The Clarity You Need | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 1/27 - 1/29 - Cosmic Updates

The Clarity You Need | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 1/27 – 1/29

Could a fantasy about love be holding you back from the real thing?

Karma says it’s important to look at your perceptions around love this weekend, so you can clear the way for a soulmate connection to come through.

She’s here to help you navigate any confusion you’re experiencing now, so you can clear the obstacles from your path, here in her Weekend Tarot Reading. Enjoy!

P.S. Are you feeling confused or stuck in your love life? Have you recently set better boundaries for yourself? Leave a comment below and let Karma know!



Hi, Cosmic Family, and welcome back to another weekend with me karma we’re here for your Weekend Tarot Reading in love.

So we’re gonna get started with my blessing and prayer and see what energy is surrounding your love life this weekend and what you can expect. Alright, so let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

Mother, Father, God, Divine Spirit of the most high, thank you for allowing me to be a clear channel of receiving messages for the collective tuning in, in regard to their love life. I ask that these messages provide clarity, guidance, healing, and understanding as well as our prior knowledge and perception into what karmic cycles, soul lessons, and generational curses they may currently be going through, about to go through, need to become aware of, learn from, heal from, and release. Lord, and all that you are and all that you do, and all that I am you know that I do. I live by your word and your word only. In Yeshua’s name I pray, amen.

All right, you have the Queen of Swords as the first card out. You then have the Seven of Cups as your Current Energy. And then you have the Wheel of Fortune as the Outcome. On the bottom, you have the Six of Swords.

So I feel I feel the progression here of what’s been going on this month in January, right. We started out with: “Is this worth it?” What we didn’t start out with: “Is this worth fighting for?” But that was, I think, two weeks ago.

I feel that you really went through a process of cutting and removing. And I think that you also were dealing with a life lesson here in regard to love, where you really needed to start setting firmer boundaries about who could have access to your energy and who couldn’t. And this wasn’t an easy task.

And I don’t feel like I’m talking just about love here. Of course, that’s all going to be, you know, interwoven and connected. But there’s, there’s this element of you calling for some type of information or truth to yourself in the past about this situation.

And I think of where we left off last week. You know, you were really in this space of being patient and waiting and becoming enlightened, okay.

So now in the Past, we have the Queen of Swords. I don’t want an – if it’s not the truth… this is a woman, and it doesn’t have to just be a woman if you’re a man. This can just represent that energy inside of you.

But this is a woman who is not settling for anything less than the truth. She’s not dealing with any BS, right? She doesn’t have a lot of emotion inside of her right now when it comes to making a decision. She’s really trying to be logical. And she’s trying to make the best choice in regard to the life path that she wants.

Current energy is the Seven of Cups, see, and that’s what I’m saying because the Queen of Swords is looking at this, this confusion, this overwhelming energy of kind of feeling like there may or may not be something going on that’s hidden. You’re not sure what is the right investment, what is the right opportunity, what is the right emotion that I’m supposed to be expressing during this time.

It just feels like there’s so much up in the air and you don’t know which one is for you and which one is against you. And that’s why this Queen of Swords energy is so important. Because I do feel that you’re very much trying to use your spiritual eyes here. I very much feel like you’re trying to discern. You are feeling an energy that something around you isn’t right.

And the outcome is the Wheel of Fortune. Things will move in your favor, but it is going to take a little bit of time here.

You’re closing out this massive life lesson that we seem to have been going through for the past few months, you know, even going back into 2022.

All right, so then we have the Six of Swords on the bottom. We have definitely – you are making a decision to walk away from anything that is less than – Here we go… now we’re piggybacking off of last week. I can see it here, Six of Swords to the Six of Cups.

Last week, I saw you guys walking away from something that didn’t seem to be aligned with you anymore and moving towards a soulmate. This is giving me that same energy. There may be actual travel involved like traveling overseas or flying somewhere. It’s long distance for a lot of you.

You need… you’re wanting to move something, wanting to – forgive me – you’re wanting to move towards something that is more balanced. Sometimes I can’t get the words out as fast as Spirit is sending it.

Oh, yeah, we’re, we’re… I mean, Strength card, Four of Pentacles. This is all from from last week.

All right, Holy Spirit, please show me this Queen of Swords, please, for the collective mind, the queen of swords here.

