create, to imagine, to allow fantasy again? This really hit home. So, yes, wading through the illusions, letting my person be where he is in his process, choosing the path I want to take, changing my inner vibration, and – most importantly – Blessing myself with the gift of my own true presence. Thank you, Galena, ofr all of the wonderful confirmation – MUCH appreciated. Blessings of hope, joy, and love be yours that bring gratitude into your life in the year to come.

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