The Emperor – somebody’s mind is made up. Okay, I feel like this is you. There’s a couple of different energies that I’m feeling here. Okay, too specific. So I’m gonna go into describe them here.

Okay, so the first energy that I’m seeing is, this is a woman who really addressed a gentleman, okay. Now if you’re a masculine, this could – you can swap the energy. So just presenting it to me in this way. So somebody was in their very predominant masculine energy. And another person was in the Queen of Swords, energy. We all have both masculine and feminine energies inside of us. And we kind of weave in and out of using them, okay. So I know most of you know that. But for those that didn’t, there you go.

So the first energy that I’m feeling here, Queen of Swords and the Emperor. See, somebody confronted an Emperor, you confronted somebody who’s very, very hard headed; very, very determined in their own, in their own way, in their own beliefs. Not necessarily always the right beliefs. But I also feel like this could be somebody who was very toxicly opinionated. That’s how this is coming off. And you may have had to address this person and set your own boundaries for yourself, okay.

Okay,and then the other energy that I’m seeing, and now Spirit is showing me how this could actually be connected and for all of you is. In setting your boundaries and having that conversation, you morphed into your divine masculine energy, you became the Emperor, male or female.

Why? Because it was an element of you taking back your control, your power from something that had been depleting you, which anything that is confusing, or not true, or unaligned will deplete us, okay.

So there’s an element here of somebody confronting another person and kind of setting the tone and setting their boundaries. And then there’s this element also of somebody stepping into their power, right, and focusing on where they’re trying to build their empire and their life.

So this is somebody who went through that final lesson and stepped into the Emperor, their divine masculine, and they’re starting to make firmer, stronger decisions again, about the energy that is allowed around them and in their presence, because they’re trying to build something and they don’t want it to be crumbled.

I feel like it’s you who’s watching. I feel like that is representative of you in the recent past. There may have been also some perceptions and beliefs during that Hanged Man period a week ago, where you were needing to see where you were too stuck and where you wouldn’t budge because it’s important that you allow yourself to still be open minded as the Emperor. You don’t want to get too stuck in your firm, concrete throne.

You want to allow yourself to be open always to new perspectives and perceptions. Because you want to be able to grow and expand your empire. You don’t want to cut yourself short. And we cut ourselves short when we put down hardcore blocks and rules and don’t allow ourselves to go out a little bit more.

Current energy for you is the Seven of Cups. There’s still something that is bringing you unease and confusion.

Holy Spirit, please show me the Seven of Cups energy please. To a swords – wasn’t expecting that!

You’re setting heavy, heavy boundaries here. Good for you. Good for you. If it’s confused, first of all, confusion doesn’t come from God, okay. If you didn’t know, now you know. God gives us peace of mind. And the moment you find yourself in confusion, you have to recognize that you need to call in the light of God because you’re now in the presence of other entities that are trying to deter you from the path that God wants you to be on.

And I feel as though piggybacking off of the Emperor and the Queen of Swords, you are cutting all of that out. “I have no time to be confused. If you don’t have something stable for me, you can’t come forward. If what you’re offering me is not in alignment with who I am and what I want, it can’t happen.”

I also feel like, because something is confusing, you’re learning how to tune it out and say, “This isn’t for me.”

Something’s been put on the back burner. There’s a situation that’s being put on the back burner right now, because the decision isn’t being made. There is something being hidden. It has to do with either…these could be emotions and perceptions that are not okay. So bear with me. But there’s heartbreak here. Disappointment, okay.

Something is being split, split apart. I think you’re still – I think you’re still trying to fully close out and move away from emotions and energy that of the past that we’ve been seeing over the past few months. I mean, that’s a healing is a process, right? It’s not going to be, it’s not going to be one reading, and then it never pops back up again.

I feel like you’re now at the point in this lesson, especially with the Wheel of Fortune, where it’s like the nitty gritty. You’re getting to that final end and a real, a real breakthrough and a real closing of a cycle is about to happen for you. And so it’s getting tough.

It’s like when you’re coming out of the thicket, I don’t even use the word thicket, th i c k e t, is that what you’re telling me? But what I see when I say that word is like a bunch of thorn bushes that you have to use this, this sword to get out of. And that’s the lesson you’re in. I mean, there’s a lot of muck and illusion and confusion around you. And you’ve got to be blind to it.

Things are still moving in the direction that you want them to move in. With this Wheel of Fortune, the momentum is speeding up. It’s gaining momentum.

Wheel of Fortune, please. Yeah, what was going on? Divine counterpart, Emperor and Empress Okay. All right. All right. All right.

We’re gonna go over a little bit… I – this is going to be a longer reading. But I have to do this because you’re just telling me… I see what’s going on here. I am connecting to a collective here who for sure is dealing with a soulmate or even higher level divine connection, especially with the Emperor and Empress.

And with the Two of Swords, if you are dealing with a divine connection, you have to understand that, on such a large capacity, it’s divine, it’s spiritual, which means it will not be anything like what you think a worldly relationship is.

You’re under attack consistently and constantly. Two of Swords and the Seven of Cups. This is a block between an Emperor and Empress – a divine counterpart. The Two of Swords is getting in between something, is blocking you, and it is illusion and confusion. Okay.

So, again, that’s why you’re going through this process. In this lesson, you’re using your spiritual eyes and your discernment. You need to cut out any energy that creates you, that brings you confusion or makes you feel as though you are now misaligned from your purpose.

You have this new beginning, this new abundant beginning, this prosperous beginning.

You also have a divine counterpart that’s trying to come in, but currently it’s about battling the mind and clearing it out.

All right, Collective. I’m sending you much love.


Karma is an intuitive empath, with the gift of clairvoyance and claircognizance. She uses Tarot to help bring to light messages from the Divine that will aid in your alignment and healing.

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    Posted at 10:49h, 02 February Reply

    Well that seemed so accurate I was shaking my head in disbelief. would be really interested to understand more about a few comments in the reading though…..what is the difference between soulmates and a higher divine counterpart like an empress and emperor?….it will not be anything like what you think a worldly relationship is…how so, could you expand? thankyou x

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    Posted at 16:14h, 31 January Reply

    Hi Karma:
    This reading resonated with me 100 percent. I stepped into my power with both the karmic and the Divine connection and set boundaries with both. Now karmic is coming around after 14 years and finally reveals the truth that he still loves me. He is playing mind games with me and I am blocking him out with angelic songs. In healing myself, I inadvertently started to heal him as well. My Divine connection is still lying about certain things to me, but my feelings have not changed about either one of them. I’m still on the right path and trying to move toward the Divine connection. Hoping this will all end soon because I would very much like a happy ending!

    With love and light always

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    Margaret dollar
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    Posted at 16:10h, 30 January Reply

    I’m truly blown away by the reading! What puzzles me is this -~ Does the Divine Connection refer to the person in my life as a Soulmate or Twin Flame ?

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    Maude Arianne
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    Thank you Karma, you are so on point!
    Yes, there is absolutely illusion and battle of the mind for me between me and my twin soul ( also for him). I get confused as to if I should move away from him or change my perspectives and manifest our Union. He lives abroad too.
    I will definitely pay more attention to the confusion comments you made about that not coming from God. I get it now!
    I know this twin soul journey and relationship is nothing like what we know and sometimes that’s the battle in my mind, if open to a higher perspective of unconditional love versus the toxicity that the 3D counterpart brings. And the mirror. We have been clearing so much in the last few years, how much we have grown already is extraordinary.
    I guess my question is: why do I keep doubting this? This is what came up last week, maybe I got it wrong all along. That might have been Saturn energy…

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    Posted at 03:23h, 30 January Reply

    Hello Karma and thank you for your wonderful readings! This reading REALLY resonates and hope that I can decipher this confusion?! This IS a divine connection because I can’t remove him from my soul and I tried almost everything!! And your right about being under attack constantly because we can’t seem to get it together at all!! I don’t know WHAT I’m supposed to do and I don’t know HOW I’m supposed to feel!? To be honest, I’ve been fighting how I feel for him for a very long time….the bad part is that my soul isn’t trying to give him up!! How do u know exactly if you are meant to be with that person for the long haul OR if that person is only in your life to teach you a life lesson?? Thank you again Karma for your time and wisdom, and looking forward to your reading next week! 😇❤

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    Posted at 01:05h, 30 January Reply

    Karma, that was an amazing reading i just watched. I am a fine artist looking to establish a studio and gallery and had a confrontation with the owner of the company that I currently work for face-to-face during the holidays. I had expressed that since I had repaid him for his support while in college, I felt it was time to focus on my dream business and go through the steps to bring this into reality. This meant that he will soon to be loosing his star stock person, albeit not immediately. So, on par with your reading, I started the process of taking my power back and focusing on self cure techniques to easy a weary body and mind. Thank-You for an excellent reading

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    Posted at 14:14h, 28 January Reply

    This was very good. I am experiencing some confusion as a result of my past and trying to put an end to a situation that was not fulfilling. However, I keep telling myself this is for the best I have to move on and let go while also dealing with heartache and pain. It’s only been a month but feels like forever. I cannot wait until I am healed and aligned with my soulmate sent from the divine.

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    Evelyn Brown
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    This is exactly what I am going through.

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    Lisa Johnson
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    💯this has me written all over your reading Karma, the connection we had a I still believe have in one way or another is supernatural, right now I am on my own single spiritual path as the close out or conflict was over the Christmas period , where I had to let him know , no is no , a few reality’s and home truths and yes I definitely hit a nerve a big nerve I feel for him, as a realised his love is lazy and was not fighting for us , but allowing negative family members to sabotage are connection, I sense he will come back , but he needs this time t go through his individual journey of learning and realisation and to grow and fully gain belief in our spiritual connection and stop questioning it and most importantly allowing certain entities to sabotage what was meant to be .

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    Posted at 09:16h, 28 January Reply

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    Martha Radebe
    Posted at 00:05h, 28 January Reply

    Hello Karma I just want to thank for your reading it make sense bcs I was confused about what really happened to me above all things were stucked between both of us I just want to know who is someone that is interfering in my love life isn’t a female or male person pls just look for me and help but I can sense that everything is going to be alright for my future and God will stand by me bcs I’m a Christian believer I pray for everything that is happening to me every day and for my future soulmate to protect us my hope is that things will change and work out for us in the near future I can feel it and again I work with my gut always just pray for me and help me for my third eye to be open why I’m saying that bcs I was someone who always see things in my dreams but since I went to the church for our mentor to help us it seems as if my spiritual calling has been blocked I can’t see any of those dreams like before they come but not often they use to but I have believe that God will help with my gift to return back to me I’m looking forward to you and thanks for everything you do for me with your loving support and gifts that God gave you be blessed everyday.

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    Terri Mathey
    Posted at 23:22h, 27 January Reply

    Your reading seemed to be me, and I am tired of confusion for sure.

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    Ellen J Myers
    Posted at 23:01h, 27 January Reply

    Thanks again. It is really a divine issue in many ways and I thank you for bringing forward your advice in that regard especially. It is a very very tough tough love break. Cowardly behavior did not help either. I just wish it would be done. There was plenty of opportunity to have had to work out another way, but that is not what happened and for months, getting out of the spider web of such massive levels of entanglement where love was just an illusion used and little real three D integration was brought in, made it even harder, Its been a mental battle and a heart break and a massive energy drain. Therefore the boundries and nothing less than truth and truth to the peace God intends for me is going to work. I just can’t let it cause me to not have faith in love so I won’t.

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    Antoinette Tucker
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    I am 2 years out of a 34 yr. relationship and its so true I am just now at the end of getting all the bad out of my system! You hit is right on the head!! I am trying to start over and find true love and my real soulmate this time so with tonight’s read and the wheel of fortune coming out my fingers are crossed. I think all will be good as the rest of the read was so right on. I love your readings they are almost always right for me. You are fantastic. God Bless You!!

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    The confusion is definitely there for me. I’m not sure what is the right direction to take at the moment, but I’m happy to know that in the end, things will work in my favour. One thing that I do know for sure is that this is a divine connection that I’m dealing with and I’ve been learning that just because it’s a divine soulmate, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

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      Amen to that!

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    Thank you so much karma I appreciate it you are absolutely correct because just minutes ago I was talking to someone who I thought was my soulmate but kept pestering me about a situation I’m not interested in so I am going to blow that person off because it’s not about me anymore with this person thank you.

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    I’m in the process of putting boundaries up around two flakey friends.
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    I had a man in my life that was confusing. I had to cut him out of my life. He said one thing but, done another. I’ve also been told I have shadows around me that are trying to suck my success. I Ave a great job offer that will train me & I would love to have it. If the universe don’t want me to have it, I don’t want it. I have give myself to God. His work will draw through me as long as he likes. I will love him & send messages as he wills.

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    Posted at 14:19h, 27 January Reply

    This is closing out….you are soo right but wow, where does the strength come from?? It’s tough, as I am dealing with a soul mate but it has run it’s course(33 yrs later). Sometimes it’s the dark energies of him or his surrounding friends that just get in the freakin way, but again, it has run its course. Doesn’t make it any easier. Confusion has been his game, with heart ache and I have come off my divine path, which is kinda sad. How to refocus and move forward. Transformation seems to be a VERY long cycle. I am thankful for your divine information. Thank you again for a wonderful reading!!

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    Connie S
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    Thank you Karma, you seem to see into my soul and my life. I recently decided to take charge of one thing from my past and deliver the stuff he has at my place (we haven’t been together for almost a year but he recently found a place instead of living with his mom). He kept putting me off for picking it up so I’ve made an appointment with him to drop of some of it and will continue to make appointments to drop stuff off. I also believe I met my soulmate and we have been haven’t some issues with others trying to keep up apart (we’ve had some misunderstandings so we are not together currently). Things are hard with that but I’m trying to also keep on my track for my future. Yes, it’s a rough roller coaster ride right now for me but I will make it through!!! Love and light <3

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    Posted at 13:27h, 27 January Reply

    Fantastic.. I can relate to everything.. It is even to the point where we are not in a relations up but both keep getting signsike music coming on the radio after we have discussed it or questions popping up on shows after we have discussed this.. Even each others names in movies and TV programmes.. We have been talking for about 6 months and never had a label as he lives too far away.. Hence me saying I have not set boundaries and am stepping away because its game playing now.. Very sad as I do feel his my soul mate but maybe in a past life… Keep up the amazing work ❤️😇 ❤️

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    You are always speaking directly to me. Thank you!! Sending love and light ✨

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    Sharelle Devlin
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    Posted at 11:00h, 27 January Reply

    Thank you Karma for your reading.
    Looking forward for positive outcome.

  • Avatar
    Cherri Rhodes
    Posted at 10:56h, 27 January Reply

    Your always on point I need to know am I just to move on or is this really my soul mate. And will they realize what they need to realize and apologize.

  • Avatar
    Kathy Mcfarland
    Posted at 10:54h, 27 January Reply

    You amaze me every week.

    • Avatar
      Beth Proctor
      Posted at 13:56h, 27 January Reply

      Same Here.You hit the head of that nail.I am tired of the BS from Men in my past in general and I am not a Sex Object.I am wanting a serious relationship plus I am trying hard so too get my Disability for my Back right now and I have been fighting for this for 4 years now plus I am in need of 3 Back Surgeries?Along with all of this.And Everyone keeps telling me that I will meet my Twin Flame soon?But No News on that as of yet either?I guess I just gotta be patient and play the waiting game.Thank You for Your Readings by the way they are Very Helpful💕

      • Avatar
        Posted at 07:58h, 29 January Reply

        This is a first for me, I’ve never felt so out of the loop about any of your readings. Maybe I need to meditate then come back here. Your readings are usually spot on and aligned with what is going on in my life. I trust you and I’m coming back. I know this one too is spot on, and that it could be me who is too low energetically that I don’t get you. Me and my counterpart have been having problems lately.

        Thank you
        A Kom ❤️🌈

    • Avatar
      William Clark
      Posted at 14:18h, 27 January Reply


  • Avatar
    Stephanie Truswell
    Posted at 10:40h, 27 January Reply

    Wow!! Thank you!! Spot on again!! This one really resonates. More confirmation of what my higher self is wanting me to know. And I feel like I have needed a lot of confirmation through this process this past year and a bit. It has been a lot of hard work and it is going to pay off. Thank you, thank you <3

  • Avatar
    Brandy Carlin
    Posted at 10:40h, 27 January Reply

    To clarify my previous comment….I have a pending divorce going on. We live together, I know we love each other, but so much damage has been done we wonder if we can get back to where we were in the beginning. I believe he has secrets he is scared to reveal to me & I have lost myself in trying to figure out what his secrets are. I had been so very unhappy, scared, and just plain miserable & lost to the point that I completely forgot who I am. I am the woman everyone wants to hangout with, happy, and fun!! I’m getting back to me, the caring, thoughtful, hard working lady I am. It’s my life & I will not let his actions drag me down another minute, and because I do love him, I will give him the chance to keep up with me & build with me if he decides that he can satisfy our dreams. I’m a warrior & a lover & a giver & I will fight for happiness!! Out of the funk & into the funky❤💃💃💃❤😆😁😋🤣

  • Avatar
    Aaron Patrick
    Posted at 10:38h, 27 January Reply

    Thanks so much for your reading you hit nail the head that’s me all over thanks for tapping into my energy and relaying the message to me that I needed to hear thanks from the bottom of my heart

  • Avatar
    Kica Neilson
    Posted at 10:36h, 27 January Reply

    OMG!!! This reading felt like you were speaking directly to me!!!! Everything said resonated truth for me!!! Wow, you’re so gifted and thank you Goddess. Namaste😇🙏🏾❤️

  • Avatar
    Jose Jr. Vega
    Posted at 10:18h, 27 January Reply

    Holy shit That was an awesome reading 🙃

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:16h, 27 January Reply

    I feel as if you were reading my situation 🙏🏻😇

    • Avatar
      Amy Leamon
      Posted at 11:15h, 27 January Reply

      Same. I don’t usually comment but OMG all I can say is “THIS”. My life this week in a nutshell. Why am I paying for therapy? Thank you so much for this reading.

  • Avatar
    Brandy Carlin
    Posted at 10:14h, 27 January Reply

    This reading totally hit me spot on!! Thank you so much for doing this for me!!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:12h, 27 January Reply

    You are right on tract, going through a divorce with a narcissist. He has done ALL the things a narc does and has a history of getting me to stop the divorce …. Only to leave again. I feel there are secrets he is hiding but I just want to move on.

  • Avatar
    Patrice Thompson
    Posted at 10:11h, 27 January Reply

    Definitely hit it on the nose

  • Avatar
    Heather Caprice
    Posted at 10:10h, 27 January Reply

    This makes so much sense. I’m going through THE MODT IMMENSE HEARTBREAK ❤️‍🩹 I’ve EVER felt before in my entire life. & I’m 49. I was engaged. Long story. On my 1 yr Anniversary of him leaving. 2022 was exponentially rough. He had tried to call, even visit me at my job & I refuse to talk w/him. The pain is too great & the betrayal & abandonment is too great. He was a Hells Angel. This wasn’t a normal/boring relationship.. He’s probably my soul mate. But there were a LOT of issues. I had him in Church & it was great. But then it wasn’t. Lots of SNEAKY things. Even after a yr I cry every day. But I’m stronger than to take him back. He doesn’t deserve me after causing SO MUCH PAIN & inconsistency. I try to PRAY MY WAY THOUGH. & I cannot heal b/c I still love him. But he deserves no words from me.

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 10:09h, 27 January Reply

    Somewhat, understanding. And not quite clear in this reading. On 1/27/2023. I just hope for the best in my toxic marriage.

  • Avatar
    Renee McDowell
    Posted at 10:07h, 27 January Reply

    This totally resonated with me!
    It’s been a long and often confusing path I’ve been on but, my intuition keeps telling me there is something more and not to give up.
    Thank you so much, your reading helps give me courage.

  • Avatar
    Patty P..
    Posted at 10:07h, 27 January Reply

    I typically don’t leave comments and this is a first because this has definitely resonated with me not only this week but also last week. It helps to hear the thoughts and situations out loud and feel at ease With guidance and understanding. Thank you very much!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:05h, 27 January Reply

    Your reading is spot on with what I am going through. I see the boundaries. The break away. The new beginning and the progress of it all comes with a battle of tying up loose ends to travel on to my next upward journey of love and peace. I am there and need the feathers broken and free in the name of the Great Spirit intervene on my behalf.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 10:06h, 27 January Reply

      Tethers broken *

  • Avatar
    Oscar Barrera
    Posted at 10:05h, 27 January Reply

    I have a new boyfriend and his name is Jamari. I’m very happy in love with him but I’m confused about the mixed signals he sends out to me

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:04h, 27 January Reply

    I feel like you are speaking to me directly 🙂

  • Avatar
    Roberta S. Higgins
    Posted at 09:57h, 27 January Reply

    Thank you Karma, you hit the nail in the head for me. Already I feel a sense of relief!!!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:37h, 27 January Reply

    Your reading doesn’t make any sense. Sorry. Just being truthful.

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